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Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with all synonyms, distribution map, more information, and web links if available. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name
ABIES Abies Mill. fir
ABAM Abies amabilis (Douglas ex Loudon) Douglas ex Forbes Pacific silver fir
ABBR Abies bracteata (D. Don) D. Don ex Poit. bristlecone fir
ABVE Abies venusta (Douglas) K. Koch  
ABGR Abies grandis (Douglas ex D. Don) Lindl. grand fir
ABGRI2 Abies grandis (Douglas ex D. Don) Lindl. ssp. idahoensis (Silba) Silba  
ABGRG Abies grandis (Douglas ex D. Don) Lindl. var. grandis  
ABGRI Abies grandis (Douglas ex D. Don) Lindl. var. idahoensis Silba  
ABGRJ Abies grandis (Douglas ex D. Don) Lindl. f. johnsonii O.V. Matthews  
ABLA Abies lasiocarpa (Hook.) Nutt. subalpine fir
ABLAL Abies lasiocarpa (Hook.) Nutt. var. lasiocarpa subalpine fir
ABBAL Abies balsamea (L.) Mill. ssp. lasiocarpa (Hook.) B. Boivin  
ABBAF Abies balsamea (L.) Mill. var. fallax (Engelm.) B. Boivin  
ABBI3 Abies bifolia A. Murray bis  
ABLAB Abies lasiocarpa (Hook.) Nutt. ssp. bifolia (A. Murray bis) Silba  
ABLAB2 Abies lasiocarpa (Hook.) Nutt. var. bifolia (A. Murray bis) Eckenw.  
ABSU Abies subalpina Engelmann  
ABLO Abies lowiana (Gordon & Glend.) A. Murray bis Sierra white fir
ABCOL Abies concolor (Gord. & Glend.) Lindl. ex Hildebr. var. lowiana (Gord. & Glend.) Lemmon  
ABMA Abies magnifica A. Murray bis California red fir
ABMAM Abies magnifica A. Murray bis var. magnifica California red fir
ABMAS Abies magnifica A. Murray bis var. shastensis Lemmon Shasta red fir
ABMAS2 Abies magnifica A. Murray bis ssp. shastensis (Lemmon) Silba  
ABMAC Abies magnifica A. Murray bis var. critchfieldii Lanner  
ABSH Abies ×shastensis (Lemmon) Lemmon  
ABPR Abies procera Rehder noble fir
ABNO Abies nobilis (Douglas ex D. Don) Lindl.  
ABRON Abronia Juss. sand verbena
ABAL Abronia alpina Brandegee Ramshaw Meadows sand verbena
ABGR2 Abronia gracilis Benth. slender sand verbena
ABIN2 Abronia insularis Standl. island sand verbena
ABLA2 Abronia latifolia Eschsch. coastal sand verbena
ABMA2 Abronia maritima Nutt. ex S. Watson red sand verbena
ABMI2 Abronia minor Standl. little sand verbena
ABNA Abronia nana S. Watson dwarf sand verbena
ABNAC Abronia nana S. Watson var. covillei (Heimerl) Munz Coville's dwarf sand verbena
ABNAC2 Abronia nana S. Watson ssp. covillei (Heimerl) Munz  
ABNAN Abronia nana S. Watson var. nana dwarf sand verbena
ABNAL Abronia nana S. Watson var. lanciformis M.E. Jones  
ABNE Abronia neurophylla Standl. beach sand verbena
ABPO Abronia pogonantha Heimerl Mojave sand verbena
ABTU Abronia turbinata Torr. ex S. Watson transmontane sand verbena
ABEX Abronia exalata Standl.  
ABOR2 Abronia orbiculata Standl.  
ABUM Abronia umbellata Lam. pink sand verbena
ABUMB Abronia umbellata Lam. ssp. breviflora (Standl.) Munz pink sand verbena
ABAC Abronia acutalata Standl.  
ABBR2 Abronia breviflora Standl.  
ABUMA2 Abronia umbellata Lam. ssp. acutalata (Standl.) Tillett  
ABUMA3 Abronia umbellata Lam. var. acutalata (Standl.) C.L. Hitchc.  
ABUMU Abronia umbellata Lam. ssp. umbellata pink sand verbena
ABAL2 Abronia alba Eastw.  
ABPL Abronia platyphylla Standl.  
ABUMA4 Abronia umbellata Lam. ssp. alba (Eastw.) Munz  
ABUMP Abronia umbellata Lam. ssp. platyphylla (Standl.) Munz  
ABUMV Abronia umbellata Lam. ssp. variabilis (Standl.) Munz  
ABVA Abronia variabilis Standl.  
ABVI Abronia villosa S. Watson desert sand verbena
ABVIA Abronia villosa S. Watson var. aurita (Abrams) Jeps. desert sand verbena
ABPI2 Abronia pinetorum Abrams  
ABVIV Abronia villosa S. Watson var. villosa desert sand verbena
ABUTI Abutilon Mill. Indian mallow
ABPA Abutilon palmeri A. Gray Palmer's Indian mallow
ABPA3 Abutilon parvulum A. Gray dwarf Indian mallow
ABTH Abutilon theophrasti Medik. velvetleaf
ABAB3 Abutilon abutilon (L.) Rusby, nom. inval.  
ABAV Abutilon avicennae Gaertn.  
ACACI Acacia Mill. acacia
ACBA Acacia baileyana F. Muell. cootamundra wattle
ACCY2 Acacia cyclops A. Cunn. ex G. Don coastal wattle
ACDE3 Acacia dealbata Link silver wattle
ACDED Acacia decurrens (Wendl. f.) Willd. var. dealbata (Link) F. Muell.  
ACDE Acacia decurrens (Wendl. f.) Willd. green wattle
MIDE17 Mimosa decurrens Wendl. f.  
ACEL Acacia elata A. Cunn. ex Benth. cedar wattle
ACLO Acacia longifolia (Andrews) Willd. Sydney golden wattle
ACLA Acacia latifolia hort.  
ACME80 Acacia mearnsii De Wild. black wattle
ACDEM Acacia decurrens (Wendl. f.) Willd. var. mollis Lindl.  
ACME Acacia melanoxylon R. Br. blackwood
ACPA8 Acacia paradoxa DC. paradox acacia
ACAR15 Acacia armata R. Br.  
ACPO2 Acacia podalyriifolia A. Cunn. ex G. Don pearl wattle
ACPY3 Acacia pycnantha Benth. golden wattle
ACRE9 Acacia redolens Maslin bank catclaw
ACRE2 Acacia retinodes Schltdl. water wattle
ACSA Acacia saligna (Labill.) Wendl. f. orange wattle
ACCY Acacia cyanophylla Lindl.  
ACVE2 Acacia verticillata (L'Hér.) Willd. prickly Moses
ACAEN Acaena Mutis ex L. acaena
ACNO7 Acaena novae-zelandiae Kirk biddy-biddy
ACAN3 Acaena anserinifolia auct. non (J.R. Forst. & G. Forst.) Druce  
ACNO4 Acaena novae-zelandica Kirk, orth. var.  
ACSA4 Acaena sanguisorbae auct. non (L. f.) Vahl  
ACPA14 Acaena pallida (Kirk) Allen pale biddy-biddy
ACPI3 Acaena pinnatifida Ruiz & Pav. Argentinian biddy-biddy
ACPIC2 Acaena pinnatifida Ruiz & Pav. var. californica (Bitter) Jeps. California biddy-biddy
ACCA2 Acaena californica Bitter  
ACALY Acalypha L. copperleaf
ACCA3 Acalypha californica Benth. California copperleaf
ACPR Acalypha pringlei S. Watson  
ACAMP Acamptopappus (A. Gray) A. Gray goldenhead
ACSH Acamptopappus shockleyi A. Gray Shockley's goldenhead
ACSP Acamptopappus sphaerocephalus (Harv. & A. Gray ex A. Gray) A. Gray rayless goldenhead
ACSPH Acamptopappus sphaerocephalus (Harv. & A. Gray ex A. Gray) A. Gray var. hirtellus S.F. Blake rayless goldenhead
ACSPS2 Acamptopappus sphaerocephalus (Harv. & A. Gray ex A. Gray) A. Gray var. sphaerocephalus rayless goldenhead
APSP2 Aplopappus sphaerocephalus Harv. & A. Gray ex A. Gray  
ACANT2 Acanthomintha (A. Gray) A. Gray thorn-mint
ACDU2 Acanthomintha duttonii (Abrams) Jokerst San Mateo thorn-mint
ACOBD Acanthomintha obovata Jeps. ssp. duttonii Abrams  
ACIL Acanthomintha ilicifolia (A. Gray) A. Gray San Diego thorn-mint
ACLA2 Acanthomintha lanceolata Curran Santa Clara thorn-mint
ACOB Acanthomintha obovata Jeps. San Benito thorn-mint
ACOBC Acanthomintha obovata Jeps. ssp. cordata Jokerst heartleaf thorn-mint
ACOBO Acanthomintha obovata Jeps. ssp. obovata San Benito thorn-mint
ACANT7 Acanthus L. acanthus
ACMO8 Acanthus mollis L. bear's breech
ACARO2 Acarospora A. Massal. cracked lichen
ACER Acer L. maple
ACCA5 Acer campestre L. hedge maple
ACCI Acer circinatum Pursh vine maple
ACGL Acer glabrum Torr. Rocky Mountain maple
ACGLD3 Acer glabrum Torr. var. diffusum (Greene) Smiley Rocky Mountain maple
ACDI Acer diffusum Greene  
ACGLD Acer glabrum Torr. ssp. diffusum (Greene) A.E. Murray  
ACGLD4 Acer glabrum Torr. var. douglasii (Hook.) Dippel Douglas maple
ACDO Acer douglasii Hook.  
ACGLD2 Acer glabrum Torr. ssp. douglasii (Hook.) Wesmael  
ACGLG Acer glabrum Torr. var. greenei Keller Greene's maple
ACGLT2 Acer glabrum Torr. var. torreyi (Greene) Smiley Torrey maple
ACGLT Acer glabrum Torr. ssp. torreyi (Greene) A.E. Murray  
ACTO2 Acer torreyi Greene  
ACMA3 Acer macrophyllum Pursh bigleaf maple
ACNE2 Acer negundo L. boxelder
ACNEC2 Acer negundo L. var. californicum (Torr. & A. Gray) Sarg. California boxelder
ACNEC Acer negundo L. ssp. californicum (Torr. & A. Gray) Wesmael  
NECA6 Negundo californicum Torr. & A. Gray  
ACNEI2 Acer negundo L. var. interius (Britton) Sarg. boxelder
ACIN3 Acer interius Britton  
ACNEI Acer negundo L. ssp. interius (Britton) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
NEACI Negundo aceroides (L.) Moench ssp. interius (Britton) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
NEIN3 Negundo interius (Britton) Rydb.  
ACSA2 Acer saccharinum L. silver maple
ACDA2 Acer dasycarpum Ehrh.  
ACSAL3 Acer saccharinum L. var. laciniatum Pax  
ACSAW Acer saccharinum L. var. wieri Rehder  
ARSA9 Argentacer saccharinum (L.) Small  
ACHIL Achillea L. yarrow
ACFI Achillea filipendulina Lam. fernleaf yarrow
ACMI2 Achillea millefolium L. common yarrow
ACMIA Achillea millefolium L. var. alpicola (Rydb.) Garrett common yarrow
ACAL11 Achillea alpicola (Rydb.) Rydb.  
ACFU Achillea fusca Rydb.  
ACLAA Achillea lanulosa Nutt. ssp. alpicola (Rydb.) D.D. Keck  
ACLAA2 Achillea lanulosa Nutt. var. alpicola Rydb.  
ACMIF Achillea millefolium L. var. fusca (Rydb.) G.N. Jones  
ACSU3 Achillea subalpina Greene  
ACMIA2 Achillea millefolium L. var. arenicola (A. Heller) Nobs common yarrow
ACAR6 Achillea arenicola A. Heller  
ACBOA Achillea borealis Bong. ssp. arenicola (A. Heller) D.D. Keck  
ACBOA2 Achillea borealis Bong. var. arenicola (A. Heller) J.T. Howell  
ACMIM4 Achillea millefolium L. var. maritima Jeps.  
ACMIC Achillea millefolium L. var. californica (Pollard) Jeps. California yarrow
ACBOC Achillea borealis Bong. ssp. californica (Pollard) D.D. Keck  
ACBOC2 Achillea borealis Bong. var. californica (Pollard) J.T. Howell  
ACCA7 Achillea californica Pollard  
ACMIG Achillea millefolium L. var. gigantea (Pollard) Nobs giant yarrow
ACGI2 Achillea gigantea Pollard  
ACMIM2 Achillea millefolium L. var. millefolium common yarrow
ACMA14 Achillea magna auct.  
ACMIO Achillea millefolium L. var. occidentalis DC. western yarrow
ACAN7 Achillea angustissima Rydb.  
ACAS2 Achillea aspleniifolia auct. non Vent.  
ACER2 Achillea eradiata Piper  
ACGR5 Achillea gracilis Raf.  
ACLA5 Achillea lanulosa Nutt.  
ACLAT Achillea lanulosa Nutt. ssp. typica D.D. Keck  
ACLAA3 Achillea lanulosa Nutt. var. arachnoidea Lunell  
ACLAE Achillea lanulosa Nutt. var. eradiata (Piper) M. Peck  
ACLA3 Achillea laxiflora Pollard & Cockerell  
ACMIL Achillea millefolium L. ssp. lanulosa (Nutt.) Piper  
ACMIO2 Achillea millefolium L. ssp. occidentalis (DC.) Hyl.  
ACMIP5 Achillea millefolium L. ssp. pallidotegula B. Boivin  
ACMIA4 Achillea millefolium L. var. aspleniifolia (Vent.) Farw.  
ACMIG2 Achillea millefolium L. var. gracilis (Raf.) Raf. ex DC.  
ACMIL3 Achillea millefolium L. var. lanulosa (Nutt.) Piper  
ACMIR Achillea millefolium L. var. rosea (Desf.) Torr. & A. Gray  
ACMIR2 Achillea millefolium L. var. russeolata B. Boivin  
ACOC Achillea occidentalis (DC.) Raf. ex Rydb.  
ACRO4 Achillea rosea Desf.  
ACTO3 Achillea tomentosa Pursh, non L.  
ACMIP Achillea millefolium L. var. pacifica (Rydb.) G.N. Jones Pacific yarrow
ACPA5 Achillea pacifica Rydb.  
ACMIP2 Achillea millefolium L. var. puberula (Rydb.) Nobs common yarrow
ACPU2 Achillea puberula Rydb.  
ACHLY Achlys DC. achlys
ACCA6 Achlys californica I. Fukuda & H.G. Baker deer's foot
ACTR Achlys triphylla (Sm.) DC. sweet after death
ACTRT Achlys triphylla (Sm.) DC. ssp. triphylla  
ACHNA Achnatherum P. Beauv. needlegrass
ACAR14 Achnatherum aridum (M.E. Jones) Barkworth Mormon needlegrass
STAR2 Stipa arida M.E. Jones  
ACBL Achnatherum ×bloomeri (Bol.) Barkworth [hymenoides × occidentale]
ORBL Oryzopsis bloomeri (Bol.) Ricker  
STBL4 Stipa bloomeri Bol.  
STBL5 Stiporyzopsis bloomeri (Bol.) B.L. Johnson  
ACBR5 Achnatherum brachychaetum (Godr.) Barkworth shortbristled needlegrass
NABR2 Nassella brachychaeta (Godr.) Barkworth  
STBR3 Stipa brachychaeta Godr.  
ACCA34 Achnatherum capense (Thunb.) P. Beauv. Cape ricegrass
STCA25 Stipa capensis Thunb.  
STTO8 Stipa tortilis Desf.  
ACCO21 Achnatherum coronatum (Thurb.) Barkworth giant ricegrass
STCO5 Stipa coronata Thurb.  
ACDI10 Achnatherum diegoense (Swallen) Barkworth San Diego needlegrass
STDI Stipa diegoensis Swallen  
ACHY Achnatherum hymenoides (Roem. & Schult.) Barkworth Indian ricegrass
ERCU9 Eriocoma cuspidata Nutt.  
ORHY Oryzopsis hymenoides (Roem. & Schult.) Ricker ex Piper  
STHY6 Stipa hymenoides Roem. & Schult.  
ACLA8 Achnatherum latiglume (Swallen) Barkworth Sierra needlegrass
STLA2 Stipa latiglumis Swallen  
ACLE8 Achnatherum lemmonii (Vasey) Barkworth Lemmon's needlegrass
ACLEL Achnatherum lemmonii (Vasey) Barkworth var. lemmonii Lemmon's needlegrass
ACLEL2 Achnatherum lemmonii (Vasey) Barkworth ssp. lemmonii  
STLE2 Stipa lemmonii (Vasey) Scribn.  
STLEJ Stipa lemmonii (Vasey) Scribn. var. jonesii Scribn.  
STLEL Stipa lemmonii (Vasey) Scribn. var. lemmonii  
ACLEP Achnatherum lemmonii (Vasey) Barkworth var. pubescens (Crampton) Barkworth pubescent Lemmon's needlegrass
ACLEP2 Achnatherum lemmonii (Vasey) Barkworth ssp. pubescens (Crampton) Barkworth  
STLEP Stipa lemmonii (Vasey) Scribn. var. pubescens Crampton  
ACLE9 Achnatherum lettermanii (Vasey) Barkworth Letterman's needlegrass
STLE4 Stipa lettermanii Vasey  
ACNE9 Achnatherum nelsonii (Scribn.) Barkworth Columbia needlegrass
ACNED Achnatherum nelsonii (Scribn.) Barkworth ssp. dorei (Barkworth & Maze) Barkworth Dore's needlegrass
ACNED2 Achnatherum nelsonii (Scribn.) Barkworth var. dorei (Barkworth & Maze) Dorn  
STCO3 Stipa columbiana Macoun, nom. utique rej.  
STMI6 Stipa minor (Vasey) Scribn.  
STNED Stipa nelsonii Scribn. ssp. dorei Barkworth & Maze  
STNED2 Stipa nelsonii Scribn. var. dorei (Barkworth & Maze) Dorn  
STOCM Stipa occidentalis Thurb. var. minor sensu C.L. Hitchc., non (Vasey) C.L. Hitchc.  
ACNE10 Achnatherum nevadense (B.L. Johnson) Barkworth Nevada needlegrass
STNE4 Stipa nevadensis B.L. Johnson  
ACOC3 Achnatherum occidentale (Thurb.) Barkworth western needlegrass
ACOCC Achnatherum occidentale (Thurb.) Barkworth ssp. californicum (Merr. & Burtt Davy) Barkworth California needlegrass
ACNEL2 Achnatherum nelsonii (Scribn.) Barkworth ssp. longiaristatum (Barkworth & Maze) Barkworth  
STCA2 Stipa californica Merr. & Burtt Davy  
STNEL3 Stipa nelsonii Scribn. var. longiaristata Barkworth & Maze  
STOCC Stipa occidentalis Thurb. var. californica (Merr. & Burtt Davy) C.L. Hitchc.  
ACOCO Achnatherum occidentale (Thurb.) Barkworth ssp. occidentale western needlegrass
STOC2 Stipa occidentalis Thurb.  
ACOCP Achnatherum occidentale (Thurb.) Barkworth ssp. pubescens (Vasey) Barkworth pubescent western needlegrass
STEL2 Stipa elmeri Piper & Brodie ex Scribn.  
STOCP Stipa occidentalis Thurb. var. pubescens (Vasey) Maze, Roy L. Taylor & MacBryde  
ACPA13 Achnatherum parishii (Vasey) Barkworth Parish's needlegrass
ACPAP Achnatherum parishii (Vasey) Barkworth var. parishii Parish's needlegrass
STCOP2 Stipa coronata Thurb. var. parishii (Vasey) Hitchc.  
STPA17 Stipa parishii Vasey  
ACPI2 Achnatherum pinetorum (M.E. Jones) Barkworth pine needlegrass
STPI2 Stipa pinetorum M.E. Jones  
ACSP12 Achnatherum speciosum (Trin. & Rupr.) Barkworth desert needlegrass
STSP3 Stipa speciosa Trin. & Rupr.  
ACST7 Achnatherum stillmanii (Bol.) Barkworth Stillman's needlegrass
STST2 Stipa stillmanii Bol.  
ACTH7 Achnatherum thurberianum (Piper) Barkworth Thurber's needlegrass
STTH2 Stipa thurberiana Piper  
ACWE3 Achnatherum webberi (Thurb.) Barkworth Webber needlegrass
ORWE Oryzopsis webberi (Thurb.) Benth. ex Vasey  
STWE Stipa webberi (Thurb.) B.L. Johnson  
ACHYR Achyrachaena Schauer blow wives
ACMO2 Achyrachaena mollis Schauer blow wives
ACHYR3 Achyronychia Torr. & A. Gray achyronychia
ACCO3 Achyronychia cooperi Torr. & A. Gray onyxflower
ACLEI Acleisanthes A. Gray trumpets
ACLO2 Acleisanthes longiflora A. Gray angel's trumpets
ACONI Aconitum L. monkshood
ACCO4 Aconitum columbianum Nutt. Columbian monkshood
ACCOC3 Aconitum columbianum Nutt. ssp. columbianum Columbian monkshood
ACCOP Aconitum columbianum Nutt. ssp. pallidum Piper  
ACCOB Aconitum columbianum Nutt. var. bakeri (Greene) Harrington  
ACCOO Aconitum columbianum Nutt. var. ochroleucum A. Nelson  
ACGE3 Aconitum geranioides Greene  
ACLE6 Aconitum leibergii Greene  
ACMO3 Aconitum mogollonicum Greene  
ACCOV2 Aconitum columbianum Nutt. ssp. viviparum (Greene) D.E. Brink Columbian monkshood
ACBU Aconitum bulbiferum Howell  
ACCOH Aconitum columbianum Nutt. var. howellii (A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr.) C.L. Hitchc.  
ACHA2 Aconitum hansenii Greene  
ACHO Aconitum howellii A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr.  
ACVI5 Aconitum viviparum Greene  
ACORU Acorus L. sweetflag
ACCA4 Acorus calamus L. calamus
ACOUR Acourtia D. Don desertpeony
ACMI3 Acourtia microcephala DC. sacapellote
PEMI11 Perezia microcephala (DC.) A. Gray  
ACRAC Acrachne Chiov. goosegrass
ACRA6 Acrachne racemosa (Roem. & Schult.) Ohwi goosegrass
ELRA5 Eleusine racemosa Roem. & Schult.  
ACROP Acroptilon Cass. hardheads
ACRE3 Acroptilon repens (L.) DC. hardheads
CEPI3 Centaurea picris Pall. ex Willd.  
CERE6 Centaurea repens L.  
ACTAE Actaea L. baneberry
ACRU2 Actaea rubra (Aiton) Willd. red baneberry
ACRUA8 Actaea rubra (Aiton) Willd. ssp. arguta (Nutt.) Hultén red baneberry
ACAR7 Actaea arguta Nutt.  
ACARV Actaea arguta Nutt. var. viridiflora (Greene) Tidestr.  
ACRUA Actaea rubra (Aiton) Willd. var. arguta (Nutt.) G. Lawson  
ACSPA Actaea spicata L. var. arguta (Nutt.) Torr.  
ADENO Adenocaulon Hook. trailplant
ADBI Adenocaulon bicolor Hook. American trailplant
ADENO5 Adenophyllum Pers. dogweed
ADCO2 Adenophyllum cooperi (A. Gray) Strother Cooper's dogweed
DYCO2 Dyssodia cooperi A. Gray  
ADPO Adenophyllum porophylloides (A. Gray) Strother San Felipe dogweed
DYPO Dyssodia porophylloides A. Gray  
ADENO2 Adenostoma Hook. & Arn. chamise
ADFA Adenostoma fasciculatum Hook. & Arn. chamise
ADFAF Adenostoma fasciculatum Hook. & Arn. var. fasciculatum chamise
ADFAO Adenostoma fasciculatum Hook. & Arn. var. obtusifolium S. Watson chamise
ADSP Adenostoma sparsifolium Torr. redshank
ADIAN Adiantum L. maidenhair fern
ADAL Adiantum aleuticum (Rupr.) Paris Aleutian maidenhair
ADPEA2 Adiantum pedatum L. ssp. aleuticum (Rupr.) Calder & Roy L. Taylor  
ADPEC Adiantum pedatum L. ssp. calderi Cody  
ADPES Adiantum pedatum L. ssp. subpumilum (W.H. Wagner) Lellinger  
ADPEA Adiantum pedatum L. var. aleuticum Rupr.  
ADPES2 Adiantum pedatum L. var. subpumilum W.H. Wagner  
ADCA Adiantum capillus-veneris L. common maidenhair
ADCAM Adiantum capillus-veneris L. var. modestum (Underw.) Fernald  
ADCAP Adiantum capillus-veneris L. var. protrusum Fernald  
ADMO2 Adiantum modestum Underw.  
ADJO Adiantum jordanii C.H. Mull. California maidenhair
ADSH Adiantum shastense Huiet & A.R. Sm. Shasta maidenhair
ADTR3 Adiantum ×tracyi C.C. Hall ex W.H. Wagner [aleuticum × jordanii] maidenhair fern
ADOLP Adolphia Meisn. prickbush
ADCA2 Adolphia californica S. Watson California prickbush
ADONI Adonis L. pheasant's eye
ADAE Adonis aestivalis L. summer pheasant's eye
ADAEC Adonis aestivalis L. var. citrina Hoffm.  
AEGIL Aegilops L. goatgrass
AECY Aegilops cylindrica Host jointed goatgrass
AECYR Aegilops cylindrica Host var. rubiginosa Popova  
AETA3 Aegilops tauschii auct. non Coss.  
CYCY5 Cylindropyrum cylindricum (Host) Á. Löve  
TRCY3 Triticum cylindricum (Host) Ces., Pass. & Gibelli  
AEGE Aegilops geniculata Roth ovate goatgrass
AEOV2 Aegilops ovata L. p.p.  
TROV4 Triticum ovatum (L.) Gren. & Godr. p.p.  
AENE2 Aegilops neglecta Req. ex Bertol. three-awned goatgrass
AETA2 Aegilops tauschii Coss. Tausch's goatgrass
AESQ2 Aegilops squarrosa auct.  
AETR Aegilops triuncialis L. barbed goatgrass
AESQ Aegilops squarrosa L.  
TRPE19 Triticum persicum (Boiss.) Aitch. & Hemsl.  
TRTR5 Triticum triunciale (L.) Raspail  
AEGOP2 Aegopogon Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd. relaxgrass
AECE Aegopogon cenchroides Humb. & Bonpl. relaxgrass
AEONI Aeonium Webb & Bethel. aeonium
AEAR4 Aeonium arboreum (L.) Webb & Berthel. tree aenium
AEARA Aeonium arboreum (L.) Webb & Berthel. var. arboreum  
AEHA2 Aeonium haworthii Webb & Bethel. Haworth's aeonium
AESCH Aeschynomene L. jointvetch
AERU Aeschynomene rudis Benth. zigzag jointvetch
AESCU Aesculus L. buckeye
AECA Aesculus californica (Spach) Nutt. California buckeye
AGAPA2 Agapanthus L'Hér. agapanthus
AGPR5 Agapanthus praecox Willd. African-lily
AGAST Agastache Clayton ex Gronov. giant hyssop
AGPA2 Agastache parvifolia Eastw. smallleaf giant hyssop
AGUR Agastache urticifolia (Benth.) Kuntze nettleleaf giant hyssop
AGURG Agastache urticifolia (Benth.) Kuntze var. glaucifolia (A. Heller) Cronquist nettleleaf giant hyssop
AGURU Agastache urticifolia (Benth.) Kuntze var. urticifolia nettleleaf giant hyssop
AGAVE Agave L. agave
AGAM Agave americana L. American century plant
AGAMA Agave americana L. ssp. americana American century plant
AGAMM Agave americana L. var. marginata Trel.  
AGAMM2 Agave americana L. var. mediopicta Trel.  
AGAMS Agave americana L. var. striata Trel.  
AGAME Agave americana L. ssp. americana var. expansa (Jacobi) Gentry American century plant
AGDE Agave deserti Engelm. desert agave
AGDED Agave deserti Engelm. ssp. deserti desert agave
AGCO7 Agave consociata Trel.  
AGDES Agave deserti Engelm. ssp. simplex Gentry desert agave
AGDES3 Agave deserti Engelm. var. simplex (Gentry) W.C. Hodgson & Reveal  
AGSH Agave shawii Engelm. coastal agave
AGUT Agave utahensis Engelm. Utah agave
AGUTE Agave utahensis Engelm. var. eborispina (Hester) Breitung Utah agave
AGUTN Agave utahensis Engelm. var. nevadensis Engelm. ex Greenm. & Roush Nevada agave
AGERA2 Ageratina Spach snakeroot
AGAD2 Ageratina adenophora (Spreng.) R.M. King & H. Rob. sticky snakeroot
EUAD2 Eupatorium adenophorum Spreng.  
EUGL8 Eupatorium glandulosum Kunth, non Michx.  
AGHE5 Ageratina herbacea (A. Gray) R.M. King & H. Rob. fragrant snakeroot
EUHE7 Eupatorium herbaceum (A. Gray) Greene  
AGOC2 Ageratina occidentalis (Hook.) R.M. King & H. Rob. western snakeroot
EUOC5 Eupatorium occidentale Hook.  
AGSH2 Ageratina shastensis (D.W. Taylor & Stebbins) R.M. King & H. Rob. Shasta snakeroot
EUSH Eupatorium shastense D.W. Taylor & Stebbins  
AGERA Ageratum L. whiteweed
AGCO Ageratum conyzoides L. tropical whiteweed
AGNOR Agnorhiza (Jeps.) W.A. Weber mule-ears
AGBO4 Agnorhiza bolanderi (A. Gray) W.A. Weber Bolander's mule-ears
BABO3 Balsamorhiza bolanderi A. Gray  
WYBO Wyethia bolanderi (A. Gray) W.A. Weber  
AGEL8 Agnorhiza elata (H.M. Hall) W.A. Weber Hall's mule-ears
WYEL Wyethia elata H.M. Hall  
AGIN8 Agnorhiza invenusta (Greene) W.A. Weber Coville's mule-ears
WYIN Wyethia invenusta (Greene) W.A. Weber  
AGOV Agnorhiza ovata (Torr. & A. Gray ex Torr.) W.A. Weber southern mule-ears
WYOV Wyethia ovata Torr. & A. Gray ex Torr.  
AGRE8 Agnorhiza reticulata (Greene) W.A. Weber El Dorado mule-ears
WYRE Wyethia reticulata Greene  
AGOSE Agoseris Raf. agoseris
AGAP2 Agoseris apargioides (Less.) Greene woolly goat chicory
AGAPA Agoseris apargioides (Less.) Greene var. apargioides woolly goat chicory
AGHI4 Agoseris hirsuta (Hook.) Greene  
TRAP2 Troximon apargioides Less.  
AGAPE Agoseris apargioides (Less.) Greene var. eastwoodiae (Fedde) Munz woolly goat chicory
AGEA Agoseris eastwoodiae Fedde  
AGAPM Agoseris apargioides (Less.) Greene var. maritima (Sheldon) Q. Jones ex Cronquist woolly goat chicory
AGAPM2 Agoseris apargioides (Less.) Greene ssp. maritima (Sheldon) Q. Jones  
AGMA4 Agoseris maritima Sheldon  
AGAU2 Agoseris aurantiaca (Hook.) Greene orange agoseris
AGAUA Agoseris aurantiaca (Hook.) Greene var. aurantiaca orange agoseris
AGGR7 Agoseris graminifolia Greene  
AGRO2 Agoseris rostrata Rydb.  
TRAU8 Troximon aurantiacum Hook.  
AGDA3 Agoseris ×dasycarpa Greene (pro sp.) [glauca var. glauca × monticola] agoseris
AGEL Agoseris elata (Nutt.) Greene tall agoseris
STEL4 Stylopappus elatus Nutt.  
AGGL Agoseris glauca (Pursh) Raf. pale agoseris
AGGLG Agoseris glauca (Pursh) Raf. var. glauca pale agoseris
AGTU3 Agoseris turbinata Rydb.  
TRGL7 Troximon glaucum Pursh  
AGGLL Agoseris glauca (Pursh) Raf. var. laciniata (D.C. Eaton) Smiley false agoseris
AGAR5 Agoseris arizonica Greene  
AGGLP Agoseris glauca (Pursh) Raf. var. parviflora (Nutt.) Rydb.  
AGPA14 Agoseris parviflora (Nutt.) Greene  
MAGLL Macrorhynchus glaucus (Pursh) D.C. Eaton var. laciniatus D.C. Eaton  
TRPA12 Troximon parviflorum Nutt.  
AGGLM Agoseris glauca (Pursh) Raf. var. monticola (Greene) Q. Jones ex Cronquist pale agoseris
AGMO5 Agoseris monticola Greene  
AGGR Agoseris grandiflora (Nutt.) Greene bigflower agoseris
AGGRL Agoseris grandiflora (Nutt.) Greene var. leptophylla G.I. Baird  
AGLA6 Agoseris laciniata (Nutt.) Greene  
AGPL3 Agoseris plebeja (Greene) Greene  
TRGR13 Troximon grandiflorum Nutt.  
AGHE2 Agoseris heterophylla (Nutt.) Greene annual agoseris
AGHEC Agoseris heterophylla (Nutt.) Greene var. crenulata Jeps. annual agoseris
AGHEH Agoseris heterophylla (Nutt.) Greene var. heterophylla annual agoseris
AGHEC2 Agoseris heterophylla (Nutt.) Greene ssp. californica (Nutt.) Piper  
AGHEN Agoseris heterophylla (Nutt.) Greene ssp. normalis Piper  
AGHEC3 Agoseris heterophylla (Nutt.) Greene var. cryptopleura Jeps.  
