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Results for Scientific Name = Melia
591 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
ABAM2 Abronia ameliae Lundell Amelia's sand verbena indicator that this symbol has images (1)
ABPA5 Abrothallus parmeliarum (Sommerf.) Arnold parmelia abrothallus lichen
BUPA8 Buelliella parmeliarum (Sommerf.) Fink  
AHSP Ahtiana sphaerosporella (Müll. Arg.) Goward ahtiana lichen
PASP12 Parmelia sphaerosporella Müll. Arg.  
ALLAN2 Allantoparmelia (Vain.) Essl. allantoparmelia lichen
ALAL60 Allantoparmelia almquistii (Vain.) Essl. Almquist's allantoparmelia lichen
PAAL24 Parmelia almquistii Vain.  
ALAL61 Allantoparmelia alpicola (Th. Fr.) Essl. allantoparmelia lichen
PAAL25 Parmelia alpicola Th. Fr.  
ALSI7 Allantoparmelia siberica (Zahlbr.) Essl.
PASI7 Parmelia siberica Zahlbr.  
ANCO30 Ananas comosus (L.) Merr. pineapple indicator that this symbol has images (5)
BRCO11 Bromelia comosa L.  
ARCTO8 Arctoparmelia Hale arctoparmelia lichen
ARCE60 Arctoparmelia centrifuga (L.) Hale arctoparmelia lichen
ARAL25 Arctoparmelia aleuritica (Nyl.) Hale  
PAAL29 Parmelia aleuritica Nyl.  
PACE5 Parmelia centrifuga (L.) Ach.  
XACE3 Xanthoparmelia centrifuga (L.) Hale  
ARIN60 Arctoparmelia incurva (Pers.) Hale arctoparmelia lichen
PAIN14 Parmelia incurva (Pers.) Fr.  
XAIN3 Xanthoparmelia incurva (Pers.) Hale  
ARSE60 Arctoparmelia separata (Th. Fr.) Hale arctoparmelia lichen
PABIG Parmelia birulae Elenkin var. grumosa Llano  
PASE14 Parmelia separata Th. Fr.  
XASE Xanthoparmelia separata (Th. Fr.) Hale  
ARSU12 Arctoparmelia subcentrifuga (Oksner) Hale arctoparmelia lichen
PASU15 Parmelia subcentrifuga Oksner  
XASU6 Xanthoparmelia subcentrifuga (Oksner) Hale  
AZIN2 Azadirachta indica A. Juss. neem indicator that this symbol has images (1)
MEAZ2 Melia azadirachta L.  
BROR60 Brodoa oroarctica (Krog) Goward arctic brodoa lichen
PAIN18 Parmelia intestiniformis (Vill.) Ach.  
BROME Bromelia L. bromelia
BRBA6 Bromelia balansae Mez [excluded]
BRPI4 Bromelia pinguin L. pinguin indicator that this symbol has images (5)
BRPL3 Bromelia plumieri (E. Morren) L.B. Sm. [excluded]
BUCO4 Bulbothrix confoederata (W.L. Culb.) Hale Confederate bulbothrix lichen
PACO38 Parmelia confoederata W.L. Culb.  
BUCO5 Bulbothrix coronata (Fée) Hale crown bulbothrix lichen
PACO42 Parmelia coronata Fée  
BUGO Bulbothrix goebelii (Zenker) Hale Goebel's bulbothrix lichen
PAGO2 Parmelia goebelii Zenker  
PANJ Parmelia njalensis C.W. Dodge  
PASC16 Parmelia scortella Nyl.  
BULA7 Bulbothrix laevigatula (Nyl.) Hale bulbothrix lichen
PALA33 Parmelia laevigatula Nyl.  
CANOP2 Canoparmelia Elix & Hale canoparmelia lichen
CAAM26 Canoparmelia amazonica (Nyl.) Elix & Hale Amazon canoparmelia lichen
PAAM7 Parmelia amazonica Nyl.  
PSAM3 Pseudoparmelia amazonica (Nyl.) Hale  
CACA68 Canoparmelia caroliniana (Nyl.) Elix & Hale Carolina canoparmelia lichen
PACA24 Parmelia caroliniana Nyl.  
PSCA8 Pseudoparmelia caroliniana (Nyl.) Hale  
CACR23 Canoparmelia crozalsiana (de Lesd.) Elix & Hale canoparmelia lichen
PACR13 Parmelia crozalsiana de Lesd.  
PSCR3 Pseudoparmelia crozalsiana (de Lesd.) Hale  
CACR24 Canoparmelia cryptochlorophaea (Hale) Elix & Hale canoparmelia lichen
PACR14 Parmelia cryptochlorophaea Hale  
PSCR4 Pseudoparmelia cryptochlorophaea (Hale) Hale  
CAMA39 Canoparmelia martinicana (Nyl.) Elix & Hale canoparmelia lichen
PAMA26 Parmelia martinicana Nyl.  
PSMA10 Pseudoparmelia martinicana (Nyl.) Hale  
CASA25 Canoparmelia salacinifera (Hale) Elix & Hale canoparmelia lichen
PASA5 Parmelia salacinifera Hale  
PSSA5 Pseudoparmelia salacinifera (Hale) Hale  
CATE22 Canoparmelia texana (Tuck.) Elix & Hale Texan canoparmelia lichen
PATE18 Parmelia texana Tuck.  
