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Results for symbol = ASTI
24 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
ASFLF2 Aster flaccidus Bunge var. flaccidus
ASTI6 Aster tibeticus Hook. f.  
ASTIL Astilbe Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don false goat's beard
ASTI5 Astragalus tibetanus Benth. ex Bunge Tibet milkvetch
ASTI Astragalus tidestromii (Rydb.) Clokey Tidestrom's milkvetch indicator that this symbol has images (1)
ASTI3 Astragalus tiehmii Barneby Tiehm's milkvetch
ASTI2 Astragalus titanophilus Barneby limestone milkvetch
CASTI3 Calamagrostis stricta (Timm) Koeler ssp. inexpansa (A. Gray) C.W. Greene northern reedgrass indicator that this symbol has images (12)
CAHO8 Carex hormathodes Fernald marsh straw sedge indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CASTI4 Carex straminea Willd. ex Schkuhr var. invisa W. Boott  
CASTI Castilla Cerv. castilla indicator that this symbol has images (1)
CASTI2 Castilleja Mutis ex L. f. Indian paintbrush indicator that this symbol has images (10)
GATI Galium tinctorium (L.) Scop. stiff marsh bedstraw indicator that this symbol has images (5)
ASTI4 Asperula tinctoria L.  
HASTI Hastingsia S. Watson rushlily
LAPOI Lathyrus polymorphus Nutt. ssp. incanus (J.G. Sm. & Rydb.) C.L. Hitchc. hoary pea
LASTI2 Lathyrus stipulaceus (Pursh) Butters & H. St. John var. incanus (J.G. Sm. & Rydb.) Butters & H. St. John  
MASTI2 Mastigolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn.
MASTI3 Mastigophora Nees, nom. cons.
PASTI Pastinaca L. parsnip
VAST Vaccinium stamineum L. deerberry indicator that this symbol has images (14)
VASTI Vaccinium stamineum L. var. interius (Ashe) Palmer & Steyerm.  
XASTC Xanthium strumarium L. var. canadense (Mill.) Torr. & A. Gray Canada cocklebur indicator that this symbol has images (6)
XASTI Xanthium strumarium L. ssp. italicum (Moretti) D. Löve  


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