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Results for Scientific Name = Cyanea
189 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
CYANE Cyanea Gaudich. cyanea
CYAC4 Cyanea aculeatiflora Rock Haleakala cyanea
CYAC5 Cyanea acuminata (Gaudich.) Hillebr. Honolulu cyanea
CYACC Cyanea acuminata (Gaudich.) Hillebr. var. calycina Hosaka  
CYOC4 Cyanea occultans H. St. John  
CYAN6 Cyanea angustifolia (Cham.) Hillebr. 'aku
CYANR Cyanea angustifolia (Cham.) Hillebr. var. racemosa Hillebr.  
CYAR10 Cyanea arborea Hillebr. palmtree cyanea
CYAS Cyanea asarifolia H. St. John gingerleaf cyanea
CYAS2 Cyanea aspleniifolia (H. Mann) Hillebr. spleenwort cyanea
CYCA23 Cyanea calycina (Cham.) Lammers O'ahu cyanea
CYCO14 Cyanea coronata E. Wimm.  
CYLAC2 Cyanea lanceolata (Gaudich.) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma ssp. calycina (Cham.) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma  
CYCO11 Cyanea comata Hillebr. Maui cyanea
CYCO12 Cyanea copelandii Rock treetrunk cyanea
CYCOC Cyanea copelandii Rock ssp. copelandii treetrunk cyanea
CYCOH2 Cyanea copelandii Rock ssp. haleakalaensis (H. St. John) Lammers treetrunk cyanea
CYHA5 Cyanea haleakalaensis H. St. John  
CYCO13 Cyanea coriacea (A. Gray) Hillebr. leatherleaf cyanea
CYCR9 Cyanea crispa (Gaudich.) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma Koolau Range rollandia
CYCY7 Cyanea cylindrocalyx (Rock) Lammers splitleaf cyanea
CYGRC Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. var. cylindrocalyx Rock  
CYGRC2 Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. ssp. cylindrocalyx (Rock) Lammers  
CYDO3 Cyanea dolichopoda Lammers & Lorence long-foot cyanea
CYDU3 Cyanea dunbariae Rock ravine cyanea
CYDU2 Cyanea dunbarii Rock, orth. var.  
CYDU5 Cyanea duvalliorum Lammers & H. Oppenh. haha
CYEL8 Cyanea eleeleensis (H. St. John) Lammers eleele cyanea
CYEL5 Cyanea elliptica (Rock) Lammers ellipticleaf cyanea
CYANH Cyanea angustifolia (Cham.) Hillebr. var. hillebrandii Rock  
CYANI Cyanea angustifolia (Cham.) Hillebr. var. isabella E. Wimm.  
CYANL Cyanea angustifolia (Cham.) Hillebr. var. lanaiensis Rock  
CYANT Cyanea angustifolia (Cham.) Hillebr. var. tomentella Hillebr.  
CYFA5 Cyanea fauriei Levl. Faurie's cyanea
CYCOD Cyanea coriacea (A. Gray) Hillebr. var. degeneriana E. Wimm.  
CYCOF Cyanea coriacea (A. Gray) Hillebr. var. fauriei (Levl.) E. Wimm.  
CYFI6 Cyanea fissa (H. Mann) Hillebr. Kauai cyanea
CYFIF Cyanea fissa (H. Mann) Hillebr. ssp. fissa Kauai cyanea
CYGAW Cyanea gayana Rock var. wainihaensis Rock  
CYFIG Cyanea fissa (H. Mann) Hillebr. ssp. gayana (Rock) Lammers Kauai cyanea
CYGA4 Cyanea gayana Rock  
CYGAD Cyanea gayana Rock var. duvelii Rock  
CYMU6 Cyanea multispicata Levl.  
CYFL4 Cyanea floribunda E. Wimm. Degener's cyanea
CYBO2 Cyanea bondiana (Rock) Rock  
CYDE5 Cyanea degeneriana E. Wimm.  
CYDE6 Cyanea densiflora (Rock) Rock  
CYGI5 Cyanea giffardii Rock Kilauea Mauna cyanea
CYGL5 Cyanea glabra (E. Wimm.) H. St. John smooth cyanea
CYHOO Cyanea holophylla Hillebr. var. obovata Rock  
CYKNG Cyanea knudsenii Rock var. glabra E. Wimm.  
CYSCV Cyanea scabra Hillebr. var. variabilis Rock p.p.  
CYGR8 Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. splitleaf cyanea
CYGRG Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. ssp. grimesiana splitleaf cyanea
CYGRO Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. ssp. obatae (H. St. John) Lammers splitleaf cyanea
CYGRH Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. var. hirsutifolia Rock  
CYGRO2 Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. var. obovata H. St. John  
CYHA13 Cyanea habenata (H. St. John) Lammers stream-bed cyanea
CYHA6 Cyanea hamatiflora Rock wetforest cyanea
CYHAC Cyanea hamatiflora Rock ssp. carlsonii (Rock) Lammers Carlson's cyanea
CYCA14 Cyanea carlsonii Rock  
CYHAH Cyanea hamatiflora Rock ssp. hamatiflora wetforest cyanea
CYHA7 Cyanea hardyi Rock Oahu cyanea
CYCOH Cyanea coriacea (A. Gray) Hillebr. var. hardyi (Rock) E. Wimm.  
