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Results for Scientific Name = Oxalis
171 records returned

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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
OXALI Oxalis L. woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (5)
OXAL Oxalis albicans Kunth radishroot woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (3)
OXALA Oxalis albicans Kunth ssp. albicans radishroot woodsorrel
OXCAS Oxalis californica (Abrams) R. Knuth var. subglabra Wiegand  
OXCOA2 Oxalis corniculata L. ssp. albicans (Kunth) Lourteig  
OXCOW Oxalis corniculata L. var. wrightii (A. Gray) B.L. Turner  
OXPIW Oxalis pilosa Nutt. var. wrightii (A. Gray) Wiegand  
OXWR Oxalis wrightii A. Gray  
XAAL Xanthoxalis albicans (Kunth) Small  
XAWR2 Xanthoxalis wrightii (A. Gray) Abrams  
OXALC Oxalis albicans Kunth ssp. californica (Abrams) Eiten California woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (1)
OXCA Oxalis californica (Abrams) R. Knuth  
OXALP Oxalis albicans Kunth ssp. pilosa (Nutt.) Eiten radishroot woodsorrel
OXCOP Oxalis corniculata L. ssp. pilosa (Nutt.) Lourteig  
OXCOP2 Oxalis corniculata L. var. pilosa (Nutt.) B.L. Turner  
OXPI2 Oxalis pilosa Nutt.  
OXWRP Oxalis wrightii A. Gray var. pilosa (Nutt.) Wiegand  
XAPI Xanthoxalis pilosa (Nutt.) Small  
OXAL2 Oxalis alpina (Rose) Rose ex R. Knuth alpine woodsorrel
OXME3 Oxalis metcalfei (Small) R. Knuth  
OXMO3 Oxalis monticola Small  
OXAR5 Oxalis articulata Savigny [excluded]
OXBA Oxalis barrelieri L. Barrelier's woodsorrel
OXBO3 Oxalis bowiei Lindl. red-flower woodsorrel
OXCA5 Oxalis caerulea (Small) R. Knuth blue woodsorrel
IOCA Ionoxalis caerulea Small  
OXCO Oxalis corniculata L. creeping woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (4)
OXCOA Oxalis corniculata L. var. atropurpurea Planch.  
OXCOC Oxalis corniculata L. var. corniculata  
OXCOL Oxalis corniculata L. var. lupulina (R. Knuth) Zucc.  
OXCOL2 Oxalis corniculata L. var. langloisii (Small) Wiegand  
OXCOM Oxalis corniculata L. var. macrophylla Arsene ex R. Knuth  
OXCOM3 Oxalis corniculata L. var. minor Laing  
OXCOR Oxalis corniculata L. var. reptans Laing  
OXCOV Oxalis corniculata L. var. villosa (M. Bieb.) Hohen.  
OXCOV2 Oxalis corniculata L. var. viscidula Wiegand  
OXLA9 Oxalis langloisii (Small) Fedde  
OXPU4 Oxalis pusilla Salisb.  
OXRE Oxalis repens Thunb.  
OXVI5 Oxalis villosa M. Bieb.  
XACO2 Xanthoxalis corniculata (L.) Small  
XACOA Xanthoxalis corniculata (L.) Small var. atropurpurea (Planch.) Moldenke  
XALA Xanthoxalis langloisii Small  
XARE Xanthoxalis repens (Thunb.) Moldenke  
OXDE3 Oxalis debilis Kunth pink woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (1)
OXDEC Oxalis debilis Kunth var. corymbosa (DC.) Lourteig pink woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (4)
OXCO9 Oxalis corymbosa DC.  
OXDE4 Oxalis decaphylla Kunth tenleaf woodsorrel
OXGR4 Oxalis grayi (Rose) R. Knuth  
OXDI Oxalis dichondrifolia A. Gray peonyleaf woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (2)
OXDI2 Oxalis dillenii Jacq. slender yellow woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (6)
OXBR Oxalis brittoniae Small  
OXCOD Oxalis corniculata L. var. dillenii (Jacq.) Trel.  
OXDIF Oxalis dillenii Jacq. ssp. filipes (Small) Eiten  
OXDIR3 Oxalis dillenii Jacq. var. radicans Shinners  
OXFI2 Oxalis filipes Small  
OXFL Oxalis florida Salisb.  
