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Results for Scientific Name = Mentha
50 records returned

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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
MENTH Mentha L. mint
MEAQ Mentha aquatica L. water mint indicator that this symbol has images (4)
MECI2 Mentha citrata Ehrh.  
MEPIC Mentha ×piperita L. var. citrata (Ehrh.) B. Boivin (pro nm.)  
MEPIC2 Mentha piperita L. ssp. citrata (Ehrh.) Briq.  
MEAR4 Mentha arvensis L. wild mint indicator that this symbol has images (11)
MEARB Mentha arvensis L. ssp. borealis (Michx.) Roy L. Taylor & MacBryde  
MEARC Mentha arvensis L. var. canadensis (L.) Kuntze  
MEARG Mentha arvensis L. var. glabrata (Benth.) Fernald  
MEARH Mentha arvensis L. ssp. haplocalyx Briq.  
MEARL2 Mentha arvensis L. var. lanata Piper  
MEARP Mentha arvensis L. ssp. parietariifolia (Becker) Briq.  
MEARS3 Mentha arvensis L. var. sativa auct. non Benth.  
MEARV Mentha arvensis L. var. villosa (Benth.) S.R. Stewart  
MECA7 Mentha canadensis L.  
MEGE2 Mentha gentilis L.  
MEGL Mentha glabrior (Hook.) Rydb.  
MEPE8 Mentha penardii (Briq.) Rydb.  
MEGR2 Mentha ×gracilis Sole (pro sp.) [arvensis × spicata] gingermint indicator that this symbol has images (1)
MECA4 Mentha cardiaca J. Gerard ex Baker  
MEGE6 Mentha gentilis auct. non L.  
MEGEC Mentha ×gentilis L. var. cardiaca (J. Gerard ex Baker) B. Boivin (pro nm.)  
MEMU6 Mentha ×muelleriana auct. non F.W. Schultz  
MEMU11 Mentha ×muelleriana F.W. Schultz [arvensis ssp. arvensis × suaveolens] mint
MEPI Mentha ×piperita L. (pro sp.) [aquatica × spicata] peppermint indicator that this symbol has images (4)
MEAQC Mentha aquatica L. var. crispa (L.) Benth.  
MECR6 Mentha crispa L.  
MEDU Mentha dumetorum Schult.  
MEPU Mentha pulegium L. pennyroyal
MERE7 Mentha requienii Benth. mint
MERO2 Mentha ×rotundifolia (L.) Huds. (pro sp.) [longifolia × suaveolens]
MESM2 Mentha ×smithiana Graham [aquatica × arvensis] Smith's mint
MESP3 Mentha spicata L. spearmint indicator that this symbol has images (8)
MECO7 Mentha cordifolia auct.  
MELO8 Mentha longifolia auct. non (L.) Huds.  
MELOM2 Mentha longifolia (L.) Huds. var. mollissima (Borkh.) Rouy  
MELOU2 Mentha longifolia (L.) Huds. var. undulata (Willd.) Fiori  
MESPL Mentha spicata L. var. longifolia L.  
MESPS3 Mentha spicata L. var. spicata  
MESY Mentha sylvestris L.  
MEVI7 Mentha viridis L.  
MESU5 Mentha suaveolens Ehrh. apple mint indicator that this symbol has images (2)
MERO Mentha rotundifolia auct. non (L.) Huds.  
MEVE2 Mentha ×verticillata L., nom. inq. [aquatica × arvensis] mint
MESA6 Mentha sativa L.  
MEVEP Mentha ×verticillata L. var. peduncularis (Boreau) Rouy (pro nm.)  
MEVI6 Mentha ×villosa Huds. (pro sp.) [spicata × suaveolens] mint indicator that this symbol has images (1)
MEAL4 Mentha alopecuroides Hull  
MENE2 Mentha nemorosa Willd.  
MEVIA Mentha ×villosa Huds. var. alopecuroides (Hull) Briq. (pro nm.)  


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