AGHEK Agoseris heterophylla (Nutt.) Greene var. kymapleura Greene  
MAHE4 Macrorhynchus heterophyllus Nutt.  
AGHET Agoseris heterophylla (Nutt.) Greene var. turgida (H.M. Hall) Jeps. annual agoseris
AGRE Agoseris retrorsa (Benth.) Greene spearleaf agoseris
MARE7 Macrorhynchus retrorsus Benth.  
AGRIM Agrimonia L. agrimony
AGEU Agrimonia eupatoria L. churchsteeples
AGGR2 Agrimonia gryposepala Wallr. tall hairy agrimony
AGROP3 ×Agropogon Fourn. agropogon
AGLI ×Agropogon littoralis (Sm.) C.E. Hubbard [Agrostis stolonifera × Polypogon monospeliensis] coast agropogon
POLI5 Polypogon littoralis Sm.  
AGROP2 Agropyron Gaertn. wheatgrass
AGCR Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn. crested wheatgrass
AGCRP8 Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn. ssp. pectinatum (M. Bieb.) Tzvelev crested wheatgrass
AGCR3 Agropyron cristatiforme Sarkar  
AGPE6 Agropyron pectinatum (M. Bieb.) P. Beauv.  
AGPE5 Agropyron pectiniforme Roem. & Schult.  
AGDE2 Agropyron desertorum (Fisch. ex Link) Schult. desert wheatgrass
AGCRD Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn. ssp. desertorum (Fisch. ex Link) Á. Löve  
AGCRD2 Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn. var. desertorum (Fisch. ex Link) Dorn  
AGROS Agrostemma L. corncockle
AGGI Agrostemma githago L. common corncockle
AGROS2 Agrostis L. bentgrass
AGAV Agrostis avenacea J.F. Gmel. Pacific bentgrass
AGRE5 Agrostis retrofracta Willd.  
LAFI3 Lachnagrostis filiformis (G. Forst.) Trin.  
AGBL Agrostis blasdalei Hitchc. Blasdale bentgrass
AGBLM Agrostis blasdalei Hitchc. var. marinensis Crampton  
AGBR3 Agrostis breviculmis auct. non Hitchc.  
AGCA5 Agrostis capillaris L. colonial bentgrass
AGSY2 Agrostis sylvatica Huds.  
AGTE Agrostis tenuis Sibth.  
AGTEA Agrostis tenuis Sibth. var. aristata (Parnell) Druce  
AGTEH Agrostis tenuis Sibth. var. hispida (Willd.) Philipson  
AGTEP Agrostis tenuis Sibth. var. pumila (L.) Druce  
AGVU2 Agrostis vulgaris With.  
AGCA11 Agrostis castellana Boiss. & Reuter bentgrass
AGCL2 Agrostis clivicola Crampton coastal bluff bentgrass
AGCLC Agrostis clivicola Crampton var. clivicola coastal bluff bentgrass
AGCLP Agrostis clivicola Crampton var. punta-reyesensis Crampton Point Reyes bentgrass
AGDE7 Agrostis densiflora Vasey California bentgrass
AGCA3 Agrostis californica Trin.  
AGGL3 Agrostis glomerata auct. non (J. Presl) Kunth  
AGEL4 Agrostis elliottiana Schult. Elliott's bentgrass
AGEX2 Agrostis exigua Thurb.  
AGEX Agrostis exarata Trin. spike bentgrass
AGAE2 Agrostis aenea Trin.  
AGAL2 Agrostis alaskana Hultén  
AGAM2 Agrostis ampla Hitchc.  
AGAS4 Agrostis asperifolia Trin.  
AGEXM3 Agrostis exarata Trin. ssp. minor (Hook.) C.L. Hitchc.  
AGEXM Agrostis exarata Trin. var. minor Hook.  
AGEXM2 Agrostis exarata Trin. var. monolepis (Torr.) Hitchc.  
AGEXP2 Agrostis exarata Trin. var. pacifica Vasey  
AGEXP Agrostis exarata Trin. var. purpurascens Hultén  
AGLO2 Agrostis longiligula Hitchc.  
AGLOA Agrostis longiligula Hitchc. var. australis J.T. Howell  
AGME Agrostis melaleuca (Trin.) Hitchc.  
AGMIM Agrostis microphylla Steud. var. major Vasey  
AGGI2 Agrostis gigantea Roth redtop
AGAL3 Agrostis alba auct. non L.  
AGGID Agrostis gigantea Roth var. dispar (Michx.) Philipson  
AGNI Agrostis nigra With.  
AGSTG Agrostis stolonifera L. ssp. gigantea (Roth) Schübl. & G. Martens  
AGSTM Agrostis stolonifera L. var. major (Gaudin) Farw.  
AGHA2 Agrostis hallii Vasey Hall's bentgrass
AGHAP Agrostis hallii Vasey var. pringlei (Scribn.) Hitchc.  
AGHE3 Agrostis hendersonii Hitchc. Henderson's bentgrass
AGAR2 Agrostis aristiglumis Swallen  
AGMIH Agrostis microphylla Steud. var. hendersonii (Hitchc.) Beetle  
AGHO Agrostis hooveri Swallen Hoover's bentgrass
AGHU Agrostis humilis Vasey alpine bentgrass
AGTH2 Agrostis thurberiana Hitchc.  
POHU Podagrostis humilis (Vasey) Björkman  
POTH3 Podagrostis thurberiana (Hitchc.) Hultén  
AGID Agrostis idahoensis Nash Idaho bentgrass
AGBOR Agrostis borealis Hartm. var. recta (Hartm.) B. Boivin  
AGCL4 Agrostis clavata auct. non Trin.  
AGFI3 Agrostis filicumis M.E. Jones  
AGLA Agrostis lacuna-vernalis P.M. Peterson & R. J. Soreng vernal pool bentgrass
AGMI3 Agrostis microphylla Steud. small-leaf bentgrass
AGIN7 Agrostis inflata Scribn.  
AGMII Agrostis microphylla Steud. var. intermedia Beetle  
AGOR Agrostis oregonensis Vasey Oregon bentgrass
AGPA8 Agrostis pallens Trin. seashore bentgrass
AGDI Agrostis diegoensis Vasey  
AGLE2 Agrostis lepida Hitchc.  
AGPAV Agrostis pallens Trin. var. vaseyi H. St. John  
AGPA9 Agrostis pauzhetica Prob. Thermal Bent
AGPE Agrostis perennans (Walter) Tuck. upland bentgrass
AGAL8 Agrostis altissima (Walter) Tuck.  
AGEL5 Agrostis elata (Pursh) Trin.  
AGOR3 Agrostis oreophila Trin.  
AGPEA Agrostis perennans (Walter) Tuck. var. aestivalis Vasey  
AGPEE Agrostis perennans (Walter) Tuck. var. elata (Pursh) Hitchc.  
AGSC6 Agrostis schweinitzii Trin.  
COPE7 Cornucopiae perennans Walter  
AGSC5 Agrostis scabra Willd. rough bentgrass
AGGE2 Agrostis geminata Trin.  
AGHYG Agrostis hyemalis (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. var. geminata (Trin.) Hitchc.  
AGHYS Agrostis hyemalis (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. var. scabra (Willd.) Blomquist  
AGHYT Agrostis hyemalis (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. var. tenuis (Tuck.) Gleason  
AGSCS4 Agrostis scabra Willd. ssp. septentrionalis (Fernald) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
AGSCG Agrostis scabra Willd. var. geminata (Trin.) Swallen  
AGSCS Agrostis scabra Willd. var. septentrionalis Fernald  
AGST2 Agrostis stolonifera L. creeping bentgrass
AGALP Agrostis alba L. var. palustris (Huds.) Pers.  
AGALS Agrostis alba L. var. stolonifera (L.) Sm.  
AGMA10 Agrostis maritima Lam.  
AGPA17 Agrostis palustris Huds.  
AGSTC Agrostis stolonifera L. var. compacta Hartm.  
AGSTP Agrostis stolonifera L. var. palustris (Huds.) Farw.  
AGVA Agrostis variabilis Rydb. mountain bentgrass
AGRO7 Agrostis rossiae auct. non Vasey  
AILAN Ailanthus Desf. ailanthus
AIAL Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle tree of heaven
AIGL Ailanthus glandulosa Desf.  
TOAL4 Toxicodendron altissimum Mill.  
AIRA Aira L. hairgrass
AICA Aira caryophyllea L. silver hairgrass
AICAC2 Aira caryophyllea L. var. caryophyllea silver hairgrass
ASCA22 Aspris caryophyllea (L.) Nash  
AICAC3 Aira caryophyllea L. var. cupaniana (Guss.) Fiori silver hairgrass
AICU Aira cupaniana Guss.  
AIEL4 Aira elegans Willd. ex Kunth annual silver hairgrass
AICA3 Aira capillaris Host, non Savi  
AICAC Aira caryophyllea L. var. capillaris (Host) Mutel  
AIELA Aira elegans Willd. ex Kunth ssp. ambigua (Arcang.) Holub  
AIEL2 Aira elegantissima Schur  
ASCA23 Aspris capillaris (Host) Hitchc.  
AIPR Aira praecox L. yellow hairgrass
ASPR14 Aspris praecox (L.) Nash  
ALBIZ Albizia Durazz. albizia
ALJU Albizia julibrissin Durazz. silktree
ALLE Albizia lebbeck (L.) Benth. woman's tongue
MILE6 Mimosa lebbeck L.  
ALCEA Alcea L. hollyhock
ALRO3 Alcea rosea L. hollyhock
ALFI9 Alcea ficifolia L.  
ALRO4 Althaea rosea (L.) Cav.  
ALHAG Alhagi Gagnebin alhagi
ALMA12 Alhagi maurorum Medik. camelthorn
ALCA Alhagi camelorum Fisch.  
ALPS3 Alhagi pseudalhagi (M. Bieb.) Desv. ex B. Keller & Schaparenko  
ALICI Aliciella Brand aliciella
ALHU6 Aliciella hutchinsifolia (Rydb.) J.M. Porter desert pale gilia
GIHU Gilia hutchinsifolia Rydb.  
GILER Gilia leptomeria A. Gray ssp. rubella (Brand) H. Mason & A.D. Grant  
ALLA13 Aliciella latifolia (S. Watson) J.M. Porter broad-leaf gilia
ALLAL3 Aliciella latifolia (S. Watson) J.M. Porter ssp. latifolia broadleaf gilia
GILA2 Gilia latifolia S. Watson  
GILAL3 Gilia latifolia S. Watson var. latifolia  
ALLE7 Aliciella leptomeria (A. Gray) J.M. Porter sand gilia
GILE3 Gilia leptomeria A. Gray  
ALLO6 Aliciella lottiae (Day) J.M. Porter Lott's gilia
GILO3 Gilia lottiae Day  
ALMI10 Aliciella micromeria (A. Gray) J.M. Porter dainty gilia
GILEM3 Gilia leptomeria A. Gray ssp. micromeria (A. Gray) H. Mason & A.D. Grant  
GILEM2 Gilia leptomeria A. Gray var. micromeria (A. Gray) Cronquist  
GIMI4 Gilia micromeria A. Gray  
ALRI3 Aliciella ripleyi (Barneby) J.M. Porter Ripley's gilia
GIRI2 Gilia ripleyi Barneby  
ALSU10 Aliciella subacaulis (Rydb.) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson pinyon gilia
GISU2 Gilia subacaulis Rydb.  
ALTR14 Aliciella triodon (Eastw.) Brand coyote gilia
GITR4 Gilia triodon Eastw.  
ALISM Alisma L. water plantain
ALGR Alisma gramineum Lej. narrowleaf water plantain
ALGE3 Alisma geyeri Torr.  
ALGRA Alisma gramineum Lej. var. angustissimum (DC.) A.J. Hendricks  
ALGRG2 Alisma gramineum Lej. var. geyeri (Torr.) Lam.  
ALGRG3 Alisma gramineum Lej. var. graminifolium (Wahlenb.) A.J. Hendricks  
ALGRW Alisma gramineum Lej. var. wahlenbergii auct. non (Holmb.) Raymond & Kucyniak  
ALLA5 Alisma lanceolatum A. Gray  
ALLA2 Alisma lanceolatum With. lanceleaf water plantain
ALSU Alisma subcordatum Raf. American water plantain
ALPLS Alisma plantago-aquatica L. ssp. subcordatum (Raf.) Hultén  
ALPLP Alisma plantago-aquatica L. var. parviflorum (Pursh) Torr.  
ALTR7 Alisma triviale Pursh northern water plantain
ALBR10 Alisma brevipes Greene  
ALPLB Alisma plantago-aquatica L. ssp. brevipes (Greene) Sam.  
ALPLA Alisma plantago-aquatica L. var. americanum Schult.  
ALPLB2 Alisma plantago-aquatica L. var. brevipes (Greene) Vict.  
ALLEN Allenrolfea Kuntze allenrolfea
ALOC2 Allenrolfea occidentalis (S. Watson) Kuntze iodinebush
HAOC Halostachys occidentalis S. Watson  
ALLIO Allionia L. windmills
ALIN Allionia incarnata L. trailing windmills
ALINN Allionia incarnata L. var. nudata (Standl.) Munz trailing windmills
ALINV2 Allionia incarnata L. var. villosa (Standl.) B.L. Turner trailing windmills
ALLIU Allium L. onion
ALAB2 Allium abramsii (Ownbey & Aase) McNeal Abrams' allium
ALFIA Allium fimbriatum S. Watson var. abramsii Ownbey & Aase  
ALAC4 Allium acuminatum Hook. tapertip onion
ALACC Allium acuminatum Hook. var. cuspidatum Fernald  
ALAM Allium ampeloprasum L. broadleaf wild leek
ALAMA2 Allium ampeloprasum L. var. ampeloprasum  
ALAM2 Allium amplectens Hook. narrowleaf onion
ALAT2 Allium attenuifolium Kellogg  
ALMO7 Allium monospermum Jeps.  
ALOC6 Allium occidentale A. Gray  
ALAN Allium anceps Kellogg twinleaf onion
ALAT Allium atrorubens S. Watson darkred onion
ALATA Allium atrorubens S. Watson var. atrorubens darkred onion
ALATC Allium atrorubens S. Watson var. cristatum (S. Watson) McNeal darkred onion
ALATI2 Allium atrorubens S. Watson ssp. inyoensis (M.E. Jones) Traub  
ALATI3 Allium atrorubens S. Watson var. inyoensis (M.E. Jones) Ownbey & Aase  
ALCR13 Allium cristatum S. Watson  
ALIN4 Allium inyonis M.E. Jones  
ALNEC Allium nevadense S. Watson var. cristatum (S. Watson) Ownbey  
ALBI2 Allium bisceptrum S. Watson twincrest onion
ALBIB Allium bisceptrum S. Watson var. bisceptrum twincrest onion
ALBO Allium bolanderi S. Watson Bolander's onion
ALBOB Allium bolanderi S. Watson var. bolanderi Bolander's onion
ALBOM Allium bolanderi S. Watson var. mirabile (L.F. Hend.) McNeal Bolander's onion
ALMI3 Allium mirabile L.F. Hend.  
ALBOS Allium bolanderi S. Watson var. stenanthum (E. Drew) Jeps. Bolander's onion
ALST5 Allium stenanthum E. Drew  
ALBU Allium burlewii Davidson Burlew's onion
ALJO Allium johnstonii M.E. Jones ex Jeps.  
ALCA2 Allium campanulatum S. Watson dusky onion
ALAU2 Allium austinae M.E. Jones  
ALBI4 Allium bidwelliae S. Watson  
ALCAB Allium campanulatum S. Watson var. bidwelliae (S. Watson) Jeps.  
ALCE Allium cepa L. garden onion
ALCEA2 Allium cepa L. var. aggregatum G. Don  
ALCEC Allium cepa L. var. cepa  
ALCEM Allium cepa L. var. multiplicans L.H. Bailey  
ALCEP Allium cepa L. var. proliferum (Moench) Regel  
ALCES Allium cepa L. var. solaninum Alef.  
ALCR3 Allium cratericola Eastw. Cascade onion
ALPAB Allium parvum Kellogg var. brucae M.E. Jones  
ALPAJ Allium parvum Kellogg var. jacintense Munz  
ALCR5 Allium crispum Greene crinkled onion
ALPEC Allium peninsulare Lemmon ex Greene var. crispum (Greene) Jeps.  
ALDE6 Allium denticulatum (Ownbey & Aase) McNeal toothed onion
ALFID Allium fimbriatum S. Watson var. denticulatum Ownbey & Aase  
ALDI10 Allium diabolense (Ownbey & Aase) McNeal serpentine onion
ALFID2 Allium fimbriatum S. Watson var. diabolense Ownbey & Aase  
ALDI2 Allium dichlamydeum Greene coastal onion
ALFA3 Allium falcifolium Hook. & Arn. scytheleaf onion
ALBR8 Allium breweri S. Watson  
ALFI2 Allium fimbriatum S. Watson fringed onion
ALFIF Allium fimbriatum S. Watson var. fimbriatum fringed onion
ALFIM Allium fimbriatum S. Watson var. mohavense (Tidestr.) Jeps. Mojave fringed onion
ALFIM3 Allium fimbriatum S. Watson ssp. mohavense (Tidestr.) Traub & Ownbey  
ALMO8 Allium mohavense Tidestr.  
ALFIP2 Allium fimbriatum S. Watson var. purdyi (Eastw.) Ownbey & Aase Purdy's fringed onion
ALFIP4 Allium fimbriatum S. Watson ssp. purdyi (Eastw.) Traub & Ownbey  
ALPU6 Allium purdyi Eastw.  
ALHA Allium haematochiton S. Watson redskin onion
ALMA19 Allium marvinii Davidson  
ALHI Allium hickmanii Eastw. Hickman's onion
ALHO Allium hoffmanii Ownbey beegum onion
ALHO2 Allium howellii Eastw. Howell's onion
ALHOC Allium howellii Eastw. var. clokeyi Ownbey & Aase Clokey's onion
ALHOH Allium howellii Eastw. var. howellii Howell's onion
ALHOS Allium howellii Eastw. var. sanbenitense (Traub) Ownbey & Aase San Benito onion
ALHOS2 Allium howellii Eastw. ssp. sanbenitense (Traub) Traub & Ownbey  
ALSA6 Allium sanbenitense Traub  
ALHY Allium hyalinum Curran glassy onion
ALJE Allium jepsonii (Ownbey & Aase) S. Denison & McNeal Jepson's onion
ALSAJ Allium sanbornii Alph. Wood var. jepsonii Ownbey & Aase  
ALLA3 Allium lacunosum S. Watson pitted onion
ALLAD Allium lacunosum S. Watson var. davisiae (M.E. Jones) McNeal & Ownbey pitted onion
ALDA Allium davisiae M.E. Jones  
ALLAK Allium lacunosum S. Watson var. kernense McNeal & Ownbey Kern's pitted onion
ALLAL Allium lacunosum S. Watson var. lacunosum pitted onion
ALLAM2 Allium lacunosum S. Watson var. micranthum Eastw. pitted onion
ALLE3 Allium lemmonii S. Watson Lemmon's onion
ALIN5 Allium incisum A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr.  
ALSC6 Allium scissum A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr.  
ALME Allium membranaceum Ownbey papery onion
ALMO3 Allium monticola Davidson San Bernardino Mountain onion
ALMOK Allium monticola Davidson var. keckii (Munz) Ownbey & Aase  
ALPAK Allium parishii S. Watson var. keckii Munz  
ALMU6 Allium munzii (Ownbey ex Traub) McNeal Munz's onion
ALFIM2 Allium fimbriatum S. Watson var. munzii Ownbey ex Traub  
ALNE3 Allium neapolitanum Cirillo white garlic
ALIN7 Allium inodorum Aiton  
ALNE8 Allium neopolitanum Cirillo, orth. var.  
NOIN3 Nothoscordum inodorum (Aiton) G. Nicholson  
ALNE Allium nevadense S. Watson Nevada onion
ALOB Allium obtusum Lemmon red Sierra onion
ALOBC Allium obtusum Lemmon var. conspicuum Mortola & McNeal red Sierra onion
ALOBO Allium obtusum Lemmon var. obtusum red Sierra onion
ALAM6 Allium ambiguum M.E. Jones  
ALPA20 Allium paniculatum L. Mediterranean onion
ALPAP2 Allium paniculatum L. var. paniculatum  
ALPA2 Allium parishii S. Watson Parish's onion
ALPA11 Allium parryi S. Watson Parry's fringed onion
ALFIP3 Allium fimbriatum S. Watson ssp. parryi (S. Watson) Traub & Ownbey  
ALFIP Allium fimbriatum S. Watson var. parryi (S. Watson) Ownbey & Aase  
ALPA3 Allium parvum Kellogg small onion
ALMO9 Allium modocense Jeps.  
ALTRA Allium tribracteatum Torr. var. andersonii S. Watson  
ALPE Allium peninsulare Lemmon ex Greene Mexicali onion
ALPEF Allium peninsulare Lemmon ex Greene var. franciscanum McNeal & Ownbey San Francisco onion
ALPEP2 Allium peninsulare Lemmon ex Greene var. peninsulare penisula onion
ALPL2 Allium platycaule S. Watson broadstemmed onion
ALPR2 Allium praecox Brandegee early onion
ALPU Allium punctum L.F. Hend. dotted onion
ALMI5 Allium miser Piper  
ALSA Allium sanbornii Alph. Wood Sanborn's onion
ALSAC Allium sanbornii Alph. Wood var. congdonii Jeps. Congdon's onion
ALIN6 Allium intactum Jeps.  
ALSAI Allium sanbornii Alph. Wood ssp. intactum (Jeps.) Traub  
ALSAS Allium sanbornii Alph. Wood var. sanbornii Sanborn's onion
ALSA2 Allium sativum L. cultivated garlic
ALSE3 Allium serra McNeal & Ownbey jeweled onion
ALSH2 Allium sharsmithiae (Ownbey & Aase) McNeal Sharsmith's onion
ALFIS Allium fimbriatum S. Watson var. sharsmithiae Ownbey & Aase  
ALSH Allium shevockii McNeal Spanish Needle onion
ALSI2 Allium siskiyouense Ownbey Siskiyou onion
ALFAD Allium falcifolium Hook. & Arn. var. demissum Jeps.  
ALTO Allium tolmiei (Hook.) Baker ex S. Watson Tolmie's onion
ALTOT Allium tolmiei (Hook.) Baker ex S. Watson var. tolmiei Tolmie's onion
ALCU3 Allium cusickii S. Watson  
ALTR2 Allium tribracteatum Torr. threebract onion
ALTR4 Allium triquetrum L. threecorner leek
ALTU Allium tuolumnense (Ownbey & Aase) S. Denison & McNeal Rawhide Hill onion
ALSAT Allium sanbornii Alph. Wood var. tuolumnense Ownbey & Aase  
ALUN Allium unifolium Kellogg oneleaf onion
ALVA Allium validum S. Watson Pacific onion
ALVI Allium vineale L. wild garlic
ALVIV Allium vineale L. ssp. vineale wild garlic
ALYO Allium yosemitense Eastw. Yosemite onion
ALLOP2 Allophyllum (Nutt.) A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant false gilyflower
ALDI4 Allophyllum divaricatum (Nutt.) A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant purple false gilyflower
GIGIV Gilia gilioides (Benth.) Greene ssp. volcanica (Brand) H. Mason & A.D. Grant  
ALGI Allophyllum gilioides (Benth.) A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant dense false gilyflower
ALGIG Allophyllum gilioides (Benth.) A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant ssp. gilioides dense false gilyflower
GIGI2 Gilia gilioides (Benth.) Greene  
ALGIV Allophyllum gilioides (Benth.) A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant ssp. violaceum (A. Heller) Day dense false gilyflower
ALVI4 Allophyllum violaceum (A. Heller) A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant  
GIGIV2 Gilia gilioides (Benth.) Greene var. violacea (A. Heller) Cronquist  
GIVI Gilia violacea A. Heller  
ALGL3 Allophyllum glutinosum (Benth.) A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant sticky false gilyflower
GIGIG Gilia gilioides (Benth.) Greene ssp. glutinosa (Benth.) H. Mason & A.D. Grant  
ALIN3 Allophyllum integrifolium (Brand) A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant white false gilyflower
ALLOT Allotropa Torr. & A. Gray sugarstick
ALVI2 Allotropa virgata Torr. & A. Gray ex A. Gray sugarstick
ALMUT2 Almutaster Á. Löve & D. Löve alkali marsh aster
ALPA14 Almutaster pauciflorus (Nutt.) Á. Löve & D. Löve alkali marsh aster
ASHY6 Aster hydrophilus Greene ex Wooton & Standl.  
ASPA8 Aster pauciflorus Nutt.  
ALNUS Alnus Mill. alder
ALCO13 Alnus cordata (Loisel.) Duby Italian alder
ALIN2 Alnus incana (L.) Moench gray alder
ALINT Alnus incana (L.) Moench ssp. tenuifolia (Nutt.) Breitung thinleaf alder
ALINO Alnus incana (L.) Moench var. occidentalis (Dippel) C.L. Hitchc.  
ALINV Alnus incana (L.) Moench var. virescens S. Watson  
ALPU5 Alnus ×purpusii Callier  
ALTE2 Alnus tenuifolia Nutt.  
ALRH2 Alnus rhombifolia Nutt. white alder
ALRHB Alnus rhombifolia Nutt. var. bernardina Munz & I.M. Johnst.  
ALRU2 Alnus rubra Bong. red alder
ALOR Alnus oregona Nutt.  
ALORP Alnus oregona Nutt. var. pinnatisecta Starker  
ALVI5 Alnus viridis (Chaix) DC. green alder
ALVIF Alnus viridis (Chaix) DC. ssp. fruticosa (Rupr.) Nyman Siberian alder
ALVIS Alnus viridis (Chaix) DC. ssp. sinuata (Regel) Á. Löve & D. Löve Sitka alder
ALAL9 Alnus alnobetula (Ehrh.) K. Koch p.p.  
ALCRL Alnus crispa (Aiton) Pursh ssp. laciniata Hultén  
ALCRS Alnus crispa (Aiton) Pursh ssp. sinuata (Regel) Hultén  
ALSI3 Alnus sinuata (Regel) Rydb.  
ALVIS2 Alnus viridis (Chaix) DC. var. sinuata Regel  
DUSI Duschekia sinuata (Regel) Pouzar  
ALOE Aloe L. aloe
ALSC12 Aloe ×schoenlandi Baker [saporaria × striata] aloe
ALOPE Alopecurus L. foxtail
ALAE Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. shortawn foxtail
ALAEA Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. var. aequalis shortawn foxtail
ALAEN Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. var. natans (Wahlenb.) Fernald  
ALAR5 Alopecurus aristulatus Michx.  
ALGEA Alopecurus geniculatus L. var. aristulatus (Michx.) Torr.  
ALAES Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. var. sonomensis P. Rubtzov Sonoma shortawn foxtail
ALCA4 Alopecurus carolinianus Walter Carolina foxtail
ALMA15 Alopecurus macounii Vasey  
ALRA4 Alopecurus ramosus Poir.  
ALGE2 Alopecurus geniculatus L. water foxtail
ALGEG4 Alopecurus geniculatus L. var. geniculatus water foxtail
ALPA9 Alopecurus pallescens Piper  
ALMY Alopecurus myosuroides Huds. slender meadow foxtail
ALAG Alopecurus agrestis L.  
ALPR3 Alopecurus pratensis L. meadow foxtail
ALSA3 Alopecurus saccatus Vasey Pacific foxtail
ALHO3 Alopecurus howellii Vasey  
ALOYS Aloysia Juss. beebrush
ALTR6 Aloysia triphylla (L'Hér.) Britton lemon beebrush
ALCI Aloysia citriodora Paláu, orth. var.  
ALCI4 Aloysia citrodora Paláu  
LICI2 Lippia citriodora Kunth, orth. var.  
LICI3 Lippia citrodora Kunth  
LITR7 Lippia triphylla (L'Hér.) Kuntze  
ALWR Aloysia wrightii (A. Gray) A. Heller Wright's beebrush
LIWR2 Lippia wrightii A. Gray  
ALTER2 Alternanthera Forssk. joyweed
ALBE Alternanthera bettzichiana (Regel) Voss calicoplant
ACBE3 Achyranthes bettzichiana (Regel) Standl.  
ACFIB Achyranthes ficoidea (L.) Lam. ssp. bettzichiana (Regel) Baker  
ALAM11 Alternanthera amoena (Lemaire) Voss  
ALTEV Alternanthera tenella Colla var. versicolor (Lem.) Veldkamp  
ALCA5 Alternanthera caracasana Kunth washerwoman
ACPE3 Achyranthes peploides (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Schult.) Britton & P. Wilson  
ALPE6 Alternanthera peploides (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Schult.) Urb.  
ALPH Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Griseb. alligatorweed
ACPH Achyranthes philoxeroides (Mart.) Standl.  
ALYSS Alyssum L. madwort
ALAL3 Alyssum alyssoides (L.) L. pale madwort
ALCA11 Alyssum calycinum L.  
CLAL10 Clypeola alyssoides L.  
ALDE Alyssum desertorum Stapf desert madwort
ALDEH Alyssum desertorum Stapf var. himalayensis Dudley desert madwort
ALSI8 Alyssum simplex Rudolphi alyssum
ALMI2 Alyssum minus (L.) Rothm., nom. illeg.  
ALMIM Alyssum minus (L.) Rothm. var. micranthum (C.A. Mey.) Dudley  
ALPA7 Alyssum parviflorum Fisch. ex M. Bieb.  
ALPAM Alyssum parviflorum Fisch. ex M. Bieb. var. micranthum (C.A. Mey.) Dorn  
CLMI5 Clypeola minus L. p.p.  
ALST2 Alyssum strigosum Banks & Sol. alyssum
ALMIS Alyssum minus (L.) Rothm. var. strigosum (Banks & Sol.) Zohary  
AMARA Amaranthus L. pigweed
AMAL Amaranthus albus L. prostrate pigweed
AMALP3 Amaranthus albus L. var. pubescens (Uline & Bray) Fernald  
AMGRP Amaranthus graecizans L. var. pubescens Uline & Bray  
AMPU Amaranthus pubescens (Uline & Bray) Rydb.  
AMAR Amaranthus arenicola I.M. Johnst. sandhill amaranth
AMBL Amaranthus blitoides S. Watson mat amaranth
AMGR Amaranthus graecizans auct. non L.  
AMBL2 Amaranthus blitum L. purple amaranth
AMBLE2 Amaranthus blitum L. var. emarginatus (Salzm. ex Uline & W.L. Bray) Lambinon purple amaranth
AMBLE Amaranthus blitum L. ssp. emarginatus (Moq. ex Uline & Bray) Carretero, Garmendia & Pedrol  
AMLI Amaranthus lividus auct. non L.  
AMCA Amaranthus californicus (Moq.) S. Watson California amaranth
AMAL4 Amaranthus albomarginatus Uline & Bray  
AMMI5 Amaranthus microphyllus Shinners  
AMCA3 Amaranthus caudatus L. foxtail amaranth
AMED Amaranthus edulis Speg.  
AMCR4 Amaranthus cruentus L. red amaranth
AMHYC Amaranthus hybridus L. ssp. cruentus (L.) Thell.  
AMHYC2 Amaranthus hybridus L. var. cruentus (L.) Moq.  
AMPA10 Amaranthus paniculatus L.  
AMDE Amaranthus deflexus L. largefruit amaranth
AMFI Amaranthus fimbriatus (Torr.) Benth. ex S. Watson fringed amaranth
AMFIF Amaranthus fimbriatus (Torr.) Benth. ex S. Watson var. fimbriatus  
AMHY Amaranthus hybridus L. slim amaranth
AMCH7 Amaranthus chlorostachys Willd.  
AMIN6 Amaranthus incurvatus Tim. ex Gren. & Godr.  
AMPA11 Amaranthus patulus Bertol.  
AMHY2 Amaranthus hypochondriacus L. Prince-of-Wales feather
AMHYH Amaranthus hybridus L. ssp. hypochondriacus (L.) Thell.  
AMLE2 Amaranthus leucocarpus S. Watson  
AMPA Amaranthus palmeri S. Watson carelessweed
AMPO2 Amaranthus powellii S. Watson Powell's amaranth
AMPOB2 Amaranthus powellii S. Watson ssp. bouchonii (Thell.) Costea & Carretero Powell's amaranth
AMBO Amaranthus bouchonii Thell.  
AMPOP Amaranthus powellii S. Watson ssp. powellii Powell's amaranth
AMBR4 Amaranthus bracteosus Uline & Bray  
AMREP Amaranthus retroflexus L. var. powellii (S. Watson) B. Boivin  
AMVI4 Amaranthus viscidulus Greene  
AMRE Amaranthus retroflexus L. redroot amaranth
AMRES Amaranthus retroflexus L. var. salicifolius I.M. Johnst.  
AMSP Amaranthus spinosus L. spiny amaranth
AMTO6 Amaranthus torreyi (A. Gray) Benth. ex S. Watson Torrey's amaranthus
AMTU Amaranthus tuberculatus (Moq.) Sauer roughfruit amaranth
ACAL5 Acnida altissima (Riddell) Moq. ex Standl.  
ACALP Acnida altissima (Riddell) Moq. ex Standl. var. prostrata (Uline & Bray) Fernald  
ACALS Acnida altissima (Riddell) Moq. ex Standl. var. subnuda (S. Watson) Fernald  
ACCO8 Acnida concatenata (Moq.) Small  
ACSU Acnida subnuda (S. Watson) Standl.  
