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About the Classification Report
About the Classification Download


Classification for Kingdom Plantae Down to Family Verbenaceae

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Up to the Kingdom
Kingdom  Plantae – Plants
Subkingdom  Tracheobionta – Vascular plants
Superdivision  Spermatophyta – Seed plants
Division  Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants
Class  Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons
Subclass  Asteridae
Order  Lamiales
Family  Verbenaceae – Verbena family
Contains 32 Genera and 258 accepted taxa overall
Down one level
Genus  Aegiphila Jacq. – spiritweed P
Genus  Aloysia Juss. – beebrush P
Genus  Avicennia L. – mangrove P
Genus  Bouchea Cham. – bouchea P
Genus  Callicarpa L. – beautyberry P
Genus  Caryopteris Bunge – caryopteris P
Genus  Citharexylum L. – fiddlewood P
Genus  Clerodendrum L. – glorybower P
Genus  Congea Roxb. – congea P
Genus  Cornutia L. – cornutia P
Genus  Duranta L. – duranta P
Genus  Faradaya F. Muell. P
Genus  Glandularia J.F. Gmel. – mock vervain P
Genus  Gmelina L. – gmelina P
Genus  Holmskioldia Retz. – holmskioldia P
Genus  Lantana L. – lantana P
Genus  Lippia L. – lippia P
Genus  Nashia Millsp. – nashia P
Genus  Nesogenes A. DC. P
Genus  Petitia Jacq. – petitia P
Genus  Petrea L. – petrea P
Genus  Phryma L. – phryma P
Genus  Phyla Lour. – fogfruit P
Genus  Premna L. – premna P
Genus  Priva Adans. – priva P
Genus  Stachytarpheta Vahl – porterweed P
Genus  Stylodon Raf. – stylodon P
Genus  Tamonea Aubl. – tamonea P
Genus  Tectona L. f. – tectona P
Genus  Tetraclea A. Gray – tetraclea P
Genus  Verbena L. – vervain P
Genus  Vitex L. – chastetree P

The report will display the kingdom and all descendants leading down to the name you choose.