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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
LEGR22 Lecanographa grumulosa (Dufour) Egea & Torrente
OPDI7 Opegrapha diaphoroides Nyl.  
LEHY12 Lecanographa hypothallina (Zahlbr.) Egea & Torrente
OPHY3 Opegrapha hypothallina (Zahlbr.) Tehler  
OPEGR Opegrapha Ach. scribble lichen
OPAG2 Opegrapha agelaea Fée scribble lichen
OPAS Opegrapha astraea Tuck. scribble lichen
OPAT3 Opegrapha atra Pers. scribble lichen
OPAU9 Opegrapha aurantiaca de Lesd.
OPBO2 Opegrapha bonplandii Fée Bonpland's scribble lichen
OPCA9 Opegrapha calcarea Turner ex Sm. & Sowerby calcareous scribble lichen
OPCA10 Opegrapha candida Müll. Arg. scribble lichen
OPCY2 Opegrapha cypressi R.C. Harris
OPFI2 Opegrapha filicina Mont. scribble lichen
OPGL Opegrapha glaucomaria (Nyl.) Kallsten
OPGY Opegrapha gyrocarpa Flotow
OPHA Opegrapha hassei Zahlbr. Hasse's scribble lichen
OPHE2 Opegrapha herbarum Mont. scribble lichen
OPBE2 Opegrapha betulina Sm.  
OPLA5 Opegrapha lamyi (O.J. Rich. ex Nyl.) Triebel
OPLE4 Opegrapha leucoplaca Müll. Arg. scribble lichen
OPLI5 Opegrapha lithryga Ach. scribble lichen
OPLO2 Opegrapha longissima Müll. Arg. scribble lichen
OPMI3 Opegrapha microcycla Tuck. scribble lichen
OPNI3 Opegrapha niveoatra (Borrer) J.R. Laundon scribble lichen
OPOC4 Opegrapha ochrocheila Nyl. scribble lichen
OPPR2 Opegrapha prosodea Ach. scribble lichen
OPPR3 Opegrapha protuberans Zahlbr. scribble lichen
OPPR4 Opegrapha prosiliens Stirt.  
OPPU5 Opegrapha pulvinata Rehm
OPQU Opegrapha quaternella Nyl.
OPRA3 Opegrapha ravenelii (Tuck.) Tehler
OPRU7 Opegrapha rufescens Pers. scribble lichen
OPHE3 Opegrapha herpetica Ach.  
OPRU8 Opegrapha rupestris Pers. scribble lichen
OPSA2 Opegrapha saxicola Ach.  
OPSO Opegrapha sorediifera P. James
OPSP8 Opegrapha sphaerophoricola Isbrand & Alstrup
OPST6 Opegrapha staurothelicola (Fink) ?, ined.?
OPUM Opegrapha umbellulariae Zahlbr. umbel scribble lichen
OPVA2 Opegrapha varia Pers. scribble lichen
OPDI6 Opegrapha diaphora (Ach.) Ach.  
OPLI6 Opegrapha lichenoides Pers.  
OPPU4 Opegrapha pulicaris auct.  
OPRI Opegrapha rimalis Pers. ex Ach.  
OPVI3 Opegrapha viridis (Pers. ex Ach.) Behlen & Desberger scribble lichen
OPVU4 Opegrapha vulgata Ach. scribble lichen
OPCI Opegrapha cinerea Chevall.  


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