ACTA Acnida tamariscina auct. non (Nutt.) Alph. Wood  
ACTAP Acnida tamariscina (Nutt.) Alph. Wood var. prostrata Uline & Bray  
ACTU Acnida tuberculata Moq.  
AMAL5 Amaranthus altissimus Riddell  
AMAM7 Amaranthus ambigens Standl.  
AMRU Amaranthus rudis Sauer  
AMTA3 Amaranthus tamariscinus auct. non Nutt.  
AMTUP Amaranthus tuberculatus (Moq.) Sauer var. prostratus (Uline & Bray) B.L. Rob.  
AMTUS Amaranthus tuberculatus (Moq.) Sauer var. subnudus S. Watson  
AMWA Amaranthus watsonii Standl. Watson's amaranth
AMTO Amaranthus torreyi auct. non (A. Gray) Benth. ex S. Watson  
AMARY Amaryllis L. amaryllis
AMBE3 Amaryllis belladonna L. belladonna lily
AMBER Amberboa (Pers.) Less. amberboa
AMMO Amberboa moschata (L.) DC. sweetsultan
CEMO3 Centaurea moschata L.  
AMBLY2 Amblyopappus Hook. & Arn. amblyopappus
AMPU3 Amblyopappus pusillus Hook. & Arn. dwarf coastweed
AMBRO Ambrosia L. ragweed
AMAC2 Ambrosia acanthicarpa Hook. flatspine bur ragweed
FRAC2 Franseria acanthicarpa (Hook.) Coville  
GAAC2 Gaertneria acanthicarpa (Hook.) Britton  
AMAM2 Ambrosia ambrosioides (Cav.) Payne ambrosia leaf bur ragweed
FRAM3 Franseria ambrosioides Cav.  
AMAR2 Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. annual ragweed
AMARE Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. var. elatior (L.) Descourtils annual ragweed
AMEL2 Ambrosia elatior L.  
AMCH4 Ambrosia chamissonis (Less.) Greene silver bur ragweed
AMCHB Ambrosia chamissonis (Less.) Greene var. bipinnatisecta (Less.) J.T. Howell  
FRCH4 Franseria chamissonis Less.  
FRCHB Franseria chamissonis Less. ssp. bipinnatisecta (Less.) Wiggins & Stockw.  
FRCHB2 Franseria chamissonis Less. var. bipinnatisecta Less.  
AMCH5 Ambrosia chenopodiifolia (Benth.) Payne San Diego bur ragweed
FRCH5 Franseria chenopodiifolia Benth.  
AMCO3 Ambrosia confertiflora DC. weakleaf bur ragweed
FRCO3 Franseria confertiflora (DC.) Rydb.  
FRST3 Franseria strigulosa Rydb.  
GATE6 Gaertneria tenuifolia Harv. & A. Gray  
AMDU2 Ambrosia dumosa (A. Gray) Payne burrobush
FRDU2 Franseria dumosa A. Gray  
AMER Ambrosia eriocentra (A. Gray) Payne woolly fruit bur ragweed
FRER2 Franseria eriocentra A. Gray  
AMIL2 Ambrosia ilicifolia (A. Gray) Payne hollyleaf bur ragweed
FRIL2 Franseria ilicifolia A. Gray  
AMPS Ambrosia psilostachya DC. Cuman ragweed
AMCA10 Ambrosia californica Rydb.  
AMCO5 Ambrosia coronopifolia Torr. & A. Gray  
AMCU2 Ambrosia cumanensis auct. non Kunth  
AMPSC Ambrosia psilostachya DC. var. californica (Rydb.) S.F. Blake  
AMPSC2 Ambrosia psilostachya DC. var. coronopifolia (Torr. & A. Gray) Farw.  
AMPSL Ambrosia psilostachya DC. var. lindheimeriana (Scheele) Blank.  
AMRU2 Ambrosia rugelii Rydb.  
AMPU4 Ambrosia pumila (Nutt.) A. Gray dwarf bur ragweed
FRPU5 Franseria pumila Nutt.  
AMTR Ambrosia trifida L. great ragweed
AMTRT2 Ambrosia trifida L. var. trifida great ragweed
AMTRI Ambrosia trifida L. var. integrifolia (Muhl. ex Willd.) Torr. & A. Gray  
AMELA Amelanchier Medik. serviceberry
AMAL2 Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roem. Saskatoon serviceberry
AMALS Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roem. var. semiintegrifolia (Hook.) C.L. Hitchc. Saskatoon serviceberry
AMALF Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roem. ssp. florida (Lindl.) Hultén  
AMFL Amelanchier florida Lindl.  
AMPA2 Amelanchier pallida Greene pale serviceberry
AMALP Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roem. var. pallida (Greene) Jeps.  
AMFLG Amelanchier florida Lindl. var. gracilis (A. Heller) M. Peck  
AMGR7 Amelanchier gracilis A. Heller  
AMPU5 Amelanchier pumila (Torr. & A. Gray) Nutt. ex M. Roem. dwarf serviceberry
AMALP2 Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roem. var. pumila (Torr. & A. Gray) C.K. Schneid.  
AMBA4 Amelanchier basalticola Piper  
AMCU3 Amelanchier cuneata Piper  
AMGL4 Amelanchier glabra Greene  
AMPO5 Amelanchier polycarpa Greene  
AMUT Amelanchier utahensis Koehne Utah serviceberry
AMUTC2 Amelanchier utahensis Koehne var. covillei (Standl.) N.H. Holmgren Coville's serviceberry
AMCO9 Amelanchier covillei Standl.  
AMUTC Amelanchier utahensis Koehne ssp. covillei (Standl.) Clokey  
AMUTU Amelanchier utahensis Koehne var. utahensis Utah serviceberry
AMALO Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roem. var. oreophila (A. Nelson) R.J. Davis  
AMALU Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roem. var. utahensis (Koehne) M.E. Jones  
AMAU3 Amelanchier australis Standl.  
AMBA5 Amelanchier bakeri Greene  
AMGO2 Amelanchier goldmanii Wooton & Standl.  
AMMO3 Amelanchier mormonica C.K. Schneid.  
AMOR2 Amelanchier oreophila A. Nelson  
AMMAN Ammannia L. redstem
AMCO Ammannia coccinea Rottb. valley redstem
AMCOP Ammannia coccinea Rottb. ssp. purpurea (Lam.) Koehne  
AMTE6 Ammannia teres Raf.  
AMRO3 Ammannia robusta Heer & Regel grand redstem
AMCOR Ammannia coccinea Rottb. ssp. robusta (Heer & Regel) Koehne  
LUSC3 Ludwigia scabriuscula Kellogg  
AMMI4 Ammi L. ammi
AMMA Ammi majus L. large bullwort
AMVI2 Ammi visnaga (L.) Lam. toothpickweed
VIDA4 Visnaga daucoides Gaertn.  
AMMOP Ammophila Host beachgrass
AMAR4 Ammophila arenaria (L.) Link European beachgrass
AMBR Ammophila breviligulata Fernald American beachgrass
AMMOS Ammoselinum Torr. & A. Gray sandparsley
AMGI Ammoselinum giganteum J.M. Coult. & Rose western sandparsley
AMORP Amorpha L. false indigo
AMCA5 Amorpha californica Nutt. California false indigo
AMCAC Amorpha californica Nutt. var. californica California false indigo
AMCAH Amorpha californica Nutt. var. hispidula (Greene) Palmer  
AMCAN Amorpha californica Nutt. var. napensis Jeps. Napa false indigo
AMFR Amorpha fruticosa L. false indigo bush
AMAN2 Amorpha angustifolia (Pursh) Boynt.  
AMBU2 Amorpha bushii Rydb.  
AMCR3 Amorpha croceolanata P.W. Watson  
AMCU4 Amorpha curtissii Rydb.  
AMDE3 Amorpha dewinkeleri Small  
AMFRA Amorpha fruticosa L. var. angustifolia Pursh  
AMFRC Amorpha fruticosa L. var. croceolanata (P.W. Watson) P.W. Watson ex Mouillef.  
AMFRE Amorpha fruticosa L. var. emarginata Pursh  
AMFRO2 Amorpha fruticosa L. var. oblongifolia Palmer  
AMFRO Amorpha fruticosa L. var. occidentalis (Abrams) Kearney & Peebles  
AMFRT Amorpha fruticosa L. var. tennesseensis (Shuttlw. ex Kunze) Palmer  
AMOC Amorpha occidentalis Abrams  
AMOCA Amorpha occidentalis Abrams var. arizonica (Rydb.) Palmer  
AMOCE Amorpha occidentalis Abrams var. emarginata (Pursh) Palmer  
AMTE7 Amorpha tennesseensis Shuttlw. ex Kunze  
AMVI3 Amorpha virgata Small  
AMPEL2 Ampelodesmos Link Mauritanian grass
AMMA5 Ampelodesmos mauritanicus (Poir.) T. Dur. & Schinz Mauritanian grass
AMMA2 Ampelodesmos mauritanica (Poir.) T. Dur. & Schinz, orth. var.  
STMA7 Stipa mauritanica (Poir.) Columbus & J.P. Smith  
AMPHI9 Amphibromus Nees wallaby grass
AMNE4 Amphibromus neesii Steud. Australian wallaby grass
AMPHI3 Amphipappus Torr. & A. Gray chaffbush
AMFR2 Amphipappus fremontii Torr. & A. Gray ex A. Gray Fremont's chaffbush
AMFRF Amphipappus fremontii Torr. & A. Gray ex A. Gray ssp. fremontii Fremont's chaffbush
AMFRF2 Amphipappus fremontii Torr. & A. Gray ex A. Gray var. fremontii  
AMFRS2 Amphipappus fremontii Torr. & A. Gray ex A. Gray ssp. spinosus (A. Nelson) D.D. Keck Fremont's chaffbush
AMSP4 Amphiachyris spinosa A. Nelson  
AMFRS Amphipappus fremontii Torr. & A. Gray ex A. Gray var. spinosus (A. Nelson) Ced. Porter  
AMSIN Amsinckia Lehm. fiddleneck
AMDO Amsinckia douglasiana A. DC. Douglas' fiddleneck
AMEA2 Amsinckia eastwoodiae J.F. Macbr. Eastwood's fiddleneck
AMINE Amsinckia intermedia Fisch. & C.A. Mey. var. eastwoodiae (J.F. Macbr.) Jeps. & Hoover  
AMGR3 Amsinckia grandiflora (Kleeb. ex A. Gray) Kleeb. ex Greene largeflowered fiddleneck
AMLU Amsinckia lunaris J.F. Macbr. bentflower fiddleneck
AMLY Amsinckia lycopsoides Lehm. tarweed fiddleneck
AMBA6 Amsinckia barbata Greene  
BELY2 Benthamia lycopsoides (Lehm.) Lindl. ex Druce  
AMME Amsinckia menziesii (Lehm.) A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. Menzies' fiddleneck
AMMEI2 Amsinckia menziesii (Lehm.) A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. var. intermedia (Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) Ganders common fiddleneck
AMAR7 Amsinckia arizonica Suksd.  
AMDE5 Amsinckia demissa Suksd.  
AMEC Amsinckia echinata A. Gray  
AMIN5 Amsinckia intactilis J.F. Macbr.  
AMIN3 Amsinckia intermedia Fisch. & C.A. Mey.  
AMINE2 Amsinckia intermedia Fisch. & C.A. Mey. var. echinata (A. Gray) Wiggins  
AMMI2 Amsinckia microphylla Suksd.  
AMNA3 Amsinckia nana Suksd.  
AMRI2 Amsinckia rigida Suksd.  
AMMEM2 Amsinckia menziesii (Lehm.) A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. var. menziesii Menzies' fiddleneck
AMHI Amsinckia hispida auct. non (Ruiz & Pav.) I.M. Johnst.  
AMID Amsinckia idahoensis M.E. Jones  
AMMI3 Amsinckia micrantha Suksd.  
AMPA9 Amsinckia parviflora A. Heller  
AMRE2 Amsinckia retrorsa Suksd.  
AMRU3 Amsinckia rugosa Rydb.  
ECME4 Echium menziesii Lehm.  
AMSP3 Amsinckia spectabilis Fisch. & C.A. Mey. woolly breeches
AMSC3 Amsinckia scouleri I.M. Johnst.  
AMSPB Amsinckia spectabilis Fisch. & C.A. Mey. var. bracteosa (A. Gray) B. Boivin  
AMSPM Amsinckia spectabilis Fisch. & C.A. Mey. var. microcarpa (Greene) Jeps. & Hoover  
AMSPN Amsinckia spectabilis Fisch. & C.A. Mey. var. nicolai (Jeps.) I.M. Johnst. ex Munz  
AMSPS3 Amsinckia spectabilis Fisch. & C.A. Mey. var. spectabilis  
AMTE3 Amsinckia tessellata A. Gray bristly fiddleneck
AMTEG Amsinckia tessellata A. Gray var. gloriosa (Eastw. ex Suksd.) Hoover bristly fiddleneck
AMGL Amsinckia gloriosa Eastw. ex Suksd.  
AMTET Amsinckia tessellata A. Gray var. tessellata bristly fiddleneck
AMDE6 Amsinckia densirugosa Suksd.  
AMHE6 Amsinckia hendersonii Suksd.  
AMWA2 Amsinckia washingtonensis Suksd.  
AMVE Amsinckia vernicosa Hook. & Arn. green fiddleneck
AMVEF Amsinckia vernicosa Hook. & Arn. var. furcata (Suksd.) Hoover forked green fiddleneck
AMFU2 Amsinckia furcata Suksd.  
AMVEV Amsinckia vernicosa Hook. & Arn. var. vernicosa green fiddleneck
AMSON Amsonia Walter bluestar
AMTO2 Amsonia tomentosa Torr. & Frém. woolly bluestar
AMTOT Amsonia tomentosa Torr. & Frém. var. tomentosa woolly bluestar
AMBR3 Amsonia brevifolia A. Gray  
ANAGA Anagallis L. pimpernel
ANAR Anagallis arvensis L. scarlet pimpernel
LYAR6 Lysimachia arvensis (L.) U. Manns & Anderb.  
ANARA7 Anagallis arvensis L. ssp. arvensis scarlet pimpernel
ANARF Anagallis arvensis L. ssp. foemina (Mill.) Schinz & Thell. poorman's weatherglass
ANARC Anagallis arvensis L. var. caerulea (Schreb.) Gren. & Godr.  
ANCA18 Anagallis caerulea Schreb.  
ANFO2 Anagallis foemina Mill.  
ANMI4 Anagallis minima (L.) Krause chaffweed
CEMI Centunculus minimus L.  
LYMI5 Lysimachia minima (L.) U. Manns & Anderb.  
ANMO2 Anagallis monelli L. flaxleaf pimpernel
ANLI6 Anagallis linifolia L.  
ANAPH Anaphalis DC. pearly everlasting
ANMA Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. western pearly everlasting
ANMAA Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. var. angustior (Miq.) Nakai  
ANMAI Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. var. intercedens H. Hara  
ANMAO Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. var. occidentalis Greene  
ANMAR Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. var. revoluta Suksd.  
ANMAS Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. var. subalpina A. Gray  
ANOC8 Anaphalis occidentalis (Greene) A. Heller  
GNMA2 Gnaphalium margaritaceum L.  
ANCHU Anchusa L. bugloss
ANAR16 Anchusa arvensis (L.) M. Bieb. small bugloss
LYAR Lycopsis arvensis L.  
ANAZ Anchusa azurea Mill. Italian bugloss
ANIT Anchusa italica Retz.  
ANOF Anchusa officinalis L. common bugloss
ANPR2 Anchusa procera Besser ex Link  
ANCIS2 Ancistrocarphus A. Gray neststraw
ANFI3 Ancistrocarphus filagineus A. Gray false neststraw
STFI Stylocline filaginea (A. Gray) A. Gray  
STFID Stylocline filaginea (A. Gray) A. Gray var. depressa Jeps.  
ANDRO2 Andropogon L. bluestem
ANGL2 Andropogon glomeratus (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. bushy bluestem
ANGLP Andropogon glomeratus (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. var. pumilus Vasey ex L.H. Dewey bushy bluestem
ANTE14 Andropogon tenuispatheus (Nash) Nash  
ANGLS Andropogon glomeratus (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. var. scabriglumis C.S. Campbell roughglume bushy bluestem
ANVI2 Andropogon virginicus L. broomsedge bluestem
ANVIV Andropogon virginicus L. var. virginicus broomsedge bluestem
ANVIT3 Anatherum virginicum (L.) Spreng. subvar. tetrastachyum (Elliott) Roberty  
ANVIT2 Andropogon virginicus L. var. tetrastachyus (Elliott) Hack.  
ANDRO3 Androsace L. rockjasmine
ANEL2 Androsace elongata L. California rockjasmine
ANELA Androsace elongata L. ssp. acuta (Greene) G.T. Robbins California rockjasmine
ANAC5 Androsace acuta Greene  
ANFI Androsace filiformis Retz. filiform rockjasmine
ANOC2 Androsace occidentalis Pursh western rockjasmine
ANAR15 Androsace arizonica (A. Gray) Derganc  
ANOCA Androsace occidentalis Pursh var. arizonica (A. Gray) H. St. John  
ANOCS Androsace occidentalis Pursh var. simplex (Rydb.) H. St. John  
ANSE4 Androsace septentrionalis L. pygmyflower rockjasmine
ANSES5 Androsace septentrionalis L. ssp. subumbellata (A. Nelson) G.T. Robbins pygmyflower rockjasmine
ANSES2 Androsace septentrionalis L. var. subumbellata A. Nelson  
ANDRO4 Androstephium Torr. funnel lily
ANBR4 Androstephium breviflorum S. Watson pink funnel lily
ANELS Anelsonia J.F. Macbr. & Payson anelsonia
ANEU Anelsonia eurycarpa (A. Gray) J.F. Macbr. & Payson daggerpod
PAEU2 Parrya eurycarpa (A. Gray) Jeps.  
PHEU2 Phoenicaulis eurycarpa (A. Gray) Abrams  
ANEMO Anemone L. anemone
ANDE3 Anemone deltoidea Hook. Columbian windflower
ANDR Anemone drummondii S. Watson Drummond's anemone
ANDRD Anemone drummondii S. Watson ssp. drummondii Drummond's anemone
ANLY Anemone lyallii Britton Little Mountain thimbleweed
ANNEL Anemone nemorosa L. var. lyallii (Britton) Ulbr.  
ANQUL2 Anemone quinquefolia L. var. lyallii (Britton) B.L. Rob.  
ANMU Anemone multifida Poir. Pacific anemone
ANMUM3 Anemone multifida Poir. var. multifida Pacific anemone
ANGL6 Anemone globosa (Torr. & A. Gray) Nutt. ex Pritz.  
ANHU3 Anemone hudsoniana (DC.) Richardson  
ANMUG2 Anemone multifida Poir. ssp. globosa (Torr. & A. Gray) Torr. & A. Gray, nom. nud.  
ANMUG Anemone multifida Poir. var. globosa Torr. & A. Gray  
ANMUH2 Anemone multifida Poir. var. hudsoniana DC.  
ANMUN Anemone multifida Poir. var. nowosadii B. Boivin  
ANMUS3 Anemone multifida Poir. var. sansonii B. Boivin  
ANOR Anemone oregana A. Gray blue windflower
ANORO Anemone oregana A. Gray var. oregana blue windflower
ANAD2 Anemone adamsiana Eastw.  
ANGR12 Anemone grayi Behr & Kellogg  
ANQUG Anemone quinquefolia L. var. grayi (Behr & Kellogg) Jeps.  
ANQUM Anemone quinquefolia L. var. minor (Eastw.) Munz  
ANQUO Anemone quinquefolia L. var. oregana (A. Gray) B.L. Rob.  
ANTU Anemone tuberosa Rydb. tuber anemone
ANTUT2 Anemone tuberosa Rydb. var. tuberosa tuber anemone
ANEMO3 Anemopsis Hook. & Arn. yerba mansa
ANCA10 Anemopsis californica (Nutt.) Hook. & Arn. yerba mansa
ANCAS Anemopsis californica (Nutt.) Hook. & Arn. var. subglabra L. Kelso  
ANETH Anethum L. dill
ANGR2 Anethum graveolens L. dill
ANGEL Angelica L. angelica
ANAR3 Angelica arguta Nutt. Lyall's angelica
ANLY2 Angelica lyallii S. Watson  
ANBR5 Angelica breweri A. Gray Brewer's angelica
ANARB Angelica arguta Nutt. var. breweri (A. Gray) Di Tomaso  
ANCA32 Angelica californica Jeps. California angelica
ANTOC Angelica tomentosa S. Watson var. californica (Jeps.) Jeps.  
ANCA13 Angelica callii Mathias & Constance Call's angelica
ANGE2 Angelica genuflexa Nutt. kneeling angelica
ANHE Angelica hendersonii J.M. Coult. & Rose Henderson's angelica
ANTOH Angelica tomentosa S. Watson var. hendersonii (J.M. Coult. & Rose) Di Tomaso  
ANKI Angelica kingii (S. Watson) J.M. Coult. & Rose King's angelica
ANLI2 Angelica lineariloba A. Gray poison angelica
ANLIC Angelica lineariloba A. Gray var. culbertsonii Jeps.  
ANLU Angelica lucida L. seacoast angelica
COAC5 Coelopleurum actaeifolium (Michx.) J.M. Coult. & Rose  
COGM2 Coelopleurum gmelinii (DC.) Ledeb.  
COLU2 Coelopleurum lucidum (L.) Fernald  
COLUG Coelopleurum lucidum (L.) Fernald ssp. gmelinii (DC.) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
ANTO Angelica tomentosa S. Watson woolly angelica
ANISO5 Anisocarpus Nutt. tarweed
ANSC14 Anisocarpus scabridus (Eastw.) B.G. Baldw. leafy raillardiopsis
RASC Raillardella scabrida Eastw.  
RASC4 Raillardiopsis scabrida (Eastw.) Rydb.  
ANISO3 Anisocoma Torr. & A. Gray anisocoma
ANAC Anisocoma acaulis Torr. & A. Gray scalebud
ANISO6 Anisodontea C. Presl African-queen
ANCA46 Anisodontea capensis (L.) D.M. Bates Cape African-queen
MACA29 Malva capensis L.  
MACA26 Malvastrum capense (L.) A. Gray & Harv.  
ANODA Anoda Cav. anoda
ANCR2 Anoda cristata (L.) Schltdl. crested anoda
ANAC3 Anoda acerifolia auct. non (Zucc. ex Roem. & Schult.) DC.  
ANCRB Anoda cristata (L.) Schltdl. var. brachyantha (Rchb.) Hochr.  
ANCRD Anoda cristata (L.) Schltdl. var. digitata (A. Gray) Hochr.  
ANLA23 Anoda lavaterioides Medik.  
SICR2 Sida cristata L.  
ANPE4 Anoda pentaschista A. Gray field anoda
ANPEO Anoda pentaschista A. Gray var. obtusior B.L. Rob.  
ANRED Anredera Juss. madieravine
ANCO6 Anredera cordifolia (Ten.) Steenis heartleaf madeiravine
BOGR4 Boussingaultia gracilis Miers  
BOGRP Boussingaultia gracilis Miers var. pseudobaselloides (Hauman) L.H. Bailey  
ANTEN Antennaria Gaertn. pussytoes
ANAR5 Antennaria argentea Benth. silver pussytoes
ANLUA Antennaria luzuloides Torr. & A. Gray var. argentea (Benth.) A. Gray  
ANCO Antennaria corymbosa E.E. Nelson flat-top pussytoes
ANAC6 Antennaria acuta Rydb.  
ANDIC Antennaria dioica (L.) Gaertn. var. corymbosa (E.E. Nelson) Jeps.  
ANHY2 Antennaria hygrophila Greene  
ANNA2 Antennaria nardina Greene  
ANDI2 Antennaria dimorpha (Nutt.) Torr. & A. Gray low pussytoes
ANDII Antennaria dimorpha (Nutt.) Torr. & A. Gray var. integra L.F. Hend.  
ANDIL Antennaria dimorpha (Nutt.) Torr. & A. Gray var. latisquama (Piper) M. Peck  
ANDIM Antennaria dimorpha (Nutt.) Torr. & A. Gray var. macrocephala D.C. Eaton  
ANLA6 Antennaria latisquama Piper  
ANMA8 Antennaria macrocephala (D.C. Eaton) Rydb.  
GNDI Gnaphalium dimorphum Nutt.  
ANFL2 Antennaria flagellaris (A. Gray) A. Gray whip pussytoes
ANDIF Antennaria dimorpha (Nutt.) Torr. & A. Gray var. flagellaris A. Gray  
ANGE3 Antennaria geyeri A. Gray pinewoods pussytoes
GNAL2 Gnaphalium alienum Hook. & Arn.  
ANHO Antennaria howellii Greene Howell's pussytoes
ANHOH Antennaria howellii Greene ssp. howellii Howell's pussytoes
ANCA31 Antennaria callilepis Greene  
ANEX4 Antennaria eximia Greene  
ANNEH2 Antennaria neglecta Greene ssp. howellii (Greene) Hultén  
ANNEH Antennaria neglecta Greene var. howellii (Greene) Cronquist  
ANNEH3 Antennaria neodioica Greene ssp. howellii (Greene) Bayer  
ANLU2 Antennaria luzuloides Torr. & A. Gray rush pussytoes
ANLUA2 Antennaria luzuloides Torr. & A. Gray ssp. aberrans (E.E. Nelson) Bayer & Stebbins rush pussytoes
ANARA4 Antennaria argentea Benth. ssp. aberrans E.E. Nelson  
ANLUM Antennaria luzuloides Torr. & A. Gray var. microcephala (A. Gray) Cronquist  
ANMI2 Antennaria microcephala A. Gray  
ANPY2 Antennaria pyramidata Greene  
ANLUL Antennaria luzuloides Torr. & A. Gray ssp. luzuloides rush pussytoes
ANLUO Antennaria luzuloides Torr. & A. Gray var. oblanceolata (Rydb.) M. Peck  
ANOB4 Antennaria oblanceolata Rydb.  
ANMA5 Antennaria marginata Greene whitemargin pussytoes
ANDIM2 Antennaria dioica (L.) Gaertn. var. marginata (Greene) Jeps.  
ANFE Antennaria fendleri Greene  
ANPE10 Antennaria peramoena Greene  
ANME2 Antennaria media Greene Rocky Mountain pussytoes
ANALM Antennaria alpina (L.) Gaertn. var. media (Greene) Jeps.  
ANAU Antennaria austromontana E.E. Nelson  
ANCA24 Antennaria candida Greene  
ANDE5 Antennaria densa Greene  
ANGO Antennaria gormanii H. St. John  
ANMO4 Antennaria modesta Greene  
ANMU5 Antennaria mucronata E.E. Nelson  
ANMI3 Antennaria microphylla Rydb. littleleaf pussytoes
ANBR9 Antennaria bracteosa Rydb.  
ANNI5 Antennaria nitida Greene  
ANPA5 Antennaria parvifolia sensu Greene, non Nutt.  
ANPAB Antennaria parvifolia Nutt. var. bracteosa (Rydb.) A. Nelson  
ANRON Antennaria rosea Greene var. nitida (Greene) Breitung  
ANSO4 Antennaria solstitialis Lunell  
ANPA4 Antennaria parvifolia Nutt. small-leaf pussytoes
ANAP Antennaria aprica Greene  
ANAPM Antennaria aprica Greene var. minuscula (B. Boivin) B. Boivin  
ANAU2 Antennaria aureola Lunell  
ANHO2 Antennaria holmii Greene  
ANLA19 Antennaria latisquamea Greene  
ANMI5 Antennaria minuscula B. Boivin  
ANOB5 Antennaria obtusata Greene  
ANPU9 Antennaria pumila Greene  
ANRE4 Antennaria recurva Greene  
ANRH3 Antennaria rhodanthus Suksd.  
ANPU8 Antennaria pulchella Greene Sierra pussytoes
ANALS Antennaria alpina (L.) Gaertn. var. scabra (Greene) Jeps.  
ANMEC Antennaria media Greene ssp. ciliata E.E. Nelson  
ANMEP Antennaria media Greene ssp. pulchella (Greene) Chmielewski  
ANSC6 Antennaria scabra Greene  
ANRA Antennaria racemosa Hook. raceme pussytoes
ANPE18 Antennaria petasites Greene  
ANPI4 Antennaria piperi Rydb.  
ANRO2 Antennaria rosea Greene rosy pussytoes
ANROC Antennaria rosea Greene ssp. confinis (Greene) Bayer rosy pussytoes
ANAL6 Antennaria albicans Fernald  
ANAN9 Antennaria angustifolia Rydb.  
ANARH Antennaria arida E.E. Nelson var. humilis (Rydb.) E.E. Nelson  
ANBR8 Antennaria breitungii A.E. Porsild  
ANBR14 Antennaria brevistyla Fernald, nom. inq.  
ANCO18 Antennaria concinna E.E. Nelson  
ANCO19 Antennaria confinis Greene  
ANDIK Antennaria dioica (L.) Gaertn. var. kernensis Jeps.  
ANEL4 Antennaria elegans A.E. Porsild  
ANFOH Antennaria foliacea Greene var. humilis Rydb.  
ANIN5 Antennaria incarnata A.E. Porsild  
ANLA12 Antennaria laingii A.E. Porsild  
ANLE9 Antennaria leontopodioides Cody  
ANLE8 Antennaria leuchippii Porsild  
ANROA2 Antennaria rosea Greene var. angustifolia (Rydb.) E.E. Nelson  
ANSE9 Antennaria sedoides Greene  
ANSO5 Antennaria sordida Greene  
ANST7 Antennaria straminea Fernald  
ANSU6 Antennaria subviscosa Fernald  
ANTO5 Antennaria tomentella E.E. Nelson  
ANROR Antennaria rosea Greene ssp. rosea rosy pussytoes
ANAC8 Antennaria acuminata Greene  
ANAL3 Antennaria alborosea A.E. Porsild ex Porsild  
ANCH6 Antennaria chlorantha Greene  
ANDIR2 Antennaria dioica (L.) Gaertn. var. rosea (Greene) D.C. Eaton  
ANFO4 Antennaria formosa Greene  
ANHE7 Antennaria hendersonii Piper  
ANIM Antennaria imbricata E.E. Nelson  
ANLA11 Antennaria lanulosa Greene  
ANNEC4 Antennaria neodioica Greene var. chlorantha (Greene) B. Boivin  
ANOX Antennaria oxyphylla Greene  
ANROD Antennaria rosea Greene ssp. divaricata E.E. Nelson  
ANROI Antennaria rosea Greene var. imbricata (E.E. Nelson) E.E. Nelson  
ANSP80 Antennaria speciosa Greene  
ANSU3 Antennaria suffrutescens Greene evergreen everlasting
ANUM Antennaria umbrinella Rydb. umber pussytoes
ANAI Antennaria aizoides Greene  
ANFL6 Antennaria flavescens Rydb.  
ANRE5 Antennaria reflexa E.E. Nelson  
ANTHE Anthemis L. chamomile
ANAR6 Anthemis arvensis L. corn chamomile
ANARA2 Anthemis arvensis L. var. agrestis (Wallr.) DC.  
ANCO2 Anthemis cotula L. stinking chamomile
MACO22 Maruta cotula (L.) DC.  
ANTI Anthemis tinctoria L. golden chamomile
COTI4 Cota tinctoria (L.) J. Gay  
ANTHE4 Antheropeas Rydb. easterbonnets
ANLA7 Antheropeas lanosum (A. Gray) Rydb. white easterbonnets
ERLA15 Eriophyllum lanosum (A. Gray) A. Gray  
ANWA Antheropeas wallacei (A. Gray) Rydb. woolly easterbonnets
ERWA7 Eriophyllum wallacei (A. Gray) A. Gray  
ERWAA Eriophyllum wallacei (A. Gray) A. Gray ssp. australe (Rydb.) Wiggins  
ERWAC Eriophyllum wallacei (A. Gray) A. Gray var. calvescens S.F. Blake  
ERWAR Eriophyllum wallacei (A. Gray) A. Gray var. rubellum (A. Gray) A. Gray  
ANTHO Anthoxanthum L. hornwort
ANAR7 Anthoxanthum aristatum Boiss. annual vernalgrass
ANODP Anthoxanthum odoratum L. var. puelii (Lecoq & Lamotte) Coss. & Durieu  
ANOVA Anthoxanthum ovatum Lag. var. aristatum (Boiss.) Pérez Lara  
ANPU3 Anthoxanthum puelii Lecoq & Lamotte  
ANOD Anthoxanthum odoratum L. sweet vernalgrass
ANODO2 Anthoxanthum odoratum L. ssp. odoratum sweet vernalgrass
ANTHR Anthriscus Pers. chervil
ANCA14 Anthriscus caucalis M. Bieb. bur chervil
ANNES Anthriscus neglecta Boiss. & Reut. var. scandix (Scop.) Hyl.  
ANSC8 Anthriscus scandicina Mansf., nom. illeg.  
ANTHY Anthyllis L. kidneyvetch
ANVU Anthyllis vulneraria L. common kidneyvetch
ANTIR2 Antirrhinum L. snapdragon
ANMA3 Antirrhinum majus L. garden snapdragon
ANULO Anulocaulis Standl. ringstem
ANAN4 Anulocaulis annulatus (Coville) Standl. valley ringstem
BOAN4 Boerhavia annulata Coville  
APERA Apera Adans. silkybent
APIN Apera interrupta (L.) P. Beauv. dense silkybent
AGIN4 Agrostis interrupta L.  
APSP Apera spica-venti (L.) P. Beauv. loose silkybent
AGSP2 Agrostis spica-venti L.  