PSTE8 Pseudoparmelia texana (Tuck.) Hale  
CECE4 Cetrelia cetrarioides (Delise ex Duby) W.L. Culb. & C.F. Culb. giant shield lichen
PACE4 Parmelia cetrarioides (Delise ex Duby) Nyl.  
CEOL2 Cetrelia olivetorum (Nyl.) W.L. Culb. & C.F. Culb. giant shield lichen
PAOL5 Parmelia olivaria (Ach.) Th. Fr.  
PAOL6 Parmelia olivetorum Nyl.  
EVCA3 Everniastrum catawbiense (Degel.) Hale ex Sipamn Catawba everniastrum lichen
PACA25 Parmelia catawbiensis (Degel.) Hale & M. Wirth  
PASO8 Parmelia sorocheila Vain.  
FLAVO Flavoparmelia Hale flavoparmelia lichen
FLBA Flavoparmelia baltimorensis (Gyel. & Foriss) Hale Baltimore flavoparmelia lichen
PABA11 Parmelia baltimorensis Gyel. & Foriss  
PSBA5 Pseudoparmelia baltimorensis (Gyel. & Foriss) Hale  
FLCA2 Flavoparmelia caperata (L.) Hale flavoparmelia lichen
PACA23 Parmelia caperata (L.) Ach.  
PACY5 Parmelia cylisphora (Ach.) Vain.  
PAFL12 Parmelia flavicans (Tuck.) Tuck.  
PAHE9 Parmelia herreana Zahlbr.  
PANE11 Parmelia negativa Gyel.  
PSCA7 Pseudoparmelia caperata (L.) Hale  
FLCO Flavoparmelia concreta (Stizenb.) ?, ined.? flavoparmelia lichen
PACO37 Parmelia concreta Stizenb.  
FLRU Flavoparmelia rutidota (Hook. f. & Taylor) Hale flavoparmelia lichen
PACOS2 Parmelia conspersa (Ehrh. ex Ach.) Ach. var. subconspersa (Nyl.) Gyel.  
PARU8 Parmelia rutidota Hook. f. & Taylor  
PSRU5 Pseudoparmelia rutidota (Hook. f. & Taylor) Hale  
XASU7 Xanthoparmelia subconspersa (Nyl.) Hale  
FLDA Flavopunctelia darrowi (J.W. Thomson) Hale Darrow's flavopunctelia lichen
PADA2 Parmelia darrowi J.W. Thomson  
FLFL2 Flavopunctelia flaventior (Stirt.) Hale flavopunctelia lichen
PAAN12 Parmelia andreana Müll. Arg.  
PAFL11 Parmelia flaventior Stirt.  
PAKE3 Parmelia kernstockii (Lynge) Zahlbr.  
FLPR3 Flavopunctelia praesignis (Nyl.) Hale flavopunctelia lichen
PACAI Parmelia caperata (L.) Ach. var. incorrupta (J.A. Moore) E.C. Berry  
PAIN13 Parmelia incorrupta J.A. Moore  
PAPR16 Parmelia praesignis Nyl.  
FLSO2 Flavopunctelia soredica (Nyl.) Hale flavopunctelia lichen
PAMA24 Parmelia manshurica Asah.  
PASO6 Parmelia soredica Nyl.  
PAUL3 Parmelia ulophyllodes (Vain.) Savicz  
GLCA5 Glebionis carinatum (Schousb.) Tzvelev tricolor daisy
ISCA7 Ismelia carinata (Schousb.) Sch. Bip.  
HAMEL Hamelia Jacq. hamelia
HAAX Hamelia axillaris Sw. balsamillo
HAPA3 Hamelia patens Jacq. scarletbush indicator that this symbol has images (3)
HAER3 Hamelia erecta Jacq.  
HYRU4 Hypericum rumeliacum Boiss.
HYAU60 Hypogymnia austerodes (Nyl.) Rasanen tube lichen
PAAU10 Parmelia austerodes Nyl.  
HYBI60 Hypogymnia bitteri (Lynge) Ahti Bitter tube lichen
PABI9 Parmelia bitteri Lynge  
HYPH60 Hypogymnia physodes (L.) Nyl. tube lichen
PADUD Parmelia duplicata Sm. ex Ach. var. douglasicola Gyel.  
PAOR9 Parmelia oregana Gyel.  
PAPH3 Parmelia physodes (L.) Ach.  
HYSU60 Hypogymnia subobscura (Vain.) Poelt tube lichen
PASU23 Parmelia subobscura Vain.  
HYTU60 Hypogymnia tubulosa (Schaerer) Hav. tube lichen
PATU5 Parmelia tubulosa (Schaerer) Bitter  
HYVI60 Hypogymnia vittata (Ach.) Parrique Vitt tube lichen
PAVI14 Parmelia vittata (Ach.) Nyl.  
HYCR5 Hypotrachyna croceopustulata (Kurok.) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PACR12 Parmelia croceopustulata Kurok.  
HYDE8 Hypotrachyna densirhizinata (Kurok.) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PADE15 Parmelia densirhizinata Kurok.  
HYDE60 Hypotrachyna dentella (Hale & Kurok.) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PADE16 Parmelia dentella Hale & Kurok.  
HYEN2 Hypotrachyna ensifolia (Kurok.) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PAEN7 Parmelia ensifolia Kurok.  
PALOI Parmelia lobulifera Degel. var. insensitiva Degel.  
HYGO Hypotrachyna gondylophora (Hale) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PAGO3 Parmelia gondylophora Hale  
HYIM2 Hypotrachyna imbricatula (Zahlbr.) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PAIM5 Parmelia imbricatula Zahlbr.  
