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Threatened & Endangered
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Protected Plants for All Scientific Names
Jurisdiction = Federal and State
5752 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with more information. Click on a place name in the reference list to view its T&E list, or click on the reference link to see published lists and learn more about each law. Protected plants that are synonyms retain their protected status, and are indented beneath the current PLANTS accepted name; common names are from PLANTS.

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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Federal Protected Status State Protected Status
ABBA Abies balsamea (L.) Mill. balsam fir CT (E)
ABCO Abies concolor (Gord. & Glend.) Lindl. ex Hildebr. white fir NV (CY)
ABFR Abies fraseri (Pursh) Poir. Fraser fir TN (T)
ABGU Abies guatemalensis Rehder Guatemalan fir T
ABLAL Abies lasiocarpa (Hook.) Nutt. var. lasiocarpa subalpine fir
ABBI3 Abies bifolia A. Murray bis NV (CY)
ABLO Abies lowiana (Gordon & Glend.) A. Murray bis Sierra white fir
ABCOL Abies concolor (Gord. & Glend.) Lindl. ex Hildebr. var. lowiana (Gord. & Glend.) Lemmon white fir
ABMA Abies magnifica A. Murray bis California red fir NV (CY)
ABMA5 Abronia macrocarpa L.A. Galloway largefruit sand verbena E TX (E)
ABUMB Abronia umbellata Lam. ssp. breviflora (Standl.) Munz pink sand verbena OR (E)
ABUMA2 Abronia umbellata Lam. ssp. acutalata (Standl.) Tillett WA (PX)
ABER Abutilon eremitopetalum Caum hiddenpetal Indian mallow E
ABME2 Abutilon menziesii Seem. ko'oloa 'ula E
ABSA2 Abutilon sandwicense (O. Deg.) Christoph. greenflower Indian mallow E
ACAN11 Acaciella angustissima (Mill.) Britton & Rose prairie acacia
ACAN Acacia angustissima (Mill.) Kuntze prairie acacia FL (E)
ACEX Acaena exigua A. Gray liliwai E
ACDE4 Acalypha deamii (Weath.) H.E. Ahles Deam's threeseed mercury IN (T), PA (X), TN (SC)
ACVID Acalypha virginica L. var. deamii Weath. OH (PRX)
ACVI Acalypha virginica L. Virginia threeseed mercury CT (SC), ME (PX), NH (T), NY (E)
ACTE4 Acanthocereus tetragonus (L.) Humm. triangle cactus
ACPE5 Acanthocereus pentagonus (L.) Britton & Rose FL (T)
ACDU2 Acanthomintha duttonii (Abrams) Jokerst San Mateo thorn-mint CA (E)
ACOBD Acanthomintha obovata Jeps. ssp. duttonii Abrams E
ACIL Acanthomintha ilicifolia (A. Gray) A. Gray San Diego thorn-mint T CA (E)
ACLE Acer leucoderme Small chalk maple
ACSAL Acer saccharum Marshall ssp. leucoderme (Small) Desmarais TN (SC)
ACNI5 Acer nigrum Michx. f. black maple CT (SC), MA (SC), NH (T)
ACPE Acer pensylvanicum L. striped maple OH (E), RI (SC)
ACSP2 Acer spicatum Lam. mountain maple KY (E), RI (T)
ACMIB Achillea millefolium L. var. borealis (Bong.) Farw. boreal yarrow ME (SC)
ACSI Achillea sibirica Ledeb. Siberian yarrow MN (T)
ACHY Achnatherum hymenoides (Roem. & Schult.) Barkworth Indian ricegrass
ORHY Oryzopsis hymenoides (Roem. & Schult.) Ricker ex Piper MN (E)
ACMU2 Achyranthes mutica A. Gray blunt chaff flower E
ACSPR2 Achyranthes splendens Mart. ex Moq. var. rotundata Hillebr. Maui chaff flower E
ACOP Acmella oppositifolia (Lam.) R.K. Jansen oppositeleaf spotflower TN (SC)
ACWR4 Acoelorrhaphe wrightii (Griseb. & H. Wendl.) H. Wendl. ex Becc. Everglades palm FL (T)
ACNO2 Aconitum noveboracense A. Gray ex Coville northern blue monkshood T IA (T), NY (T), OH (E), WI (T)
ACRE Aconitum reclinatum A. Gray trailing white monkshood PA (E), TN (E)
ACUN Aconitum uncinatum L. southern blue monkshood IN (E), KY (T), MD (E), OH (E), PA (T)
ACAM Acorus americanus (Raf.) Raf. sweetflag PA (E)
ACCI3 Acrobolbus ciliatus (Mitt.) Schiffn. TN (SC)
ACAU3 Acrostichum aureum L. golden leatherfern FL (T)
ACAR18 Actaea arizonica (S. Watson) J. Compton Arizona bugbane
CIAR Cimicifuga arizonica S. Watson AZ (HS)
ACEL4 Actaea elata (Nutt.) Prantl tall bugbane
CIEL Cimicifuga elata Nutt. WA (T)
ACPA Actaea pachypoda Elliot white baneberry FL (E), NY (EV)
ACPO11 Actaea podocarpa DC. mountain bugbane
CIAM Cimicifuga americana Michx. IL (E), PA (R)
ACRAR Actaea racemosa L. var. racemosa black bugbane
CIRA Cimicifuga racemosa (L.) Nutt. IL (E), MA (E)
ACRU14 Actaea rubifolia (Kearney) Kartesz Appalachian bugbane
CIRU Cimicifuga rubifolia Kearney IL (T), IN (E), KY (T), TN (T)
ACRU2 Actaea rubra (Aiton) Willd. red baneberry IN (R), OH (T), RI (SC)
ACRUR2 Actaea rubra (Aiton) Willd. ssp. rubra red baneberry
ACSPR3 Actaea spicata L. ssp. rubra (Aiton) Hultén NY (EV)
ADPE2 Adenophorus periens Bishop pendant kihifern E
ADAL Adiantum aleuticum (Rupr.) Paris Aleutian maidenhair ME (E)
ADCA Adiantum capillus-veneris L. common maidenhair KY (T), NC (E)
ADME Adiantum melanoleucum Willd. fragrant maidenhair FL (E)
ADPE Adiantum pedatum L. northern maidenhair NY (EV)
ADTE Adiantum tenerum Sw. fan maidenhair FL (E)
ADVI3 Adiantum viridimontanum Paris Green Mountain maidenhair VT (T)
ADVI4 Adiantum vivesii Proctor Puerto Rico maidenhair E PR (E)
ADFU Adlumia fungosa (Aiton) Greene ex Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. allegheny vine IN (X), KY (E), ME (T), MD (T), MA (T), NH (T), OH (T), RI (E), TN (T)
ADMO Adoxa moschatellina L. muskroot IL (E), NY (E), WI (T)
AEPR Aeschynomene pratensis Small meadow jointvetch FL (E)
AEVI3 Aeschynomene virginica (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. Virginia jointvetch T MD (E), NJ (E), NC (E), PA (X)
AEPA Aesculus pavia L. red buckeye KY (T)
AGAC Agalinis acuta Pennell sandplain false foxglove E CT (E), MD (E), MA (E), NY (E), RI (E)
AGAU3 Agalinis auriculata (Michx.) S.F. Blake earleaf false foxglove IN (E), KY (E), MD (E), MN (E), OH (E), TN (E)
TOAU Tomanthera auriculata (Michx.) Raf. IL (T), MI (PREX), PA (E)
AGFA2 Agalinis fasciculata (Elliot) Raf. beach false foxglove MD (E), NY (R)
AGGA Agalinis gattingeri (Small) Small roundstem false foxglove IA (T), MI (E), MN (E), OH (PRX), WI (T)
AGMA3 Agalinis maritima (Raf.) Raf. saltmarsh false foxglove ME (SC), NH (T)
AGNE5 Agalinis neoscotica (Greene) Fernald Middleton false foxglove ME (T)
AGOB Agalinis obtusifolia Raf. tenlobe false foxglove KY (E), MD (E)
AGDE5 Agalinis decemloba (Greene) Pennell PA (X)
AGOL Agalinis oligophylla Pennell ridgestem false foxglove
AGPS3 Agalinis pseudaphylla (Pennell) Shinners TN (E)
AGPA12 Agalinis paupercula (A. Gray) Britton smallflower false foxglove PA (E)
AGPAB Agalinis paupercula (A. Gray) Britton var. borealis Pennell smallflower false foxglove NY (T)
AGPUP Agalinis purpurea (L.) Pennell var. parviflora (Benth.) B. Boivin OH (E)
AGPL Agalinis plukenetii (Elliot) Raf. Chattahoochee false foxglove TN (PX, E)
AGSE3 Agalinis setacea (J.F. Gmel.) Raf. threadleaf false foxglove MD (E)
AGSK Agalinis skinneriana (Alph. Wood) Britton Skinner's false foxglove IL (T), IN (E), IA (E), KY (E), MD (E), MI (E), OH (E), WI (E)
AGTE3 Agalinis tenuifolia (Vahl) Raf. slenderleaf false foxglove RI (SC)
AGFO Agastache foeniculum (Pursh) Kuntze blue giant hyssop IA (E)
AGNE2 Agastache nepetoides (L.) Kuntze yellow giant hyssop CT (SC), NY (T), VT (T), WI (T)
AGSC Agastache scrophulariifolia (Willd.) Kuntze purple giant hyssop CT (E), KY (SC), MD (T), MA (E), TN (SC), VT (T)
AGAR8 Agave ×arizonica Gentry & J.Z. Weber (pro sp.) [chrysantha × toumeyana] Arizona century plant
AGAR3 Agave arizonica Gentry & J.Z. Weber E AZ (HS)
AGCH2 Agave chrysantha Peebles goldenflower century plant AZ (SR)
AGDE10 Agave delamateri W.C. Hodgson & L. Slauson Tonto Basin century plant AZ (HS)
AGDES Agave deserti Engelm. ssp. simplex Gentry desert agave AZ (SR)
AGMU Agave murpheyi F. Gibson Murphey's century plant AZ (HS)
AGPA3 Agave palmeri Engelm. Palmer's century plant AZ (SR)
AGPAP5 Agave parryi Engelm. ssp. parryi Parry's agave AZ (SR)
AGPAC Agave parryi Engelm. var. couesii (Engelm. ex Trel.) Kearney & Peebles AZ (SR)
AGPA5 Agave parviflora Torr. smallflower century plant AZ (HS, SR)
AGSCS2 Agave schottii Engelm. var. schottii Schott's century plant AZ (SR)
AGSCT Agave schottii Engelm. var. treleasei (Toumey) Kearney & Peebles Trelease's century plant AZ (HS, SR)
AGTOB Agave toumeyana Trel. ex Standl. var. bella Breitung Toumey's century plant AZ (SR)
AGTOT Agave toumeyana Trel. ex Standl. var. toumeyana Toumey's century plant AZ (SR)
AGUN2 Agave univittata Haw. McKelvey's century plant
AGMC Agave mckelveyana Gentry, nom. nud. AZ (SR)
AGUTK Agave utahensis Engelm. var. kaibabensis (McKelvey) Breitung Kaibab agave AZ (SR)
AGUTU Agave utahensis Engelm. var. utahensis Utah agave AZ (SR)
AGAR4 Ageratina aromatica (L.) Spach lesser snakeroot MA (E)
AGARA Ageratina aromatica (L.) Spach var. aromatica lesser snakeroot
EUAR7 Eupatorium aromaticum L. CT (E), NY (E), OH (T), RI (H)
AGLU Ageratina luciae-brauniae (Fernald) King & H. Rob. Lucy Braun's snakeroot KY (SC), TN (T)
AGLI3 Ageratum littorale A. Gray Cape Sable whiteweed FL (E)
AGEL Agoseris elata (Nutt.) Greene tall agoseris WA (S)
AGGL Agoseris glauca (Pursh) Raf. pale agoseris MI (T)
AGGR2 Agrimonia gryposepala Wallr. tall hairy agrimony KY (T)
AGIN3 Agrimonia incisa Torr. & A. Gray incised agrimony FL (E)
AGPA6 Agrimonia parviflora Aiton harvestlice CT (SC), MA (E)
AGPU Agrimonia pubescens Wallr. soft agrimony MA (T), RI (H)
AGRO3 Agrimonia rostellata Wallr. beaked agrimony NY (T)
AGST Agrimonia striata Michx. roadside agrimony MD (E)
AGBL Agrostis blasdalei Hitchc. Blasdale bentgrass
AGBLM Agrostis blasdalei Hitchc. var. marinensis Crampton CA (R)
AGEL4 Agrostis elliottiana Schult. Elliott's bentgrass OH (PRX)
AGME3 Agrostis mertensii Trin. northern bentgrass ME (T), NY (T), TN (SC)
AGBO2 Agrostis borealis Hartm. WA (S)
AGPE Agrostis perennans (Walter) Tuck. upland bentgrass
AGAL8 Agrostis altissima (Walter) Tuck. PA (X)
ALMA Alectryon macrococcus Radlk. Hawai'i alectryon E
ALAU Aletris aurea Walter golden colicroot MD (E, X)
ALBR6 Aletris bracteata Northrop bracted colicroot FL (E)
ALFA2 Aletris farinosa L. white colicroot ME (PX), NY (T), PA (E), RI (SC)
ALFO3 Aliciella formosa (Greene ex Brand) J.M. Porter Aztec gilia
GIFO Gilia formosa Greene ex Brand NM (E)
ALLE7 Aliciella leptomeria (A. Gray) J.M. Porter sand gilia
GILE3 Gilia leptomeria A. Gray WA (S)
ALTR7 Alisma triviale Pursh northern water plantain NJ (E)
ALPLA Alisma plantago-aquatica L. var. americanum Schult. PA (E)
ALAC4 Allium acuminatum Hook. tapertip onion AZ (SR)
ALATC Allium atrorubens S. Watson var. cristatum (S. Watson) McNeal darkred onion
ALNEC Allium nevadense S. Watson var. cristatum (S. Watson) Ownbey AZ (SR)
ALBI Allium bigelovii S. Watson Bigelow's onion AZ (SR)
ALBI2 Allium bisceptrum S. Watson twincrest onion AZ (SR)
ALBU2 Allium burdickii (Hanes) A.G. Jones narrowleaf wild leek NY (E), TN (CE, T)
ALCA2 Allium campanulatum S. Watson dusky onion WA (S)
ALCA3 Allium canadense L. meadow garlic ME (SC), NH (E), VT (T)
ALCE2 Allium cernuum Roth nodding onion IA (T), MN (T), NY (T)
ALCEN Allium cernuum Roth var. neomexicanum (Rydb.) J.F. Macbr. New Mexican nodding onion AZ (SR)
ALCEO Allium cernuum Roth var. obtusum Cockerell ex J.F. Macbr. nodding onion AZ (SR)
ALCO3 Allium constrictum (Ownbey & Mingrone) P. Peterson, Annable & Rieseberg Grand Coulee onion WA (S)
ALDI3 Allium dictuon H. St. John Blue Mountain onion WA (T)
ALGEG Allium geyeri S. Watson var. geyeri Geyer's onion AZ (SR)
ALGET Allium geyeri S. Watson var. tenerum M.E. Jones bulbil onion AZ (SR)
ALGL Allium glandulosum Link & Otto gland onion
ALRH Allium rhizomatum Woot. & Standl. AZ (SR)
ALGO Allium gooddingii Ownbey Goodding's onion AZ (HS), NM (E)
ALKU Allium kunthii G. Don Kunth's onion AZ (SR)
ALMA4 Allium macropetalum Rydb. largeflower onion AZ (SR)
ALMU6 Allium munzii (Ownbey ex Traub) McNeal Munz's onion E CA (T)
ALNE Allium nevadense S. Watson Nevada onion AZ (SR)
ALPA2 Allium parishii S. Watson Parish's onion AZ (SR)
ALPL4 Allium plummerae S. Watson Tanners Canyon onion AZ (SR)
ALSC Allium schoenoprasum L. wild chives MI (T)
ALSCS Allium schoenoprasum L. var. sibiricum (L.) Hartm. wild chives MN (T), NH (T)
ALSP2 Allium speculae Ownbey & Aase Little River Canyon onion GA (T)
ALST Allium stellatum Fraser ex Ker Gawl. autumn onion TN (E)
ALTR3 Allium tricoccum Aiton ramp ME (SC), RI (SC), TN (SC, CE)
ALYO Allium yosemitense Eastw. Yosemite onion CA (R)
ALOA Allocetraria oaksiana (Tuck.) Randlane & A. Thell
CEOA Cetraria oakesiana Tuck. MN (T)
ALINR Alnus incana (L.) Moench ssp. rugosa (Du Roi) R.T. Clausen speckled alder IL (E)
ALVIC Alnus viridis (Chaix) DC. ssp. crispa (Aiton) Turrill mountain alder MA (T), PA (E), TN (SC)
ALAE Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. shortawn foxtail CT (T)
ALAES Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. var. sonomensis P. Rubtzov Sonoma shortawn foxtail E
ALLY3 Alsinidendron lychnoides (Hillebr.) Sherff kuawawaenohu E
ALOB4 Alsinidendron obovatum Sherff Waianae Range alsinidendron E
ALTR5 Alsinidendron trinerve H. Mann mountain alsinidendron E
ALVI6 Alsinidendron viscosum (H. Mann) Sherff climbing alsinidendron E
ALAM5 Alsophila amintae Conant forest alsophila
CYDR2 Cyathea dryopteroides Maxon E PR (E)
ALAM3 Alvaradoa amorphoides Liebm. Mexican alvaradoa FL (E)
AMBR5 Amaranthus brownii Christoph. & Caum Brown's amaranth E
AMCA2 Amaranthus cannabinus (L.) Sauer tidalmarsh amaranth PA (R)
AMPU2 Amaranthus pumilus Raf. seaside amaranth T CT (SC), MD (E), NJ (E), NY (E), NC (T), RI (E)
AMCH2 Ambrosia cheiranthifolia A. Gray Rio Grande ragweed E TX (E)
AMPU4 Ambrosia pumila (Nutt.) A. Gray dwarf bur ragweed E
AMBA Amelanchier bartramiana (Tausch) M. Roem. oblongfruit serviceberry MA (T), PA (E)
AMHU2 Amelanchier humilis Wiegand low serviceberry IN (E), PA (E)
AMIN2 Amelanchier interior E.L. Nielsen Pacific serviceberry IL (E)
AMNA2 Amelanchier nantucketensis E.P. Bicknell Nantucket serviceberry ME (T), MA (SC), NY (E)
AMOB2 Amelanchier obovalis (Michx.) Ashe coastal serviceberry MD (E), PA (E)
AMSA Amelanchier sanguinea (Pursh) DC. roundleaf serviceberry CT (E), IL (E), MA (SC), NJ (E), OH (E), PA (E), TN (T)
AMSAG Amelanchier sanguinea (Pursh) DC. var. gaspensis Wiegand Gaspé serviceberry ME (SC)
AMST80 Amelanchier stolonifera Wiegand running serviceberry MD (T), TN (SC)
AMRO Amerorchis rotundifolia (Banks ex Pursh) Hultén roundleaf orchid ME (T), MI (E), WI (T)
AMMU Amianthium muscitoxicum (Walter) A. Gray flypoison KY (T)
AMCO Ammannia coccinea Rottb. valley redstem PA (T)
AMLA3 Ammannia latifolia L. pink redstem NJ (E)
AMRO3 Ammannia robusta Heer & Regel grand redstem WA (S)
AMBR Ammophila breviligulata Fernald American beachgrass IL (E), MN (T), OH (T), PA (T)
AMCH6 Ammophila champlainensis Seymour Champlain beachgrass NY (E), VT (E)
AMPO4 Ammoselinum popei Torr. & A. Gray plains sandparsley TN (T)
AMGO Amoreuxia gonzalezii Sprague & Riley Santa Rita mountain yellowshow AZ (HS)
AMGEC Amorpha georgiana Wilbur var. confusa Wilbur Georgia false indigo NC (T)
AMGEG Amorpha georgiana Wilbur var. georgiana Georgia false indigo NC (E)
AMHEC Amorpha herbacea Walter var. crenulata (Rydb.) Isely clusterspike false indigo
AMCR5 Amorpha crenulata Rydb. E FL (E)
AMNA Amorpha nana Nutt. dwarf false indigo IA (T)
AMNI Amorpha nitens Boynt. shining false indigo IL (E)
AMPA4 Amorpha paniculata Torr. & A. Gray panicled false indigo AR (T)
AMPU7 Amphianthus pusillus Torr. little amphianthus T GA (T)
AMBRC Amphicarpaea bracteata (L.) Fernald var. comosa (L.) Fernald American hogpeanut NH (T)
AMPU6 Amphicarpum purshii Kunth blue maidencane NY (E)
AMAM Amphicarpum amphicarpon (Pursh) Nash MA (E)
AMCA8 Amsinckia carinata A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. Malheur Valley fiddleneck OR (T)
AMGR3 Amsinckia grandiflora (Kleeb. ex A. Gray) Kleeb. ex Greene largeflowered fiddleneck E CA (E)
AMKE Amsonia kearneyana Woodson Kearney's bluestar E AZ (HS)
AMTAG Amsonia tabernaemontana Walter var. gattingeri Woodson eastern bluestar KY (T), TN (SC)
AMTH Amsonia tharpii Woodson feltleaf bluestar NM (E)
ANMI4 Anagallis minima (L.) Krause chaffweed MD (E, X)
ANSA7 Anastrophyllum saxicola (Schrad.) R.M. Schust. TN (SC)
ANTO3 Ancistrocactus tobuschii (W.T. Marshall) W.T. Marshall ex Backeb.
