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Results for Scientific Name = Usnea
124 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
BIUS Biatoropsis usnearum Rasanen
LIUS2 Lichenoconium usneae (Anzi) D. Hawksw. usnea lichenoconium lichen
LIMA15 Lichenostigma maureri Hafellner
ABUS Abrothallus usneae auct.  
PHUS Phaeosporobolus usneae D. Hawksw. & Hafellner usnea phaeosporobolus
RAUS2 Ramalina usnea (L.) R. Howe cartilage lichen
USNEA2 Usnea Dill. ex Adans. beard lichen
USAC Usnea aculeata Mot. beard lichen
USAF Usnea affinis Mot. beard lichen
USAL Usnea alpina Mot. alpine beard lichen
USAM Usnea amabilis Mot. beard lichen
USAM2 Usnea amblyoclada (Müll. Arg.) Zahlbr.
USAM3 Usnea ammannii P. Clerc & Herrera-Campos
USAN Usnea angulata Ach. beard lichen
USAR Usnea arizonica Mot. Arizona beard lichen
USAU Usnea australis Fr. beard lichen
USBA60 Usnea baileyi (Stirt.) Zahlbr. Bailey's beard lichen
USAN2 Usnea antillarum (Vain.) Zahlbr.  
USIM Usnea implicata (Stirt.) Zahlbr.  
USCA2 Usnea californica Herre California beard lichen
USCA3 Usnea capillaris Mot. beard lichen
USCA4 Usnea catenulata Mot. beard lichen
USCA60 Usnea cavernosa Tuck. cavern beard lichen
USCE Usnea ceratina Ach. beard lichen
USCH Usnea chaetophora Stirt.
USCI Usnea ciliifera Mot. beard lichen
USCI2 Usnea cirrosa Mot. beard lichen
USCO Usnea condensata Mot. condensed beard lichen
USCO2 Usnea confusa Asah. confused beard lichen
USCO3 Usnea cornuta Körb. beard lichen
USIN2 Usnea inflata Delise ex Duby  
USDA2 Usnea dasaea Stirt.
USSP2 Usnea spinulifera (Vain.) Mot.  
USDE Usnea deformis Mot. deformed beard lichen
USDI Usnea dimorpha (Müll. Arg.) Mot. beard lichen
USDI2 Usnea diplotypus Vain. beard lichen
USDU Usnea duriuscula Mot. beard lichen
USEN Usnea endochrysea Stirt. beard lichen
USER2 Usnea erinacea Vain. beard lichen
USES2 Usnea esperantiana Clerc
USEV Usnea evansii Mot. Evans' beard lichen
USFI60 Usnea fibrillosa Mot. beard lichen
USFI61 Usnea filipendula Stirt. beard lichen
USCA5 Usnea caucasica Vain.  
USDA Usnea dasypoga auct.  
USES Usnea esthonica Rasanen  
USFL2 Usnea flagellata Mot.  
USSU61 Usnea sublaxa Vain.  
USFI2 Usnea finkii Zahlbr. Fink's beard lichen
USFL3 Usnea flammea Stirt. flame beard lichen
USFL Usnea florida (L.) F.H. Wigg. Florida beard lichen
USFR Usnea fragilescens Hav. ex Lynge fragile beard lichen
USFRM Usnea fragilescens Hav. ex Lynge var. mollis (Vain.) Clerc soft beard lichen
USMO2 Usnea mollis Stirt.  
USFR2 Usnea freyi Mot. Frey's beard lichen
USFU Usnea fulvoreagens (Rasanen) Rasanen beard lichen
USFU2 Usnea furfurosula (Zahlbr.) Mot. beard lichen
USGL60 Usnea glabrata (Ach.) Vain. beard lichen
USKU Usnea kujalae Rasanen  
USSO Usnea sorediifera (Arnold) Lynge  
USGL61 Usnea glabrescens (Nyl. ex Vain.) Vain. beard lichen
USBE Usnea betulina Mot.  
