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Results for Scientific Name = Celtis
51 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
CELTI Celtis L. hackberry indicator that this symbol has images (2)
CEAF3 Celtis africana Burm. f.
CEAU8 Celtis australis L. European hackberry
CEBU2 Celtis bungeana Blume Bunge's hackberry
CECA18 Celtis caucasica Willd. Caucasian hackberry
CECH6 Celtis choseniana Nakai
CEEH Celtis ehrenbergiana (Klotzsch) Liebm. spiny hackberry
CEPA8 Celtis pallida Torr.  
CESPP2 Celtis spinosa Spreng. var. pallida (Torr.) M.C. Johnst.  
CETAP Celtis tala Gillies var. pallida (Torr.) Planch.  
CEGL5 Celtis glabrata Steven ex Planch.
CEIG Celtis iguanaea (Jacq.) Sarg. iguana hackberry
CEJE3 Celtis jessoensis Koidz.
CELA Celtis laevigata Willd. sugarberry indicator that this symbol has images (8)
CEMI9 Celtis mississippiensis Bosc  
CELAB Celtis laevigata Willd. var. brevipes (S. Watson) Sarg. sugarberry
CEBR7 Celtis brevipes S. Watson  
CELAL Celtis laevigata Willd. var. laevigata sugarberry indicator that this symbol has images (2)
CELAA Celtis laevigata Willd. var. anomala Sarg.  
CELAB2 Celtis laevigata Willd. var. brachyphylla Sarg.  
CELAR Celtis laevigata Willd. var. reticulata (Torr.) L.D. Benson netleaf hackberry indicator that this symbol has images (6)
CEDO Celtis douglasii Planch.  
CEOCR Celtis occidentalis L. var. reticulata (Torr.) Sarg.  
CERE2 Celtis reticulata Torr.  
CEREV Celtis reticulata Torr. var. vestita Sarg.  
CELAS3 Celtis laevigata Willd. var. smallii (Beadle) Sarg. Small's hackberry
CESM Celtis smallii Beadle  
CELAT8 Celtis laevigata Willd. var. texana Sarg. Texan sugarberry
CELI Celtis lindheimeri Engelm. ex K. Koch Lindheimer's hackberry
CEOC Celtis occidentalis L. common hackberry indicator that this symbol has images (16)
CECA9 Celtis canina Raf.  
CEOCC Celtis occidentalis L. var. canina (Raf.) Sarg.  
CEOCC3 Celtis occidentalis L. var. crassifolia (Lam.) A. Gray  
CEOCC4 Celtis occidentalis L. var. cordata Willd.  
CEOCO2 Celtis occidentalis L. var. occidentalis  
CEPA23 Celtis palauensis Kaneh. & Hatus. Palau hackberry
CEPA6 Celtis paniculata (Endl.) Planch. silky celtis
CEPU10 Celtis pumila Pursh dwarf hackberry indicator that this symbol has images (2)
CEGE2 Celtis georgiana Small  
CEOCG Celtis occidentalis L. var. georgiana (Small) H.E. Ahles  
CEOCP Celtis occidentalis L. var. pumila (Pursh) A. Gray  
CEPUD2 Celtis pumila Pursh var. deamii Sarg.  
CEPUG Celtis pumila Pursh var. georgiana (Small) Sarg.  
CETE Celtis tenuifolia Nutt.  
CETEG Celtis tenuifolia Nutt. var. georgiana (Small) Fernald & B.G. Schub.  
CETES Celtis tenuifolia Nutt. var. soperi B. Boivin  
CESI8 Celtis sinensis Pers. Chinese hackberry
CETA3 Celtis tala Gillies [excluded]
CETO5 Celtis tournefortii Lam. Oriental hackberry
CETR3 Celtis trinervia Lam. almex
CEYU2 Celtis yunnanensis C.K. Schneid.


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