APHAN4 Aphanes L. parsley piert
APAR2 Aphanes arvensis L. field parsley piert
ALAR2 Alchemilla arvensis (L.) Scop.  
ALCU4 Alchemilla cuneifolia Nutt.  
ALOC Alchemilla occidentalis Nutt.  
APOC Aphanes occidentalis (Nutt.) Rydb.  
APHAN2 Aphanisma Nutt. ex Moq. coastalcreeper
APBL Aphanisma blitoides Nutt. ex Moq. San Diego coastalcreeper
APIAS Apiastrum Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray apiastrum
APAN Apiastrum angustifolium Nutt. mock parsley
APIUM Apium L. celery
APGR2 Apium graveolens L. wild celery
APGRD Apium graveolens L. var. dulce (Mill.) DC. wild celery
APDU2 Apium dulce Mill.  
CEGR11 Celeri graveolens (L.) Britton p.p.  
APNO Apium nodiflorum (L.) Lag. European marshwort
CYNO4 Cyclospermum nodiflorum (L.) W.D.J. Koch  
HENO3 Helosciadium nodiflorum (L.) Koch  
APOCY Apocynum L. dogbane
APAN2 Apocynum androsaemifolium L. spreading dogbane
APAM2 Apocynum ambigens Greene  
APANP Apocynum androsaemifolium L. ssp. pumilum (A. Gray) B. Boivin  
APANG2 Apocynum androsaemifolium L. var. glabrum Macoun  
APANG4 Apocynum androsaemifolium L. var. griseum (Greene) Bég. & Beloserky  
APANI3 Apocynum androsaemifolium L. var. incanum A. DC.  
APANI2 Apocynum androsaemifolium L. var. intermedium Woodson  
APANP3 Apocynum androsaemifolium L. var. pumilum A. Gray  
APANT2 Apocynum androsaemifolium L. var. tomentellum (Greene) B. Boivin  
APANW2 Apocynum androsaemifolium L. var. woodsonii B. Boivin  
APPU Apocynum pumilum (A. Gray) Greene  
APPUR Apocynum pumilum (A. Gray) Greene var. rhomboideum (Greene) Bég. & Beloserky  
APSC Apocynum scopulorum Greene ex Rydb.  
APCA Apocynum cannabinum L. Indianhemp
APCAA Apocynum cannabinum L. var. angustifolium (Wooton) N.H. Holmgren  
APCAG Apocynum cannabinum L. var. glaberrimum A. DC.  
APCAG2 Apocynum cannabinum L. var. greeneanum (Bég. & Beloserky) Woodson  
APCAH Apocynum cannabinum L. var. hypericifolium (Aiton) A. Gray  
APCAN Apocynum cannabinum L. var. nemorale (G.S. Mill.) Fernald  
APCAP2 Apocynum cannabinum L. var. pubescens (Mitchell ex R. Br.) Woodson  
APCAS Apocynum cannabinum L. var. suksdorfii (Greene) Bég. & Beloserky  
APHY2 Apocynum hypericifolium Aiton  
APPU2 Apocynum pubescens Mitchell ex R. Br.  
APSI Apocynum sibiricum Jacq.  
APSIC Apocynum sibiricum Jacq. var. cordigerum (Greene) Fernald  
APSIF Apocynum sibiricum Jacq. var. farwellii (Greene) Fernald  
APSIS Apocynum sibiricum Jacq. var. salignum (Greene) Fernald  
APSU Apocynum suksdorfii Greene  
APSUA2 Apocynum suksdorfii Greene var. angustifolium (Wooton) Woodson  
APFL Apocynum ×floribundum Greene (pro sp.) [androsaemifolium × cannabinum]
APJO Apocynum jonesii Woodson  
APME Apocynum medium Greene  
APMEF Apocynum medium Greene var. floribundum (Greene) Woodson  
APMEL2 Apocynum medium Greene var. leuconeuron (Greene) Woodson  
APMEL Apocynum medium Greene var. lividum (Greene) Woodson  
APMES Apocynum medium Greene var. sarniense (Greene) Woodson  
APMEV Apocynum medium Greene var. vestitum (Greene) Woodson  
APMI2 Apocynum milleri Britton  
APONO Aponogeton L. f. aponogeton
APDI Aponogeton distachyos L. f. Cape pondweed
APTEN Aptenia N.E. Br. aptenia
APCO Aptenia cordifolia (L. f.) Schwant. heartleaf iceplant
MECO11 Mesembryanthemum cordifolium L. f.  
AQUIL Aquilegia L. columbine
AQEX Aquilegia eximia Van Houtte ex Planch. Van Houtte's columbine
AQFO Aquilegia formosa Fisch. ex DC. western columbine
AQFOC Aquilegia formosa Fisch. ex DC. var. communis B. Boivin  
AQFOF2 Aquilegia formosa Fisch. ex DC. var. fosteri S.L. Welsh  
AQFOH Aquilegia formosa Fisch. ex DC. var. hypolasia (Greene) Munz  
AQFOM Aquilegia formosa Fisch. ex DC. var. megalantha B. Boivin  
AQFOP Aquilegia formosa Fisch. ex DC. var. pauciflora (Greene) Boothman  
AQFOT Aquilegia formosa Fisch. ex DC. var. truncata (Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) M.E. Jones  
AQFOW Aquilegia formosa Fisch. ex DC. var. wawawensis (Payson) H. St. John  
AQFO2 Aquilegia fosteri (S.L. Welsh) S.L. Welsh  
AQMO Aquilegia mohavensis Munz  
AQSH Aquilegia shockleyi Eastw.  
AQPU Aquilegia pubescens Coville Sierra columbine
ARABI Arabidopsis Heynh. rockcress
ARTH Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. mouseear cress
ARTH2 Arabis thaliana L.  
SITH3 Sisymbrium thalianum (L.) J. Gay & Monn.  
ARABI2 Arabis L. rockcress
ARAC4 Arabis aculeolata Greene Waldo rockcress
ARBL Arabis blepharophylla Hook. & Arn. rose rockcress
ARBO Arabis bodiensis Rollins Bodie Hills rockcress
ARBR Arabis breweri S. Watson Brewer's rockcress
ARBRA Arabis breweri S. Watson var. austiniae (Greene) Rollins Brewer's rockcress
ARBRB Arabis breweri S. Watson var. breweri Brewer's rockcress
ARBRP Arabis breweri S. Watson var. pecuniaria Rollins Brewer's rockcress
ARCO Arabis cobrensis M.E. Jones sagebrush rockcress
BOCO6 Boechera cobrensis (M.E. Jones) Dorn  
ARCO12 Arabis constancei Rollins Constance's rockcress
ARSUP Arabis suffrutescens S. Watson var. perstylosa Rollins  
ARDA Arabis davidsonii Greene Davidson's rockcress
ARDAD Arabis davidsonii Greene var. davidsonii Davidson's rockcress
ARDAP Arabis davidsonii Greene var. parva Rollins Davidson's rockcress
ARDI Arabis dispar M.E. Jones pinyon rockcress
ARDI2 Arabis ×divaricarpa A. Nelson (pro sp.) [drummondii × holboellii] spreadingpod rockcress
ARAC6 Arabis acutina Greene  
ARCOI Arabis confinis S. Watson var. interposita (Greene) S.L. Welsh & Reveal  
ARDID3 Arabis divaricarpa A. Nelson var. dechamplainii B. Boivin  
ARDII Arabis divaricarpa A. Nelson var. interposita (Greene) Rollins  
ARDIS2 Arabis divaricarpa A. Nelson var. stenocarpa M. Hopkins  
ARDIT Arabis divaricarpa A. Nelson var. typica Rollins  
ARIN9 Arabis interposita Greene  
BODI4 Boechera divaricarpa (A. Nelson) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
BOGR6 Boechera grahamii (Lehm.) Windham & Al-Shehbaz  
ARDR Arabis drummondii A. Gray Drummond's rockcress
ARBR7 Arabis brachycarpa (Torr. & A. Gray) Britton  
ARCO24 Arabis confinis S. Watson  
ARCO18 Arabis connexa Greene  
ARDRC Arabis drummondii A. Gray var. connexa (Greene) Fernald  
ARDRO Arabis drummondii A. Gray var. oxyphylla (Greene) M. Hopkins  
AROX2 Arabis oxyphylla Greene  
BOAN6 Boechera angustifolia (Nutt.) Dorn  
BOBR4 Boechera brachycarpa (Torr. & A. Gray) Dorn  
BODR Boechera drummondii (A. Gray) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
BOST4 Boechera stricta (Graham) Al-Shehbaz  
ERDR2 Erysimum drummondii (A. Gray) Kuntze  
TUDR Turritis drummondii (A. Gray) Lunell  
ARFE2 Arabis fernaldiana Rollins park rockcress
ARFES2 Arabis fernaldiana Rollins var. stylosa (S. Watson) Rollins park rockcress
ARGL Arabis glabra (L.) Bernh. tower rockcress
ARGLF Arabis glabra (L.) Bernh. var. furcatipilis M. Hopkins  
ARGLG6 Arabis glabra (L.) Bernh. var. glabra  
TUGL Turritis glabra L.  
ARGL2 Arabis glaucovalvula M.E. Jones bluepod rockcress
ARHI9 Arabis hirshbergiae S. Boyd Cuyamaca rockcress
ARHI Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. hairy rockcress
ARHIG Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. var. glabrata Torr. & A. Gray mountain rockcress
ARHIH Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. var. hirsuta hairy rockcress
ARHIP Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. var. pycnocarpa (M. Hopkins) Rollins creamflower rockcress
ARHIP2 Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. ssp. pycnocarpa (M. Hopkins) Hultén  
ARHIA Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. var. adpressipilis (M. Hopkins) Rollins  
AROV2 Arabis ovata sensu Small, non Michx.  
ARPY4 Arabis pycnocarpa M. Hopkins  
ARPYA Arabis pycnocarpa M. Hopkins var. adpressipilis M. Hopkins  
ARHO Arabis hoffmannii (Munz) Rollins Hoffmann's rockcress
ARMAH Arabis maxima Greene var. hoffmannii Munz  
ARHO2 Arabis holboellii Hornem. Holboell's rockcress
BOHO3 Boechera holboellii (Hornem.) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
ARHOP2 Arabis holboellii Hornem. var. pendulocarpa (A. Nelson) Rollins dropseed rockcress
ARPE10 Arabis pendulocarpa A. Nelson  
ARHOP3 Arabis holboellii Hornem. var. pinetorum (Tidestr.) Rollins Holboell's rockcress
ARPI3 Arabis pinetorum Tidestr.  
BOHOP Boechera holboellii (Hornem.) Á. Löve & D. Löve var. pinetorum (Tidestr.) Dorn  
ARHOR Arabis holboellii Hornem. var. retrofracta (Graham) Rydb. second rockcress
ARARS2 Arabis arcuata (Nutt.) A. Gray var. secunda (Howell) B.L. Rob.  
ARCA26 Arabis caduca A. Nelson  
ARCO25 Arabis consanguinea Greene  
AREX Arabis exilis A. Nelson  
ARHOC2 Arabis holboellii Hornem. var. consanguinea (Greene) G. Mulligan  
ARHOS Arabis holboellii Hornem. var. secunda (Howell) Jeps.  
ARHOT Arabis holboellii Hornem. var. tenuis Böcher  
ARKO2 Arabis kochii Blank.  
ARLI6 Arabis lignipes A. Nelson  
ARMC2 Arabis mcdougalii Rydb.  
ARPO9 Arabis polyantha Greene  
ARRE11 Arabis retrofracta Graham  
ARREM Arabis retrofracta Graham var. multicaulis B. Boivin  
ARRH2 Arabis rhodanthus Greene  
ARSE13 Arabis secunda Howell  
ARTE7 Arabis tenuis Greene  
BOEX2 Boechera exilis (A. Nelson) Dorn  
BOHOR Boechera holboellii (Hornem.) Á. Löve & D. Löve var. retrofracta (Graham) Dorn  
BOHOS Boechera holboellii (Hornem.) Á. Löve & D. Löve var. secunda (Howell) Dorn  
BORE6 Boechera retrofracta (Graham) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
BOTE8 Boechera tenuis (Böcher) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
ARIN Arabis inyoensis Rollins Inyo rockcress
ARJO Arabis johnstonii Munz Johnston's rockcress
ARKO Arabis koehleri Howell Koehler's rockcress
ARKOS Arabis koehleri Howell var. stipitata Rollins Koehler's rockcress
ARLE Arabis lemmonii S. Watson Lemmon's rockcress
ARLED Arabis lemmonii S. Watson var. depauperata (A. Nelson & Kennedy) Rollins soldier rockcress
ARDE6 Arabis depauperata A. Nelson & Kennedy  
ARLEL Arabis lemmonii S. Watson var. lemmonii Lemmon's rockcress
ARLET Arabis lemmonii S. Watson var. typica Rollins  
BOLE5 Boechera lemmonii (S. Watson) W.A. Weber  
ARLY Arabis lyallii S. Watson Lyall's rockcress
ARLYL Arabis lyallii S. Watson var. lyallii Lyall's rockcress
BOLY Boechera lyallii (S. Watson) Dorn  
ARLYN Arabis lyallii S. Watson var. nubigena (J.F. Macbr. & Payson) Rollins Lyall's rockcress
ARMA33 Arabis macdonaldiana Eastw. MacDonald rockcress
ARBLM Arabis blepharophylla Hook. & Arn. var. macdonaldiana (Eastw.) Jeps.  
ARSE6 Arabis serpentinicola Rollins  
ARMI Arabis microphylla Nutt. littleleaf rockcress
ARMIM2 Arabis microphylla Nutt. var. microphylla littleleaf rockcress
ARTE9 Arabis tenuicula Greene  
BOMI3 Boechera microphylla (Nutt.) Dorn  
BOMIM Boechera microphylla (Nutt.) Dorn var. microphylla  
ARMO Arabis modesta Rollins Rogue Canyon rockcress
AROR Arabis oregana Rollins Oregon rockcress
ARPU14 Arabis purpurascens Howell ex Greene  
ARPA Arabis parishii S. Watson dwarf rockcress
ARPE2 Arabis perennans S. Watson perennial rockcress
ARAN10 Arabis angulata Greene  
ARARP2 Arabis arcuata (Nutt.) A. Gray var. perennans (S. Watson) M.E. Jones  
ARER2 Arabis eremophila Greene  
ARGR7 Arabis gracilenta Greene  
ARRE12 Arabis recondita Greene  
BOPE6 Boechera perennans (S. Watson) W.A. Weber  
ARPI2 Arabis pinzliae Rollins Boundary Peak rockcress
ARPL Arabis platysperma A. Gray pioneer rockcress
ARPLH2 Arabis platysperma A. Gray var. howellii (S. Watson) Jeps. Howell's pioneer rockcress
ARCO26 Arabis conferta Greene  
ARCO19 Arabis covillei Greene  
ARHO8 Arabis howellii S. Watson  
ARINA Arabis inamoena Greene var. acutata Jeps.  
ARLE5 Arabis leibergii Greene  
ARPL5 Arabis platyloba Greene  
ARPLI Arabis platysperma A. Gray var. imparata Jeps.  
ARPLP2 Arabis platysperma A. Gray var. platysperma pioneer rockcress
ARIN10 Arabis inamoena Greene  
AROL3 Arabis oligantha Greene  
ERPL9 Erysimum platyspermum (A. Gray) Kuntze  
ARPU Arabis puberula Nutt. silver rockcress
ARPU2 Arabis pulchra M.E. Jones ex S. Watson beautiful rockcress
ARPUG Arabis pulchra M.E. Jones ex S. Watson var. gracilis M.E. Jones beautiful rockcress
ARPUG3 Arabis pulchra M.E. Jones ex S. Watson var. glabrescens Wiggins  
ARPUV2 Arabis pulchra M.E. Jones ex S. Watson var. viridis Jeps.  
ARTR10 Arabis trichopoda Greene  
ARPUM Arabis pulchra M.E. Jones ex S. Watson var. munciensis M.E. Jones Muncy rockcress
ARPUP2 Arabis pulchra M.E. Jones ex S. Watson var. pulchra beautiful rockcress
BOPU3 Boechera pulchra (M.E. Jones ex S. Watson) W.A. Weber  
ARPY Arabis pygmaea Rollins Tulare County rockcress
ARRE Arabis rectissima Greene bristlyleaf rockcress
ARRER2 Arabis rectissima Greene var. rectissima bristlyleaf rockcress
ARSE14 Arabis setigera Greene  
ARWY Arabis wyndii L.F. Hend.  
ARRE2 Arabis repanda S. Watson Yosemite rockcress
ARREG Arabis repanda S. Watson var. greenei Jeps. Greene's rockcress
ARRER Arabis repanda S. Watson var. repanda Yosemite rockcress
ARRI Arabis rigidissima Rollins Trinity Mountain rockcress
ARRID Arabis rigidissima Rollins var. demota Rollins Trinity Mountain rockcress
ARRIR Arabis rigidissima Rollins var. rigidissima Trinity Mountain rockcress
ARRO11 Arabis rollei Rollins Klamath River rockcress
ARSH Arabis shockleyi Munz Shockley's rockcress
ARSP Arabis sparsiflora Nutt. sicklepod rockcress
ARSPA Arabis sparsiflora Nutt. var. arcuata (Nutt.) Rollins elegant rockcress
ARAR15 Arabis arcuata (Nutt.) A. Gray  
ARARR Arabis arcuata (Nutt.) A. Gray var. rubicundula Jeps.  
ARHOA Arabis holboellii Hornem. var. arcuata (Nutt.) Jeps.  
ARMA11 Arabis maxima Greene  
STAR4 Streptanthus arcuatus Nutt.  
ARSPC Arabis sparsiflora Nutt. var. californica Rollins California rockcress
ARSPS2 Arabis sparsiflora Nutt. var. sparsiflora sicklepod rockcress
ARAR17 Arabis arcoidea A. Nelson  
ARPE12 Arabis peramoena Greene  
ARSPP Arabis sparsiflora Nutt. var. peramoena (Greene) Rollins  
BOSP7 Boechera sparsiflora (Nutt.) Dorn  
ARSPS Arabis sparsiflora Nutt. var. subvillosa (S. Watson) Rollins hairystem rockcress
ARARS3 Arabis arcuata (Nutt.) A. Gray var. subvillosa S. Watson  
ARCA32 Arabis campyloloba Greene  
AREL5 Arabis elegans A. Nelson  
ARPE11 Arabis perelegans A. Nelson  
ARPO8 Arabis polytricha Greene  
ARSU7 Arabis subserrata Greene  
BOSPS Boechera sparsiflora (Nutt.) Dorn var. subvillosa (S. Watson) Dorn  
ARSU Arabis subpinnatifida S. Watson Klamath rockcress
ARSU2 Arabis suffrutescens S. Watson woody rockcress
ARSUH Arabis suffrutescens S. Watson var. horizontalis (Greene) Rollins horizontal woody rockcress
ARSUS Arabis suffrutescens S. Watson var. suffrutescens woody rockcress
ARDI12 Arabis dianthifolia Greene  
ARDU3 Arabis duriuscula Greene  
ARTI2 Arabis tiehmii Rollins Carson Range rockcress
ARALI Aralia L. spikenard
ARCA2 Aralia californica S. Watson California spikenard
ARAUJ Araujia Brot. araujia
ARSE8 Araujia sericifera Brot. white bladderflower
ARSE17 Araujia sericofera Brot., orth. var.  
ARBUT Arbutus L. madrone
ARME Arbutus menziesii Pursh Pacific madrone
ARCEU Arceuthobium M. Bieb. dwarf mistletoe
ARAB4 Arceuthobium abietinum (Engelm.) Hawksw. & Wiens fir dwarf mistletoe
ARABA Arceuthobium abietinum Engelm. ex Munz ssp. abietinum fir dwarf mistletoe
ARABW Arceuthobium abietinum (Engelm.) Hawksw. & Wiens ssp. wiensii Mathiasen & C.M. Daugherty Klamath fir dwarf mistletoe
ARAM Arceuthobium americanum Nutt. ex Engelm. American dwarf mistletoe
ARCA17 Arceuthobium californicum Hawksw. & Wiens sugar pine dwarf mistletoe
ARCA3 Arceuthobium campylopodum Engelm. western dwarf mistletoe
ARCY2 Arceuthobium cyanocarpum (A. Nelson ex Rydb.) A. Nelson limber pine dwarf mistletoe
ARDI3 Arceuthobium divaricatum Engelm. pinyon dwarf mistletoe
ARDO Arceuthobium douglasii Engelm. Douglas-fir dwarf mistletoe
ARLI12 Arceuthobium littorum Hawksw., Wiens & Nickrent coastal dwarf mistletoe
ARMO13 Arceuthobium monticola Hawksw., Wiens & Nickrent western white pine dwarf mistletoe
AROC Arceuthobium occidentale Engelm. gray pine dwarf mistletoe
ARSI10 Arceuthobium siskiyouense Hawksw., Wiens & Nickrent knobcone pine dwarf mistletoe
ARTS Arceuthobium tsugense (Rosend.) G.N. Jones hemlock dwarf mistletoe
ARTSM2 Arceuthobium tsugense (Rosend.) G.N. Jones ssp. mertensianae Hawksw. & Nickrent hemlock dwarf mistletoe
ARTST2 Arceuthobium tsugense (Rosend.) G.N. Jones ssp. tsugense hemlock dwarf mistletoe
ARCTI Arctium L. burdock
ARLA3 Arctium lappa L. greater burdock
LAMA13 Lappa major Gaertn.  
ARMI2 Arctium minus Bernh. lesser burdock
LAMI7 Lappa minor Hill  
ARCTO Arctomecon Torr. & Frém. bearpoppy
ARME2 Arctomecon merriamii Coville desert bearpoppy
ARCTO3 Arctostaphylos Adans. manzanita
ARAN2 Arctostaphylos andersonii A. Gray Santa Cruz manzanita
ARAU Arctostaphylos auriculata Eastw. Mt. Diablo manzanita
ARBA4 Arctostaphylos bakeri Eastw. Baker's manzanita
ARBAB Arctostaphylos bakeri Eastw. ssp. bakeri Baker's manzanita
ARMAB Arctostaphylos manzanita Parry ssp. bakeri (Eastw.) P.V. Wells  
ARPUB Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth ssp. bakeri (Eastw.) J.B. Roof  
ARSTB Arctostaphylos stanfordiana Parry ssp. bakeri (Eastw.) J.E. Adams  
ARBAS Arctostaphylos bakeri Eastw. ssp. sublaevis P.V. Wells The Cedars manzanita
ARBE3 Arctostaphylos ×benitoensis J.B. Roof (pro sp.) [glauca × pungens] manzanita
ARCA33 Arctostaphylos ×campbelliae Eastw. (pro sp.) [glauca × tomentosa] manzanita
ARGLC Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. var. campbelliae (Eastw.) J.E. Adams ex McMinn  
ARCA5 Arctostaphylos canescens Eastw. hoary manzanita
ARCAC7 Arctostaphylos canescens Eastw. ssp. canescens hoary manzanita
ARCA27 Arctostaphylos candidissima Eastw.  
ARCAC2 Arctostaphylos canescens Eastw. var. candidissima (Eastw.) Munz  
ARCAS3 Arctostaphylos canescens Eastw. ssp. sonomensis (Eastw.) P.V. Wells Sonoma manzanita
ARCAS Arctostaphylos canescens Eastw. var. sonomensis (Eastw.) J.E. Adams ex McMinn  
ARSO5 Arctostaphylos sonomensis Eastw.  
ARCA21 Arctostaphylos catalinae P.V. Wells Santa Catalina Island manzanita
ARCI Arctostaphylos ×cinerea Howell (pro sp.) [canescens × viscida] Waldo manzanita
ARBR5 Arctostaphylos bracteata Howell  
ARINO Arctostaphylos intricata Howell var. oblongifolia (Howell) Munz  
AROB4 Arctostaphylos oblongifolia Howell  
ARST10 Arctostaphylos strigosa Howell  
ARCO3 Arctostaphylos columbiana Piper hairy manzanita
ARCOT Arctostaphylos columbiana Piper var. tracyi Eastw.  
ARTR9 Arctostaphylos tracyi (Eastw.) J.E. Adams ex McMinn  
ARCO13 Arctostaphylos confertiflora Eastw. Santa Rosa Island manzanita
ARSUC Arctostaphylos subcordata Eastw. var. confertiflora (Eastw.) Munz  
ARCR6 Arctostaphylos cruzensis J.B. Roof La Cruz manzanita
ARDE2 Arctostaphylos densiflora M.S. Baker Vine Hill manzanita
ARED Arctostaphylos edmundsii J.T. Howell Little Sur manzanita
AREDP Arctostaphylos edmundsii J.T. Howell var. parvifolia J.B. Roof  
ARUVE Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. ssp. emundsii (J.T. Howell) J.B. Roof  
ARUVP2 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. var. parvifolia (J.B. Roof) J.B. Roof  
ARGA5 Arctostaphylos gabilanensis V.T. Parker & M.C. Vasey Gabilan Mountains manzanita
ARGA4 Arctostaphylos gabrielensis P.V. Wells San Gabriel manzanita
ARGL3 Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. Eastwood's manzanita
ARGLA2 Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. ssp. adamsii (Munz) Munz Adams' manzanita
ARGLA Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. var. adamsii Munz  
ARGLC4 Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. ssp. crassifolia (Jeps.) P.V. Wells Del Mar manzanita
ARGLC2 Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. var. crassifolia Jeps.  
ARGLG3 Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. ssp. glandulosa Eastwood's manzanita
ARGLC3 Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. var. cushingiana (Eastw.) J.E. Adams ex McMinn  
ARIN3 Arctostaphylos intricata Howell  
ARGLG4 Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. ssp. glaucomollis P.V. Wells Eastwood's manzanita
ARGLM2 Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. ssp. mollis (J.E. Adams) P.V. Wells Eastwood's manzanita
ARGLM Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. var. mollis J.E. Adams  
ARGLZ2 Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. ssp. zacaensis (Eastw.) P.V. Wells Zaca manzanita
ARGLH2 Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. ssp. howellii (Eastw.) P.V. Wells  
ARGLH Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. var. howellii (Eastw.) J.E. Adams ex McMinn  
ARGLZ Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. var. zacaensis (Eastw.) J.E. Adams ex McMinn  
ARGL4 Arctostaphylos glauca Lindl. bigberry manzanita
ARGLP Arctostaphylos glauca Lindl. var. puberula J.T. Howell  
ARGL5 Arctostaphylos glutinosa Schreib. Schreiber's manzanita
ARHE4 Arctostaphylos ×helleri Eastw. (pro sp.) [myrtifolia × viscida] manzanita
ARHI5 Arctostaphylos hispidula Howell Gasquet manzanita
ARHIV Arctostaphylos hispidula Howell var. viscosissima M. Peck  
ARPUH Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth ssp. hispidula (Howell) J.B. Roof  
ARSTH Arctostaphylos stanfordiana Parry ssp. hispidula (Howell) J.E. Adams  
ARHO3 Arctostaphylos hookeri G. Don Hooker's manzanita
ARHOF Arctostaphylos hookeri G. Don ssp. franciscana (Eastw.) Munz Franciscan manzanita
ARFR8 Arctostaphylos franciscana Eastw.  
ARHOH Arctostaphylos hookeri G. Don ssp. hearstiorum (Hoover & J.B. Roof) P.V. Wells Hearst's manzanita
ARHE3 Arctostaphylos hearstiorum Hoover & J.B. Roof  
ARUVH Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. var. hearstiorum (Hoover & J.B. Roof) J.B. Roof  
ARHOH4 Arctostaphylos hookeri G. Don ssp. hookeri Hooker's manzanita
ARHOM Arctostaphylos hookeri G. Don ssp. montana (Eastw.) P.V. Wells Mt. Tamalpais manzanita
ARMO7 Arctostaphylos montana Eastw.  
ARPUM4 Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth ssp. montana (Eastw.) J.B. Roof  
ARPUM2 Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth var. montana (Eastw.) Munz  
ARHOR2 Arctostaphylos hookeri G. Don ssp. ravenii P.V. Wells Presidio manzanita
ARPUR Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth var. ravenii (P.V. Wells) J.B. Roof  
ARHO7 Arctostaphylos hooveri P.V. Wells Hoover's manzanita
ARIM Arctostaphylos imbricata Eastw. San Bruno Mountain manzanita
ARANI Arctostaphylos andersonii A. Gray var. imbricata (Eastw.) J.E. Adams ex McMinn  
ARIN2 Arctostaphylos insularis Greene ex Parry island manzanita
ARINP Arctostaphylos insularis Greene ex Parry var. pubescens Eastw.  
ARJE Arctostaphylos ×jepsonii Eastw. (pro sp.) [patula × viscida] manzanita
ARKL Arctostaphylos klamathensis S.W. Edwards, Keeler-Wolf & W. Knight Klamath manzanita
ARLA21 Arctostaphylos ×laxiflora A. Heller (pro sp.) [manzanita × mewukka] manzanita
ARLU4 Arctostaphylos luciana P.V. Wells Santa Lucia manzanita
ARMA31 Arctostaphylos malloryi (W. Knight & Gankin) P.V. Wells Mallory's manzanita
ARCAM Arctostaphylos canescens Eastw. ssp. malloryi W. Knight & Gankin  
ARMA Arctostaphylos manzanita Parry whiteleaf manzanita
ARMAE Arctostaphylos manzanita Parry ssp. elegans (Eastw.) P.V. Wells Konocti manzanita
AREL Arctostaphylos elegans Eastw.  
ARMAE2 Arctostaphylos manzanita Parry var. elegans (Eastw.) P.V. Wells  
ARPUE Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth ssp. elegans (Eastw.) J.B. Roof  
ARMAG Arctostaphylos manzanita Parry ssp. glaucescens P.V. Wells whiteleaf manzanita
ARMAL Arctostaphylos manzanita Parry ssp. laevigata (Eastw.) Munz Contra Costa manzanita
ARLA14 Arctostaphylos laevigata Eastw.  
ARPUL2 Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth ssp. laevigata (Eastw.) J.B. Roof  
ARMAM2 Arctostaphylos manzanita Parry ssp. manzanita whiteleaf manzanita
ARBO3 Arctostaphylos bowermaniae J.B. Roof  
ARPUM5 Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth ssp. manzanita (Parry) J.B. Roof  
ARMAR Arctostaphylos manzanita Parry ssp. roofii (Gankin) P.V. Wells Roof's manzanita
ARPUR2 Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth ssp. roofii (Gankin) J.B. Roof  
ARRO6 Arctostaphylos roofii Gankin  
ARMAW Arctostaphylos manzanita Parry ssp. wieslanderi P.V. Wells Wieslander's manzanita
ARME7 Arctostaphylos ×media Greene (pro sp.) [columbiana × uva-ursi] manzanita
ARME8 Arctostaphylos mendocinoensis P.V. Wells pygmy manzanita
ARME3 Arctostaphylos mewukka Merriam Indian manzanita
ARMEM2 Arctostaphylos mewukka Merriam ssp. mewukka Indian manzanita
ARMET Arctostaphylos mewukka Merriam ssp. truei (W. Knight) P.V. Wells True's manzanita
ARTR7 Arctostaphylos truei W. Knight  
ARMO5 Arctostaphylos montaraensis J.B. Roof Montara manzanita
ARIMM Arctostaphylos imbricata Eastw. ssp. montaraensis (J.B. Roof) P.V. Wells  
ARMO6 Arctostaphylos montereyensis Hoover Monterey manzanita
ARMO2 Arctostaphylos morroensis Wies. & Schreib. Morro manzanita
ARMY Arctostaphylos myrtifolia Parry Ione manzanita
ARUVM Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. ssp. myrtifolia (Parry) J.B. Roof  
ARNE Arctostaphylos nevadensis A. Gray pinemat manzanita
ARPUN2 Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth ssp. nevadensis (A. Gray) J.B. Roof  
ARNI4 Arctostaphylos nissenana Merriam Nissenan manzanita
ARNI Arctostaphylos nisseniana Merriam, orth. var.  
ARNO6 Arctostaphylos nortensis P.V. Wells Del Norte manzanita
ARCON2 Arctostaphylos columbiana Piper ssp. nortensis (P.V. Wells) P.V. Wells  
ARNU3 Arctostaphylos nummularia A. Gray glossyleaf manzanita
ARNUS2 Arctostaphylos nummularia A. Gray ssp. sensitiva (Jeps.) P.V. Wells  
ARNUS Arctostaphylos nummularia A. Gray var. sensitiva (Jeps.) McMinn  
ARSE11 Arctostaphylos sensitiva Jeps.  
ARUVS Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. ssp. sensitiva (Jeps.) J.B. Roof  
SCSE8 Schizococcus sensitivus (Jeps.) Eastw.  
AROB Arctostaphylos obispoensis Eastw. serpentine manzanita
AROH2 Arctostaphylos ohloneana M.C. Vasey & V.T. Parker Ohlone manzanita
AROS Arctostaphylos osoensis P.V. Wells Oso manzanita
AROT Arctostaphylos otayensis Wies. & Schreib. Otay manzanita
ARPA19 Arctostaphylos pacifica J.B. Roof Pacific manzanita
ARUVS3 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. var. saxicola J.B. Roof  
ARPA3 Arctostaphylos pajaroensis (J.E. Adams ex McMinn) J.E. Adams Pajaro manzanita
ARPA21 Arctostaphylos pallida Eastw. Alameda manzanita
ARANP Arctostaphylos andersonii A. Gray var. pallida (Eastw.) J.E. Adams ex McMinn  
ARPA4 Arctostaphylos parryana Lemmon Parry manzanita
ARPAD2 Arctostaphylos parryana Lemmon ssp. deserticum J.E. Keeley, L. Boykin & A. Massihi Parry manzanita
ARPAP5 Arctostaphylos parryana Lemmon ssp. parryana Parry manzanita
ARPUP7 Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth ssp. parryana (Lemmon) J.B. Roof  
ARPAT Arctostaphylos parryana Lemmon ssp. tumescens J.E. Keeley, L. Boykin & A. Massihi Parry manzanita
ARPA5 Arctostaphylos ×parvifolia Howell (pro sp.) [glandulosa × nevadensis] small-leaf manzanita
ARKN Arctostaphylos knightii Gankin & W. Hildreth  
ARNEK2 Arctostaphylos nevadensis A. Gray ssp. knightii (Gankin & W. Hildreth) P.V. Wells  
ARPA6 Arctostaphylos patula Greene greenleaf manzanita
ARAC Arctostaphylos acutifolia Eastw.  
