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 Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants
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Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants

NRCS Invasive Species Policy
Invasive Species Executive Order 13112

Introduced Plants of the PLANTS Floristic Area with Scientific Name =X*
15 records returned

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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Native Status
XASA2 Xanthosoma sagittifolium arrowleaf elephant's ear L48 (I), PR (N), VI (N)
XAHE Xanthosoma helleborifolium belembe silvestre PR (I)
XASTC Xanthium strumarium var. canadense Canada cocklebur L48 (N), HI (I), CAN (N)
XICA2 Xiphidium caeruleum cola de paloma PR (I)
XYCO7 Xylosma congestum dense logwood L48 (I)
XOGU Xolantha guttata European frostweed L48 (I)
XYCO Xyris complanata Hawai'i yelloweyed grass HI (I)
XAVI Xanthosoma violaceum purplestem taro L48 (I), PR (I)
XARO2 Xanthosoma roseum rosy malanga HI (I)
XAST Xanthium strumarium rough cocklebur L48 (N), HI (I), PR (N), VI (N), CAN (N)
XASP2 Xanthium spinosum spiny cocklebur L48 (I), CAN (I)
XAUN Xanthosoma undipes tall elephant's ear PR (I)
XYPL Xyris platylepis tall yelloweyed grass L48 (N), HI (I)
XAAT Xanthosoma atrovirens yautia amarilla PR (I), VI (I)
XACA Xanthosoma caracu yautia horqueta PR (I)
Time Generated: 01/24/2017 07:23 AM CST