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Results for Scientific Name = Hedyotis
203 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
EXAU Exallage auricularia (L.) Bremek. eared starviolet
HEAU4 Hedyotis auricularia L.  
HEAUD Hedyotis auricularia L. var. dispersa Fosberg & Sachet  
HEDYO2 Hedyotis L. starviolet
HEAC3 Hedyotis acuminata (Cham. & Schltdl.) Steud. au
HEAI Hedyotis aimiriikensis Kaneh. Aimeliik starviolet
HECE Hedyotis centranthoides (Hook. & Arn.) Steud. forest starviolet
HECEL Hedyotis centranthoides (Hook. & Arn.) Steud. var. laevis (Wawra) Fosberg  
HECO13 Hedyotis cookiana (Cham. & Schltdl.) Steud. 'awiwi
HECO14 Hedyotis coriacea Sm. kio'ele
HECO2 Hedyotis cornifolia Kaneh. dogwood-leaved starviolet
HECY4 Hedyotis cyanantha Kurz blue-flowerd starviolet
HEDE3 Hedyotis degeneri Fosberg Waianae Range starviolet
HEDEC Hedyotis degeneri Fosberg var. coprosmifolia Fosberg Waianae Range starviolet
HEDED2 Hedyotis degeneri Fosberg var. degeneri Waianae Range starviolet
HEDI10 Hedyotis divaricata (Valeton) Hosok. branched starviolet
HEDID Hedyotis divaricata (Valeton) Hosok. var. divaricata branched starviolet
HEEL4 Hedyotis elatior (H. Mann) Fosberg 'uiwi
HEELE Hedyotis elatior (H. Mann) Fosberg var. ensiformis (Fosberg) Fosberg  
HEELH Hedyotis elatior (H. Mann) Fosberg var. herbacea (Levl.) Fosberg  
HEFL6 Hedyotis fluviatilis (Forbes) Fosberg kamapua'a
HEFLH Hedyotis fluviatilis (Forbes) Fosberg var. hathewayi Fosberg  
HEFLK Hedyotis fluviatilis (Forbes) Fosberg var. kamapuaana (O. Deg.) Fosberg  
HEFLK2 Hedyotis fluviatilis (Forbes) Fosberg var. kauaiensis Fosberg  
HEFL16 Hedyotis flynnii W.L. Wagner & D.H. Lorence cliff-dwelling starviolet
HEFO6 Hedyotis foetida Dalzell
HEFOM Hedyotis foetida Dalzell var. mariannensis (Merr.) Fosberg
HEFO Hedyotis foggiana Fosberg Kauai starviolet
HEFO2 Hedyotis foliosa (Hillebr.) Fosberg Haleakala starviolet
HEFO3 Hedyotis formosa (Hillebr.) Fosberg Maui starviolet
HEFO5 Hedyotis fosbergii W.L. Wagner & D.R. Herbst Fosberg's starviolet
HEFR6 Hedyotis fruticulosa (Volkens) Merr.
HEFRF Hedyotis fruticulosa (Volkens) Merr. var. fruticulosa shrubby starviolet
HEGR17 Hedyotis greenei (A. Gray) W.H. Lewis Greene's starviolet
HEHI8 Hedyotis hillebrandii (Fosberg) W.L. Wagner & D.R. Herbst manono
HEIN7 Hedyotis intricata Fosberg tangled starviolet
HEKN Hedyotis knudsenii (Hillebr.) Fosberg kokee starviolet
HEKO Hedyotis korrorensis (Valeton) Hosok. chemudelach
HEKOH Hedyotis korrorensis (Valeton) Hosok. var. hosokawana Fosberg chemudelach
HEKOK Hedyotis korrorensis (Valeton) Hosok. var. korrorensis chemudelach
HEKOM Hedyotis korrorensis (Valeton) Hosok. var. mollis (Valeton) Hosok. chemudelach
HEKOS Hedyotis korrorensis (Valeton) Hosok. var. subglomerata Fosberg chemudelach
HELI5 Hedyotis littoralis (Hillebr.) Fosberg seacliff starviolet
HEMA8 Hedyotis mannii Fosberg pilo
HEMAC Hedyotis mannii Fosberg var. cuspidata Fosberg  
HEMAM Hedyotis mannii Fosberg var. munroi Fosberg  
HEMAS Hedyotis mannii Fosberg var. scaposa Fosberg  
HEMO6 Hedyotis molokaiensis Fosberg  
HETH2 Hedyotis thyrsoidea Fosberg  
HETHH Hedyotis thyrsoidea Fosberg var. hillebrandii Fosberg  
HEME8 Hedyotis megalantha Merr.