ARPAP Arctostaphylos parryana Lemmon var. pinetorum (Rollins) Wies. & Schreib.  
ARPAP2 Arctostaphylos patula Greene ssp. platyphylla (A. Gray) P.V. Wells  
ARPAC Arctostaphylos patula Greene var. coalescens W. Knight  
ARPE5 Arctostaphylos pechoensis (Dudley ex Abrams) Dudley ex Munz Pecho manzanita
ARPE9 Arctostaphylos peninsularis P.V. Wells Peninsular manzanita
ARPI Arctostaphylos pilosula Jeps. & Wies. ex Jeps. La Panza manzanita
ARPIP2 Arctostaphylos pilosula Jeps. & Wies. ex Jeps. ssp. pismoensis P.V. Wells  
ARPR Arctostaphylos pringlei Parry Pringle manzanita
ARPRD2 Arctostaphylos pringlei Parry ssp. drupacea (Parry) P.V. Wells pinkbracted manzanita
ARDR7 Arctostaphylos drupacea (Parry) J.F. Macbr.  
ARPRD Arctostaphylos pringlei Parry var. drupacea Parry  
ARPU4 Arctostaphylos pumila Nutt. sandmat manzanita
ARPU5 Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth pointleaf manzanita
ARCH9 Arctostaphylos chaloneorum J.B. Roof  
ARPS2 Arctostaphylos pseudopungens J.B. Roof  
ARPUC2 Arctostaphylos pungens Kunth ssp. chaloneorum (J.B. Roof) J.B. Roof  
ARPU10 Arctostaphylos purissima P.V. Wells La Purissima manzanita
ARRA7 Arctostaphylos rainbowensis J.E. Keeley & A. Massihi Rainbow manzanita
ARRE5 Arctostaphylos refugioensis Gankin Refugio manzanita
ARRE7 Arctostaphylos regismontana Eastw. Kings Mountain manzanita
ARRE8 Arctostaphylos ×repens (J.T. Howell) P.V. Wells [glandulosa × virgata] PMC manzanita
ARRU2 Arctostaphylos rudis Jeps. & Wies. ex Jeps. shagbark manzanita
ARSI Arctostaphylos silvicola Jeps. & Wies. ex Jeps. Bonny Doon manzanita
ARST Arctostaphylos stanfordiana Parry Stanford's manzanita
ARSTD4 Arctostaphylos stanfordiana Parry ssp. decumbens (P.V. Wells) P.V. Wells Rincon manzanita
ARSTR Arctostaphylos stanfordiana Parry ssp. raichei W. Knight Raiche's manzanita
ARSTS Arctostaphylos stanfordiana Parry ssp. stanfordiana Stanford's manzanita
ARSTR2 Arctostaphylos stanfordiana Parry var. repens J.B. Roof  
ARTO2 Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. woollyleaf manzanita
ARTOB Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. ssp. bracteosa (DC.) J.E. Adams woollyleaf manzanita
ARBR6 Arctostaphylos bracteosa (DC.) Abrams  
ARBRH Arctostaphylos bracteosa (DC.) Abrams var. hebeclada (DC.) Eastw.  
ARTOH Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. var. hebeclada (DC.) J.E. Adams  
ARTOT2 Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. var. trichoclada (DC.) Munz  
ARTOC2 Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. ssp. crinita (J.E. Adams ex McMinn) Gankin woollyleaf manzanita
ARCRT Arctostaphylos crustacea Eastw. var. tomentosiformis J.E. Adams  
ARTOT Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. var. tomentosiformis (J.E. Adams) Munz  
ARTOC3 Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. ssp. crustacea (Eastw.) P.V. Wells brittleleaf manzanita
ARCR3 Arctostaphylos crustacea Eastw.  
ARTOD2 Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. ssp. daciticola P.V. Wells dacite manzanita
ARTOE Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. ssp. eastwoodiana P.V. Wells woollyleaf manzanita
ARTOI Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. ssp. insulicola P.V. Wells woollyleaf manzanita
ARTOR Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. ssp. rosei (Eastw.) P.V. Wells rosy manzanita
ARCRR Arctostaphylos crustacea Eastw. var. rosei (Eastw.) McMinn  
ARRO9 Arctostaphylos rosei Eastw.  
ARTOS Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. ssp. subcordata (Eastw.) P.V. Wells Santa Cruz Island manzanita
ARSU9 Arctostaphylos subcordata Eastw.  
ARTOT3 Arctostaphylos tomentosa (Pursh) Lindl. ssp. tomentosa woollyleaf manzanita
ARUV Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. kinnikinnick
ARAD3 Arctostaphylos adenotricha (Fernald & J.F. Macbr.) Á. Löve & D. Löve & Kapoor  
ARUVA2 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. ssp. adenotricha (Fernald & J.F. Macbr.) Calder & Roy L. Taylor  
ARUVC3 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. ssp. coactilis (Fernald & J.F. Macbr.) Á. Löve & D. Löve & Kapoor  
ARUVL Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. ssp. longipilosa Packer & Denford  
ARUVM3 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. ssp. monoensis J.B. Roof  
ARUVS2 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. ssp. stipitata Packer & Denford  
ARUVA Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. var. adenotricha Fernald & J.F. Macbr.  
ARUVC Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. var. coactilis Fernald & J.F. Macbr.  
ARUVL2 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. var. leobreweri J.B. Roof  
ARUVM2 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. var. marinensis J.B. Roof  
ARUVP Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. var. pacifica Hultén  
ARUVS4 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. var. stipitata (Packer & Denford) Dorn  
ARUVS5 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. var. suborbiculata W. Knight  
UVUV Uva-Ursi uva-ursi (L.) Britton, nom. inval.  
ARVI3 Arctostaphylos virgata Eastw. Bolinas manzanita
ARVI7 Arctostaphylos viridissima (Eastw.) McMinn whitehair manzanita
ARPEV Arctostaphylos pechoensis (Dudley ex Abrams) Dudley ex Munz var. viridissima Eastw.  
ARVI4 Arctostaphylos viscida Parry sticky whiteleaf manzanita
ARVIM Arctostaphylos viscida Parry ssp. mariposa (Dudley) P.V. Wells Mariposa manzanita
ARMA2 Arctostaphylos mariposa Dudley  
ARMAB2 Arctostaphylos mariposa Dudley var. bivisa Jeps.  
ARVIP2 Arctostaphylos viscida Parry ssp. pulchella (Howell) P.V. Wells sticky whiteleaf manzanita
ARPU11 Arctostaphylos pulchella Howell  
ARSE12 Arctostaphylos serpentinicola J.B. Roof  
ARVIV Arctostaphylos viscida Parry ssp. viscida sticky whiteleaf manzanita
ARWE Arctostaphylos wellsii Knight Wells' manzanita
ARCTO11 Arctotheca J.C. Wendl. Capeweed
ARCA45 Arctotheca calendula (L.) Levyns Capeweed
ARCTO4 Arctotis L. arctotis
ARST2 Arctotis stoechadifolia P.J. Bergius African daisy
ARGR10 Arctotis grandis Thunb.  
ARSTG Arctotis stoechadifolia P.J. Bergius var. grandis (Thunb.) Less.  
ARENA Arenaria L. sandwort
ARAC2 Arenaria aculeata S. Watson prickly sandwort
ARCOA3 Arenaria congesta Nutt. var. aculeata (S. Watson) M.E. Jones  
ARFEA Arenaria fendleri A. Gray var. aculeata (S. Watson) S.L. Welsh  
ARPUC Arenaria pumicola Coville & Leiberg var. californica Maguire  
ARSA10 Arenaria salmonensis L.F. Hend.  
ERAC6 Eremogone aculeata (S. Watson) Ikonn.  
ARCA7 Arenaria capillaris Poir. slender mountain sandwort
ARCAA Arenaria capillaris Poir. ssp. americana Maguire fescue sandwort
ARCAA2 Arenaria capillaris Poir. var. americana (Maguire) R.J. Davis  
ARFO6 Arenaria formosa (Fisch.) Regel  
ERAM10 Eremogone americana (Maguire) Ikonn.  
ARCO5 Arenaria congesta Nutt. ballhead sandwort
ARCOC2 Arenaria congesta Nutt. var. charlestonensis Maguire Charleston sandwort
ARCOC4 Arenaria congesta Nutt. var. congesta ballhead sandwort
ERCO24 Eremogone congesta (Nutt.) Ikonn.  
ERCOC13 Eremogone congesta (Nutt.) Ikonn. var. congesta  
ARCOC3 Arenaria congesta Nutt. var. crassula Maguire ballhead sandwort
ARCOS Arenaria congesta Nutt. var. simulans Maguire ballhead sandwort
ARCOS2 Arenaria congesta Nutt. var. subcongesta (S. Watson) S. Watson loosehead sandwort
ARBU4 Arenaria burkei Howell  
ARFES3 Arenaria fendleri A. Gray var. subcongesta S. Watson  
ARSU8 Arenaria subcongesta (S. Watson) Rydb.  
ARCOS3 Arenaria congesta Nutt. var. suffrutescens (A. Gray) B.L. Rob. suffrutescent sandwort
ARKI Arenaria kingii (S. Watson) M.E. Jones King's sandwort
ARKIC Arenaria kingii (S. Watson) M.E. Jones ssp. compacta (Coville) Maguire King's compact sandwort
ARCO16 Arenaria compacta Coville  
ARFEG Arenaria fendleri A. Gray var. glabrescens S. Watson  
ARKIG Arenaria kingii (S. Watson) M.E. Jones var. glabrescens (S. Watson) Maguire  
ERKIG Eremogone kingii (S. Watson) Ikonn. var. glabrescens (S. Watson) Dorn  
ARLA4 Arenaria lanuginosa (Michx.) Rohrb. spreading sandwort
ARLAS Arenaria lanuginosa (Michx.) Rohrb. ssp. saxosa (A. Gray) Maguire spreading sandwort
ARCO14 Arenaria confusa Rydb.  
ARLAC Arenaria lanuginosa (Michx.) Rohrb. var. cinerascens (B.L. Rob.) Shinners  
ARSA11 Arenaria saxosa A. Gray  
ARSAC Arenaria saxosa A. Gray var. cinerascens B.L. Rob.  
ARSAM2 Arenaria saxosa A. Gray var. mearnsii (Wooton & Standl.) Kearney & Peebles  
SPLAS2 Spergulastrum lanuginosum Michx. ssp. saxosum (A. Gray) W.A. Weber  
ARMA3 Arenaria macradenia S. Watson Mojave sandwort
ARMAF Arenaria macradenia S. Watson ssp. ferrisiae Abrams Ferris' sandwort
ARMAM Arenaria macradenia S. Watson ssp. macradenia Mojave sandwort
ARMAA2 Arenaria macradenia S. Watson ssp. macradenia var. arcuifolia Maguire Mojave sandwort
ARMAK2 Arenaria macradenia S. Watson ssp. macradenia var. kuschei (Eastw.) Maguire Forest Camp sandwort
ARMAM4 Arenaria macradenia S. Watson ssp. macradenia var. macradenia Mojave sandwort
ARCOM Arenaria congesta Nutt. var. macradenia (S. Watson) M.E. Jones  
ARCOP3 Arenaria congesta Nutt. var. parishiorum (B.L. Rob.) B.L. Rob.  
ARMAP Arenaria macradenia S. Watson var. parishiorum B.L. Rob.  
ERMA13 Eremogone macradenia (S. Watson) Ikonn.  
ERPA21 Eremogone parishiorum (B.L. Rob.) Ikonn.  
ARPA7 Arenaria paludicola B.L. Rob. marsh sandwort
ARSE2 Arenaria serpyllifolia L. thymeleaf sandwort
ARLE3 Arenaria leptoclados (Rchb.) Guss.  
ARSEL Arenaria serpyllifolia L. ssp. leptoclados (Rchb.) Nyman  
ARSES2 Arenaria serpyllifolia L. ssp. serpyllifolia  
ARSET Arenaria serpyllifolia L. var. tenuior Mert. & W.D.J. Koch  
ARUR Arenaria ursina B.L. Rob. Bear Valley sandwort
ERUR5 Eremogone ursina (B.L. Rob.) Ikonn.  
ARGEM Argemone L. pricklypoppy
ARCO6 Argemone corymbosa Greene Mojave pricklypoppy
ARCOC6 Argemone corymbosa Greene ssp. corymbosa Mojave pricklypoppy
ARMU Argemone munita Durand & Hilg. flatbud pricklypoppy
ARMUA Argemone munita Durand & Hilg. ssp. argentea G.B. Ownbey flatbud pricklypoppy
ARMUA2 Argemone munita Durand & Hilg. var. argentea (G.B. Ownbey) Shinners  
ARMUM Argemone munita Durand & Hilg. ssp. munita flatbud pricklypoppy
ARMUR2 Argemone munita Durand & Hilg. ssp. robusta G.B. Ownbey flatbud pricklypoppy
ARMUR3 Argemone munita Durand & Hilg. var. robusta (G.B. Ownbey) Shinners  
ARMUR Argemone munita Durand & Hilg. ssp. rotundata (Rydb.) G.B. Ownbey flatbud pricklypoppy
ARMUR4 Argemone munita Durand & Hilg. var. rotundata (Rydb.) Shinners  
ARRO5 Argemone rotundata Rydb.  
ARGEN Argentina Hill silverweed
ARAN7 Argentina anserina (L.) Rydb. silverweed cinquefoil
ARANC2 Argentina anserina (L.) Rydb. var. concolor (Ser.) Rydb.  
ARAR13 Argentina argentea (L.) Rydb.  
POAN5 Potentilla anserina L.  
POANA2 Potentilla anserina L. ssp. anserina  
POANC Potentilla anserina L. var. concolor Ser.  
POANS2 Potentilla anserina L. var. sericea Hayne  
POANY Potentilla anserina L. var. yukonensis (Hultén) B. Boivin  
POEGY Potentilla egedii Wormsk. ssp. yukonensis (Hultén) Hultén  
POYU2 Potentilla yukonensis Hultén  
AREG Argentina egedii (Wormsk.) Rydb. Pacific silverweed
AREGE Argentina egedii (Wormsk.) Rydb. ssp. egedii Pacific silverweed
POANE Potentilla anserina L. ssp. egedii (Wormsk.) Hiitonen  
POANP Potentilla anserina L. ssp. pacifica (Howell) Rousi  
POANG Potentilla anserina L. var. grandis Torr. & A. Gray  
POANL2 Potentilla anserina L. var. lanata B. Boivin  
POANR2 Potentilla anserina L. var. rolandii (B. Boivin) B. Boivin  
POEG Potentilla egedii Wormsk.  
POEGG4 Potentilla egedii Wormsk. ssp. grandis (Torr. & A. Gray) Hultén  
POEGG2 Potentilla egedii Wormsk. var. grandis (Torr. & A. Gray) J.T. Howell  
POPA23 Potentilla pacifica Howell  
PORO8 Potentilla rolandii B. Boivin  
ARGYR3 Argyranthemum Webb dill daisy
ARFO7 Argyranthemum foeniculum (Willd.) Sch. Bip. dill daisy
ARAN4 Argyranthemum anethifolium (Willd.) Webb  
PYAN4 Pyrethrum anethifolium Willd.  
ARFR11 Argyranthemum frutescens (L.) Sch. Bip. marguerite
CHFR5 Chrysanthemum frutescens L.  
ARGYR5 Argyrochosma (Sm.) Windham false cloak fern
ARJO2 Argyrochosma jonesii (Maxon) Windham Jones' false cloak fern
CHJO2 Cheilanthes jonesii (Maxon) Munz  
NOJO Notholaena jonesii Maxon  
PEJO3 Pellaea jonesii (Maxon) Morton  
ARLI4 Argyrochosma limitanea (Maxon) Windham southwestern false cloak fern
ARLIL Argyrochosma limitanea (Maxon) Windham ssp. limitanea southwestern false cloak fern
CHLI7 Cheilanthes limitanea (Maxon) Mickel  
NOLI2 Notholaena limitanea Maxon  
PELI12 Pellaea limitanea (Maxon) Morton  
ARGYT Argythamnia P. Br. silverbush
ARCA19 Argythamnia californica Brandegee California silverbush
DICA13 Ditaxis californica (Brandegee) A. Heller  
DISEC Ditaxis serrata (Torr.) A. Heller var. californica (Brandegee) V.W. Steinmann & R.S. Felger  
ARCL2 Argythamnia claryana Jeps. desert silverbush
ARAD5 Argythamnia adenophora auct. non A. Gray  
DIAD4 Ditaxis adenophora auct. non (A. Gray) Pax & K. Hoffm.  
DICL4 Ditaxis claryana (Jeps.) G.L. Webster  
ARLA12 Argythamnia lanceolata (Benth.) Müll. Arg. narrowleaf silverbush
DILA15 Ditaxis lanceolata (Benth.) Pax & K. Hoffm.  
ARNE2 Argythamnia neomexicana Müll. Arg. New Mexico silverbush
DINE2 Ditaxis neomexicana (Müll. Arg.) A. Heller  
ARSE7 Argythamnia serrata (Torr.) Müll. Arg. Yuma silverbush
DISE11 Ditaxis serrata (Torr.) A. Heller  
ARIST Aristida L. threeawn
ARAD Aristida adscensionis L. sixweeks threeawn
ARADA Aristida adscensionis L. var. abortiva Beetle  
ARADM Aristida adscensionis L. var. modesta Hack.  
ARFA4 Aristida fasciculata Torr.  
ARCA9 Aristida californica Thurb. ex S. Watson California threeawn
ARCAC8 Aristida californica Thurb. ex S. Watson var. californica California threeawn
ARDI4 Aristida dichotoma Michx. churchmouse threeawn
ARDID Aristida dichotoma Michx. var. dichotoma churchmouse threeawn
ARDI5 Aristida divaricata Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd. poverty threeawn
AROL Aristida oligantha Michx. prairie threeawn
ARRAC Aristida ramosissima Engelm. ex A. Gray var. chaseana Henr.  
ARPU9 Aristida purpurea Nutt. purple threeawn
ARPUF Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. fendleriana (Steud.) Vasey Fendler's threeawn
ARFE4 Aristida fendleriana Steud.  
ARPUL Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. longiseta (Steud.) Vasey Fendler threeawn
ARLO3 Aristida longiseta Steud.  
ARLOR2 Aristida longiseta Steud. var. rariflora Hitchc.  
ARLOR Aristida longiseta Steud. var. robusta Merr.  
ARPUR3 Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. robusta (Merr.) Piper  
ARPUN Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. nealleyi (Vasey) Allred blue threeawn
ARGL7 Aristida glauca (Nees) Walp.  
ARNE9 Aristida nealleyi (Vasey) Vasey  
ARPUG2 Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. glauca (Nees) A.H. Holmgren & N.H. Holmgren  
ARRE9 Aristida reverchonii Vasey  
ARSTN Aristida stricta Michx. var. nealleyi Vasey  
ARPUP5 Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. parishii (Hitchc.) Allred Parish's threeawn
ARPA24 Aristida parishii Hitchc.  
ARWRP Aristida wrightii Nash var. parishii (Hitchc.) Gould  
ARPUP6 Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. purpurea purple threeawn
ARPUL3 Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. laxiflora Merr.  
ARRO3 Aristida roemeriana Scheele  
ARPUW Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. wrightii (Nash) Allred Wright's threeawn
ARBR10 Aristida brownii Warnock  
ARWR Aristida wrightii Nash  
ARSC3 Aristida schiedeana Trin. & Rupr. single threeawn
ARSCO Aristida schiedeana Trin. & Rupr. var. orcuttiana (Vasey) Allred & Valdés-Reyna Orcutt's threeawn
AROR2 Aristida orcuttiana Vasey  
ARTE3 Aristida ternipes Cav. spidergrass
ARTEG Aristida ternipes Cav. var. gentilis (Henr.) Allred spidergrass
ARHA Aristida hamulosa Henr.  
ARTEH Aristida ternipes Cav. var. hamulosa (Henr.) Trent  
ARTEM2 Aristida ternipes Cav. var. minor (Vasey) Hitchc.  
ARIST4 Aristocapsa Reveal & Hardham spinycape
ARIN12 Aristocapsa insignis (Curran) Reveal & Hardham Indian Valley spinycape
CEIN5 Centrostegia insignis (Curran) A. Heller  
CHIN11 Chorizanthe insignis Curran  
OXIN6 Oxytheca insignis (Curran) Goodman  
ARIST2 Aristolochia L. dutchman's pipe
ARCA10 Aristolochia californica Torr. California dutchman's pipe
ISCA2 Isotrema californica (Torr.) Huber  
ARIST5 Aristotelia L'Hér. maquei
ARCH17 Aristotelia chilensis (Molina) Stuntz maquei
ARMER Armeria (DC.) Willd. armeria
ARMA6 Armeria maritima (Mill.) Willd. thrift seapink
ARMAC2 Armeria maritima (Mill.) Willd. ssp. californica (Boiss.) A.E. Porsild California seapink
ARARC2 Armeria arctica (Cham.) Wallr. ssp. californica (Boiss.) Abrams  
ARMAC Armeria maritima (Mill.) Willd. var. californica (Boiss.) G.H.M. Lawrence  
ARMOR Armoracia G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. armoracia
ARRU4 Armoracia rusticana G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. horseradish
ARAR16 Armoracia armoracia (L.) Britton, nom. inval.  
ARLA23 Armoracia lapathifolia Gilib.  
COAR10 Cochlearia armoracia L.  
NAAR4 Nasturtium armoracia (L.) Fr.  
RAAR5 Radicula armoracia (L.) B.L. Rob.  
ROAR4 Rorippa armoracia (L.) Hitchc.  
ARNIC Arnica L. arnica
ARAM2 Arnica amplexicaulis Nutt. clasping arnica
ARAMG Arnica amplexicaulis Nutt. ssp. genuina Maguire  
ARAMP Arnica amplexicaulis Nutt. ssp. prima (Maguire) Maguire  
ARAMP2 Arnica amplexicaulis Nutt. var. piperi H. St. John & Warren  
ARAMP3 Arnica amplexicaulis Nutt. var. prima (Maguire) B. Boivin  
ARAM3 Arnica amplexifolia Rydb.  
ARMOA Arnica mollis Hook. var. aspera (Greene) B. Boivin  
ARCE Arnica cernua Howell serpentine arnica
ARCH6 Arnica chandleri Rydb.  
ARCH3 Arnica chamissonis Less. Chamisso arnica
ARCHF Arnica chamissonis Less. ssp. foliosa (Nutt.) Maguire Chamisso arnica
ARCHA2 Arnica chamissonis Less. ssp. foliosa (Nutt.) Maguire var. andina (Nutt.) Ediger & T.M. Barkley Chamisso arnica
ARCHF2 Arnica chamissonis Less. var. foliosa (Nutt.) Maguire  
ARCHJ Arnica chamissonis Less. var. jepsoniana Maguire  
ARFO2 Arnica foliosa Nutt.  
ARCHB2 Arnica chamissonis Less. ssp. foliosa (Nutt.) Maguire var. bernardina (Greene) Maguire Chamisso arnica
ARBE4 Arnica bernardina Greene  
ARCHI4 Arnica chamissonis Less. ssp. foliosa (Nutt.) Maguire var. incana (A. Gray) Hultén Chamisso arnica
ARCHI5 Arnica chamissonis Less. ssp. incana (A. Gray) Maguire  
ARFOI Arnica foliosa Nutt. var. incana A. Gray  
ARCO9 Arnica cordifolia Hook. heartleaf arnica
ARCOG2 Arnica cordifolia Hook. ssp. genuina Maguire  
ARCOH Arnica cordifolia Hook. var. humilis (Rydb.) Maguire  
ARCOP2 Arnica cordifolia Hook. var. pumila (Rydb.) Maguire  
ARCOW2 Arnica cordifolia Hook. var. whitneyi (Fernald) Maguire  
ARHA5 Arnica hardinae H. St. John  
ARHU7 Arnica humilis Rydb.  
ARPA12 Arnica paniculata A. Nelson  
ARWH Arnica whitneyi Fernald  
ARDE11 Arnica dealbata (A. Gray) B.G. Baldw. mock leopardbane
WHDE Whitneya dealbata A. Gray  
ARDI6 Arnica discoidea Benth. rayless arnica
ARDIA2 Arnica discoidea Benth. var. alata (Rydb.) Cronquist  
ARDIE Arnica discoidea Benth. var. eradiata (A. Gray) Cronquist  
ARGR12 Arnica grayi A. Heller  
ARPA25 Arnica parviflora A. Gray  
ARPAA Arnica parviflora A. Gray ssp. alata (Rydb.) Maguire  
ARDI7 Arnica ×diversifolia Greene (pro sp.) [amplexicaulis or mollis × cordifolia or latifolia] rayless arnica
ARFU3 Arnica fulgens Pursh foothill arnica
ARLA8 Arnica latifolia Bong. broadleaf arnica
ARLAA3 Arnica latifolia Bong. var. angustifolia Herder  
ARLO6 Arnica longifolia D.C. Eaton spearleaf arnica
ARLOG5 Arnica longifolia D.C. Eaton ssp. genuina Maguire  
ARLOM2 Arnica longifolia D.C. Eaton ssp. myriadenia (Piper) Maguire  
ARMO4 Arnica mollis Hook. hairy arnica
ARMOS Arnica mollis Hook. var. silvatica (Greene) Maguire  
ARNE3 Arnica nevadensis A. Gray Nevada arnica
ARTO4 Arnica tomentella Greene  
ARPA13 Arnica parryi A. Gray Parry's arnica
ARPAP3 Arnica parryi A. Gray ssp. parryi Parry's arnica
ARPAG Arnica parryi A. Gray ssp. genuina Maguire  
ARPAS2 Arnica parryi A. Gray ssp. sonnei (Greene) Maguire Sonne's arnica
ARPAS Arnica parryi A. Gray var. sonnei (Greene) Cronquist  
ARSO4 Arnica sonnei Greene  
ARRY Arnica rydbergii Greene Rydberg's arnica
ARCA25 Arnica cascadensis H. St. John  
ARSO2 Arnica sororia Greene twin arnica
ARFUS Arnica fulgens Pursh var. sororia (Greene) G.W. Douglas & G. Ruyle-Douglas  
ARSP4 Arnica spathulata Greene Klamath arnica
ARCU4 Arnica cusickii Rydb.  
ARSPE2 Arnica spathulata Greene ssp. eastwoodiae (Rydb.) Maguire  
ARSPE Arnica spathulata Greene var. eastwoodiae (Rydb.) Ediger & T.M. Barkley  
ARVE Arnica venosa H.M. Hall Shasta County arnica
ARVI6 Arnica viscosa A. Gray Mt. Shasta arnica
CHSH2 Chrysopsis shastensis Jeps.  
ARRHE Arrhenatherum P. Beauv. oatgrass
AREL3 Arrhenatherum elatius (L.) P. Beauv. ex J. Presl & C. Presl tall oatgrass
ARELB Arrhenatherum elatius (L.) P. Beauv. ex J. Presl & C. Presl var. bulbosum (Willd.) Spenner tall oatgrass
ARELB3 Arrhenatherum elatius (L.) P. Beauv. ex J. Presl & C. Presl ssp. bulbosum (Willd.) Schübl. & G. Martens  
ARELT Arrhenatherum elatius (L.) P. Beauv. ex J. Presl & C. Presl var. tuberosum Thiel.  
ARELE Arrhenatherum elatius (L.) P. Beauv. ex J. Presl & C. Presl var. elatius tall oatgrass
ARELB2 Arrhenatherum elatius (L.) P. Beauv. ex J. Presl & C. Presl var. biaristatum (Peterm.) Peterm.  
AVEL Avena elatior L.  
ARTEM Artemisia L. sagebrush
ARAN3 Artemisia annua L. sweet sagewort
ARAR8 Artemisia arbuscula Nutt. little sagebrush
ARARA Artemisia arbuscula Nutt. ssp. arbuscula little sagebrush
ARTRA Artemisia tridentata Nutt. ssp. arbuscula (Nutt.) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
SEAR9 Seriphidium arbusculum (Nutt.) W.A. Weber  
ARARL3 Artemisia arbuscula Nutt. ssp. longicaulis Winward & McArthur little sagebrush
ARART Artemisia arbuscula Nutt. ssp. thermopola Beetle little sagebrush
ARAR9 Artemisia arctica Less. boreal sagebrush
ARARA2 Artemisia arctica Less. ssp. arctica boreal sagebrush
ARARS Artemisia arctica Less. ssp. saxicola (Rydb.) Hultén  
ARNOS4 Artemisia norvegica Fr. ssp. saxatilis (Besser) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ARNOP Artemisia norvegica Fr. var. piceetorum S.L. Welsh & Goodrich  
ARNOS3 Artemisia norvegica Fr. var. saxatilis (Besser) Jeps.  
ARBI2 Artemisia biennis Willd. biennial wormwood
ARBIB Artemisia biennis Willd. var. biennis biennial wormwood
ARBI3 Artemisia bigelovii A. Gray Bigelow sage
ARCA11 Artemisia californica Less. coastal sagebrush
ARCA12 Artemisia campestris L. field sagewort
ARCAB2 Artemisia campestris L. ssp. borealis (Pall.) H.M. Hall & Clem. field sagewort
ARCAS5 Artemisia campestris L. ssp. borealis (Pall.) H.M. Hall & Clem. var. scouleriana (Hook.) Cronquist field sagewort
ARCAP2 Artemisia campestris L. ssp. pacifica (Nutt.) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ARCAP3 Artemisia campestris L. var. pacifica (Nutt.) M. Peck  
ARCAS4 Artemisia campestris L. var. strutziae S.L. Welsh  
ARCA30 Artemisia camporum Rydb.  
ARPA28 Artemisia pacifica Nutt.  
ARRI7 Artemisia ripicola Rydb.  
OLCAP Oligosporus campestris (L.) Cass. ssp. pacificus (Nutt.) W.A. Weber  
OLPA3 Oligosporus pacificus (Nutt.) Poljakov  
ARCA13 Artemisia cana Pursh silver sagebrush
ARCAB3 Artemisia cana Pursh ssp. bolanderi (A. Gray) G.H. Ward silver sagebrush
ARBO5 Artemisia bolanderi A. Gray  
ARTRB Artemisia tridentata Nutt. ssp. bolanderi (A. Gray) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ARTRB2 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. var. bolanderi (A. Gray) McMinn  
SECAB Seriphidium canum (Pursh) W.A. Weber ssp. bolanderi (A. Gray) W.A. Weber  
ARDO3 Artemisia douglasiana Besser Douglas' sagewort
ARCAD Artemisia campestris L. var. douglasiana (Besser) B. Boivin  
ARVUH Artemisia vulgaris L. ssp. heterophylla (Nutt.) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ARVUD Artemisia vulgaris L. var. douglasiana (Besser) H. St. John  
ARDR4 Artemisia dracunculus L. tarragon
ARDR5 Artemisia dracunculoides Pursh  
ARDRD Artemisia dracunculoides Pursh var. dracunculina (S. Watson) S.F. Blake  
ARDRG Artemisia dracunculus L. ssp. glauca (Pall. ex Willd.) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ARDRG2 Artemisia dracunculus L. var. glauca (Pall. ex Willd.) Besser  
ARGL12 Artemisia glauca Pall. ex Willd.  
ARGLD2 Artemisia glauca Pall. ex Willd. var. dracunculina (S. Watson) Fernald  
OLDR Oligosporus dracunculus (L.) Poljakov  
OLDRD Oligosporus dracunculus (L.) Poljakov ssp. dracunculinus (S. Watson) W.A. Weber  
OLDRG Oligosporus dracunculus (L.) Poljakov ssp. glaucus (Pall. ex Willd.) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
ARLI2 Artemisia lindleyana Besser Columbia River wormwood
ARLUL4 Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. ssp. lindleyana (Besser) Lesica  
ARPR7 Artemisia prescottiana Besser  
ARLU Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. white sagebrush
ARLUA Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. ssp. albula (Wooton) D.D. Keck white sagebrush
ARAL14 Artemisia albula Wooton  
ARLUA2 Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. var. albula (Wooton) Shinners  
ARLUC8 Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. ssp. candicans (Rydb.) D.D. Keck white sagebrush
ARCA28 Artemisia candicans Rydb.  
ARLUL Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. var. latiloba Nutt.  
ARLUI2 Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. ssp. incompta (Nutt.) D.D. Keck white sagebrush
ARIN6 Artemisia incompta Nutt.  
ARLUI Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. var. incompta (Nutt.) Cronquist  
ARLUL2 Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. ssp. ludoviciana white sagebrush
ARDI15 Artemisia diversifolia Rydb.  
ARGN Artemisia gnaphalodes Nutt.  
ARHE6 Artemisia herriotii Rydb.  
ARLUT Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. ssp. typica D.D. Keck  
ARLUA3 Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. var. americana (Besser) Fernald  
ARLUB Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. var. brittonii (Rydb.) Fernald  
ARLUG Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. var. gnaphalodes (Nutt.) Torr. & A. Gray  
ARLUL3 Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. var. latifolia (Besser) Torr. & A. Gray  
ARLUP Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. var. pabularis (A. Nelson) Fernald  
ARPA23 Artemisia pabularis (A. Nelson) Rydb.  