USCO5 Usnea compacta (Rasanen) Mot.  
USDI3 Usnea distincta Mot.  
USGR Usnea graciosa Mot. beard lichen
USHA Usnea halei P. Clerc
USHE Usnea hesperina Mot. beard lichen
USHI60 Usnea hirta (L.) F.H. Wigg. beard lichen
USVA3 Usnea variolosa Mot.  
USLA60 Usnea lapponica Vain. Lapland beard lichen
USLA2 Usnea laracina Vain. ex Rasanen  
USSO2 Usnea sorediifera sensu Mot.  
USLE60 Usnea leucosticta Vain. beard lichen
USLO50 Usnea longissima Ach. beard lichen
USLOC Usnea longissima Ach. var. corticata R. Howe beard lichen
USMA Usnea madierensis Mot.
USME Usnea merrillii Mot. Merrill's beard lichen
USMI Usnea michauxii I. Tav. Michaux's beard lichen
USMI2 Usnea mirabilis Mot. beard lichen
USMO60 Usnea monstruosa Vain. beard lichen
USMU Usnea mutabilis Stirt. beard lichen
USNA Usnea nashii P. Clerc & Herrera-Campos
USNI Usnea nidulans Mot.
USOC Usnea occidentalis Mot. western beard lichen
USPA Usnea pachyclada Mot. beard lichen
USPA2 Usnea pacificana Halonen
USPE Usnea pensylvanica Mot. Pennsylvania beard lichen
USPE3 Usnea perplectata Mot.
USSU2 Usnea subcavata Mot.  
USPE2 Usnea perplexans Striton perplexed beard lichen
USRA Usnea ramillosa Mot. beard lichen
USRE Usnea retifera Mot. beard lichen
USRO Usnea roseola Vain. beard lichen
USRU Usnea rubicunda Stirt. beard lichen
USSA Usnea sacbiosa Mot. beard lichen
USSC2 Usnea scabrata Nyl. beard lichen
USRU3 Usnea rugulosa Vain.  
USSCN Usnea scabrata Nyl. ssp. nylanderiana Mot.  
USSC61 Usnea scholanderi Llano Scholander's beard lichen
USSI2 Usnea silvatica Mot.
USSP Usnea sphacelata R. Br. beard lichen
USST2 Usnea strigosa (Ach.) Eaton strigose beard lichen
USSTM Usnea strigosa (Ach.) Eaton ssp. major (Michx.) I. Tav. strigose beard lichen
USSTR Usnea strigosa (Ach.) Eaton ssp. rubiginea (Michx.) I. Tav. strigose beard lichen
USRU2 Usnea rubiginea (Michx.) A. Massal.  
USSTS Usnea strigosa (Ach.) Eaton ssp. strigosa strigose beard lichen
USST Usnea stuppea (Rasanen) Mot. beard lichen
USSU7 Usnea subcariosa Mot.
USSU60 Usnea subfloridana Stirt. beard lichen
USCO4 Usnea comosa auct.  
USSI Usnea similis Mot. ex Rasanen  
USSU3 Usnea subfusca Stirt. beard lichen
USSU4 Usnea subhirta Mot. beard lichen
USSU5 Usnea subscabrosa Mot. beard lichen
USSU6 Usnea substerilis Mot. beard lichen
USSY Usnea sylvatica Mot. beard lichen
USTR Usnea trichodea Ach. beard lichen
USTR2 Usnea tristis Mot. beard lichen
USVA Usnea vainioi Mot. beard lichen
USVA2 Usnea variegata Stirt. varigated beard lichen
USWA Usnea wasmuthii Rasanen
USWI Usnea wirthii P. Clerc Wirth's beard lichen
USXA Usnea xanthopoga Nyl. beard lichen
USBAX Usnea barbata (L.) F.H. Wigg. var. xanthopoga (Nyl.) Müll. Arg.  


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