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About the Classification Report
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Classification for Kingdom Plantae Down to Genus Rubus L.

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Up to the Kingdom
Kingdom  Plantae – Plants
Subkingdom  Tracheobionta – Vascular plants
Superdivision  Spermatophyta – Seed plants
Division  Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants
Class  Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons
Subclass  Rosidae
Order  Rosales
Family  Rosaceae – Rose family
Genus  Rubus L. – blackberry P
Contains 244 Species and 244 accepted taxa overall
Down one level
Species  Rubus aboriginum Rydb. – garden dewberry P
Species  Rubus aculiferus L.H. Bailey – thorny dewberry P
Species  Rubus adjacens Fernald – peaty dewberry P
Species  Rubus alaskensis L.H. Bailey – Alaska blackberry P
Species  Rubus aliceae L.H. Bailey – roadside raspberry P
Species  Rubus allegheniensis Porter – Allegheny blackberry P
Variety  Rubus allegheniensis Porter var. allegheniensis – Allegheny blackberry P
Variety  Rubus allegheniensis Porter var. gravesii Fernald – Graves' blackberry P
Species  Rubus alter L.H. Bailey – Maine dewberry P
Species  Rubus alumnus L.H. Bailey – oldfield blackberry P
Species  Rubus amplificatus (Bab.) E. Less [excluded] P
Species  Rubus andrewsianus Blanch. – Andrews' blackberry P
Species  Rubus apogaeus L.H. Bailey – falling dewberry P
Species  Rubus aptatus L.H. Bailey – drybank dewberry P
Species  Rubus arcticus L. – arctic raspberry P
Subspecies  Rubus arcticus L. ssp. acaulis (Michx.) Focke – dwarf raspberry P
Subspecies  Rubus arcticus L. ssp. arcticus – arctic raspberry P
Subspecies  Rubus arcticus L. ssp. stellatus (Sm.) B. Boivin – arctic raspberry P
Species  Rubus arcuans Fernald & H. St. John – wand dewberry P
Species  Rubus arenicola Blanch. – sanddwelling dewberry P
Species  Rubus argutus Link – sawtooth blackberry P
Species  Rubus arizonensis Focke – Arizona dewberry P
Species  Rubus armeniacus Focke – Himalayan blackberry P
Species  Rubus arvensis L.H. Bailey – field blackberry P
Species  Rubus audax L.H. Bailey – Tampa blackberry P
Species  Rubus baileyanus Britton – Bailey's dewberry P
Species  Rubus bartonianus M. Peck – Barton's raspberry P
Species  Rubus bellobatus L.H. Bailey – Kittatinny blackberry P
Species  Rubus bicknellii L.H. Bailey – Nantucket blackberry P
Species  Rubus biformispinus Blanch. – pasture dewberry P
Species  Rubus bifrons Vest ex Tratt. – Himalayan berry P
Species  Rubus bifrons × laciniatus [unnamed hybrid] – hybrid European blackberry P
Species  Rubus bifrons × ursinus [unnamed hybrid] – hybrid blackberry P
Species  Rubus bigelovianus L.H. Bailey – lowland blackberry P
Species  Rubus blanchardianus (L.H. Bailey) L.H. Bailey – Blanchard's dewberry P
Species  Rubus boyntonii Ashe – Boynton's dewberry P
Species  Rubus burnhamii L.H. Bailey – Burnham's blackberry P
Species  Rubus bushii L.H. Bailey – Bush's blackberry P
Species  Rubus caesius L. – European dewberry P
Species  Rubus canadensis L. – smooth blackberry P
Species  Rubus centralis L.H. Bailey – Illinois dewberry P
Species  Rubus chamaemorus L. – cloudberry P
Species  Rubus clarus L.H. Bailey – Mt. Vernon dewberry P
Species  Rubus cockburnianus Hemsl. P
Species  Rubus conanicutensis L.H. Bailey – Conanicut Island blackberry P
Species  Rubus concameratus H.A. Davis & T. Davis – West Virginia blackberry P
Species  Rubus coronarius (Sims) Sweet – cultivated raspberry P
Species  Rubus crataegifolius Bunge P
Species  Rubus cubitans Blanch. – sprawling dewberry P