PALO12 Parmelia lobulifera Degel.  
PALOL Parmelia lobulifera Degel. var. luteoreagens Degel.  
HYLA13 Hypotrachyna laevigata (Sm.) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PALA32 Parmelia laevigata (Sm.) Ach.  
HYLI5 Hypotrachyna livida (Taylor) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PALI13 Parmelia livida Taylor  
HYOO Hypotrachyna oostingii (J.P. Dey) Hale Oosting's hypotrachyna lichen
PAOO2 Parmelia oostingii J.P. Dey  
HYOS Hypotrachyna osseoalba (Vain.) Park & Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PAFO5 Parmelia formosana Zahlbr.  
HYPR5 Hypotrachyna producta Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PAPR19 Parmelia producta (Hale) J.P. Dey  
HYPR6 Hypotrachyna prolongata (Kurok.) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PALOS Parmelia lobulifera Degel. var. sanguineoreagens Degel.  
PAPR20 Parmelia prolongata Kurok.  
PARA15 Parmelia rachista Hale  
HYPU7 Hypotrachyna pulvinata (Fée) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PAPU15 Parmelia pulvinata Fée  
HYPU8 Hypotrachyna pustulifera (Hale) Skorepa hypotrachyna lichen
PAPU16 Parmelia pustulifera Hale  
HYRE4 Hypotrachyna revoluta (Flörke) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PARE15 Parmelia revoluta Flörke  
HYRO6 Hypotrachyna rockii (Zahlbr.) Hale Rock's hypotrachyna lichen
PARO9 Parmelia rockii Zahlbr.  
HYSI60 Hypotrachyna sinuosa (Sm.) Hale sinuous hypotrachyna lichen
PASI4 Parmelia sinuosa (Sm.) Ach.  
HYTH Hypotrachyna thysanota (Kurok.) Hale hypotrachyna lichen
PATH5 Parmelia thysanota Kurok.  
HYVI7 Hypotrachyna virginica (Hale) Hale Virginia hypotrachyna lichen
PAVI13 Parmelia virginica Hale  
MEAL8 Melanelia albertana (Ahti) Essl. Alberta melanelia lichen
PAAL23 Parmelia albertana Ahti  
MEDI60 Melanelia disjuncta (Erichsen) Essl. disjuct melanelia lichen
PADE14 Parmelia denalii Krog  
PADI20 Parmelia disjuncta Erichsen  
PAGR7 Parmelia granulosa Lynge  
MEEL5 Melanelia elegantula (Zahlbr.) Essl. elegant melanelia lichen
PAEL5 Parmelia elegantula (Zahlbr.) Szat.  
MEEX2 Melanelia exasperata (De Not.) Essl. exasperated melanelia lichen
PAAS4 Parmelia aspera A. Massal.  
PAAS5 Parmelia aspidota (Ach.) Poetsch  
PAEX2 Parmelia exasperata De Not.  
MEEX60 Melanelia exasperatula (Nyl.) Essl. melanelia lichen
PAEX3 Parmelia exasperatula Nyl.  
MEFU60 Melanelia fuliginosa (Fr. ex Duby) Essl. melanelia lichen
PAGL12 Parmelia glabratula (Lamy) Nyl.  
MEGL5 Melanelia glabra (Schaerer) Essl. smooth melanelia lichen
PAGL11 Parmelia glabra (Schaerer) Nyl.  
MEGL6 Melanelia glabroides (Essl.) Essl. melanelia lichen
PAGL13 Parmelia glabroides Essl.  
MEHA8 Melanelia halei (Ahti) Essl. Hale's melanelia lichen
PAHA11 Parmelia halei Ahti  
MEIN60 Melanelia infumata (Nyl.) Essl. melanelia lichen
PAIN16 Parmelia infumata Nyl.  
MEMU60 Melanelia multispora (A. Schneid.) Essl. manyspore melanelia lichen
PAMU15 Parmelia multispora A. Schneid.  
MEOL60 Melanelia olivacea (L.) Eassl. melanelia lichen
PAOL3 Parmelia olivacea (L.) Ach.  
MEOL61 Melanelia olivaceoides (Krog) Essl. melanelia lichen
PAOL4 Parmelia olivaceoides Krog  
MEPA60 Melanelia panniformis (Nyl.) Essl. melanelia lichen
PAPA34 Parmelia panniformis (Nyl.) Vain.  
MESE60 Melanelia septentrionalis (Lynge) Essl. melanelia lichen
PASE15 Parmelia septentrionalis (Lynge) Ahti  
MESO60 Melanelia sorediata (Ach.) Goward & Ahti melanelia lichen
PASO5 Parmelia sorediata (Ach.) Th. Fr.  
PASO7 Parmelia sorediosa Almb.  
MEST60 Melanelia stygia (L.) Essl. melanelia lichen
PAST18 Parmelia stygia (L.) Ach.  
MESU4 Melanelia subargentifera (Nyl.) Essl. melanelia lichen
PACO41 Parmelia conspurcata (Schaerer) Vain.  
PASU13 Parmelia subargentifera Nyl.  
MESU60 Melanelia subaurifera (Nyl.) Essl. melanelia lichen
PASU14 Parmelia subaurifera Nyl.  
MESU10 Melanelia subelegantula (Essl.) Essl. melanelia lichen
PASU19 Parmelia subelegantula Essl.  
MESU61 Melanelia subolivacea (Nyl.) Essl. melanelia lichen
PASU24 Parmelia subolivacea Nyl.  