ARPU12 Artemisia purshiana Besser  
ARVUL2 Artemisia vulgaris L. ssp. ludoviciana (Nutt.) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ARVUL3 Artemisia vulgaris L. var. ludoviciana (Nutt.) Kuntze  
ARLUM2 Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. ssp. mexicana (Willd. ex Spreng.) D.D. Keck white sagebrush
ARLUM Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. var. mexicana (Willd. ex Spreng.) A. Gray  
ARME9 Artemisia mexicana Willd. ex Spreng.  
ARNE11 Artemisia neomexicana Greene ex Rydb.  
ARVUM Artemisia vulgaris L. var. mexicana (Willd. ex Spreng.) Torr. & A. Gray  
ARMI4 Artemisia michauxiana Besser Michaux's wormwood
ARVUM2 Artemisia vulgaris L. ssp. michauxiana (Besser) H. St. John  
ARNE6 Artemisia nesiotica P.H. Raven island sagebrush
ARCAI Artemisia californica Less. var. insularis (Rydb.) Munz  
ARNO4 Artemisia nova A. Nelson black sagebrush
ARARN2 Artemisia arbuscula Nutt. ssp. nova (A. Nelson) G.H. Ward  
ARARN Artemisia arbuscula Nutt. var. nova (A. Nelson) Cronquist  
ARNOD Artemisia nova A. Nelson var. duchesnicola S.L. Welsh & Goodrich  
ARTRN Artemisia tridentata Nutt. ssp. nova (A. Nelson) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
SENO Seriphidium novum (A. Nelson) W.A. Weber  
ARPA15 Artemisia palmeri A. Gray San Diego sagewort
ARPY3 Artemisia pycnocephala (Less.) DC. beach wormwood
ARRO4 Artemisia rothrockii A. Gray timberline sagebrush
ARTRR3 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. ssp. rothrockii (A. Gray) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ARTRR5 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. var. rothrockii (A. Gray) McMinn  
SERO4 Seriphidium rothrockii (A. Gray) W.A. Weber  
ARSU4 Artemisia suksdorfii Piper coastal wormwood
ARTR2 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. big sagebrush
ARTRP2 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. ssp. parishii (A. Gray) H.M. Hall & Clem. big sagebrush
ARTRP3 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. var. parishii (A. Gray) Jeps.  
SETRP Seriphidium tridentatum (Nutt.) W.A. Weber ssp. parishii (A. Gray) W.A. Weber  
ARTRS2 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. ssp. spiciformis (Osterh.) Kartesz & Gandhi big sagebrush
ARSP8 Artemisia spiciformis Osterh.  
ARTRS3 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. var. spiciformis (Osterh.) Dorn  
ARTRT Artemisia tridentata Nutt. ssp. tridentata basin big sagebrush
ARAN20 Artemisia angusta Rydb.  
ARTRA2 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. var. angustifolia A. Gray  
SETR4 Seriphidium tridentatum (Nutt.) W.A. Weber  
ARTRV Artemisia tridentata Nutt. ssp. vaseyana (Rydb.) Beetle mountain big sagebrush
ARTRP4 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. var. pauciflora Winward & Goodrich  
ARTRV2 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. var. vaseyana (Rydb.) B. Boivin  
ARVA2 Artemisia vaseyana Rydb.  
SETRV Seriphidium tridentatum (Nutt.) W.A. Weber ssp. vaseyanum (Rydb.) W.A. Weber  
SEVA Seriphidium vaseyanum (Rydb.) W.A. Weber  
ARTRW8 Artemisia tridentata Nutt. ssp. wyomingensis Beetle & Young Wyoming big sagebrush
ARTRW Artemisia tridentata Nutt. var. wyomingensis (Beetle & Young) S.L. Welsh  
SETRW Seriphidium tridentatum (Nutt.) W.A. Weber ssp. wyomingense (Beetle & Young) W.A. Weber  
ARTHR4 Arthrocnemum Moq. arthrocnemum
ARSU11 Arthrocnemum subterminale (Parish) Standl. Parish's glasswort
SASU2 Salicornia subterminalis Parish  
ARUM2 Arum L. arum
ARIT Arum italicum Mill. Italian lords and ladies
ARPA39 Arum palestinum Boiss. Solomon's lily
ARUNC Aruncus L. aruncus
ARDI8 Aruncus dioicus (Walter) Fernald bride's feathers
ARDIA Aruncus dioicus (Walter) Fernald var. acuminatus (Rydb.) Rydb. ex H. Hara bride's feathers
ARAC5 Aruncus acuminatus (Rydb.) Rydb.  
ARSYA Aruncus sylvester Kostel. ex Maxim. ssp. acuminatus (Rydb.) Jeps.  
ARUND4 Arundo L. giant reed
ARDO4 Arundo donax L. giant reed
ARDOV Arundo donax L. var. versicolor (Mill.) Stokes  
ARVE2 Arundo versicolor Mill.  
ASARU Asarum L. wildginger
ASCA2 Asarum caudatum Lindl. British Columbia wildginger
ASCAC2 Asarum caudatum Lindl. var. caudatum  
ASHA Asarum hartwegii S. Watson Hartweg's wildginger
ASLE Asarum lemmonii S. Watson Lemmon's wildginger
ASMA8 Asarum marmoratum Piper marbled wildginger
ASCLE Asclepias L. milkweed
ASAL Asclepias albicans S. Watson whitestem milkweed
ASAS Asclepias asperula (Decne.) Woodson spider milkweed
ASASA Asclepias asperula (Decne.) Woodson ssp. asperula spider milkweed
ASCA3 Asclepias californica Greene California milkweed
ASCAC3 Asclepias californica Greene ssp. californica California milkweed
ASCAG Asclepias californica Greene ssp. greenei Woodson Greene's milkweed
ASCO Asclepias cordifolia (Benth.) Jeps. heartleaf milkweed
GOCO2 Gomphocarpus cordifolius Benth.  
ASCR Asclepias cryptoceras S. Watson pallid milkweed
ASCRC2 Asclepias cryptoceras S. Watson ssp. cryptoceras pallid milkweed
ASCRD2 Asclepias cryptoceras S. Watson ssp. davisii (Woodson) Woodson Davis' milkweed
ASCRD Asclepias cryptoceras S. Watson var. davisii (Woodson) W.H. Baker  
ASDA2 Asclepias davisii Woodson  
ASCU Asclepias curassavica L. bloodflower
ASER Asclepias eriocarpa Benth. woollypod milkweed
ASERM2 Asclepias eriocarpa Benth. var. microcarpa Munz & I.M. Johnst.  
ASFR5 Asclepias fremontii Torr. ex A. Gray  
ASER2 Asclepias erosa Torr. desert milkweed
ASFA Asclepias fascicularis Decne. Mexican whorled milkweed
ASME11 Asclepias mexicana auct. non Cav.  
ASFR13 Asclepias fruticosa L. African milkweed
GOFR Gomphocarpus fruticous (L.) W.T. Aiton  
ASLA4 Asclepias latifolia (Torr.) Raf. broadleaf milkweed
ASLI6 Asclepias linaria Cav. pineneedle milkweed
ASNY Asclepias nyctaginifolia A. Gray Mojave milkweed
ASSO Asclepias solanoana Woodson serpentine milkweed
SOPU4 Solanoa purpurascens (A. Gray) Greene  
ASSP Asclepias speciosa Torr. showy milkweed
ASGI6 Asclepias giffordii Eastw.  
ASSU Asclepias subulata Decne. rush milkweed
ASTU Asclepias tuberosa L. butterfly milkweed
ASTUI Asclepias tuberosa L. ssp. interior Woodson butterfly milkweed
ASTUT Asclepias tuberosa L. ssp. terminalis Woodson  
ASTUI2 Asclepias tuberosa L. var. interior (Woodson) Shinners  
ASVE2 Asclepias vestita Hook. & Arn. woolly milkweed
ASVEP Asclepias vestita Hook. & Arn. ssp. parishii (Jeps.) Woodson Parish's woolly milkweed
ASVEP2 Asclepias vestita Hook. & Arn. var. parishii Jeps.  
ASVEV Asclepias vestita Hook. & Arn. ssp. vestita woolly milkweed
ASPAR Asparagus L. asparagus
ASAE3 Asparagus aethiopicus L. Sprenger's asparagus fern
ASDE12 Asparagus densiflorus auct. non (Kunth) Jessop  
ASSP9 Asparagus sprengeri Regel  
ASAS4 Asparagus asparagoides (L.) Druce African asparagus fern
ASOF Asparagus officinalis L. garden asparagus
ASOFO2 Asparagus officinalis L. ssp. officinalis  
ASSE12 Asparagus setaceus (Kunth) Jessop common asparagus fern
ASPL5 Asparagus plumosus Baker  
ASPER Asperugo L. German-madwort
ASPR Asperugo procumbens L. German-madwort
ASPHO Asphodelus L. asphodelus
ASFI2 Asphodelus fistulosus L. onionweed
ASTE23 Asphodelus tenuifolius Cav.  
ASPIC2 Aspicilia A. Massal. rimmed lichen
ASPID2 Aspidotis (Nutt. ex Hook.) Copeland lacefern
ASCA5 Aspidotis californica (Hook.) Nutt. ex Copeland California lacefern
CHCA20 Cheilanthes californica (Hook.) Mett.  
ASCA17 Aspidotis carlotta-halliae (W.H. Wagner & E.F. Gilbert) Lellinger, (pro. hybr.) tufted lacefern
CHCA21 Cheilanthes carlotta-halliae W.H. Wagner & E.F. Gilbert  
ASDE6 Aspidotis densa (Brack.) Lellinger Indian's dream
CHSI3 Cheilanthes siliquosa Maxon  
CRDE10 Cryptogramma densa (Brack.) Diels  
ONDE Onychium densum Brack.  
PEDE13 Pellaea densa (Brack.) Hook.  
ASPLE Asplenium L. spleenwort
ASSE Asplenium septentrionale (L.) Hoffm. forked spleenwort
ASTR2 Asplenium trichomanes L. maidenhair spleenwort
ASTRT Asplenium trichomanes L. ssp. trichomanes maidenhair spleenwort
ASTR10 Asplenium trichomanes-ramosum L. brightgreen spleenwort
ASVI10 Asplenium viride Huds.  
ASVE3 Asplenium vespertinum Maxon western spleenwort
ASTRA Astragalus L. milkvetch
ASAC Astragalus accidens S. Watson Rogue River milkvetch
ASACH Astragalus accidens S. Watson var. hendersonii M.E. Jones Henderson's milkvetch
ASPA27 Astragalus pachystachys Rydb.  
ASWA7 Astragalus watsonii Sheldon  
ASAC3 Astragalus acutirostris S. Watson sharpkeel milkvetch
ASAG Astragalus agnicidus Barneby Humboldt County milkvetch
ASAG2 Astragalus agrestis Douglas ex G. Don purple milkvetch
ASDAD Astragalus danicus Retz. var. dasyglottis (Fisch. ex DC.) B. Boivin  
ASDA3 Astragalus dasyglottis Fisch. ex DC.  
ASGO4 Astragalus goniatus Nutt.  
ASHY7 Astragalus hypoglottis Hook.  
ASAL4 Astragalus albens Greene cushenbury milkvetch
ASAN2 Astragalus andersonii A. Gray Anderson's milkvetch
ASAN18 Astragalus anxius R.J. Meinke & Kaye troubled milkvetch
ASTEA2 Astragalus tegetarioides M.E. Jones var. anxius (R.J. Meinke & Kaye) S.L. Welsh  
ASAR4 Astragalus argophyllus Nutt. silverleaf milkvetch
ASARA Astragalus argophyllus Nutt. var. argophyllus silverleaf milkvetch
XYAR Xylophacos argophyllus (Nutt.) Rydb.  
ASAR5 Astragalus aridus A. Gray annual desert milkvetch
ASAS3 Astragalus asymmetricus Sheldon San Joaquin milkvetch
ASAT Astragalus atratus S. Watson mourning milkvetch
ASATM Astragalus atratus S. Watson var. mensanus M.E. Jones mourning milkvetch
ASME7 Astragalus mensanus (M.E. Jones) Abrams  
ASAU Astragalus austiniae A. Gray ex W.H. Brewer & S. Watson Austin's milkvetch
ASBE4 Astragalus bernardinus M.E. Jones San Bernardino milkvetch
ASBI Astragalus bicristatus A. Gray twocrested milkvetch
ASBO2 Astragalus bolanderi A. Gray Bolander's milkvetch
ASBR6 Astragalus brauntonii Parish Braunton's milkvetch
ASBR8 Astragalus breweri A. Gray Brewer's milkvetch
ASCA7 Astragalus californicus (A. Gray) Greene Klamath Basin milkvetch
ASCA9 Astragalus calycosus Torr. ex S. Watson Torrey's milkvetch
ASCAC5 Astragalus calycosus Torr. ex S. Watson var. calycosus Torrey's milkvetch
ASCAM Astragalus calycosus Torr. ex S. Watson var. mancus (Rydb.) Barneby  
ASCA11 Astragalus canadensis L. Canadian milkvetch
ASCAB Astragalus canadensis L. var. brevidens (Gandog.) Barneby shorttooth Canadian milkvetch
ASBR13 Astragalus brevidens (Gandog.) Rydb.  
ASCA14 Astragalus casei A. Gray ex W.H. Brewer & S. Watson Case's milkvetch
ASCI4 Astragalus cicer L. chickpea milkvetch
ASCI3 Astragalus cimae M.E. Jones cima milkvetch
ASCIC3 Astragalus cimae M.E. Jones var. cimae cima milkvetch
ASCIS Astragalus cimae M.E. Jones var. sufflatus Barneby cima milkvetch
ASCL6 Astragalus clarianus Jeps. Napa milkvetch
ASCL Astragalus claranus Jeps., orth. var.  
ASCL2 Astragalus clevelandii Greene Cleveland's milkvetch
ASCO6 Astragalus coccineus Brandegee scarlet milkvetch
ASCO10 Astragalus congdonii S. Watson Congdon's milkvetch
ASCR5 Astragalus crotalariae (Benth.) A. Gray Salton milkvetch
ASCU3 Astragalus curtipes A. Gray Morro milkvetch
ASCU4 Astragalus curvicarpus (A. Heller) J.F. Macbr. curvepod milkvetch
ASCUC Astragalus curvicarpus (A. Heller) J.F. Macbr. var. curvicarpus curvepod milkvetch
ASDE Astragalus deanei (Rydb.) Barneby Deane's milkvetch
ASDI3 Astragalus didymocarpus Hook. & Arn. dwarf white milkvetch
ASDID2 Astragalus didymocarpus Hook. & Arn. var. didymocarpus dwarf white milkvetch
ASCA26 Astragalus catalinensis Nutt.  
ASDID5 Astragalus didymocarpus Hook. & Arn. var. daleoides Barneby  
ASDID Astragalus didymocarpus Hook. & Arn. var. dispermus (A. Gray) Jeps. dwarf white milkvetch
ASDI8 Astragalus dispermus A. Gray  
ASDIM Astragalus didymocarpus Hook. & Arn. var. milesianus (Rydb.) Jeps. dwarf white milkvetch
ASDIO Astragalus didymocarpus Hook. & Arn. var. obispoensis (Rydb.) Jeps. San Obispo milkvetch
ASDO Astragalus douglasii (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray Douglas's milkvetch
ASDOD Astragalus douglasii (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray var. douglasii Parish's milkvetch
ASDOM Astragalus douglasii (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray var. megalophysus (Rydb.) Munz & McBurney  
ASDOP Astragalus douglasii (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray var. parishii (A. Gray) M.E. Jones Parish's milkvetch
ASPA28 Astragalus parishii A. Gray  
ASDOP2 Astragalus douglasii (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray var. perstrictus (Rydb.) Munz & McBurney Jacumba milkvetch
ASPAP6 Astragalus parishii A. Gray ssp. perstrictus (Rydb.) Abrams  
ASER6 Astragalus ertterae Barneby & Shevock Walker Pass milkvetch
ASFI Astragalus filipes Torr. ex A. Gray basalt milkvetch
ASFIR Astragalus filipes Torr. ex A. Gray var. residuus Jeps.  
ASMA11 Astragalus macgregorii (Rydb.) Tidestr.  
ASST9 Astragalus stenophyllus Torr. & A. Gray  
ASSTF Astragalus stenophyllus Torr. & A. Gray var. filipes (Torr. ex A. Gray) Tidestr.  
ASFU3 Astragalus funereus M.E. Jones Funeral Mountain milkvetch
ASGA Astragalus gambelianus Sheldon Gambel's dwarf milkvetch
ASGAE Astragalus gambelianus Sheldon ssp. elmeri (Greene) Abrams  
ASGE Astragalus geyeri A. Gray Geyer's milkvetch
ASGEG Astragalus geyeri A. Gray var. geyeri Geyer's milkvetch
ASGI Astragalus gibbsii Kellogg Gibbs' milkvetch
ASGI4 Astragalus gilmanii Tidestr. Gilman's milkvetch
ASHO2 Astragalus hornii A. Gray Horn's milkvetch
ASHOH Astragalus hornii A. Gray var. hornii  
ASIN6 Astragalus insularis Kellogg Cedros milkvetch
ASINH Astragalus insularis Kellogg var. harwoodii Munz & McBurney Harwood's milkvetch
ASHA11 Astragalus harwoodii (Munz & McBurney) Abrams  
ASIN7 Astragalus inversus M.E. Jones Susanville milkvetch
ASIN8 Astragalus inyoensis Sheldon Inyo milkvetch
ASIO Astragalus iodanthus S. Watson Humboldt River milkvetch
ASIOI Astragalus iodanthus S. Watson var. iodanthus Humboldt River milkvetch
ASJA Astragalus jaegerianus Munz Lane Mountain milkvetch
ASJO Astragalus johannis-howellii Barneby Long Valley milkvetch
ASKE Astragalus kentrophyta A. Gray spiny milkvetch
ASKED Astragalus kentrophyta A. Gray var. danaus (Barneby) Barneby spiny milkvetch
ASKED3 Astragalus kentrophyta A. Gray ssp. danaus (Barneby) W.A. Weber  
ASKEE Astragalus kentrophyta A. Gray var. elatus S. Watson tall spiny milkvetch
ASIM Astragalus impensis (Rydb.) Wooton & Standl.  
ASKEE2 Astragalus kentrophyta A. Gray ssp. elatus (S. Watson) W.A. Weber  
ASKET Astragalus kentrophyta A. Gray var. tegetarius (S. Watson) Dorn mat milkvetch
ASKEI2 Astragalus kentrophyta A. Gray ssp. implexus (Canby ex Porter & J.M. Coult.) W.A. Weber  
ASKEI Astragalus kentrophyta A. Gray var. implexus (Canby ex Porter & J.M. Coult.) Barneby  
ASTE14 Astragalus tegetarius S. Watson  
ASKEU Astragalus kentrophyta A. Gray var. ungulatus M.E. Jones spiny milkvetch
ASKEU2 Astragalus kentrophyta A. Gray ssp. ungulatus (M.E. Jones) W.A. Weber  
ASLA8 Astragalus layneae Greene widow's milkvetch
ASLE6 Astragalus lemmonii A. Gray Lemmon's milkvetch
ASLE7 Astragalus lentiformis A. Gray ex W.H. Brewer & S. Watson lens pod milkvetch
ASLE8 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. freckled milkvetch
ASLEA Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. albifolius M.E. Jones northern freckled milkvetch
ASAL11 Astragalus albifolius (M.E. Jones) Abrams  
ASLEA3 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. antonius Barneby freckled milkvetch
ASLEB Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. borreganus M.E. Jones Borrego milkvetch
ASAG3 Astragalus agninus Jeps.  
ASAR11 Astragalus arthu-schottii A. Gray  
ASCO33 Astragalus coulteri Benth.  
ASLEC4 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. coulteri (Benth.) M.E. Jones  
ASLEC Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. chartaceus M.E. Jones broadleaf milkvetch
ASLEP2 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. platyphyllidius (Rydb.) M. Peck  
ASLEC2 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. coachellae Barneby ex Shreve & Wiggins Coachella milkvetch
ASLEF Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. floribundus A. Gray freckled milkvetch
ASLEF2 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. fremontii (A. Gray ex Torr.) S. Watson Fremont's milkvetch
ASFR3 Astragalus fremontii A. Gray ex Torr.  
ASFRE Astragalus fremontii A. Gray ex Torr. ssp. eremicus (Sheldon) Abrams  
ASLEI Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. idriensis M.E. Jones freckled milkvetch
ASID Astragalus idriensis (M.E. Jones) Abrams  
ASTE15 Astragalus tehatchapiensis (Rydb.) Tidestr.  
ASLEI2 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. ineptus (A. Gray) M.E. Jones freckled milkvetch
ASIN24 Astragalus ineptus A. Gray  
ASLEK2 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. kernensis (Jeps.) Barneby Kern milkvetch
ASLEC7 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. charlestonensis (Clokey) Barneby  
ASLEL3 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. lentiginosus freckled milkvetch
ASLEC6 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. carinatus M.E. Jones  
ASLEM3 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. micans Barneby freckled milkvetch
ASLEN Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. nigricalycis M.E. Jones freckled milkvetch
ASNI4 Astragalus nigricalycis (M.E. Jones) Abrams  
ASLEP3 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. piscinensis Barneby Fish Slough milkvetch
ASLES Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. salinus (Howell) Barneby salty loco milkvetch
ASLEM Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. macrolobus (Rydb.) Barneby  
ASSA17 Astragalus salinus Howell  
ASLES3 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. semotus Jeps. freckled milkvetch
ASLES4 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. sesquimetralis (Rydb.) Barneby Sodaville milkvetch
ASLES5 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. sierrae M.E. Jones Sierra milkvetch
ASLEV Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. variabilis Barneby freckled milkvetch
ASLE11 Astragalus leucolobus S. Watson ex M.E. Jones Bear Valley milkvetch
ASMA3 Astragalus macrodon (Hook. & Arn.) A. Gray Salinas milkvetch
ASMA4 Astragalus magdalenae Greene satiny milkvetch
ASMAP Astragalus magdalenae Greene var. peirsonii (Munz & McBurney) Barneby Peirson's milkvetch
ASPE11 Astragalus peirsonii Munz & McBurney  
ASMA6 Astragalus malacus A. Gray shaggy milkvetch
ASMI6 Astragalus miguelensis Greene San Miguel milkvetch
ASMI7 Astragalus minthorniae (Rydb.) Jeps. Minthorn's milkvetch
ASMIV Astragalus minthorniae (Rydb.) Jeps. var. villosus Barneby Minthorn's milkvetch
ASMO5 Astragalus mohavensis S. Watson Mojave milkvetch
ASMOH Astragalus mohavensis S. Watson var. hemigyrus (Clokey) Barneby Mojave milkvetch
ASMOM4 Astragalus mohavensis S. Watson var. mohavensis Mojave milkvetch
ASMO9 Astragalus monoensis Barneby Mono milkvetch
ASNE5 Astragalus nevinii A. Gray San Clemente Island milkvetch
ASNE6 Astragalus newberryi A. Gray Newberry's milkvetch
ASNEC Astragalus newberryi A. Gray var. castoreus M.E. Jones Newberry's milkvetch
ASNU3 Astragalus nutans M.E. Jones Providence Mountain milkvetch
ASCH9 Astragalus chuckwallae Abrams  
ASNU4 Astragalus nuttallianus DC. smallflowered milkvetch
ASNUA Astragalus nuttallianus DC. var. austrinus (Small) Barneby smallflowered milkvetch
ASAU6 Astragalus austrinus (Small) E.D. Schulz  
ASNUC Astragalus nuttallianus DC. var. cedrosensis M.E. Jones turkeypeas
ASNUI Astragalus nuttallianus DC. var. imperfectus (Rydb.) Barneby turkeypeas
ASNU5 Astragalus nuttallii (Torr. & A. Gray) J.T. Howell Nuttall's milkvetch
ASNUN2 Astragalus nuttallii (Torr. & A. Gray) J.T. Howell var. nuttallii Nuttall's milkvetch
ASME8 Astragalus menziesii A. Gray  
ASNUV Astragalus nuttallii (Torr. & A. Gray) J.T. Howell var. virgatus (A. Gray ex W.H. Brewer & S. Watson) Barneby Nuttall's milkvetch
ASMEV Astragalus menziesii A. Gray ssp. virgatus (A. Gray ex W.H. Brewer & S. Watson) Abrams  
ASOB4 Astragalus obscurus S. Watson arcane milkvetch
ASOO2 Astragalus oocarpus A. Gray Descanso milkvetch
ASOO3 Astragalus oophorus S. Watson egg milkvetch
ASOOL3 Astragalus oophorus S. Watson var. lavinii Barneby Lavin's milkvetch
ASOOO2 Astragalus oophorus S. Watson var. oophorus egg milkvetch
ASOX Astragalus oxyphysus A. Gray Mt. Diablo milkvetch
ASPA9 Astragalus pachypus Greene thickpod milkvetch
ASPAJ Astragalus pachypus Greene var. jaegeri Munz & McBurney Jaeger's milkvetch
ASPAP5 Astragalus pachypus Greene var. pachypus thickpod milkvetch
ASPA10 Astragalus palmeri A. Gray Palmer's milkvetch
ASVA5 Astragalus vaseyi S. Watson  
ASVAJ Astragalus vaseyi S. Watson var. johnstonii Munz & McBurney  
ASVAM Astragalus vaseyi S. Watson var. metanus (M.E. Jones) Munz & McBurney  
ASPA11 Astragalus panamintensis Sheldon Panamint milkvetch
ASPA15 Astragalus pauperculus Greene depauperate milkvetch
ASBR14 Astragalus bruceae (M.E. Jones) Abrams  
ASPL3 Astragalus platytropis A. Gray broadkeel milkvetch
ASPO2 Astragalus pomonensis M.E. Jones Pomona milkvetch
ASPR6 Astragalus preussii A. Gray Preuss' milkvetch
ASPRL2 Astragalus preussii A. Gray var. laxiflorus A. Gray Preuss' milkvetch
ASCRD3 Astragalus crotalariae (Benth.) A. Gray var. davidsonii (Rydb.) Munz & McBurney  
ASPRP3 Astragalus preussii A. Gray var. preussii Preuss' milkvetch
ASPRL3 Astragalus preussii A. Gray var. latus M.E. Jones  
ASPS Astragalus pseudiodanthus Barneby Tonopah milkvetch
ASIOP Astragalus iodanthus S. Watson var. pseudiodanthus (Barneby) Isely  
ASPU7 Astragalus pulsiferae A. Gray Ames' milkvetch
ASPUC5 Astragalus pulsiferae A. Gray var. coronensis S.L. Welsh, Ondricek & G. Clifton Modoc Plateau milkvetch
ASPUP5 Astragalus pulsiferae A. Gray var. pulsiferae Ames' milkvetch
ASPUS Astragalus pulsiferae A. Gray var. suksdorfii (Howell) Barneby Suksdorf's milkvetch
ASPU9 Astragalus purshii Douglas ex Hook. woollypod milkvetch
ASPUL Astragalus purshii Douglas ex Hook. var. lagopinus (Rydb.) Barneby woollypod milkvetch
ASLA14 Astragalus lagopinus (Rydb.) M. Peck  
ASPUL2 Astragalus purshii Douglas ex Hook. var. lectulus (S. Watson) M.E. Jones woollypod milkvetch
ASJO4 Astragalus jonesii Abrams  
ASLE15 Astragalus lectulus S. Watson  
ASPUP7 Astragalus purshii Douglas ex Hook. var. purshii woollypod milkvetch
ASIN25 Astragalus incurvus (Rydb.) Abrams  
ASPUI Astragalus purshii Douglas ex Hook. var. interior M.E. Jones  
ASPUT Astragalus purshii Douglas ex Hook. var. tinctus M.E. Jones woollypod milkvetch
ASCA27 Astragalus candelarius Sheldon  
ASLEC5 Astragalus leucolobus S. Watson ex M.E. Jones ssp. consectus (Sheldon) Abrams  
ASPUL3 Astragalus purshii Douglas ex Hook. var. longilobus M.E. Jones  
ASPY Astragalus pycnostachyus A. Gray marsh milkvetch
ASPYL Astragalus pycnostachyus A. Gray var. lanosissimus (Rydb.) Munz & McBurney marsh milkvetch
ASPYP Astragalus pycnostachyus A. Gray var. pycnostachyus marsh milkvetch
ASRA4 Astragalus rattanii A. Gray Rattan's milkvetch
ASRAJ Astragalus rattanii A. Gray var. jepsonianus Barneby Jepson's milkvetch
ASRAR3 Astragalus rattanii A. Gray var. rattanii Rattan's milkvetch
ASRA5 Astragalus ravenii Barneby Raven's milkvetch
ASMOR Astragalus monoensis Barneby var. ravenii (Barneby) Isely  
ASSA2 Astragalus sabulonum A. Gray gravel milkvetch
ASSE3 Astragalus sepultipes (Barneby) Barneby Lone Pine milkvetch
ASANS2 Astragalus andersonii A. Gray var. sepultipes Barneby  
ASSE4 Astragalus serenoi (Kuntze) Sheldon naked milkvetch
ASSES3 Astragalus serenoi (Kuntze) Sheldon var. serenoi naked milkvetch
ASSES4 Astragalus serenoi (Kuntze) Sheldon var. shockleyi (M.E. Jones) Barneby Shockley's milkvetch
ASSH8 Astragalus shockleyi M.E. Jones  
ASSH5 Astragalus shevockii Barneby Little Kern milkvetch
ASSU8 Astragalus subvestitus (Jeps.) Barneby Kern County milkvetch
ASTE6 Astragalus tener A. Gray alkali milkvetch
ASTEF Astragalus tener A. Gray var. ferrisiae A. Liston Ferris' milkvetch
ASTET2 Astragalus tener A. Gray var. tener alkali milkvetch
ASTET Astragalus tener A. Gray var. titi (Eastw.) Barneby coastal dunes milkvetch
ASTE8 Astragalus tephrodes A. Gray ashen milkvetch
ASTEB Astragalus tephrodes A. Gray var. brachylobus (A. Gray) Barneby ashen milkvetch
ASARP3 Astragalus arrectus A. Gray var. pephragmenus (M.E. Jones) M.E. Jones  
ASTER2 Astragalus tephrodes A. Gray var. remulcus (A. Gray) Barneby ashen milkvetch
ASTI Astragalus tidestromii (Rydb.) Clokey Tidestrom's milkvetch
ASTR4 Astragalus traskiae Eastw. Trask's milkvetch
ASTR5 Astragalus tricarinatus A. Gray triplerib milkvetch
ASTR6 Astragalus trichopodus (Nutt.) A. Gray Santa Barbara milkvetch
ASTRL Astragalus trichopodus (Nutt.) A. Gray var. lonchus (M.E. Jones) Barneby Santa Barbara milkvetch
ASLE16 Astragalus leucopsis (Torr. & A. Gray) Torr. & A. Gray  
ASTRL2 Astragalus trichopodus (Nutt.) A. Gray ssp. leucopsis (Torr. & A. Gray) Thorne  
ASTRP Astragalus trichopodus (Nutt.) A. Gray var. phoxus (M.E. Jones) Barneby Santa Barbara milkvetch
ASAN8 Astragalus antisellii A. Gray ex W.H. Brewer & S. Watson  
ASGA6 Astragalus gaviotus Elmer  
ASTRA3 Astragalus trichopodus (Nutt.) A. Gray ssp. antisellii (A. Gray ex W.H. Brewer & S. Watson) Thorne  
ASTRT2 Astragalus trichopodus (Nutt.) A. Gray var. trichopodus Santa Barbara milkvetch
ASTRC Astragalus trichopodus (Nutt.) A. Gray var. capillipes (M.E. Jones) M.E. Jones  
ASUM3 Astragalus umbraticus Sheldon Bald Mountain milkvetch
ASWE Astragalus webberi A. Gray ex W.H. Brewer & S. Watson Webber's milkvetch
ASWH Astragalus whitneyi A. Gray balloonpod milkvetch
ASWHC Astragalus whitneyi A. Gray var. confusus Barneby cone-like milkvetch
ASWHL Astragalus whitneyi A. Gray var. lenophyllus (Rydb.) Barneby balloonpod milkvetch
ASWHS Astragalus whitneyi A. Gray var. siskiyouensis (Rydb.) Barneby Siskiyou milkvetch
ASWHS3 Astragalus whitneyi A. Gray ssp. siskiyouensis (Rydb.) Abrams  
ASWHW Astragalus whitneyi A. Gray var. whitneyi balloonpod milkvetch
ASWHP Astragalus whitneyi A. Gray ssp. pinosus (Elmer) Abrams  
ASWO2 Astragalus wootonii Sheldon halfmoon milkvetch
ASALP Astragalus allochrous A. Gray var. playanus (M.E. Jones) Isely  
ASWOT Astragalus wootonii Sheldon var. typicus Barneby  
ASTRO Astrolepis Benham & Windham cloakfern
ASCO42 Astrolepis cochisensis (Goodding) Benham & Windham Cochise scaly cloakfern
ASCOC3 Astrolepis cochisensis (Goodding) Benham & Windham ssp. cochisensis Cochise scaly cloakfern
CHCO15 Cheilanthes cochisensis (Goodding) Mickel  
CHSIC Cheilanthes sinuata (Lag. ex Sw.) Domin var. cochisensis (Goodding) Munz  
NOCO2 Notholaena cochisensis Goodding  
NOSIC2 Notholaena sinuata (Lag. ex Sw.) Kaulf. var. cochisensis (Goodding) Weath.  
