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Gallery Images for All Scientific Names
Category = Moss
Matching images = 1877: 1877 photos, 0 line drawings

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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Number of Photos / Line Drawings
ABAB70 Abietinella abietina (Hedw.) Fleisch. abietinella moss 3/0
ACMU5 Acaulon muticum (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. acaulon moss 3/0
ACTR4 Acaulon triquetrum (Spruce) Müll. Hal. acaulon moss 6/0
ALBR70 Aloina brevirostris (Hook. & Grev.) Kindb. aloina moss 2/0
ALRI2 Aloina rigida (Hedw.) Limpr. rigid aloina moss 3/0
AMDE70 Amblyodon dealbatus (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. amblyodon moss 4/0
AMSE3 Amblystegium serpens (Hedw.) Schimp. amblystegium moss 5/0
AMLA70 Amphidium lapponicum (Hedw.) Schimp. Lapland amphidium moss 4/0
AMMO70 Amphidium mougeotii (Bruch & Schimp.) Schimp. Mougeot's amphidium moss 5/0
ANRO7 Andreaea rothii F. Weber & D. Mohr Roth's andreaea moss 2/0
ANRU7 Andreaea rupestris Hedw. andreaea moss 4/0
ANAE Anoectangium aestivum (Hedw.) Mitt. anoectangium moss 4/0
ANFI4 Anomobryum filiforme (Dicks.) Solms filiform anomobryum moss 6/0
ANAT4 Anomodon attenuatus (Hedw.) Hüb. anomodon moss 5/0
ANRU5 Anomodon rugelii (Müll. Hal.) Keissl. Rugel's anomodon moss 4/0
ANVI14 Anomodon viticulosus (Hedw.) Hook. & Taylor anomodon moss 2/0
ANCU3 Antitrichia curtipendula (Hedw.) Brid. antitrichia moss 5/0
ATAN3 Atrichum angustatum (Brid.) Bruch & Schimp. atrichum moss 3/0
ATHA4 Atrichum haussknechtii Jur. & Milde Haussknecht's atrichum moss 4/0
ATTE70 Atrichum tenellum (Röhl.) Bruch & Schimp. atrichum moss 4/0
ATUN2 Atrichum undulatum (Hedw.) P. Beauv. undulate atrichum moss 5/0
AUAN70 Aulacomnium androgynum (Hedw.) Schwägr. aulacomnium moss 5/0
AUPA70 Aulacomnium palustre (Hedw.) Schwägr. aulacomnium moss 6/0
BACO8 Barbula convoluta Hedw. convoluted barbula moss 2/0
BAUN6 Barbula unguiculata Hedw. barbula moss 5/0
BAHA4 Bartramia halleriana Hedw. Haller's bartramia moss 5/0
BAIT70 Bartramia ithyphylla Brid. bartramia moss 2/0
BAPO70 Bartramia pomiformis Hedw. bartramia moss 4/0
BAST6 Bartramia stricta Brid. bartramia moss 4/0
BLAC70 Blindia acuta (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. acute blindia moss 3/0
BRTR4 Brachydontium trichodes (F. Weber) Milde brachydontium moss 5/0
BRGL2 Brachythecium glaciale Schimp. glacier brachythecium moss 5/0
BRNE4 Brachythecium nelsonii Grout Nelson's brachythecium moss    
BRLA13 Brachythecium latifolium Kindb.   2/0
BRPL5 Brachythecium plumosum (Hedw.) Schimp. brachythecium moss 4/0
BRPO4 Brachythecium populeum (Hedw.) Schimp. brachythecium moss 5/0
BRRE7 Brachythecium reflexum (Starke) Schimp. brachythecium moss 3/0
BRRI5 Brachythecium rivulare Schimp. brachythecium moss 4/0
BRRU5 Brachythecium rutabulum (Hedw.) Schimp. brachythecium moss 5/0
BRSA7 Brachythecium salebrosum (F. Weber & D. Mohr) Schimp. brachythecium moss 4/0
BRST4 Brachythecium starkei (Brid.) Schimp. Starke's brachythecium moss 4/0
BRTR5 Brachythecium trachypodium (Brid.) Schimp. brachythecium moss 4/0
BRVE7 Brachythecium velutinum (Hedw.) Schimp. brachythecium moss 6/0
BRVO2 Bruchia vogesiaca Nestl. ex Schwägr. bruchia moss 5/0
BRAL12 Bryum algovicum Sendtn. ex Müll. Hal. bryum moss 2/0
BRAL9 Bryum alpinum Huds. ex With. alpine bryum moss 4/0
BRAM70 Bryum amblyodon Müll. Hal. bryum moss    
BRIN70 Bryum alaskanum Kindb.   6/0
BRAR70 Bryum arcticum (R. Br.) Bruch & Schimp. arctic bryum moss 1/0
BRAR71 Bryum argenteum Hedw. silvergreen bryum moss 6/0
BRARL Bryum argenteum Hedw. var. lanatum (P. Beauv.) Hampe   1/0
BRBO3 Bryum bornholmense Winkelm. & Ruthe Bornholm's bryum moss 4/0
BRCA71 Bryum caespiticium Hedw. dry calcareous bryum moss 6/0
BRCA25 Bryum capillare Hedw. bryum moss 6/0
BRCAC4 Bryum capillare Hedw. var. capillare bryum moss    
BREL3 Bryum capillare Hedw. var. torquescens (Bruch ex De Not.) Husn.   5/0
BRTO3 Bryum capillare Hedw. var. torquescens (Bruch ex De Not.) Husn.   1/0
BRCY70 Bryum cyclophyllum (Schwägr.) Bruch & Schimp. bryum moss 1/0
BRDI12 Bryum dichotomum Hedw. bryum moss    
BRBI6 Bryum atropurpureum Bruch & Schimp.   5/0
BRGE3 Bryum gemmilucens Wilcz. & Dem. bryum moss 2/0