METO8 Melanelia tominii (Oksner) Essl.
PASA7 Parmelia saximontana R. Anderson & W.A. Weber  
PASU29 Parmelia substygia Rasanen  
METR61 Melanelia trabeculata (Ahti) Essl. melanelia lichen
PATR11 Parmelia trabeculata Ahti  
MELIA Melia L. melia indicator that this symbol has images (1)
MEAZ Melia azedarach L. Chinaberrytree indicator that this symbol has images (6)
MEAZU Melia azedarach L. var. umbraculifera Knox  
MELIA3 Melianthus L. melianthus
MEMA21 Melianthus major L. honey-flower
METE7 Menegazzia terebrata (Hoffm.) A. Massal. honeycombed lichen
PAPE16 Parmelia pertusa (Schrank) Schaerer  
PASI5 Parmelia sipeana Gyel.  
MYAU Myelochroa aurulenta (Tuck.) Elix & Hale myelochroa lichen
PAAU9 Parmelia aurulenta Tuck.  
PASI2 Parmelia silvestris Degel.  
MYGA2 Myelochroa galbina (Ach.) Elix & Hale myelochroa lichen
PAGA2 Parmelia galbina Ach.  
PASU26 Parmelia subquercifolia Hue  
MYME4 Myelochroa metarevoluta (Asah.) Elix & Hale myelochroa lichen
PAME12 Parmelia metarevoluta Asah.  
MYOB2 Myelochroa obsessa (Ach.) Elix & Hale myelochroa lichen
PAFI11 Parmelia finkii Zahlbr.  
PAOB4 Parmelia obsessa Ach.  
NEPA6 Nectria parmeliae (Berk. & Curt.) D. Hawskw.
NEAH Neofuscelia ahtii (Essl.) Essl. Ahti's neofuscelia lichen
PAAH3 Parmelia ahtii Essl.  
NEAT Neofuscelia atticoides (Essl.) Essl. neofuscelia lichen
PAAT Parmelia atticoides Essl.  
NEBR3 Neofuscelia brunella (Essl.) Essl. neofuscelia lichen
PABR8 Parmelia brunella Essl.  
NECH Neofuscelia chiricahuensis (R. Anderson & W.A. Weber) Essl. Chiricahua neofuscelia lichen
PACH12 Parmelia chiricahuensis R. Anderson & W.A. Weber  
NEIN4 Neofuscelia infrapallida (Essl.) Essl. neofuscelia lichen
PAIN15 Parmelia infrapallida Essl.  
NELO4 Neofuscelia loxodes (Nyl.) Essl. neofuscelia lichen
PAIS5 Parmelia isidiotyla Nyl.  
PALO14 Parmelia loxodes Nyl.  
NEOC2 Neofuscelia occidentalis (Essl.) Essl. western neofuscelia lichen
PAOC3 Parmelia occidentalis Essl.  
NESU Neofuscelia subhosseana (Essl.) Essl. neofuscelia lichen
PASU20 Parmelia subhosseana Essl.  
NEVE3 Neofuscelia verruculifera (Nyl.) Essl. neofuscelia lichen
PAVE8 Parmelia verruculifera Nyl.  
PARAP4 Paraparmelia Elix & J. Johnst. paraparmelia lichen
PAAL21 Paraparmelia alabamensis (Hale & McCull.) Elix & J. Johnst. Alabama paraparmelia lichen
PAAL22 Parmelia alabamensis Hale & McCull.  
PSAL2 Pseudoparmelia alabamensis (Hale & McCull.) Hale  
PARME2 Parmelia Ach. shield lichen
PAFE5 Parmelia fertilis Müll. Arg. shield lichen
PAFR60 Parmelia fraudans (Nyl.) Nyl. shield lichen
PAHY4 Parmelia hygrophila Goward & Ahti shield lichen
PANE9 Parmelia neodiscordans Hale shield lichen
PAOM2 Parmelia omphalodes (L.) Ach. shield lichen
PAOMO Parmelia omphalodes (L.) Ach. ssp. omphalodes shield lichen
PAOMP Parmelia omphalodes (L.) Ach. ssp. pinnatifida (Kurok.) Skult pinnatifid shield lichen
PAPS8 Parmelia pseudosulcata Gyel.
PAKE4 Parmelia kerguelensis auct.  
PASA60 Parmelia saxatilis (L.) Ach. shield lichen
PAKE2 Parmelia kerguelensis A. Wilson  
PASK Parmelia skultii Hale Skult's shield lichen
PAOMG Parmelia omphalodes (L.) Ach. ssp. glacialis Skult  
PASQ2 Parmelia squarrosa Hale shield lichen
PASU63 Parmelia sulcata Taylor shield lichen
PAQU4 Parmelina quercina (Willd.) Hale parmelina
PAQU5 Parmelia quercina (Willd.) Vain.  
PAHO3 Parmelinopsis horrescens (Taylor) Elix & Hale parmelinopsis
PAHO4 Parmelia horrescens Taylor  
PAMI13 Parmelinopsis minarum (Vain.) Elix & Hale parmelinopsis
PADI21 Parmelia dissecta Nyl.  
PAHU6 Parmelia hubrichtii E.C. Berry  
PASP10 Parmelinopsis spumosa (Asah.) Elix & Hale parmelinopsis
PASP13 Parmelia spumosa Asah.  