HEPA14 Hedyotis parvula (A. Gray) Fosberg rockface starviolet
HEPO10 Hedyotis ponapensis Valeton hedyotis
HERI6 Hedyotis rigida Fosberg [excluded]
HERIR2 Hedyotis rigida Fosberg var. rigida Fosberg [excluded]
HERIT3 Hedyotis rigida Fosberg var. tenuifolia Fosberg [excluded]
HESA18 Hedyotis sachetiana Fosberg Sachet's starviolet
HESC18 Hedyotis scabridifolia Kaneh.
HESC6 Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. kopa
HESCR7 Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. ssp. remyi (Hillebr.) Fosberg kopa
HERE4 Hedyotis remyi (Hillebr.) Fosberg  
HESCR3 Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. var. remyi (Hillebr.) Fosberg  
HESCS4 Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. ssp. schlechtendahliana kopa
HEAN10 Hedyotis angusta Fosberg  
HEANK Hedyotis angusta Fosberg var. koolauensis Fosberg  
HEANU Hedyotis angusta Fosberg var. umbrosa Fosberg  
HEGLH Hedyotis glaucifolia (A. Gray) Fosberg var. helleri Fosberg  
HEREN Hedyotis remyi (Hillebr.) Fosberg var. nuttallii (Fosberg) Fosberg  
HEREP Hedyotis remyi (Hillebr.) Fosberg var. plana (Fosberg) Fosberg  
HERES2 Hedyotis remyi (Hillebr.) Fosberg var. silvicola Fosberg  
HESCG Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. var. glauca (Meyen) Fosberg  
HESCN2 Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. var. nitens (Wawra) Fosberg  
HESCN3 Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. var. nuttallii Fosberg  
HESCO2 Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. var. opaca (Wawra) Fosberg  
HESCP Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. var. plana Fosberg  
HESCR Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. ssp. rockii Fosberg  
HESCR4 Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. var. reticulata Fosberg  
HESCS Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. var. secundiflora (Hillebr.) Fosberg  
HESCS2 Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. var. schlechtendahliana  
HESCT Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. ssp. tenuifolia Fosberg  
HESCW Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. ssp. waimeae (Wawra) W.L. Wagner & Lorence kopa
HEGL9 Hedyotis glaucifolia (A. Gray) Fosberg  
HEGLS Hedyotis glaucifolia (A. Gray) Fosberg var. subimpressa Fosberg  
HEGLW Hedyotis glaucifolia (A. Gray) Fosberg var. waimeae (Wawra) Fosberg  
HEST2 Hedyotis st.-johnii B.C. Stone & M.A. Lane Napali Beach starviolet
HESU14 Hedyotis suborthogona Hosok. capitate starviolet
HETE21 Hedyotis terminalis (Hook. & Arn.) W.L. Wagner & D.R. Herbst variable starviolet
HETO7 Hedyotis tomentosa (Valeton) Hosok. leblebul
HETR6 Hedyotis tryblium D.R. Herbst & W.L. Wagner Kalalau Valley starviolet
HETU3 Hedyotis tuyamae Hosok. leblebul
HEVE4 Hedyotis vegrandis W.H. Lewis New Mexico starviolet
HEVE10 Hedyotis vestita R. Br. ex G. Don hairy starviolet
HEVEL2 Hedyotis vestita R. Br. ex G. Don var. lutescens (Kaneh.) Fosberg hairy starviolet
HOACA2 Houstonia acerosa (A. Gray) A. Gray ex Benth. & Hook. f. var. acerosa needleleaf bluet indicator that this symbol has images (2)
HEAC5 Hedyotis acerosa A. Gray  
HOACP2 Houstonia acerosa (A. Gray) A. Gray ex Benth. & Hook. f. var. polypremoides (A. Gray) Terrell needleleaf bluet
HEACB Hedyotis acerosa A. Gray var. bigelovii (Greenm.) W.H. Lewis  
HEACP Hedyotis acerosa A. Gray var. polypremoides (A. Gray) W.H. Lewis  
HEPO5 Hedyotis polypremoides (A. Gray) Shinners  
HOCA4 Houstonia caerulea L. azure bluet indicator that this symbol has images (6)
HECA19 Hedyotis caerulea (L.) Hook.  