CYHI5 Cyanea hirtella (H. Mann) Hillebr. rustyleaf cyanea
CYCH5 Cyanea chockii Rock  
CYHIS Cyanea hirtella (H. Mann) Hillebr. var. striata E. Wimm.  
CYHIS2 Cyanea hirtella (H. Mann) Hillebr. var. subglabra E. Wimm.  
CYHO6 Cyanea horrida (Rock) O. Deg. & Hosaka prickly cyanea
CYHU2 Cyanea humboldtiana (Gaudich.) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma Oahu rollandia
CYKA11 Cyanea kahiliensis (H. St. John) Lammers spoonleaf cyanea
CYSPL Cyanea spathulata (Hillebr.) A. Heller ssp. longipetiolata Lammers  
CYKO3 Cyanea kolekoleensis (H. St. John) Lammers kolekole cyanea
CYKO4 Cyanea koolauensis Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma Palolo Valley rollandia
CYKU3 Cyanea kuhihewa Lammers Limahuli Valley cyanea
CYKU Cyanea kunthiana (Gaudich.) Hillebr. Kunth's cyanea
CYBI5 Cyanea bishopii Rock  
CYLA12 Cyanea lanceolata (Gaudich.) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma lanceleaf cyanea
CYLE5 Cyanea leptostegia A. Gray giant kokee cyanea
CYLEV Cyanea leptostegia A. Gray var. velutina Skottsb.  
CYLI6 Cyanea lindseyana Rock, nom. inq. Lindsey's cyanea
CYLIL Cyanea lindseyana Rock var. livida Rock  
CYLI7 Cyanea linearifolia Rock linearleaf cyanea
CYLO5 Cyanea lobata H. Mann Waihee Valley cyanea
CYLOB Cyanea lobata H. Mann ssp. baldwinii (Forbes & Munro) Lammers Waihee Valley cyanea
CYBA6 Cyanea baldwinii Forbes & Munro  
CYLOL Cyanea lobata H. Mann ssp. lobata Waihee Valley cyanea
CYLO12 Cyanea longiflora (Wawra) Lammers, Givnish & Systma ridge rollandia
CYLO7 Cyanea longissima (Rock) H. St. John streambank cyanea
CYSCL Cyanea scabra Hillebr. var. longissima Rock  
CYMA10 Cyanea macrostegia Hillebr. purple cyanea
CYMAG Cyanea macrostegia Hillebr. ssp. gibsonii (Hillebr.) Lammers Gibson's cyanea
CYGI4 Cyanea gibsonii Hillebr.  
CYMAM Cyanea macrostegia Hillebr. ssp. macrostegia purple cyanea
CYAT3 Cyanea atra Hillebr.  
CYATL Cyanea atra Hillebr. var. lobata Rock  
CYBI4 Cyanea bicolor H. St. John  
CYHA11 Cyanea hanaensis H. St. John  
CYMA13 Cyanea mariana E. Wimm.  
CYMAP Cyanea macrostegia Hillebr. var. parvibracteata Rock  
CYMAV Cyanea macrostegia Hillebr. var. viscosa Rock p.p.  
CYMA5 Cyanea magnicalyx Lammers haha
CYMA12 Cyanea mannii (Brigham) Hillebr. Mann's cyanea
CYMA23 Cyanea maritae Lammers & H. Oppenh. haha
CYMA14 Cyanea marksii Rock Marks' cyanea
CYTRL Cyanea tritomantha A. Gray var. lydgatei Rock  
CYMA24 Cyanea mauiensis (Rock) Lammers Maui cyanea
CYGRL4 Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. var. lydgatei Rock  
CYGRM Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. var. mauiensis Rock  
CYLOH Cyanea lobata H. Mann var. hamakuae Rock, nom. inq.  
CYMC Cyanea mceldowneyi Rock McEldowney's cyanea
CYME9 Cyanea membranacea Rock papery cyanea
CYCOS Cyanea coriacea (A. Gray) Hillebr. var. serratifolia Rock  
CYDE7 Cyanea dentata E. Wimm.  
CYMU10 Cyanea munroi (Hosaka) Lammers Munro's cyanea
CYGRM2 Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. var. munroi Hosaka  
CYOB4 Cyanea obtusa (A. Gray) Hillebr. bluntlobe cyanea
CYPA23 Cyanea parvifolia (Forbes) Lammers, Givnish & Systma Waioli Valley rollandia
CYPI4 Cyanea pilosa A. Gray hairy cyanea
CYPIL Cyanea pilosa A. Gray ssp. longipedunculata (Rock) Lammers hairy cyanea
CYLO6 Cyanea longipedunculata Rock  
CYPIP Cyanea pilosa A. Gray ssp. pilosa hairy cyanea
CYME8 Cyanea megacarpa (Rock) Rock  
CYPI5 Cyanea pinnatifida (Cham.) E. Wimm. sharktail cyanea
CYPL7 Cyanea platyphylla (A. Gray) Hillebr. puna cyanea
CYBR6 Cyanea bryanii Rock  
CYCR5 Cyanea crispohirta E. Wimm.  