PASW Parmelinopsis swinscowii (Hale) Elix & Hale Swinscow's parmelinopsis
PASW2 Parmelia swinscowii Hale  
PAAR61 Parmotrema arnoldii (Du Rietz) Hale Arnold's parmotrema lichen
PAAR12 Parmelia arnoldii Du Rietz  
PAAU8 Parmotrema austrosinense (Zahlbr.) Hale Pacific parmotrema lichen
PAAU11 Parmelia austrosinensis Zahlbr.  
PACH11 Parmotrema chinense (Osbeck) Hale & Ahti Chinese parmotrema lichen
PAPE13 Parmelia perlata (Huds.) Ach.  
PATR12 Parmelia trichotera Hue  
PACR8 Parmotrema crinitum (Ach.) M. Choisy parmotrema lichen
PACR10 Parmelia crinita Ach.  
PACR9 Parmotrema cristiferum (Taylor) Hale parmotrema lichen
PACR11 Parmelia cristifera Taylor  
PADI16 Parmotrema dilatatum (Vain.) Hale parmotrema lichen
PADI19 Parmelia dilatata Vain.  
PADO4 Parmotrema dominicanum (Vain.) Hale Dominican parmotrema lichen
PADO5 Parmelia dominicana Vain.  
PAEN4 Parmotrema endosulphureum (Hillm.) Hale parmotrema lichen
PAEN5 Parmelia endosulphurea (Hillm.) Hale  
PAEU3 Parmotrema eurysacum (Hue) Hale parmotrema lichen
PAEU4 Parmelia eurysaca Hue  
PAPE14 Parmelia permaculata Hale  
PAGA4 Parmotrema gardneri (C.W. Dodge) Serus.
PARO8 Parmelia robusta Degel.  
PAHA6 Parmotrema hababianum (Gyel.) Hale parmotrema lichen
PAHA9 Parmelia hababiana Gyel.  
PAHY6 Parmotrema hypoleucinum (J. Steiner) Hale parmotrema lichen
PAHY9 Parmelia hypoleucina J. Steiner  
PAHY7 Parmotrema hypotropum (Nyl.) Hale parmotrema lichen
PACEH Parmelia cetrata Ach. var. hypotropoides Nyl. ex Willey  
PAHY13 Parmelia hypotropa Nyl.  
PAIN12 Parmotrema internexum (Nyl.) Hale parmotrema lichen
PAIN17 Parmelia internexa Nyl.  
PALO11 Parmotrema louisianae (Hale) Hale Louisiana parmotrema lichen
PALO13 Parmelia louisianae Hale  
PAMA20 Parmotrema madagascariaceum (Hue) Hale Madagascar parmotrema lichen
PACH14 Parmelia chrysantha Tuck.  
PAMA23 Parmelia madagascariacea (Hue) Abbayes  
PAMA21 Parmotrema margaritatum (Hue) Hale Margarite parmotrema lichen
PAMA25 Parmelia margaritata Hue  
PAME9 Parmotrema mellissii (C.W. Dodge) Hale Melliss' parmotrema lichen
PAME11 Parmelia mellissii C.W. Dodge  
PAMI14 Parmotrema michauxianum (Zahlbr.) Hale Michaux's parmotrema lichen
PAEP Parmelia epiclada Hale  
PAMI17 Parmelia michauxiana Zahlbr.  
PAMO13 Parmotrema mordenii (Hale) Hale Morden's parmotrema lichen
PAMO15 Parmelia mordenii Hale  
PAPE11 Parmotrema perforatum (Jacq.) A. Massal. perforated parmotrema lichen
PAER6 Parmelia erecta E.C. Berry  
PAHY14 Parmelia hypotropoides Nyl. ex Willey  
PAPE12 Parmelia perforata (Jacq.) Ach.  
PAPR14 Parmotrema praesorediosum (Nyl.) Hale parmotrema lichen
PAPR17 Parmelia praesorediosa Nyl.  
PASA6 Parmelia santae-crucis Vain.  
PAPR15 Parmotrema preperforatum (W.L. Culb.) Hale parmotrema lichen
PAPR18 Parmelia preperforata W.L. Culb.  
PARA14 Parmotrema rampoddense (Nyl.) Hale parmotrema lichen
PARA16 Parmelia rampoddensis Nyl.  
PASU21 Parmelia subinvoluta Hale  
PARI8 Parmotrema rigidum (Lynge) Hale stiff parmotrema lichen
PARI9 Parmelia rigida Lynge  
PAST14 Parmotrema stuppeum (Taylor) Hale parmotrema lichen
PACL8 Parmelia claudelii (Harm.) Vain.  
PAMA27 Parmelia maxima Hue  
PAST17 Parmelia stuppea Taylor  
PASU11 Parmotrema sulphuratum (Nees & Flotow) Hale sulphur parmotrema lichen
PASU32 Parmelia sulphurata Nees & Flotow  
PATI3 Parmotrema tinctorum (Delise ex Nyl.) Hale parmotrema lichen
PATI4 Parmelia tinctorum Delise ex Nyl.  
PAUL Parmotrema ultralucens (Krog) Hale parmotrema lichen
PASU16 Parmelia subcrinita auct.  
PAUL4 Parmelia ultralucens Krog  
PAXA5 Parmotrema xanthinum (Müll. Arg.) Hale parmotrema lichen
PAXA6 Parmelia xanthina (Müll. Arg.) Vain.  
