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Genera for Family = Papaveraceae
19 records returned

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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name
ARCTO Arctomecon Torr. & Frém. bearpoppy
ARGEM Argemone L. pricklypoppy
BOCCO Bocconia L. bocconia
CANBY Canbya Parry ex A. Gray pygmypoppy
CHELI Chelidonium L. celandine
DENDR Dendromecon Benth. tree poppy
ESCHS Eschscholzia Cham. California poppy
GLAUC Glaucium Mill. hornpoppy
HUNNE Hunnemannia Sweet hunnemannia
MACLE Macleaya R. Br. macleaya
MECON Meconella Nutt. fairypoppy
PAPAV Papaver L. poppy
PLATY3 Platystemon Benth. creamcups
PLATY8 Platystigma Benth. queen poppy
ROEME Roemeria Medik. roemeria
ROMNE Romneya Harv. Matilija poppy
SANGU Sanguinaria L. bloodroot
STYLO5 Stylomecon G. Taylor windpoppy
STYLO3 Stylophorum Nutt. stylophorum