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Results for Scientific Name = Alpinia
69 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
ALPIN Alpinia Roxb. alpinia
ALCA6 Alpinia carolinensis Koidz. Caroline alpinia
ALGA2 Alpinia galanga (L.) Sw. greater galangal
ALMU2 Alpinia mutica Roxb. small shell ginger
ALOF4 Alpinia officinarum Hance lesser galangal
ALPU11 Alpinia pubiflora (Benth.) K. Schum. hairyflower alpinia
ALPU4 Alpinia purpurata (Vieill.) K. Schum. red ginger indicator that this symbol has images (1)
ALZE Alpinia zerumbet (Pers.) B.L. Burtt & R.M. Sm. shellplant indicator that this symbol has images (7)
ALNU3 Alpinia nutans (L.) Roscoe  
ALSP Alpinia speciosa (Wendl.) K. Schum.  
CAESA Caesalpinia L. nicker
CABO6 Caesalpinia bonduc (L.) Roxb. yellow nicker indicator that this symbol has images (8)
CACR28 Caesalpinia crista auct. non L.  
CACA26 Caesalpinia caudata (A. Gray) Fisher tailed nicker
CACI19 Caesalpinia ciliata (Bergius ex Wikstr.) Urb. mato indicator that this symbol has images (4)
CAME15 Caesalpinia melanosperma (Eggers) Urb.  
CACO28 Caesalpinia coriaria (Jacq.) Willd. divi divi indicator that this symbol has images (3)
CACU10 Caesalpinia culebrae (Britton & P. Wilson) Alain smooth yellow nicker
CADE15 Caesalpinia decapetala (Roth) Alston shoofly indicator that this symbol has images (3)
CASE15 Caesalpinia sepiaria Roxb.  
CADI12 Caesalpinia divergens Urb. small yellow nicker
CAEC3 Caesalpinia echinata Lam. Brazilwood
CAGI Caesalpinia gilliesii (Wall. ex Hook.) Wall. ex D. Dietr. bird-of-paradise shrub indicator that this symbol has images (4)
CAKA5 Caesalpinia kavaiensis H. Mann uhiuhi indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CAMA21 Caesalpinia major (Medik.) Dandy & Exell Hawai'i pearls
CAGL22 Caesalpinia globulorum Bakh. f. & P. Royen  
CAME Caesalpinia mexicana A. Gray Mexican holdback indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CAMO14 Caesalpinia monensis Britton black nicker
CAMY2 Caesalpinia myabensis Britton
CACL8 Caesalpinia clementis (Britton) Leon  
CAPA34 Caesalpinia pauciflora (Griseb.) C. Wright ex Sauvalle fewflower holdback indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CAPE46 Caesalpinia peninsularis (Britton) Eifert [excluded]
CAPH Caesalpinia phyllanthoides Standl. wait-a-bit vine
CAPO6 Caesalpinia portoricensis (Britton & P. Wilson) Alain brown nicker
CAPU13 Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw. pride-of-Barbados indicator that this symbol has images (8)
CAPU42 Caesalpinia pumila (Britton & Rose) F.J. Herm.
CASA28 Caesalpinia sappan L. sappanwood indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CASP11 Caesalpinia spinosa (Molina) Kuntze spiny holdback indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CAVI22 Caesalpinia violacea Standl. brasiletto
CAWO3 Caesalpinia wootonii (Britton) Eifert ex Isely Wooton's holdback
CAAT11 Caesalpinia atropunctata Eifert  
COSP4 Costus spicatus (Jacq.) Sw. spiked spiralflag
ALSP3 Alpinia spicata Jacq.  
HODR Hoffmannseggia drepanocarpa A. Gray sicklepod holdback indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CADR6 Caesalpinia drepanocarpa (A. Gray) Fisher  
HODR3 Hoffmannseggia drummondii Torr. & A. Gray dwarf nicker
CADR3 Caesalpinia drummondii (Torr. & A. Gray) Fisher  
CATE18 Caesalpinia texensis (Fisher) Fisher  
HOMI5 Hoffmannseggia microphylla Torr. wand holdback
CAVI8 Caesalpinia virgata Fisher  
HOOX Hoffmannseggia oxycarpa Benth. ex A. Gray sharppod rushpea
CAOX3 Caesalpinia oxycarpa (Benth. ex A. Gray) Fisher  
HORE Hoffmannseggia repens (Eastw.) Cockerell creeping nicker
CARE16 Caesalpinia repens Eastw.  
POBR21 Pomaria brachycarpa (A. Gray) B. Simpson broadpod nicker
CABR20 Caesalpinia brachycarpa (A. Gray) Fisher  
POJA5 Pomaria jamesii (Torr. & A. Gray) Walp. James' holdback indicator that this symbol has images (2)
CAJA6 Caesalpinia jamesii (Torr. & A. Gray) Fisher  
POME16 Pomaria melanosticta S. Schauer Parry's holdback
CAPA33 Caesalpinia parryi (Fisher) Eifert  
REAL2 Renealmia alpinia (Rottb.) Maas jenjibre-de-jardin
ALEX2 Alpinia exaltata (L. f.) Roem. & Schult.  
AMAL6 Amomum alpinia Rottb.  
REJAP Renealmia jamaicensis (Gaertn.) Horan. var. puberula (Gagnep.) Maas narciso colorado
ALAN4 Alpinia antillarua auct. non Roem. & Schult.  
ALJA2 Alpinia jamaicensis Gaertn. p.p.  
REOC Renealmia occidentalis (Sw.) Sweet bijao
ALAR3 Alpinia aromatica Aubl.  
ALOC4 Alpinia occidentalis Sw.  


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