BRKN2 Bryum knowltonii Barnes Knowlton's bryum moss 1/0
BRMU6 Bryum muehlenbeckii Bruch & Schimp. Muehlenbeck's bryum moss 3/0
BRPA70 Bryum pallens (Brid.) Sw. bryum moss 4/0
BRPA14 Bryum pallescens Schleich. ex Schwägr. bryum moss 5/0
BRPS70 Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. common green bryum moss 6/0
BRNE5 Bryum bimum (Brid.) Turner   1/0
BRRA6 Bryum radiculosum Brid. bryum moss 6/0
BRRU6 Bryum rubens Mitt. bryum moss 4/0
BRSC7 Bryum schleicheri Schwägr. Schleicher's bryum moss 7/0
BRSU9 Bryum subapiculatum Hampe bryum moss    
BRMI12 Bryum microerythrocarpum Müll. Hal. & Kindb.   3/0
BRTU2 Bryum turbinatum (Hedw.) Turner bryum moss 1/0
BRWA2 Bryum warneum (Röhl.) Bland. ex Brid. bryum moss 1/0
BRWE70 Bryum weigelii Spreng. Weigel's bryum moss 4/0
BUAP70 Buxbaumia aphylla Hedw. buxbaumia moss 4/0
BUVI2 Buxbaumia viridis (DC.) Moug. & Nestl. buxbaumia moss 1/0
CACO70 Calliergon cordifolium (Hedw.) Kindb. calliergon moss 5/0
CAGI70 Calliergon giganteum (Schimp.) Kindb. giant calliergon moss 3/0
CARI70 Calliergon richardsonii (Mitt.) Kindb. Richardson's calliergon moss 3/0
CAST70 Calliergon stramineum (Brid.) Kindb. calliergon moss 1/0
CATR27 Calliergon trifarium (F. Weber & D. Mohr) Kindb. calliergon moss 3/0
CACU18 Calliergonella cuspidata (Hedw.) Loeske calliergonella moss 4/0
CACH31 Campylium chrysophyllum (Brid.) J. Lange goldenleaf campylium moss 3/0
CAHA33 Campylium halleri (Hedw.) Lindb. Haller's campylium moss 4/0
CAPO17 Campylium polygamum (Schimp.) C.E.O. Jensen campylium moss 3/0
CAST51 Campylium stellatum (Hedw.) C.E.O. Jensen star campylium moss 4/0
CASTP Campylium stellatum (Hedw.) C.E.O. Jensen var. protensum (Brid.) Bryhn star campylium moss 5/0
CAAT16 Campylopus atrovirens De Not. campylopus moss 3/0
CAFL35 Campylopus flexuosus (Hedw.) Brid. campylopus moss 6/0
CAFR19 Campylopus fragilis (Brid.) Bruch & Schimp. fragile campylopus moss 3/0
CAIN45 Campylopus introflexus (Hedw.) Brid. campylopus moss 6/0
CAOE2 Campylopus oerstedianus (Müll. Hal.) Mitt. Oersted's campylopus moss 2/0
CAPI17 Campylopus pilifer Brid. campylopus moss 4/0
CAPY9 Campylopus pyriformis (Schultz) Brid. campylopus moss 4/0
CASA30 Campylostelium saxicola (F. Weber & D. Mohr) Bruch & Schimp. campylostelium moss 2/0
CEPU12 Ceratodon purpureus (Hedw.) Brid. ceratodon moss 5/0
CIST70 Cinclidium stygium Sw. cinclidium moss 2/0
CICI70 Cirriphyllum cirrosum (Schwägr.) Grout cirriphyllum moss 3/0
CLDE70 Climacium dendroides (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr tree climacium moss 4/0
COTE70 Conostomum tetragonum (Hedw.) Lindb. conostomum moss 4/0
COCR70 Coscinodon cribrosus (Hedw.) Spruce coscinodon moss 7/0
CRFI70 Cratoneuron filicinum (Hedw.) Spruce cratoneuron moss 4/0
CRSQ Crossidium squamiferum (Viv.) Jur. crossidium moss 5/0
CTMA Ctenidium malacodes Mitt. ctenidium moss    
CTMO2 Ctenidium molluscum auct. E. Amer.   1/0
CTMO Ctenidium molluscum (Hedw.) Mitt. mollusc ctenidium moss 2/0
CYST70 Cynodontium strumiferum (Hedw.) Lindb. cynodontium moss 3/0
DELA70 Desmatodon latifolius (Hedw.) Brid. wideleaf desmatodon moss 6/0
DEOB70 Desmatodon obtusifolius (Schwägr.) Schimp. obtuseleaf desmatodon moss    
TOOB3 Desmatodon coloradensis Grout   5/0
DIPE7 Dichodontium pellucidum (Hedw.) Schimp. dichodontium moss 8/0
DICE70 Dicranella cerviculata (Hedw.) Schimp. dicranella moss 2/0
DIHE70 Dicranella heteromalla (Hedw.) Schimp. dicranella moss 4/0
DIHO4 Dicranella howei Renauld & Cardot Howe's dicranella moss 3/0
DIPA20 Dicranella palustris (Dicks.) Crundw. ex Warb. dicranella moss 3/0
DISC8 Dicranella schreberiana (Hedw.) Hilf. ex H.A. Crum & L.E. Anderson Schreber's dicranella moss 1/0
DISU70 Dicranella subulata (Hedw.) Schimp. dicranella moss 2/0
DIVA7 Dicranella varia (Hedw.) Schimp. dicranella moss 2/0
DIDE6 Dicranodontium denudatum (Brid.) E. Britton denuded dicranodontium moss 6/0
DICI5 Dicranoweisia cirrata (Hedw.) Lindb. ex Milde dicranoweisia moss 4/0
DICR71 Dicranoweisia crispula (Hedw.) Lindb. ex Milde dicranoweisia moss 5/0
DIAC70 Dicranum acutifolium (Lindb. & Arnell) C.E.O. Jensen ex Weinm. acuteleaf dicranum moss 2/0
DIAN70 Dicranum angustum Lindb. dicranum moss 1/0
DILA20 Dicranum laevidens R.S. Williams   2/0
DIBO70 Dicranum bonjeanii De Not. Bonjean's dicranum moss 2/0