PAZO Parmotrema zollingeri (Hepp) Hale Zollinger's parmotrema lichen
PAZO2 Parmelia zollingeri Hepp  
PAAN11 Parmotremopsis antillensis (Nyl.) Elix & Hale Antilles parmotremopsis
PAAN13 Parmelia antillensis Nyl.  
PROTO3 Protoparmelia M. Choisy protoparmelia lichen
PRAT Protoparmelia atriseda (Fr.) R. Sant. & V. Wirth protoparmelia lichen
PRBA2 Protoparmelia badia (Hoffm.) Hafellner protoparmelia lichen
PRCU4 Protoparmelia cupreoalbida (Nyl.) Poelt
PRNE2 Protoparmelia nephaea (Sommerf.) R. Sant.
PROC2 Protoparmelia ochrococca (Nyl.) P.M. Jørg., Rambold & Hertel protoparmelia lichen
PSPU60 Pseudephebe pubescens (L.) M. Choisy blackcurly lichen
PALA34 Parmelia lanata (L.) Wallr.  
PSCL Pseudevernia cladonia (Tuck.) Hale & W.L. Culb. light and dark lichen
PACL7 Parmelia cladonia (Tuck.) Du Rietz  
PSIN5 Pseudevernia intensa (Nyl.) Hale & W.L. Culb. intense light and dark lichen
PAFU5 Parmelia furfuracea (L.) Ach.  
PSEUD36 Pseudoparmelia Lynge pseudoparmelia
PSSP5 Pseudoparmelia sphaerospora (Nyl.) Hale pseudoparmelia
PACO39 Parmelia congruens Ach.  
PACU5 Parmelia cubensis Nyl.  
PAEN6 Parmelia endoxanthoa G. Merr.  
PALE17 Parmelia leucochlora Tuck.  
PASP11 Parmelia sphaerospora Nyl.  
PUAP Punctelia appalachensis (W.L. Culb.) Krog Appalachian punctelia
PAAP3 Parmelia appalachensis W.L. Culb.  
PUBO3 Punctelia bolliana (Müll. Arg.) Krog punctelia
PABO9 Parmelia bolliana Müll. Arg.  
PAFR5 Parmelia frondifera G. Merr.  
PUBO4 Punctelia borreri (Sm.) Krog punctelia
PABO10 Parmelia borreri (Sm.) Turner  
PAPS7 Parmelia pseudoborreri Asah.  
PUHY Punctelia hypoleucites (Nyl.) Krog punctelia
PAHY10 Parmelia hypoleucites Nyl.  
PUPE Punctelia perreticulata (Rasanen) G. Wilh. & Ladd punctelia
PAPE15 Parmelia perreticulata (Rasanen) Hale  
PURE2 Punctelia reddenda (Stirt.) Krog punctelia
PARE12 Parmelia reddenda Stirt.  
PURU2 Punctelia rudecta (Ach.) Krog punctelia
PARU7 Parmelia rudecta Ach.  
PUSE Punctelia semansiana (W.L. Culb. & C.F. Culb.) Krog punctelia
PASE8 Parmelia semansiana W.L. Culb. & C.F. Culb.  
PUST2 Punctelia stictica (Duby) Krog punctelia
PAST16 Parmelia stictica (Duby) Nyl.  
PUSU4 Punctelia subpraesignis (Nyl.) Krog punctelia
PASU25 Parmelia subpraesignis Nyl.  
PUSU5 Punctelia subrudecta (Nyl.) Krog punctelia
PADU2 Parmelia dubia (Wulfen) Schaerer  
PAGR6 Parmelia graminicola de Lesd.  
PASU28 Parmelia subrudecta Nyl.  
PAUL2 Parmelia ulophylla (Ach.) G. Merr.  
REAB Relicina abstrusa (Vain.) Hale relicina lichen
PAAB2 Parmelia abstrusa Vain.  
REEX2 Relicina eximbricata (Gyel.) Hale relicina lichen
PAEX4 Parmelia eximbricata (Gyel.) Hale & Kurok.  
RIMEL2 Rimelia Hale & Fletcher rimelia lichen
RICE2 Rimelia cetrata (Ach.) Hale & Fletcher rimelia lichen
PAAC12 Parmelia acanthifolia Pers.  
PACE6 Parmelia cetrata Ach.  
PAHE10 Parmelia herrei Zahlbr.  
PARE13 Parmelia reparata Stirt.  
RICO6 Rimelia commensurata (Hale) Hale & Fletcher rimelia lichen
PACO36 Parmelia commensurata Hale  
RIDI2 Rimelia diffractaica (Essl.) Hale & Fletcher rimelia lichen
PADI18 Parmelia diffractaica Essl.  
RIRE3 Rimelia reticulata (Taylor) Hale & Fletcher netted rimelia lichen
PARE14 Parmelia reticulata Taylor  
RISI Rimelia simulans (Hale) Hale & Fletcher rimelia lichen
PASI3 Parmelia simulans Hale  
RISU3 Rimelia subisidiosa (Müll. Arg.) Hale & Fletcher rimelia lichen
PASU22 Parmelia subisidiosa (Müll. Arg.) C.W. Dodge  
RISU8 Rimeliella subsumpta (Nyl.) Kurok.
PASU30 Parmelia subsumpta Nyl.  
RISU9 Rimeliella subtinctoria (Zahlbr.) Kurok.
PAHA10 Parmelia haitiensis Hale  
PASU17 Parmelia subcrinita Nyl.  
PASU31 Parmelia subtinctoria Zahlbr.  
