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Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants


Idaho State-listed Noxious Weeds
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Noxious weeds that are synonyms retain their noxious status, and are indented beneath the current PLANTS accepted name.

Idaho Department of Agriculture. 2006. Noxious weed rules (, 24 May 2006). Idaho Department of Agriculture.

Symbol Scientific Name Noxious Common Name State Noxious Status† Native Status*
ACRE3 Acroptilon repens (L.) DC. L48 (I), CAN (I)
CERE6 Centaurea repens L. Russian knapweed NW
AECY Aegilops cylindrica Host jointed goatgrass NW L48 (I)
AMTO3 Ambrosia tomentosa Nutt. skeletonleaf bursage NW L48 (N)
CADR Cardaria draba (L.) Desv. hoary cress NW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CANU4 Carduus nutans L. musk thistle NW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CEDI3 Centaurea diffusa Lam. diffuse knapweed NW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CENI3 Centaurea nigrescens Willd. L48 (I), CAN (I)
CEPR2 Centaurea pratensis Thuill., non Salisb., nom. illeg. meadow knapweed NW
CESO3 Centaurea solstitialis L. yellow starthistle NW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CESTM Centaurea stoebe L. ssp. micranthos (Gugler) Hayek L48 (I), HI (I), CAN (I)
CEMA4 Centaurea maculosa auct. non Lam. spotted knapweed NW
CHJU Chondrilla juncea L. rush skeletonweed NW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CIAR4 Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop. Canada thistle NW L48 (I), AK (I), CAN (I), GL (I), SPM (I)
COMA2 Conium maculatum L. poison hemlock NW L48 (I), CAN (I)
COAR4 Convolvulus arvensis L. field bindweed NW L48 (I), HI (I), CAN (I)
CRVU2 Crupina vulgaris Cass. common crupina NW L48 (I)
CYSC4 Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link Scotch broom NW L48 (I), AK (I), HI (I), CAN (I)
EUDE4 Euphorbia dentata Michx. toothed spurge NW L48 (I,N)
EUES Euphorbia esula L. leafy spurge NW L48 (I), CAN (I)
HIAU Hieracium aurantiacum L. orange hawkweed NW L48 (I), AK (I), CAN (I), SPM (I)
HICA10 Hieracium caespitosum Dumort. L48 (I), CAN (I)
HIPR Hieracium pratense Tausch meadow hawkweed NW
HYNI Hyoscyamus niger L. black henbane NW L48 (I), CAN (I)
ISTI Isatis tinctoria L. dyer's woad NW L48 (I), CAN (W)
LELA2 Lepidium latifolium L. perennial pepperweed NW L48 (I), CAN (I)
LIDA Linaria dalmatica (L.) Mill. Dalmatian toadflax NW L48 (I), CAN (I)
LIVU2 Linaria vulgaris Mill. yellow toadflax NW L48 (I), AK (I), CAN (I), GL (I), SPM (I)
LYSA2 Lythrum salicaria L. purple loosestrife NW L48 (I), CAN (I), SPM (I)
MIVE3 Milium vernale M. Bieb. milium NW L48 (I)
MYSP2 Myriophyllum spicatum L. Eurasian watermilfoil NW L48 (I), AK (I), CAN (I)
NAST3 Nardus stricta L. matgrass NW L48 (I), CAN (I), GL (I), SPM (I)
ONAC Onopordum acanthium L. Scotch thistle NW L48 (I), CAN (W)
SEJA Senecio jacobaea L. tansy ragwort NW L48 (I), CAN (I), SPM (I)
SOEL Solanum elaeagnifolium Cav. silverleaf nightshade NW L48 (N), HI (I), PR (N)
SORO Solanum rostratum Dunal buffalobur NW L48 (N), CAN (W)
SOAR2 Sonchus arvensis L. perennial sowthistle NW L48 (I), AK (I), CAN (I), SPM (I)
SOHA Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers. johnsongrass NW (I), L48 (I), HI (I), PR (I), CAN (I)
TRTE Tribulus terrestris L. puncturevine NW (I), L48 (I), HI (I), CAN (W)
ZYFA Zygophyllum fabago L. Syrian beancaper NW L48 (I)


†CodeNoxious Status
NW Noxious weed

*CodeNative Status
I Introduced
I,N None
N Native
W Waif

*CodeNative Status Jurisdiction
L48 Lower 48 States
AK Alaska
HI Hawaii
PR Puerto Rico
CAN Canada
GL Greenland
SPM St. Pierre and Miquelon

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