SCBRT Sclerocactus brevihamatus (Engelm.) D.R. Hunt ssp. tobuschii (W.T. Marshall) N.P. Taylor shorthook fishhook cactus E TX (E)
ANRUR Andreaea rupestris Hedw. var. rupestris andreaea moss OH (PRX)
ANPO Andromeda polifolia L. bog rosemary PA (R)
ANPOG Andromeda polifolia L. var. glaucophylla (Link) DC. bog rosemary
ANGL Andromeda glaucophylla Link CT (T), IN (R), NJ (E), OH (PRX), RI (E)
ANAR2 Andropogon arctatus Chapm. pinewoods bluestem FL (T)
ANGLG2 Andropogon glomeratus (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. var. glomeratus bushy bluestem
ANVIA Andropogon virginicus L. var. abbreviatus (Hack.) Fernald & Grisc. OH (E)
ANGR5 Andropogon gracilis Spreng. wire bluestem
SCSE3 Schizachyrium sericatum (Swallen) Gould FL (E)
ANOC2 Androsace occidentalis Pursh western rockjasmine IN (T), MI (E), OH (T)
ANBR4 Androstephium breviflorum S. Watson pink funnel lily AZ (SR)
ANWR4 Anemia wrightii Baker Wright's flowering fern FL (E)
ANCA8 Anemone canadensis L. Canadian anemone CT (E), KY (H), MD (E, X), TN (E)
ANCA9 Anemone caroliniana Walter Carolina anemone IN (X), TN (E), WI (E)
ANCY Anemone cylindrica A. Gray candle anemone NJ (E), OH (T), PA (E), RI (SC)
ANMU Anemone multifida Poir. Pacific anemone ME (T), VT (E)
ANMUM3 Anemone multifida Poir. var. multifida Pacific anemone
ANMUH2 Anemone multifida Poir. var. hudsoniana DC. WI (E)
ANVI3 Anemone virginiana L. tall thimbleweed RI (H)
ANBE2 Angadenia berteroi (A. DC.) Miers pineland golden trumpet FL (T)
ANAT Angelica atropurpurea L. purplestem angelica MD (E, X), RI (E), TN (T)
ANLU Angelica lucida L. seacoast angelica CT (E), NY (E), RI (T)
ANTR2 Angelica triquinata Michx. filmy angelica KY (E), MD (E)
ANVE Angelica venenosa (Greenway) Fernald hairy angelica CT (SC)
ANFI4 Anomobryum filiforme (Dicks.) Solms filiform anomobryum moss OH (PRX)
ANRU5 Anomodon rugelii (Müll. Hal.) Keissl. Rugel's anomodon moss KY (T)
ANCO Antennaria corymbosa E.E. Nelson flat-top pussytoes WA (S)
ANHOC Antennaria howellii Greene ssp. canadensis (Greene) Bayer Canadian pussytoes
ANCA38 Antennaria canadensis Greene NJ (E)
ANHOP Antennaria howellii Greene ssp. petaloidea (Fernald) Bayer small pussytoes
ANNEP3 Antennaria neglecta Greene var. petaloidea (Fernald) Cronquist CT (SC)
ANPA4 Antennaria parvifolia Nutt. small-leaf pussytoes WA (S)
ANRO2 Antennaria rosea Greene rosy pussytoes MI (T)
ANSO Antennaria solitaria Rydb. singlehead pussytoes MD (T), PA (E)
ANVI13 Antennaria virginica Stebbins shale barren pussytoes OH (T), PA (R)
ANMOA3 Anthoxanthum monticola (Bigelow) Veldkamp ssp. alpinum (Sw. ex Willd.) Soreng alpine sweetgrass
HIAL3 Hierochloe alpina (Sw. ex Willd.) Roem. & Schult. ME (T), VT (T)
ANMOM2 Anthoxanthum monticola (Bigelow) Veldkamp ssp. monticola alpine sweetgrass
ANMOO Anthoxanthum monticola (Bigelow) Veldkamp ssp. orthantha (T.J. Sørensen) G. Tucker NY (E)
APCH Apacheria chiricahuensis C.T. Mason apachebush AZ (SR)
APPR Apios priceana B.L. Rob. traveler's delight T KY (E), TN (E)
APHY Aplectrum hyemale (Muhl. ex Willd.) Torr. Adam and Eve CT (SC), MA (E), NJ (E), NY (E), PA (R), VT (T)
APCA Apocynum cannabinum L. Indianhemp
APSI Apocynum sibiricum Jacq. MD (E, X)
AQCA Aquilegia canadensis L. red columbine FL (E)
AQCH Aquilegia chrysantha A. Gray golden columbine AZ (SR)
AQCOP Aquilegia coerulea James var. pinetorum (Tidestr.) Payson ex Kearney & Peebles Colorado blue columbine
AQCAP Aquilegia caerulea James var. pinetorum (Tidestr.) Payson ex Kearney & Peebles, orth. var. AZ (SR)
AQDE Aquilegia desertorum (M.E. Jones) Cockerell ex A. Heller desert columbine AZ (SR)
AQEL Aquilegia elegantula Greene western red columbine AZ (SR)
AQLO Aquilegia longissima A. Gray longspur columbine AZ (SR)
AQMI Aquilegia micrantha Eastw. Mancos columbine AZ (SR)
AQTR Aquilegia triternata Payson Chiricahua Mountain columbine AZ (SR)
ARCA Arabis canadensis L. sicklepod FL (E), NH (T)
ARCR Arabis crucisetosa Constance & Rollins wetsoil rockcress WA (S)
ARDI2 Arabis ×divaricarpa A. Nelson (pro sp.) [drummondii × holboellii] spreadingpod rockcress OH (E)
ARDR Arabis drummondii A. Gray Drummond's rockcress IN (E), NJ (E), NY (E), OH (E), RI (SC), VT (E)
ARGE Arabis georgiana Harper Georgia rockcress GA (T)
ARGL Arabis glabra (L.) Bernh. tower rockcress IN (T), TN (SC)
ARHI Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. hairy rockcress PA (E), TN (SC)
ARHIP Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. var. pycnocarpa (M. Hopkins) Rollins creamflower rockcress NH (E), OH (E)
ARHIA Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. var. adpressipilis (M. Hopkins) Rollins KY (E)
ARHO Arabis hoffmannii (Munz) Rollins Hoffmann's rockcress E
ARHOR Arabis holboellii Hornem. var. retrofracta (Graham) Rydb. second rockcress MN (T)
ARLA Arabis laevigata (Muhl. ex Willd.) Poir. smooth rockcress ME (T), MA (T)
ARLY2 Arabis lyrata L. lyrate rockcress OH (T), VT (T)
ARLY5 Arabidopsis lyrata (L.) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz MA (E)
ARMA33 Arabis macdonaldiana Eastw. MacDonald rockcress E CA (E)
ARMI5 Arabis missouriensis Greene green rockcress KY (E), ME (T), MD (E), MA (T), NH (T), NY (T), PA (E), RI (SC)
ARMID Arabis missouriensis Greene var. deamii (M. Hopkins) M. Hopkins IN (E)
ARPA2 Arabis patens Sull. spreading rockcress IN (E), OH (E), TN (E)
ARPE3 Arabis perstellata E.L. Braun Nevada rockcress E KY (T), MI (T), TN (E)
ARSE9 Arabis serotina Steele shale barren rockcress E VA (E)
ARSH2 Arabis shortii (Fernald) Gleason Short's rockcress MD (T), NY (E), TN (SC)
ARHI2 Aralia hispida Vent. bristly sarsaparilla IN (E), MD (E), OH (E)
ARRA Aralia racemosa L. American spikenard RI (SC)
ARPU3 Arceuthobium pusillum Peck eastern dwarf mistletoe CT (E), NJ (E), PA (T), RI (E)
ARCA4 Arctomecon californica Torr. & Frém. California bearpoppy AZ (SR), NV (FP)
ARHU3 Arctomecon humilis Coville common bearpoppy E
ARAL2 Arctostaphylos alpina (L.) Spreng. alpine bearberry ME (T), NH (T)
ARBA4 Arctostaphylos bakeri Eastw. Baker's manzanita CA (R)
ARCO13 Arctostaphylos confertiflora Eastw. Santa Rosa Island manzanita E
ARDE2 Arctostaphylos densiflora M.S. Baker Vine Hill manzanita CA (E)
ARED Arctostaphylos edmundsii J.T. Howell Little Sur manzanita
AREDP Arctostaphylos edmundsii J.T. Howell var. parvifolia J.B. Roof CA (R)
ARGLC4 Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. ssp. crassifolia (Jeps.) P.V. Wells Del Mar manzanita E
ARHOH Arctostaphylos hookeri G. Don ssp. hearstiorum (Hoover & J.B. Roof) P.V. Wells Hearst's manzanita CA (R)
ARHOR2 Arctostaphylos hookeri G. Don ssp. ravenii P.V. Wells Presidio manzanita E CA (E)
ARIM Arctostaphylos imbricata Eastw. San Bruno Mountain manzanita CA (E)
ARMO2 Arctostaphylos morroensis Wies. & Schreib. Morro manzanita T
ARMY Arctostaphylos myrtifolia Parry Ione manzanita T
ARPA19 Arctostaphylos pacifica J.B. Roof Pacific manzanita CA (E)
ARPA21 Arctostaphylos pallida Eastw. Alameda manzanita T CA (E)
ARUV Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. kinnikinnick IL (E), IN (R), IA (E), OH (PRX), PA (X)
ARLA4 Arenaria lanuginosa (Michx.) Rohrb. spreading sandwort TN (E)
ARPA7 Arenaria paludicola B.L. Rob. marsh sandwort E CA (E), WA (PX)
ARUR Arenaria ursina B.L. Rob. Bear Valley sandwort T
ARBU Arethusa bulbosa L. dragon's mouth CT (E), IN (X), MD (E, X), MA (T), NH (E), NY (T), NC (E), OH (E), PA (E), RI (E), VT (T)
ARPLP Argemone pleiacantha Greene ssp. pinnatisecta G.B. Ownbey southwestern pricklypoppy E NM (E)
ARAN7 Argentina anserina (L.) Rydb. silverweed cinquefoil
POAN5 Potentilla anserina L. IN (T), IA (T), PA (T)
AREGE Argentina egedii (Wormsk.) Rydb. ssp. egedii Pacific silverweed
POANE Potentilla anserina L. ssp. egedii (Wormsk.) Hiitonen NY (T)
ARGN2 Argusia gnaphalodes (L.) Heine sea rosemary FL (E)
ARKA2 Argyroxiphium kauense (Rock & Neal) O. Deg. & I. Deg. kau silversword E
ARSAM Argyroxiphium sandwicense DC. ssp. macrocephalum (A. Gray) Mérat Hawai'i silversword T
ARSAS Argyroxiphium sandwicense DC. ssp. sandwicense Hawai'i silversword E
ARBL2 Argythamnia blodgettii (Torr.) Chapm. Blodgett's silverbush FL (E)
ARDR3 Arisaema dracontium (L.) Schott green dragon MA (T), NH (E), NY (EV), VT (T)
ARBA2 Aristida basiramea Engelm. ex Vasey forked threeawn ME (SC)
ARCH4 Aristida chaseae Hitchc. Chase's threeawn E PR (E)
ARDI4 Aristida dichotoma Michx. churchmouse threeawn MI (PREX)
ARLA6 Aristida lanosa Muhl. ex Elliot woollysheath threeawn MD (E), NJ (E)
ARLO16 Aristida longespica Poir. slimspike threeawn RI (SC)
ARLO2 Aristida longispica Poir., orth. var. CT (SC), MI (T)
ARLOG6 Aristida longespica Poir. var. geniculata (Raf.) Fernald slimspike threeawn
ARIN8 Aristida intermedia Scribn. & C.R. Ball IN (R)
ARLOG Aristida longispica Poir. var. geniculata (Raf.) Fernald, orth. var. NH (E)
ARNE8 Aristida necopina Shinners OH (E)
ARPO3 Aristida portoricensis Pilg. pelos del diablo E PR (E)
ARPU8 Aristida purpurascens Poir. arrowfeather threeawn CT (SC), MA (T), PA (T), RI (T)
ARPUV Aristida purpurascens Poir. var. virgata (Trin.) Allred arrowfeather threeawn
ARVI5 Aristida virgata Trin. MD (E)
ARRA2 Aristida ramosissima Engelm. ex A. Gray s-curve threeawn KY (H), TN (PX, E)
ARTU Aristida tuberculosa Nutt. seaside threeawn CT (E), IN (R), MA (T), MI (T), NH (E)
ARMA7 Aristolochia macrophylla Lam. pipevine MD (T)
ARPE8 Aristolochia pentandra Jacq. Marsh's dutchman's pipe FL (E)
ARSE3 Aristolochia serpentaria L. Virginia snakeroot CT (T), IA (T), MI (T), NY (E)
ARSEH Aristolochia serpentaria L. var. hastata (Nutt.) Duch. IL (T)
ARTO3 Aristolochia tomentosa Sims woolly dutchman's pipe FL (E)
ARAC3 Arnica acaulis (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. common leopardbane FL (E), MD (E), PA (E)
ARCO9 Arnica cordifolia Hook. heartleaf arnica MI (E)
ARLA7 Arnica lanceolata Nutt. lanceleaf arnica ME (T), NH (T), NY (E)
ARLO5 Arnica lonchophylla Greene longleaf arnica MN (T)
ARAL30 Arnoglossum album L.C. Anderson Bay County Indian plantain FL (E)
ARAT Arnoglossum atriplicifolium (L.) H. Rob. pale Indian plantain
CAAT Cacalia atriplicifolia L. NJ (E)
ARDI9 Arnoglossum diversifolium (Torr. & A. Gray) H. Rob. variableleaf Indian plantain FL (T), GA (T)
ARPL4 Arnoglossum plantagineum Raf. groovestem Indian plantain MN (T), TN (SC)
CATU10 Cacalia tuberosa Nutt. WI (T)
ARRE6 Arnoglossum reniforme (Hook.) H. Rob. great Indian plantain
CAMU23 Cacalia muehlenbergii (Sch. Bip.) Fernald MD (E, X)
ARME6 Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) Elliot IA (E)
ARCA12 Artemisia campestris L. field sagewort OH (T)
ARCAB2 Artemisia campestris L. ssp. borealis (Pall.) H.M. Hall & Clem. field sagewort ME (PX), MA (E), NY (E)
ARCAW Artemisia campestris L. ssp. borealis (Pall.) H.M. Hall & Clem. var. wormskioldii (Besser ex Hook.) Cronquist field sagewort OR (E), WA (E)
ARCAC Artemisia campestris L. ssp. caudata (Michx.) H.M. Hall & Clem. field sagewort NH (T), PA (E), RI (SC)
ARDR4 Artemisia dracunculus L. tarragon IL (E)
ARLU Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. white sagebrush MI (T)
ASCA Asarum canadense L. Canadian wildginger ME (T)
ASAM Asclepias amplexicaulis Sm. clasping milkweed NH (T), RI (SC), VT (T)
ASCU8 Asclepias curtissii A. Gray Curtiss' milkweed FL (E)
ASEN Asclepias engelmanniana Woodson Engelmann's milkweed IA (E)
ASEX Asclepias exaltata L. poke milkweed RI (SC)
ASHI Asclepias hirtella (Pennell) Woodson green milkweed MI (T), MN (T), TN (SC)
ASLA3 Asclepias lanuginosa Nutt. sidecluster milkweed IL (E), IA (T), WI (T)
ASME Asclepias meadii Torr. ex A. Gray Mead's milkweed T IL (E), IN (RI), IA (E), MO (E)
ASOV Asclepias ovalifolia Decne. oval-leaf milkweed IL (E), MI (E), WI (T)
ASPU2 Asclepias purpurascens L. purple milkweed CT (SC), MA (E), RI (H), TN (SC), WI (E)
ASQU Asclepias quadrifolia Jacq. fourleaf milkweed NH (T), RI (T)
ASRU Asclepias rubra L. red milkweed MD (E), PA (X)
ASSP Asclepias speciosa Torr. showy milkweed IA (T)
ASST Asclepias stenophylla A. Gray slimleaf milkweed IL (E), IA (E), MN (E)
ASSU3 Asclepias sullivantii Engelm. ex A. Gray prairie milkweed MI (T), MN (T), WI (T)
ASTU Asclepias tuberosa L. butterfly milkweed ME (PX), NH (E), NY (EV), RI (SC), VT (T)
ASVA Asclepias variegata L. redring milkweed CT (E), NY (E), PA (E)
ASVE Asclepias verticillata L. whorled milkweed MA (T), RI (SC)
ASVI Asclepias viridiflora Raf. green comet milkweed CT (SC), FL (E), NY (T)
ASVI2 Asclepias viridis Walter green antelopehorn IN (E)
ASVI9 Asclepias viridula Chapm. southern milkweed FL (T)
ASWE3 Asclepias welshii N.H. Holmgren & P.K. Holmgren Welsh's milkweed T
ASTE11 Asimina tetramera Small fourpetal pawpaw E FL (E)
ASTR Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal pawpaw NJ (E), NY (T)
ASBR2 Asplenium bradleyi D.C. Eaton Bradley's spleenwort IL (E), IN (E), MD (E, X), NJ (E), NY (E), OH (T), PA (E)
ASER9 Asplenium erosum L. eared spleenwort
ASAU3 Asplenium auritum Sw. FL (E)
ASHE4 Asplenium ×heteroresiliens W.H. Wagner (pro sp.) [heterochroum × resiliens] GA (T), NC (E)
ASMO Asplenium monanthes L. singlesorus spleenwort FL (E), NC (E)
ASMO2 Asplenium montanum Willd. mountain spleenwort CT (T), IN (E), MA (E), MI (PREX), NY (T), RI (E), VT (T)
ASPI Asplenium pinnatifidum Nutt. lobed spleenwort MD (E), NJ (E), PA (R), WI (T)
ASPL Asplenium platyneuron (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. ebony spleenwort ME (SC), NY (EV)
ASPU10 Asplenium pumilum Sw. dwarf spleenwort FL (E)
ASRE Asplenium resiliens Kunze blackstem spleenwort IL (E), IN (E), MD (E), OH (PRX), PA (E)
ASRH2 Asplenium rhizophyllum L. walking fern ME (PX), MI (T), NY (EV), RI (E)
CARH8 Camptosorus rhizophyllus (L.) Link NH (E)
ASRH3 Asplenium rhomboideum Brack. diamond spleenwort
ASFRI Asplenium fragile C. Presl var. insulare Morton E
ASRU2 Asplenium ruta-muraria L. wallrue CT (T), IN (T), MA (T), MI (E), NY (EV), OH (T)
ASSCA Asplenium scolopendrium L. var. americanum (Fernald) Kartesz & Gandhi Hart's tonguefern T MI (E), NY (T), TN (E)
ASSE9 Asplenium serratum L. wild birdnest fern FL (E)
ASTR2 Asplenium trichomanes L. maidenhair spleenwort MN (T), NY (EV), RI (SC)
ASTR9 Asplenium trichomanes-dentatum L. toothed spleenwort
ASDE14 Asplenium dentatum L. FL (E)
ASTR10 Asplenium trichomanes-ramosum L. brightgreen spleenwort ME (T), MI (T), NY (E), VT (T)
ASVI10 Asplenium viride Huds. WI (E)
ASVE6 Asplenium verecundum Chapm. ex Underw. limestone spleenwort FL (E)
ASCR7 Astilbe crenatiloba (Britton) Small Roan Mountain false goat's beard TN (PX, E)
ASAG Astragalus agnicidus Barneby Humboldt County milkvetch CA (E)
ASAL4 Astragalus albens Greene cushenbury milkvetch E
ASAL7 Astragalus alpinus L. alpine milkvetch ME (SC), MN (E), WI (E)
ASAP Astragalus applegatei M. Peck Applegate's milkvetch E OR (E)
ASAR7 Astragalus arrectus A. Gray Palouse milkvetch WA (S)
ASAR8 Astragalus arthurii M.E. Jones waha milkvetch WA (S)
ASBI6 Astragalus bibullatus Barneby & Bridges limestone glade milkvetch E TN (E)
ASBR6 Astragalus brauntonii Parish Braunton's milkvetch E
ASCA11 Astragalus canadensis L. Canadian milkvetch MD (E), MI (T), VT (T)
ASCL6 Astragalus clarianus Jeps. Napa milkvetch E
ASCL Astragalus claranus Jeps., orth. var. CA (T)
ASCOM Astragalus cobrensis A. Gray var. maguirei Kearney Maguire's milkvetch AZ (SR)
ASCOL Astragalus collinus Douglas ex G. Don var. laurentii (Rydb.) Barneby Laurent's milkvetch OR (T)
ASCO9 Astragalus columbianus Barneby Columbian milkvetch WA (T)
ASCO13 Astragalus cottonii M.E. Jones Cotton's milkvetch
ASAUO Astragalus australis (L.) Lam. var. olympicus Isely WA (T)
ASCR2 Astragalus crassicarpus Nutt. groundplum milkvetch WI (E)
ASCRT Astragalus crassicarpus Nutt. var. trichocalyx (Nutt.) Barneby groundplum milkvetch IL (E)
ASCRC4 Astragalus cremnophylax Barneby var. cremnophylax sentry milkvetch E AZ (HS)
ASCRM Astragalus cremnophylax Barneby var. myriorrhaphis Barneby sentry milkvetch AZ (SR)
ASCUC2 Astragalus cusickii A. Gray var. cusickii Cusick's milkvetch WA (S)
ASCUS2 Astragalus cusickii A. Gray var. sterilis (Barneby) Barneby barren milkvetch OR (T)
ASDE2 Astragalus desereticus Barneby deseret milkvetch T
ASDI2 Astragalus diaphanus Douglas ex Hook. transparent milkvetch WA (PX)
ASDID4 Astragalus diaphanus Douglas ex Hook. var. diurnus (S. Watson) Barneby ex M. Peck OR (T)
ASDI4 Astragalus distortus Torr. & A. Gray Ozark milkvetch MD (T)
ASER4 Astragalus eremiticus Sheldon hermit milkvetch
ASAM14 Astragalus ampullarioides (S.L. Welsh) S.L. Welsh E
ASEU2 Astragalus eucosmus B.L. Rob. elegant milkvetch ME (PX)
ASGE Astragalus geyeri A. Gray Geyer's milkvetch WA (S)
ASGET Astragalus geyeri A. Gray var. triquetrus (A. Gray) M.E. Jones Geyer's milkvetch NV (FP)
ASHO5 Astragalus holmgreniorum Barneby Paradox milkvetch E AZ (HS)
ASHU Astragalus humillimus A. Gray Mancos milkvetch E NM (E)
ASHY3 Astragalus hypoxylus S. Watson Huachuca Mountain milkvetch AZ (SR)
ASJA Astragalus jaegerianus Munz Lane Mountain milkvetch E
ASJO Astragalus johannis-howellii Barneby Long Valley milkvetch CA (R)
ASKED2 Astragalus kentrophyta A. Gray var. douglasii Barneby Douglas' spiny milkvetch WA (PX)
ASLEC2 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. coachellae Barneby ex Shreve & Wiggins Coachella milkvetch E
ASLEP3 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. piscinensis Barneby Fish Slough milkvetch T
ASLES4 Astragalus lentiginosus Douglas ex Hook. var. sesquimetralis (Rydb.) Barneby Sodaville milkvetch CA (E), NV (FP)
ASLIM Astragalus limnocharis Barneby var. montii (S.L. Welsh) Isely Monti's milkvetch
ASMO11 Astragalus montii S.L. Welsh T
ASMAP Astragalus magdalenae Greene var. peirsonii (Munz & McBurney) Barneby Peirson's milkvetch T CA (E)
ASMI2 Astragalus michauxii (Kuntze) F.J. Herm. sandhills milkvetch NC (T)
ASMI4 Astragalus microcystis A. Gray dwarf milkvetch WA (S)
ASMIP Astragalus misellus S. Watson var. pauper Barneby pauper milkvetch WA (S)
ASMOH Astragalus mohavensis S. Watson var. hemigyrus (Clokey) Barneby Mojave milkvetch NV (FP)
ASMO9 Astragalus monoensis Barneby Mono milkvetch CA (R)
ASMU Astragalus mulfordiae M.E. Jones Mulford's milkvetch OR (E)
ASNE2 Astragalus neglectus (Torr. & A. Gray) Sheldon Cooper's milkvetch NY (E), OH (E), PA (E), WI (E)
ASNU7 Astragalus nutriosensis S.C. Sand. Apache milkvetch AZ (SR)
ASOS Astragalus osterhoutii M.E. Jones Kremmling milkvetch E
ASPE4 Astragalus peckii Piper Peck's milkvetch OR (T)
ASPH Astragalus phoenix Barneby Ash Meadows milkvetch T NV (FP)
ASPUS Astragalus pulsiferae A. Gray var. suksdorfii (Howell) Barneby Suksdorf's milkvetch WA (E)
ASPYL Astragalus pycnostachyus A. Gray var. lanosissimus (Rydb.) Munz & McBurney marsh milkvetch E
ASRI Astragalus riparius Barneby woodyroot milkvetch WA (S)
ASRO Astragalus robbinsii (Oakes) A. Gray Robbins' milkvetch ME (PX)
ASROJ Astragalus robbinsii (Oakes) A. Gray var. jesupii Eggl. & Sheldon Jesup's milkvetch E NH (E), VT (E)
ASSI5 Astragalus sinuatus Piper Whited's milkvetch WA (E)
ASTET Astragalus tener A. Gray var. titi (Eastw.) Barneby coastal dunes milkvetch E CA (E)
ASTE7 Astragalus tennesseensis A. Gray ex Chapm. Tennessee milkvetch IL (E), IN (RI), TN (SC)
ASTR4 Astragalus traskiae Eastw. Trask's milkvetch CA (R)
ASTR5 Astragalus tricarinatus A. Gray triplerib milkvetch E
ASTY Astragalus tyghensis M. Peck Tygh Valley milkvetch OR (T)
ASXI Astragalus xiphoides (Barneby) Barneby gladiator milkvetch AZ (SR)
ASYO Astragalus yoder-williamsii Barneby Osgood Mountain milkvetch NV (FP)
ASAS6 Astrophytum asterias (Zucc.) Lem. sanddollar E TX (E)
ATFI Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth common ladyfern FL (T), NY (EV)
ATFIA Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth ssp. angustum (Willd.) R.T. Clausen subarctic ladyfern TN (SC)
ATCON Atriplex coronata S. Watson var. notatior Jeps. crownscale E
ATGL Atriplex glabriuscula Edmondston Scotland orache CT (SC), NY (E), RI (SC)
ATHY Atriplex hymenelytra (Torr.) S. Watson desertholly AZ (SR)
ATSU2 Atriplex subspicata (Nutt.) Rydb. saline saltbush NJ (E), NY (E)
ATTU Atriplex tularensis Coville Tulare saltbush CA (E)
AUPA2 Auerodendron pauciflorum Alain turtlefat E PR (E)
AUGRP Aureolaria grandiflora (Benth.) Pennell var. pulchra Pennell largeflower yellow false foxglove IN (X)
AUPA Aureolaria patula (Chapm.) Pennell spreading yellow false foxglove KY (SC), TN (T)
AUPE2 Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf. fernleaf yellow false foxglove IA (E), ME (SC), MN (T)
AUPEA Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf. var. ambigens (Fernald) Farw. fernleaf yellow false foxglove OH (E)
AUPEI Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf. var. intercedens Pennell fernleaf yellow false foxglove NH (E)
AUPEP Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf. var. pedicularia fernleaf yellow false foxglove OH (E)
AUVI Aureolaria virginica (L.) Pennell downy yellow false foxglove NH (T)
AXFU Axonopus furcatus (Flueggé) Hitchc. big carpetgrass MD (E, X)
AYLI Ayenia limitaris Cristobal Rio Grande ayenia E TX (E)
AZCA Azolla caroliniana Willd. Carolina mosquitofern IN (T), NY (EV)
BADI3 Baccharis dioica Vahl broombush false willow FL (E)
BAHA Baccharis halimifolia L. eastern baccharis PA (R)
BAVA3 Baccharis vanessae R.M. Beauch. Encinitis false willow T CA (E)
BAIN2 Bacopa innominata (G. Maza) Alain tropical waterhyssop MD (E, X), VA (E)
BARO Bacopa rotundifolia (Michx.) Wettst. disk waterhyssop IN (E)
BAAT Balduina atropurpurea Harper purpledisk honeycombhead FL (E), GA (R)
BAVA2 Banara vanderbiltii Urb. Vanderbilt's palo de ramon E PR (E)
BAAR Baptisia arachnifera Duncan cobwebby wild indigo E GA (E)
BAAU Baptisia australis (L.) R. Br. blue wild indigo IN (T), MD (T), OH (E)
BAAUM Baptisia australis (L.) R. Br. var. minor (Lehm.) Fernald blue wild indigo KY (SC)
BAMI4 Baptisia minor Lehm. NC (T)
BABRL2 Baptisia bracteata Muhl. ex Elliot var. leucophaea (Nutt.) Kartesz & Gandhi longbract wild indigo KY (SC), TN (SC)
BALE3 Baptisia leucophaea Nutt. MI (E)
BACA4 Baptisia calycosa Canby Florida wild indigo FL (E)
BACAV Baptisia calycosa Canby var. villosa Canby Florida wild indigo
BAHI4 Baptisia hirsuta Small FL (T)
BAME Baptisia megacarpa Chapm. ex Torr. & A. Gray Apalachicola wild indigo FL (E)
BASI Baptisia simplicifolia Croom scareweed FL (T)
BATI Baptisia tinctoria (L.) R. Br. horseflyweed KY (T), ME (E)
BAOR Barbarea orthoceras Ledeb. American yellowrocket ME (PX), NH (E)
BAPA2 Bartonia paniculata (Michx.) Muhl. twining screwstem IL (E), ME (T), MI (T), NY (E)