Species  Rubus cuneifolius Pursh – sand blackberry P
Species  Rubus curtipes L.H. Bailey – shortstalk dewberry P
Species  Rubus deamii L.H. Bailey – Deam's dewberry P
Species  Rubus defectionis Fernald – eclipse blackberry P
Species  Rubus deliciosus Torr. – delicious raspberry P
Species  Rubus densissimus H.A. Davis & T. Davis – Morgantown blackberry P
Species  Rubus depavitus L.H. Bailey – Aberdeen dewberry P
Species  Rubus dissimilis L.H. Bailey – bristly Oswego blackberry P
Species  Rubus elegantulus Blanch. – showy blackberry P
Species  Rubus ellipticus Sm. – yellow Himalayan raspberry P
Variety  Rubus ellipticus Sm. var. ellipticus Sm. [excluded] – yellow Himalayan raspberry P
Variety  Rubus ellipticus Sm. var. obcordatus Focke – yellow Himalayan raspberry P
Species  Rubus exeter L.H. Bailey – Baton Rouge blackberry P
Species  Rubus exsularis L.H. Bailey – fenceline dewberry P
Species  Rubus fecundus L.H. Bailey – DC dewberry P
Species  Rubus felix L.H. Bailey – woodland dewberry P
Species  Rubus ferrofluvius H.A. Davis, A.M. Fuller & T. Davis – Iron River dewberry P
Species  Rubus festivus P.J. Müll. & Wirtg. ex Focke – blackberry for the rest of us P
Species  Rubus flagellaris Willd. – northern dewberry P
Species  Rubus flavinanus Blanch. – Windham County blackberry P
Species  Rubus floricomus Blanch. – manyflower blackberry P
Species  Rubus florulentus Focke – big blackberry P
Species  Rubus fraternalis L.H. Bailey – northeastern dewberry P
Species  Rubus frondisentis Blanch. – leafy blackberry P
Species  Rubus frondosus Bigelow – yankee blackberry P
Species  Rubus fruticosus L. [excluded] – shrubby blackberry P
Species  Rubus fryei H.A. Davis & T. Davis – Cacapon River blackberry P
Species  Rubus furtivus L.H. Bailey – openground dewberry P
Species  Rubus geniculatus Kaltenb. – false Himalayan berry P
Species  Rubus glandicaulis Blanch. – glandstem blackberry P
Species  Rubus glaucifolius Kellogg – San Diego raspberry P
Variety  Rubus glaucifolius Kellogg var. ganderi (L.H. Bailey) Munz – Cuyamaca raspberry P
Variety  Rubus glaucifolius Kellogg var. glaucifolius – San Diego raspberry P
Species  Rubus glaucus Benth. – Andes berry P
Species  Rubus gnarus L.H. Bailey – Pollock's Mill blackberry P
Species  Rubus grimesii L.H. Bailey – Grimes' dewberry P
Species  Rubus griseus L.H. Bailey – Loogootee blackberry P
Species  Rubus gulosus L.H. Bailey – New Brunswick blackberry P
Species  Rubus hancinianus L.H. Bailey – windswept prairie dewberry P
Species  Rubus hanesii L.H. Bailey – Hanes' blackberry P
Species  Rubus harmonicus L.H. Bailey – Kennebunkport dewberry P
Species  Rubus hawaiensis A. Gray – Hawai'i blackberry P
Species  Rubus hayata-koidzumii Naruh. – yü-shan raspberry P
Species  Rubus heterophyllus Willd. – ecotone blackberry P
Species  Rubus hirsutus Thunb. – hirsute raspberry P
Species  Rubus hispidoides L.H. Bailey – bog dewberry P
Species  Rubus hispidus L. – bristly dewberry P
Species  Rubus huttonii L.H. Bailey – Hutton's dewberry P
Species  Rubus hypolasius Fernald – pineland dewberry P
Species  Rubus ictus L.H. Bailey – savannah dewberry P
Species  Rubus idaeus L. – American red raspberry P
Subspecies  Rubus idaeus L. ssp. idaeus – American red raspberry P
Subspecies  Rubus idaeus L. ssp. strigosus (Michx.) Focke – grayleaf red raspberry P
Species  Rubus illecebrosus Focke – strawberry raspberry P
Species  Rubus immanis Ashe – Watauga River blackberry P
Species  Rubus impar L.H. Bailey – Posey County blackberry P
Species  Rubus inclinis L.H. Bailey – marshland blackberry P
Species  Rubus inferior L.H. Bailey – Ocala blackberry P