OXFLF Oxalis florida Salisb. var. filipes (Small) H.E. Ahles  
OXFLP Oxalis florida Salisb. ssp. prostrata (Haw.) Lourteig  
OXPR2 Oxalis prostrata Haw.  
OXRU3 Oxalis rupestris Raf.  
OXST2 Oxalis stricta auct. non L.  
XABR2 Xanthoxalis brittoniae (Small) Small  
XADI Xanthoxalis dillenii (Jacq.) Holub  
XAFI Xanthoxalis filipes (Small) Small  
XAFL Xanthoxalis florida (Salisb.) Moldenke  
OXDR Oxalis drummondii A. Gray Drummond's woodsorrel
OXAM2 Oxalis amplifolia auct. non (Trel.) R. Knuth  
OXEG Oxalis eggersii Urb. Eggers' woodsorrel
OXEX2 Oxalis exilis A. Cunn. shady woodsorrel
OXFR Oxalis frutescens L. shrubby woodsorrel
OXFRA Oxalis frutescens L. ssp. angustifolia (Kunth) Lourteig shrubby woodsorrel
OXAN2 Oxalis angustifolia Kunth  
OXBE3 Oxalis berlandieri Torr.  
OXGR Oxalis grandis Small great yellow woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (3)
OXRE3 Oxalis recurva Trel., non Elliott  
XAGR Xanthoxalis grandis (Small) Small  
OXHI Oxalis hirta L. tropical woodsorrel
OXIL Oxalis illinoensis Schwegm. Illinois woodsorrel
OXIN Oxalis incarnata L. crimson woodsorrel
OXIN2 Oxalis intermedia A. Rich. West Indian woodsorrel
IOIN Ionoxalis intermedia (A. Rich.) Small  
OXLA6 Oxalis latifolia Kunth broadleaf woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (2)
IOMA Ionoxalis martiana (Zucc.) Small  
OXMA5 Oxalis martiana Zucc.  
OXMA7 Oxalis macrocarpa (Small) R. Knuth sorrel indicator that this symbol has images (1)
OXMO Oxalis montana Raf. mountain woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (3)
OXAC3 Oxalis acetosella auct. non L.  
OXACM Oxalis acetosella L. ssp. montana (Raf.) Hultén ex D. Löve  
OXACR Oxalis acetosella L. var. rhodantha (Fernald) R. Knuth  
OXNE Oxalis nelsonii (Small) R. Knuth sorrel indicator that this symbol has images (1)
OXOR Oxalis oregana Nutt. redwood-sorrel indicator that this symbol has images (6)
OXACO Oxalis acetosella L. ssp. oregana (Nutt.) D. Löve  
OXORS Oxalis oregana Nutt. var. smallii (R. Knuth) M. Peck  
OXPE Oxalis pes-caprae L. Bermuda buttercup indicator that this symbol has images (1)
BOCE Bolboxalis cernua (Thunb.) Small  
OXCE Oxalis cernua Thunb.  
OXPR Oxalis priceae Small tufted yellow woodsorrel
OXPRC Oxalis priceae Small ssp. colorea (Small) Eiten tufted yellow woodsorrel
OXCO11 Oxalis colorea (Small) Fedde  
OXDIR2 Oxalis dillenii Jacq. var. recurva (Elliott) C.F. Reed  
OXFLR Oxalis florida Salisb. var. recurva (Elliott) H.E. Ahles  
OXRE2 Oxalis recurva Elliott  
XACO3 Xanthoxalis colorea Small  
XARE2 Xanthoxalis recurva (Elliott) Small  
OXPRP Oxalis priceae Small ssp. priceae tufted yellow woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (1)
OXCA8 Oxalis caespitosa Raf.  
OXCE2 Oxalis cespitosa Raf., orth. var.  
OXHI3 Oxalis hirsuticaulis Small  
XAHI Xanthoxalis hirsuticaulis (Small) Small  
XAPR Xanthoxalis priceae (Small) Small  
OXPRT Oxalis priceae Small ssp. texana (Small) Eiten Texas woodsorrel
OXCOL3 Oxalis corniculata L. var. lyonii (Pursh) Zucc.  