BAVI3 Bartonia virginica (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. yellow screwstem KY (T), MN (E)
BACO2 Basiphyllaea corallicola (Small) Ames Carter's orchid FL (E)
BANU3 Bazzania nudicaulis A. Evans TN (T)
BESY Beckmannia syzigachne (Steud.) Fernald American sloughgrass IL (E), MI (T)
BECO5 Beloglottis costaricensis (Rchb. f.) Schltr. Costa Rican lady's tresses
SPCO6 Spiranthes costaricensis Rchb. f. FL (E)
BEOR Bensoniella oregana (Abrams & Bacig.) Morton Oregon bensoniella CA (R)
BECA2 Berberis canadensis Mill. American barberry IL (E), IN (E), KY (E), MD (E, X), PA (X), TN (SC)
BESC Berchemia scandens (Hill) K. Koch Alabama supplejack IL (E), KY (T)
BEER Berula erecta (Huds.) Coville cutleaf waterparsnip IA (T), MI (T)
BEBU Besseya bullii (Eaton) Rydb. Bull's coraldrops IL (T), IN (E), IA (T), MI (T), MN (T), OH (PRX), WI (T)
BEAL2 Betula alleghaniensis Britton yellow birch IL (E)
BEGL Betula glandulosa Michx. resin birch ME (E), NH (T), NY (E)
BEMI Betula minor (Tuck.) Fernald dwarf white birch ME (E), NY (E)
BENI Betula nigra L. river birch NH (T)
BEPAC2 Betula papyrifera Marshall var. cordifolia (Regel) Fernald mountain paper birch TN (E)
BEPO Betula populifolia Marshall gray birch IL (E), IN (X)
BEPU4 Betula pumila L. bog birch CT (SC), IA (T), ME (SC), MA (E), NH (E), NY (T), OH (T)
BEPUG Betula pumila L. var. glandulifera Regel bog birch VT (E)
BEUB Betula uber (Ashe) Fernald Virginia roundleaf birch T VA (E)
BIBE2 Bidens beckii Torr. ex Spreng. Beck's water-marigold IL (E), IN (E), NJ (E)
MEBE2 Megalodonta beckii (Torr. ex Spreng.) Greene CT (T), IA (E), OH (PRX), PA (E)
MEBEB Megalodonta beckii (Torr. ex Spreng.) Greene var. beckii NY (T)
BIBI3 Bidens bidentoides (Nutt.) Britton Delmarva beggarticks NY (R), PA (E)
BICO5 Bidens connata Muhl. ex Willd. purplestem beggarticks RI (SC)
BICO Bidens coronata (L.) Britton crowned beggarticks RI (SC)
BIDI Bidens discoidea (Torr. & A. Gray) Britton small beggarticks NH (E)
BIEA Bidens eatonii Fernald Eaton's beggarticks CT (SC), ME (T), MA (E), NJ (E)
BIHY Bidens hyperborea Greene estuary beggarticks ME (SC), NY (E)
BIHYH Bidens hyperborea Greene var. hyperborea estuary beggarticks
BIHYC2 Bidens hyperborea Greene var. colpophila (Fernald & H. St. John) Fernald MA (E)
BILA Bidens laevis (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. smooth beggartick NY (T)
BIMIK2 Bidens micrantha Gaudich. ssp. kalealaha Nagata & Ganders Kalealaha beggarticks E
BIMI Bidens mitis (Michx.) Sherff smallfruit beggarticks MD (E)
BIWI Bidens wiebkei Sherff Wiebke's beggarticks E
BINU2 Bigelowia nuttallii L.C. Anderson Nuttall's rayless goldenrod FL (E)
BLOC Blechnum occidentale L. hammock fern FL (E)
BLBA Blennosperma bakeri Heiser Baker's stickyseed E CA (E)
BLNAR Blennosperma nanum (Hook.) S.F. Blake var. robustum J.T. Howell common stickyseed CA (R)
BLCI Blephilia ciliata (L.) Benth. downy pagoda-plant CT (SC), IA (T), MA (E), NY (E)
BLHI Blephilia hirsuta (Pursh) Benth. hairy pagoda-plant CT (SC), MA (E), VT (T)
BLPU Bletia purpurea (Lam.) DC. pinepink FL (T)
BLHU Bloomeria humilis Hoover dwarf goldenstar CA (R)
BOOR Bolandra oregana S. Watson northern false coolwort WA (S)
BOFL3 Bolboschoenus fluviatilis (Torr.) Soják MA (SC)
SCFL11 Schoenoplectus fluviatilis (Torr.) M.T. Strong river bulrush
SCFL Scirpus fluviatilis (Torr.) A. Gray KY (E), PA (R), TN (SC)
BOMA7 Bolboschoenus maritimus (L.) Palla cosmopolitan bulrush
SCMA8 Schoenoplectus maritimus (L.) Lye cosmopolitan bulrush
SCMA Scirpus maritimus L. NJ (E), NY (E), RI (SC)
SCPA4 Scirpus paludosus A. Nelson IL (E)
SCPAA4 Scirpus paludosus A. Nelson var. atlanticus Fernald CT (SC)
BONO Bolboschoenus novae-angliae (Britton) S.G. Sm. ME (PX)
SCNO5 Schoenoplectus novae-angliae (Britton) M.T. Strong New England bulrush
SCCY2 Scirpus cylindricus (Torr.) Britton CT (SC)
SCNO3 Scirpus novae-angliae Britton NY (E)
BORO5 Bolboschoenus robustus (Pursh) Soják sturdy bulrush
SCRO5 Schoenoplectus robustus (Pursh) M.T. Strong sturdy bulrush
SCRO Scirpus robustus Pursh NH (T)
BOAS Boltonia asteroides (L.) L'Hér. white doll's daisy MD (E), PA (E)
BODE2 Boltonia decurrens (Torr. & A. Gray) Alph. Wood claspingleaf doll's daisy T IL (T), MO (E)
BOGR5 Bonamia grandiflora (A. Gray) Hallier f. Florida lady's nightcap T FL (E)
BOME2 Bonamia menziesii A. Gray Hawai'i lady's nightcap E
BOFR Borrichia frutescens (L.) DC. bushy seaside tansy MD (E, X)
BOAC2 Botrychium acuminatum W.H. Wagner tailed grapefern MI (E)
BOAS2 Botrychium ascendens W.H. Wagner trianglelobe moonwort WA (S)
BOBI Botrychium biternatum (Sav.) Underw. sparselobe grapefern IL (T), OH (T)
BOCA5 Botrychium campestre W.H. Wagner & Farrar Iowa moonwort MI (T), NY (E), WA (S)
BOCR Botrychium crenulatum W.H. Wagner scalloped moonwort WA (S)
BODI2 Botrychium dissectum Spreng. cutleaf grapefern NY (EV)
BOGA2 Botrychium gallicomontanum Farrar & Johnson-Groh Frenchman's Bluff grapefern MN (E)
BOHE5 Botrychium hesperium (Maxon & R.T. Clausen) W.H. Wagner & Lellinger western moonwort MI (T), WA (S)
BOJE Botrychium jenmanii Underw. Dixie grapefern TN (T)
BOLA Botrychium lanceolatum (S.G. Gmel.) Angstr. lanceleaf grapefern MD (E, X), MN (T), NY (EV), OH (PRX)
BOLAA2 Botrychium lanceolatum (S.G. Gmel.) Angstr. var. angustisegmentum Pease & A.H. Moore lanceleaf grapefern
BOLAA Botrychium lanceolatum (S.G. Gmel.) Angstr. ssp. angustisegmentum (Pease & A.H. Moore) R.T. Clausen RI (SC)
BOLI7 Botrychium lineare W.H. Wagner narrowleaf grapefern WA (S)
BOLU Botrychium lunaria (L.) Sw. common moonwort ME (E), MN (T), NY (E), VT (E), WA (S), WI (E)
BOMA2 Botrychium matricariifolium (A. Braun ex Dowell) A. Braun ex W.D.J. Koch matricary grapefern IL (E), IN (T), IA (E), KY (E), NY (EV), RI (SC), TN (SC)
BOMI Botrychium minganense Vict. Mingan moonwort NY (E)
BOMO2 Botrychium mormo W.H. Wagner little goblin moonwort MI (T), WI (E)
BOMU Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) Trevis. leathery grapefern IL (E), IA (T), MD (E, X), NJ (E), NY (EV), OH (T)
BOMUI Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) Trevis. var. intermedium (D.C. Eaton) Farw. IN (X)
BOON Botrychium oneidense (Gilbert) House bluntlobe grapefern KY (E), MD (E), MN (E), NY (E), TN (SC)
BOPA12 Botrychium pallidum W.H. Wagner pale botrychium MN (E)
BOPA9 Botrychium paradoxum W.H. Wagner peculiar moonwort WA (S)
BOPE4 Botrychium pedunculosum W.H. Wagner stalked moonwort WA (S)
BOPU2 Botrychium pumicola Coville ex Underw. Crater Lake grapefern OR (T)
BORU Botrychium rugulosum W.H. Wagner ternate grapefern MN (T), NY (E)
BOSI Botrychium simplex E. Hitchc. little grapefern CT (SC), IL (E), IN (E), IA (T), MD (E, X), NY (EV), OH (E), RI (SC), WA (S)
BOVI Botrychium virginianum (L.) Sw. rattlesnake fern NY (EV)
BOCA4 Bourreria cassinifolia (A. Rich.) Griseb. smooth strongbark FL (E)
BORA2 Bourreria radula (Poir.) G. Don rough strongbark FL (E)
BOSU2 Bourreria succulenta Jacq. bodywood FL (E)
BOCU Bouteloua curtipendula (Michx.) Torr. sideoats grama CT (E), KY (SC), MI (T), NJ (E), NY (E), PA (T)
BOGR2 Bouteloua gracilis (Willd. ex Kunth) Lag. ex Griffiths blue grama IL (E)
BOHI2 Bouteloua hirsuta Lag. hairy grama AR (E)
BORI Bouteloua rigidiseta (Steud.) Hitchc. Texas grama AR (E)
BOAC Boykinia aconitifolia Nutt. Allegheny brookfoam KY (T)
BRTR4 Brachydontium trichodes (F. Weber) Milde brachydontium moss TN (E)
BRAR9 Brachyelytrum aristosum (Michx.) Trel. northern shorthusk
BRERS Brachyelytrum erectum (Schreb. ex Spreng.) P. Beauv. var. septentrionale Babel TN (SC)
BRPO4 Brachythecium populeum (Hedw.) Schimp. brachythecium moss KY (E)
BRCA7 Brassia caudata (L.) Lindl. cricket orchid FL (E)
BRCO8 Brickellia cordifolia Elliot Flyr's nemesis FL (E)
BREUE Brickellia eupatorioides (L.) Shinners var. eupatorioides false boneset
KUEU Kuhnia eupatorioides L. NJ (E)
BREUF Brickellia eupatorioides (L.) Shinners var. floridana (R.W. Long) B.L. Turner false boneset
BRMO3 Brickellia mosieri (Small) Shinners FL (E)
BRIN4 Brighamia insignis A. Gray cabbage on a stick E
BRRO Brighamia rockii H. St. John Molokai ohaha E
BRCOR2 Brodiaea coronaria (Salisb.) Engl. ssp. rosea (Greene) Niehaus Indian Valley brodiaea CA (E)
BRFI Brodiaea filifolia S. Watson threadleaf brodiaea T CA (E)
BRIN5 Brodiaea insignis (Jeps.) Niehaus Kaweah brodiaea CA (E)
BRPA2 Brodiaea pallida Hoover Chinese Camp brodiaea T CA (E)
BRCI2 Bromus ciliatus L. fringed brome MD (E, X)
BRINP5 Bromus inermis Leyss. ssp. pumpellianus (Scribn.) Wagnon var. pumpellianus (Scribn.) C.L. Hitchc. Pumpelly's brome
BRPU3 Bromus pumpellianus Scribn. MI (T)
BRKA2 Bromus kalmii A. Gray arctic brome ME (PX), MD (E), NH (E)
BRLA4 Bromus latiglumis (Shear) Hitchc. earlyleaf brome MD (E)
BRNO Bromus nottowayanus Fernald Nottoway Valley brome MD (E, X)
BRPU6 Bromus pubescens Muhl. ex Willd. hairy woodland brome ME (PX), NH (T)
BRVI6 Bryocrumia vivicolor (Dix.) W.R. Buck bryocrumia moss
BRAN8 Bryocrumia andersonii (E.B. Bartram) L.E. Anderson NC (E)
BRCY70 Bryum cyclophyllum (Schwägr.) Bruch & Schimp. bryum moss KY (E)
BRMI11 Bryum miniatum Lesq. glossy red bryum moss KY (E)
BUAM Buchnera americana L. American bluehearts IN (E), MD (E, X), MI (PREX), NY (E), OH (T), PA (X)
BUDI Buckleya distichophylla (Nutt.) Torr. piratebush NC (E), TN (T), VA (E)
BUNI2 Buellia nigra (Fink) Sheard black disc lichen MN (E)
BUPA2 Bulbophyllum pachyrachis (A. Rich.) Griseb. rat-tail orchid FL (E)
BUCIC Bulbostylis ciliatifolia (Elliot) Fernald var. coarctata (Elliot) Kral capillary hairsedge TN (PX, E)
BUFL2 Burmannia flava Mart. Fahkahatchee bluethread FL (E)
BUFA Bursera fagaroides (Kunth) Engl. fragrant bursera AZ (SR)
BUMI6 Buxbaumia minakatae Okam. buxbaumia moss OH (E)
BUVA Buxus vahlii Baill. Vahl's box E PR (E)
BYLU Byrsonima lucida (Mill.) DC. Long Key locustberry FL (T)
CACA Cabomba caroliniana A. Gray Carolina fanwort IN (X), KY (T)
CAKA5 Caesalpinia kavaiensis H. Mann uhiuhi E
CAMA21 Caesalpinia major (Medik.) Dandy & Exell Hawai'i pearls FL (E)
CAPA34 Caesalpinia pauciflora (Griseb.) C. Wright ex Sauvalle fewflower holdback FL (E)
CAED Cakile edentula (Bigelow) Hook. American searocket IL (T), PA (R)
CACA2 Calamagrostis cainii Hitchc. Cain's reedgrass NC (E), TN (E)
CACAM Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) P. Beauv. var. macouniana (Vasey) Stebbins Macoun's reedgrass KY (E)
CACO71 Calamagrostis coarctata Eaton Nuttall's reedgrass
CACI Calamagrostis cinnoides W. Bartram, nom. illeg. ME (SC)
CAFO Calamagrostis foliosa Kearney leafy reedgrass CA (R)
CAPE10 Calamagrostis perplexa Scribn. wood reedgrass NY (E)
CAPI Calamagrostis pickeringii A. Gray Pickering's reedgrass ME (T), MA (E), NH (T), NJ (E)
CAPO3 Calamagrostis porteri A. Gray Porter's reedgrass MD (E), TN (E)
CAPOI Calamagrostis porteri A. Gray ssp. insperata (Swallen) C.W. Greene Porter's reedgrass AR (E), IN (T), KY (E), OH (E)
CAIN16 Calamagrostis insperata Swallen IL (E)
CAPOP Calamagrostis porteri A. Gray ssp. porteri Porter's reedgrass KY (T), NY (E)
CAST36 Calamagrostis stricta (Timm) Koeler slimstem reedgrass MI (T)
CASTI3 Calamagrostis stricta (Timm) Koeler ssp. inexpansa (A. Gray) C.W. Greene northern reedgrass CT (SC), ME (E), NH (E), NY (T), VT (E)
CALA47 Calamagrostis lacustris (Kearney) Nash MI (T), NH (T)
CASTS5 Calamagrostis stricta (Timm) Koeler ssp. stricta slimstem reedgrass ME (T), NY (E)
CAAR12 Calamovilfa arcuata K.E. Rogers Cumberland sandreed TN (E)
CACU Calamovilfa curtissii (Vasey) Scribn. Florida sandreed FL (T)
CALOM Calamovilfa longifolia (Hook.) Scribn. var. magna Scribn. & Merr. prairie sandreed WI (T)
CAPA Calla palustris L. water arum IL (E), IN (E), MD (E)
CAAM2 Callicarpa americana L. American beautyberry MD (E, X)
CAAM14 Callicarpa ampla Schauer caparosa E PR (E)
CAAL Callirhoe alcaeoides (Michx.) A. Gray light poppymallow IA (T), KY (H)
CAPA2 Callirhoe papaver (Cav.) A. Gray woodland poppymallow FL (E)
CASC4 Callirhoe scabriuscula B.L. Rob. Texas poppymallow E TX (E)
CATR Callirhoe triangulata (Leavenworth) A. Gray clustered poppymallow IN (X), IA (E)
CAHE2 Callitriche hermaphroditica L. northern water-starwort NY (E)
CAHE3 Callitriche heterophylla Pursh twoheaded water-starwort MI (T), WI (T)
CAPA52 Callitriche palustris L. vernal water-starwort
CAVE2 Callitriche verna L. OH (T)
CATE19 Callitriche terrestris Raf. terrestrial water-starwort NY (T)
CADE27 Calocedrus decurrens (Torr.) Florin incense cedar NV (CY)
CAAM4 Calochortus ambiguus (M.E. Jones) Ownbey doubting mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CAAU8 Calochortus aureus S. Watson golden mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CACO41 Calochortus coxii M. Godfrey & F. Callahan Cox's mariposa lily OR (E)
CADU Calochortus dunnii Purdy Dunn's mariposa lily CA (R)
CAFL Calochortus flexuosus S. Watson winding mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CAGU Calochortus gunnisonii S. Watson Gunnison's mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CAHO11 Calochortus howellii S. Watson Howell's mariposa lily OR (T)
CAIN18 Calochortus indecorus Ownbey & M. Peck Sexton Mountain mariposa lily OR (E)
CAKEK2 Calochortus kennedyi Porter var. kennedyi desert mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CAKEM Calochortus kennedyi Porter var. munzii Jeps. desert mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CALOL Calochortus longebarbatus S. Watson var. longebarbatus longbeard mariposa lily WA (S)
CAMAM Calochortus macrocarpus Douglas var. maculosus (A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr.) A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. Nez Perce mariposa lily WA (S)
CANI Calochortus nitidus Douglas broadfruit mariposa lily WA (T)
CAPE Calochortus persistens Ownbey Siskiyou mariposa lily CA (R)
CATI3 Calochortus tiburonensis A.J. Hill Tiburon mariposa lily T CA (T)
CAUM5 Calochortus umpquaensis N.A. Fredricks Umpqua mariposa lily OR (E)
CAPA77 Caloplaca parvula Wetmore MN (E)
CAMU10 Calopogon multiflorus Lindl. manyflower grasspink FL (E), NC (E)
CATU5 Calopogon tuberosus (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. tuberous grasspink IL (E), KY (E), MD (E), NY (EV), RI (SC)
CANA Caltha natans Pall. ex Georgi floating marsh marigold MN (E), WI (E)
CAPA5 Caltha palustris L. yellow marsh marigold TN (E)
CAFL22 Calycanthus floridus L. eastern sweetshrub FL (E)
CAFLG Calycanthus floridus L. var. glaucus (Willd.) Torr. & A. Gray eastern sweetshrub KY (T)
CAFE5 Calycanthus fertilis Walter OH (PRX)
CALY2 Calycocarpum lyonii (Pursh) A. Gray cupseed IN (T)
CACO72 Calydorea coelestina (W. Bartram) Goldblatt & Henrich Bartram's ixia
SPCO5 Sphenostigma coelestinum (W. Bartram) R.C. Foster FL (E)
CASE12 Calylophus serrulatus (Nutt.) P.H. Raven yellow sundrops KY (H)
CABU Calypso bulbosa (L.) Oakes fairy slipper MI (T), NH (E), NY (E), VT (T), WI (T)
CABUA Calypso bulbosa (L.) Oakes var. americana (R. Br.) Luer fairy slipper AZ (SR)
CAPA8 Calyptranthes pallens Griseb. pale lidflower FL (T)
CATH3 Calyptranthes thomasiana Berg Thomas' lidflower E PR (E)
CAZU Calyptranthes zuzygium (L.) Sw. myrtle of the river FL (E)
CARI3 Calyptronoma rivalis (O.F. Cook) L.H. Bailey Puerto Rico manac T
CACA101 Calystegia catesbeiana Pursh Catesby's false bindweed FL (E)
CASEE Calystegia sepium (L.) R. Br. ssp. erratica Brummitt hedge false bindweed NJ (E)
CASP14 Calystegia spithamaea (L.) Pursh low false bindweed CT (SC), ME (T), MA (E), NJ (E), VT (T)
CASPS2 Calystegia spithamaea (L.) Pursh ssp. spithamaea low false bindweed
COSP6 Convolvulus spithamaeus L. NH (T)
CAST21 Calystegia stebbinsii Brummitt Stebbins' false bindweed E CA (E)
CAAN2 Camassia angusta (Engelm. & A. Gray) Blank. prairie camas IL (E), IN (E)
CASC5 Camassia scilloides (Raf.) Cory Atlantic camas MI (T), NC (T), PA (E), WI (E)
CABE7 Camissonia benitensis P.H. Raven San Benito suncup T
CAEX10 Camissonia exilis (P.H. Raven) P.H. Raven Cottonwood Springs suncup AZ (SR)
CAPY5 Camissonia pygmaea (Douglas ex Lehm.) P.H. Raven dwarf suncup WA (T)
CASC18 Camissonia scapoidea (Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray) P.H. Raven Paiute suncup WA (S)
CAAP2 Campanula aparinoides Pursh marsh bellflower TN (T)
CADI3 Campanula divaricata Michx. small bonny bellflower MD (E, X)
CALA7 Campanula lasiocarpa Cham. mountain harebell WA (S)
CARO15 Campanula robinsiae Small Robins' bellflower E FL (E)
CARO2 Campanula rotundifolia L. bluebell bellflower NY (EV), OH (E)
CAFI10 Campylocentrum filiforme (Sw.) Cogn. ex Kuntze needleroot bentspur orchid
HAFI Harrisella filiformis (Sw.) Cogn. FL (T)
CAPA32 Campylocentrum pachyrrhizum (Rchb. f.) Rolfe leafless bentspur orchid FL (E)
CAAN9 Campyloneurum angustifolium (Sw.) Fée narrow strapfern FL (E)
CACO20 Campyloneurum costatum (Kunze) C. Presl tailed strapfern FL (E)
CALA28 Campyloneurum latum T. Moore birdwing fern FL (E)
CASA30 Campylostelium saxicola (F. Weber & D. Mohr) Bruch & Schimp. campylostelium moss OH (E)
CAMO32 Canadanthus modestus (Lindl.) G.L. Nesom giant mountain aster
ASMO3 Aster modestus Lindl. MI (T)
CAMO15 Canavalia molokaiensis O. Deg., I. Deg. & Sauer Molokai jackbean E
CAWI Canella winterana (L.) Gaertn. wild cinnamon FL (E)
CATE22 Canoparmelia texana (Tuck.) Elix & Hale Texan canoparmelia lichen OH (E)
CABE Cardamine bellidifolia L. alpine bittercress ME (E), NH (E)
CABU3 Cardamine bulbosa (Schreb. ex Muhl.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. bulbous bittercress NH (E)
CACL2 Cardamine clematitis Shuttlw. ex A. Gray small mountain bittercress TN (T)
CACO26 Cardamine concatenata (Michx.) Sw. cutleaf toothwort ME (E)
DELA5 Dentaria laciniata Muhl. ex Willd. NH (E)
CADI28 Cardamine dissecta (Leavenworth) Al-Shehbaz forkleaf toothwort
DEMU3 Dentaria multifida Muhl. ex Elliot IN (E)
CADO Cardamine douglassii Britton limestone bittercress CT (SC), MA (E)
CAFL13 Cardamine flagellifera O.E. Schulz Blue Ridge bittercress TN (T)
CALO11 Cardamine longii Fernald Long's bittercress CT (SC), ME (T), MD (E), MA (E), NH (T), NJ (E), NY (T)
CAMA36 Cardamine maxima (Nutt.) Alph. Wood large toothwort ME (PX), NJ (E)
DEMA Dentaria maxima Nutt. MI (T)
CAMI19 Cardamine micranthera Rollins streambank bittercress E NC (E)
CAPRP Cardamine pratensis L. var. pratensis cuckoo flower
CAPRP2 Cardamine pratensis L. var. palustris Wimm. & Grab. IL (E), MA (T), NH (E), OH (E)
CARO3 Cardamine rotundifolia Michx. American bittercress NJ (E), NY (E), TN (SC)
CAAB5 Carex abscondita Mack. thicket sedge NY (T)
CAAD2 Carex adusta Boott lesser brown sedge ME (E), PA (X)
CAAE3 Carex ×aestivaliformis Mack. [aestivalis × gracillima] TN (E)
CAAE2 Carex aestivalis M.A. Curtis ex A. Gray summer sedge CT (SC), KY (E), MD (E)
CAAG2 Carex aggregata Mack. glomerate sedge NY (E)
CAAL3 Carex alata Torr. broadwing sedge CT (E), IL (E), KY (T), PA (T), RI (SC)
CAAL25 Carex albicans Willd. ex Spreng. whitetinge sedge RI (SC)
CAALA2 Carex albicans Willd. ex Spreng. var. australis (L.H. Bailey) J. Rettig stellate sedge
CAPH4 Carex physorhyncha Liebm. ex Steud. IL (E)
CAAL5 Carex albolutescens Schwein. greenwhite sedge MI (T), OH (T)
CAAL11 Carex albursina Sheldon white bear sedge NJ (E)
CAAL8 Carex alopecoidea Tuck. foxtail sedge CT (SC), IN (E), ME (PX), MA (T), NJ (E), OH (E), TN (PX, E)
CAAM8 Carex amphibola Steud. eastern narrowleaf sedge NJ (E), NY (E)
CAAN10 Carex anthoxanthea J. Presl & C. Presl grassyslope arctic sedge WA (S)
CAAP5 Carex appalachica J. Webber & P.W. Ball Appalachian sedge KY (T)
CAAQ Carex aquatilis Wahlenb. water sedge NJ (E), PA (T)
CAAQA Carex aquatilis Wahlenb. var. aquatilis water sedge
CAAQA5 Carex aquatilis Wahlenb. var. altior (Rydb.) Fernald CT (SC)
CAAR2 Carex arcta Boott northern cluster sedge NY (E), VT (E)
CAAR3 Carex arctata Boott ex Hook. drooping woodland sedge IN (E), NJ (E), OH (E)
CAAR4 Carex argyrantha Tuck. hay sedge TN (T)
CAAR5 Carex arkansana (L.H. Bailey) L.H. Bailey Arkansas sedge IL (E)
CAAS2 Carex assiniboinensis W. Boott Assiniboia sedge MI (T)
CAAT2 Carex atherodes Spreng. wheat sedge IN (E), ME (E), NY (E), PA (E)
CAATA2 Carex atlantica L.H. Bailey ssp. atlantica prickly bog sedge IN (T)
CAATC Carex atlantica L.H. Bailey ssp. capillacea (L.H. Bailey) Reznicek prickly bog sedge IN (E), KY (E)
CAAT6 Carex atratiformis Britton scrabrous black sedge ME (SC), MI (T), NY (E), VT (T)
CAAT8 Carex atrosquama Mack. lesser blackscale sedge WA (S)
CAAU3 Carex aurea Nutt. golden sedge IL (E), IN (R), NH (T), PA (E)
CAAU7 Carex austrocaroliniana L.H. Bailey tarheel sedge KY (SC)
CABA3 Carex backii Boott Back's sedge CT (E), ME (E), MA (E), NJ (E), NY (T), PA (X)
CABA7 Carex baileyi Britton Bailey's sedge CT (SC), ME (SC), MA (E), NH (T)
CABA8 Carex baltzellii Chapm. ex Dewey Baltzell's sedge FL (T), GA (E)
CABA9 Carex barrattii Schwein. & Torr. Barratt's sedge CT (E), NY (E), NC (E), PA (X), TN (E)
CABE2 Carex bebbii Olney ex Fernald Bebb's sedge IN (T), NH (T), PA (E)
CABI3 Carex bicknellii Britton Bicknell's sedge ME (PX), NY (T), OH (T), PA (E)
CABI5 Carex bigelowii Torr. ex Schwein. Bigelow's sedge ME (SC), NY (T)
CABI9 Carex biltmoreana Mack. stiff sedge GA (T)
CABRM2 Carex bromoides Schkuhr ex Willd. ssp. montana Naczi brome-like sedge
CABRM Carex bromoides Schkuhr ex Willd. var. montana Naczi TN (T)
CABR15 Carex brunnescens (Pers.) Poir. brownish sedge IL (E), IN (E), NJ (E), OH (T)
CABU7 Carex bullata Schkuhr ex Willd. button sedge NH (E), NY (E), PA (E)
CABU5 Carex bushii Mack. Bush's sedge CT (SC), IN (E), ME (PX), MA (E), NJ (E), OH (E)
CABU6 Carex buxbaumii Wahlenb. Buxbaum's sedge CT (E), KY (H), MD (T), NH (E), NY (T), PA (R), RI (SC), TN (SC), VT (E), WA (S)
CACAD2 Carex canescens L. ssp. disjuncta (Fernald) Toivonen silvery sedge
CACAD Carex canescens L. var. disjuncta Fernald IL (E)
CACA12 Carex capillaris L. hair-like sedge ME (T), NH (T), NY (E), VT (T), WA (S)
CACAA2 Carex capitata L. ssp. arctogena (Harry Sm.) Hiitonen capitate sedge NH (T)
CACA14 Carex careyana Torr. ex Dewey Carey's sedge MD (E), MN (T), PA (E), WI (T)
CACA15 Carex caroliniana Schwein. Carolina sedge NY (E)
CACA16 Carex castanea Wahlenb. chestnut sedge CT (E), MA (E), NH (E)
CACE2 Carex cephaloidea (Dewey) Dewey thinleaf sedge OH (E)
CASPC Carex sparganioides Muhl. ex Willd. var. cephaloidea (Dewey) Carey IN (T)
CACH9 Carex chapmanii Steud. Chapman's sedge FL (T), TN (T)
CACH5 Carex chordorrhiza Ehrh. ex L. f. creeping sedge IL (E), IN (E), IA (E), MA (E), NY (T), PA (X), VT (E), WA (S)
CACI5 Carex circinata C.A. Mey. coiled sedge WA (S)
CACO21 Carex collinsii Nutt. Collins' sedge CT (SC), NY (E), PA (T), RI (H)