SIAL13 Sideroxylon alachuense L.C. Anderson Alachua bully
BUAN3 Bumelia anomala (Sarg.) R.B. Clark  
SIAM2 Sideroxylon americanum (Mill.) T.D. Penn. milk-berry
BUAM5 Bumelia americana (Mill.) Stearn  
BUNA2 Bumelia navassana Urb. & Ekman  
SICE2 Sideroxylon celastrinum (Kunth) T.D. Penn. saffron plum
BUAN2 Bumelia angustifolia Nutt.  
BUCE Bumelia celastrina Kunth  
BUCEA Bumelia celastrina Kunth var. angustifolia (Nutt.) R.W. Long  
SICU7 Sideroxylon cubense (Griseb.) T.D. Penn. espejuelo
BUCU2 Bumelia cubensis Griseb.  
SILAA4 Sideroxylon lanuginosum Michx. ssp. albicans (Sarg.) Kartesz & Gandhi gum bully
BULAA2 Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. var. albicans Sarg.  
SILAL3 Sideroxylon lanuginosum Michx. ssp. lanuginosum gum bully indicator that this symbol has images (6)
BULA Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers.  
BURU Bumelia rufa Raf.  
SILAO Sideroxylon lanuginosum Michx. ssp. oblongifolium (Nutt.) T.D. Penn. gum bully indicator that this symbol has images (3)
BULAO Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. ssp. oblongifolia (Nutt.) Cronquist  
BULAO2 Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. var. oblongifolia (Nutt.) R.B. Clark  
BUOB2 Bumelia oblongifolia Nutt.  
SILAR2 Sideroxylon lanuginosum Michx. ssp. rigidum (A. Gray) T.D. Penn. gum bully
BULAR2 Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. var. rigida A. Gray  
BULAR3 Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. ssp. rigida (A. Gray) Cronquist  
BULAT Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. var. texana (Buckley) Cronquist  
BUMO2 Bumelia monticola Buckley  
BURI Bumelia rigida (A. Gray) Small  
BUTE2 Bumelia texana Buckley  
SILY Sideroxylon lycioides L. buckthorn bully indicator that this symbol has images (6)
BUCA5 Bumelia cassinifolia Small  
BULY Bumelia lycioides (L.) Pers.  
BULYE Bumelia lycioides (L.) Pers. var. ellipsoidalis R.B. Clark  
BULYV Bumelia lycioides (L.) Pers. var. virginiana Fernald  
BUSM Bumelia smallii R.B. Clark  
SIOB Sideroxylon obovatum Lam. breakbill
BUKR Bumelia krugii Pierre  
BUOB Bumelia obovata (Lam.) A. DC.  
BUOBK Bumelia obovata (Lam.) A. DC. var. krugii (Pierre) Cronquist  
SIPO3 Sideroxylon portoricense Urb. Puerto Rico bully
BUBE Bumelia bellonis (Urb.) Stearn  
SIREA2 Sideroxylon reclinatum Michx. ssp. austrofloridense (Whetstone) Kartesz & Gandhi Florida bully
BUREA Bumelia reclinata (Michx.) Vent. var. austrofloridensis Whetstone  
SIRER2 Sideroxylon reclinatum Michx. ssp. reclinatum Florida bully
BUMI2 Bumelia microcarpa Small  
BURE Bumelia reclinata (Michx.) Vent.  
SIRER3 Sideroxylon reclinatum Michx. ssp. rufotomentosum (Small) Kartesz & Gandhi Florida bully
BURER Bumelia reclinata (Michx.) Vent. var. rufotomentosa (Small) Cronquist  
BURU2 Bumelia rufotomentosa Small  
SISA6 Sideroxylon salicifolium (L.) Lam. white bully
BUSA2 Bumelia salicifolia (L.) Sw.  
SITE2 Sideroxylon tenax L. tough bully
BULA4 Bumelia lacuum Small  
BUME Bumelia megacocca Small  
BUTE Bumelia tenax (L.) Willd.  
SITH2 Sideroxylon thornei (Cronquist) T.D. Penn. Georgia bully
BUTH Bumelia thornei Cronquist  
TRPA25 Tremella parmeliarum Diederich
XANTH7 Xanthoparmelia (Vain.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
XAAJ Xanthoparmelia ajoensis (T. Nash) Egan Ajo xanthoparmelia lichen
PAAJ Parmelia ajoensis T. Nash  
XAAN Xanthoparmelia angustiphylla (Gyel.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PAHY12 Parmelia hypopsila (Müll. Arg.) Hale  
XAHY3 Xanthoparmelia hypopsila (Müll. Arg.) Hale  
XAAR2 Xanthoparmelia arida Egan & Derstine arid xanthoparmelia lichen
XAAU Xanthoparmelia australasica D.J. Galloway xanthoparmelia lichen
XABA Xanthoparmelia barbatica (Elix) Egan xanthoparmelia lichen
XACA7 Xanthoparmelia californica Hale California xanthoparmelia lichen
XACA8 Xanthoparmelia camtschadalis (Ach.) Hale Kamchatka xanthoparmelia lichen
XACH3 Xanthoparmelia chlorochroa (Tuck.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PACH13 Parmelia chlorochroa Tuck.  
XACO5 Xanthoparmelia coloradoensis (Gyel.) Hale Colorado xanthoparmelia lichen
PAIO2 Parmelia ioanis-simae Gyel.  
XAIO Xanthoparmelia ioanis-simae (Gyel.) Hale  
XACO6 Xanthoparmelia conspersa (Ehrh. ex Ach.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PACO40 Parmelia conspersa (Ehrh. ex Ach.) Ach.  