DIBR8 Dicranum brevifolium (Lindb.) Lindb. shortleaf dicranum moss 4/0
DIEL70 Dicranum elongatum Schleich. ex Schwägr. elongate dicranum moss 2/0
DIFL6 Dicranum flagellare Hedw. dicranum moss 1/0
DIFR70 Dicranum fragilifolium Lindb. fragile leaf dicranum moss 1/0
DIFU3 Dicranum fulvum Hook. dicranum moss 6/0
DIFU5 Dicranum fuscescens Turner dicranum moss 6/0
DIGR71 Dicranum groenlandicum Brid. Greenland dicranum moss 2/0
DILE6 Dicranum leioneuron Kindb. dicranum moss 2/0
DIMA18 Dicranum majus Sm. dicranum moss 2/0
DIMO6 Dicranum montanum Hedw. montane dicranum moss 5/0
DIMU70 Dicranum muehlenbeckii Bruch & Schimp. Muehlenbeck's dicranum moss 3/0
DION Dicranum ontariense Peters. Ontario dicranum moss    
DIDR3 Dicranum drummondii auct. Amer.   3/0
DIPO70 Dicranum polysetum Sw. dicranum moss 4/0
DISC71 Dicranum scoparium Hedw. dicranum moss 5/0
DISP7 Dicranum spadiceum J.E. Zetterst. dicranum moss 7/0
DISP8 Dicranum spurium Hedw. dicranum moss 1/0
DITA Dicranum tauricum Sapeh. dicranum moss 7/0
DIUN8 Dicranum undulatum Brid. undulate dicranum moss    
DIBE4 Dicranum affine Funck   3/0
DIVI12 Dicranum viride (Sull. & Lesq.) Lindb. dicranum moss 5/0
DIFA7 Didymodon fallax (Hedw.) R.H. Zander didymodon moss 6/0
DIRI6 Didymodon rigidulus Hedw. rigid didymodon moss 5/0
DIRIG Didymodon rigidulus Hedw. var. gracilis (Schleich. ex Hook. & Grev.) R.H. Zander rigid didymodon moss    
DIAC6 Barbula acuta (Brid.) Brid.   5/0
DITO4 Didymodon tophaceus (Brid.) Lisa didymodon moss 6/0
DIVI13 Didymodon vinealis (Brid.) R.H. Zander didymodon moss 3/0
DIVIF2 Didymodon vinealis (Brid.) R.H. Zander var. flaccidus (Bruch & Schimp.) R.H. Zander didymodon moss    
DIIN8 Barbula vinealis Brid. var. flaccida Bruch & Schimp.   6/0
DIVIL2 Didymodon vinealis (Brid.) R.H. Zander var. luridus (Hornsch.) R.H. Zander didymodon moss    
DILU4 Didymodon luridus Hornsch.   4/0
DIFO3 Diphyscium foliosum (Hedw.) D. Mohr diphyscium moss 5/0
DICA29 Distichium capillaceum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. distichium moss 4/0
DIIN70 Distichium inclinatum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. incline distichium moss 2/0
DIFL70 Ditrichum flexicaule (Schwägr.) Hampe ditrichum moss 3/0
DICR5 Ditrichum crispatissimum (Müll. Hal.) Par.   2/0
DIHE3 Ditrichum heteromallum (Hedw.) E. Britton ditrichum moss 1/0
DILI10 Ditrichum lineare (Sw.) Lindb. ditrichum moss 3/0
DIPA22 Ditrichum pallidum (Hedw.) Hampe pale ditrichum moss 4/0
DRAD2 Drepanocladus aduncus (Hedw.) Warnst. drepanocladus moss 3/0
DRSE3 Drepanocladus sendtneri (Schimp.) Warnst. Sendtner's drepanocladus moss 4/0
DRPA9 Dryptodon patens (Hedw.) Brid. dryptodon moss 3/0
ENMI2 Encalypta microstoma Bals. & De Not. candle snuffer moss 4/0
ENRH70 Encalypta rhaptocarpa Schwägr. yellow awn candle snuffer moss    
ENRH2 Encalypta rhabdocarpa Schwägr., orth. var.   4/0
ENSP Encalypta spathulata Müll. Hal. spathulate candle snuffer moss 1/0
ENVU Encalypta vulgaris Hedw. common candle snuffer moss 2/0
ENCO70 Entodon concinnus (De Not.) Par. entodon moss 2/0
ENAT2 Entosthodon attenuatus (Dicks.) Bryhn attenuate entosthodon moss 3/0
ENFA2 Entosthodon fascicularis (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. entosthodon moss 3/0
EPSE6 Ephemerum serratum (Hedw.) Hampe serrate ephemerum moss 1/0
EPMI5 Ephemerum minutissimum Lindb.   3/0
EPTO2 Epipterygium tozeri (Grev.) Lindb. Tozer's epipterygium moss 5/0
EUVE6 Eucladium verticillatum (Brid.) Bruch & Schimp. eucladium moss 7/0
EUHI5 Eurhynchium hians (Hedw.) Sande Lac. eurhynchium moss 4/0
EUPR7 Eurhynchium praelongum (Hedw.) Schimp. eurhynchium moss 3/0
EUPU15 Eurhynchium pulchellum (Hedw.) Jenn. eurhynchium moss 8/0
FACI2 Fabronia ciliaris (Brid.) Brid. fabronia moss 5/0
FAPU Fabronia pusilla Raddi fabronia moss 4/0
FIAD70 Fissidens adianthoides Hedw. fissidens moss 3/0
FIBR70 Fissidens bryoides Hedw. bryoid fissidens moss 4/0
FIPU3 Fissidens andersonii Grout   2/0
FIDU Fissidens dubius P. Beauv. fissidens moss 4/0
FILI Fissidens limbatus Sull. fissidens moss 1/0
FITA Fissidens taxifolius Hedw. fissidens moss 6/0
FIVE4 Fissidens ventricosus Lesq. fissidens moss    
FIRU3 Fissidens rufulus auct. Amer.   6/0
FOAN2 Fontinalis antipyretica Hedw. antifever fontinalis moss 2/0