CACO7 Carex communis L.H. Bailey fibrousroot sedge IL (T)
CACO8 Carex comosa Boott longhair sedge KY (H), TN (T), WA (S)
CACO10 Carex concinna R. Br. low northern sedge WI (T)
CACO13 Carex conjuncta Boott soft fox sedge MD (E), MI (T), MN (T), NY (E)
CACO14 Carex conoidea Schkuhr ex Willd. openfield sedge IN (E), MD (E), NC (T), OH (T)
CAKA Carex katahdinensis Fernald MN (T)
CACR3 Carex crawei Dewey Crawe's sedge CT (T), IN (T), KY (SC), ME (E), NJ (E), NY (T)
CACR4 Carex crawfordii Fernald Crawford's sedge CT (SC), IL (E), PA (E)
CACR5 Carex crebriflora Wiegand coastal plain sedge KY (T)
CACRB Carex crinita Lam. var. brevicrinis Fernald fringed sedge PA (E)
CACR8 Carex crus-corvi Shuttlw. ex Kunze ravenfoot sedge MI (T), OH (T), WI (E)
CACR9 Carex cryptolepis Mack. northeastern sedge IL (E), PA (E)
CACU3 Carex cumulata (L.H. Bailey) Fernald clustered sedge CT (E), IN (E), NH (T), NJ (E), NY (T), RI (SC)
CADA3 Carex dasycarpa Muhl. sandywoods sedge GA (R)
CADA Carex davisii Schwein. & Torr. Davis' sedge CT (E), MD (E, X), MA (E), MN (T), NY (T), TN (SC)
CADER Carex debilis Michx. var. rudgei L.H. Bailey white edge sedge IN (T)
CADE6 Carex decomposita Muhl. cypressknee sedge IL (E), IN (T), KY (T), MD (E, X), MI (PREX), NY (E), OH (E)
CADE8 Carex densa (L.H. Bailey) L.H. Bailey dense sedge WA (S)
CADE9 Carex deweyana Schwein. Dewey sedge NJ (E), OH (PRX)
CADI4 Carex diandra Schrank lesser panicled sedge MD (E), NH (E), PA (T)
CADI6 Carex disperma Dewey softleaf sedge IL (E), IN (E), OH (E), PA (R)
CADU6 Carex duriuscula C.A. Mey. needleleaf sedge
CAEL2 Carex eleocharis L.H. Bailey WA (S)
CAEB2 Carex eburnea Boott bristleleaf sedge IN (R), ME (E), MD (E), NH (E), PA (E)
CAEC Carex echinata Murray star sedge IL (E), IN (E), OH (E)
CAECE Carex echinata Murray ssp. echinata star sedge TN (SC)
CAEM2 Carex emoryi Dewey Emory's sedge NY (E)
CAEX7 Carex exilis Dewey coastal sedge CT (E), MD (E), NH (T), NC (T), RI (SC), WI (T)
CAFE3 Carex festucacea Schkuhr ex Willd. fescue sedge MN (T)
CAFL4 Carex flava L. yellow sedge IN (T), PA (T), WA (S)
CAFO6 Carex folliculata L. northern long sedge IN (T)
CAFO4 Carex formosa Dewey handsome sedge CT (T), MA (T), MN (E), NJ (E), NY (T), OH (PRX), PA (E), WI (T)
CAFR3 Carex frankii Kunth Frank's sedge NY (E)
CAGA3 Carex garberi Fernald elk sedge IL (E), IN (T), ME (SC), MN (T), NY (E), OH (E), PA (E), VT (T), WI (T)
CAGAB2 Carex garberi Fernald var. bifaria Fernald NH (E)
CAGE2 Carex geyeri Boott Geyer's sedge PA (E)
CAGI4 Carex gigantea Rudge giant sedge IL (E), IN (E), KY (T)
CAGL5 Carex glaucescens Elliot southern waxy sedge MD (E)
CAGL6 Carex glaucodea Tuck. ex Olney blue sedge MA (E)
CAFLG5 Carex flaccosperma Dewey var. glaucodea (Tuck. ex Olney) Kük. NH (E), NY (E)
CAGR8 Carex gracilescens Steud. slender looseflower sedge MA (E)
CAGR3 Carex granularis Muhl. ex Willd. limestone meadow sedge
CAGRH Carex granularis Muhl. ex Willd. var. haleana (Olney) Porter NH (E)
CAGR4 Carex gravida L.H. Bailey heavy sedge IN (E), MI (PREX), TN (SC)
CAGR5 Carex grayi Carey Gray's sedge MA (T)
CAGR24 Carex grisea Wahlenb. inflated narrow-leaf sedge ME (SC)
CAGY2 Carex gynocrates Wormsk. ex Drejer northern bog sedge ME (SC), NY (E)
CADIG Carex dioica L. ssp. gynocrates (Wormsk. ex Drejer) Hultén WA (S)
CAHA7 Carex haydenii Dewey Hayden's sedge MI (PREX), NJ (E), NY (E), OH (PRX)
CAHE4 Carex heleonastes L. f. Hudson Bay sedge MI (E)
CAHE8 Carex heteroneura W. Boott different-nerve sedge WA (S)
CAHI6 Carex hirsutella Mack. fuzzy wuzzy sedge CT (SC), NH (E)
CAHI5 Carex hirtifolia Mack. pubescent sedge TN (SC)
CAHI8 Carex hitchcockiana Dewey Hitchcock's sedge CT (SC), MD (E), MA (SC), NY (T), TN (T)
CAHO8 Carex hormathodes Fernald marsh straw sedge NY (T)
CAHO9 Carex houghtoniana Torr. ex Dewey Houghton's sedge NY (T)
CAHY2 Carex hyalina Boott tissue sedge TN (SC)
CAHY3 Carex hyalinolepis Steud. shoreline sedge PA (X)
CAHY4 Carex hystericina Muhl. ex Willd. bottlebrush sedge KY (H), MD (E), WA (S)
CAIN12 Carex intumescens Rudge greater bladder sedge IL (T)
CAJA2 Carex jamesii Schwein. James' sedge MN (T), NJ (E), NY (T)
CAJO2 Carex joorii L.H. Bailey cypress swamp sedge KY (E), NJ (E)
CAJU2 Carex juniperorum Catling, Reznicek & Crins juniper sedge KY (E), OH (T)
CALA16 Carex lacustris Willd. hairy sedge MD (T), TN (T)
CALA14 Carex laevivaginata (Kük.) Mack. smoothsheath sedge ME (SC), MN (T)
CALA11 Carex lasiocarpa Ehrh. woollyfruit sedge PA (R)
CALA31 Carex latebracteata Waterf. Waterfall's sedge AR (T)
CALA18 Carex laxiculmis Schwein. spreading sedge ME (E), MN (T)
CALAS Carex laxiflora Lam. var. serrulata F.J. Herm. broad looseflower sedge NY (E)
CALE7 Carex lemmonii W. Boott Lemmon's sedge
CAAL4 Carex albida L.H. Bailey white sedge E CA (E)
CALE8 Carex lenticularis Michx. lakeshore sedge MA (T), WI (T)
CALE11 Carex leptonervia (Fernald) Fernald nerveless woodland sedge IN (E), KY (E), MD (E), NJ (E)
CALI7 Carex limosa L. mud sedge CT (E), IN (E), NJ (E), OH (E), PA (T), RI (H)
CALI Carex livida (Wahlenb.) Willd. livid sedge ME (SC), VT (T)
CALIR Carex livida (Wahlenb.) Willd. var. radicaulis Paine livid sedge MA (E), NY (E)
CALO5 Carex longii Mack. Long's sedge OH (E)
CALO6 Carex louisianica L.H. Bailey Louisiana sedge NJ (E), OH (E)
CALU17 Carex lucorum Willd. ex Link Blue Ridge sedge IL (E), OH (E)
CALU3 Carex lupuliformis Sartwell ex Dewey false hop sedge CT (E), IN (R), MA (E), MI (T), NJ (E), NY (R), OH (T), WI (E)
CALU26 Carex lutea LeBlond sulphur sedge E NC (E)
CAMA9 Carex macloviana d'Urv. thickhead sedge ME (PX)
CAMA11 Carex macrochaeta C.A. Mey. longawn sedge WA (S)
CAMAI2 Carex magellanica Lam. ssp. irrigua (Wahlenb.) Hultén boreal bog sedge WA (S)
CAPA22 Carex paupercula Michx. CT (E), PA (R)
CAMA33 Carex manhartii Bryson Manhart's sedge GA (T), TN (E)
CAME2 Carex meadii Dewey Mead's sedge NY (E), PA (E)
CAME12 Carex merritt-fernaldii Mack. Fernald's sedge NY (T), OH (E)
CAME13 Carex mesochorea Mack. midland sedge MA (E), NY (E), OH (T)
CAMI15 Carex michauxiana Boeckeler Michaux's sedge MA (E), WI (T)
CAMI5 Carex microdonta Torr. & Hook. littletooth sedge FL (E)
CAMI17 Carex misera Buckley wretched sedge GA (T), TN (T)
CAMI18 Carex mitchelliana M.A. Curtis Mitchell's sedge NY (T), PA (E), RI (SC)
CAMO11 Carex molesta Mack. ex Bright troublesome sedge CT (SC), NY (T)
CAMU4 Carex muehlenbergii Schkuhr ex Willd. Muhlenberg's sedge ME (T), VT (T)
CAMU9 Carex muskingumensis Schwein. Muskingum sedge TN (PX, E)
CANI5 Carex nigra (L.) Reichard smooth black sedge MI (E), NY (E)
CANI3 Carex nigromarginata Schwein. black edge sedge CT (SC), IL (E), NY (E)
CANO2 Carex norvegica Retz. Norway sedge ME (E), WA (S)
CANOI Carex norvegica Retz. ssp. inferalpina (Wahlenb.) Hultén closedhead sedge
CAME9 Carex media R. Br. MI (T), WI (E)
CANO4 Carex novae-angliae Schwein. New England sedge CT (SC), MI (T)
CAOB4 Carex obtusata Lilj. obtuse sedge WA (S)
CAOL2 Carex oligocarpa Schkuhr ex Willd. richwoods sedge CT (E), MI (T), NJ (E), VT (E)
CAOL3 Carex oligosperma Michx. fewseed sedge CT (SC), IL (E), MA (E), NC (E), OH (T), PA (T)
CAOP5 Carex opaca (F.J. Herm.) P. Rothr. & Reznicek Bicknell's sedge
CABIO Carex bicknellii Britton var. opaca F.J. Herm. AR (E)
CAOR6 Carex oronensis Fernald Orono sedge ME (T)
CAOU Carex ouachitana Kral, Manhart & Bryson Ouachita Mountain sedge TN (SC)
CAOX Carex oxylepis Torr. & Hook. sharpscale sedge IL (T)
CAOXP Carex oxylepis Torr. & Hook. var. pubescens J.K. Underw. sharpscale sedge TN (SC)
CAPA17 Carex pallescens L. pale sedge MN (E), OH (T), TN (SC)
CAPA19 Carex pauciflora Lightf. fewflower sedge CT (SC), MA (E), PA (E), WA (S)
CAPE11 Carex peckii Howe Peck's sedge NJ (E), OH (PRX)
CAPE4 Carex pedunculata Muhl. ex Willd. longstalk sedge IN (R), MD (E), RI (T)
CAPE42 Carex pellita Muhl. ex Willd. woolly sedge
CALA30 Carex lanuginosa auct. non Michx. KY (E), TN (PX, E)
CAPH3 Carex ×physocarpoides Lepage sedge
CAPH8 Carex ×physocarpioides Lepage [saxatilis × utriculata]
CASAM Carex saxatilis L. var. major Olney WA (S)
CAPL18 Carex planispicata Naczi flat-spiked sedge
CAAMR Carex amphibola Steud. var. rigida (L.H. Bailey) Fernald NH (T)
CAPL4 Carex plantaginea Lam. plantainleaf sedge MN (E), NJ (E)
CAPL5 Carex platyphylla Carey broadleaf sedge MI (T)
CAPL6 Carex pluriflora Hultén manyflower sedge WA (S)
CAPO4 Carex polymorpha Muhl. variable sedge CT (E), ME (E), MD (E, X), MA (E), NH (T), NJ (E), PA (T), RI (E), VA (E)
CAPR6 Carex prairea Dewey ex Alph. Wood prairie sedge CT (T), ME (T), PA (T)
CAPR12 Carex prasina Wahlenb. drooping sedge IL (T), WI (T)
CAPR7 Carex praticola Rydb. meadow sedge ME (PX)
CAPR9 Carex projecta Mack. necklace sedge OH (T)
CAPR10 Carex proposita Mack. Great Smoky Mountain sedge WA (S)
CAPS Carex pseudocyperus L. cypress-like sedge CT (E), IN (E), NJ (E), OH (E), PA (E)
CAPU12 Carex purpurifera Mack. purple sedge GA (T), OH (E)
CARA5 Carex rariflora (Wahlenb.) Sm. looseflower alpine sedge ME (PX)
CARE14 Carex recta Boott estuary sedge ME (T), MA (E)
CARE17 Carex reniformis (L.H. Bailey) Small kidneyshape sedge IL (E), KY (E), TN (SC)
CARE9 Carex retroflexa Muhl. ex Willd. reflexed sedge NH (T), NY (E)
CARE4 Carex retrorsa Schwein. knotsheath sedge IN (E), OH (E), PA (E)
CARI Carex richardsonii R. Br. Richardson's sedge IN (E), OH (PRX), PA (E), VT (E)
CARO10 Carex roanensis F.J. Herm. Roan Mountain sedge KY (E), TN (E)
CARO5 Carex rossii Boott Ross' sedge MI (T)
CARO6 Carex rostrata Stokes beaked sedge TN (T), WA (S)
CARU6 Carex ruthii Mack. Ruth's sedge TN (T)
CASA8 Carex sartwellii Dewey Sartwell's sedge NY (T), PA (X)
CASA10 Carex saxatilis L. rock sedge ME (E)
CASC13 Carex scabrata Schwein. eastern rough sedge IN (E)
CASC9 Carex schweinitzii Dewey ex Schwein. Schweinitz's sedge CT (E), MA (E), NY (T), NC (E), PA (E), RI (H), WI (E)
CASC10 Carex scirpoidea Michx. northern singlespike sedge ME (T), MI (T), NH (T), NY (E), WA (S)
CASE6 Carex seorsa Howe weak stellate sedge IN (R), KY (SC), MI (T), NH (E), NY (T)
CASH2 Carex shortiana Dewey Short's sedge MD (E), NY (E)
CASI12 Carex siccata Dewey dryspike sedge ME (T), NJ (E), OH (E), VT (E)
CAAE Carex aenea Fernald NC (E), PA (X)
CAFO3 Carex foenea Willd. CT (SC), TN (T), VT (E), WA (S)
CASI6 Carex silicea Olney beach sedge ME (SC), MD (E)
CASO Carex socialis Mohlenbr. & Schwegm. low woodland sedge IN (R)
CASP3 Carex sparganioides Muhl. ex Willd. bur-reed sedge ME (E), NH (E), RI (H)
CASP35 Carex specicola J.T. Howell Navajo sedge
CASP9 Carex specuicola J.T. Howell Navajo sedge T AZ (HS)
CASP7 Carex sprengelii Dewey ex Spreng. Sprengel's sedge ME (SC), OH (T)
CASQ2 Carex squarrosa L. squarrose sedge CT (SC)
CAST55 Carex ×stenolepis Less. [saxatilis × vesicaria] ME (E)
CAST16 Carex sterilis Willd. dioecious sedge CT (SC), ME (T), MA (T), MN (T), PA (E), RI (H), TN (PX, E)
CASTM Carex stipata Muhl. ex Willd. var. maxima Chapm. stalkgrain sedge KY (SC)
CAST6 Carex straminea Willd. ex Schkuhr eastern straw sedge IN (T), KY (T), MI (E), NY (E)
CAST41 Carex striata Michx. Walter's sedge MA (E)
CASTB Carex striata Michx. var. brevis L.H. Bailey Walter's sedge RI (E)
CAST17 Carex striatula Michx. lined sedge IL (E), NY (E), OH (E)
CAST9 Carex styloflexa Buckley bent sedge NY (E), OH (PRX)
CAST10 Carex stylosa C.A. Mey. variegated sedge WA (S)
CASY Carex sychnocephala Carey manyhead sedge NY (E), WA (S)
CATE3 Carex tenera Dewey quill sedge MD (E, X)
CATE5 Carex tenuiflora Wahlenb. sparseflower sedge ME (SC), NY (E), OH (PRX), WA (S)
CATE6 Carex tetanica Schkuhr rigid sedge CT (SC), KY (E), MD (E, X), MA (SC), PA (T)
CATI2 Carex tincta (Fernald) Fernald tinged sedge NY (E)
CATO9 Carex tompkinsii J.T. Howell Thompkins' sedge CA (R)
CATOR Carex tonsa (Fernald) E.P. Bicknell var. rugosperma (Mack.) Crins parachute sedge
CARU5 Carex rugosperma Mack. KY (T)
CATR11 Carex ×trichina Fernald [tenuiflora × trisperma] ME (PX)
CATR8 Carex trichocarpa Muhl. ex Willd. hairyfruit sedge CT (SC), MA (T)
CATR10 Carex trisperma Dewey threeseeded sedge IL (E)
CATU2 Carex tuckermanii Dewey Tuckerman's sedge CT (SC), IL (E), MD (E), MA (E), NJ (E)
CATY Carex typhina Michx. cattail sedge CT (SC), ME (PX), MA (T), MI (T), NY (T), PA (E)
CAUM4 Carex umbellata Schkuhr ex Willd. parasol sedge NH (E)
CAVA2 Carex vaginata Tausch sheathed sedge ME (SC), NY (E), VT (E)
CAVA3 Carex vallicola Dewey valley sedge WA (S)
CAVE7 Carex venusta Dewey darkgreen sedge MD (T)
CAVEM Carex venusta Dewey var. minor Boeckeler darkgreen sedge NY (E)
CAVE6 Carex vesicaria L. blister sedge MD (T)
CAVE9 Carex vestita Willd. velvet sedge ME (E), MD (E), TN (PX, E)
CAVI5 Carex viridula Michx. little green sedge CT (E), IL (T), PA (E)
CAWI7 Carex wiegandii Mack. Wiegand's sedge ME (SC), MA (E), MI (T), NH (T), NY (E), PA (T)
CAWI2 Carex willdenowii Schkuhr ex Willd. Willdenow's sedge CT (SC), IL (T), NY (T)
CAWO2 Carex woodii Dewey pretty sedge CT (SC), IL (T)
CAXE Carex xerantica L.H. Bailey whitescale sedge WA (S)
CAGI10 Carnegiea gigantea (Engelm.) Britton & Rose saguaro
CAGI7 Carnegia gigantea (Engelm.) Britton & Rose, orth. var. AZ (HS, SR)
CACA17 Carpenteria californica Torr. tree anemone CA (T)
CAAQ2 Carya aquatica (Michx. f.) Nutt. water hickory KY (T)
CACO15 Carya cordiformis (Wangenh.) K. Koch bitternut hickory ME (E)
CALA21 Carya laciniosa (Michx. f.) G. Don shellbark hickory MD (E), NY (T)
CAMY Carya myristiciformis (Michx. f.) Nutt. nutmeg hickory NC (T)
CAPA24 Carya pallida (Ashe) Engl. & Graebn. sand hickory AR (T), IL (E), IN (T)
CATE9 Carya texana Buckley black hickory IN (E)
CALY4 Cassiope lycopodioides (Pall.) D. Don clubmoss mountain heather WA (S)
CADE12 Castanea dentata (Marshall) Borkh. American chestnut KY (E), ME (SC), MI (E), TN (SC)
CAPU9 Castanea pumila (L.) Mill. chinkapin KY (T), NJ (E)
CAEM4 Castela emoryi (A. Gray) Moran & Felger crucifixion thorn AZ (SR)
CAAFN2 Castilleja affinis Hook. & Arn. ssp. neglecta (Zeile) T.I. Chuang & Heckard Tiburon Indian paintbrush E CA (T)
CACAS5 Castilleja campestris (Benth.) T.I. Chuang & Heckard ssp. succulenta (Hoover) T.I. Chuang & Heckard succulent owl's-clover T CA (E)
CACI6 Castilleja cinerea A. Gray ashgray Indian paintbrush T
CACO17 Castilleja coccinea (L.) Spreng. scarlet Indian paintbrush CT (E), KY (E), ME (PX), MD (E), NY (E), RI (H)
CACR14 Castilleja cryptantha Pennell & G.N. Jones obscure Indian paintbrush WA (S)
CAGR21 Castilleja grisea Dunkle San Clemente Island Indian paintbrush E CA (E)
CALE27 Castilleja levisecta Greenm. golden Indian paintbrush T OR (E), WA (E)
CAMIM5 Castilleja miniata Douglas ex Hook. ssp. miniata giant red Indian paintbrush
CAUL2 Castilleja uliginosa Eastw. CA (E)
CAMO8 Castilleja mollis Pennell softleaf Indian paintbrush E
CAPR14 Castilleja pruinosa Fernald frosted Indian paintbrush
CAGL17 Castilleja gleasoni Elmer CA (R)
CASA20 Castilleja salsuginosa N.H. Holmgren Monte Neva Indian paintbrush NV (FP)
CASE4 Castilleja septentrionalis Lindl. Labrador Indian paintbrush ME (SC), MI (T), MN (E), NH (T), VT (T)
CASE5 Castilleja sessiliflora Pursh downy paintedcup IL (E)
CASU12 Castilleja sulphurea Rydb. sulphur Indian paintbrush
CAMO16 Castilleja mogollonica Pennell AZ (SR)
CAAQ3 Catabrosa aquatica (L.) P. Beauv. water whorlgrass WI (E)
CASP8 Catalpa speciosa (Warder) Warder ex Engelm. northern catalpa IN (R)
CALA60 Catapyrenium lachneum (Ach.) R. Sant. earth lichen OH (E)
CAME19 Catesbaea melanocarpa Krug & Urb. tropical lilythorn E
CAPA43 Catesbaea parviflora Sw. smallflower lilythorn FL (E)
CABE5 Catopsis berteroniana (Schult. & Schult. f.) Mez powdery strap airplant FL (E)
CAFL10 Catopsis floribunda L.B. Sm. Florida strap airplant FL (E)
CANU13 Catopsis nutans auct. non (Sw.) Griseb. FL (E)
CAGI6 Caulophyllum giganteum (Farw.) Loconte & Blackwell giant blue cohosh TN (T)
CATH2 Caulophyllum thalictroides (L.) Michx. blue cohosh RI (T)
CEAM Ceanothus americanus L. New Jersey tea ME (T)
CEFE2 Ceanothus ferrisiae McMinn Coyote ceanothus E
CEHE2 Ceanothus hearstiorum Hoover & J.B. Roof Hearst Ranch buckbrush CA (R)
CEHE Ceanothus herbaceus Raf. Jersey tea IL (E), IN (X), KY (T), NY (E), OH (E), VT (E)
CEMA Ceanothus maritimus Hoover maritime ceanothus CA (R)
CEMA3 Ceanothus masonii McMinn Mason's ceanothus CA (R)
CEOP Ceanothus ophiochilus Boyd, Ross & Arnseth Vail Lake ceanothus T CA (E)
CERO4 Ceanothus roderickii Knight Pine Hill buckbrush E CA (R)
CESA Ceanothus sanguineus Pursh redstem ceanothus MI (T)
CESC Celastrus scandens L. American bittersweet NY (EV)
CENI Celosia nitida Vahl West Indian cock's comb FL (E)
CEEH Celtis ehrenbergiana (Klotzsch) Liebm. spiny hackberry
CEPA8 Celtis pallida Torr. FL (E)
CEIG Celtis iguanaea (Jacq.) Sarg. iguana hackberry FL (E)
CEOC Celtis occidentalis L. common hackberry NH (T)
CEAG Cenchrus agrimonioides Trin. kamanomano E
CELO3 Cenchrus longispinus (Hack.) Fernald mat sandbur ME (T), NH (T)
CETR Cenchrus tribuloides L. sanddune sandbur NY (T)
CEMU2 Centaurium muehlenbergii (Griseb.) W. Wight ex Piper Muhlenberg's centaury WA (PX)
CENA2 Centaurium namatophilum Reveal, C.R. Broome & Beatley springloving centaury
CENA Centaurium namophilum Reveal, Broome & Beatley springloving centaury T NV (FP)
CESE6 Centaurium sebaeoides (Griseb.) Druce lavaslope centaury E
CEER2 Centella erecta (L. f.) Fernald erect centella MD (E)
CEAR5 Centrosema arenicola (Small) F.J. Herm. pineland butterfly pea FL (E)
CEVI2 Centrosema virginianum (L.) Benth. spurred butterfly pea NJ (E)
CEMA22 Cephaloziella massalongi (Spruce) Müll. Frib. TN (E)
CEARV3 Cerastium arvense L. ssp. velutinum (Raf.) Ugborogho var. velutinum (Raf.) Britton field chickweed
CEVE8 Cerastium velutinum Raf. TN (E)
CEARV4 Cerastium arvense L. ssp. velutinum (Raf.) Ugborogho var. villosum (Muhl. ex Darl.) Hollick & Britton field chickweed
CEARV6 Cerastium arvense L. var. villosissimum Pennell PA (E)
CENU2 Cerastium nutans Raf. nodding chickweed MA (E)
CEER3 Ceratiola ericoides Michx. sand heath GA (T)
CEEC2 Ceratophyllum echinatum A. Gray spineless hornwort ME (SC), MD (E), NJ (E), NY (T), TN (SC)
CECA4 Cercis canadensis L. eastern redbud CT (SC), NJ (E)
CECAT Cercis canadensis L. var. texensis (S. Watson) M. Hopkins Texas redbud
CEOC3 Cercis occidentalis Torr. ex A. Gray AZ (SR)
CETR4 Cercocarpus traskiae Eastw. Catalina Island mountain mahogany E CA (E)
CHTH Chaenactis thompsonii Cronquist Thompson's pincushion WA (S)
CHPR Chaerophyllum procumbens (L.) Crantz spreading chervil NY (E)
CHPRS Chaerophyllum procumbens (L.) Crantz var. shortii Torr. & A. Gray Short's spreading chervil IN (E)
CHFAM2 Chamaecrista fasciculata (Michx.) Greene var. macrosperma (Fernald) C.F. Reed partridge pea MD (E)
CHGLM2 Chamaecrista glandulosa (L.) Greene var. mirabilis (Pollard) Irwin & Barneby Jamaican broom E PR (E)
CHLIK Chamaecrista lineata (Sw.) Greene var. keyensis (Pennell) Irwin & Barneby narrowpod sensitive pea
CAKE3 Cassia keyensis (Pennell) J.F. Macbr. FL (E)
CHNIN2 Chamaecrista nictitans (L.) Moench ssp. nictitans var. nictitans sensitive partridge pea
CANI4 Cassia nictitans L. NH (E)
CHTH2 Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. Atlantic white cedar GA (R), ME (SC), NY (R), PA (X)
CHCA2 Chamaedaphne calyculata (L.) Moench leatherleaf IL (T), MD (T)
CHLU Chamaelirium luteum (L.) A. Gray fairywand CT (E), IN (E), MA (E), NY (T)
CHERN Chamaerhodos erecta (L.) Bunge ssp. nuttallii (Pickering ex Rydb.) Hultén Nuttall's little rose
CHNUK Chamaerhodos nuttallii Pickering ex Rydb. var. keweenawensis Fernald MI (E)
CHCEK Chamaesyce celastroides (Boiss.) Croizat & O. Deg. var. kaenana (Sherff) O. Deg. & I. Deg. 'ekoko E
CHCU4 Chamaesyce cumulicola Small coastal dune sandmat FL (E)
CHDE7 Chamaesyce deltoidea (Engelm. ex Chapm.) Small wedge sandmat FL (E)
CHDED Chamaesyce deltoidea (Engelm. ex Chapm.) Small ssp. deltoidea wedge sandmat E
CHDE8 Chamaesyce deppeana (Boiss.) Millsp. Oahu sandmat E
CHGA3 Chamaesyce garberi (Engelm. ex Chapm.) Small Garber's sandmat T FL (E)
CHHA2 Chamaesyce halemanui (Sherff) Croizat & O. Deg. Kauai sandmat E
CHHE3 Chamaesyce herbstii W.L. Wagner Herbst's sandmat E
CHHO3 Chamaesyce hooveri (L.C. Wheeler) Koutnik Hoover's sandmat T
CHKU Chamaesyce kuwaleana (O. Deg. & Sherff) O. Deg. & I. Deg. kokomalei E
CHPE14 Chamaesyce pergamena (Small) Small FL (T)
CHPO6 Chamaesyce polygonifolia (L.) Small seaside sandmat IL (E), PA (T)
CHPO7 Chamaesyce porteriana Small Porter's sandmat FL (E)
CHRO2 Chamaesyce rockii (Forbes) Croizat & O. Deg. Koolau Range sandmat E
CHSE4 Chamaesyce serpens (Kunth) Small matted sandmat
EUSE4 Euphorbia serpens Kunth IN (X), OH (E)
CHSKS Chamaesyce skottsbergii (Sherff) Croizat & O. Deg. var. skottsbergii coastal sandmat
CHSKK Chamaesyce skottsbergii (Sherff) Croizat & O. Deg. var. kalaeloana (Sherff) O. Deg. & I. Deg. E
CHANA2 Chamerion angustifolium (L.) Holub ssp. angustifolium fireweed
EPAN2 Epilobium angustifolium L. IN (E), OH (E), TN (SC)
CHAL18 Chaptalia albicans (Sw.) Vent. ex Steud. white sunbonnets FL (T)
CHLA5 Chasmanthium latifolium (Michx.) Yates Indian woodoats MI (T)
CHLA6 Chasmanthium laxum (L.) Yates slender woodoats NY (E), PA (E)
CHAL5 Cheilanthes alabamensis (Buckley) Kunze Alabama lipfern KY (E)
CHFE Cheilanthes feei T. Moore slender lipfern KY (E), WA (S)
CHLA2 Cheilanthes lanosa (Michx.) D.C. Eaton hairy lipfern CT (E), IN (R), MN (E), NY (E)
CHMI4 Cheilanthes microphylla (Sw.) Sw. southern lipfern FL (E)
CHPA14 Cheiroglossa palmata (L.) C. Presl hand fern
OPPA3 Ophioglossum palmatum L. FL (E)
CHGL2 Chelone glabra L. white turtlehead NY (EV)
CHOB3 Chelone obliqua L. red turtlehead MD (T), MI (E)
CHOBO Chelone obliqua L. var. obliqua red turtlehead KY (E)
CHOBS Chelone obliqua L. var. speciosa Pennell & Wherry red turtlehead AR (E), KY (SC)
CHALM2 Chenopodium album L. var. missouriense (Aellen) I.J. Bassett & C.W. Crompton Missouri lambsquarters NY (E)
CHBE4 Chenopodium berlandieri Moq. pitseed goosefoot ME (SC)
CHBEB Chenopodium berlandieri Moq. var. boscianum (Moq.) Wahl pitseed goosefoot
CHBO9 Chenopodium boscianum Moq. NH (E)
CHBEM Chenopodium berlandieri Moq. var. macrocalycium (Aellen) Cronquist pitseed goosefoot NY (E)
CHCA4 Chenopodium capitatum (L.) Asch. blite goosefoot OH (PRX)
CHFO3 Chenopodium foggii Wahl Fogg's goosefoot MA (E), PA (E)
CHHU Chenopodium humile Hook. marshland goosefoot ME (T)
CHLE4 Chenopodium leptophyllum (Moq.) Nutt. ex S. Watson narrowleaf goosefoot OH (PRX), RI (SC)
CHRU Chenopodium rubrum L. red goosefoot ME (T), NH (T), NJ (E), NY (T)
CHSI2 Chenopodium simplex (Torr.) Raf. mapleleaf goosefoot
CHGI2 Chenopodium gigantospermum Aellen MD (E)