ASYNE Asyneuma Griseb. & Schenk harebell
ASPR10 Asyneuma prenanthoides (Durand) McVaugh California harebell
CAPR15 Campanula prenanthoides Durand  
ATHYR Athyrium Roth ladyfern
ATAM Athyrium americanum (Butters) Maxon alpine ladyfern
ATAL4 Athyrium alpestre (Hoppe) Milde  
ATALA Athyrium alpestre (Hoppe) Milde ssp. americanum (Butters) Lellinger  
ATALA2 Athyrium alpestre (Hoppe) Milde var. americanum Butters  
ATALG Athyrium alpestre (Hoppe) Milde var. gaspense Fernald  
ATDIA2 Athyrium distentifolium Tausch ex Opiz ssp. americanum (Butters) Hultén  
ATDIA3 Athyrium distentifolium Tausch ex Opiz var. americanum (Butters) B. Boivin  
ATFI Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth common ladyfern
ATFIC Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth ssp. cyclosorum (Rupr.) C. Chr. subarctic ladyfern
ATALC Athyrium alpestre (Hoppe) Milde var. cyclosorum (Rupr.) T. Moore  
ATANB Athyrium angustum (Willd.) C. Presl var. boreale Jennings  
ATANE Athyrium angustum (Willd.) C. Presl var. elatius (Link) Butters  
ATCY2 Athyrium cyclosorum Rupr.  
ATFIC3 Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth var. californicum Butters  
ATFIC2 Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth var. cyclosorum (Rupr.) Ledeb.  
ATFIS Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth var. sitchense (Rupr.) Ledeb.  
ATHYS Athysanus Greene sandweed
ATPU Athysanus pusillus (Hook.) Greene common sandweed
ATPUG Athysanus pusillus (Hook.) Greene var. glabrior S. Watson  
THPU6 Thysanocarpus pusillus Hook.  
ATRIC Atrichoseris A. Gray atrichoseris
ATPL Atrichoseris platyphylla (A. Gray) A. Gray parachute plant
MAPL3 Malacothrix platyphylla A. Gray  
ATRIP Atriplex L. saltbush
ATAM3 Atriplex amnicola Paul G. Wilson Swamp Saltbush
ATAR2 Atriplex argentea Nutt. silverscale saltbush
ATARA Atriplex argentea Nutt. ssp. argentea silverscale saltbush
ATARA2 Atriplex argentea Nutt. ssp. argentea var. argentea silverscale saltbush
ATART Atriplex argentea Nutt. ssp. typica H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ATARE Atriplex argentea Nutt. ssp. expansa (S. Watson) H.M. Hall & Clem. silverscale saltbush
ATARM2 Atriplex argentea Nutt. var. mohavensis M.E. Jones  
ATEX2 Atriplex expansa S. Watson  
ATEXM Atriplex expansa S. Watson var. mohavensis M.E. Jones  
ATCA Atriplex californica Moq. California saltbush
EXCA2 Extriplex californica (Moq.) E.H. Zacharias  
ATCA2 Atriplex canescens (Pursh) Nutt. fourwing saltbush
ATCAA3 Atriplex canescens (Pursh) Nutt. var. angustifolia (Torr.) S. Watson fourwing saltbush
ATCAC Atriplex canescens (Pursh) Nutt. var. canescens fourwing saltbush
ATCAC2 Atriplex canescens (Pursh) Nutt. ssp. canescens  
ATCAO Atriplex canescens (Pursh) Nutt. var. occidentalis (Torr. & Frém.) S.L. Welsh & Stutz  
ATTE3 Atriplex tetraptera (Benth.) Rydb.  
ATCAL2 Atriplex canescens (Pursh) Nutt. var. laciniata Parish fourwing saltbush
ATCAL4 Atriplex canescens (Pursh) Nutt. var. linearis (S. Watson) Munz thinleaf fourwing saltbush
ATCAL3 Atriplex canescens (Pursh) Nutt. ssp. linearis (S. Watson) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ATLI2 Atriplex linearis S. Watson  
ATCAM Atriplex canescens (Pursh) Nutt. var. macilenta Jeps. fourwing saltbush
ATCO Atriplex confertifolia (Torr. & Frém.) S. Watson shadscale saltbush
ATCO6 Atriplex collina Wooton & Standl.  
ATJO2 Atriplex jonesii Standl.  
ATSU3 Atriplex subconferta Rydb.  
ATCO2 Atriplex cordulata Jeps. heartscale
ATCO3 Atriplex coronata S. Watson crownscale
ATCOC Atriplex coronata S. Watson var. coronata crownscale
ATCON Atriplex coronata S. Watson var. notatior Jeps. crownscale
ATCO5 Atriplex coulteri (Moq.) D. Dietr. Coulter's saltbush
ATDE3 Atriplex depressa Jeps. brittlescale
ATPAD Atriplex parishii S. Watson var. depressa (Jeps.) S.L. Welsh  
ATEL Atriplex elegans (Moq.) D. Dietr. wheelscale saltbush
ATELE Atriplex elegans (Moq.) D. Dietr. var. elegans wheelscale saltbush
ATELF Atriplex elegans (Moq.) D. Dietr. var. fasciculata (S. Watson) M.E. Jones wheelscale saltbush
ATELF2 Atriplex elegans (Moq.) D. Dietr. ssp. fasciculata (S. Watson) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ATFA2 Atriplex fasciculata S. Watson  
ATER Atriplex erecticaulis Stutz, G.L. Chu & S.C. Sand. erectstem saltbush
ATCOE Atriplex cordulata Jeps. var. erecticaulis (Stutz, G.L. Chu & S.C. Sand.) S.L. Welsh  
ATFA Atriplex falcata (M.E. Jones) Standl. sickle saltbush
ATGAF Atriplex gardneri (Moq.) D. Dietr. var. falcata (M.E. Jones) S.L. Welsh  
ATNUF Atriplex nuttallii S. Watson ssp. falcata (M.E. Jones) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ATNUF2 Atriplex nuttallii S. Watson var. falcata M.E. Jones  
ATFR Atriplex fruticulosa Jeps. ball saltbush
ATGL2 Atriplex glauca L. waxy saltbush
ATGM Atriplex gmelinii C.A. Mey. Gmelin's saltbush
ATGMZ Atriplex gmelinii C.A. Mey. var. zosterifolia (Hook.) Moq.  
ATPAO3 Atriplex patula L. ssp. obtusa (Cham.) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ATPAO Atriplex patula L. var. obtusa (Cham.) M. Peck  
ATPAZ Atriplex patula L. var. zosterifolia (Hook.) C.L. Hitchc.  
ATHI Atriplex hillmanii (M.E. Jones) Standl. Hillman's silverscale
ATARH3 Atriplex argentea Nutt. var. hillmanii M.E. Jones  
ATHO Atriplex hortensis L. garden orache
ATAC3 Atriplex acuminata Waldst. & Kit.  
ATHON Atriplex hortensis L. ssp. nitens (Schkuhr) E. Pons  
ATHOA Atriplex hortensis L. var. atrosanguinea hort.  
ATHOR Atriplex hortensis L. var. rubra L.  
ATNI80 Atriplex nitens Schkuhr, nom. illeg.  
ATHY Atriplex hymenelytra (Torr.) S. Watson desertholly
ATJO4 Atriplex joaquinana A. Nelson San Joaquin saltbush
ATJO3 Atriplex joaquiniana A. Nelson, orth. var.  
ATPAS Atriplex patula L. ssp. spicata (S. Watson) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
EXJO2 Extriplex joaquinana (A. Nelson) E.H. Zacharias  
EXJO Extriplex joaquiniana (A. Nelson) E.H. Zacharias, orth. var.  
ATLE Atriplex lentiformis (Torr.) S. Watson big saltbush
ATLEB Atriplex lentiformis (Torr.) S. Watson ssp. breweri (S. Watson) H.M. Hall & Clem. quailbush
ATBR Atriplex breweri S. Watson  
ATLEB2 Atriplex lentiformis (Torr.) S. Watson var. breweri (S. Watson) McMinn  
ATLEL Atriplex lentiformis (Torr.) S. Watson ssp. lentiformis big saltbush
ATLE2 Atriplex leucophylla (Moq.) D. Dietr. beach saltbush
ATLI Atriplex lindleyi Moq. Lindley's saltbush
ATLO3 Atriplex longitrichoma Stutz, G.L. Chu & S.C. Sand. long-hair silverscale
ATARL Atriplex argentea Nutt. var. longitrichoma (Stutz, G.L. Chu & S.C. Sand.) S.L. Welsh  
ATMI2 Atriplex micrantha Ledeb. twoscale saltbush
ATHE Atriplex heterosperma Bunge  
ATMI3 Atriplex minuscula Standl. lesser saltscale
ATPAM Atriplex parishii S. Watson var. minuscula (Standl.) S.L. Welsh  
ATMU Atriplex muelleri Benth. Mueller's saltbush
ATNU Atriplex nummularia Lindl. bluegreen saltbush
ATJO Atriplex johnstonii C.B. Wolf  
ATPA Atriplex pacifica A. Nelson Davidson's saltbush
ATPA2 Atriplex parishii S. Watson Parish's saltbush
ATPA3 Atriplex parryi S. Watson Parry's saltbush
ATPA4 Atriplex patula L. spear saltbush
ATPAB Atriplex patula L. var. bracteata auct. non Westerlund  
ATPAE Atriplex patula L. var. erecta (Huds.) Lange  
ATPAJ Atriplex patula L. var. japonica Level.  
ATPAP3 Atriplex patula L. var. patula  
ATPE3 Atriplex persistens Stutz & G.L. Chu Sacramento saltbush
ATPAP4 Atriplex parishii S. Watson var. persistens (Stutz & G.L. Chu) S.L. Welsh  
ATPH Atriplex phyllostegia (Torr. ex S. Watson) S. Watson leafcover saltweed
ATPHD Atriplex phyllostegia (Torr. ex S. Watson) S. Watson var. draconis (M.E. Jones) Fosberg  
ATPO Atriplex polycarpa (Torr.) S. Watson cattle saltbush
ATPR Atriplex prostrata Bouchér ex DC. triangle orache
ATHA Atriplex hastata L., nom. utique rej.  
ATLA3 Atriplex latifolia Wahlenb.  
ATPAH3 Atriplex patula L. ssp. hastata (L.) H.M. Hall & Clem., nom. utique rej.  
ATPAH2 Atriplex patula L. var. hastata (L.) A. Gray, nom. utique rej.  
ATPAT Atriplex patula L. var. triangularis (Willd.) Thorne & S.L. Welsh  
ATPRT Atriplex prostrata Bouchér ex DC. var. triangularis (Willd.) Rauschert  
ATTR2 Atriplex triangularis Willd.  
ATPU2 Atriplex pusilla (Torr. ex S. Watson) S. Watson smooth saltbush
ATRO Atriplex rosea L. tumbling saltweed
ATSE Atriplex semibaccata R. Br. Australian saltbush
ATSE2 Atriplex serenana A. Nelson bractscale
ATSED Atriplex serenana A. Nelson var. davidsonii (Standl.) Munz Davidson's bractscale
ATDA Atriplex davidsonii Standl.  
ATSES Atriplex serenana A. Nelson var. serenana bractscale
ATSP Atriplex spinifera J.F. Macbr. spinescale saltbush
ATST2 Atriplex stipitata Benth. mallee saltbush
ATSU80 Atriplex suberecta I. Verd. peregrine saltbush
ATSU2 Atriplex subspicata (Nutt.) Rydb. saline saltbush
ATPAH Atriplex patula L. ssp. hastata sensu H.M. Hall & Clem. p.p.  
ATPAS2 Atriplex patula L. ssp. subspicata (Nutt.) Fosberg  
ATPAS3 Atriplex patula L. var. subspicata (Nutt.) S. Watson  
ATSU5 Atriplex subtilis Stutz & G.L. Chu deltoid-bract saltbush
ATPAS6 Atriplex parishii S. Watson var. subtilis (Stutz & G.L. Chu) S.L. Welsh  
ATTO Atriplex torreyi (S. Watson) S. Watson Torrey's saltbush
ATLET2 Atriplex lentiformis (Torr.) S. Watson ssp. torreyi (S. Watson) H.M. Hall & Clem.  
ATLET Atriplex lentiformis (Torr.) S. Watson var. torreyi (S. Watson) McMinn  
ATTR Atriplex truncata (Torr. ex S. Watson) A. Gray wedgescale saltbush
ATTU Atriplex tularensis Coville Tulare saltbush
ATUN3 Atriplex undulata (Moq.) D. Dietr. wavy-leaved saltbush
ATVA Atriplex vallicola Hoover Lost Hills saltbush
ATCOV Atriplex coronata S. Watson var. vallicola (Hoover) S.L. Welsh  
ATVE Atriplex vesicaria Heward ex Benth. aboriginal saltbush
ATWA Atriplex watsonii A. Nelson Watson's saltbush
ATDE2 Atriplex decumbens S. Watson  
ATROP Atropa L. belladonna
ATBE Atropa bella-donna L. belladonna
AUBRI2 Aubrieta Adans. lilacbush
AUDE Aubrieta deltoidea (L.) DC. lilacbush
AVENA Avena L. oat
AVBA Avena barbata Pott ex Link slender oat
AVHI Avena hirsuta Moench  
AVFA Avena fatua L. wild oat
AVFAG Avena fatua L. var. glabrata Peterm.  
AVFAV Avena fatua L. var. vilis (Wallr.) Hausskn.  
AVOC Avena occidentalis Durieu western oat
AVSA Avena sativa L. common oat
AVBY Avena byzantina K. Koch  
AVFAS Avena fatua L. var. sativa (L.) Hausskn.  
AVSAO Avena sativa L. var. orientalis (Schreb.) Alef.  
AVST Avena sterilis L. animated oat
AVST2 Avena strigosa Schreb. black oats
AVICE Avicennia L. mangrove
AVMA3 Avicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh. gray mangrove
AVMAR Avicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh. var. resinifera (G. Forst.) Bakh. gray mangrove
AXONO Axonopus P. Beauv. carpetgrass
AXFI Axonopus fissifolius (Raddi) Kuhlm. common carpetgrass
AXAF Axonopus affinis Chase  
AYENI Ayenia L. ayenia
AYCO Ayenia compacta Rose California ayenia
AYCA2 Ayenia californica Jeps.  
AZOLL Azolla Lam. mosquitofern
AZFI Azolla filiculoides Lam. Pacific mosquitofern
AZMI Azolla microphylla Kaulf. Mexican Mosquito Fern
AZME Azolla mexicana Schltdl. & Cham. ex C. Presl  
BACCH Baccharis L. baccharis
BABR Baccharis brachyphylla A. Gray shortleaf baccharis
BADO Baccharis douglasii DC. saltmarsh baccharis
BAEM Baccharis emoryi A. Gray Emory's baccharis
BAMA13 Baccharis malibuensis R.M. Beauch. & J. Henrickson Malibu baccharis
BAPI Baccharis pilularis DC. coyotebrush
BAPIC Baccharis pilularis DC. ssp. consanguinea (DC.) C.B. Wolf  
BAPIC2 Baccharis pilularis DC. var. consanguinea (DC.) Kuntze  
BAPL Baccharis plummerae A. Gray Plummer's baccharis
BAPLG Baccharis plummerae A. Gray ssp. glabrata Hoover smooth baccharis
BAPLP Baccharis plummerae A. Gray ssp. plummerae Plummer's baccharis
BASA4 Baccharis salicifolia (Ruiz & Pav.) Pers. mule-fat
BAGL2 Baccharis glutinosa Pers.  
BAVI Baccharis viminea DC.  
MOSA5 Molina salicifolia Ruiz & Pav.  
BASA2 Baccharis sarothroides A. Gray desertbroom
BASE Baccharis sergiloides A. Gray desert baccharis
BAVA3 Baccharis vanessae R.M. Beauch. Encinitis false willow
BACID Bacidia De Not. dotted lichen
BACOP Bacopa Aubl. waterhyssop
BAEI Bacopa eisenii (Kellogg) Pennell Gila River waterhyssop
BAMO Bacopa monnieri (L.) Pennell herb of grace
BRMO5 Bramia monnieri (L.) Drake  
LYMO Lysimachia monnieri L.  
BARE Bacopa repens (Sw.) Wettst. creeping waterhyssop
GRRE3 Gratiola repens Sw.  
MAOB3 Macuillamia obovata Raf.  
MARE10 Macuillamia repens (Sw.) Pennell  
BARO Bacopa rotundifolia (Michx.) Wettst. disk waterhyssop
BANO Bacopa nobsiana H. Mason  
BASI2 Bacopa simulans Fernald  
BRRO4 Bramia rotundifolia (Michx.) Britton  
HYRO3 Hydranthelium rotundifolium (Michx.) Pennell  
MARO4 Macuillamia rotundifolia (Michx.) Raf.  
BAHIA Bahia Lag. bahia
BADI Bahia dissecta (A. Gray) Britton ragleaf bahia
AMDI3 Amauria dissecta A. Gray, nom. inq.  
AMDI5 Amauriopsis dissecta (A. Gray) Rydb.  
BAILE Baileya Harv. & A. Gray ex A. Gray desert marigold
BAMU Baileya multiradiata Harv. & A. Gray ex A. Gray desert marigold
BAMUT Baileya multiradiata Harv. & A. Gray ex A. Gray var. thurberi (Rydb.) Kittell  
BAPA Baileya pauciradiata Harv. & A. Gray ex A. Gray laxflower
BAPL3 Baileya pleniradiata Harv. & A. Gray ex A. Gray woolly desert marigold
BAMUP Baileya multiradiata Harv. & A. Gray ex A. Gray var. pleniradiata (Harv. & A. Gray ex A. Gray) Coville  
BAPE2 Baileya perennis (A. Nelson) Rydb.  
BALSA Balsamorhiza Nutt. balsamroot
BADE2 Balsamorhiza deltoidea Nutt. deltoid balsamroot
BAHO Balsamorhiza hookeri (Hook.) Nutt. Hooker's balsamroot
BAHOH Balsamorhiza hookeri (Hook.) Nutt. var. hirsuta (Nutt.) A. Nelson hairy balsamroot
BAHI Balsamorhiza hirsuta Nutt.  
BAHON Balsamorhiza hookeri (Hook.) Nutt. var. neglecta (Sharp) Cronquist neglected balsamroot
BAHIN Balsamorhiza hirsuta Nutt. var. neglecta Sharp  
BAIN Balsamorhiza incana Nutt. hoary balsamroot
BALA8 Balsamorhiza lanata (Sharp) W.A. Weber lanate balsamroot
BAHOL2 Balsamorhiza hookeri (Hook.) Nutt. var. lanata Sharp  
BAMA3 Balsamorhiza macrolepis Sharp California balsamroot
BAMAM Balsamorhiza macrolepis Sharp var. macrolepis California balsamroot
BAMAP Balsamorhiza macrolepis Sharp var. platylepis (Sharp) Ferris California balsamroot
BAHOP Balsamorhiza hookeri (Hook.) Nutt. var. platylepis (Sharp) Cronquist  
BAPL5 Balsamorhiza platylepis Sharp  
BASA3 Balsamorhiza sagittata (Pursh) Nutt. arrowleaf balsamroot
BASE4 Balsamorhiza sericea W.A. Weber silky balsamroot
BASE2 Balsamorhiza serrata A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. serrate balsamroot
BATE3 Balsamorhiza ×terebinthacea (Hook.) Nutt. (pro sp.) [deltoidea × hookeri] balsamroot
BARBA Barbarea W.T. Aiton yellowrocket
BAOR Barbarea orthoceras Ledeb. American yellowrocket
BAAM Barbarea americana Rydb.  
BAORD Barbarea orthoceras Ledeb. var. dolichocarpa Fernald  
BAVE Barbarea verna (Mill.) Asch. early yellowrocket
BAPR2 Barbarea praecox (Sm.) R. Br.  
CAVE15 Campe verna (Mill.) A. Heller  
ERVE7 Erysimum vernum Mill.  
BAVU Barbarea vulgaris W.T. Aiton garden yellowrocket
BAAR3 Barbarea arcuata (Opiz ex J. Presl & C. Presl) Rchb.  
BAST Barbarea stricta auct. non Andrz.  
BAVUA Barbarea vulgaris W.T. Aiton var. arcuata (Opiz ex J. Presl & C. Presl) Fr.  
BAVUB Barbarea vulgaris W.T. Aiton var. brachycarpa Rouy & Foucaud  
BAVUL Barbarea vulgaris W.T. Aiton var. longisiliquosa Carion  
BAVUS Barbarea vulgaris W.T. Aiton var. sylvestris Fr.  
CABA17 Campe barbarea (L.) W. Wight ex Piper  
CAST13 Campe stricta auct. non (Andrz.) W. Wight ex Piper  
BARBU2 Barbula Hedw. barbula moss
BASSI Bassia All. smotherweed
KOCHI Kochia Roth  
BAAM4 Bassia americana (S. Watson) A.J. Scott green molly
KOAM Kochia americana S. Watson  
KOAMV Kochia americana S. Watson var. vestita S. Watson  
KOVE Kochia vestita (S. Watson) Rydb.  
NEAM Neokochia americana (S. Watson) G.L. Chu & S.C. Sand.  
BACA21 Bassia californica (S. Watson) A.J. Scott rusty molly
KOAMC Kochia americana S. Watson var. californica (S. Watson) M.E. Jones  
KOCA Kochia californica S. Watson  
NECA11 Neokochia californica (S. Watson) G.L. Chu & S.C. Sand.  
BAHY Bassia hyssopifolia (Pall.) Kuntz fivehorn smotherweed
ECHY Echinopsilon hyssopifolius (Pall.) Moq.  
KOHY3 Kochia hyssopifolia (Pall.) Schrad.  
BASC5 Bassia scoparia (L.) A.J. Scott burningbush
BASI4 Bassia sieversiana (Pall.) W.A. Weber  
KOAL3 Kochia alata Bates  
KOSC Kochia scoparia (L.) Schrad.  
KOSCC Kochia scoparia (L.) Schrad. var. culta Farw.  
KOSCP Kochia scoparia (L.) Schrad. var. pubescens Fenzl  
KOSCS Kochia scoparia (L.) Schrad. var. subvillosa Moq.  
KOSCT Kochia scoparia (L.) Schrad. var. trichophila (Stapf) L.H. Bailey, database artifact  
KOSCT2 Kochia scoparia (L.) Schrad. var. trichophylla (Stapf) L.H. Bailey  
KOSI3 Kochia sieversiana (Pall.) C.A. Mey.  
KOTR2 Kochia trichophila Stapf, database artifact  
KOTR4 Kochia trichophylla Stapf  
BATIS Batis P. Br. turtleweed
BAMA5 Batis maritima L. turtleweed
BAUHI Bauhinia L. bauhinia
BAGA Bauhinia galpinii N.E. Br. African plume
BAPU80 Bauhinia punctata Bolle, non Jacq.  
BAVA Bauhinia variegata L. mountain ebony
BEBBI Bebbia (Benth.) Greene sweetbush
BEJU Bebbia juncea (Benth.) Greene sweetbush
BEJUA Bebbia juncea (Benth.) Greene var. aspera (Benth.) Greene sweetbush
BECKM Beckmannia Host sloughgrass
BESY Beckmannia syzigachne (Steud.) Fernald American sloughgrass
BEER2 Beckmannia eruciformis auct. non (L.) Host  
BEERB Beckmannia eruciformis (L.) Host ssp. baicalensis (Kusnez.) Hultén  
BEERU Beckmannia eruciformis (L.) Host var. uniflora Scribn. ex A. Gray  
BESYB Beckmannia syzigachne (Steud.) Fernald ssp. baicalensis (Kusnez.) Koyama & Kawano  
BESYU Beckmannia syzigachne (Steud.) Fernald var. uniflora (Scribn. ex A. Gray) B. Boivin  
BELLA Bellardia All. lineseed
BETR Bellardia trixago (L.) All. Mediterranean lineseed
BATR Bartsia trixago L.  
BELLI Bellis L. bellis
BEPE2 Bellis perennis L. lawndaisy
BENIT Benitoa D.D. Keck benitoa
BEOC Benitoa occidentalis (H.M. Hall) D.D. Keck benitoa
LEOC8 Lessingia occidentalis (H.M. Hall) M.A. Lane  
BENSO Bensoniella Morton bensoniella
BEOR Bensoniella oregona (Abrams & Bacig.) Morton Oregon Bensoniella
BEOR2 Bensonia oregona Abrams & Bacig.  
BEOR3 Bensoniella oregana (Abrams & Bacig.) C.V. Morton, database artifact  
BERBE Berberis L. barberry
BEDA Berberis darwinii Hook. Darwin's berberis
BERGE Bergerocactus Britton & Rose snakecactus
BEEM Bergerocactus emoryi (Engelm.) Britton & Rose golden snakecactus
BEEM2 Bergerocereus emoryi (Engelm.) Britton & Rose  
CEEM Cereus emoryi Engelm.  
BERGI Bergia L. bergia
BETE Bergia texana (Hook.) Seub. ex Walp. Texas bergia
ELTE2 Elatine texana Hook.  
BERNA Bernardia Mill. myrtlecroton
BEMY Bernardia myricifolia (Scheele) S. Watson mouse's eye
BEIN Bernardia incana Morton  
TYMY Tyria myricifolia Scheele  
BERUL Berula Besser ex W.D.J. Koch waterparsnip
BEER Berula erecta (Huds.) Coville cutleaf waterparsnip
BEERI2 Berula erecta (Huds.) Coville var. incisa (Torr.) Cronquist  
BEIN3 Berula incisa (Torr.) G.N. Jones  
BEPU6 Berula pusilla Fernald  
SIER2 Siella erecta (Huds.) M. Pimen.  
BETA Beta L. beet
BEVU2 Beta vulgaris L. common beet
BEMA3 Beta maritima L.  
BEVUM Beta vulgaris L. ssp. maritima (L.) Arcang.  
BETUL Betula L. birch
BEGL Betula glandulosa Michx. resin birch
BENA Betula nana L. dwarf birch
BEOC2 Betula occidentalis Hook. water birch
BEBE3 Betula beeniana A. Nelson  
BEFO2 Betula fontinalis Sarg.  
BEOCI Betula occidentalis Hook. var. inopina (Jeps.) C.L. Hitchc.  
BEPAO Betula papyrifera Marshall ssp. occidentalis (Hook.) Hultén  
BEPAO2 Betula papyrifera Marshall var. occidentalis (Hook.) Sarg.  
BEPU4 Betula pumila L. bog birch
BEPUG Betula pumila L. var. glandulifera Regel bog birch
BEGL2 Betula glandulifera (Regel) Butler  
BEGLG Betula glandulosa Michx. var. glandulifera (Regel) Gleason  
BEGLH Betula glandulosa Michx. var. hallii (Howell) C.L. Hitchc.  
BENAG Betula nana L. var. glandulifera (Regel) B. Boivin  
BIDEN Bidens L. beggarticks
BIBI7 Bidens bipinnata L. Spanish needles
BIBIB Bidens bipinnata L. var. biternatoides Sherff  
BICE Bidens cernua L. nodding beggartick
BICEC Bidens cernua L. var. cernua  
BICED Bidens cernua L. var. dentata (Nutt.) B. Boivin  
BICEE Bidens cernua L. var. elliptica Wiegand  
BICEI Bidens cernua L. var. integra Wiegand  
BICEM Bidens cernua L. var. minima (Huds.) Pursh  
BICEO Bidens cernua L. var. oligodonta Fernald & H. St. John  
BICER Bidens cernua L. var. radiata DC.  
BIGL Bidens glaucescens Greene  
BIFR Bidens frondosa L. devil's beggartick
BIFRA Bidens frondosa L. var. anomala Porter ex Fernald  
BIFRC Bidens frondosa L. var. caudata Sherff  
BIFRP Bidens frondosa L. var. pallida Wiegand  
BIFRS Bidens frondosa L. var. stenodonta Fernald & H. St. John  
BILA Bidens laevis (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. smooth beggartick
BIEL Bidens elegans Greene  
BINA2 Bidens nashii Small  
HELA19 Helianthus laevis L.  
BIPI Bidens pilosa L. hairy beggarticks
BIOD Bidens odorata Cav.  
BIPIB Bidens pilosa L. var. bimucronata (Turcz.) Sch. Bip.  
BIPIM Bidens pilosa L. var. minor (Blume) Sherff  
BIPIP2 Bidens pilosa L. var. pilosa  
BITR Bidens tripartita L. threelobe beggarticks
BIAC Bidens acuta (Wiegand) Britton  
BICO3 Bidens comosa (A. Gray) Wiegand  
BIVU Bidens vulgata Greene big devils beggartick
BIFRP2 Bidens frondosa L. var. puberula Wiegand  
BIPU2 Bidens puberula (Wiegand) Rydb.  
BIVUP Bidens vulgata Greene var. puberula (Wiegand) Greene  
BIVUS Bidens vulgata Greene var. schizantha Lunell  
BITUM Bituminaria Heist. ex Fabr. bituminaria
BIBI4 Bituminaria bituminosa (L.) Stirt. Arabian pea
ASBI5 Aspalthium bituminosum (L.) Kuntze  
PSBI Psoralea bituminosa L.  
BLECH Blechnum L. midsorus fern
BLSP Blechnum spicant (L.) Sm. deer fern
BLSPN Blechnum spicant (L.) Sm. ssp. nipponicum auct. non (Kunze) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
BLSPE Blechnum spicant (L.) Sm. var. elongatum (Hook.) B. Boivin  
LOSP4 Lomaria spicant (L.) Desv.  
OSSP Osmunda spicant L.  
STSP9 Struthiopteris spicant (L.) Weiss  
BLENN Blennosperma Less. stickyseed
BLBA Blennosperma bakeri Heiser Baker's stickyseed
BLNA Blennosperma nanum (Hook.) S.F. Blake common stickyseed
BLNAN Blennosperma nanum (Hook.) S.F. Blake var. nanum common stickyseed
BLNAR Blennosperma nanum (Hook.) S.F. Blake var. robustum J.T. Howell common stickyseed
BLEPH Blepharidachne Hack. desertgrass
BLKI Blepharidachne kingii (S. Watson) Hack. King's eyelashgrass
BLEPH2 Blepharipappus Hook. blepharipappus
BLSC Blepharipappus scaber Hook. rough eyelashweed
BLSCL Blepharipappus scaber Hook. ssp. laevis (A. Gray) D.D. Keck rough eyelashweed
BLSCS Blepharipappus scaber Hook. ssp. scaber rough eyelashweed
BLEPH3 Blepharizonia Greene blepharizonia
BLLA4 Blepharizonia laxa Greene blepharizonia
BLPL Blepharizonia plumosa (Kellogg) Greene big tarweed
BLPLP Blepharizonia plumosa (Kellogg) Greene ssp. plumosa big tarweed
BLPLV Blepharizonia plumosa (Kellogg) Greene ssp. viscida D.D. Keck big tarweed
BLOOM Bloomeria Kellogg goldenstar
BLCR Bloomeria crocea (Torr.) Coville common goldenstar
BLCRA Bloomeria crocea (Torr.) Coville var. aurea (Kellogg) J.W. Ingram common goldenstar
BLAU2 Bloomeria aurea Kellogg  
BLCRC Bloomeria crocea (Torr.) Coville var. crocea common goldenstar
ALCR10 Allium croceum Torr.  
BLCRM Bloomeria crocea (Torr.) Coville var. montana (Greene) J.W. Ingram common goldenstar
BLHU Bloomeria humilis Hoover dwarf goldenstar
BOEHM Boehmeria Jacq. false nettle
BOCY Boehmeria cylindrica (L.) Sw. smallspike false nettle
BOAU Boehmeria austrina Small  
BOCYD Boehmeria cylindrica (L.) Sw. var. drummondiana (Weddell) Weddell  
BOCYS Boehmeria cylindrica (L.) Sw. var. scabra Porter  
BODE5 Boehmeria decurrens Small  
BODR2 Boehmeria drummondiana Weddell  
BOSC2 Boehmeria scabra (Porter) Small  
URCY Urtica cylindrica L.  
BONI2 Boehmeria nivea (L.) Gaudich. Chinese grass
RANI4 Ramium niveum (L.) Small  
URNI Urtica nivea L.  
BOERH2 Boerhavia L. spiderling
BOCO Boerhavia coccinea Mill. scarlet spiderling
BOCA9 Boerhavia caribaea Jacq.  
BOCO2 Boerhavia coulteri (Hook. f.) S. Watson Coulter's spiderling
SECO15 Senkenbergia coulteri Hook. f.  
BODI3 Boerhavia diffusa L. red spiderling
BOGL6 Boerhavia glabrata Blume  
BOIN Boerhavia intermedia M.E. Jones fivewing spiderling
BOERI Boerhavia erecta L. var. intermedia (M.E. Jones) Kearney & Peebles  
BOTR Boerhavia triquetra S. Watson slender spiderling
BOWR Boerhavia wrightii A. Gray largebract spiderling
BOLAN Bolandra A. Gray false coolwort
BOCA Bolandra californica A. Gray Sierra false coolwort
BOLBO Bolboschoenus (Asch.) Palla bulrush
BOFL3 Bolboschoenus fluviatilis (Torr.) Soják river bulrush
BOMAF Bolboschoenus maritimus (L.) Palla ssp. fluviatilis (Torr.) Á. Löve & D. Löve  
SCFL11 Schoenoplectus fluviatilis (Torr.) M.T. Strong  
SCFL Scirpus fluviatilis (Torr.) A. Gray  
SCMAF2 Scirpus maritimus L. var. fluviatilis Torr.  
BOGL9 Bolboschoenus glaucus (Lam.) S.G. Sm. tuberous bulrush
SCGL11 Schoenoplectus glaucus (Lam.) Kartesz  
SCGL12 Scirpus glaucus Lam.  
SCMAT Scirpus maritimus L. var. tuberosus auct. non (Desf.) Roem. & Schult.  