FUHY70 Funaria hygrometrica Hedw. funaria moss 7/0
FUMU Funaria muhlenbergii Turner Muhlenberg's funaria moss 2/0
GEGI Geheebia gigantea (Funck) Boul. giant geheebia moss 3/0
GRIMM2 Grimmia grimmia dry rock moss 1/0
GRAN70 Grimmia anodon Bruch & Schimp. grimmia dry rock moss 2/0
GRAN3 Grimmia anomala Hampe ex Schimp. grimmia dry rock moss 4/0
GRAT2 Grimmia atrata Miel. ex Hornsch. grimmia dry rock moss 2/0
GRDO Grimmia donniana Sm. Donn's dry rock moss 3/0
GREL2 Grimmia elatior Bruch ex Bals. & De Not. grimmia dry rock moss 3/0
GREL3 Grimmia elongata Kaulf. grimmia dry rock moss 1/0
GRFU Grimmia funalis (Schwägr.) Bruch & Schimp. grimmia dry rock moss 6/0
GRHA6 Grimmia hartmanii Schimp. Hartman's dry rock moss 4/0
GRIN9 Grimmia incurva Schwägr. grimmia dry rock moss 6/0
GRLA5 Grimmia laevigata (Brid.) Brid. grimmia dry rock moss 7/0
GRMO4 Grimmia mollis Bruch & Schimp. grimmia dry rock moss 3/0
GRMO5 Grimmia montana Bruch & Schimp. montane dry rock moss 5/0
GROR2 Grimmia orbicularis Bruch ex Wilson orb dry rock moss 4/0
GROV70 Grimmia ovalis (Hedw.) Lindb. oval dry rock moss 5/0
GRPU Grimmia pulvinata (Hedw.) Sm. pulvinate dry rock moss 4/0
GRTE4 Grimmia tenerrima Renauld & Cardot grimmia dry rock moss 2/0
GRTE5 Grimmia teretinervis Limpr. grimmia dry rock moss 5/0
GRTO4 Grimmia torquata Hornsch. grimmia dry rock moss 4/0
GRTR3 Grimmia trichophylla Grev. grimmia dry rock moss 5/0
GRDE4 Grimmia decipiens auct. non Renauld & Cardot   5/0
GRUN Grimmia unicolor Hook. onecolor dry rock moss 5/0
GYAE Gymnostomum aeruginosum Sm. gymnostomum moss 5/0
GYCA3 Gymnostomum calcareum Nees & Hornsch. calcareous gymnostomum moss 3/0
GYTE Gyroweisia tenuis (Hedw.) Schimp. gyroweisia moss 6/0
HAVE70 Hamatocaulis vernicosus (Mitt.) Hedenäs hamatocaulis moss 6/0
HECI5 Hedwigia ciliata (Hedw.) P. Beauv. ciliate hedwigia moss 5/0
HEBL2 Helodium blandowii (F. Weber & D. Mohr) Warnst. Blandow's helodium moss 3/0
HESE6 Herzogiella seligeri (Brid.) Z. Iwats. Seliger's herzogiella moss 6/0
HEST5 Herzogiella striatella (Brid.) Z. Iwats. herzogiella moss 3/0
HEDI8 Heterocladium dimorphum (Brid.) Schimp. heterocladium moss 3/0
HOTR4 Homalia trichomanoides (Hedw.) Schimp. homalia moss 4/0
HOSE5 Homalothecium sericeum (Hedw.) Schimp. silken homalothecium moss 5/0
HOIN5 Homomallium incurvatum (Brid.) Loeske homomallium moss 3/0
HOLU Hookeria lucens (Hedw.) Sm. hookeria moss 3/0
HYFL5 Hygroamblystegium fluviatile (Hedw.) Loeske streamside hygroamblystegium moss    
AMFL5 Amblystegium fluviatile (Hedw.) Schimp.   5/0
HYAL4 Hygrohypnum alpinum (Lindb.) Loeske alpine hygrohypnum moss 4/0
HYDU2 Hygrohypnum duriusculum (De Not.) Jamieson hygrohypnum moss 2/0
HYLU5 Hygrohypnum luridum (Hedw.) Jenn. hygrohypnum moss 5/0
HYMI8 Hygrohypnum micans (Mitt.) Broth. hygrohypnum moss    
SEMI5 Hygrohypnum novae-caesareae (Austin) Grout   3/0
HYOC5 Hygrohypnum ochraceum (Turner ex Wilson) Loeske hygrohypnum moss 5/0
HYPY70 Hylocomiastrum pyrenaicum (Spruce) Fleisch. hylocomiastrum moss    
HYPY71 Hylocomium pyrenaicum (Spruce) Lindb.   4/0
HYUM2 Hylocomiastrum umbratum (Hedw.) Fleisch. hylocomiastrum moss    
HYUM3 Hylocomium umbratum (Hedw.) Schimp.   1/0
HYSP70 Hylocomium splendens (Hedw.) Schimp. splendid feather moss 7/0
HYBA70 Hypnum bambergeri Schimp. Bamberger's hypnum moss 2/0
HYCA70 Hypnum callichroum Funck ex Brid. hypnum moss 2/0
HYCU4 Hypnum cupressiforme Hedw. hypnum moss 9/0
HYIM3 Hypnum imponens Hedw. hypnum moss 2/0
HYJU2 Hypnum jutlandicum Holmen & Warncke hypnum moss 2/0
HYLI70 Hypnum lindbergii Mitt. Lindberg's hypnum moss 2/0
HYMA5 Hypnum mammillatum (Brid.) Loeske hypnum moss 2/0
HYPA11 Hypnum pallescens (Hedw.) P. Beauv. hypnum moss 5/0
HYRE70 Hypnum revolutum (Mitt.) Lindb. revolute hypnum moss 5/0
HYVA70 Hypnum vaucheri Lesq. Vaucher's hypnum moss 6/0
ISAL2 Isothecium alopecuroides (Dubois) Isov. isothecium moss 2/0
ISMY2 Isothecium myosuroides Brid. isothecium moss 3/0
KIST Kiaeria starkei (F. Weber & D. Mohr) I. Hagen Starke's kiaeria moss 3/0
LEPY70 Leptobryum pyriforme (Hedw.) Wilson leptobryum moss 3/0
LERI6 Leptodictyum riparium (Hedw.) Warnst. streamside leptodictyum moss    
AMRI4 Amblystegium brevipes Cardot & Thér. ex Holz.   3/0
LESM2 Leptodon smithii (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr Smith's leptodon moss 6/0
