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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
ANCA34 Anisomeridium carinthiacum (J. Steiner) R.C. Harris anisomeridium lichen
ARDI23 Arthopyrenia dimidiata Fink  
ANDI9 Anisomeridium distans (Willey) R.C. Harris anisomeridium lichen
ARDI24 Arthopyrenia distans (Willey) Zahlbr.  
ARDI2 Arabis ×divaricarpa A. Nelson (pro sp.) [drummondii × holboellii] spreadingpod rockcress
ARDI25 Aristida diffusa Trin.
ARDI20 Arthonia dispersa (Schrad.) Nyl. dispersed dot lichen
ARDI21 Arthonia dispersula Nyl. dot lichen
ARDI22 Arthothelium distendens (Nyl.) Müll. Arg. arthothelium lichen
CARDI2 Cardiospermum L. balloonvine


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