SCTU4 Scirpus tuberosus auct. non Desf.  
BOMA7 Bolboschoenus maritimus (L.) Palla cosmopolitan bulrush
BOMAP Bolboschoenus maritimus (L.) Palla ssp. paludosus (A. Nelson) Á. Löve & D. Löve, nom. illeg.  
BOMAP2 Bolboschoenus maritimus (L.) Palla var. paludosus (A. Nelson) Dorn  
BOPA7 Bolboschoenus paludosus (A. Nelson) Soó  
SCMA8 Schoenoplectus maritimus (L.) Lye  
SCFE4 Scirpus fernaldii E.P. Bicknell  
SCMA Scirpus maritimus L.  
SCMAF Scirpus maritimus L. var. fernaldii (E.P. Bicknell) Beetle  
SCMAP Scirpus maritimus L. var. paludosus (A. Nelson) Kük.  
SCPA14 Scirpus pacificus Britton  
SCPA4 Scirpus paludosus A. Nelson  
SCPAA4 Scirpus paludosus A. Nelson var. atlanticus Fernald  
BOMAP4 Bolboschoenus maritimus (L.) Palla ssp. paludosus (A. Nelson) T. Koyama cosmopolitan bulrush
SCCA26 Scirpus campestris Britton  
BORO5 Bolboschoenus robustus (Pursh) Soják sturdy bulrush
SCRO5 Schoenoplectus robustus (Pursh) M.T. Strong  
SCMAA Scirpus maritimus L. var. agonus (Fernald) Beetle  
SCMAM Scirpus maritimus L. var. macrostachyus Michx.  
SCRO Scirpus robustus Pursh  
BORAG Borago L. borage
BOOF Borago officinalis L. common borage
BOSCH Boschniakia C.A. Mey. ex Bong. groundcone
BOHO Boschniakia hookeri Walp. Vancouver groundcone
BOST2 Boschniakia strobilacea A. Gray California groundcone
BOTHR Bothriochloa Kuntze beardgrass
BOBA3 Bothriochloa barbinodis (Lag.) Herter cane bluestem
ANBA6 Andropogon barbinodis Lag.  
ANPE14 Andropogon perforatus Trin. ex Fourn.  
BOBAP2 Bothriochloa barbinodis (Lag.) Herter var. palmeri (Hack.) de Wet  
BOBAP Bothriochloa barbinodis (Lag.) Herter var. perforata (Trin. ex Fourn.) Gould  
BOPA4 Bothriochloa palmeri (Hack.) Gould  
BOIS Bothriochloa ischaemum (L.) Keng yellow bluestem
BOISS Bothriochloa ischaemum (L.) Keng var. songarica (Rupr. ex Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) Celarier & Harlan yellow bluestem
ANISS Andropogon ischaemum L. var. songaricus Rupr. ex Fisch. & C.A. Mey.  
BOLA2 Bothriochloa laguroides (DC.) Herter silver beardgrass
BOLAT Bothriochloa laguroides (DC.) Herter ssp. torreyana (Steud.) Allred & Gould silver beardgrass
ANSAT2 Andropogon saccharoides Sw. var. torreyanus (Steud.) Hack.  
BOSAT Bothriochloa saccharoides (Sw.) Rydb. var. torreyana (Steud.) Gould  
DISAT4 Dichanthium saccharoides (Sw.) Roberty subvar. torreyanum (Steud.) Roberty  
BOTRY Botrychium Sw. grapefern
BOAS2 Botrychium ascendens W.H. Wagner trianglelobe moonwort
BOCR Botrychium crenulatum W.H. Wagner scalloped moonwort
BODU Botrychium dusenii auct. non (Christ) Alston  
BOLA Botrychium lanceolatum (S.G. Gmel.) Angstr. lanceleaf grapefern
BOLAL Botrychium lanceolatum (S.G. Gmel.) Angstr. var. lanceolatum lanceleaf grapefern
BOLAT2 Botrychium lanceolatum (S.G. Gmel.) Angstr. ssp. typicum R.T. Clausen  
BOLI7 Botrychium lineare W.H. Wagner narrowleaf grapefern
BOLU Botrychium lunaria (L.) Sw. common moonwort
BOLUO2 Botrychium lunaria (L.) Sw. var. onondagense (Underw.) House  
BOON2 Botrychium onondagense Underw.  
BOMI Botrychium minganense Victorin Mingan moonwort
BOLUM3 Botrychium lunaria (L.) Sw. ssp. minganense (Vict.) Calder & Roy L. Taylor  
BOLUM2 Botrychium lunaria (L.) Sw. var. minganense (Vict.) Dole  
BOMO Botrychium montanum W.H. Wagner mountain moonwort
BOMU Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) Trevis. leathery grapefern
BOCA6 Botrychium californicum Underw.  
BOCO3 Botrychium coulteri Underw.  
BOMA6 Botrychium matricariae (Schrank) Spreng.  
BOMUC6 Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) Trevis. ssp. californicum (Underw.) R.T. Clausen  
BOMUC5 Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) Trevis. ssp. coulteri (Underw.) R.T. Clausen  
BOMUS Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) Trevis. ssp. silaifolium (C. Presl) R.T. Clausen  
BOMUC4 Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) Trevis. var. californicum (Underw.) Broun  
BOMUC3 Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) Trevis. var. coulteri (Underw.) Broun  
BOMUI Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) Trevis. var. intermedium (D.C. Eaton) Farw.  
BOMUS2 Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) Trevis. var. silaifolium (C. Presl) Broun  
BOSI3 Botrychium silaifolium C. Presl  
BOSIC2 Botrychium silaifolium C. Presl var. coulteri (Underw.) Jeps.  
SCMU11 Sceptridium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) M. Nishida ex Tagawa  
SCSI7 Sceptridium silaifolium (C. Presl) Lyon  
BOPI Botrychium pinnatum H. St. John northern moonwort
BOBOO3 Botrychium boreale Milde ssp. obtusilobum (Rupr.) R.T. Clausen  
BOBOO2 Botrychium boreale Milde var. obtusilobum (Rupr.) Broun  
BOSI Botrychium simplex E. Hitchc. little grapefern
BOSIS2 Botrychium simplex E. Hitchc. ssp. simplex  
BOSIT2 Botrychium simplex E. Hitchc. ssp. typicum R.T. Clausen  
BOSIC Botrychium simplex E. Hitchc. var. compositum (Lasch) Milde  
BOSIL Botrychium simplex E. Hitchc. var. laxifolium (R.T. Clausen) Fernald  
BOSIS Botrychium simplex E. Hitch. var. simplex  
BOSIT Botrychium simplex E. Hitchc. var. tenebrosum (A.A. Eaton) R.T. Clausen  
BOTE10 Botrychium tenebrosum A.A. Eaton  
BOVI Botrychium virginianum (L.) Sw. rattlesnake fern
BOVIE Botrychium virginianum (L.) Sw. ssp. europaeum (Angstr.) Jáv.  
BOVIE2 Botrychium virginianum (L.) Sw. var. europaeum Angstr.  
BOVI8 Botrypus virginianus (L.) Michx.  
BOUTE Bouteloua Lag. grama
BOAR Bouteloua aristidoides (Kunth) Griseb. needle grama
BOARA Bouteloua aristidoides (Kunth) Griseb. var. aristidoides needle grama
BOBA2 Bouteloua barbata Lag. sixweeks grama
BOAR3 Bouteloua arenosa Vasey  
BOBAB3 Bouteloua barbata Lag. var. barbata  
CHBA12 Chondrosum barbata (Lag.) W.D. Clayton  
CHEX3 Chondrosum exile Fourn.  
CHMI15 Chondrosum microstachyum Fourn.  
CHPO9 Chondrosum polystachyum Benth.  
CHSU12 Chondrosum subscorpioides Müll. Hal.  
BOCU Bouteloua curtipendula (Michx.) Torr. sideoats grama
BOCUC Bouteloua curtipendula (Michx.) Torr. var. caespitosa Gould & Kapadia sideoats grama
BOER4 Bouteloua eriopoda (Torr.) Torr. black grama
CHER4 Chondrosum eriopodum Torr.  
BOGR2 Bouteloua gracilis (Willd. ex Kunth) Lag. ex Griffiths blue grama
BOGRS Bouteloua gracilis (Willd. ex Kunth) Lag. ex Griffiths var. stricta (Vasey) Hitchc.  
BOOL Bouteloua oligostachya (Nutt.) Torr. ex A. Gray  
CHGR15 Chondrosum gracile Willd. ex Kunth  
CHOL5 Chondrosum oligostachyum (Nutt.) Torr.  
BOTR2 Bouteloua trifida Thurb. red grama
BOTRT Bouteloua trifida Thurb. var. trifida red grama
BOWLE Bowlesia Ruiz & Pav. bowlesia
BOIN3 Bowlesia incana Ruiz & Pav. hoary bowlesia
BOSE2 Bowlesia septentrionalis J.M. Coult. & Rose  
BOYKI Boykinia Nutt. brookfoam
BOMA3 Boykinia major A. Gray large boykinia
BOOC2 Boykinia occidentalis Torr. & A. Gray coastal brookfoam
BOEL2 Boykinia elata (Nutt.) Greene  
BOVA Boykinia vancouverensis (Rydb.) Fedde  
BORO3 Boykinia rotundifolia Parry roundleaf brookfoam
BRACH13 Brachychiton Schott & Endl. brachychiton
BRPO6 Brachychiton populneum (Schott & Endl.) R. Br. whiteflower kurrajong
BRACH3 Brachypodium P. Beauv. false brome
BRDI2 Brachypodium distachyon (L.) P. Beauv. purple false brome
BRDI9 Bromus distachyos L.  
TRDI10 Trachynia distachya (L.) Link  
BRPH3 Brachypodium phoenicoides (L.) Roem. & Schult. thinleaf false brome
BRMU7 Brachypodium mucronatum Willk.  
BRPI Brachypodium pinnatum (L.) P. Beauv. heath false brome
BRRU9 Brachypodium rupestre (Host) Roem. & Schult. false brome
BRRUC2 Brachypodium rupestre (Host) Roem. & Schult. ssp. caespitosum (Host) H. Scholz, orth. var. false brome
BRCA26 Brachypodium caespitosum (Host) Roem. & Schult., orth. var.  
BRCE3 Brachypodium cespitosum (Host) Roem. & Schult.  
BRPIC2 Brachypodium pinnatum (L.) P. Beauv. ssp. cespitosum (Host) Hack.  
BRRUC Brachypodium rupestre (Host) Roem. & Schult. ssp. cespitosum (Host) H. Scholz  
BRCA29 Brachypodum caespitosum (Host) Roem. & Schult., database artifact  
BRAND Brandegea Cogn. starvine
BRBI Brandegea bigelovii (S. Watson) Cogn. desert starvine
BRASE Brasenia Schreb. brasenia
BRSC Brasenia schreberi J.F. Gmel. watershield
BRPE2 Brasenia peltata Pursh  
BRASS2 Brassica L. mustard
BRFR3 Brassica fruticulosa Cyr. Mediterranean cabbage
BRJU Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. brown mustard
BRIN16 Brassica integrifolia (Vahl) O.E.Schulz, non Rupr.  
BRIN3 Brassica integrifolia Rupr.  
BRJA2 Brassica japonica Thunb.  
BRJUC Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. var. crispifolia L.H. Bailey  
BRJUJ Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. var. japonica (Thunb.) L.H. Bailey  
BRWI2 Brassica willdenowii Boiss.  
SIJU2 Sinapis juncea L.  
BRNA Brassica napus L. rape
BRNI Brassica nigra (L.) W.D.J. Koch black mustard
SINI4 Sinapis nigra L.  
BROL Brassica oleracea L. cabbage
BROLA Brassica oleracea L. var. acephala DC.  
BROLC Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata L.  
BRRA Brassica rapa L. field mustard
BRRAR Brassica rapa L. var. rapa field mustard
BRCA2 Brassica campestris L.  
BRCAR2 Brassica campestris L. ssp. rapifera (Metzger) Sinsk.  
BRCAR Brassica campestris L. var. rapa (L.) Hartm.  
BRRAC Brassica rapa L. ssp. campestris (L.) Clapham  
BRRAO Brassica rapa L. ssp. olifera DC.  
BRRAR2 Brassica rapa L. ssp. rapa  
BRRAR3 Brassica rapa L. ssp. rapifera Metzger  
BRRAS8 Brassica rapa L. ssp. sylvestris Janchen  
BRRAC2 Brassica rapa L. var. campestris (L.) W.D.J. Koch  
CASU20 Caulanthus sulfureus Payson  
BRTO Brassica tournefortii Gouan Asian mustard
BRTOS Brassica tournefortii Gouan var. sisymbrioides (Fisch.) Grossh.  
BRICK Brickellia Elliott brickellbush
BRAR2 Brickellia arguta B.L. Rob. pungent brickellbush
BRARA Brickellia arguta B.L. Rob. var. arguta pungent brickellbush
BRATA Brickellia atractyloides A. Gray var. arguta (B.L. Rob.) Jeps.  
BRARO Brickellia arguta B.L. Rob. var. odontolepis B.L. Rob. pungent brickellbush
BRAT Brickellia atractyloides A. Gray spearleaf brickellbush
BRCA3 Brickellia californica (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray California brickellbush
BRCAC Brickellia californica (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray var. californica California brickellbush
BUCA6 Bulbostylis californica Torr. & A. Gray  
BRCAJ Brickellia californica (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray var. jepsonii B.L. Rob. Jepson's brickellbush
BRDE3 Brickellia desertorum Coville desert brickellbush
BRCAD Brickellia californica (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray var. desertorum (Coville) Parish ex H.M. Hall  
CODE5 Coleosanthus desertorum (Coville) Coville  
BRFR Brickellia frutescens A. Gray shrubby brickellbush
BRGR Brickellia grandiflora (Hook.) Nutt. tasselflower brickellbush
BRGRP Brickellia grandiflora (Hook.) Nutt. var. petiolaris A. Gray  
COGR14 Coleosanthus grandiflorus (Hook.) Kuntze  
BRGR2 Brickellia greenei A. Gray Greene brickellbush
BRIN Brickellia incana A. Gray woolly brickellbush
BRKN Brickellia knappiana E. Drew Knapp brickellbush
BRLO Brickellia longifolia S. Watson longleaf brickellbush
BRLOM Brickellia longifolia S. Watson var. multiflora (Kellogg) Cronquist longleaf brickellbush
BRMU2 Brickellia multiflora Kellogg  
BRMI Brickellia microphylla (Nutt.) A. Gray littleleaf brickellbush
BRMIM Brickellia microphylla (Nutt.) A. Gray var. microphylla littleleaf brickellbush
BRMIW Brickellia microphylla (Nutt.) A. Gray var. watsonii (B.L. Rob.) S.L. Welsh Watson's brickellbush
BRWA Brickellia watsonii B.L. Rob.  
BRNE2 Brickellia nevinii A. Gray Nevin's brickellbush
BROB Brickellia oblongifolia Nutt. Mojave brickellbush
BROBL Brickellia oblongifolia Nutt. var. linifolia (D.C. Eaton) B.L. Rob. narrowleaf brickellbush
BRLI2 Brickellia linifolia D.C. Eaton  
BRIZA Briza L. quakinggrass
BRMA Briza maxima L. big quakinggrass
BRME Briza media L. perennial quakinggrass
BRMI2 Briza minor L. little quakinggrass
BRODI Brodiaea Sm. brodiaea
BRAP Brodiaea appendiculata Hoover appendage brodiaea
BRCA4 Brodiaea californica Lindl. California brodiaea
BRCAC9 Brodiaea californica Lindl. ssp. californica California brodiaea
BRCAC6 Brodiaea californica Lindl. var. californica  
BRCAL3 Brodiaea californica Lindl. ssp. leptandra (Greene) J.C. Pires California brodiaea
BRCAL Brodiaea californica Lindl. var. leptandra (Greene) Hoover  
BRLE7 Brodiaea leptandra (Greene) Baker  
HOLE4 Hookera leptandra Greene  
BRCO3 Brodiaea coronaria (Salisb.) Engl. crown brodiaea
BRCOC Brodiaea coronaria (Salisb.) Engl. ssp. coronaria crown brodiaea
BRCOR2 Brodiaea coronaria (Salisb.) Engl. ssp. rosea (Greene) Niehaus Indian Valley brodiaea
BRCOR Brodiaea coronaria (Salisb.) Engl. var. rosea (Greene) Hoover  
BRRO2 Brodiaea rosea (Greene) Baker  
HORO4 Hookera rosea Greene  
BREL Brodiaea elegans Hoover harvest brodiaea
BRELE Brodiaea elegans Hoover ssp. elegans harvest brodiaea
BRELM Brodiaea elegans Hoover var. mundula (Jeps.) Hoover  
BRELH Brodiaea elegans Hoover ssp. hooveri Niehaus Hoover's brodiaea
BRFI Brodiaea filifolia S. Watson threadleaf brodiaea
HOFI4 Hookera filifolia (S. Watson) Greene  
BRIN5 Brodiaea insignis (Jeps.) Niehaus Kaweah brodiaea
BRSYI Brodiaea synandra Jeps. var. insignis Jeps.  
BRJO Brodiaea jolonensis Eastw. chaparral brodiaea
BRKI Brodiaea kinkiensis Niehaus San Clemente Island brodiaea
BRMA7 Brodiaea matsonii R.E. Preston Matson's brodiaea
BRMI3 Brodiaea minor (Benth.) S. Watson Sierra brodiaea
BRGRM Brodiaea grandiflora (Lindl.) J.F. Macbr. var. minor Benth.  
BRPU16 Brodiaea purdyi Eastw.  
HOMI7 Hookera minor (Benth.) Kunze  
BRNA4 Brodiaea nana Hoover vernalpool brodiaea
BRMIN Brodiaea minor (Benth.) S. Watson var. nana (Hoover) Hoover  
BROR Brodiaea orcuttii (Greene) Baker Orcutt's brodiaea
HOOR2 Hookera orcuttii Greene  
BRPA2 Brodiaea pallida Hoover Chinese Camp brodiaea
BRSA Brodiaea santarosae T.J.Chester, W.P.Armstr. & Madore Santa Rosa Basalt brodiaea
BRST Brodiaea stellaris S. Watson starflower brodiaea
HOST8 Hookera stellaris (S. Watson) Greene  
BRTE4 Brodiaea terrestris Kellogg dwarf brodiaea
BRTEK Brodiaea terrestris Kellogg ssp. kernensis (Hoover) Niehaus Kern brodiaea
BRCOK Brodiaea coronaria (Salisb.) Engl. var. kernensis Hoover  
BRELA Brodiaea elegans Hoover var. australis Hoover  
BRTET Brodiaea terrestris Kellogg ssp. terrestris dwarf brodiaea
BRCOM Brodiaea coronaria (Salisb.) Engl. var. macropoda (Torr.) Hoover  
BROMI Bromidium Nees & Meyen tropical bent
BRTA Bromidium tandilense (Kuntze) Rúgolo Kennedy's Tropical Bent
AGKE2 Agrostis kennedyana Beetle  
AGTA Agrostis tandilensis (Kuntze) Parodi  
BROMU Bromus L. brome
BRAL2 Bromus alopecuros Poir. weedy brome
BRAR3 Bromus arenarius Labill. Australian brome
BRAR4 Bromus arizonicus (Shear) Stebbins Arizona brome
BRAR5 Bromus arvensis L. field brome
BRAN11 Bromus anatolicus Boiss. & Heldr.  
BRJA Bromus japonicus Thunb.  
BRJAA Bromus japonicus Thunb. ssp. anatolicus (Boiss. & Heldr.) Penzes  
BRJAP Bromus japonicus Thunb. var. porrectus Hack.  
BRPA10 Bromus patulus Mert. & W.D.J. Koch  
BRBE6 Bromus berteroanus Colla Chilean chess
BRBE2 Bromus berterianus Colla, orth. var.  
BRTR2 Bromus trinii Desv.  
BRTRE Bromus trinii Desv. var. excelsus Shear  
TRHI6 Trisetobromus hirtus (Trin.) Nevski  
BRBR5 Bromus briziformis Fisch. & C.A. Mey. rattlesnake brome
BRBR7 Bromus brizaeformis Fisch. & C.A. Mey., orth. var.  
BRCA5 Bromus carinatus Hook. & Arn. California brome
BRCAC2 Bromus carinatus Hook. & Arn. var. californicus (Nutt. ex Buckley) Shear  
BRCAC8 Bromus carinatus Hook. & Arn. var. carinatus  
BRCAH Bromus carinatus Hook. & Arn. var. hookerianus (Thurb.) Shear  
BRLA19 Bromus laciniatus Beal  
CECA11 Ceratochloa carinata (Hook. & Arn.) Tutin  
BRCA6 Bromus catharticus Vahl rescuegrass
BRBR81 Bromus brevis Nees ex Steud.  
BRHA Bromus haenkeanus (J. Presl) Kunth  
BRUN Bromus unioloides Kunth  
BRWI Bromus willdenowii Kunth  
CECA12 Ceratochloa cathartica (Vahl) Herter  
CEUN3 Ceratochloa unioloides (Willd.) Raspail, non Bromus unioloides Kunth, nom. illeg.  
CEWI Ceratochloa willdenowii (Kunth) W.A. Weber  
FEUN Festuca unioloides (Willd.) Raspail, non Bromus unioloides Kunth, nom. illeg.  
BRCI2 Bromus ciliatus L. fringed brome
BRCIC3 Bromus ciliatus L. var. ciliatus fringed brome
BRCA10 Bromopsis canadensis (Michx.) Holub  
BRCI7 Bromopsis ciliata (L.) Holub  
BRCA9 Bromus canadensis Michx.  
BRCIG Bromus ciliatus L. var. genuinus Fernald  
BRCII Bromus ciliatus L. var. intonsus Fernald  
BRDU2 Bromus dudleyi Fernald  
BRRIP Bromus richardsonii Link var. pallidus (Hook.) Shear  
BRCIR Bromus ciliatus L. var. richardsonii (Link) B. Boivin fringed brome
BRCAR3 Bromopsis canadensis (Michx.) Holub ssp. richardsonii (Link) Tzvelev  
BRRI4 Bromopsis richardsonii (Link) Holub  
BRRI2 Bromus richardsonii Link  
BRDI3 Bromus diandrus Roth ripgut brome
BRDID2 Bromus diandrus Roth ssp. diandrus ripgut brome
ANDI6 Anisantha diandra (Roth) Tutin ex Tzvelev  
BRGU Bromus gussonei Parl.  
BRRIG Bromus rigidus Roth var. gussonei (Parl.) Coss. & Durieu  
BRDIR Bromus diandrus Roth ssp. rigidus (Roth) Lainz ripgut brome
ANRI4 Anisantha rigida (Roth) Hyl.  
BRDIR2 Bromus diandrus Roth var. rigidus (Roth) Sales  
BRMA6 Bromus maximus Desf., non Gilib.  
BRRI8 Bromus rigidus Roth  
BRVI9 Bromus villosus Forssk., non Scop.  
BRER3 Bromus erectus Huds. erect brome
BRER6 Bromopsis erecta (Huds.) Fourr.  
BRERH Bromus erectus Huds. var. hackelii Borbas  
BRGR4 Bromus grandis (Shear) Hitchc. tall brome
BRGR7 Bromopsis grandis (Shear) Holub  
BRHO2 Bromus hordeaceus L. soft brome
BRHOD Bromus hordeaceus L. ssp. divaricatus (Bonnier & Layens) Kerguélen soft brome
BRHOM Bromus hordeaceus L. ssp. molliformis (Lloyd) Maire & Weiller  
BRMO Bromus molliformis Lloyd  
BRHOH Bromus hordeaceus L. ssp. hordeaceus soft brome
BRMO2 Bromus mollis auct. non L.  
BRIN2 Bromus inermis Leyss. smooth brome
BRINI Bromus inermis Leyss. ssp. inermis smooth brome
BRINI2 Bromus inermis Leyss. ssp. inermis var. inermis smooth brome
BRIN7 Bromopsis inermis (Leyss.) Holub  
BRLA3 Bromus laevipes Shear Chinook brome
BRMA3 Bromus madritensis L. compact brome
ANMA12 Anisantha madritensis (L.) Nevski  
ANMA27 Anisantha matritensis (L.) Nevski, orth. var.  
BRMAM3 Bromus madritensis L. ssp. madritensis  
BRMA16 Bromus matritensis L., orth. var.  
BRMA4 Bromus marginatus Nees ex Steud. mountain brome
BRBR4 Bromus breviaristatus Buckley  
BRCAL2 Bromus carinatus Hook. & Arn. var. linearis Shear  
BRCAM2 Bromus carinatus Hook. & Arn. var. marginatus (Nees ex Steud.) Barkworth & Anderton  
BRMAB Bromus marginatus Nees ex Steud. var. breviaristatus (Buckley) Beetle  
BRMAL Bromus marginatus Nees ex Steud. var. latior Shear  
BRMAS Bromus marginatus Nees ex Steud. var. seminudus Shear  
BRSIM Bromus sitchensis Trin. var. marginatus (Nees ex Steud.) B. Boivin  
CEMA10 Ceratochloa marginata Steud ex B.D. Jacks., nom. inval.  
CEMA11 Ceratochloa marginata (Nees ex Steud.) W.A. Weber  
BRMA5 Bromus maritimus (Piper) Hitchc. seaside brome
BRCAM Bromus carinatus Hook. & Arn. var. maritimus (Piper) C.L. Hitchc.  
BROR2 Bromus orcuttianus Vasey Orcutt's brome
BROR3 Bromopsis orcuttiana (Vasey) Holub  
BRORH Bromus orcuttianus Vasey var. hallii Hitchc.  
BRPO Bromus polyanthus Scribn. ex Shear Great Basin brome
BRPOP2 Bromus polyanthus Scribn. ex Shear var. polyanthus Great Basin brome
CEPO3 Ceratochloa polyantha (Scribn. ex Shear) Tzvelev  
BRPO2 Bromus porteri (J.M. Coult.) Nash Porter brome
BRPO5 Bromopsis porteri J.M. Coult.  
BRAN13 Bromus anomalus auct. non Rupr. ex Fourn.  
BRPS Bromus pseudolaevipes Wagnon coast range brome
BRPS2 Bromopsis pseudolaevipes (Wagnon) Holub  
BRRA2 Bromus racemosus L. bald brome
BRCO4 Bromus commutatus Schrad.  
BRCOA Bromus commutatus Schrad. var. apricorum Simonkai  
BRPO7 Bromus popovii Drobow  
BRRU2 Bromus rubens L. red brome
ANRU4 Anisantha rubens (L.) Nevski  
BRMAR Bromus madritensis L. ssp. rubens (L.) Duvin  
BRMAR2 Bromus matritensis L. ssp. rubens (L.) Duvin, orth. var.  
BRSC3 Bromus scoparius L. broom brome
BRSE Bromus secalinus L. rye brome
BRSED Bromus secalinus L. var. decipiens Bomble & H. Scholz rye brome
BRSES Bromus secalinus L. var. secalinus rye brome
BRSEH Bromus secalinus L. var. hirsutus Kindb.  
BRSEH2 Bromus secalinus L. var. hirtus (F.W. Schultz) Hegi  
BRSI Bromus sitchensis Trin. Alaska brome
BRST3 Bromus stamineus Desv. roadside brome
BRVA3 Bromus valdivianus Phil.  
CEST6 Ceratochloa straminea (Desv.) Stace  
BRST2 Bromus sterilis L. poverty brome
ANST4 Anisantha sterilis (L.) Nevski  
BRSU4 Bromus subvelutinus Shear hoary brome
BRLU3 Bromus luzonensis J. Presl  
BRSU2 Bromus suksdorfii Vasey Suksdorf's brome
BRSU5 Bromopsis suksdorfii (Vasey) Holub  
BRTE Bromus tectorum L. cheatgrass
ANTE6 Anisantha tectorum (L.) Nevski  
BRTEG Bromus tectorum L. var. glabratus Spenner  
BRTEH Bromus tectorum L. var. hirsutus Regel  
BRTEN Bromus tectorum L. var. nudus Klett & Richt.  
BRVU Bromus vulgaris (Hook.) Shear Columbia brome
BRVU2 Bromopsis vulgaris (Hook.) Holub  
BRVUE Bromus vulgaris (Hook.) Shear var. eximius Shear  
BRVUR Bromus vulgaris (Hook.) Shear var. robustus Shear  
BRYON Bryonia L. bryony
BRCR2 Bryonia cretica L. Cretan bryony
BRDI5 Bryonia dioica Jacq. Cretan bryony
BRCRD Bryonia cretica L. ssp. dioica (Jacq.) Tutin  
BUDDL2 Buddleja L. butterflybush
BUDA2 Buddleja davidii Franch. orange eye butterflybush
BUSA Buddleja saligna Willd. squarestem butterflybush
CHOL2 Chilianthus oleaceus Burch.  
BUUT Buddleja utahensis Coville Utah butterflybush
BUGLO Buglossoides Moench buglossoides
BUAR3 Buglossoides arvensis (L.) I.M. Johnst. corn gromwell
LIAR4 Lithospermum arvense L.  
BULBO Bulbostylis Kunth hairsedge
BUBA Bulbostylis barbata (Rottb.) C.B. Clarke watergrass
SCBA3 Scirpus barbatus Rottb.  
STBA5 Stenophyllus barbatus (Rottb.) Britton  
BUCA2 Bulbostylis capillaris (L.) Kunth ex C.B. Clarke densetuft hairsedge
BUCAC Bulbostylis capillaris (L.) Kunth ex C.B. Clarke ssp. capillaris densetuft hairsedge
BUCAC2 Bulbostylis capillaris (L.) Kunth ex C.B. Clarke var. crebra Fernald  
BUCAI Bulbostylis capillaris (L.) Kunth ex C.B. Clarke var. isopoda Fernald  
FICA6 Fimbristylis capillaris (L.) A. Gray  
SCCA7 Scirpus capillaris L.  
STCA17 Stenophyllus capillaris (L.) Britton  
BUPLE Bupleurum L. bupleurum
BULA3 Bupleurum lancifolium Hornem. lanceleaf thorow wax
BUPR2 Bupleurum protractum Hoffm. & Link  
BUSU Bupleurum subovatum Link ex Spreng.  
BURSE Bursera Jacq. ex L. bursera
BUMI Bursera microphylla A. Gray elephant tree
CABOM Cabomba Aubl. fanwort
CACA Cabomba caroliniana A. Gray Carolina fanwort
CACAC4 Cabomba caroliniana A. Gray var. caroliniana Carolina fanwort
CACAL4 Cacaliopsis A. Gray cacaliopsis
CANA5 Cacaliopsis nardosmia (A. Gray) A. Gray silvercrown
CANA7 Cacalia nardosmia A. Gray  
CANAG Cacalia nardosmia A. Gray var. glabrata (Piper) B. Boivin  
CANAG2 Cacaliopsis nardosmia (A. Gray) A. Gray var. glabrata Piper  
LUNA5 Luina nardosmia (A. Gray) Cronquist  
LUNAG Luina nardosmia (A. Gray) Cronquist var. glabrata (Piper) Cronquist  
CAESA Caesalpinia L. nicker
CAGI Caesalpinia gilliesii (Wall. ex Hook.) Wall. ex D. Dietr. bird-of-paradise shrub
POGI2 Poinciana gilliesii Wall. ex Hook.  
CAME Caesalpinia mexicana A. Gray Mexican holdback
POME8 Poinciana mexicana (A. Gray) Britton & Rose  
CAPU13 Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw. pride-of-Barbados
POPU12 Poinciana pulcherrima L.  
CASP11 Caesalpinia spinosa (Molina) Kuntze spiny holdback
CAKIL Cakile Mill. searocket
CAED Cakile edentula (Bigelow) Hook. American searocket
CAEDE Cakile edentula (Bigelow) Hook. ssp. edentula American searocket
CAEDE2 Cakile edentula (Bigelow) Hook. ssp. edentula var. edentula American searocket
BUED Bunias edentula Bigelow  
CAAM17 Cakile americana Nutt.  
CAEDC Cakile edentula (Bigelow) Hook. ssp. californica (A. Heller) Hultén  
CAEDC2 Cakile edentula (Bigelow) Hook. var. californica (A. Heller) Fernald  
CAMA Cakile maritima Scop. European searocket
CACA48 Cakile cakile (L.) Karst., nom. inval.  
CALAM Calamagrostis Adans. reedgrass
CABO Calamagrostis bolanderi Thurb. Bolander's reedgrass
CABR Calamagrostis breweri Thurb. shorthair reedgrass
CALE38 Calamagrostis lemmonii Kearney  
CACA4 Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) P. Beauv. bluejoint
CACAC10 Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) P. Beauv. var. canadensis bluejoint
CAAN20 Calamagrostis anomala Suksd.  
CAAT14 Calamagrostis atropurpurea Nash  
CACAI Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) P. Beauv. var. imberbis (Stebbins) C.L. Hitchc.  
CACAP4 Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) P. Beauv. var. pallida (Vasey & Scribn.) Stebbins  
CACAR Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) P. Beauv. var. robusta Vasey  
CACAT Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) P. Beauv. var. typica Stebbins  
CAEXR Calamagrostis expansa (Munro ex Hillebr.) Hitchc. var. robusta (Vasey) Stebbins  
CAHY12 Calamagrostis hyperborea Lange  
CAINC Calamagrostis inexpansa A. Gray var. cuprea Kearney  
CAINR Calamagrostis inexpansa A. Gray var. robusta (Vasey) Stebbins  
CASC2 Calamagrostis scribneri Beal  
CACAL3 Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) P. Beauv. var. langsdorffii (Link) Inman bluejoint
CACAL5 Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) P. Beauv. ssp. langsdorffii (Lin