CHST2 Chenopodium standleyanum Aellen Standley's goosefoot MD (E)
CHLIA Chilopsis linearis (Cav.) Sweet ssp. arcuata (Fosberg) Henrickson desert willow
CHLIA2 Chilopsis linearis (Cav.) Sweet var. arcuata Fosberg AZ (SA)
CHLIL2 Chilopsis linearis (Cav.) Sweet ssp. linearis desert willow
CHLIG Chilopsis linearis (Cav.) Sweet var. glutinosa (Engelm.) Fosberg AZ (SA)
CHMA3 Chimaphila maculata (L.) Pursh striped prince's pine IL (E), ME (E), NY (EV)
CHUM Chimaphila umbellata (L.) W. Bartram pipsissewa IL (E), IA (T), NY (EV), OH (T)
CHUMC2 Chimaphila umbellata (L.) W. Bartram ssp. cisatlantica (S.F. Blake) Hultén pipsissewa IN (T)
CHPY2 Chionanthus pygmaeus Small pygmy fringetree E FL (E)
CHVI3 Chionanthus virginicus L. white fringetree OH (T)
CHPU2 Chlorogalum purpureum Brandegee purple amole T
CHPUR Chlorogalum purpureum Brandegee var. reductum Hoover Camatta Canyon amole CA (R)
CHHO2 Chorizanthe howellii Goodman Mendocino spineflower E CA (T)
CHOR Chorizanthe orcuttiana Parry San Diego spineflower E CA (E)
CHPUH2 Chorizanthe pungens Benth. var. hartwegiana Reveal & Hardham Hartweg's spineflower E
CHPUP3 Chorizanthe pungens Benth. var. pungens Monterey spineflower T
CHRO Chorizanthe robusta Parry robust spineflower E
CHVA Chorizanthe valida S. Watson Sonoma spineflower E CA (E)
CHFR4 Chromolaena frustrata (B.L. Rob.) King & H. Rob. Cape Sable thoroughwort
EUFR2 Eupatorium frustratum B.L. Rob. FL (E)
CHVI5 Chrysogonum virginianum L. green and gold KY (E), OH (T), PA (E), TN (T)
CHCH7 Chrysolepis chrysophylla (Douglas ex Hook.) Hjelmqvist giant chinquapin WA (S)
CHPA18 Chrysoma pauciflosculosa (Michx.) Greene woody goldenrod NC (E)
CHOL Chrysophyllum oliviforme L. satinleaf FL (T)
CHFL8 Chrysopsis floridana Small Florida goldenaster E FL (E)
CHGO2 Chrysopsis godfreyi Semple Godfrey's goldenaster FL (E)
CHGOC Chrysopsis gossypina (Michx.) Elliott ssp. cruiseana (Dress) Semple cottony goldenaster
CHCR4 Chrysopsis cruiseana Dress FL (E)
CHMA14 Chrysopsis mariana (L.) Elliot Maryland goldenaster PA (E), RI (T)
CHALS3 Chrysosplenium alternifolium L. var. sibiricum Ser. ex DC. Iowa golden saxifrage
CHIO Chrysosplenium iowense Rydb. IA (T), MN (E)
CHAM2 Chrysosplenium americanum Schwein. ex Hook. American golden saxifrage IN (T), KY (E)
CHTE3 Chrysosplenium tetrandrum (Lund ex Malmgr.) Th. Fr. northern golden saxifrage WA (S)
CIBU Cicuta bulbifera L. bulblet-bearing water hemlock MD (E), WA (S)
CIYU Cienfuegosia yucatanensis Millsp. Yucatan flymallow FL (E)
CILA2 Cinna latifolia (Trevis. ex Goepp.) Griseb. drooping woodreed MD (T), NJ (E), OH (E)
CIAL Circaea alpina L. small enchanter's nightshade IL (E), IN (X), KY (SC), RI (SC)
CIPI70 Cirriphyllum piliferum (Hedw.) Grout cirriphyllum moss KY (T)
CICA7 Cirsium carolinianum (Walter) Fernald & B.G. Schub. soft thistle IN (R), OH (T)
CICI Cirsium ciliolatum (L.F. Hend.) J.T. Howell Ashland thistle CA (E)
CIFOF Cirsium fontinale (Greene) Jeps. var. fontinale fountain thistle E CA (E)
CIFOO Cirsium fontinale (Greene) Jeps. var. obispoense J.T. Howell Chorro Creek Bog thistle E CA (E)
CIHI Cirsium hillii (Canby) Fernald Hill's thistle IL (T), IN (E), WI (T)
CIHO2 Cirsium horridulum Michx. yellow thistle CT (E), NH (E), PA (E), RI (T)
CIHYH Cirsium hydrophilum (Greene) Jeps. var. hydrophilum Suisun thistle E
CILO Cirsium loncholepis Petr. la graciosa thistle E CA (T)
CIMU Cirsium muticum Michx. swamp thistle AR (T)
CIPA Cirsium parryi (A. Gray) Petr. Parry's thistle AZ (SR)
CIPI Cirsium pitcheri (Torr. ex Eaton) Torr. & A. Gray sand dune thistle T IL (T), IN (T), MI (T), WI (T)
CIRH Cirsium rhothophilum S.F. Blake surf thistle CA (T)
CIVI4 Cirsium vinaceum Woot. & Standl. Sacramento Mountain thistle T NM (E)
CIVI6 Cirsium virginense S.L. Welsh virgin thistle AZ (SR)
CIVI Cirsium virginianum (L.) Michx. Virginia thistle NJ (E)
CIPA4 Cissampelos pareira L. velvetleaf FL (E)
CIPU5 Cistanthe pulchella (Eastw.) Hershkovitz Mariposa pussypaws
CAPU28 Calyptridium pulchellum (Eastw.) Hoover T
CIRO2 Cistanthe rosea (S. Watson) Hershkovitz rosy pussypaws
CARO Calyptridium roseum S. Watson WA (S)
CLMA Cladium mariscoides (Muhl.) Torr. smooth sawgrass PA (E)
CLPE5 Cladonia perforata A. Evans cup lichen E FL (E)
CLKE Cladrastis kentukea (Dum. Cours.) Rudd Kentucky yellowwood
CLLU Cladrastis lutea (Michx. f.) K. Koch IL (E), IN (T)
CLFR3 Clarkia franciscana F.H Lewis & P.H. Raven Presidio clarkia E CA (E)
CLIM Clarkia imbricata F.H. Lewis & M.E. Lewis Vine Hill clarkia E CA (E)
CLLI Clarkia lingulata F.H. Lewis & M.E. Lewis Merced clarkia CA (E)
CLSPI Clarkia speciosa F.H. Lewis & M.E. Lewis ssp. immaculata F.H. Lewis & M.E. Lewis Pismo clarki E CA (R)
CLSP6 Clarkia springvillensis Vasek Springville clarkia T CA (E)
CLLAP Claytonia lanceolata Pall. ex Pursh var. pacifica McNeill Pacific springbeauty WA (S)
CLVI3 Claytonia virginica L. Virginia springbeauty MA (E), RI (H)
CLVIH Claytonia virginica L. var. hammondiae (Kalmbacher) Doyle, W.H. Lewis & Snyder Hammond's claytonia NJ (E)
CLDI Cleistes divaricata (L.) Ames rosebud orchid FL (T), MD (E), NJ (E)
CLCR Clematis crispa L. swamp leather flower IL (E), KY (T)
CLGL Clematis glaucophylla Small whiteleaf leather flower TN (E)
CLHIA Clematis hirsutissima Pursh var. arizonica (A. Heller) Erickson Arizona clematis AZ (HS)
CLMO6 Clematis morefieldii Kral Huntsville vasevine E
CLOC2 Clematis occidentalis (Hornem.) DC. western blue virginsbower IL (E), ME (SC), MD (E), MA (SC), OH (PRX), RI (E)
CLOC Clematis ochroleuca Aiton curlyheads MD (E, X)
CLPI Clematis pitcheri Torr. & A. Gray bluebill IN (R)
CLSO3 Clematis socialis Kral Alabama leather flower E GA (E)
CLVI4 Clematis viorna L. vasevine IL (E), PA (E)
CLMU Cleome multicaulis DC. slender spiderflower AZ (SR), NM (E)
CLDR2 Clermontia drepanomorpha Rock Kohala Mountain clermontia E
CLLI3 Clermontia lindseyana Rock hillside clermontia E
CLOBB Clermontia oblongifolia Gaudich. ssp. brevipes (E. Wimm.) Lammers Oahu clermontia E
CLOBM Clermontia oblongifolia Gaudich. ssp. mauiensis (Rock) Lammers Oahu clermontia E
CLPE2 Clermontia peleana Rock pele clermontia E
CLPY2 Clermontia pyrularia Hillebr. Hamakua clermontia E
CLSA5 Clermontia samuelii Forbes Hana clermontia E
CLAC3 Clethra acuminata Michx. mountain sweetpepperbush PA (E)
CLAL3 Clethra alnifolia L. coastal sweetpepperbush ME (SC), TN (T)
CLAR5 Clinopodium arkansanum (Nutt.) House limestone calamint
CAAR33 Calamintha arkansana (Nutt.) Shinners OH (T)
SAGLA2 Satureja glabella (Michx.) Briq. var. angustifolia (Torr.) Svens. IN (E)
CLAS2 Clinopodium ashei (Weath.) Small Ashe's calamint
CAAS9 Calamintha ashei (Weath.) Shinners FL (T), GA (T)
CLDE4 Clinopodium dentatum (Chapm.) Kuntze Florida calamint
CADE26 Calamintha dentata Chapm. FL (T)
CLGE Clinopodium georgianum Harper Georgia calamint
CAGE7 Calamintha georgiana (Harper) Shinners FL (E)
CLVU Clinopodium vulgare L. wild basil
SAVUN Satureja vulgaris (L.) Fritsch var. neogaea Fernald IN (E)
CLBO3 Clintonia borealis (Aiton) Raf. bluebead IN (E), MD (T), OH (E), TN (SC)
CLUM2 Clintonia umbellulata (Michx.) Morong white clintonia NY (EV), OH (T)
CLFR2 Clitoria fragrans Small sweetscented pigeonwings T FL (E)
CLMA4 Clitoria mariana L. Atlantic pigeonwings NJ (E), PA (E)
COPA29 Coccocarpia palmicola (Spreng.) Arv. & D.J. Galloway coccocarpia lichen MN (T)
COAR Coccothrinax argentata (Jacq.) L.H. Bailey Florida silver palm FL (T)
COGR6 Cochlearia groenlandica L. Danish scurvygrass
COOFA Cochlearia officinalis L. ssp. arctica (Schltdl.) Hultén WA (S)
CORU3 Coelorachis rugosa (Nutt.) Nash wrinkled jointtail grass MD (E), NJ (E)
COTU Coelorachis tuberculosa (Nash) Nash bumpy jointtail grass FL (T)
COBA8 Collema bachmanianum (Fink) Degel. Bachman's jelly lichen OH (E)
COCO25 Collema coccophorum Tuck. jelly lichen OH (E)
COCO26 Collema conglomeratum Hoffm. conglomerate jelly lichen OH (E)
COCR6 Collema crispum (Huds.) F.H. Wigg. jelly lichen OH (PRX)
COFU60 Collema fuscovirens (With.) J.R. Laundon jelly lichen OH (E)
COPA3 Collinsia parviflora Lindl. maiden blue eyed Mary MI (T)
COSPB Collinsia sparsiflora Fisch. & C.A. Mey. var. bruceae (M.E. Jones) Newsom spinster's blue eyed Mary WA (S)
COVE2 Collinsia verna Nutt. spring blue eyed Mary NY (E), TN (E)
COVI2 Collinsia violacea Nutt. violet blue eyed Mary IL (E)
COCA4 Collinsonia canadensis L. richweed WI (E)
COVE3 Collinsonia verticillata Baldw. stoneroot KY (E), OH (E)
COMA3 Collomia macrocalyx Leiberg ex Brand bristleflower collomia WA (S)
COOR12 Cololejeunea ornata A. Evans TN (T)
COAR3 Colubrina arborescens (Mill.) Sarg. greenheart FL (E)
COCU Colubrina cubensis (Jacq.) Brongn. Cuban nakedwood FL (E)
COEL2 Colubrina elliptica (Sw.) Briz. & Stern soldierwood FL (E)
COOP Colubrina oppositifolia Brongn. ex Mann kauila E
COPA28 Comarum palustre L. purple marshlocks
POPA14 Potentilla palustris (L.) Scop. NJ (E)
COER Commelina erecta L. whitemouth dayflower IA (T), MI (PREX), NJ (E), PA (X)
COVI3 Commelina virginica L. Virginia dayflower PA (X)
COPE80 Comptonia peregrina (L.) J.M. Coult. sweet fern IL (E), KY (E), OH (T), TN (E)
COCH2 Conioselinum chinense (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. Chinese hemlockparsley IL (E), IN (E), MA (SC), NJ (E), NC (E), PA (E), WI (E)
COAM Conopholis americana (L.) Wallr. American cancer-root NH (T), NY (EV), RI (SC)
COCA19 Conradina canescens (Torr. & A. Gray ex Benth.) A. Gray false rosemary
COBR5 Conradina brevifolia Shinners E FL (E)
COET Conradina etonia Kral & McCartney Eton rosemary E FL (E)
COGL9 Conradina glabra Shinners Apalachicola false rosemary E FL (E)
COGR8 Conradina grandiflora Small largeflower false rosemary FL (T)
COVE4 Conradina verticillata Jennison Cumberland false rosemary T KY (E), TN (T)
COCO14 Consolea corallicola Small semaphore pricklypear
OPCO14 Opuntia corallicola (Small) Backeb. FL (E)
COMA19 Convallaria majuscula Greene American lily-of-the-valley
COMO4 Convallaria montana Raf. KY (E)
COCAP3 Conyza canadensis (L.) Cronquist var. pusilla (Nutt.) Cronquist Canadian horseweed IN (X)
CORA4 Conyza ramosissima Cronquist dwarf horseweed OH (T)
COAS Coptis aspleniifolia Salisb. fernleaf goldthread WA (S)
COTR2 Coptis trifolia (L.) Salisb. threeleaf goldthread MD (E), WA (S)
COMA25 Corallorhiza maculata (Raf.) Raf. summer coralroot RI (SC)
COMA4 Corallorrhiza maculata (Raf.) Raf., orth. var. AZ (SR), IL (T), IA (T), KY (E), NY (EV), TN (T)
COOD7 Corallorhiza odontorhiza (Willd.) Poir. autumn coralroot FL (E)
COOD Corallorrhiza odontorhiza (Willd.) Poir., orth. var. ME (E), MA (SC), NH (E), NY (EV), RI (E), VT (T)
COST19 Corallorhiza striata Lindl. hooded coralroot
COST Corallorrhiza striata Lindl., orth. var. AZ (SR), NY (E)
COTR18 Corallorhiza trifida Chatelain yellow coralroot RI (SC)
COTR3 Corallorrhiza trifida Chatelain, orth. var. CT (T), MD (E), OH (E)
COTRV Corallorrhiza trifida Chatelain var. verna (Nutt.) Fernald, orth. var. IN (X)
COWI5 Corallorhiza wisteriana Conrad spring coralroot
COWI2 Corallorrhiza wisteriana Conrad, orth. var. AZ (SR), MD (E), PA (E)
COBE3 Cordia bellonis Urb. serpentine manjack E
COGL6 Cordia globosa (Jacq.) Kunth curaciao bush FL (E)
COMAM3 Cordylanthus maritimus Nutt. ex Benth. ssp. maritimus saltmarsh bird's-beak E CA (E)
COMAP Cordylanthus maritimus Nutt. ex Benth. ssp. palustris (Behr) T.I. Chuang & Heckard Pt. Reyes bird's-beak OR (E)
COMOM Cordylanthus mollis A. Gray ssp. mollis soft bird's-beak E CA (R)
CONI2 Cordylanthus nidularius J.T. Howell Mt. Diablo bird's-beak CA (R)
COPA8 Cordylanthus palmatus (Ferris) J.F. Macbr. palmbract bird's-beak E CA (E)
CORIL Cordylanthus rigidus (Benth.) Jeps. ssp. littoralis (Ferris) T.I. Chuang & Heckard seaside bird's beak CA (E)
COTEC Cordylanthus tenuis A. Gray ssp. capillaris (Pennell) T.I. Chuang & Heckard Pennell's bird's beak E CA (R)
COCO9 Corema conradii (Torr.) Torr. ex Loudon broom crowberry MA (SC), NJ (E), NY (E)
CODE3 Coreopsis delphiniifolia Lam. larkspurleaf tickseed TN (E)
COIN4 Coreopsis integrifolia Poir. fringeleaf tickseed FL (E)
COLA7 Coreopsis latifolia Michx. broadleaf tickseed TN (E)
COPA10 Coreopsis palmata Nutt. stiff tickseed MI (T)
COPU2 Coreopsis pubescens Elliot star tickseed KY (SC)
CORO Coreopsis rosea Nutt. pink tickseed MD (E), NY (R), PA (X), RI (SC)
COTR4 Coreopsis tripteris L. tall tickseed MD (E)
COAL2 Cornus alternifolia L. f. alternateleaf dogwood FL (E)
COAM2 Cornus amomum Mill. silky dogwood IN (E)
COCA13 Cornus canadensis L. bunchberry dogwood IL (E), IN (E), IA (T), MD (E), OH (T)
CODR Cornus drummondii C.A. Mey. roughleaf dogwood NY (E)
COFL2 Cornus florida L. flowering dogwood ME (E), NY (EV), VT (T)
COOB9 Cornus obliqua Raf. silky dogwood
COAMS Cornus amomum Mill. var. schuetzeana (C.A. Mey.) Rickett NJ (E)
CORU Cornus rugosa Lam. roundleaf dogwood IN (R), MD (E), RI (SC)
COOB4 Cornutia obovata Urb. nigua E PR (E)
COAU2 Corydalis aurea Willd. scrambled eggs IL (E), IA (T), NY (T), PA (E), VT (T)
COCAA Corydalis caseana A. Gray ssp. aquae-gelidae (M. Peck & Wilson) Zetterlund & Lidén coldwater fumewort
COAQ Corydalis aquae-gelidae M. Peck & Wilson WA (T)
COCU2 Corydalis curvisiliqua Engelm. curvepod fumewort IA (E)
COFL3 Corydalis flavula (Raf.) DC. yellow fumewort CT (T), MI (T)
COMIA2 Corydalis micrantha (Engelm. ex A. Gray) A. Gray ssp. australis (Chapm.) G.B. Ownbey smallflower fumewort
COHA3 Corydalis halei (Small) Fernald & B.G. Schub. IL (E)
COSE5 Corydalis sempervirens (L.) Pers. rock harlequin IL (E), IN (E), IA (T), KY (SC), RI (SC), TN (E)
COCO6 Corylus cornuta Marshall beaked hazelnut OH (PRX)
COCOC2 Corylus cornuta Marshall var. cornuta beaked hazelnut
CORO5 Corylus rostrata Aiton IL (E)
CORA7 Coryphantha ramillosa Cutak whiskerbush T TX (T)
CORE3 Coryphantha recurvata (Engelm.) Britton & Rose Santa Cruz beehive cactus AZ (HS, SR)
COROR Coryphantha robustispina (Schott ex Engelm.) Britton & Rose ssp. robustispina long-tubercle beehive cactus
COSCR Coryphantha scheeri (Muehlenpf.) L.D. Benson var. robustispina (Schott ex Engelm.) L.D. Benson E AZ (HS)
COROS Coryphantha robustispina (Schott ex Engelm.) Britton & Rose ssp. scheeri (Muehlenpf.) N.P. Taylor Scheer's beehive cactus
COSCS Coryphantha scheeri (Muehlenpf.) L.D. Benson var. scheeri NM (E)
COROU Coryphantha robustispina (Schott ex Engelm.) Britton & Rose ssp. uncinata (L.D. Benson) N.P. Taylor Scheer's beehive cactus
COSCU Coryphantha scheeri (Muehlenpf.) L.D. Benson var. uncinata L.D. Benson NM (E)
COSCV Coryphantha scheeri (Muehlenpf.) L.D. Benson var. valida (Engelm.) L.D. Benson, nom. inq. AZ (SR)
COOB2 Cotinus obovatus Raf. American smoketree TN (SC)
CRMU3 Cranichis muscosa Sw. cypress-knee helmet orchid FL (E)
CRRI4 Cranichis ricartii Ackerman Puerto Rico helmet orchid E PR (E)
CRAQ Crassula aquatica (L.) Schoenl. water pygmyweed CT (E), ME (SC), MD (E, X), MA (T), MN (T), NY (E), PA (X)
TIAQ3 Tillaea aquatica L. NH (E)
CRCO34 Crassula connata (Ruiz & Pav.) A. Berger sand pygmyweed WA (S)
CRAR6 Crataegus arborea Beadle Montgomery hawthorn IN (E)
CRBE2 Crataegus berberifolia Torr. & A. Gray barberry hawthorn NY (E)
CRBR3 Crataegus brainerdii Sarg. Brainerd's hawthorn OH (PRX)
CRCA Crataegus calpodendron (Ehrh.) Medik. pear hawthorn NJ (E)
CRCH Crataegus chrysocarpa Ashe fireberry hawthorn IN (E)
CRCO26 Crataegus compacta Sarg. clustered hawthorn NY (E)
CRDO2 Crataegus douglasii Lindl. black hawthorn MN (T)
CRGR13 Crataegus grandis Ashe grand hawthorn IN (E)
CRHA2 Crataegus harbisonii Beadle Harbison's hawthorn TN (E)
CRIN3 Crataegus intricata Lange Copenhagen hawthorn IN (R)
CRBI5 Crataegus biltmoreana Beadle IN (E)
CRKE2 Crataegus kelloggii Sarg. Kellogg's hawthorn IN (E)
CRMO2 Crataegus mollis Scheele downy hawthorn NY (E)
CRPE Crataegus pedicellata Sarg. scarlet hawthorn IN (T)
CRPH Crataegus phaenopyrum (L. f.) Medik. Washington hawthorn FL (E)
CRPR5 Crataegus prona Ashe Illinois hawthorn IN (E)
CRSU5 Crataegus succulenta Schrad. ex Link fleshy hawthorn IN (R), NJ (E)
CRBI7 Crataegus bicknellii Eggl. MA (E)
CRUN Crataegus uniflora Münchh. dwarf hawthorn NY (E), OH (E)
CRVI2 Crataegus viridis L. green hawthorn IN (T)
CRPO6 Crescentia portoricensis Britton higuero de sierra E PR (E)
CRPA9 Croomia pauciflora (Nutt.) Torr. croomia FL (E), GA (T)
CRIL2 Crossopetalum ilicifolium (Poir.) Kuntze Christmasberry FL (T)
CRRH Crossopetalum rhacoma Crantz maidenberry FL (T)
CRAV Crotalaria avonensis DeLaney & Wunderlin Avon Park rattlebox E FL (E)
CRPU5 Crotalaria purshii DC. Pursh's rattlebox TN (PX, E)
CRRO5 Crotalaria rotundifolia Walter ex J.F. Gmel. rabbitbells MD (E)
CRSA4 Crotalaria sagittalis L. arrowhead rattlebox NH (E), NY (E), RI (T), VT (T)
CRAL3 Croton alabamensis E.A. Sm. ex Chapm. Alabama croton TN (PX, E)
CRGL2 Croton glandulosus L. vente conmigo OH (T)
CRHU Croton humilis L. pepperbush FL (E)
CRMIE Croton michauxii G.L. Webster var. ellipticus (Willd.) B.W. van Ee & P.E. Berry Michaux's croton
CRWI5 Croton willdenowii G.L. Webster Willdenow's croton
CREL2 Crotonopsis elliptica Willd. CT (SC), IN (E), PA (X)
CRWI2 Croton wigginsii L.C. Wheeler Wiggins' croton CA (R)
CRCR7 Cryptantha crassipes I.M. Johnst. Terlingua Creek cryptantha E TX (E)
CRFL4 Cryptantha flaccida (Douglas ex Lehm.) Greene weakstem cryptantha
CRRO4 Cryptantha rostellata (Greene) Greene WA (S)
CRIN15 Cryptantha insolita (J.F. Macbr.) Payson Las Vegas cryptantha NV (FP)
CRLE6 Cryptantha leucophaea (Douglas ex Lehm.) Payson gray cryptantha WA (S)
CRRO3 Cryptantha roosiorum Munz bristlecone cryptantha CA (R)
CRSC2 Cryptantha scoparia A. Nelson Pinyon Desert cryptantha WA (S)
CRSP4 Cryptantha spiculifera (Piper) Payson Snake River cryptantha WA (S)
CRAC3 Cryptogramma acrostichoides R. Br. American rockbrake MI (E)
CRST2 Cryptogramma stelleri (S.G. Gmel.) Prantl fragile rockbrake CT (E), ME (T), MA (E), NH (T), NJ (E), NY (EV), PA (E), WA (S)
CRCA9 Cryptotaenia canadensis (L.) DC. Canadian honewort FL (E), ME (PX), RI (SC)
CTSL Ctenitis sloanei (Poepp. ex Spreng.) Morton Florida lacefern FL (E)
CTSQ Ctenitis squamigera (Hook. & Arn.) Copeland Pacific lacefern E
CTSU2 Ctenitis submarginalis (Langsd. & Fisch.) Ching brownhair lacefern FL (E)
CTFL Ctenium floridanum (Hitchc.) Hitchc. Florida orangegrass FL (E)
CUOK Cucurbita okeechobeensis (Small) L.H. Bailey Okeechobee gourd E FL (E)
CUGL Cupania glabra Sw. Florida toadwood FL (E)
CUAS Cuphea aspera Chapm. tropical waxweed FL (E)
CUVI Cuphea viscosissima Jacq. blue waxweed CT (SC)
CUCE Cuscuta cephalanthi Engelm. buttonbush dodder NJ (E), NY (E)
CUCO2 Cuscuta compacta Juss. ex Choisy compact dodder OH (PRX)
CUCO3 Cuscuta coryli Engelm. hazel dodder CT (SC), MD (E, X), OH (E), RI (H)
CUCU2 Cuscuta cuspidata Engelm. cusp dodder IN (X)
CUDE2 Cuscuta denticulata Engelm. desert dodder WA (S)
CUGL3 Cuscuta glomerata Choisy rope dodder OH (T)
CUHA Cuscuta harperi Small Harper's dodder GA (T)
CUIN Cuscuta indecora Choisy bigseed alfalfa dodder NJ (E)
CUOBG Cuscuta obtusiflora Kunth var. glandulosa Engelm. Peruvian dodder NY (E)
CUPE3 Cuscuta pentagona Engelm. fiveangled dodder NH (E), OH (E)
CUPO Cuscuta polygonorum Engelm. smartweed dodder MD (E), NY (E)
CURO Cuscuta rostrata Shuttlw. ex Engelm. & A. Gray beaked dodder MD (E)
CUDO3 Cusickiella douglasii (A. Gray) Rollins alkali cusickiella WA (T)
CYAC5 Cyanea acuminata (Gaudich.) Hillebr. Honolulu cyanea E
CYAS Cyanea asarifolia H. St. John gingerleaf cyanea E
CYCOC Cyanea copelandii Rock ssp. copelandii treetrunk cyanea E
CYCOH2 Cyanea copelandii Rock ssp. haleakalaensis (H. St. John) Lammers treetrunk cyanea E
CYCR9 Cyanea crispa (Gaudich.) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma Koolau Range rollandia E
CYDU3 Cyanea dunbariae Rock ravine cyanea
CYDU2 Cyanea dunbarii Rock, orth. var. E
CYDU5 Cyanea duvalliorum Lammers & H. Oppenh. haha E
CYGL5 Cyanea glabra (E. Wimm.) H. St. John smooth cyanea E
CYGRG Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. ssp. grimesiana splitleaf cyanea E
CYGRO Cyanea grimesiana Gaudich. ssp. obatae (H. St. John) Lammers splitleaf cyanea E
CYHAC Cyanea hamatiflora Rock ssp. carlsonii (Rock) Lammers Carlson's cyanea E
CYHAH Cyanea hamatiflora Rock ssp. hamatiflora wetforest cyanea E
CYHU2 Cyanea humboldtiana (Gaudich.) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma Oahu rollandia E
CYKO4 Cyanea koolauensis Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma Palolo Valley rollandia E
CYLO5 Cyanea lobata H. Mann Waihee Valley cyanea E
CYLO12 Cyanea longiflora (Wawra) Lammers, Givnish & Systma ridge rollandia E
CYMAG Cyanea macrostegia Hillebr. ssp. gibsonii (Hillebr.) Lammers Gibson's cyanea E
CYMA5 Cyanea magnicalyx Lammers haha E
CYMA12 Cyanea mannii (Brigham) Hillebr. Mann's cyanea E
CYMA23 Cyanea maritae Lammers & H. Oppenh. haha E
CYMC Cyanea mceldowneyi Rock McEldowney's cyanea E
CYPI5 Cyanea pinnatifida (Cham.) E. Wimm. sharktail cyanea E
CYPL7 Cyanea platyphylla (A. Gray) Hillebr. puna cyanea E
CYPR8 Cyanea procera Hillebr. Molokai cyanea E
CYRE8 Cyanea recta (Wawra) Hillebr. Kealia cyanea T
CYRE10 Cyanea remyi Rock Remy's cyanea E
CYRI4 Cyanea rivularis Rock plateau cyanea
DERI4 Delissea rivularis (Rock) E. Wimm. E
CYSH Cyanea shipmanii Rock Shipman's cyanea E
CYST8 Cyanea st.-johnii (Hosaka) Lammers, Givnish & Systma St. John's rollandia E
CYST5 Cyanea stictophylla Rock Kaiholena cyanea E
CYSU8 Cyanea superba (Cham.) A. Gray Mt. Kaala cyanea E
CYTR7 Cyanea truncata (Rock) Rock Punaluu cyanea E
CYUN5 Cyanea undulata Forbes leechleaf cyanea E
CYHUJ Cycladenia humilis Benth. var. jonesii (Eastw.) S.L. Welsh & N.D. Atwood Jones' waxydogbane
CYJO2 Cycladenia jonesii Eastw. T
CYEL6 Cyclopogon elatus (Sw.) Schltr. tall ladies'-tresses
SPEL2 Spiranthes elata (Sw.) Rich. FL (E)
CYACA2 Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa (Engelm. & Bigelow) F.M. Knuth var. acanthocarpa buckhorn cholla
OPACA Opuntia acanthocarpa Engelm. & Bigelow var. acanthocarpa AZ (SR)
CYACC2 Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa (Engelm. & Bigelow) F.M. Knuth var. coloradensis (L.D. Benson) Pinkava Colorado buckhorn cholla
OPACC Opuntia acanthocarpa Engelm. & Bigelow var. coloradensis L.D. Benson AZ (SR), NV (CY)
CYACM Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa (Engelm. & Bigelow) F.M. Knuth var. major (Engelm. & Bigelow) Pinkava buckhorn cholla
OPACM Opuntia acanthocarpa Engelm. & Bigelow var. major (Engelm. & Bigelow) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
CYACT Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa (Engelm. & Bigelow) F.M. Knuth var. thornberi (Thornb. & Bonker) Pinkava Thornber's buckhorn cholla