PAIS4 Parmelia isidiata (Anzi) Gyel.  
XACU2 Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia (Gyel.) Hale Cumberland xanthoparmelia lichen
PACU6 Parmelia cumberlandia (Gyel.) Hale  
XADI2 Xanthoparmelia dierythra (Hale) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PADI17 Parmelia dierythra Hale  
PADI22 Parmelia dissensa T. Nash  
XADI3 Xanthoparmelia dissensa (T. Nash) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
XAHU Xanthoparmelia huachucensis (T. Nash) Egan Huachuca xanthoparmelia lichen
PAHU5 Parmelia huachucensis T. Nash  
XAHY2 Xanthoparmelia hypomelaena (Hale) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PAHY11 Parmelia hypomelaena Hale  
XAID Xanthoparmelia idahoensis Hale Idaho xanthoparmelia lichen
XAIS Xanthoparmelia isidiascens Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
XAJO Xanthoparmelia joranadia (T. Nash) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PAJO4 Parmelia joranadia T. Nash  
XALA2 Xanthoparmelia lavicola (Gyel.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PAKU Parmelia kurokawae Hale  
XAKU Xanthoparmelia kurokawae (Hale) Hale  
XALI Xanthoparmelia lineola (E.C. Berry) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PALI12 Parmelia lineola E.C. Berry  
XALI2 Xanthoparmelia lipochlorochroa Hale & Elix xanthoparmelia lichen
XAMA3 Xanthoparmelia maricopensis T. Nash & Elix Maricopa xanthoparmelia lichen
XAME Xanthoparmelia mexicana (Gyel.) Hale Mexican xanthoparmelia lichen
PAME13 Parmelia mexicana Gyel.  
XAMO Xanthoparmelia moctezumensis T. Nash Montezuma xanthoparmelia lichen
XAMO2 Xanthoparmelia montanensis Hale mountain xanthoparmelia lichen
XAMO3 Xanthoparmelia monticola (J.P. Dey) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PAMO14 Parmelia monticola J.P. Dey  
XAMO4 Xanthoparmelia mougeotii (Schaerer) Hale Mougeot's xanthoparmelia lichen
PAMO16 Parmelia mougeotii Schaerer  
XANE Xanthoparmelia neochlorochroa Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
XANE2 Xanthoparmelia neoconspersa (Gyel.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PANE12 Parmelia neoconspersa Gyel.  
XANE3 Xanthoparmelia neotaractica Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
XANE4 Xanthoparmelia neowyomingica Hale new Wyoming xanthoparmelia lichen
XANI2 Xanthoparmelia nigropsomifera (T. Nash) Egan xanthoparmelia lichen
PANI6 Parmelia nigropsoromifera T. Nash  
XANO Xanthoparmelia norchlorochroa Hale xanthoparmelia lichen indicator that this symbol has images (1)
XANO2 Xanthoparmelia norhypopsila Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
XANO3 Xanthoparmelia novomexicana (Gyel.) Hale New Mexico xanthoparmelia lichen
PAAR13 Parmelia arseneana Gyel.  
PANO4 Parmelia novomexicana Gyel.  
PATU4 Parmelia tuberculata Gyel.  
XAAR3 Xanthoparmelia arseneana (Gyel.) Hale  
XAOL2 Xanthoparmelia oleosa (Elix & P.M. Armstrong) Elix & T. Nash xanthoparmelia lichen
XAPI2 Xanthoparmelia piedmontensis (Hale) Hale piedmont xanthoparmelia lichen
PAPI7 Parmelia piedmontenis Hale  
XAPL Xanthoparmelia planilobata (Gyel.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
XAPL2 Xanthoparmelia plittii (Gyel.) Hale Plitt's xanthoparmelia lichen
PAPL9 Parmelia plittii Gyel.  
XAPS Xanthoparmelia psoromifera (Kurok.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PAPS9 Parmelia psoromifera Kurok.  
XASC Xanthoparmelia schmidtii Hale Schmidt's xanthoparmelia lichen
XASO2 Xanthoparmelia somloensis (Gyel.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PAST15 Parmelia stenophylla (Ach.) Du Rietz  
PATA2 Parmelia taractica Krempelh.  
XATA60 Xanthoparmelia taractica (Krempelh.) Hale  
XAST3 Xanthoparmelia stenophylloides (Müll. Arg.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
XASU2 Xanthoparmelia subdecipiens (Vain.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PASU18 Parmelia subdecipiens Vain.  
XASU3 Xanthoparmelia subramigera (Gyel.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
PASU27 Parmelia subramigera Gyel.  
XASU4 Xanthoparmelia substenophylloides Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
XATA2 Xanthoparmelia tasmanica (Hook. f. & Taylor) Hale Tasmanian xanthoparmelia lichen
PATA3 Parmelia tasmanica Hook. f. & Taylor  
XATU Xanthoparmelia tucsonensis (T. Nash) Egan Tucson xanthoparmelia lichen
PATU6 Parmelia tucsonensis T. Nash  
XAVA2 Xanthoparmelia vagans (Nyl.) Hale xanthoparmelia lichen
XAWE Xanthoparmelia weberi (Hale) Hale Weber's xanthoparmelia lichen
PAWE6 Parmelia weberi Hale  
XAWY Xanthoparmelia wyomingica (Gyel.) Hale Wyoming xanthoparmelia lichen
PAWY Parmelia wyomingica (Gyel.) Hale  


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