HOCA5 Houstonia canadensis Willd. ex Roem. & Schult. Canadian summer bluet indicator that this symbol has images (2)
HECA21 Hedyotis canadensis (Willd. ex Roem. & Schult.) Fosberg  
HELOC Hedyotis longifolia (Gaertn.) Hook. var. ciliolata (Torr.) Mohlenbr.  
HEPUC Hedyotis purpurea (L.) Torr. & A. Gray var. ciliolata (Torr.) Fosberg  
HEPUS3 Hedyotis purpurea (L.) Torr. & A. Gray var. setiscaphia (L.G. Carr) Fosberg  
HOCO2 Houstonia correllii (W.H. Lewis) Terrell Correll's bluet
HECO22 Hedyotis correllii W.H. Lewis  
HOCR Houstonia croftiae Britton & Rusby Croft's bluet
HECR7 Hedyotis croftiae (Britton & Rusby) Shinners  
HOHU Houstonia humifusa (A. Gray) A. Gray matted bluet
HEHU Hedyotis humifusa A. Gray  
HOLO Houstonia longifolia Gaertn. longleaf summer bluet indicator that this symbol has images (2)
HELO7 Hedyotis longifolia (Gaertn.) Hook.  
HELOT Hedyotis longifolia (Gaertn.) Hook. var. tenuifolia (Nutt.) Torr. & A. Gray  
HENU2 Hedyotis nuttalliana Fosberg  
HEPUL2 Hedyotis purpurea (L.) Torr. & A. Gray var. longifolia (Gaertn.) Fosberg  
HEPUT Hedyotis purpurea (L.) Torr. & A. Gray var. tenuifolia (Nutt.) Fosberg  
HOMI4 Houstonia micrantha (Shinners) Terrell southern bluet
HEAU3 Hedyotis australis W.H. Lewis & D.M. Moore  
HECRM Hedyotis crassifolia Raf. var. micrantha Shinners  
HOOU Houstonia ouachitana (E.B. Sm.) Terrell Ouachita bluet
HEOU Hedyotis ouachitana E.B. Sm.  
HOPA3 Houstonia parviflora Holz. ex Greenm. Greenman's bluet
HEGR11 Hedyotis greenmanii Fosberg  
HOPR Houstonia procumbens (Walter ex J.F. Gmel.) Standl. roundleaf bluet indicator that this symbol has images (5)
HEPR7 Hedyotis procumbens (Walter ex J.F. Gmel.) Fosberg  
HEPRH2 Hedyotis procumbens (Walter ex J.F. Gmel.) Fosberg var. hirsuta W.H. Lewis  
HOPUC Houstonia purpurea L. var. calycosa A. Gray Venus' pride indicator that this symbol has images (1)
HELA16 Hedyotis lanceolata Poir.  
HEPUC2 Hedyotis purpurea (L.) Torr. & A. Gray var. calycosa (A. Gray) Fosberg  
HOPUM Houstonia purpurea L. var. montana (Small) Terrell Venus' pride
HEPUM2 Hedyotis purpurea (L.) Torr. & A. Gray var. montana (Small) Fosberg  
HOPUP3 Houstonia purpurea L. var. purpurea Venus' pride indicator that this symbol has images (1)
HEPU16 Hedyotis purpurea (L.) Torr. & A. Gray  
HOPU3 Houstonia pusilla Schoepf tiny bluet indicator that this symbol has images (4)
HECAM Hedyotis caerulea (L.) Hook. var. minima (Beck) Fosberg  
HECAM2 Hedyotis caerulea (L.) Hook. var. minor (Michx.) Torr. & A. Gray  
HECR9 Hedyotis crassifolia Raf.  
HEMI19 Hedyotis minima (Beck) Torr. & A. Gray  
HORO Houstonia rosea (Raf.) Terrell rose bluet
HERO3 Hedyotis rosea Raf.  
HETA Hedyotis tayloriae Fosberg  
HORU Houstonia rubra Cav. red bluet indicator that this symbol has images (1)
HERU4 Hedyotis rubra (Cav.) A. Gray  
HOSE2 Houstonia serpyllifolia Michx. thymeleaf bluet indicator that this symbol has images (2)
HEMI15 Hedyotis michauxii Fosberg  
HOSU Houstonia subviscosa (C. Wright ex A. Gray) A. Gray nodding bluet
HESU8 Hedyotis subviscosa (C. Wright ex A. Gray) Shinners  
HOWR Houstonia wrightii A. Gray pygmy bluet indicator that this symbol has images (3)
HECE4 Hedyotis cervantesii Kunth  
HEPY Hedyotis pygmaea Roem. & Schult.  