OPACT Opuntia acanthocarpa Engelm. & Bigelow var. thornberi (Thornb. & Bonker) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
CYAR14 Cylindropuntia arbuscula (Engelm.) F.M. Knuth Arizona pencil cholla
OPAR2 Opuntia arbuscula Engelm. AZ (SR)
CYBI9 Cylindropuntia bigelovii (Engelm.) F.M. Knuth teddybear cholla
OPBI Opuntia bigelovii Engelm. AZ (SR), NV (CY)
CYEC3 Cylindropuntia echinocarpa (Engelm. & Bigelow) F.M. Knuth Wiggins' cholla
OPEC Opuntia echinocarpa Engelm. & Bigelow AZ (SR), NV (CY)
OPWI2 Opuntia wigginsii L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
CYFUF Cylindropuntia fulgida (Engelm.) F.M. Knuth var. fulgida jumping cholla
OPFUF Opuntia fulgida Engelm. var. fulgida AZ (SR)
CYFUM Cylindropuntia fulgida (Engelm.) F.M. Knuth var. mamillata (Schott ex Engelm.) Backeb. jumping cholla
OPFUM Opuntia fulgida Engelm. var. mamillata (Schott ex Engelm.) J.M. Coult. AZ (SR)
CYIMI Cylindropuntia imbricata (Haw.) F.M. Knuth var. imbricata tree cholla
OPIM Opuntia imbricata (Haw.) DC. AZ (SR)
CYKE4 Cylindropuntia ×kelvinensis (V.E. Grant & K.A. Grant) P.V. Heath [fulgida × spinosior]
OPKE Opuntia ×kelvinensis V.E. Grant & K.A. Grant AZ (SR)
CYLE8 Cylindropuntia leptocaulis (DC.) F.M. Knuth Christmas cactus
OPLE Opuntia leptocaulis DC. AZ (SR)
CYMU11 Cylindropuntia ×multigeniculata (Clokey) Backeb. (pro sp.) [echinocarpa × whipplei] Blue Diamond cholla
OPWHM Opuntia whipplei Engelm. & Bigelow var. multigeniculata (Clokey) L.D. Benson AZ (SR), NV (CY, FP)
CYRA9 Cylindropuntia ramosissima (Engelm.) F.M. Knuth branched pencil cholla
OPRA Opuntia ramosissima Engelm. AZ (SR), NV (CY)
CYSP8 Cylindropuntia spinosior (Engelm.) F.M. Knuth walkingstick cactus
OPSP2 Opuntia spinosior (Engelm.) Toumey AZ (SR)
CYTE15 Cylindropuntia ×tetracantha (Toumey) F.M. Knuth (pro sp.) [acanthocarpa × leptocaulis] Tucson pricklypear
OPKLT Opuntia kleiniae DC. var. tetracantha (Toumey) W.T. Marshall AZ (SR)
CYVE3 Cylindropuntia versicolor (Engelm. ex J.M. Coult.) F.M. Knuth staghorn cholla
OPVE Opuntia versicolor Engelm. ex J.M. Coult. AZ (SR)
CYVI17 Cylindropuntia ×vivipara (Rose) F.M. Knuth (pro sp.) [arbuscula × versicolor]
OPVI4 Opuntia ×vivipara Rose (pro sp.) AZ (SR)
CYWH Cylindropuntia whipplei (Engelm. & Bigelow) F.M. Knuth Whipple cholla
OPWH Opuntia whipplei Engelm. & Bigelow AZ (SR), NV (CY)
CYFR4 Cymophyllus fraserianus (Ker Gawl.) Kartesz & Gandhi Fraser's cymophyllus GA (T), KY (E), MD (E), TN (SC)
CYFR Cymophyllus fraseri (Andrews) Mack. ex Britton PA (E)
CYBL Cynanchum blodgettii (A. Gray) Shinners Blodgett's swallow-wort FL (T)
CYLA Cynanchum laeve (Michx.) Pers. honeyvine PA (E)
CYVI Cynoglossum virginianum L. wild comfrey CT (SC), FL (E), ME (E)
CYVIB Cynoglossum virginianum L. var. boreale (Fernald) Cooperr. wild comfrey NJ (E), NY (E), OH (PRX), VT (T)
CYBO Cynoglossum boreale Fernald NH (E), PA (X)
CYVIV Cynoglossum virginianum L. var. virginianum wild comfrey NY (E)
CYDI2 Cynosciadium digitatum DC. finger dogshade IL (E)
CYAC2 Cyperus acuminatus Torr. & Hook. ex Torr. tapertip flatsedge IN (E), MI (PREX), MN (T), OH (E)
CYBI6 Cyperus bipartitus Torr. slender flatsedge WA (S)
CYDE2 Cyperus dentatus Torr. toothed flatsedge IN (E), MD (E, X), TN (SC)
CYDI3 Cyperus diandrus Torr. umbrella flatsedge PA (E), VT (E)
CYEC2 Cyperus echinatus (L.) Alph. Wood globe flatsedge NY (E)
CYER2 Cyperus erythrorhizos Muhl. redroot flatsedge ME (T)
CYFA3 Cyperus fauriei Kük. alpine flatsedge
MAFA7 Mariscus fauriei (Kük.) T. Koyama E
CYFL Cyperus flavescens L. yellow flatsedge NY (E)
CYFL6 Cyperus floridanus Britton Florida flatsedge FL (E)
CYFU2 Cyperus fuligineus Chapm. limestone flatsedge FL (E)
CYGR2 Cyperus grayi Torr. Gray's flatsedge NH (E)
CYGR11 Cyperus grayoides Mohlenbr. Illinois flatsedge IL (T)
CYHO Cyperus houghtonii Torr. Houghton's flatsedge IN (R), ME (PX), MA (E), NH (T), OH (PRX), PA (E), VT (T)
CYHY Cyperus hystricinus Fernald bristly flatsedge NJ (E)
CYLA3 Cyperus lancastriensis Porter ex A. Gray manyflower flatsedge IL (E), NJ (E), OH (E)
CYLUL Cyperus lupulinus (Spreng.) Marcks ssp. lupulinus Great Plains flatsedge NY (T)
CYOD Cyperus odoratus L. fragrant flatsedge RI (SC)
CYEN Cyperus engelmannii Steud. MA (T), PA (R), TN (SC)
CYPEP Cyperus pennatiformis Kük. var. pennatiformis coastal flatsedge
MAPE5 Mariscus pennatiformis (Kük.) T. Koyama E
CYPL3 Cyperus plukenetii Fernald Plukenet's flatsedge KY (H), MD (E, X), NJ (E), TN (SC)
CYPO Cyperus polystachyos Rottb. manyspike flatsedge NJ (E), PA (X)
CYPOT Cyperus polystachyos Rottb. var. texensis (Torr.) Fernald Texan flatsedge NY (E)
CYPS Cyperus pseudovegetus Steud. marsh flatsedge IN (R), NJ (E)
CYRE3 Cyperus refractus Engelm. ex Boeckeler reflexed flatsedge NJ (E), OH (E), PA (E)
CYRE4 Cyperus retrofractus (L.) Torr. rough flatsedge NJ (E)
CYDI11 Cyperus dipsaciformis Fernald OH (E)
CYRE5 Cyperus retrorsus Chapm. pine barren flatsedge NY (E), PA (X)
CYSC3 Cyperus schweinitzii Torr. Schweinitz's flatsedge NY (R), PA (R)
CYSQ Cyperus squarrosus L. bearded flatsedge RI (E)
CYAR3 Cyperus aristatus Rottb. ME (PX), NH (T)
CYTR2 Cyperus trachysanthos Hook. & Arn. sticky flatsedge E
CYAC3 Cypripedium acaule Aiton moccasin flower GA (U), IL (E), NY (EV), TN (CE, E)
CYAR5 Cypripedium arietinum W.T. Aiton ram's head lady's slipper CT (SC), ME (E), MA (E), MN (T), NH (E), NY (T), VT (T), WI (T)
CYCA5 Cypripedium candidum Muhl. ex Willd. white lady's slipper IL (T), IN (R), KY (E), MD (E), MI (T), NJ (E), NY (E), OH (E), PA (X), WI (T)
CYFA Cypripedium fasciculatum Kellogg ex S. Watson clustered lady's slipper WA (S)
CYKE2 Cypripedium kentuckiense C.F. Reed Kentucky lady's slipper KY (SC), TN (E)
CYPA19 Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb. lesser yellow lady's slipper CT (SC), IL (E), KY (T), NH (E), NY (E), PA (E), WA (E)
CYPAM3 Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb. var. makasin (Farw.) Sheviak greater yellow lady's slipper MA (E), NY (EV)
CYPAP4 Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb. var. parviflorum lesser yellow lady's slipper
CYCAP Cypripedium calceolus L. var. parviflorum (Salisb.) Fernald GA (U), IN (R), OH (E), RI (E)
CYPAP3 Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb. var. pubescens (Willd.) Knight greater yellow lady's slipper NY (EV)
CYCAP2 Cypripedium calceolus L. var. pubescens (Willd.) Correll AZ (HS), GA (U), NM (E), RI (E)
CYPU10 Cypripedium pubescens Willd. NH (T), PA (V)
CYRE6 Cypripedium reginae Walter showy lady's slipper AR (E), CT (E), IL (E), IA (T), KY (H), ME (T), MD (E, X), MA (SC), NH (E), NJ (E), NY (EV), OH (T), PA (T), TN (E)
CYCR4 Cyrtandra crenata H. St. John & Storey Kahana Valley cyrtandra E
CYCY3 Cyrtandra cyaneoides Rock mapele E
CYDE4 Cyrtandra dentata H. St. John & Storey mountain cyrtandra E
CYGI3 Cyrtandra giffardii Rock forest cyrtandra E
CYLI9 Cyrtandra limahuliensis H. St. John Limahuli cyrtandra T
CYMU5 Cyrtandra munroi Forbes Lanaihale cyrtandra E
CYPO4 Cyrtandra polyantha C.B. Clarke Niu Valley cyrtandra E
CYSU6 Cyrtandra subumbellata (Hillebr.) H. St. John & Storey parasol cyrtandra E
CYTI Cyrtandra tintinnabula Rock Laupahoehoe cyrtandra E
CYVI7 Cyrtandra viridiflora H. St. John & Storey greenleaf cyrtandra E
CYPU4 Cyrtopodium punctatum (L.) Lindl. cowhorn orchid FL (E)
CYBU3 Cystopteris bulbifera (L.) Bernh. bulblet bladderfern NY (EV)
CYFR2 Cystopteris fragilis (L.) Bernh. brittle bladderfern NY (EV), OH (PRX)
CYLA4 Cystopteris laurentiana (Weath.) Blasdell St. Lawrence bladderfern IL (E), PA (E)
CYPR4 Cystopteris protrusa (Weath.) Blasdell lowland bladderfern NY (E)
CYTE3 Cystopteris tennesseensis Shaver Tennessee bladderfern NC (SC, E)
CYTE7 Cystopteris tenuis (Michx.) Desv. upland brittle bladderfern NY (EV)
DAVI6 Dactylorhiza viridis (L.) R.M. Bateman, A.M. Pridgeon & M.W. Chase longbract frog orchid
COVI6 Coeloglossum viride (L.) Hartm. AZ (SR), MD (E), NY (EV), OH (E)
COVIV Coeloglossum viride (L.) Hartm. var. virescens (Muhl. ex Willd.) Luer CT (SC), IN (T), KY (H), RI (T), TN (E)
DABR2 Dalbergia brownei (Jacq.) Schinz Brown's Indian rosewood FL (E)
DACA7 Dalea candida Michx. ex Willd. white prairie clover TN (E)
DACA9 Dalea carthagenensis (Jacq.) J.F. Macbr. Cartagena prairie clover FL (E)
DAFO2 Dalea foliosa (A. Gray) Barneby leafy prairie clover E IL (E), TN (E)
DAPHM Dalea phleoides (Torr. & A. Gray) Shinners var. microphylla (Torr. & A. Gray) Barneby slimspike prairie clover AR (T)
DAPU5 Dalea purpurea Vent. purple prairie clover KY (SC), MI (PREX), OH (PRX), TN (E)
DATE4 Dalea tentaculoides Gentry Gentry's indigobush AZ (HS)
DAVI Dalea villosa (Nutt.) Spreng. silky prairie clover IA (E)
DAVIG Dalea villosa (Nutt.) Spreng. var. grisea (Torr. & A. Gray) Barneby silky prairie clover AR (E)
DARE Dalibarda repens L. robin runaway CT (E), MI (T), NJ (E), NC (E), OH (T), RI (E)
DACA12 Damasonium californicum Torr. ex Benth. California damsonium WA (S)
DACO Danthonia compressa Austin flattened oatgrass MI (E)
DAEP2 Danthonia epilis Scribn. Carolina oatgrass TN (SC)
DAHE2 Daphnopsis helleriana Urb. Heller's cieneguillo E PR (E)
DAFR6 Dasiphora fruticosa (L.) Rydb. shrubby cinquefoil
POFR4 Potentilla fruticosa auct. non L. IA (T), PA (E)
DAFRF Dasiphora fruticosa (L.) Rydb. ssp. floribunda (Pursh) Kartesz shrubby cinquefoil
DAMA Dasistoma macrophylla (Nutt.) Raf. mullein foxglove MI (T)
DAWH2 Dasylirion wheeleri S. Watson common sotol AZ (SR)
DEVE Decodon verticillatus (L.) Elliot swamp loosestrife IA (E)
DEEU Dedeckera eurekensis Reveal & J.T. Howell July gold CA (R)
DEPU6 Deeringothamnus pulchellus Small royal false pawpaw E FL (E)
DERU Deeringothamnus rugelii (B.L. Rob.) Small Rugel's false pawpaw E FL (E)
DEAR8 Deinandra arida (D.D. Keck) B.G. Baldw. Red Rock tarweed
HEAR4 Hemizonia arida D.D. Keck CA (R)
DECO13 Deinandra conjugens (D.D. Keck) B.G. Baldw. Otay tarweed T
HECO8 Hemizonia conjugens D.D. Keck CA (E)
DEINV3 Deinandra increscens (H.M. Hall ex D.D. Keck) B.G. Baldw. ssp. villosa (Tanowitz) B.G. Baldw. Gaviota tarplant E
HEINV Hemizonia increscens (H.M. Hall ex D.D. Keck) Tanowitz ssp. villosa Tanowitz CA (E)
DEMI4 Deinandra minthornii (Jeps.) B.G. Baldw. Santa Susana tarweed
HEMI6 Hemizonia minthornii Jeps. CA (R)
DEMO5 Deinandra mohavensis (D.D. Keck) B.G. Baldw. Mojave tarweed
HEMO5 Hemizonia mohavensis D.D. Keck CA (E)
DERH2 Delissea rhytidosperma H. Mann Kauai delissea E
DESU Delissea subcordata Gaudich. Koolau Range delissea E
DEUN2 Delissea undulata Gaudich. leechleaf delissea E
DEBA Delphinium bakeri Ewan Baker's delphinium E CA (R)
DECA3 Delphinium carolinianum Walter Carolina larkspur FL (E), KY (T)
DEEX Delphinium exaltatum Aiton tall larkspur MD (E), NC (SC, E), PA (E), TN (E)
DEHEC Delphinium hesperium A. Gray ssp. cuyamacae (Abrams) F.H. Lewis & Epling foothill larkspur CA (R)
DELU Delphinium luteum A. Heller yellow larkspur E CA (R)
DENUO Delphinium nuttallii A. Gray ssp. ochroleucum (Nutt.) Warnock upland larkspur
DELE Delphinium leucophaeum Greene OR (E), WA (E)
DEPA4 Delphinium ×pavonaceum Ewan (pro sp.) [menziesii × trolliifolium] peacock larkspur OR (E)
DEVAK Delphinium variegatum Torr. & A. Gray ssp. kinkiense (Munz) Warnock royal larkspur E CA (E)
DEVI2 Delphinium viridescens Leiberg Wenatchee larkspur WA (T)
DELI8 Dendrophylax lindenii (Lindl.) Benth. ex Rolfe palmpolly
POLI3 Polyrrhiza lindenii (Lindl.) Cogn. FL (E)
DEBI3 Dennstaedtia bipinnata (Cav.) Maxon cuplet fern FL (E)
DEPU2 Dennstaedtia punctilobula (Michx.) T. Moore eastern hayscented fern IL (E), MI (PREX)
DEAC4 Deparia acrostichoides (Sw.) M. Kato silver false spleenwort NY (EV)
DEMO3 Dermatocarpon moulinsii (Mont.) Zahlbr. Moulins' silverskin lichen MN (E)
DECE Deschampsia cespitosa (L.) P. Beauv. tufted hairgrass IN (R), MD (E)
DECA18 Deschampsia caespitosa (L.) P. Beauv., orth. var. CT (SC)
DECEG2 Deschampsia cespitosa (L.) P. Beauv. ssp. glauca (C. Hartm.) C. Hartm. KY (E), MA (E)
DEFL Deschampsia flexuosa (L.) Trin. wavy hairgrass KY (T)
DEIN5 Descurainia incana (Bernh. ex Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) Dorn mountain tansymustard ME (PX)
DEPI Descurainia pinnata (Walter) Britton western tansymustard OH (T)
DEPIB Descurainia pinnata (Walter) Britton ssp. brachycarpa (Richardson) Detling western tansymustard NY (E)
DECI Desmodium ciliare (Muhl. ex Willd.) DC. hairy small-leaf ticktrefoil NY (T), RI (T)
DECU Desmodium cuspidatum (Muhl. ex Willd.) DC. ex D. Don largebract ticktrefoil MA (T), VT (E)
DEGL4 Desmodium glabellum (Michx.) DC. Dillenius' ticktrefoil CT (SC)
DEHU3 Desmodium humifusum (Muhl. ex Bigelow) Beck eastern trailing ticktrefoil CT (SC), IN (E), MD (E, X), MA (E), NJ (E), NY (E)
DEIL2 Desmodium illinoense A. Gray Illinois ticktrefoil OH (PRX)
DELA2 Desmodium laevigatum (Nutt.) DC. smooth ticktrefoil NY (E)
DELI2 Desmodium lineatum DC. sand ticktrefoil MD (E)
DEMA2 Desmodium marilandicum (L.) DC. smooth small-leaf ticktrefoil NH (E)
DENU5 Desmodium nuttallii (Schindl.) B.G. Schub. Nuttall's ticktrefoil NY (E)
DEOB5 Desmodium obtusum (Muhl. ex Willd.) DC. stiff ticktrefoil NY (E)
DERI3 Desmodium rigidum (Elliot) DC. MD (E), NH (E)
DEOC2 Desmodium ochroleucum M.A. Curtis ex Canby cream ticktrefoil FL (E), MD (E), TN (E)
DEPA7 Desmodium pauciflorum (Nutt.) DC. fewflower ticktrefoil MD (E), NJ (E), NY (E)
DERO3 Desmodium rotundifolium DC. prostrate ticktrefoil NH (T), VT (T)
DESE Desmodium sessilifolium (Torr.) Torr. & A. Gray sessileleaf ticktrefoil CT (SC), MD (E, X), NJ (E), OH (E), PA (X), RI (T)
DEST2 Desmodium strictum (Pursh) DC. pine barren ticktrefoil MD (E)
DISM3 Diamorpha smallii Britton ex Small elf orpine TN (E)
DILA Diapensia lapponica L. pincushion plant ME (SC), NH (T), NY (T), VT (E)
DIAM Diarrhena americana P. Beauv. American beakgrain MD (E), MI (T), WI (E)
DIOB3 Diarrhena obovata (Gleason) Brandenburg obovate beakgrain NY (E), PA (E)
DIAB2 Dibaeis absoluta (Tuck.) Kalb & Gierl
BAAB2 Baeomyces absolutus Tuck. OH (E)
DICA Dicentra canadensis (Goldie) Walp. squirrel corn CT (T), ME (T), NH (T), NJ (E)
DIEX Dicentra eximia (Ker Gawl.) Torr. turkey corn MD (T), NJ (E), PA (E)
DICH4 Dicerandra christmanii R.B. Huck & W.S. Judd Lake Wales balm E FL (E)
DICO5 Dicerandra cornutissima R.B. Huck longspur balm E FL (E)
DIFR Dicerandra frutescens Shinners scrub balm E FL (E)
DIIM Dicerandra immaculata Lakela spotless balm E FL (E)
DITH3 Dicerandra ×thinicola H.A. Mill. (pro sp.) [densiflora × sp.] FL (E)
DIAC Dichanthelium aciculare (Desv. ex Poir.) Gould & C.A. Clark needleleaf rosette grass
PAAC11 Panicum aciculare Desv. ex Poir. NJ (E), TN (E)
DIACF Dichanthelium acuminatum (Sw.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. fasciculatum (Torr.) Freckmann western panicgrass
PACU3 Panicum curtifolium Nash TN (E)
PASU6 Panicum subvillosum Ashe IN (X)
DIACL Dichanthelium acuminatum (Sw.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. lindheimeri (Nash) Gould & C.A. Clark Lindheimer panicgrass
PALI11 Panicum lindheimeri Nash OH (E)
DIACT2 Dichanthelium acuminatum (Sw.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. thermale (Bol.) Freckmann Geysers panicgrass
DILAT Dichanthelium lanuginosum (Elliot) Gould var. thermale (Bol.) Spellenb. CA (E)
DIBO Dichanthelium boreale (Nash) Freckmann northern panicgrass IA (E), KY (SC)
PABI7 Panicum bicknellii Nash IN (E), OH (T)
PABO8 Panicum boreale Nash IL (E), IN (R), MD (E, X), NJ (E), OH (T)
PACA19 Panicum calliphyllum Ashe OH (PRX)
DICO2 Dichanthelium commutatum (Schult.) Gould variable panicgrass
PAJO3 Panicum joorii Vasey IL (E)
DIDID Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. dichotomum cypress panicgrass
DIDIM Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould ssp. mattamuskeetense (Ashe) Freckmann & Lelong MA (E)
PAAN10 Panicum annulum Ashe IN (E), PA (E)
PALU4 Panicum lucidum Ashe IN (E), PA (E)
PAMA10 Panicum mattamuskeetense Ashe IN (X)
PANU7 Panicum nudicaule Vasey FL (T)
PAYA2 Panicum yadkinense Ashe IL (E), IN (T), OH (E)
DIDIE Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. ensifolium (Baldw. ex Elliot) Gould & C.A. Clark cypress panicgrass
PAEN3 Panicum ensifolium Baldw. ex Elliot TN (SC)
DIHI13 Dichanthelium hirstii (Swallen) Kartesz Hirst's panicgrass
PAHI10 Panicum hirstii Swallen GA (E), NJ (E), NC (E)
DILA9 Dichanthelium laxiflorum (Lam.) Gould openflower rosette grass
PALA15 Panicum laxiflorum Lam. PA (E)
DILE2 Dichanthelium leibergii (Vasey) Freckmann Leiberg's panicum
PALE7 Panicum leibergii (Vasey) Scribn. IN (T), MI (T), NY (E), OH (T), PA (X)
DILE4 Dichanthelium leucothrix (Nash) Freckmann rough panicgrass
PAACL2 Panicum acuminatum Sw. var. leucothrix (Nash) Lelong TN (SC)
DILI2 Dichanthelium linearifolium (Scribn. ex Nash) Gould slimleaf panicgrass IA (T)
PAPE10 Panicum perlongum Nash OH (E)
DIME2 Dichanthelium meridionale (Ashe) Freckmann matting rosette grass
PAME7 Panicum meridionale Ashe OH (T)
DIOLO Dichanthelium oligosanthes (Schult.) Gould var. oligosanthes Heller's rosette grass
PAOL2 Panicum oligosanthes Schult. NY (E)
DIOLS Dichanthelium oligosanthes (Schult.) Gould var. scribnerianum (Nash) Gould Scribner's rosette grass
PASC10 Panicum scoparium S. Watson ex Nash, non Lam. NY (E), PA (E)
DIOVA Dichanthelium ovale (Elliot) Gould & C.A. Clark var. addisonii (Nash) Gould & C.A. Clark Addison's rosette grass
PACO20 Panicum commonsianum Ashe OH (E), PA (X)
PACOA3 Panicum commonsianum Ashe var. addisonii (Nash) Pohl IN (R)
DIRA Dichanthelium ravenelii (Scribn. & Merr.) Gould Ravenel's rosette grass
PARA13 Panicum ravenelii Scribn. & Merr. IL (E)
DISAP Dichanthelium sabulorum (Lam.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. patulum (Scribn. & Merr.) Gould & C.A. Clark hemlock rosette grass
PACOE Panicum commonsianum Ashe var. euchlamydeum (Shinners) Pohl PA (E)
DISAT Dichanthelium sabulorum (Lam.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. thinium (Hitchc. & Chase) Gould & C.A. Clark hemlock rosette grass
PACO29 Panicum columbianum Scribn. IL (E), IN (R)
DISC2 Dichanthelium scabriusculum (Elliot) Gould & C.A. Clark woolly rosette grass MA (T)
PASC8 Panicum scabriusculum Elliot CT (E), MD (E), NY (E)
DISC3 Dichanthelium scoparium (Lam.) Gould velvet panicum
PASC9 Panicum scoparium Lam. IN (E)
DISPI Dichanthelium sphaerocarpon (Elliot) Gould var. isophyllum (Scribn.) Gould & C.A. Clark roundseed panicgrass
PAPO4 Panicum polyanthes Schult. MI (E)
DISPS3 Dichanthelium sphaerocarpon (Elliot) Gould var. sphaerocarpon roundseed panicgrass
PASP8 Panicum sphaerocarpon Elliot CT (SC), NH (E)
DISP4 Dichanthelium spretum (Schult.) Freckmann Eaton's rosette grass
PAACD Panicum acuminatum Sw. var. densiflorum (Rand & Redf.) Lelong TN (E)
PASP9 Panicum spretum Schult. OH (E), PA (E)
DIVIP Dichanthelium villosissimum (Nash) Freckmann var. praecocius (Hitchc. & Chase) Freckmann whitehair rosette grass
PAPR11 Panicum praecocius Hitchc. & Chase OH (E)
DIVIV Dichanthelium villosissimum (Nash) Freckmann var. villosissimum whitehair rosette grass
DIOVP Dichanthelium ovale (Elliot) Gould & C.A. Clark ssp. pseudopubescens (Nash) Freckmann & Lelong MA (SC)
PAVI8 Panicum villosissimum Nash OH (PRX)
DIWI5 Dichanthelium wilcoxianum (Vasey) Freckmann fall rosette grass
PAWI5 Panicum wilcoxianum Vasey IN (R)
DIWR3 Dichanthelium wrightianum (Scribn.) Freckmann Wright's rosette grass MA (SC)
PAWR7 Panicum wrightianum Scribn. MD (E), NY (E), RI (SC)
DIXA Dichanthelium xanthophysum (A. Gray) Freckmann slender rosette grass
PAXA4 Panicum xanthophysum A. Gray CT (SC), NJ (E), PA (E)
DICAP Dichelostemma capitatum (Benth.) Alph. Wood ssp. pauciflorum (Torr.) G. Keator bluedicks
DIPUP Dichelostemma pulchellum (Salisb.) A. Heller var. pauciflorum (Torr.) Hoover AZ (SR)
DIBR2 Dicliptera brachiata (Pursh) Spreng. branched foldwing IN (E)
DIAS5 Dicranodontium asperulum (Mitt.) Broth. dicranodontium moss KY (E)
DIDI Didiplis diandra (Nutt. ex DC.) Alph. Wood waterpurslane IN (R), KY (SC), TN (T)
DIER3 Diellia erecta Brack. erect island spleenwort E
DIFA Diellia falcata Brack. sickle island spleenwort E
DIPA25 Diellia pallida W.H. Wagner pale island spleenwort E
DIUN3 Diellia unisora W.H. Wagner singlesorus island spleenwort E
DILO Diervilla lonicera Mill. northern bush honeysuckle IN (R), TN (T)
DIRI Diervilla rivularis Gattinger mountain bush honeysuckle
DISER Diervilla sessilifolia Buckley var. rivularis (Gattinger) H.E. Ahles TN (T)
DICO6 Digitaria cognata (Schult.) Pilg. fall witchgrass PA (T)
DIDO Digitaria dolichophylla Henr. Caribbean crabgrass FL (T)
DIFI Digitaria filiformis (L.) Koeler slender crabgrass MI (PREX), NY (T), OH (PRX)
DIPA5 Digitaria pauciflora Hitchc. twospike crabgrass FL (E)
DIVI Digitaria villosa (Walter) Pers. shaggy crabgrass MD (E, X)
DIMU Dioclea multiflora (Torr. & A. Gray) C. Mohr Boykin's clusterpea
GAMO4 Galactia mohlenbrockii R.H. Maxwell IL (E)
DIVI3 Diodia virginiana L. Virginia buttonweed IN (T), NJ (E)
DIMU4 Dionaea muscipula Ellis Venus flytrap NC (SC)
DIVI5 Diospyros virginiana L. common persimmon CT (SC), NY (T)
DICU4 Diphyscium cumberlandianum Harvill Cumberland diphyscium moss OH (E)
DIMO4 Diplazium molokaiense W.J. Rob. Molokai twinsorus fern E
DIPY Diplazium pycnocarpon (Spreng.) Broun glade fern CT (E), MD (T), MN (T), NH (E), NY (EV)
ATPY Athyrium pycnocarpon (Spreng.) Tidestr. NJ (E)
DIPA9 Dirca palustris L. eastern leatherwood FL (E), MD (T)
DISP Distichlis spicata (L.) Greene saltgrass PA (X)
DIMA6 Dithyrea maritima (Davidson) Davidson beach shieldpod CA (T)
DOLE Dodecahema leptoceras (A. Gray ex Benth.) Reveal & Hardham slenderhorn spineflower E CA (E)
DOALM Dodecatheon alpinum (A. Gray) Greene ssp. majus H.J. Thomp. alpine shootingstar AZ (SR)
DOAM Dodecatheon amethystinum (Fassett) Fassett jeweled shootingstar IA (T), PA (T)
DOAU Dodecatheon austrofrigidum ?, ined. tundra shootingstar WA (T)
DODEE Dodecatheon dentatum Hook. ssp. ellisiae (Standl.) H.J. Thomp. Ellis' shootingstar AZ (SR)
DOFR2 Dodecatheon frenchii (Vasey) Rydb. French's shootingstar AR (T), IN (R), KY (SC)
DOME Dodecatheon meadia L. pride of Ohio FL (E), MI (E), MN (E), PA (E)
DOPU Dodecatheon pulchellum (Raf.) Merr. darkthroat shootingstar AZ (SR)
DOVI Dodonaea viscosa (L.) Jacq. Florida hopbush
DOEL3 Dodonaea elaeagnoides J.H. Rudolph ex Ledeb. & Alderstam FL (E)
DOIN2 Doellingeria infirma (Michx.) Greene cornel-leaf whitetop MA (E)
ASIN2 Aster infirmus Michx. RI (H)
DOCOB Downingia concolor Greene var. brevior McVaugh maroonspot calicoflower CA (E)
DRAP2 Draba aprica Beadle openground draba AR (T), GA (E)
