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Results for Scientific Name = Ligustrum
17 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
LIGUS2 Ligustrum L. privet indicator that this symbol has images (1)
LIAM Ligustrum amurense Carrière Amur privet
LIIB2 Ligustrum ibota Siebold ex Siebold & Zucc. [excluded]
LIJA Ligustrum japonicum Thunb. Japanese privet indicator that this symbol has images (3)
LILU2 Ligustrum lucidum W.T. Aiton glossy privet indicator that this symbol has images (3)
LIOB Ligustrum obtusifolium Siebold & Zucc. border privet
LIOV Ligustrum ovalifolium Hassk. California privet
LIQU2 Ligustrum quihoui Carrière waxyleaf privet
LIRO4 Ligustrum robustum (Roxb.) Blume wild privet
LIROW Ligustrum robustum (Roxb.) Blume var. walkeri (Decne.) P.S. Green Sri Lanka privet
LISE7 Ligustrum sempervirens (Franch.) Linglesh. privet
LISI Ligustrum sinense Lour. Chinese privet indicator that this symbol has images (15)
LIMI13 Ligustrum microcarpum Kaneh. & Sasaki  
LIVI7 Ligustrum villosum May  
LITS2 Ligustrum tschonoskii Decne. Tschonosky privet
LIAC6 Ligustrum acuminatum Koehne  
LIVU Ligustrum vulgare L. European privet indicator that this symbol has images (4)


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