LESA14 Lescuraea saxicola (Schimp.) Milde lescuraea moss 3/0
LEPO14 Leskea polycarpa Hedw. leskea moss 5/0
LENE15 Leskeella nervosa (Brid.) Loeske leskeella 5/0
LEGL19 Leucobryum glaucum (Hedw.) Ångstr. leucobryum moss 5/0
LEBRA Leucodon brachypus Brid. var. andrewsianus H.A. Crum & L.E. Anderson Andrews' lecodon moss    
LESC9 Leucodon sciuroides auct. Amer.   5/0
LIRE13 Limprichtia revolvens (Sw.) Loeske limprichtia moss    
DRRE70 Drepanocladus revolvens (Sw.) Warnst.   4/0
LOBR7 Loeskeobryum brevirostre (Brid.) Fleisch. loeskeobryum moss    
HYBR9 Hylocomium brevirostre (Brid.) Schimp.   4/0
METR70 Meesia triquetra (L. ex Jolycl.) Ångstr. meesia moss 5/0
MEUL70 Meesia uliginosa Hedw. meesia moss 3/0
MEME8 Metaneckera menziesii (Hook.) Steere Menzies' metaneckera moss 6/0
MIMIE Mielichhoferia mielichhoferiana (Funck) Loeske var. elongata (Hoppe & Hornsch. ex Hook.) Wijk & Margad. Mielichhofer's copper moss    
MIEL5 Mielichhoferia elongata (Hoppe & Hornsch. ex Hook.) Nees & Hornsch   7/0
MNAM Mnium ambiguum H. Müll. ambiguous calcareous moss 4/0
MNHO Mnium hornum Hedw. horn calcareous moss 6/0
MNMA70 Mnium marginatum (With.) Brid. ex P. Beauv. olivegreen calcareous moss 2/0
MNSP70 Mnium spinosum (Voit) Schwägr. spiny calcareous moss 6/0
MNSP2 Mnium spinulosum Bruch & Schimp. largetooth calcareous moss 4/0
MNST Mnium stellare Hedw. stellar calcareous moss 5/0
MNTH70 Mnium thomsonii Schimp. Thomson's calcareous moss 4/0
MYJU70 Myurella julacea (Schwägr.) Schimp. myurella moss 2/0
MYTE3 Myurella tenerrima (Brid.) Lindb. myurella moss 1/0
NECO8 Neckera complanata (Hedw.) Hüb. neckera moss 4/0
NEPE4 Neckera pennata Hedw. neckera moss 4/0
OLHE2 Oligotrichum hercynicum (Hedw.) Lam. & DC. oligotrichum moss 5/0
ONVI4 Oncophorus virens (Hedw.) Brid. oncophorus moss 6/0
ORIN70 Orthothecium intricatum (Hartm.) Schimp. intricate orthothecium moss 4/0
ORRU2 Orthothecium rufescens (Brid.) Schimp. orthothecium moss 2/0
ORAF Orthotrichum affine Brid. orthotrichum moss 4/0
ORAN70 Orthotrichum anomalum Hedw. orthotrichum moss 4/0
ORCO10 Orthotrichum consimile Mitt. orthotrichum moss 7/0
ORCU2 Orthotrichum cupulatum Brid. orthotrichum moss 4/0
ORDI3 Orthotrichum diaphanum Brid. orthotrichum moss 5/0
ORGY Orthotrichum gymnostomum Bruch ex Brid. orthotrichum moss 1/0
ORLY Orthotrichum lyellii Hook. & Taylor Lyell's orthotrichum moss 4/0
OROB70 Orthotrichum obtusifolium Brid. obtuseleaf aspen moss 6/0
ORPA6 Orthotrichum pallens Bruch ex Brid. orthotrichum moss 5/0
ORPU8 Orthotrichum pulchellum Brunt. orthotrichum moss 6/0
ORPU9 Orthotrichum pumilum Sw. orthotrichum moss 3/0
ORRU3 Orthotrichum rupestre Schleich. ex Schwägr. orthotrichum moss 5/0
ORSP6 Orthotrichum speciosum Nees lanceolateleaf rock moss 4/0
ORST4 Orthotrichum stramineum Hornsch. orthotrichum moss 5/0
ORST6 Orthotrichum striatum Hedw. orthotrichum moss 4/0
ORTE4 Orthotrichum tenellum Bruch ex Brid. orthotrichum moss 1/0
OXTE5 Oxystegus tenuirostris (Hook. & Taylor) A.J.E. Sm. oxystegus moss 5/0
PASQ70 Paludella squarrosa (Hedw.) Brid. angled paludella moss 6/0
PACO47 Palustriella commutata (Brid.) Ochyra palustriella moss    
CRCO19 Cratoneuron commutatum (Brid.) G. Roth   3/0
CRCOF Cratoneuron commutatum (Brid.) G. Roth   5/0
PADE17 Palustriella decipiens (De Not.) Ochyra palustriella moss    
CRDE11 Cratoneuron decipiens (De Not.) Loeske   4/0
PAEN8 Paraleucobryum enerve (Thed.) Loeske paraleucobryum moss 1/0
PALO15 Paraleucobryum longifolium (Hedw.) Loeske longleaf paraleucobryum moss 4/0
PHCU7 Phascum cuspidatum Hedw. toothed phascum moss 6/0
PHFL8 Phascum floerkeanum F. Weber & D. Mohr Floerkea's phascum moss 6/0
PHCA33 Philonotis capillaris Lindb. philonotis moss    
PHAR18 Philonotis arnellii Husn.   4/0
PHFO6 Philonotis fontana (Hedw.) Brid. philonotis moss 5/0
PHFOC Philonotis fontana (Hedw.) Brid. var. caespitosa (Jur.) Schimp. low philonotis moss    
PHCA34 Philonotis caespitosa Jur.   4/0
PHFOP Philonotis fontana (Hedw.) Brid. var. pumila (Turner) Brid. philonotis moss    
PHTO5 Philonotis tomentella Molendo   5/0
PHMA22 Philonotis marchica (Hedw.) Brid. philonotis moss 2/0
PHPA21 Physcomitrella patens (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. physcomitrella moss 7/0
