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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
BRAL70 Brachythecium albicans (Hedw.) Schimp. brachythecium moss
CHAL20 Chamberlainia albicans (Hedw.) H. Rob.  
CHAL Chaenactis alpigena Sharsm. southern Sierra pincushion indicator that this symbol has images (5)
CHDOA2 Chaenactis douglasii (Hook.) Hook. & Arn. var. alpina A. Gray alpine dustymaiden
CHAL2 Chaenactis alpina (A. Gray) M.E. Jones  
CHALL2 Chaenactis alpina (A. Gray) M.E. Jones var. leucopsis (Greene) Cockerell ex Stockw.  
CHALR2 Chaenactis alpina (A. Gray) M.E. Jones var. rubella (Greene) Stockw.  
CHAL11 Chamaesyce albomarginata (Torr. & A. Gray) Small whitemargin sandmat indicator that this symbol has images (11)
CHSES Chamaesyce serpyllifolia (Pers.) Small ssp. serpyllifolia thymeleaf sandmat indicator that this symbol has images (3)
CHAL12 Chamaesyce albicaulis (Rydb.) Rydb.  
CHTU Chamaesyce turpinii (Boiss.) Millsp. Turpin's sandmat
CHAL13 Chamaesyce albescens (Urb.) Millsp.  
CHAL10 Chamissoa altissima (Jacq.) Kunth false chaff flower
CHAL18 Chaptalia albicans (Sw.) Vent. ex Steud. white sunbonnets
CHAL5 Cheilanthes alabamensis (Buckley) Kunze Alabama lipfern indicator that this symbol has images (2)
CHAL7 Chenopodium album L. lambsquarters indicator that this symbol has images (4)
CHALA Chenopodium album L. var. album lambsquarters
CHALL Chenopodium album L. var. lanceolatum (Muhl. ex Willd.) Coss. & Germ.  
CHALP Chenopodium album L. var. polymorphum Aellen  
CHALC3 Chenopodium album L. var. candicans Moq. [excluded]
CHALC4 Chenopodium album L. var. centrorubrum Makino [excluded]
CHALM Chenopodium album L. var. microphyllum Boenn. lambsquarters
CHALM2 Chenopodium album L. var. missouriense (Aellen) I.J. Bassett & C.W. Crompton Missouri lambsquarters
CHALS Chenopodium album L. var. stevensii Aellen Stevens' lambsquarters
CHALD Chenopodium album L. ssp. dacoticum Aellen  
CHALF Chenopodium album L. ssp. fallax Aellen  
CHALS2 Chenopodium album L. var. striatum Krašan lateflowering goosefoot
CHBEB2 Chenopodium berlandieri Moq. var. berlandieri pitseed goosefoot
CHALB Chenopodium album L. var. berlandieri (Moq.) Mack. & Bush  
CHLE4 Chenopodium leptophyllum (Moq.) Nutt. ex S. Watson narrowleaf goosefoot indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CHALL3 Chenopodium album L. var. leptophyllum Moq.  
CHOP Chenopodium opulifolium Schrad. ex W.D.J. Koch & Ziz seaport goosefoot
CHALV Chenopodium album L. var. viride (L.) Moq.  
CHPR5 Chenopodium pratericola Rydb. desert goosefoot
CHAL6 Chenopodium albescens Small  
CHAL8 Chiococca alba (L.) Hitchc. West Indian milkberry
CHAL19 Chrysophyllum albidum G. Don white star apple
CHAL24 Chrysosplenium alternifolium L. alternate-leaf golden saxifrage
CHALS3 Chrysosplenium alternifolium L. var. sibiricum Ser. ex DC. Iowa golden saxifrage indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CHALI Chrysosplenium alternifolium L. ssp. iowense (Rydb.) Hultén  
CHALI2 Chrysosplenium alternifolium L. var. iowense (Rydb.) B. Boivin  
CHTE3 Chrysosplenium tetrandrum (Lund ex Malmgr.) Th. Fr. northern golden saxifrage
CHALT Chrysosplenium alternifolium L. ssp. tetrandrum (Lund ex Malmgr.) Hultén  
CHALT2 Chrysosplenium alternifolium L. var. tetrandrum Lund ex Malmgr.  
CHAL9 Chrysothamnus albidus (M.E. Jones ex A. Gray) Greene whiteflower rabbitbrush indicator that this symbol has images (2)
ERMA17 Erysimum ×marshallii (Henfr.) Bois Siberian wallflower indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CHAL22 Cheiranthus allionii hort. ex Bois  
HEPU14 Heterotheca pumila (Greene) Semple alpine false goldenaster indicator that this symbol has images (2)
CHAL14 Chrysopsis alpicola Rydb.  
CHALG Chrysopsis alpicola Rydb. var. glomerata A. Nelson  
HIAL2 Hieracium albiflorum Hook. white hawkweed indicator that this symbol has images (2)
CHAL16 Chlorocrepis albiflora (Hook.) W.A. Weber  
IOAL Ionactis alpina (Nutt.) Greene Lava aster indicator that this symbol has images (3)
CHAL21 Chrysopsis alpina Nutt.  
LELY6 Leibnitzia lyrata (D. Don) G.L. Nesom Seeman's sunbonnets
CHAL4 Chaptalia alsophila Greene  
NOAL Notholaena aliena Maxon foreign cloak fern
CHAL17 Cheilanthes aliena (Maxon) Mickel  
PEAL19 Pentachaeta alsinoides Greene tiny pygmydaisy
CHAL3 Chaetopappa alsinoides (Greene) D.D. Keck  


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