DRAR Draba arabisans Michx. rock draba ME (T), NY (T)
DRAU Draba aurea Vahl ex Hornem. golden draba WA (S)
DRBR Draba brachycarpa Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray shortpod draba OH (E)
DRBRC Draba breweri S. Watson var. cana (Rydb.) Rollins cushion draba
DRCA4 Draba cana Rydb. ME (E), MI (T), VT (T), WA (S)
DRLA2 Draba lanceolata auct. non Royle NH (E), WI (E)
DRCU Draba cuneifolia Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray wedgeleaf draba IL (E), KY (E), OH (T), TN (SC)
DRGL Draba glabella Pursh smooth draba MI (E), NY (E), VT (T)
DRIN Draba incana L. twisted draba MI (T)
DRJU2 Draba juvenilis Kom. longstalk draba
DRLO2 Draba longipes Raup WA (S)
DRNE Draba nemorosa L. woodland draba MI (PREX)
DRNO5 Draba norvegica Gunnerus Norwegian draba MN (E)
DRRA Draba ramosissima Desv. branched draba TN (SC)
DRRE2 Draba reptans (Lam.) Fernald Carolina draba CT (SC), MI (T), NJ (E), NY (T), OH (T), PA (X), RI (H)
DRPA2 Dracocephalum parviflorum Nutt. American dragonhead NY (E), VT (T)
DRAP3 Drepanolejeunea appalachiana R.M. Schust. TN (SC)
DRAN Drosera anglica Huds. English sundew ME (E), WI (T)
DRBR3 Drosera brevifolia Pursh dwarf sundew KY (E), TN (T)
DRCA2 Drosera capillaris Poir. pink sundew MD (E), TN (T)
DRFI Drosera filiformis Raf. threadleaf sundew CT (SC), FL (E), NY (R), RI (H)
DRIN3 Drosera intermedia Hayne spoonleaf sundew FL (T), IL (T), IN (R), KY (H), NY (EV), OH (E)
DRLI Drosera linearis Goldie slenderleaf sundew ME (E), WI (T)
DRRO Drosera rotundifolia L. roundleaf sundew IL (E), IA (E), NY (EV), TN (T)
DRDR Dryas drummondii Richardson ex Hook. Drummond's mountain-avens WA (S)
DRAU5 Dryopteris ×australis (Wherry) Small (pro sp.) [celsa × ludoviciana] TN (SC)
DRCA3 Dryopteris campyloptera Clarkson mountain woodfern CT (E), MD (E), NY (EV), PA (E)
DRCA11 Dryopteris carthusiana (Vill.) H.P. Fuchs spinulose woodfern AR (T), KY (SC), NY (EV), TN (T)
DRCE Dryopteris celsa (Wm. Palmer) Knowlt., Palmer & Pollard ex Small log fern IL (E), IN (X), MD (T), MI (T), NY (E), OH (E), PA (E)
DRCL Dryopteris clintoniana (D.C. Eaton) Dowell Clinton's woodfern IN (X), NY (EV), OH (E), PA (T)
DRCR4 Dryopteris cristata (L.) A. Gray crested woodfern NY (EV), TN (T), WA (S)
DRFI2 Dryopteris filix-mas (L.) Schott male fern ME (E), VT (T)
DRFR Dryopteris fragrans (L.) Schott fragrant woodfern ME (SC), NH (T), NY (E)
DRGO3 Dryopteris goldieana (Hook. ex Goldie) A. Gray Goldie's woodfern
DRGO Dryopteris goldiana (Hook. ex Goldie) A. Gray Goldie's woodfern CT (SC), ME (SC), NH (T), NY (EV)
DRIN5 Dryopteris intermedia (Muhl. ex Willd.) A. Gray intermediate woodfern IA (T), NY (EV)
DRLU Dryopteris ludoviciana (Kunze) Small southern woodfern KY (H)
DRMA4 Dryopteris marginalis (L.) A. Gray marginal woodfern IA (T), MN (T), NY (EV)
DRDI Drypetes diversifolia Krug & Urb. milkbark FL (E)
DRLA3 Drypetes lateriflora (Sw.) Krug & Urb. guiana plum FL (T)
DUHE Dubautia herbstobatae G.D. Carr Keaau Valley dubautia E
DULA3 Dubautia latifolia (A. Gray) D.D. Keck koholapehu E
DUPA5 Dubautia pauciflorula H. St. John & G.D. Carr Wahiawa Bog dubautia E
DUPLH Dubautia plantaginea Gaudich. ssp. humilis G.D. Carr plantainleaf dubautia E
DUABP Dudleya abramsii Rose ssp. parva (Rose & Davidson) Bartel Conejo dudleya T
DUBLB2 Dudleya blochmaniae (Eastw.) Moran ssp. brevifolia (Moran) Moran shortleaf liveforever CA (E)
DUCO Dudleya collomiae Rose ex Morton Gila County liveforever
DUSAC Dudleya saxosa (M.E. Jones) Britton & Rose ssp. collomiae (Rose ex Morton) Moran AZ (SR)
DUCYM Dudleya cymosa (Lem.) Britton & Rose ssp. marcescens Moran marcescent dudleya T CA (R)
DUCYO Dudleya cymosa (Lem.) Britton & Rose ssp. ovatifolia (Britton) Moran Santa Monica Mountains dudleya T
DUNE Dudleya nesiotica (Moran) Moran Santa Cruz Island liveforever T CA (R)
DUPUA2 Dudleya pulverulenta (Nutt.) Britton & Rose ssp. arizonica (Rose) Moran chalk dudleya AZ (SR)
DUSE Dudleya setchellii (Jeps.) Britton & Rose Santa Clara Valley liveforever E
DUST Dudleya stolonifera Moran Laguna Beach liveforever T CA (R)
DUTR Dudleya traskiae (Rose) Moran Santa Barbara Island liveforever E CA (E)
DUVE Dudleya verityi K.M. Nakai Verity's liveforever T
EANI Eatonella nivea (D.C. Eaton) A. Gray white false tickhead WA (T)
ECFL Echeandia flavescens (Schult. & Schult. f.) Cruden Torrey's craglily AZ (SR)
ECLA Echinacea laevigata (C.L. Boynt. & Beadle) S.F. Blake smooth purple coneflower E GA (E), NC (SC, E), PA (X)
ECPA Echinacea pallida (Nutt.) Nutt. pale purple coneflower TN (T), WI (T)
ECPA2 Echinacea paradoxa (J.B.S. Norton) Britton Bush's purple coneflower AR (T)
ECPU Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench eastern purple coneflower FL (E), MI (PREX)
ECSA Echinacea sanguinea Nutt. sanguin purple coneflower AR (T)
ECSI Echinacea simulata R.L. McGregor wavyleaf purple coneflower TN (T)
ECTE3 Echinacea tennesseensis (Beadle) Small Tennessee purple coneflower E TN (E)
ECHO Echinocactus horizonthalonius Lem. devilshead AZ (SR)
ECHON Echinocactus horizonthalonius Lem. var. nicholii L.D. Benson Nichol's echinocactus E AZ (HS)
ECPOP Echinocactus polycephalus Engelm. & Bigelow var. polycephalus cottontop cactus AZ (SR), NV (CY)
ECPOX Echinocactus polycephalus Engelm. & Bigelow var. xeranthemoides J.M. Coult. cottontop cactus AZ (SR), NV (CY)
ECBO2 Echinocereus bonkerae Thornb. & Bonker pinkflower hedgehog cactus
ECFAB Echinocereus fasciculatus (Engelm. ex B.D. Jacks.) L.D. Benson var. bonkerae (Thornb. & Bonker) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
ECBO3 Echinocereus boyce-thompsonii Orcutt Boyce Thompson hedgehog cactus
ECFAB2 Echinocereus fasciculatus (Engelm. ex B.D. Jacks.) L.D. Benson var. boyce-thompsonii (Orcutt) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
ECFEB2 Echinocereus fendleri (Engelm.) Sencke ex J.N. Haage var. boyce-thompsonii (Orcutt) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
ECCH2 Echinocereus chisoensis W.T. Marshall Chisos Mountain hedgehog cactus T TX (T)
ECCOA Echinocereus coccineus Engelm. var. arizonicus (Rose ex Orcutt) D.J. Ferguson Arizona hedgehog cactus
ECTRA Echinocereus triglochidiatus Engelm. var. arizonicus (Rose ex Orcutt) L.D. Benson E AZ (HS)
ECTRN Echinocereus triglochidiatus Engelm. var. neomexicanus auct. non (Standl.) W.T. Marshall AZ (SR)
ECCOC Echinocereus coccineus Engelm. var. coccineus scarlet hedgehog cactus
ECTRM Echinocereus triglochidiatus Engelm. var. melanacanthus (Engelm.) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
ECDA Echinocereus dasyacanthus Engelm. spiny hedgehog cactus
ECPEN Echinocereus pectinatus (Scheidw.) Engelm. var. neomexicanus (J.M. Coult.) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
ECEN Echinocereus engelmannii (Parry ex Engelm.) Lem. Engelmann's hedgehog cactus NV (CY)
ECENA Echinocereus engelmannii (Parry ex Engelm.) Lem. var. acicularis L.D. Benson Engelmann's hedgehog cactus AZ (SR)
ECENA2 Echinocereus engelmannii (Parry ex Engelm.) Lem. var. armatus L.D. Benson Engelmann's hedgehog cactus AZ (SR)
ECENC Echinocereus engelmannii (Parry ex Engelm.) Lem. var. chrysocentrus (Engelm. & Bigelow) Rümpler Engelmann's hedgehog cactus AZ (SR)
ECENE Echinocereus engelmannii (Parry ex Engelm.) Lem. var. engelmannii Engelmann's hedgehog cactus AZ (SR)
ECENV Echinocereus engelmannii (Parry ex Engelm.) Lem. var. variegatus (Engelm. & Bigelow) Rümpler Engelmann's hedgehog cactus AZ (SR)
ECFA Echinocereus fasciculatus (Engelm. ex B.D. Jacks.) L.D. Benson pinkflower hedgehog cactus AZ (SR)
ECFEF3 Echinocereus fendleri (Engelm.) Sencke ex J.N. Haage ssp. fendleri pinkflower hedgehog cactus
ECFEF2 Echinocereus fendleri (Engelm.) Sencke ex J.N. Haage var. fendleri AZ (SR)
ECFEK Echinocereus fendleri (Engelm.) Sencke ex J.N. Haage var. kuenzleri (Castetter, Pierce & Schwerin) L.D. Benson E NM (E)
ECFER4 Echinocereus fendleri (Engelm.) Sencke ex J.N. Haage ssp. rectispinus (Peebles) N.P. Taylor pinkflower hedgehog cactus
ECFER Echinocereus fendleri (Engelm.) Sencke ex J.N. Haage var. rectispinus (Peebles) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
ECLE2 Echinocereus ledingii Peebles Leding's hedgehog cactus AZ (SR)
ECMO Echinocereus mojavensis (Engelm. & Bigelow) Rümpler Mojave kingcup cactus
ECTRM2 Echinocereus triglochidiatus Engelm. var. mojavensis (Engelm. & Bigelow) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
ECNI Echinocereus nicholii (L.D. Benson) Parfitt Nichol's hedgehog cactus AZ (SR)
ECPO6 Echinocereus polyacanthus Engelm. Mojave mound cactus AZ (SR)
ECPS Echinocereus pseudopectinatus (N.P. Taylor) N.P. Taylor devilthorn AZ (SR)
ECREF2 Echinocereus reichenbachii (Terscheck ex Walp.) hort ex Haage ssp. fitchii (Britton & Rose) N.P. Taylor Fitch's hedgehog cactus
ECREA Echinocereus reichenbachii (Terscheck ex Walp.) hort ex Haage var. albertii L.D. Benson E TX (E)
ECRI3 Echinocereus rigidissimus (Engelm.) hort ex F. Haage rainbow hedgehog cactus AZ (SR)
ECRO2 Echinocereus ×roetteri (Engelm.) Rümpler [coccineus × dasyacanthus] Lloyd's hedgehog cactus
ECLL Echinocereus ×lloydii Britton & Rose (pro sp.) NM (E)
ECTR Echinocereus triglochidiatus Engelm. kingcup cactus NV (CY)
ECTRT Echinocereus triglochidiatus Engelm. var. triglochidiatus kingcup cactus AZ (SR)
ECTRG Echinocereus triglochidiatus Engelm. var. gonacanthus (Engelm. & Bigelow) Boissev. AZ (SR)
ECVID Echinocereus viridiflorus Engelm. var. davisii (A.D. Houghton) W.T. Marshall Davis' hedgehog cactus E TX (E)
ECWA Echinochloa walteri (Pursh) A. Heller coast cockspur grass PA (E)
ECBE2 Echinodorus berteroi (Spreng.) Fassett upright burhead IN (X), KY (T)
ECRO Echinodorus rostratus (Nutt.) Engelm. OH (E), TN (SC)
ECCO3 Echinodorus cordifolius (L.) Griseb. creeping burhead IN (X), MD (E)
ECFL4 Echinodorus floridanus Haynes & Burkhalter Florida burhead FL (E)
ECTE2 Echinodorus tenellus (Mart. ex Schult. f.) Buchenau mudbabies IL (E), MI (E)
ECPA6 Echinodorus parvulus Engelm. IN (E), KY (E)
ECTEP Echinodorus tenellus (Mart. ex Schult. f.) Buchenau var. parvulus (Engelm.) Fassett CT (E)
ECER2 Echinomastus erectocentrus (J.M. Coult.) Britton & Rose redspine fishhook cactus AZ (SR)
ECERA Echinomastus erectocentrus (J.M. Coult.) Britton & Rose var. acunensis (W.T. Marshall) H. Bravo AZ (HS)
ECIN2 Echinomastus intertextus (Engelm.) Britton & Rose white fishhook cactus AZ (SR)
ECJO3 Echinomastus johnsonii (Parry ex Engelm.) E.M. Baxter Johnson's fishhook cactus AZ (SR)
NEJO Neolloydia johnsonii (Parry ex Engelm.) L.D. Benson NV (CY)
ECMA2 Echinomastus mariposensis Hester Lloyd's fishhook cactus T
NEMA2 Neolloydia mariposensis (Hester) L.D. Benson TX (T)
ECPR Eclipta prostrata (L.) L. false daisy NY (E)
ELSE2 Elaphoglossum serpens Maxon & Morton ex Maxon cerro de punta jayuya E PR (E)
ELAM3 Elatine americana (Pursh) Arn. American waterwort MA (E), NY (E), PA (E)
ELTRA4 Elatine triandra Schkuhr var. americana (Pursh) Fassett RI (SC)
ELMI Elatine minima (Nutt.) Fisch. & C.A. Mey. small waterwort MD (E), PA (R)
ELTR Elatine triandra Schkuhr threestamen waterwort OH (PRX)
ELAL Eleocharis albida Torr. white spikerush MD (E)
ELAT Eleocharis atropurpurea (Retz.) J. Presl & C. Presl purple spikerush MI (E), WA (PX)
ELBR Eleocharis brittonii Svens. ex Small Britton's spikerush NJ (E)
ELCO2 Eleocharis compressa Sull. flatstem spikerush MD (E), MI (T), NJ (E), PA (E)
ELDI2 Eleocharis diandra C. Wright Wright's spikerush MA (E)
ELEL4 Eleocharis elliptica Kunth elliptic spikerush PA (E)
ELEN Eleocharis engelmannii Steud. Engelmann's spikerush ME (PX), NY (E), OH (E)
ELEQ Eleocharis equisetoides (Elliot) Torr. jointed spikesedge CT (E), IN (E), MD (E), NJ (E), NY (T), RI (SC), TN (E)
ELFA Eleocharis fallax Weath. creeping spikerush NY (E), RI (H)
ELGE Eleocharis geniculata (L.) Roem. & Schult. Canada spikesedge IN (T)
ELCA2 Eleocharis caribaea (Rottb.) S.F. Blake MI (T), OH (E), PA (E)
ELHA2 Eleocharis halophila (Fernald & Brack.) Fernald & Brack. saltmarsh spikerush MD (E), NH (T), NY (T), NC (T)
ELIN Eleocharis intermedia Schult. matted spikerush MD (E), MA (T), PA (T), TN (SC)
ELLA Eleocharis lanceolata Fernald daggerleaf spikerush TN (SC)
ELME Eleocharis melanocarpa Torr. blackfruit spikerush IN (T), MD (E), NJ (E), RI (E)
ELMI2 Eleocharis microcarpa Torr. smallfruit spikerush IN (E), MI (E)
ELMIF Eleocharis microcarpa Torr. var. filiculmis Torr. CT (SC), MA (E)
ELMI3 Eleocharis minima Kunth small spikerush NJ (E)
ELNI Eleocharis nitida Fernald quill spikerush MI (E), MN (T), WI (E)
ELOB2 Eleocharis obtusa (Willd.) Schult. blunt spikerush
ELOBP Eleocharis obtusa (Willd.) Schult. var. peasei Svens. PA (E)
ELOL Eleocharis olivacea Torr. bright green spikerush IL (E), KY (SC), MN (T), OH (T), PA (R)
ELOV Eleocharis ovata (Roth) Roem. & Schult. ovate spikerush MA (E), OH (E)
ELOBO Eleocharis obtusa (Willd.) Schult. var. ovata (Roth) Drapalik & Mohlenbr. NY (E)
ELPA5 Eleocharis parvula (Roem. & Schult.) Link ex Bluff, Nees & Schauer dwarf spikerush MI (T), NH (T), OH (E), PA (E)
ELQU Eleocharis quadrangulata (Michx.) Roem. & Schult. squarestem spikerush NY (E), PA (E), WI (E)
ELQUC Eleocharis quadrangulata (Michx.) Roem. & Schult. var. crassior Fernald CT (E)
ELQU2 Eleocharis quinqueflora (Hartmann) O. Schwarz fewflower spikerush ME (E), MA (E)
ELPA6 Eleocharis pauciflora (Lightf.) Link IL (E), NJ (E), OH (T), VT (T)
ELPAF Eleocharis pauciflora (Lightf.) Link var. fernaldii Svens. NH (E), PA (E)
ELRA Eleocharis radicans (A. Dietr.) Kunth rooted spikerush MI (PREX)
ELRO Eleocharis robbinsii Oakes Robbins' spikerush IN (R), MD (E), PA (T)
ELRO2 Eleocharis rostellata (Torr.) Torr. beaked spikerush FL (E), IL (T), ME (PX), MN (T), PA (E), RI (SC), WA (S), WI (T)
ELTEP Eleocharis tenuis (Willd.) Schult. var. pseudoptera (Weath. ex Svens.) Svens. slender spikerush
ELELP2 Eleocharis elliptica Kunth var. pseudoptera (Weath. ex Svens.) L.J. Harms NY (E)
ELTEV Eleocharis tenuis (Willd.) Schult. var. verrucosa (Svens.) Svens. slender spikerush NJ (E), PA (E)
ELTO Eleocharis tortilis (Link) Schult. twisted spikerush NJ (E), TN (SC)
ELTR5 Eleocharis tricostata Torr. three-angle spikerush MD (E, X), MA (E), MI (T), NY (E), PA (X), RI (E)
ELTU Eleocharis tuberculosa (Michx.) Roem. & Schult. cone-cup spikerush ME (E), NH (E), NY (T), PA (X)
ELWO Eleocharis wolfii (A. Gray) A. Gray ex Britton Wolf's spikerush IN (R), MN (E), OH (E), TN (SC)
ELCA3 Elephantopus carolinianus Raeusch. Carolina elephantsfoot NJ (E), PA (E)
ELTO2 Elephantopus tomentosus L. devil's grandmother MD (E)
ELRA2 Elliottia racemosa Muhl. ex Elliot georgiaplume GA (T)
ELNY Ellisia nyctelea (L.) L. Aunt Lucy NJ (E), PA (T)
ELNU2 Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) H. St. John western waterweed KY (T), TN (SC)
ELSC Elodea schweinitzii (Planch.) Caspary Schweinitz's waterweed PA (X)
ELCA18 Eltroplectris calcarata (Sw.) Garay & H.R. Sweet longclaw orchid FL (E)
ELHY Elymus hystrix L. eastern bottlebrush grass ME (T)
ELLAP Elymus lanceolatus (Scribn. & J.G. Sm.) Gould ssp. psammophilus (J.M. Gillett & H. Senn) Á. Löve Great Lakes wheatgrass WI (T)
ELSV Elymus svensonii Church Svenson's wildrye KY (SC), TN (E)
ELTR7 Elymus trachycaulus (Link) Gould ex Shinners slender wheatgrass NJ (E), OH (T)
ELTRS Elymus trachycaulus (Link) Gould ex Shinners ssp. subsecundus (Link) Á. Löve & D. Löve slender wheatgrass CT (SC)
ELTRT Elymus trachycaulus (Link) Gould ex Shinners ssp. trachycaulus slender wheatgrass
AGTR Agropyron trachycaulum (Link) Malte ex H.F. Lewis MD (E, X)
ELVI Elymus villosus Muhl. ex Willd. hairy wildrye MA (E), RI (SC)
ELWI Elymus wiegandii Fernald Wiegand's wildrye CT (SC)
EMEA Empetrum eamesii Fernald & Wiegand purple crowberry MN (E)
EMEAA Empetrum eamesii Fernald & Wiegand ssp. atropurpureum (Fernald & Wiegand) D. Löve purple crowberry NY (E)
EMAT Empetrum atropurpureum Fernald & Wiegand NH (T)
EMNI Empetrum nigrum L. black crowberry MI (T), MN (E)
EMNIH Empetrum nigrum L. ssp. hermaphroditum (Lange ex Hagerup) Böcher black crowberry NY (R)
ENNUC Enceliopsis nudicaulis (A. Gray) A. Nelson var. corrugata Cronquist nakedstem sunray T NV (FP)
ENTA Encyclia tampensis (Lindl.) Small Tampa butterfly orchid FL (CE)
ENBI Enemion biternatum Raf. eastern false rue anemone
ISBI2 Isopyrum biternatum (Raf.) Torr. & A. Gray FL (E)
ENBR3 Entodon brevisetus (Hook. & Wilson) Lindb. entodon moss KY (E)
ENCO70 Entodon concinnus (De Not.) Par. entodon moss TN (SC)
EPAC Epidendrum acunae Dressler Acuna's star orchid FL (E)
EPAM3 Epidendrum amphistomum A. Rich. big-mouth star orchid
EPAN7 Epidendrum anceps auct. non Jacq. FL (E)
EPBO4 Epidendrum boricuarum Hágsater & Sánchez fleshy star orchid
EPDI Epidendrum difforme auct. non Jacq. FL (E)
EPMAM Epidendrum magnoliae Muhl. var. magnoliae green fly orchid
EPCO4 Epidendrum conopseum W.T. Aiton FL (CE), GA (U)
EPNO Epidendrum nocturnum Jacq. night scented orchid FL (E)
EPRI2 Epidendrum rigidum Jacq. stiff flower star orchid FL (E)
EPST2 Epidendrum strobiliferum Rchb. f. big cypress star orchid FL (E)
EPRE2 Epigaea repens L. trailing arbutus FL (E), NY (EV)
EPAN4 Epilobium anagallidifolium Lam. pimpernel willowherb ME (E)
EPCI Epilobium ciliatum Raf. fringed willowherb IN (E), MD (E), NH (T), TN (SC)
EPCIG Epilobium ciliatum Raf. ssp. glandulosum (Lehm.) Hoch & P.H. Raven fringed willowherb NY (E)
EPHO Epilobium hornemannii Rchb. Hornemann's willowherb ME (E), NH (T), NY (E)
EPLE2 Epilobium leptophyllum Raf. bog willowherb TN (T)
EPPA Epilobium palustre L. marsh willowherb RI (T)
EPST Epilobium strictum Muhl. ex Spreng. downy willowherb IL (T), MD (E), OH (T), PA (E)
EPGI Epipactis gigantea Douglas ex Hook. stream orchid AZ (SR)
EPMI2 Epithelantha micromeris (Engelm.) F.A.C. Weber ex Britton & Rose pingpong-ball cactus AZ (SR)
EQFE Equisetum ×ferrissii Clute (pro sp.) [hyemale × laevigatum] PA (E)
EQFL Equisetum fluviatile L. water horsetail MD (E), RI (SC)
EQHYA Equisetum hyemale L. var. affine (Engelm.) A.A. Eaton scouringrush horsetail
EQHYA2 Equisetum hyemale L. ssp. affine (Engelm.) Calder & Roy L. Taylor RI (SC)
EQLA Equisetum laevigatum A. Braun smooth horsetail NY (E)
EQPA Equisetum palustre L. marsh horsetail CT (SC), NH (T), NY (T), VT (T)
EQPR Equisetum pratense Ehrh. meadow horsetail CT (SC), IL (T), NH (T), NJ (E), NY (T)
EQSC Equisetum scirpoides Michx. dwarf scouringrush CT (E), IL (E), MA (SC)
EQSY Equisetum sylvaticum L. woodland horsetail IL (E), IA (T), MD (E), RI (SC)
EQTE Equisetum telmateia Ehrh. giant horsetail MI (PREX)
EQVA Equisetum variegatum Schleich. ex F. Weber & D. Mohr variegated scouringrush IN (E), ME (SC), NJ (E), OH (T), PA (E)
ERCA Eragrostis capillaris (L.) Nees lace grass ME (E)
ERFO Eragrostis fosbergii Whitney Fosberg's lovegrass E
ERFR Eragrostis frankii C.A. Mey. ex Steud. sandbar lovegrass MA (SC)
ERHY Eragrostis hypnoides (Lam.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. teal lovegrass ME (PX)
ERPET3 Eragrostis pectinacea (Michx.) Nees ex Steud. var. tracyi (Hitchc.) P.M. Peterson Sanibel Island lovegrass
ERTR Eragrostis tracyi Hitchc. FL (E)
ERRE Eragrostis refracta (Muhl.) Scribn. coastal lovegrass MD (T)
ERHIM2 Erechtites hieraciifolius (L.) Raf. ex DC. var. megalocarpus (Fernald) Cronquist American burnweed
ERHIM Erechtites hieraciifolia (L.) Raf. ex DC. var. megalocarpa (Fernald) Cronquist American burnweed NY (E)
ERPAK Eremalche parryi (Greene) Greene ssp. kernensis (C.B. Wolf) D.M. Bates Kern mallow
ERKE4 Eremalche kernensis C.B. Wolf E
ERAL Eremocrinum albomarginatum (M.E. Jones) M.E. Jones lonely lily AZ (SR)
ERBR3 Eriastrum brandegeeae H. Mason Brandegee's woollystar
ERTR4 Eriastrum tracyi H. Mason CA (R)
ERDES Eriastrum densifolium (Benth.) H. Mason ssp. sanctorum (Milliken) H. Mason E CA (E)
ERBU Erigenia bulbosa (Michx.) Nutt. harbinger of spring NY (E), PA (T), WI (E)
ERACD2 Erigeron acris L. ssp. debilis (A. Gray) Piper bitter fleabane
TRAC3 Trimorpha acris auct. non (L.) Gray p.p. ME (PX)
ERAL3 Erigeron aliceae Howell Alice Eastwood's fleabane WA (S)
ERBA4 Erigeron basalticus Hoover basalt fleabane WA (T)
ERDED Erigeron decumbens Nutt. var. decumbens Willamette fleabane E OR (E)
EREL10 Erigeron elatus (Hook.) Greene swamp boreal-daisy
TREL10 Trimorpha elata (Hook.) G.L. Nesom WA (S)
ERHE9 Erigeron hessii G.L. Nesom Hess' fleabane NM (E)
ERHO3 Erigeron howellii A. Gray Howell's fleabane WA (T)
ERHY5 Erigeron hyssopifolius Michx. hyssopleaf fleabane ME (SC), MI (T), NY (E)
ERKU Erigeron kuschei Eastw. Chiricahua fleabane AZ (SR)
ERLE14 Erigeron lemmonii A. Gray Lemmon's fleabane AZ (HS)
ERMA8 Erigeron maguirei Cronquist Maguire's fleabane T
EROR2 Erigeron oreganus A. Gray gorge fleabane WA (T)
ERPA3 Erigeron parishii A. Gray Parish's fleabane T
ERPET2 Erigeron peregrinus (Banks ex Pursh) Greene ssp. peregrinus var. thompsonii (S.F. Blake ex J.W. Thompson) Cronquist subalpine fleabane WA (S)
ERPI3 Erigeron piperianus Cronquist Piper's fleabane WA (S)
ERPI9 Erigeron piscaticus G.L. Nesom Fish Creek fleabane AZ (SR)
ERRH2 Erigeron rhizomatus Cronquist rhizome fleabane T NM (E)
ERSA17 Erigeron salishii G.W. Douglas & Packer Star Peak fleabane WA (S)
ERAQ2 Eriocaulon aquaticum (Hill) Druce sevenangle pipewort MD (E)
ERSE4 Eriocaulon septangulare With. IN (E), OH (E)
ERDE5 Eriocaulon decangulare L. tenangle pipewort PA (X), TN (E)
ERKO Eriocaulon koernickianum van Heurck & Müll. Arg. gulf pipewort AR (E)
ERLI3 Eriocaulon lineare Small narrow pipewort NC (E)
ERNI7 Eriocaulon nigrobracteatum Bridges & Orzell blackbract pipewort FL (E)
ERPA4 Eriocaulon parkeri B.L. Rob. estuary pipewort CT (T), ME (SC), MD (T), MA (E), PA (X)
ERAL12 Eriodictyon altissimum P.V. Wells Indian Knob mountainbalm E CA (E)
ERCA7 Eriodictyon capitatum Eastw. Lompoc yerba santa E CA (R)
ERAL6 Eriogonum alpinum Engelm. Trinity buckwheat CA (E)
ERAP4 Eriogonum apricum J.T. Howell Ione buckwheat E
ERAPA Eriogonum apricum J.T. Howell var. apricum Ione buckwheat CA (E)
ERAPP Eriogonum apricum J.T. Howell var. prostratum Myatt Irish Hill buckwheat CA (R)
ERAR18 Eriogonum argophyllum Reveal Sulphur Hot Springs buckwheat NV (FP)
ERBU2 Eriogonum butterworthianum J.T. Howell Butterworth's buckwheat CA (R)
ERCA11 Eriogonum capillare Small San Carlos buckwheat AZ (SR)
ERCH6 Eriogonum chrysops Rydb. bitterroot buckwheat OR (T)
ERCO43 Eriogonum codium Reveal, Caplow & K. Beck basalt desert buckwheat WA (E)
ERCR3 Eriogonum crocatum Davidson Conejo buckwheat CA (R)
ERCR10 Eriogonum crosbyae Reveal Crosby's buckwheat OR (T)
ERGIC Eriogonum giganteum S. Watson var. compactum Dunkle Santa Barbara Island buckwheat CA (R)