PHPY3 Physcomitrium pyriforme (Hedw.) Hampe physcomitrium moss 4/0
PLDE70 Plagiobryum demissum (Hook.) Lindb. plagiobryum moss 1/0
PLCU4 Plagiomnium cuspidatum (Hedw.) T. Kop. toothed plagiomnium moss 4/0
PLEL2 Plagiomnium ellipticum (Brid.) T. Kop. elliptic plagiomnium moss 4/0
PLME4 Plagiomnium medium (Bruch & Schimp.) T. Kop. intermediate plagiomnium moss 3/0
PLRO5 Plagiomnium rostratum (Schrad.) T. Kop. plagiomnium moss 4/0
PLCA15 Plagiothecium cavifolium (Brid.) Z. Iwats. plagiothecium moss 5/0
PLPL3 Plagiothecium cavifolium (Brid.) Z. Iwats. var. fallax (Cardot & Thér.) Z. Iwats.   6/0
PLDE2 Plagiothecium denticulatum (Hedw.) Schimp. toothed plagiothecium moss 3/0
PLRU6 Plagiothecium denticulatum (Hedw.) Schimp. var. bullulae Grout   3/0
PLLA8 Plagiothecium laetum Schimp. plagiothecium moss 3/0
PLCU5 Plagiothecium curvifolium auct. Amer.   5/0
PLLA9 Plagiothecium latebricola Schimp. plagiothecium moss 3/0
PLPI2 Plagiothecium piliferum (Sw. ex Hartm.) Schimp. plagiothecium moss 1/0
PLUN4 Plagiothecium undulatum (Hedw.) Schimp. undulate plagiothecium moss 4/0
PLSU5 Platydictya subtilis (Hedw.) H.A. Crum platydictya moss    
AMSU3 Amblystegiella subtilis (Hedw.) Loeske   3/0
PLRE5 Platygyrium repens (Brid.) Schimp. platygyrium moss 4/0
PLRI4 Platyhypnidium riparioides (Hedw.) Dix. platyhypnidium moss    
RHRI5 Eurhynchium riparioides (Hedw.) P. Rich.   6/0
PLAC4 Pleuridium acuminatum Lindb. acuminate pleuridium moss 2/0
PLPA5 Pleuridium palustre (Bruch & Schimp.) Bruch & Schimp. prairie pleuridium moss 1/0
PLSU6 Pleuridium subulatum (Hedw.) Rabenh. pleuridium moss 2/0
PLSQ2 Pleurochaete squarrosa (Brid.) Lindb. square pleurochaete moss 4/0
PLSC70 Pleurozium schreberi (Brid.) Mitt. Schreber's big red stem moss 3/0
CASC32 Calliergon schreberi (Brid.) Mitt.   1/0
POUR3 Pogonatum urnigerum (Hedw.) P. Beauv. pogonatum moss 3/0
POAN21 Pohlia annotina (Hedw.) Lindb. pohlia moss 2/0
POCR15 Pohlia cruda (Hedw.) Lindb. pohlia moss 4/0
PODR2 Pohlia drummondii (Müll. Hal.) Andrews Drummond's pohlia moss 6/0
POEL4 Pohlia elongata Hedw. elongate pohlia moss 1/0
POFI11 Pohlia filum (Schimp.) Martensson pohlia moss 4/0
POME13 Pohlia melanodon (Brid.) Shaw pohlia moss 2/0
PONU70 Pohlia nutans (Hedw.) Lindb. pohlia moss 3/0
POOB6 Pohlia obtusifolia (Brid.) L.F. Koch obtuseleaf pohlia moss 9/0
POPR17 Pohlia proligera (Kindb. ex Breidl.) Lindb. ex Arnell pohlia moss 3/0
POWA70 Pohlia wahlenbergii (F. Weber & D. Mohr) Andrews Wahlenberg's pohlia moss 6/0
POAL24 Polytrichastrum alpinum (Hedw.) G.L. Sm. alpine polytrichastrum moss 5/0
POCO38 Polytrichum commune Hedw. polytrichum moss 11/0
POFO6 Polytrichum formosum Hedw. polytrichum moss 9/0
POJU70 Polytrichum juniperinum Hedw. juniper polytrichum moss 2/0
POLO18 Polytrichum longisetum Brid. polytrichum moss 4/0
POPA29 Polytrichum pallidisetum Funck polytrichum moss 11/0
POPI10 Polytrichum piliferum Hedw. polytrichum moss 5/0
POSE16 Polytrichum sexangulare Brid. polytrichum moss    
POSE17 Polytrichum norvegicum sensu Frye, non Hedw.   3/0
POST70 Polytrichum strictum Brid. polytrichum moss 4/0
POBR18 Pottia bryoides (Dicks.) Mitt. pottia moss 4/0
PODA3 Pottia davalliana (Sm.) C.E.O. Jensen Davall's pottia moss 4/0
POCO37 Pottia conica (Schwägr.) Fürnr. ex Par.   1/0
POIN29 Pottia intermedia (Turner) Fürnr. intermediate pottia moss 6/0
POLA16 Pottia lanceolata (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. lance pottia moss 5/0
POTR21 Pottia truncata (Hedw.) Fürnr. truncate pottia moss 4/0
PSNI4 Pseudephemerum nitidum (Hedw.) Loeske pseudephemerum moss 4/0
PSTU70 Pseudocalliergon turgescens (T. Jensen) Loeske pseudocalliergon moss    
SCTU70 Calliergon turgescens (T. Jensen) Kindb.   4/0
PSHO3 Pseudocrossidium hornschuchianum (Schultz) R.H. Zander Hornschuch's pseudocrossidium moss 6/0
PSRE4 Pseudocrossidium revolutum (Brid.) R.H. Zander pseudocrossidium moss 6/0
PSINI Pseudoleskea incurvata (Hedw.) Loeske var. incurvata pseudoleskea moss    
LEIN23 Lescuraea incurvata (Hedw.) E. Lawton   3/0
PSEL3 Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans (Brid.) Z. Iwats. elegant pseudotaxiphyllum moss    
ISEL Isopterygium borrerianum (Müll. Hal.) Lindb.   3/0
PTFI Pterigynandrum filiforme Hedw. pterigynandrum moss 5/0
