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Results for Scientific Name = Aspicilia
68 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
ASPIC2 Aspicilia A. Massal. rimmed lichen
ASAL13 Aspicilia albomarginata de Lesd. white rimmed lichen
ASAL14 Aspicilia albopruinosa (Looman) ?, ined.? rimmed lichen
ASAL15 Aspicilia alboradiata (H. Magn.) Oksner rimmed lichen
ASAL16 Aspicilia aliena (Zahlbr.) Oksner alien rimmed lichen
ASAM10 Aspicilia americana de Lesd. American aspicilia
ASAN14 Aspicilia annulata (Lynge) J.W. Thomson rimmed lichen
ASAN15 Aspicilia anseris (Lynge) J.W. Thomson rimmed lichen
ASAQ60 Aspicilia aquatica Körb. aquatic aspicilia
ASAR14 Aspicilia arctica (Lynge) Oksner arctic aspicilia
ASCA36 Aspicilia caesiocinerea (Nyl. ex Malbr.) Arnold rimmed lichen
ASCA37 Aspicilia caesiopruinosa (H. Magn.) J.W. Thomson rimmed lichen
ASCA38 Aspicilia calcarea (L.) Mudd calcareous rimmed lichen
ASCA39 Aspicilia candida (Anzi) Hue rimmed lichen
ASCI9 Aspicilia cinerea (L.) Körb. rimmed lichen
ASCI10 Aspicilia cingulata (Zahlbr.) Oksner rimmed lichen
ASCO43 Aspicilia composita (Lynge) J.W. Thomson composite rimmed lichen
ASCO44 Aspicilia concinna (J.W. Thomson) J.W. Thomson rimmed lichen
ASCO45 Aspicilia contigua (Lynge) J.W. Thomson rimmed lichen
ASCO46 Aspicilia contorta (Hoffm.) Krempelh. contorted rimmed lichen
ASDE19 Aspicilia desertorum (Krempelh.) Mereschk. desert aspicilia indicator that this symbol has images (5)
ASDI11 Aspicilia disserpens (Zahlbr.) Rasanen rimmed lichen
ASEL10 Aspicilia elevata (Lynge) J.W. Thomson rimmed lichen
ASFI6 Aspicilia fimbriata (H. Magn.) Clauzade & Rondon rimmed lichen
ASFR11 Aspicilia fruticulosa (Eversm.) Flagey indicator that this symbol has images (1)
ASGI7 Aspicilia gibbosa (Ach.) Körb. rimmed lichen
ASHE9 Aspicilia heteroplaca (Zahlbr.) Oksner rimmed lichen
ASHU7 Aspicilia humboldtii (Lynge) J.W. Thomson Humboldt's aspicilia
ASKA4 Aspicilia karelica (H. Magn.) Oksner rimmed lichen
ASLA18 Aspicilia laevata (Ach.) Arnold rimmed lichen
ASLA19 Aspicilia laxula (H. Magn.) Brodo rimmed lichen
ASLE23 Aspicilia leprosescens (Sandst.) Hav. rimmed lichen
ASLE24 Aspicilia lesleyana Darbish. Lesley's rimmed lichen
ASLI12 Aspicilia limitata (H. Magn.) J.W. Thomson rimmed lichen
ASMA18 Aspicilia mashiginensis (Zahlbr.) Oksner rimmed lichen
ASMA19 Aspicilia mastoidea (Lynge) J.W. Thomson rimmed lichen
ASMA27 Aspicilia mastrucata (Wahlenb.) Th. Fr.
ASMA24 Aspicilia mazarina (Wahlenb.) R. Sant.
ASMO20 Aspicilia moenium (Vain.) Thor & Timdal
ASEX8 Aspicilia excavata Thor & Timdal  
ASMY2 Aspicilia myrinii (Fr.) Stein Myrin's aspicilia
ASNA6 Aspicilia narssaquensis (Lynge) J.W. Thomson rimmed lichen
ASNA7 Aspicilia nathoristii (Lynge) J.W. Thomson Nathorist's aspicilia
ASNI6 Aspicilia nikrapensis Darbish. rimmed lichen
ASNO6 Aspicilia nordlandica (H. Magn.) Degel. northern rimmed lichen
ASNO7 Aspicilia novae-semliae (Zahlbr.) Oksner rimmed lichen
ASPE14 Aspicilia pergibbosa (H. Magn.) Rasanen rimmed lichen
ASPE15 Aspicilia perradiata (Nyl.) Hue rimmed lichen
ASPE16 Aspicilia pertusa (Lynge) J.W. Thomson rimmed lichen
ASPL60 Aspicilia plicigera (Zahlbr.) Rasanen rimmed lichen
ASPO10 Aspicilia polychroma (Anzi) Nyl. manycolor rimmed lichen
ASQU3 Aspicilia quartzitica W.A. Weber quartzite rimmed lichen
ASRE12 Aspicilia reptans (Looman) Wetmore rimmed lichen
ASRO11 Aspicilia rolleana Hue
ASRO7 Aspicilia rosulata Körb. rimmed lichen
ASRY Aspicilia ryrkaipiae (H. Magn.) Oksner rimmed lichen
ASSO8 Aspicilia sorediza (Lynge) J.W. Thomson rimmed lichen
ASSU19 Aspicilia sublapponica (Zahlbr.) Oksner rimmed lichen
ASSU20 Aspicilia submersa (Lamy) Hue submersed rimmed lichen
ASSU21 Aspicilia subplicigera (H. Magn.) Oksner rimmed lichen
ASSU22 Aspicilia subradians (Nyl.) Hue rimmed lichen
ASSU23 Aspicilia supertegens Arnold rimmed lichen
ASTE19 Aspicilia tenuis (H. Magn.) ?, ined.? rimmed lichen
ASVE12 Aspicilia verrucigera Hue rimmed lichen
BESU2 Bellemerea subsorediza (Lynge) R. Sant. bellemerea lichen
ASSU25 Aspicilia subsorediza (Lynge) R. Sant.  
LOAL6 Lobothallia alphoplaca (Wahlenb.) Hafellner
ASAL17 Aspicilia alphoplaca (Wahlenb.) Poelt & Lauckert  


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