Species  Rubus iniens L.H. Bailey – sandyfield dewberry P
Species  Rubus insons L.H. Bailey – New England blackberry P
Species  Rubus insulanus L.H. Bailey – island blackberry P
Species  Rubus invisus (L.H. Bailey) Britton – upland dewberry P
Species  Rubus ithacanus L.H. Bailey – Ithaca blackberry P
Species  Rubus jacens Blanch. – spreading dewberry P
Species  Rubus junceus Blanch. – herbaceous blackberry P
Species  Rubus kelloggii L.H. Bailey – Kellogg's blackberry P
Species  Rubus kennedyanus Fernald – Kennedy's blackberry P
Species  Rubus laciniatus Willd. – cutleaf blackberry P
Species  Rubus largus L.H. Bailey – oakwoods dewberry P
Species  Rubus lasiococcus A. Gray – roughfruit berry P
Species  Rubus latens L.H. Bailey – Massachusetts blackberry P
Species  Rubus laudatus A. Berger – plains blackberry P
Species  Rubus lawrencei L.H. Bailey – Adirondack blackberry P
Species  Rubus leucodermis Douglas ex Torr. & A. Gray – whitebark raspberry P
Variety  Rubus leucodermis Douglas ex Torr. & A. Gray var. bernardinus (Greene) Jeps. – whitebark raspberry P
Variety  Rubus leucodermis Douglas ex Torr. & A. Gray var. leucodermis – whitebark raspberry P
Variety  Rubus leucodermis Douglas ex Torr. & A. Gray var. trinitatis A. Berger – whitebark raspberry P
Species  Rubus leviculus L.H. Bailey – bottomland dewberry P
Species  Rubus linkianus Ser. – Link's blackberry P
Species  Rubus loganobaccus L.H. Bailey – loganberry P
Species  Rubus longii Fernald – Long's blackberry P
Species  Rubus lucidus Rydb. – manatee dewberry P
Species  Rubus macraei A. Gray – 'akala P
Species  Rubus macrophyllus Weihe & Nees – largeleaf blackberry P
Species  Rubus macvaughii L.H. Bailey – MacVaugh's dewberry P
Species  Rubus maniseesensis L.H. Bailey – Mohican Trail dewberry P
Species  Rubus meracus L.H. Bailey – dryslope dewberry P
Species  Rubus michiganensis (Card ex L.H. Bailey) L.H. Bailey – Michigan dewberry P
Species  Rubus mirus L.H. Bailey – marvel dewberry P
Species  Rubus missouricus L.H. Bailey – Missouri dewberry P
Species  Rubus mollior L.H. Bailey – softleaf blackberry P
Species  Rubus moluccanus L. [excluded] – eelkek P
Species  Rubus montensis L.H. Bailey – mountaintop blackberry P
Species  Rubus multifer L.H. Bailey – kinnickinnick dewberry P
Species  Rubus multiformis Blanch. – variable blackberry P
Species  Rubus multispinus Blanch. – devil's blackberry P
Species  Rubus mundus L.H. Bailey – oldfield dewberry P
Species  Rubus navus L.H. Bailey – Grand Lake blackberry P
Species  Rubus nefrens L.H. Bailey – prickless dewberry P
Species  Rubus neomexicanus A. Gray – New Mexico raspberry P
Species  Rubus nigerrimus (Greene) Rydb. – dark raspberry P
Species  Rubus nivalis Douglas ex Hook. – snow raspberry P
Species  Rubus niveus Thunb. – snowpeaks raspberry P
Species  Rubus notatus L.H. Bailey – bristle berry P
Species  Rubus novanglicus L.H. Bailey – New England dewberry P
Species  Rubus noveboracus L.H. Bailey – New York blackberry P
Species  Rubus novocaesarius L.H. Bailey – Tuckahoe dewberry P
Species  Rubus obsessus L.H. Bailey – New York dewberry P
Species  Rubus obvius L.H. Bailey – woodborder dewberry P
Species  Rubus occidentalis L. – black raspberry P
Species  Rubus odoratus L. – purpleflowering raspberry P
Variety  Rubus odoratus L. var. columbianus Millsp. – purpleflowering raspberry P
Variety  Rubus odoratus L. var. odoratus – purpleflowering raspberry P
Species  Rubus oklahomus L.H. Bailey – Oklahoma blackberry P
Species  Rubus originalis L.H. Bailey – Cold Spring blackberry P
Species  Rubus ortivus (L.H. Bailey) L.H. Bailey – Mt. Desert Island blackberry P