PTFIM Pterigynandrum filiforme Hedw. ssp. decipiens (F. Weber & D. Mohr) Kindb.   3/0
PTGR3 Pterogonium gracile (Hedw.) Sm. pterogonium moss 6/0
PTLA2 Pterygoneurum lamellatum (Lindb.) Jur. lamella pterygoneurum moss 5/0
PTOV Pterygoneurum ovatum (Hedw.) Dix. ovate pterygoneurum moss 5/0
PTSU Pterygoneurum subsessile (Brid.) Jur. sessile pterygoneurum moss 3/0
PTCR70 Ptilium crista-castrensis (Hedw.) De Not. knights plume moss 4/0
PYPO3 Pylaisiella polyantha (Hedw.) Grout pylaisiella moss    
PYPO4 Pylaisia heteromalla Bruch & Schimp.   4/0
PYTE5 Pyramidula tetragona (Brid.) Brid. pyramid moss 5/0
RAAC4 Racomitrium aciculare (Hedw.) Brid. racomitrium moss 4/0
RAAF2 Racomitrium affine (Schleich. ex F. Weber & D. Mohr) Lindb. racomitrium moss 4/0
RAAQ2 Racomitrium aquaticum (Brid. ex Schrad.) Brid. aquatic racomitrium moss 2/0
RACA11 Racomitrium canescens (Hedw.) Brid. racomitrium moss 8/0
RAEL3 Racomitrium elongatum Ehrh. ex Frisvoll elongate racomitrium moss 5/0
RAER2 Racomitrium ericoides (F. Weber ex Brid.) Brid. racomitrium moss 8/0
RAFA6 Racomitrium fasciculare (Hedw.) Brid. racomitrium moss 4/0
RAHE8 Racomitrium heterostichum (Hedw.) Brid. racomitrium moss 5/0
RALA70 Racomitrium lanuginosum (Hedw.) Brid. racomitrium moss 5/0
RAMI8 Racomitrium microcarpon (Hedw.) Brid. racomitrium moss 7/0
RASU9 Racomitrium sudeticum (Funck) Bruch & Schimp. racomitrium moss 4/0
RHMA12 Rhizomnium magnifolium (Horik.) T. Kop. grandleaf rhizomnium moss 3/0
RHPS70 Rhizomnium pseudopunctatum (Bruch & Schimp.) T. Kop. rhizomnium moss 4/0
RHPU7 Rhizomnium punctatum (Hedw.) T. Kop. rhizomnium moss 5/0
RHON Rhodobryum ontariense (Kindb.) Par. Ontario rhodobryum moss 4/0
RHRO6 Rhodobryum roseum (Hedw.) Limpr. rose rhodobryum moss 4/0
RHLO70 Rhytidiadelphus loreus (Hedw.) Warnst. goose neck moss 4/0
RHSQ70 Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus (Hedw.) Warnst. square goose neck moss 3/0
RHSU11 Rhytidiadelphus calvescens (Kindb.) Broth.   3/0
RHTR70 Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus (Hedw.) Warnst. rough goose neck moss 4/0
RHRU70 Rhytidium rugosum (Hedw.) Kindb. rhytidium moss 4/0
SAGL70 Saelania glaucescens (Hedw.) Broth. saelania moss 4/0
SAUN8 Sanionia uncinata (Hedw.) Loeske sanionia moss 4/0
SASA19 Sarmenthypnum sarmentosum (Wahlenb.) Tuom. & T. Kop. sarmenthypnum moss    
CASA31 Calliergon sarmentosum (Wahlenb.) Kindb.   4/0
SCAP70 Schistidium apocarpum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. schistidium moss 4/0
SCAT6 Grimmia alpicola Hedw. var. dupretii (Thér.) H.A. Crum   2/0
SCBR10 Grimmia alpicola Hedw. var. dupretii (Thér.) H.A. Crum   4/0
SCMA9 Schistidium maritimum (Turner) Bruch & Schimp. seaside schistidium moss 5/0
SCRI4 Schistidium rivulare (Brid.) Podp. streamside schistidium moss 4/0
SCTR7 Schistidium trichodon (Brid.) Poelt schistidium moss 3/0
SCPE9 Schistostega pennata (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr. schistostega moss 1/0
SCCE5 Scleropodium cespitans (Müll. Hal.) L.F. Koch low scleropodium moss 4/0
SCTO2 Scleropodium touretii (Brid.) L.F. Koch Touret's scleropodium moss 5/0
SCCA18 Scopelophila cataractae (Mitt.) Broth. cataract scopelophila moss 3/0
SCLI13 Scopelophila ligulata (Spruce) Spruce ligulate scopelophila moss 4/0
SCSC70 Scorpidium scorpioides (Hedw.) Limpr. scorpidium moss 6/0
SECA15 Seligeria calcarea (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. small limestone moss 4/0
SERE6 Seligeria recurvata (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. recurved small limestone moss 6/0
SEDE7 Sematophyllum demissum (Wilson) Mitt. sematophyllum moss 5/0
SPAN11 Sphagnum angustifolium (C.E.O. Jensen ex Russow) C.E.O. Jensen sphagnum 1/0
SPBA70 Sphagnum balticum (Russow) C.E.O. Jensen Baltic sphagnum 8/0
SPCA70 Sphagnum capillifolium (Ehrh.) Hedw. sphagnum    
SPNE3 Sphagnum acutifolium Ehrh. ex Schrad.   1/0
SPCE2 Sphagnum centrale C.E.O. Jensen sphagnum 2/0
SPCO70 Sphagnum compactum DC. low sphagnum 3/0
SPCO14 Sphagnum contortum Schultz contorted sphagnum 4/0
SPCU4 Sphagnum cuspidatum Ehrh. ex Hoffm. toothed sphagnum 5/0
SPDE5 Sphagnum denticulatum Brid. sphagnum 2/0
SPFA2 Sphagnum fallax (Klinggr.) Klinggr. sphagnum 3/0
SPFI4 Sphagnum fimbriatum Wilson sphagnum 5/0
SPFL7 Sphagnum flexuosum Dozy & Molk. sphagnum 4/0
