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 Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants
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Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants

NRCS Invasive Species Policy
Invasive Species Executive Order 13112

Introduced Plants of the PLANTS Floristic Area with Scientific Name =Z*
43 records returned

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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Native Status
ZILA3 Zizania latifolia Manchurian wildrice HI(I)
ZIMA2 Zinnia maritima Palmer's zinnia HI(I)
ZIMAP Zinnia maritima var. palmeri Palmer's zinnia HI(I)
ZAAL Zantedeschia albomaculata spotted calla lily L48(I)
ZAFU Zamia furfuracea cardboard palm L48(I)
ZANTE Zantedeschia calla lily L48(I)
ZASI2 Zanthoxylum simulans Chinese-pepper L48(I)
ZECA Zephyranthes candida autumn zephyrlily L48(I)
ZELKO8 Zelkova zelkova L48(I)
ZEMAP Zea mays ssp. parviglumis corn L48(I)
ZEME Zea mexicana Mexican teosinte L48(I)
ZEPE Zea perennis perennial teosinte L48(I)
ZESE80 Zelkova serrata Japanese zelkova L48(I)
ZEUXI Zeuxine zeuxine L48(I)
ZIAN2 Zinnia angustifolia narrowleaf zinnia L48(I)
ZINGI Zingiber ginger L48(I)
ZIZI Ziziphus zizyphus common jujube L48(I)
ZOGI Zornia gibbosa L48(I)
ZYFA Zygophyllum fabago Syrian beancaper L48(I)
ZYGOP Zygophyllum beancaper L48(I)
ZEA Zea corn L48(I)CAN(I)
ZOJA Zoysia japonica Korean lawngrass L48(I)CAN(I)
ZOYSI Zoysia lawngrass L48(I)CAN(I)
ZAAE Zantedeschia aethiopica calla lily L48(I)HI(I)PR(I)
ZECI Zephyranthes citrina citron zephyrlily L48(I)HI(I)PR(I)
ZEST Zeuxine strateumatica soldier's orchid L48(I)HI(I)PR(I)
ZIZE Zingiber zerumbet bitter ginger L48(I)HI(I)PR(I)
ZOMA2 Zoysia matrella Manila grass L48(I)HI(I)PR(I)
ZOMAM Zoysia matrella var. matrella Manila grass L48(I)PR(I)
ZOTE Zoysia tenuifolia Mascarene grass L48(I)PR(I)
ZIMA Ziziphus mauritiana Indian jujube L48(I)PR(I)VI(I)
ZIOF Zingiber officinale garden ginger L48(I)PR(I)VI(I)
ZIVI2 Zinnia violacea elegant zinnia L48(I)PR(I)VI(I)
ZEMA Zea mays corn L48(I)PR(I)VI(I)CAN(I)
ZEMAM2 Zea mays ssp. mays corn L48(I)PR(I)VI(I)CAN(I)
ZERO Zephyranthes rosea Cuban zephyrlily L48(I)PR(I)VI(N)
ZOMAP Zoysia matrella var. pacifica Manila grass L48(N)HI(I)
ZIPE Zinnia peruviana Peruvian zinnia L48(N)HI(I)PR(N)VI(I)
ZEGR Zephyranthes grandiflora rosepink zephyrlily L48(N)PR(I)VI(I)
ZIMO2 Zingiber montanum Cassumunar ginger PR(I)
Time Generated: 12/12/2018 11:53 AM CST