Species  Rubus ostryifolius Rydb. – highbush blackberry P
Species  Rubus paganus L.H. Bailey – St. Lawrence dewberry P
Species  Rubus paludivagus Fernald – Cape Cod blackberry P
Species  Rubus ×paracaulis L.H. Bailey (pro sp.) – blackberry P
Species  Rubus parcifrondifer L.H. Bailey – Silver Creek blackberry P
Species  Rubus parlinii L.H. Bailey – Parlin's dewberry P
Species  Rubus particeps L.H. Bailey – Kingston dewberry P
Species  Rubus particularis L.H. Bailey – West Virginia dewberry P
Species  Rubus parviflorus Nutt. – thimbleberry P
Variety  Rubus parviflorus Nutt. var. parviflorus – thimbleberry P
Variety  Rubus parviflorus Nutt. var. velutinus (Hook. & Arn.) Greene – thimbleberry P
Species  Rubus parvifolius L. – Japanese raspberry P
Species  Rubus pascuus L.H. Bailey – Chesapeake blackberry P
Species  Rubus pedatus Sm. – strawberryleaf raspberry P
Species  Rubus pensilvanicus Poir. – Pennsylvania blackberry P
Species  Rubus pensilvanicus × ursinus [unnamed hybrid] – hybrid blackberry P
Species  Rubus pergratus Blanch. – upland blackberry P
Species  Rubus permixtus Blanch. – thicket dewberry P
Species  Rubus pernagaeus Fernald – Smithfield blackberry P
Species  Rubus persistens Rydb. – persistent blackberry P
Species  Rubus perspicuus L.H. Bailey – Great Lakes dewberry P
Species  Rubus pervarius (L.H. Bailey) L.H. Bailey – Westminster dewberry P
Species  Rubus philadelphicus Blanch. – Philadelphia blackberry P
Species  Rubus phoenicolasius Maxim. – wine raspberry P
Species  Rubus plexus Fernald – tangled dewberry P
Species  Rubus plicatifolius Blanch. – plaitleaf dewberry P
Species  Rubus plus L.H. Bailey – hairyleaf dewberry P
Species  Rubus porteri L.H. Bailey – Pocono Plateau dewberry P
Species  Rubus positivus L.H. Bailey – New London dewberry P
Species  Rubus prestonensis H.A. Davis & T. Davis – Terra Alta blackberry P
Species  Rubus probabilis L.H. Bailey – tree blackberry P
Species  Rubus probativus L.H. Bailey – Birmingham blackberry P
Species  Rubus probus L.H. Bailey – Queensland raspberry P
Species  Rubus prosper L.H. Bailey – Rhode Island dewberry P
Species  Rubus provincialis L.H. Bailey – groundberry P
Species  Rubus pubescens Raf. – dwarf red blackberry P
Variety  Rubus pubescens Raf. var. pilosifolius A.F. Hill – dwarf red blackberry P
Variety  Rubus pubescens Raf. var. pubescens – dwarf red blackberry P
Species  Rubus pubifolius L.H. Bailey – Eagle Rock blackberry P
Species  Rubus pugnax L.H. Bailey – pugnacious blackberry P
Species  Rubus racemiger L.H. Bailey – racemed dewberry P
Species  Rubus randolphiorum L.H. Bailey – Plymouth blackberry P
Species  Rubus recurvans Blanch. – recurved blackberry P
Species  Rubus recurvicaulis Blanch. – arching dewberry P
Species  Rubus regionalis (L.H. Bailey) L.H. Bailey – Wisconsin dewberry P
Species  Rubus riograndis L.H. Bailey – Rio Grande dewberry P
Species  Rubus roribaccus (L.H. Bailey) Rydb. – Lucretia dewberry P
Species  Rubus rosa L.H. Bailey – rose blackberry P
Species  Rubus rosarius L.H. Bailey – James River blackberry P
Species  Rubus rosifolius Sm. – West Indian raspberry P
Species  Rubus rossbergianus Blanch. – Connecticut blackberry P
Species  Rubus rudis Weihe P
Species  Rubus russeus L.H. Bailey – Halifax blackberry P
Species  Rubus rydbergianus L.H. Bailey – Rydberg's blackberry P
Species  Rubus saltuensis L.H. Bailey – Tolland County blackberry P
Species  Rubus saxatilis L. – stone bramble P
Species  Rubus scambens L.H. Bailey – springtime dewberry P
Species  Rubus sceleratus Brainerd ex Fernald – Androscoggin River blackberry P
Species  Rubus schoolcraftianus L.H. Bailey – Schoolcraft's dewberry P