OXLY Oxalis lyonii Pursh  
OXREF Oxalis recurva Elliott var. floridana Wiegand  
OXRET Oxalis recurva Elliott var. texana (Small) Wiegand  
OXTE3 Oxalis texana (Small) Fedde  
XALY Xanthoxalis lyonii (Pursh) Holub  
XATE3 Xanthoxalis texana Small  
OXPU2 Oxalis purpurea L. purple woodsorrel
OXRA Oxalis radicosa A. Rich. dwarf woodsorrel
OXCOS Oxalis corniculata L. var. sericea Kunth  
OXLA8 Oxalis laxa Hook. & Arn.  
OXMI2 Oxalis micrantha Bertero ex Colla  
OXSI Oxalis simulans Baker  
OXRE5 Oxalis regnellii Miq. sorrel indicator that this symbol has images (4)
OXRO4 Oxalis rosea Feuillee ex Jacq. sorrel indicator that this symbol has images (2)
OXRU Oxalis rubra A. St.-Hil. windowbox woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (2)
OXARR Oxalis articulata Savigny ssp. rubra (A. St.-Hil.) Lourteig  
OXRU2 Oxalis rugeliana Urb. coamo
OXDO Oxalis domingensis Urb.  
OXSP5 Oxalis spiralis G. Don spiral sorrel indicator that this symbol has images (1)
OXSPV2 Oxalis spiralis G. Don ssp. vulcanicola (G. Don) Lourteig volcanic sorrel indicator that this symbol has images (2)
OXST Oxalis stricta L. common yellow oxalis indicator that this symbol has images (22)
CECO3 Ceratoxalis coloradensis (Rydb.) Lunell  
CECY3 Ceratoxalis cymosa (Small) Lunell  
OXBU Oxalis bushii (Small) Small  
OXCO8 Oxalis coloradensis Rydb.  
OXCY Oxalis cymosa Small  
OXEU2 Oxalis europaea Jord.  
OXEUB2 Oxalis europaea Jord. var. bushii (Small) Wiegand  
OXEUR Oxalis europaea Jord. var. rufa (Small) Young  
OXFO Oxalis fontana Bunge  
OXFOB Oxalis fontana Bunge var. bushii (Small) H. Hara  
OXIN5 Oxalis interior (Small) Fedde  
OXRU4 Oxalis rufa Small  
OXSTD Oxalis stricta L. var. decumbens Bitter  
OXSTP Oxalis stricta L. var. piletocarpa Wiegand  
OXSTR Oxalis stricta L. var. rufa (Small) Farw.  
OXSTV Oxalis stricta L. var. villicaulis (Wiegand) Farw.  
XABU Xanthoxalis bushii Small  
XACO4 Xanthoxalis coloradensis (Rydb.) Rydb.  
XACY2 Xanthoxalis cymosa (Small) Small  
XADIP Xanthoxalis dillenii (Jacq.) Holub var. piletocarpa (Wiegand) Holub  
XAIN2 Xanthoxalis interior Small  
XARU Xanthoxalis rufa (Small) Small  
XAST2 Xanthoxalis stricta (L.) Small  
XASTP2 Xanthoxalis stricta (L.) Small var. piletocarpa (Wiegand) Moldenke  
OXSU Oxalis suksdorfii Trel. Suksdorf woodsorrel
OXCOM2 Oxalis corniculata L. var. macrantha auct. non Trel.  
OXMA3 Oxalis macrantha auct. non (Trel.) Small  
OXPU3 Oxalis pumila Nutt.  
OXREM Oxalis recurva Elliott var. macrantha auct. non (Trel.) Wiegand  
XAMA2 Xanthoxalis macrantha auct. non (Trel.) Small  
XASU Xanthoxalis suksdorfii (Trel.) Small  
OXTR Oxalis trilliifolia Hook. threeleaf woodsorrel
HETR9 Hesperoxalis trilliifolia (Hook.) Small  
OXTU2 Oxalis tuberosa Molina oca
OXVI Oxalis violacea L. violet woodsorrel indicator that this symbol has images (15)
IOVI Ionoxalis violacea (L.) Small  
OXVIT Oxalis violacea L. var. trichophora Fassett  


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