HEWR Hedyotis wrightii (A. Gray) Fosberg  
OLBI2 Oldenlandia biflora L. [excluded]
HEBI8 Hedyotis biflora (L.) Lam.  
OLBO Oldenlandia boscii (DC.) Chapm. Bosc's mille graines indicator that this symbol has images (1)
HEBO5 Hedyotis boscii DC.  
OLCO Oldenlandia corymbosa L. flat-top mille graines
HECO15 Hedyotis corymbosa (L.) Lam.  
OLHE3 Oldenlandia herbacea (L.) Roxb. [excluded]
HEHE16 Hedyotis herbacea L.  
OLLA2 Oldenlandia lancifolia (Schumach.) DC. calycose mille graines
HECO29 Hedyotis commutata Schult. & Schult. f.  
HELA17 Hedyotis lancifolia Schumach.  
OLSA Oldenlandia salzmannii (DC.) Benth. & Hook. f. ex B.D. Jacks. Salzmann's mille graines
HESA9 Hedyotis salzmannii (DC.) Steud.  
OLST Oldenlandia strigulosa DC. rough oldenlandia
HEST9 Hedyotis strigulosa (DC.) Fosberg  
OLUN Oldenlandia uniflora L. clustered mille graines indicator that this symbol has images (1)
HEFA7 Hedyotis fasciculata Bertol.  
HEUN5 Hedyotis uniflora (L.) Lam.  
HEUNF Hedyotis uniflora (L.) Lam. var. fasciculata (Bertol.) W.H. Lewis  
OLVE Oldenlandia verticillata L. whorled oldenlandia
HEVE9 Hedyotis verticillata (L.) Lam.  
OLCA4 Oldenlandiopsis callitrichoides (Griseb.) Terrell & W.H. Lewis creeping-bluet
HECA20 Hedyotis callitrichoides (Griseb.) W.H. Lewis  
PEPE14 Pentodon pentandrus (Schumach. & Thonn.) Vatke Hale's pentodon
HEHA4 Hedyotis halei Torr. & A. Gray  
HEPE5 Hedyotis pentandra K. Schum.  
STBU4 Stenaria butterwickiae (Terrell) Terrell Butterwick's starviolet
HEBU2 Hedyotis butterwickiae (Terrell) G.L. Nesom  
STMUM Stenaria mullerae (Fosberg) Terrell var. mullerae Muller's starviolet
HEMU6 Hedyotis mullerae Fosberg  
STMUP Stenaria mullerae (Fosberg) Terrell var. pooleana (B.L. Turner) Terrell Poole's starviolet
HEPO11 Hedyotis pooleana B.L. Turner  
STNIF Stenaria nigricans (Lam.) Terrell var. floridana (Standl.) Terrell Florida diamondflowers
HENIF Hedyotis nigricans (Lam.) Fosberg var. floridana (Standl.) Wunderlin  
HEPUF Hedyotis purpurea (L.) Torr. & A. Gray var. floridana (Standl.) Fosberg  
STNIN Stenaria nigricans (Lam.) Terrell var. nigricans diamondflowers indicator that this symbol has images (3)
HENI4 Hedyotis nigricans (Lam.) Fosberg  
HENIA2 Hedyotis nigricans (Lam.) Fosberg var. austrotexana B.L. Turner  
HENIF2 Hedyotis nigricans (Lam.) Fosberg var. filifolia (Chapm.) Shinners  
HENIN Hedyotis nigricans (Lam.) Fosberg var. nigricans  
HENIP Hedyotis nigricans (Lam.) Fosberg var. pulvinata (Small) Fosberg  
HENIP3 Hedyotis nigricans (Lam.) Fosberg var. papillacea B.L. Turner  
HENIR Hedyotis nigricans (Lam.) Fosberg var. rigidiuscula (A. Gray) Shinners  
HENIS Hedyotis nigricans (Lam.) Fosberg var. scabra (S. Watson) Fosberg  
HESA7 Hedyotis salina (A. Heller) Shinners  
STRU9 Stenaria rupicola (Greenm.) Terrell smallflower starviolet
HEAN14 Hedyotis angulata Fosberg ex Shinners  
HENIA Hedyotis nigricans (Lam.) Fosberg var. angulata (Fosberg ex Shinners) W.H. Lewis  
HENIP2 Hedyotis nigricans (Lam.) Fosberg var. parviflora (A. Gray) W.H. Lewis  
HESTP Hedyotis stenophylla Torr. & A. Gray var. parviflora A. Gray  


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