SPFU70 Sphagnum fuscum (Schimp.) Klinggr. sphagnum 4/0
SPGI70 Sphagnum girgensohnii Russow Girgensohn's sphagnum 2/0
SPMA70 Sphagnum magellanicum Brid. Magellan's sphagnum 6/0
SPMA11 Sphagnum majus (Russow) C.E.O. Jensen sphagnum 4/0
SPOB70 Sphagnum obtusum Warnst. sphagnum 4/0
SPPA70 Sphagnum palustre L. prairie sphagnum 4/0
SPPA71 Sphagnum papillosum Lindb. papillose sphagnum 5/0
SPPL70 Sphagnum platyphyllum (Lindb. ex Braithw.) Sull. ex Warnst. sphagnum 1/0
SPQU Sphagnum quinquefarium (Lindb. ex Braithw.) Warnst. sphagnum 2/0
SPRU4 Sphagnum rubellum Wilson sphagnum 2/0
SPSQ70 Sphagnum squarrosum Crome sphagnum 6/0
SPSU3 Sphagnum subnitens Russow & Warnst. sphagnum 4/0
SPSU9 Sphagnum subsecundum Nees sphagnum 2/0
SPTE70 Sphagnum tenellum (Brid.) Bory sphagnum 2/0
SPTE71 Sphagnum teres (Schimp.) Ångstr. sphagnum 6/0
SPWA70 Sphagnum warnstorfii Russow Warnstorf's sphagnum 3/0
SPAM5 Splachnum ampullaceum Hedw. small capsule dung moss 7/0
SPSP70 Splachnum sphaericum Hedw. pinkstink dung moss 3/0
TASE3 Tayloria serrata (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. serrate dung moss    
TATE6 Tayloria serrata (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. var. flagellaris (Brid.) Bruch & Schimp.   4/0
TEPE70 Tetraphis pellucida Hedw. tetraphis moss 5/0
TEAN5 Tetraplodon angustatus (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. toothedleaf nitrogen moss 2/0
TEBR3 Tetrodontium brownianum (Dicks.) Schwägr. Brown's tetrodontium moss 6/0
TERE5 Tetrodontium repandum (Funck) Schwägr. tetrodontium moss 4/0
THNE4 Thamnobryum neckeroides (Hook.) E. Lawton Necker's thamnobryum moss 5/0
THDE10 Thuidium delicatulum (Hedw.) Schimp. delicate thuidium moss 6/0
THPH2 Thuidium philibertii Limpr. Philibert's thuidium moss 3/0
THRE7 Thuidium recognitum (Hedw.) Lindb. thuidium moss 3/0
THTA2 Thuidium tamariscinum (Hedw.) Schimp. tamarisk thuidium moss 4/0
TIAU70 Timmia austriaca Hedw. Austria timmia moss 1/0
TIMEB Timmia megapolitana Hedw. var. bavarica (Hessl.) Brid. Bavarian timmia moss    
TIBA4 Timmia bavarica Hessl.   6/0
TONI70 Tomentypnum nitens (Hedw.) Loeske tomentypnum moss 2/0
TOFL4 Tortella flavovirens (Bruch.) Broth. tortella moss 8/0
TOFR70 Tortella fragilis (Hook. & Wilson) Limpr. fragile tortella moss 3/0
TOIN4 Tortella inclinata (R. Hedw.) Limpr. tortella moss 6/0
TOTO70 Tortella tortuosa (Hedw.) Limpr. tortured tortella moss 7/0
TOCA10 Tortula caninervis (Mitt.) Broth. tortula moss 2/0
TOIN5 Tortula inermis (Brid.) Mont. tortula moss 3/0
TOLA5 Tortula laevipila (Brid.) Schwägr. tortula moss 2/0
TOLA4 Tortula latifolia Bruch ex Hartm. wideleaf tortula moss 5/0
TOMU Tortula muralis Hedw. tortula moss 5/0
TONO2 Tortula norvegica (F. Weber) Wahlenb. ex Lindb. Norwegian tortula moss 3/0
TOPA7 Tortula pagorum (Milde) De Not. tortula moss 4/0
TOPA8 Tortula papillosa Wilson papillose tortula moss 4/0
TORU70 Tortula ruralis (Hedw.) G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. tortula moss 2/0
TOIN7 Syntrichia ruralis (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr   5/0
TORU2 Syntrichia ruralis (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr   4/0
TOSU2 Tortula subulata Hedw. tortula moss 3/0
TOVI3 Tortula virescens (De Not.) De Not. tortula moss 4/0
TRAM16 Trematodon ambiguus (Hedw.) Hornsch. ambiguous trematodon moss 2/0
TRLO7 Trematodon longicollis Michx. trematodon moss 2/0
TRCR18 Trichostomum crispulum Bruch trichostomum moss 3/0
ULCO Ulota coarctata (P. Beauv.) Hammar ulota moss 8/0
ULCR2 Ulota crispa (Hedw.) Brid. ulota moss 4/0
ULBR Ulota bruchii Hornsch.   3/0
ULHU Ulota hutchinsiae (Sm.) Hammar Hutchins' ulota moss 6/0
ULPH Ulota phyllantha Brid. ulota moss 7/0
WAEX Warnstorfia exannulata (Schimp.) Loeske warnstorfia moss 3/0
WAFLF Warnstorfia fluitans (Hedw.) Loeske var. fluitans warnstorfia moss    
DRFL70 Drepanocladus berggrenii (C.E.O. Jensen) G. Roth   3/0
WECO3 Weissia controversa Hedw. controverial weissia moss 6/0
ZYCO Zygodon conoideus (Dicks.) Hook. & Taylor zygodon moss 5/0
ZYVI2 Zygodon viridissimus (Dicks.) Brid. zygodon moss 3/0
ZYVIR Zygodon viridissimus (Dicks.) Brid. var. rupestris Lindb. ex Hartm. zygodon moss    
ZYRU2 Zygodon rufotomentosus E. Britton ex Malta   5/0
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