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Results for Scientific Name = Lycium
57 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
CHBEM Chenopodium berlandieri Moq. var. macrocalycium (Aellen) Cronquist pitseed goosefoot
CHMA6 Chenopodium macrocalycium Aellen  
LYCIU Lycium L. desert-thorn
LYAN Lycium andersonii A. Gray water jacket indicator that this symbol has images (3)
LYANA4 Lycium andersonii A. Gray var. andersonii water jacket
LYAND Lycium andersonii A. Gray var. deserticola (C.L. Hitchc.) C.L. Hitchc. ex Munz water jacket
LYANW Lycium andersonii A. Gray var. wrightii A. Gray water jacket
LYBA4 Lycium barbarum L. matrimony vine indicator that this symbol has images (5)
LYHA Lycium halimifolium Mill.  
LYVU3 Lycium vulgare Dunal  
LYBE Lycium berlandieri Dunal Berlandier's wolfberry
LYBEB Lycium berlandieri Dunal var. berlandieri Berlandier's wolfberry
LYBEL Lycium berlandieri Dunal var. longistylum C.L. Hitchc. Berlandier's wolfberry
LYBEP Lycium berlandieri Dunal var. parviflorum (A. Gray) Terracc. Berlandier's wolfberry
LYBEB2 Lycium berlandieri Dunal var. brevilobum C.L. Hitchc.  
LYBR Lycium brevipes Benth. Baja desert-thorn
LYBRB Lycium brevipes Benth. var. brevipes  
LYRI Lycium richii A. Gray  
LYVE Lycium verrucosum Eastw.  
LYCA Lycium californicum Nutt. ex A. Gray California desert-thorn
LYCAA Lycium californicum Nutt. ex A. Gray var. arizonicum A. Gray desert-thorn
LYCAC3 Lycium californicum Nutt. ex A. Gray var. californicum California desert-thorn
LYCA2 Lycium carolinianum Walter Carolina desert-thorn indicator that this symbol has images (4)
LYCAC2 Lycium carolinianum Walter var. carolinianum Carolina desert-thorn
LYCAQ Lycium carolinianum Walter var. quadrifidum (Dunal) C.L. Hitchc. Carolina desert-thorn
LYCH Lycium chinense Mill. Chinese desert-thorn
LYCHC Lycium chinense Mill. var. chinense  
LYCHO Lycium chinense Mill. var. ovatum (Poir.) C.K. Schneid.  
LYCO2 Lycium cooperi A. Gray peach thorn indicator that this symbol has images (2)
LYDE2 Lycium depressum Stocks
LYTU2 Lycium turcomannicum Turcz. ex Miers  
LYEX Lycium exsertum A. Gray Arizona desert-thorn
LYFE4 Lycium ferocissimum Miers African boxthorn
LYFE3 Lycium ferrocissimum Miers, orth. var.  
LYFR Lycium fremontii A. Gray Fremont's desert-thorn
LYHA5 Lycium hassei Greene Santa Catalina Island desert-thorn
LYBRH Lycium brevipes Benth. var. hassei (Greene) C.L. Hitchc.  
LYRIH Lycium richii A. Gray var. hassei (Greene) I.M. Johnst.  
LYMA Lycium macrodon A. Gray desert wolfberry
LYPA Lycium pallidum Miers pale desert-thorn indicator that this symbol has images (7)
LYPAO Lycium pallidum Miers var. oligospermum C.L. Hitchc. rabbit thorn
LYPAP Lycium pallidum Miers var. pallidum pale desert-thorn
LYPA2 Lycium parishii A. Gray Parish's desert-thorn indicator that this symbol has images (2)
LYPU Lycium puberulum A. Gray downy desert-thorn
LYPUB Lycium puberulum A. Gray var. berberioides (Correll) Chiang downy desert-thorn
LYBE2 Lycium berberioides Correll  
LYPUP Lycium puberulum A. Gray var. puberulum downy desert-thorn
LYSA3 Lycium sandwicense A. Gray Hawai'i desert-thorn
LYCAS2 Lycium carolinianum Walter var. sandwicense (A. Gray) C.L. Hitchc.  
LYSH Lycium shockleyi A. Gray Shockley's desert-thorn indicator that this symbol has images (4)
LYRI2 Lycium rickardii C.H. Mull.  
LYTE4 Lycium texanum Correll Texas desert-thorn
LYTO Lycium torreyi A. Gray Torrey wolfberry
LYTW Lycium tweedianum Griseb. tropical desert-thorn
LYTWC Lycium tweedianum Griseb. var. chrysocarpum (Urb. & Ekman) C.L. Hitchc. tropical desert-thorn
LYAM5 Lycium americanum Jacq.  
LYTWT2 Lycium tweedianum Griseb. var. tweedianum Griseb. [excluded] tropical desert-thorn


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