Species  Rubus segnis L.H. Bailey – Nova Scotia dewberry P
Species  Rubus semisetosus Blanch. – swamp blackberry P
Species  Rubus setosus Bigelow – setose blackberry P
Species  Rubus severus Brainerd – harsh dewberry P
Species  Rubus sewardianus Fernald – Seward's blackberry P
Species  Rubus sieboldii Blume – palmleaf dewberry P
Species  Rubus signatus L.H. Bailey – sphagnum dewberry P
Species  Rubus sons L.H. Bailey – New Orleans dewberry P
Species  Rubus spectabilis Pursh – salmonberry P
Variety  Rubus spectabilis Pursh var. franciscanus (Rydb.) J.T. Howell – salmonberry P
Variety  Rubus spectabilis Pursh var. spectabilis – salmonberry P
Species  Rubus spectatus L.H. Bailey – sphagnum blackberry P
Species  Rubus steelei L.H. Bailey – Steele's dewberry P
Species  Rubus stipulatus L.H. Bailey – Big Horseshoe Lake dewberry P
Species  Rubus suus L.H. Bailey – branched blackberry P
Species  Rubus tardatus Blanch. – wet thicket dewberry P
Species  Rubus tholiformis Fernald – domeshape dewberry P
Species  Rubus thyrsoides Wimm. – Great Britain blackberry P
Species  Rubus tomentosus Borkh. – woolly blackberry P
Variety  Rubus tomentosus Borkh. var. canescens Wirtg. – woolly blackberry P
Variety  Rubus tomentosus Borkh. var. tomentosus Borkh. [excluded] – woolly blackberry P
Species  Rubus trifrons Blanch. – threeleaflet dewberry P
Species  Rubus triphyllus Thunb. – threeleaf blackberry P
Species  Rubus trivialis Michx. – southern dewberry P
Species  Rubus trux Ashe – Lookout Mountain blackberry P
Species  Rubus tygartensis H.A. Davis & T. Davis – Taylor County blackberry P
Species  Rubus ucetanus L.H. Bailey – Hillsborough blackberry P
Species  Rubus ulmifolius Schott – elmleaf blackberry P
Variety  Rubus ulmifolius Schott var. anoplothyrsus Sudre – unarmed elmleaf blackberry P
Variety  Rubus ulmifolius Schott var. ulmifolius – elmleaf blackberry P
Species  Rubus uniformis L.H. Bailey – thornless dewberry P
Species  Rubus ursinus Cham. & Schltdl. – California blackberry P
Subspecies  Rubus ursinus Cham. & Schltdl. ssp. macropetalus (Douglas ex Hook.) Roy L. Taylor & MacBryde – California blackberry P
Subspecies  Rubus ursinus Cham. & Schltdl. ssp. ursinus – California blackberry P
Variety  Rubus ursinus Cham. & Schltdl. ssp. ursinus var. sirbenus (L.H. Bailey) J.T. Howell – California blackberry P
Variety  Rubus ursinus Cham. & Schltdl. ssp. ursinus var. ursinus – California blackberry P
Species  Rubus uvidus L.H. Bailey – Kalamazoo dewberry P
Species  Rubus vagus L.H. Bailey – rambling dewberry P
Species  Rubus variispinus L.H. Bailey – Vicksburg blackberry P
Species  Rubus velox L.H. Bailey – fuzzy dewberry P
Species  Rubus vermontanus Blanch. – Vermont blackberry P
Species  Rubus vestitus Weihe – European blackberry P
Species  Rubus vigilis L.H. Bailey – Missouri blackberry P
Species  Rubus vigoratus L.H. Bailey – Essex dewberry P
Species  Rubus vitifolius Cham. & Schltdl. – Pacific dewberry P
Variety  Rubus vitifolius Cham. & Schltdl. var. eastwoodianus (Rydb.) Munz – Pacific dewberry P
Variety  Rubus vitifolius Cham. & Schltdl. var. titanus (L.H. Bailey) L.H. Bailey – Pacific dewberry P
Variety  Rubus vitifolius Cham. & Schltdl. var. vitifolius – Pacific dewberry P
Species  Rubus vulgaris Weihe & Nees P
Species  Rubus whartoniae L.H. Bailey – Wharton's dewberry P
Species  Rubus wheeleri (L.H. Bailey) L.H. Bailey – Wheeler's blackberry P
Species  Rubus wisconsinensis L.H. Bailey – Wisconsin blackberry P
Species  Rubus xanthocarpus Bureau & Franch. P

The report will display the kingdom and all descendants leading down to the name you choose.