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Results for symbol = LEBR
26 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and Web links if available. Please use the State Search to generate fully synonymized plant lists. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Photos
LEBR3 Lecania brunonis (Tuck.) Herre lecania lichen
LEBR13 Lecanora brodoana Lumbsch & T. Nash
LEBR5 Lecanora brouardii (de Lesd.) ?, ined.? Brouard's rim lichen
LEBR6 Lecidea brachyspora (Th. Fr.) Nyl. lecidea lichen
LEBR7 Lecidea brunneofusca H. Magn. lecidea lichen
LEPAB Leptochloa panicea (Retz.) Ohwi ssp. brachiata (Steud.) N. Snow mucronate sprangeltop indicator that this symbol has images (2)
LEBR17 Leptochloa brachiata Steud.  
LERI6 Leptodictyum riparium (Hedw.) Warnst. streamside leptodictyum moss indicator that this symbol has images (3)
LEBR11 Leptodictyum brevipes (Cardot & Thér. ex Holz.) Broth.  
LEBR14 Leptogium brebissonii Mont.
LEBR20 Leptosiphon breviculus (A. Gray) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson Mojave linanthus indicator that this symbol has images (2)
LEBR18 Leptospermum brachyandrum (F. Muell.) Druce
LEBR2 Lespedeza ×brittonii E.P. Bicknell (pro sp.) [procumbens × virginica] lespedeza indicator that this symbol has images (1)
LEBR12 Leucodon brachypus Brid. leucodon moss
LEBRA Leucodon brachypus Brid. var. andrewsianus H.A. Crum & L.E. Anderson Andrews' lecodon moss indicator that this symbol has images (5)
LEBRB Leucodon brachypus Brid. var. brachypus leucodon moss
LEBR Lewisia brachycalyx Engelm. ex A. Gray shortsepal lewisia indicator that this symbol has images (3)
LOBR Lomatium bradshawii (Rose ex Mathias) Mathias & Constance Bradshaw's desertparsley
LEBR4 Leptotaenia bradshawii Rose ex Mathias  
PSRU4 Psorula rufonigra (Tuck.) Gotth. Schneid. psorula lichen
LEBR9 Lecidea brouardii (de Lesd.) Zahlbr.  
RHME2 Rhizoplaca melanophthalma (DC.) Leuckert & Poelt rimmed navel lichen indicator that this symbol has images (2)
LEBR19 Lecidea brandegeei Tuck.  
LEBR8 Lecidea brandegei Tuck., orth. var.  
TRMO14 Trapelia mooreana (Carroll) P. James disk lichen
LEBR10 Lecidea brujeriana (D. Dietr.) Leight.  


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