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Results for Scientific Name = Corispermum
28 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
CORIS Corispermum L. bugseed
COAM8 Corispermum americanum (Nutt.) Nutt. American bugseed
COAMA2 Corispermum americanum (Nutt.) Nutt. var. americanum American bugseed
COMA23 Corispermum marginale Rydb. p.p.  
COOR3 Corispermum orientale auct. non Lam.  
COSI6 Corispermum simplicissimum Lunell  
COAMR Corispermum americanum (Nutt.) Nutt. var. rydbergii Mosyakin American bugseed indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CONI3 Corispermum nitidum auct. non Kit. ex Schult.  
COHO3 Corispermum hookeri Mosyakin Hooker bugseed
COHOH2 Corispermum hookeri Mosyakin var. hookeri Hooker bugseed
COHOP Corispermum hookeri Mosyakin var. pseudodeclinatum Mosyakin Hooker bugseed
COHY Corispermum hyssopifolium L. bugseed
CONA4 Corispermum navicula Mosyakin crescent bugseed
CONI15 Corispermum nitidum Kit. ex Schult. [excluded] shiny bugseed
COOC9 Corispermum ochotense Ignatov Russian bugseed
COOCA Corispermum ochotense Ignatov var. alaskanum Mosyakin Alaskan bugseed
COHYR Corispermum hyssopifolium L. var. rubricaule Hook.  
COOCO Corispermum ochotense Ignatov var. ochotense Russian bugseed
COPA37 Corispermum pacificum Mosyakin common bugseed
COPA38 Corispermum pallasii Steven Siberian bugseed
COLE9 Corispermum leptopterum (Asch.) Iljin  
COSI8 Corispermum sibiricum Iljin p.p.  
COPA39 Corispermum pallidum Mosyakin pale bugseed
COVI5 Corispermum villosum Rydb. hairy bugseed
COEM2 Corispermum emarginatum Rydb.  
COHYE Corispermum hyssopifolium L. var. emarginatum (Rydb.) B. Boivin  
COORE Corispermum orientale Lam. var. emarginatum (Rydb.) J.F. Macbr.  
COWE Corispermum welshii Mosyakin Welsh's bugseed


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