CYFE7 Cyanea fernaldii Rock  
CYNO2 Cyanea noli-me-tangere Rock  
CYPU7 Cyanea pulchra Rock  
CYRO7 Cyanea rollandioides Rock  
CYPO5 Cyanea pohaku Lammers pohaku cyanea
CYPR8 Cyanea procera Hillebr. Molokai cyanea
CYPR9 Cyanea profuga Forbes Mapulehu Valley cyanea
CYPU11 Cyanea purpurellifolia (Rock) Lammers, Givnish & Systma Panaluu Mountain rollandia
CYPY Cyanea pycnocarpa (Hillebr.) E. Wimm. manyfruit cyanea
CYARP Cyanea arborea Hillebr. var. pycnocarpa Hillebr.  
CYQU Cyanea quercifolia (Hillebr.) E. Wimm. oakleaf cyanea
CYRE8 Cyanea recta (Wawra) Hillebr. Kealia cyanea
CYLA9 Cyanea larrisonii Rock  
CYRO6 Cyanea rockii E. Wimm.  
CYRE10 Cyanea remyi Rock Remy's cyanea
CYRI4 Cyanea rivularis Rock plateau cyanea
CYSA9 Cyanea salicina H. Lév. willow cyanea
CYSC7 Cyanea scabra Hillebr. harsh cyanea
CYHO5 Cyanea holophylla Hillebr.  
CYSE12 Cyanea sessilifolia (O. Deg.) Lammers sessileleaf cyanea
CYSH Cyanea shipmanii Rock Shipman's cyanea
CYSO Cyanea solanacea Hillebr. popolo
CYFE8 Cyanea ferox Hillebr.  
CYFEL Cyanea ferox Hillebr. var. laevicalyx Skottsb.  
CYSCS Cyanea scabra Hillebr. var. sinuata Rock  
CYSO2 Cyanea solenocalyx Hillebr. pua kala
CYOV2 Cyanea ovatisepala E. Wimm.  
CYSOL Cyanea solenocalyx Hillebr. var. latifolia E. Wimm.  
CYWA7 Cyanea wailauensis Rock  
CYSP5 Cyanea spathulata (Hillebr.) A. Heller spoonleaf cyanea
CYST8 Cyanea st.-johnii (Hosaka) Lammers, Givnish & Systma St. John's rollandia
CYST5 Cyanea stictophylla Rock Kaiholena cyanea
CYNE3 Cyanea nelsonii H. St. John  
CYQUA Cyanea quercifolia (Hillebr.) E. Wimm. var. atropurpurea E. Wimm.  
CYSTI Cyanea stictophylla Rock var. inermis Rock  
CYSU8 Cyanea superba (Cham.) A. Gray Mt. Kaala cyanea
CYSUR Cyanea superba (Cham.) A. Gray ssp. regina (Wawra) Lammers Mt. Kaala cyanea
CYRE9 Cyanea regina (Wawra) Rock  
CYSUS Cyanea superba (Cham.) A. Gray ssp. superba Mt. Kaala cyanea
CYSUV Cyanea superba (Cham.) A. Gray var. velutina Rock  
CYSY Cyanea sylvestris A. Heller Wahiawa cyanea
CYKN2 Cyanea knudsenii Rock  
CYSYE Cyanea sylvestris A. Heller var. eriantha (Skottsb.) E. Wimm.  
CYTR6 Cyanea tritomantha A. Gray 'aku 'aku
CYMA11 Cyanea magnifica E. Wimm.  
CYSU7 Cyanea submuricata E. Wimm.  
CYTR7 Cyanea truncata (Rock) Rock Punaluu cyanea
CYTRJ Cyanea truncata (Rock) Rock var. juddii (Forbes) H. St. John  
CYUN5 Cyanea undulata Forbes leechleaf cyanea
GEPA4 Gentiana ×pallidocyanea J. Pringle [alba × andrewsii] gentian
IRHEH Iris hexagona Walter var. hexagona Dixie iris indicator that this symbol has images (1)
IRAT Iris atrocyanea Small  
IRIO5 Iris iocyanea Small  
LETE60 Lecidea tessellata Flörke lecidea lichen
LECY9 Lecidea cyanea (Ach.) Rohl.  
LEPA23 Lecidella patavina (A. Massal.) Knoph & Leuckert lecidella lichen
LEAC7 Lecidea acrocyanea (Th. Fr.) H. Magn.  
MIEN Micarea endocyanea (Tuck. ex Willey) R.C. Harris dot lichen
BAEN Bacidia endocyanea (Tuck. ex Willey) Zahlbr.  
PHDIS Phlox diffusa Benth. ssp. subcarinata Wherry spreading phlox
PHCY Phlox cyanea Eastw.  
SCEN Schaereria endocyanea (Stirt.) Hertel & Gotth. Schneid. schaereria lichen


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