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Results for Scientific Name = Bumelia
55 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
SIAL13 Sideroxylon alachuense L.C. Anderson Alachua bully
BUAN3 Bumelia anomala (Sarg.) R.B. Clark  
SIAM2 Sideroxylon americanum (Mill.) T.D. Penn. milk-berry
BUAM5 Bumelia americana (Mill.) Stearn  
BUNA2 Bumelia navassana Urb. & Ekman  
SICE2 Sideroxylon celastrinum (Kunth) T.D. Penn. saffron plum
BUAN2 Bumelia angustifolia Nutt.  
BUCE Bumelia celastrina Kunth  
BUCEA Bumelia celastrina Kunth var. angustifolia (Nutt.) R.W. Long  
SICU7 Sideroxylon cubense (Griseb.) T.D. Penn. espejuelo
BUCU2 Bumelia cubensis Griseb.  
SILAA4 Sideroxylon lanuginosum Michx. ssp. albicans (Sarg.) Kartesz & Gandhi gum bully
BULAA2 Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. var. albicans Sarg.  
SILAL3 Sideroxylon lanuginosum Michx. ssp. lanuginosum gum bully indicator that this symbol has images (6)
BULA Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers.  
BURU Bumelia rufa Raf.  
SILAO Sideroxylon lanuginosum Michx. ssp. oblongifolium (Nutt.) T.D. Penn. gum bully indicator that this symbol has images (3)
BULAO Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. ssp. oblongifolia (Nutt.) Cronquist  
BULAO2 Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. var. oblongifolia (Nutt.) R.B. Clark  
BUOB2 Bumelia oblongifolia Nutt.  
SILAR2 Sideroxylon lanuginosum Michx. ssp. rigidum (A. Gray) T.D. Penn. gum bully
BULAR2 Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. var. rigida A. Gray  
BULAR3 Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. ssp. rigida (A. Gray) Cronquist  
BULAT Bumelia lanuginosa (Michx.) Pers. var. texana (Buckley) Cronquist  
BUMO2 Bumelia monticola Buckley  
BURI Bumelia rigida (A. Gray) Small  
BUTE2 Bumelia texana Buckley  
SILY Sideroxylon lycioides L. buckthorn bully indicator that this symbol has images (6)
BUCA5 Bumelia cassinifolia Small  
BULY Bumelia lycioides (L.) Pers.  
BULYE Bumelia lycioides (L.) Pers. var. ellipsoidalis R.B. Clark  
BULYV Bumelia lycioides (L.) Pers. var. virginiana Fernald  
BUSM Bumelia smallii R.B. Clark  
SIOB Sideroxylon obovatum Lam. breakbill
BUKR Bumelia krugii Pierre  
BUOB Bumelia obovata (Lam.) A. DC.  
BUOBK Bumelia obovata (Lam.) A. DC. var. krugii (Pierre) Cronquist  
SIPO3 Sideroxylon portoricense Urb. Puerto Rico bully
BUBE Bumelia bellonis (Urb.) Stearn  
SIREA2 Sideroxylon reclinatum Michx. ssp. austrofloridense (Whetstone) Kartesz & Gandhi Florida bully
BUREA Bumelia reclinata (Michx.) Vent. var. austrofloridensis Whetstone  
SIRER2 Sideroxylon reclinatum Michx. ssp. reclinatum Florida bully
BUMI2 Bumelia microcarpa Small  
BURE Bumelia reclinata (Michx.) Vent.  
SIRER3 Sideroxylon reclinatum Michx. ssp. rufotomentosum (Small) Kartesz & Gandhi Florida bully
BURER Bumelia reclinata (Michx.) Vent. var. rufotomentosa (Small) Cronquist  
BURU2 Bumelia rufotomentosa Small  
SISA6 Sideroxylon salicifolium (L.) Lam. white bully
BUSA2 Bumelia salicifolia (L.) Sw.  
SITE2 Sideroxylon tenax L. tough bully
BULA4 Bumelia lacuum Small  
BUME Bumelia megacocca Small  
BUTE Bumelia tenax (L.) Willd.  
SITH2 Sideroxylon thornei (Cronquist) T.D. Penn. Georgia bully
BUTH Bumelia thornei Cronquist  


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