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Results for Scientific Name = Pectis
38 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
PECTI Pectis L. chinchweed
PEAN Pectis angustifolia Torr. lemonscent indicator that this symbol has images (7)
PEANA Pectis angustifolia Torr. var. angustifolia narrowleaf pectis
PEANF Pectis angustifolia Torr. var. fastigiata (A. Gray) Keil lemonscent
PETE12 Pectis texana Cory  
PEANT Pectis angustifolia Torr. var. tenella (DC.) Keil lemonscent
PETE Pectis tenella DC.  
PECA18 Pectis carthusianorum Less. Caribbean chinchweed
PECI7 Pectis ciliaris L. donkeyweed
PEPO3 Pectis portoricensis Urb.  
PECO39 Pectis coulteri Harv. & A. Gray [excluded]
PECY Pectis cylindrica (Fernald) Rydb. Sonoran chinchweed
PEPOC Pectis postrata Cav. var. cylindrica Fernald  
PEPRC Pectis prostrata Cav. var. cylindrica Fernald  
PEEL6 Pectis elongata Kunth tropical chinchweed
PEELF Pectis elongata Kunth var. floribunda (A. Rich.) Keil tropical chinchweed
PEFL12 Pectis floribunda A. Rich.  
PEFI Pectis filipes Harv. & A. Gray fivebract chinchweed
PEFIS Pectis filipes Harv. & A. Gray var. subnuda Fernald fivebract chinchweed
PEFL14 Pectis ×floridana Keil [glaucescens × prostrata] chinchweed
PEGL16 Pectis glaucescens (Cass.) Keil sanddune chinchweed
PELE10 Pectis leptocephala (Cass.) Urb.  
PEHU4 Pectis humifusa Sw. yerba de San Juan indicator that this symbol has images (2)
PEIM Pectis imberbis A. Gray beardless chinchweed
PELI8 Pectis linearifolia Urb. Florida chinchweed
PELI14 Pectis linearis Llave West Indian chinchweed
PEFE3 Pectis febrifuga H.C. Hall  
PELI9 Pectis linifolia L. romero macho
PELO Pectis longipes A. Gray longstalk chinchweed
PEPA2 Pectis papposa Harv. & A. Gray manybristle chinchweed
PEPAG Pectis papposa Harv. & A. Gray var. grandis Keil manybristle chinchweed
PEPAP3 Pectis papposa Harv. & A. Gray var. papposa manybristle chinchweed
PEPR Pectis prostrata Cav. spreading chinchweed
PEMU10 Pectis multisetosa Rydb.  
PEPRU Pectis prostrata Cav. var. urceolata Fernald  
PERU6 Pectis rusbyi Greene ex A. Gray Rusby's chinchweed
PEPA34 Pectis palmeri S. Watson  
PETE10 Pectis tenuicaulis Urb. island chinchweed


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