ERGRT Eriogonum grande Greene var. timorum Reveal San Nicolas Island buckwheat CA (E)
ERGY Eriogonum gypsophilum Woot. & Standl. Seven River Hills buckwheat T NM (E)
ERHEA4 Eriogonum heermannii Durand & Hilg. var. apachense (Reveal) Reveal Apache buckwheat
ERAP3 Eriogonum apachense Reveal AZ (SR)
ERKE Eriogonum kelloggii A. Gray Red Mountain buckwheat CA (E)
ERKEA2 Eriogonum kennedyi Porter ex S. Watson var. austromontanum Munz & I.M. Johnst. southern mountain buckwheat T
ERLOG Eriogonum longifolium Nutt. var. gnaphalifolium Gandog. longleaf buckwheat T
ERFL11 Eriogonum floridanum Small FL (E)
ERLOH Eriogonum longifolium Nutt. var. harperi (Goodman) Reveal Harper's buckwheat TN (E)
ERMA2 Eriogonum maculatum A. Heller spotted buckwheat WA (PX)
ERMO9 Eriogonum mortonianum Reveal Fredonia buckwheat AZ (SR)
EROVV Eriogonum ovalifolium Nutt. var. vineum (Small) Jeps. Cushenbury buckwheat E
EROVW Eriogonum ovalifolium Nutt. var. williamsiae Reveal Williams' buckwheat E NV (FP)
ERPE10 Eriogonum pelinophilum Reveal E
ERRI Eriogonum ripleyi J.T. Howell Fraziers Well buckwheat AZ (SR)
ERTHA2 Eriogonum thompsoniae S. Watson var. atwoodii Reveal Atwood's buckwheat AZ (SR)
ERTH6 Eriogonum thornei (Reveal & Henrickson) L.M. Shultz Thorne's buckwheat
ERERT Eriogonum ericifolium Torr. & A. Gray var. thornei Reveal & Henrickson CA (E)
ERTW2 Eriogonum twisselmannii (J.T. Howell) Reveal Twisselmann's buckwheat CA (R)
ERVI7 Eriogonum viscidulum J.T. Howell sticky buckwheat NV (FP)
ERAN6 Eriophorum angustifolium Honck. tall cottongrass IN (R), NH (E)
ERANA3 Eriophorum angustifolium Honck. ssp. angustifolium tall cottongrass
ERANS Eriophorum angustifolium Honck. ssp. scabriusculum Hultén NY (E)
ERGR8 Eriophorum gracile W.D.J. Koch slender cottongrass IN (T), IA (T), MA (T), NJ (E), OH (PRX), PA (E), RI (T)
ERTE12 Eriophorum tenellum Nutt. fewnerved cottongrass NJ (E), PA (E)
ERVAS Eriophorum vaginatum L. var. spissum (Fernald) B. Boivin tussock cottongrass CT (E), NJ (E), RI (H)
ERSP8 Eriophorum spissum Fernald IN (X)
ERVI8 Eriophorum virginicum L. tawny cottongrass IL (E), KY (E), TN (T)
ERVI9 Eriophorum viridicarinatum (Engelm.) Fernald thinleaf cottonsedge IN (R), PA (T), RI (SC), WA (S)
ERCO16 Eriophyllum congdonii Brandegee Congdon's woolly sunflower CA (R)
ERLA8 Eriophyllum latilobum Rydb. San Mateo woolly sunflower E CA (E)
ERFR4 Erithalis fruticosa L. blacktorch FL (T)
ERNAE Eritrichium nanum (Vill.) Schrad. ex Gaudin var. elongatum (Rydb.) Cronquist arctic alpine forget-me-not WA (S)
ERCO44 Ernodea cokeri Britton ex Coker one-nerved ernodea FL (E)
ERRO7 Errazurizia rotundata (Woot.) Barneby roundleaf dunebroom AZ (SR)
ERAQ Eryngium aquaticum L. rattlesnakemaster PA (X)
ERARP Eryngium aristulatum Jeps. var. parishii (J.M. Coult. & Rose) Mathias & Constance Parish's eryngo E CA (E)
ERAR14 Eryngium articulatum Hook. beethistle WA (PX)
ERCO39 Eryngium constancei Sheikh Loch Lomond eryngo E CA (E)
ERCU4 Eryngium cuneifolium Small wedgeleaf eryngo E FL (E)
ERIN6 Eryngium integrifolium Walter blueflower eryngo KY (E)
ERPE7 Eryngium petiolatum Hook. rushleaf eryngo WA (T)
ERPR5 Eryngium prostratum Nutt. ex DC. creeping eryngo IL (E)
ERRA5 Eryngium racemosum Jeps. delta eryngo CA (E)
ERYU Eryngium yuccifolium Michx. button eryngo MD (E, X), MI (T), OH (T)
ERCA14 Erysimum capitatum (Douglas ex Hook.) Greene sanddune wallflower IN (T), TN (E)
ERCAA Erysimum capitatum (Douglas ex Hook.) Greene var. angustatum (Greene) G. Rossb. Contra Costa wallflower E CA (E)
ERCAC Erysimum capitatum (Douglas ex Hook.) Greene var. capitatum sanddune wallflower
ERAR26 Erysimum arkansanum Nutt. OH (E)
ERME5 Erysimum menziesii (Hook.) Wettst. Menzies' wallflower E CA (E)
ERTE14 Erysimum teretifolium Eastw. Santa Cruz wallflower E CA (E)
ERAL9 Erythronium albidum Nutt. white fawnlily MD (T)
ERAM5 Erythronium americanum Ker Gawl. dogtooth violet IA (T)
EREL13 Erythronium elegans Hammond & K.L. Chambers Coast Range fawnlily OR (T)
ERME15 Erythronium mesochoreum Knerr midland fawnlily IL (T)
ERPR6 Erythronium propullans A. Gray Minnesota fawnlily E MN (E)
ERRE5 Erythronium revolutum Sm. mahogany fawnlily WA (S)
ERRO5 Erythronium rostratum W. Wolf yellow troutlily KY (SC), OH (E), TN (SC)
ERUM2 Erythronium umbilicatum Parks & Hardin dimpled troutlily FL (E)
ESAL2 Escobaria alversonii (J.M. Coult.) N.P. Taylor cushion foxtail cactus
COVIA Coryphantha vivipara (Nutt.) Britton & Rose var. alversonii (J.M. Coult.) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
ESDU Escobaria duncanii (Hester) Backeb. Duncan's foxtail cactus NM (E)
ESMI2 Escobaria minima (Baird) D.R. Hunt Nellie cory cactus
COMI4 Coryphantha minima Baird E TX (E)
ESMI3 Escobaria missouriensis (Sweet) D.R. Hunt Missouri foxtail cactus
COMI5 Coryphantha missouriensis (Sweet) Britton & Rose AZ (SR)
ESORO Escobaria orcuttii Boed. var. orcuttii Orcutt's foxtail cactus
COSTO Coryphantha strobiliformis (Poselg.) Moran var. orcuttii (Boed.) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
ESOR2 Escobaria organensis (A.D. Zimmerman) Castetter, Pierce & Schwerin Organ Mountain foxtail cactus NM (E)
ESRO Escobaria robbinsiorum (W.H. Earle) D.R. Hunt Cochise foxtail cactus
CORO3 Coryphantha robbinsiorum (W.H. Earle) A.D. Zimmerman T AZ (HS)
ESSNL Escobaria sneedii Britton & Rose var. leei (Rose ex Boed.) D.R. Hunt Sneed's pincushion cactus NM (E)
COSNL Coryphantha sneedii (Britton & Rose) A. Berger var. leei (Rose ex Boed.) L.D. Benson T
ESSNS Escobaria sneedii Britton & Rose var. sneedii Sneed's pincushion cactus NM (E)
COSN Coryphantha sneedii (Britton & Rose) A. Berger E TX (E)
ESTU Escobaria tuberculosa (Engelm.) Britton & Rose whitecolumn foxtail cactus
COST7 Coryphantha strobiliformis auct. non (Poselg.) Orcutt AZ (SR)
ESVI Escobaria villardii Castetter, Pierce & Schwerin Sacramento Mountain foxtail cactus NM (E)
ESVI2 Escobaria vivipara (Nutt.) Buxbaum spinystar MN (E)
ESVIA Escobaria vivipara (Nutt.) Buxbaum var. arizonica (Engelm.) D.R. Hunt Arizona spinystar NV (CY)
COVIA2 Coryphantha vivipara (Nutt.) Britton & Rose var. arizonica (Engelm.) W.T. Marshall AZ (SR)
ESVIB Escobaria vivipara (Nutt.) Buxbaum var. bisbeeana (Orcutt) D.R. Hunt Bisbee spinystar
COVIB Coryphantha vivipara (Nutt.) Britton & Rose var. bisbeeana (Orcutt) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
ESVID Escobaria vivipara (Nutt.) Buxbaum var. deserti (Engelm.) D.R. Hunt desert spinystar NV (CY)
COVID Coryphantha vivipara (Nutt.) Britton & Rose var. deserti (Engelm.) W.T. Marshall AZ (SR)
ESVIR2 Escobaria vivipara (Nutt.) Buxbaum var. rosea (Clokey) D.R. Hunt spinystar NV (CY)
COVIR2 Coryphantha vivipara (Nutt.) Britton & Rose var. rosea (Clokey) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
ESVIV Escobaria vivipara (Nutt.) Buxbaum var. vivipara spinystar
COMIM Coryphantha missouriensis (Sweet) Britton & Rose var. marstonii (Clover) L.D. Benson AZ (SR)
EURA14 Eubotrys racemosus (L.) Nutt. swamp doghobble
EURA5 Eubotrys racemosa (L.) Nutt. swamp doghobble
LERA4 Leucothoe racemosa (L.) A. Gray PA (T), TN (T)
EURE18 Eubotrys recurvus (Buckley) Britton redtwig doghobble
EURE10 Eubotrys recurva (Buckley) Britton redtwig doghobble
LERE6 Leucothoe recurva (Buckley) A. Gray KY (E)
EUVI8 Eucephalus vialis Bradshaw wayside aster
ASVI4 Aster vialis (Bradshaw) S.F. Blake OR (T)
EUCO4 Eugenia confusa DC. redberry stopper FL (E)
EUHA4 Eugenia haematocarpa Alain Luquillo Mountain stopper E
EUKO Eugenia koolauensis O. Deg. nioi E
EURH Eugenia rhombea (Berg) Krug & Urb. red stopper FL (E)
EUWO2 Eugenia woodburyana Alain Woodbury's stopper E
EUAM9 Euonymus americanus L. bursting-heart
EUAM7 Euonymus americana L., orth. var. IL (E), NY (E)
EUAT5 Euonymus atropurpureus Jacq. burningbush FL (E)
EUOB8 Euonymus obovatus Nutt. running strawberry bush
EUOB9 Euonymus obovata Nutt., orth. var. NY (EV), TN (SC)
EUOC8 Euonymus occidentalis Nutt. ex Torr. western burning bush WA (S)
EUAL2 Eupatorium album L. white thoroughwort CT (E), IN (E), OH (T), PA (X)
EUALS Eupatorium album L. var. subvenosum A. Gray white thoroughwort NY (T)
EUCA5 Eupatorium capillifolium (Lam.) Small dogfennel NJ (E)
EUHY Eupatorium hyssopifolium L. hyssopleaf thoroughwort OH (E)
EUHYL Eupatorium hyssopifolium L. var. laciniatum A. Gray hyssopleaf thoroughwort NY (T)
EULE Eupatorium leucolepis (DC.) Torr. & A. Gray justiceweed MD (T), PA (X), TN (E)
EULEL Eupatorium leucolepis (DC.) Torr. & A. Gray var. leucolepis justiceweed NY (E)
EUNO Eupatorium novae-angliae (Fernald ) V.I. Sullivan ex A. Haines & Sorrie New England justiceweed
EULEN Eupatorium leucolepis (DC.) Torr. & A. Gray var. novae-angliae Fernald justiceweed MA (E), RI (E)
EUPEC Eupatorium perfoliatum L. var. colpophilum Fernald & Grisc. common boneset ME (PX)
EURE8 Eupatorium resinosum Torr. ex DC. pine barren thoroughwort NJ (E), NC (SC, T)
EURO4 Eupatorium rotundifolium L. roundleaf thoroughwort ME (PX)
EUROO Eupatorium rotundifolium L. var. ovatum (Bigelow) Torr. roundleaf thoroughwort NY (E)
EUPU11 Eupatorium pubescens Muhl. ex Willd. NH (E)
EUROR Eupatorium rotundifolium L. var. rotundifolium roundleaf thoroughwort NY (E)
EUSE Eupatorium semiserratum DC. smallflower thoroughwort KY (E)
EUSE2 Eupatorium serotinum Michx. lateflowering thoroughwort NY (E)
EUSE3 Eupatorium sessilifolium L. upland boneset MI (T), MN (T), NH (E), VT (E)
EUCO8 Euphorbia commutata Engelm. ex A. Gray tinted woodland spurge FL (E), MI (T)
EUHA2 Euphorbia haeleeleana D.R. Herbst Kauai spurge E
EUIP Euphorbia ipecacuanhae L. American ipecac NY (E), PA (E)
EUMA10 Euphorbia macropus (Klotzsch & Garcke) Boiss. Huachuca Mountain spurge
EUPL4 Euphorbia plummerae S. Watson, orth. var. AZ (SR)
EUME4 Euphorbia mercurialina Michx. mercury spurge KY (T)
EUPI5 Euphorbia pinetorum (Small) G.L. Webster pineland spurge
POPI6 Poinsettia pinetorum Small FL (E)
EUPU4 Euphorbia purpurea (Raf.) Fernald Darlington's glade spurge MD (E), NJ (E), OH (E), PA (E)
EUSP Euphorbia spathulata Lam. warty spurge IL (E)
EUOB3 Euphorbia obtusata Pursh IN (X), MD (E), PA (E)
EUTE6 Euphorbia telephioides Chapm. telephus spurge T FL (E)
EUDI9 Euphrasia disjuncta Fernald & Wiegand polar eyebright ME (PX)
EUHU2 Euphrasia hudsoniana Fernald & Wiegand Hudson Bay eyebright MI (T)
EUNE3 Euphrasia nemorosa (Pers.) Wallr. common eyebright MI (T)
EUOA Euphrasia oakesii Wettst. Oakes' eyebright ME (E), NH (E)
EUFU3 Eurybia furcata (Burgess) G.L. Nesom forked aster
ASFU Aster furcatus Burgess AR (T), IL (T), IN (R), IA (T), MI (T), WI (T)
EUHE10 Eurybia hemispherica (Alexander) G.L. Nesom southern prairie aster
ASHE7 Aster hemisphericus Alexander FL (E), KY (E)
EUMA27 Eurybia macrophylla (L.) Cass. bigleaf aster
ASMA2 Aster macrophyllus L. IA (E), RI (SC)
EUME17 Eurybia merita (A. Nelson) G.L. Nesom subalpine aster
ASSIM Aster sibiricus L. var. meritus (A. Nelson) Raup WA (S)
EURA10 Eurybia radula (Aiton) G.L. Nesom low rough aster
ASRA8 Aster radula Aiton CT (E), KY (E), MD (E), NJ (E), NY (E)
EUSA15 Eurybia saxicastellii (J.J.N. Campbell & M. Medley) G.L. Nesom rockcastle aster
ASSA9 Aster saxicastellii J.J.N. Campbell & M. Medley KY (T), TN (E)
EUSC5 Eurybia schreberi (Nees) Nees Schreber's aster
ASSC2 Aster schreberi Nees IN (E), IA (E), ME (PX), TN (SC)
EUSP3 Eurybia spectabilis (Aiton) G.L. Nesom eastern showy aster
ASSP11 Aster spectabilis Aiton CT (T), MD (E), NY (T), PA (E)
EUSP4 Eurybia spinulosa (Chapm.) G.L. Nesom Apalachicola aster
ASSP12 Aster spinulosus Chapm. FL (E)
EUSU7 Eurybia surculosa (Michx.) G.L. Nesom creeping aster
ASSU9 Aster surculosus Michx. OH (PRX)
EUCA26 Euthamia caroliniana (L.) Greene ex Porter & Britton slender goldentop
EUTE7 Euthamia tenuifolia (Pursh) Nutt. ME (T), PA (T)
EUGY Euthamia gymnospermoides Greene Texas goldentop
EURE9 Euthamia remota Greene OH (T)
EUPE10 Eutrema penlandii Rollins Penland's eutrema T
EUDU6 Eutrochium dubium (Willd. ex Poir.) E.E. Lamont coastal plain joe pye weed
EUDU2 Eupatoriadelphus dubius (Willd. ex Poir.) King & H. Rob. coastal plain joe pye weed
EUDU Eupatorium dubium Willd. ex Poir. ME (T)
EUFI14 Eutrochium fistulosum (Barratt) E.E. Lamont trumpetweed
EUFI2 Eupatoriadelphus fistulosus (Barratt) King & H. Rob. trumpetweed
EUFI Eupatorium fistulosum Barratt ME (SC), MI (T), NH (E)
EUMAM4 Eutrochium maculatum (L.) E.E. Lamont var. maculatum spotted joe pye weed
EUMAM3 Eupatoriadelphus maculatus (L.) King & H. Rob. var. maculatus spotted trumpetweed
EUMA6 Eupatorium maculatum L. KY (H), MD (E, X)
EUST2 Eutrochium steelei (E.E. Lamont) E.E. Lamont Steele's eupatorium
EUST11 Eupatorium steelei E. Lamont Steele's eupatorium KY (E), TN (SC)
EVCO Evolvulus convolvuloides (Willd. ex Schult.) Stearn bindweed dwarf morning-glory FL (E)
EVGR Evolvulus grisebachii Peter Grisebach's dwarf morning-glory FL (E)
EVNU Evolvulus nuttallianus Schult. shaggy dwarf morning-glory TN (SC)
EVSE Evolvulus sericeus Sw. silver dwarf morning-glory AR (T)
EVSES Evolvulus sericeus Sw. var. sericeus silver dwarf morning-glory GA (E)
EXLU Exocarpos luteolus Forbes leafy ballart E
EXCA Exostema caribaeum (Jacq.) Schult. Caribbean princewood FL (E)
FECYC Ferocactus cylindraceus (Engelm.) Orcutt var. cylindraceus California barrel cactus AZ (SR)
FECYL Ferocactus cylindraceus (Engelm.) Orcutt var. lecontei (Engelm.) H. Bravo Leconte's barrel cactus AZ (SR), NV (CY)
FEEA2 Ferocactus eastwoodiae (L.D. Benson) L.D. Benson California barrel cactus
FECYE Ferocactus cylindraceus (Engelm.) Orcutt var. eastwoodiae (L.D. Benson) N.P. Taylor AZ (SR)
FEEM Ferocactus emoryi (Engelm.) Orcutt Emory's barrel cactus AZ (SR)
FEWI Ferocactus wislizeni (Engelm.) Britton & Rose candy barrelcactus AZ (SR)
FEAL Festuca altaica Trin. Altai fescue
FESC Festuca scabrella Torr. ex Hook. MI (T)
FEOC Festuca occidentalis Hook. western fescue WI (T)
FEPA2 Festuca paradoxa Desv. clustered fescue IN (E), MD (E, X), PA (E), TN (SC)
FERUR2 Festuca rubra L. ssp. rubra red fescue
FEPR2 Festuca prolifera (Piper) Fernald ME (E)
FERUP Festuca rubra L. var. prolifera (Piper) Piper NH (E)
FESA Festuca saximontana Rydb. Rocky Mountain fescue NY (E)
FIOC Filipendula occidentalis (S. Watson) Howell queen of the forest WA (T)
FIRU2 Filipendula rubra (Hill) B.L. Rob. queen of the prairie IL (E), IA (T), MD (E), MI (T), NJ (E), NC (E)
FIAN Fimbristylis annua (All.) Roem. & Schult. annual fimbry PA (T)
FIAU2 Fimbristylis autumnalis (L.) Roem. & Schult. slender fimbry ME (T), VT (E)
FICA4 Fimbristylis castanea (Michx.) Vahl marsh fimbry NY (T)
FIPE Fimbristylis perpusilla Harper ex Small & Britton Harper's fimbry GA (E), MD (E), NC (T), TN (E), VA (E)
FIPU Fimbristylis puberula (Michx.) Vahl hairy fimbry IN (E), KY (T), MI (PREX), PA (X), TN (T), WI (E)
FIPUI Fimbristylis puberula (Michx.) Vahl var. interior (Britton) Kral hairy fimbry MN (E)
FIVA Fimbristylis vahlii (Lam.) Link Vahl's fimbry IL (E)
FICL Fissidens clebschii Steere Clebsch's fissidens moss TN (SC)
FIHY Fissidens hyalinus Wilson & Hook. fissidens moss OH (E)
FICU2 Fitzroya cupressoides (Molina) I.M. Johnst. Patagonian cypress T
FLMA Flaveria macdougalii Theroux, Pinkava & Keil Mcdougall's yellowtops AZ (SR)
FLIN2 Fleischmannia incarnata (Walter) R.M. King & H. Rob. pink thoroughwort
EUIN Eupatorium incarnatum Walter IL (T), IN (T)
FLPR Floerkea proserpinacoides Willd. false mermaidweed CT (E), IA (E), MN (T)
FLNE Flueggea neowawraea W.J. Hayden mehamehame E
FOGO Forestiera godfreyi L.C. Anderson Godfrey's swampprivet FL (E)
FOLI Forestiera ligustrina (Michx.) Poir. upland swampprivet KY (T)
FOGA Fothergilla gardenii L. dwarf witchalder FL (E), GA (T)
FOMA Fothergilla major (Sims) Lodd. mountain witchalder TN (T)
FOSP2 Fouquieria splendens Engelm. ocotillo AZ (SR)
FRVEA2 Fragaria vesca L. ssp. americana (Porter) Staudt woodland strawberry
FRVEA4 Fragaria vesca L. var. americana Porter IN (X)
FRJO Frankenia johnstonii Correll Johnston's seaheath E TX (E)
FRCA2 Frasera caroliniensis Walter American columbo NY (T), PA (E)
FRGY Frasera gypsicola (Barneby) D.M. Post Sunnyside frasera NV (FP)
FRNI Fraxinus nigra Marshall black ash RI (SC)
FRPR Fraxinus profunda (Bush) Bush pumpkin ash MI (T), NJ (E), PA (E)
FRQU Fraxinus quadrangulata Michx. blue ash IA (T), WI (T)
FRCA6 Fremontodendron californicum (Torr.) Coville California flannelbush AZ (SR)
FRDE2 Fremontodendron decumbens R. Lloyd Pine Hill flannelbush CA (R)
FRCAD Fremontodendron californicum (Torr.) Coville ssp. decumbens (R. Lloyd) Munz E
FRME2 Fremontodendron mexicanum Davidson Mexican flannelbush E CA (R)
FRAT Fritillaria atropurpurea Nutt. spotted fritillary AZ (SR)
FRCA5 Fritillaria camschatcensis (L.) Ker Gawl. Kamchatka fritillary WA (S)
FRGE Fritillaria gentneri Gilkey Gentner's fritillary E OR (E)
FRGR4 Fritillaria grayana Rchb. f. & Baker Gray's fritillary
FRRO Fritillaria roderickii Knight CA (E)
FRST Fritillaria striata Eastw. striped abobe lily CA (T)
FRFL Froelichia floridana (Nutt.) Moq. plains snakecotton OH (E)
FROB2 Frullania obcordata (Lehm. & Lindenb.) Lehm. & Lindenb. TN (SC)
FUPU Fuirena pumila (Torr.) Spreng. dwarf umbrella-sedge IN (T), NY (R), RI (E), WI (E)
FUSQ Fuirena squarrosa Michx. hairy umbrella-sedge MI (T), TN (SC)
GALA7 Gahnia lanaiensis O. Deg., I. Deg. & J. Kern Lanai sawsedge E
GARE2 Galactia regularis (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. eastern milkpea PA (X)
GASM Galactia smallii H.J. Rogers ex Herndon Small's milkpea E FL (E)
GAVO Galactia volubilis (L.) Britton downy milkpea NJ (E), OH (T), PA (X)
GABI6 Galeandra bicarinata G.A. Romero & P.M. Brown hooded orchid
GABE2 Galeandra beyrichii auct. non Rchb. f. FL (E)
GASP5 Galearis spectabilis (L.) Raf. showy orchid ME (E), MI (T), NH (T), NY (EV), RI (E)
GAANB Galium angustifolium Nutt. ex A. Gray ssp. borregoense Dempster & Stebbins Borrego bedstraw CA (R)
GAAS2 Galium asprellum Michx. rough bedstraw TN (SC)
GABO2 Galium boreale L. northern bedstraw MD (E), MA (E)
GABR6 Galium brevipes Fernald & Wiegand limestone swamp bedstraw ME (SC)
GABU Galium buxifolium Greene box bedstraw E CA (R)
GACAS Galium californicum Hook. & Arn. ssp. sierrae Dempster & Stebbins El Dorado bedstraw E CA (R)
GACAA Galium catalinense A. Gray ssp. acrispum Dempster Santa Clemente Island bedstraw CA (E)
GACO3 Galium concinnum Torr. & A. Gray shining bedstraw NY (E)
GAHI Galium hispidulum Michx. coastal bedstraw MD (E), NJ (E)
GAKA Galium kamtschaticum Steller ex Schult. & Schult. f. boreal bedstraw ME (SC), MI (T), NY (E), WA (S)
GALA2 Galium labradoricum (Wiegand) Wiegand northern bog bedstraw CT (SC), IL (T), IA (E), ME (SC), MA (T), NH (E), NJ (E), OH (E), PA (E), VT (T)
GALA3 Galium lanceolatum Torr. lanceleaf wild licorice IL (E)
GAOB Galium obtusum Bigelow bluntleaf bedstraw ME (PX)
GAOBO Galium obtusum Bigelow ssp. obtusum bluntleaf bedstraw NH (E)
GAPA3 Galium palustre L. common marsh bedstraw OH (E), TN (SC)
GAPI2 Galium pilosum Aiton hairy bedstraw NH (E)
GATR2 Galium trifidum L. threepetal bedstraw NJ (E)
GAVI Galium virgatum Nutt. southwestern bedstraw IL (E)
GAPU3 Gamochaeta purpurea (L.) Cabrera spoonleaf purple everlasting ME (PX), MA (E)
GNPU2 Gnaphalium purpureum L. CT (SC), NY (E), RI (H)
GAHE4 Garberia heterophylla (W. Bartram) Merr. & F. Harper garberia FL (T)
GABR Gardenia brighamii Gardenia brighamii forest gardenia E
GAMA6 Gardenia mannii H. St. John & Kuykend. Oahu gardenia E
GAHI2 Gaultheria hispidula (L.) Muhl. ex Bigelow creeping snowberry CT (T), MD (E), NJ (E), OH (PRX), PA (R), RI (T), WA (S)
GAPR2 Gaultheria procumbens L. eastern teaberry IL (E)
GABA Gaylussacia baccata (Wangenh.) K. Koch black huckleberry IA (T)
GABR5 Gaylussacia brachycera (Michx.) A. Gray box huckleberry MD (E), PA (E)
GADU Gaylussacia dumosa (Andrews) Torr. & A. Gray dwarf huckleberry PA (E), TN (T)
GADUB Gaylussacia dumosa (Andrews) Torr. & A. Gray var. bigeloviana Fernald CT (T), NH (T), NY (E), RI (SC)
GESE Gelsemium sempervirens (L.) W.T. Aiton evening trumpetflower TN (SC)
GEAL4 Gentiana alba Muhl. ex Nutt. plain gentian IN (R), OH (T), PA (X), WI (T)
GEFL Gentiana flavida A. Gray KY (E), MI (E)
GEAN Gentiana andrewsii Griseb. closed bottle gentian MD (T), MA (T), NH (T), NY (EV), RI (H), VT (T)
GEAU3 Gentiana austromontana Pringle & Sharp Appalachian gentian TN (SC)
GECA10 Gentiana catesbaei Walter Elliott's gentian PA (X)
GECL Gentiana clausa Raf. bottle gentian NY (EV)
GEDE3 Gentiana decora Pollard showy gentian KY (SC)
GEDO Gentiana douglasiana Bong. swamp gentian WA (S)
GEGL Gentiana glauca Pall. pale gentian WA (S)
GELI3 Gentiana linearis Froel. narrowleaf gentian MI (T), NJ (E), NY (EV), TN (T)
GEPE3 Gentiana pennelliana Fernald wiregrass gentian FL (E)
GEPU5 Gentiana puberulenta J. Pringle downy gentian IN (T), KY (E), MD (E, X), MI (E), OH (E), TN (E)
GERU Gentiana rubricaulis Schwein. closed gentian ME (PX)
GESA Gentiana saponaria L. harvestbells MI (PREX), NY (E), OH (E), PA (E)
GEVI5 Gentiana villosa L. striped gentian IN (E), MD (E), OH (E), PA (E)
GEAM3 Gentianella amarella (L.) Böerner autumn dwarf gentian ME (E), VT (T)
GEQU2 Gentianella quinquefolia (L.) Small agueweed ME (PX), MD (E), MI (T), NY (EV), VT (T)
GEQUQ Gentianella quinquefolia (L.) Small ssp. quinquefolia agueweed
GEQU3 Gentiana quinquefolia L. CT (E)
GETE4 Gentianella tenella (Rottb.) Böerner Dane's dwarf gentian WA (S)
GEWI2 Gentianella wislizeni (Engelm.) J.M. Gillett Chiricahua Mountain dwarf gentian AZ (SR)
GECR2 Gentianopsis crinita (Froel.) Ma greater fringed gentian GA (T), MD (E), NY (EV), NC (SC, E), RI (T)
GECR3 Gentiana crinita Froel. NH (T)
GEVIV3 Gentianopsis virgata (Raf.) Holub ssp. virgata lesser fringed gentian
GEPR6 Gentianopsis procera (T. Holm) Ma NY (E), PA (X)
GEMI Geocarpon minimum Mack. tinytim T AR (E), MO (E)
GELI2 Geocaulon lividum (Richardson) Fernald false toadflax ME (SC), NH (T), NY (E), WI (E)
GEAR Geranium arboreum A. Gray Hawai'i red cranesbill E
GEBI2 Geranium bicknellii Britton Bicknell's cranesbill CT (SC), IL (E), IN (E), OH (E), PA (E), RI (T)
GECAC4 Geranium carolinianum L. var. carolinianum Carolina geranium NH (E)
GECAC Geranium carolinianum L. var. confertiflorum Fernald NH (E)
GECAS Geranium carolinianum L. var. sphaerospermum (Fernald) Breitung Carolina geranium NY (T)
GEMU Geranium multiflorum A. Gray manyflower geranium E
GERO Geranium robertianum L. Robert geranium IN (T), MD (E), RI (SC)
GEPA3 Gesneria pauciflora Urb. yerba maricao de cueva T
GEAL3 Geum aleppicum Jacq. yellow avens MD (E)
GEGE Geum geniculatum Michx. bent avens NC (T), TN (E)
GELA Geum laciniatum Murray rough avens RI (H), TN (SC)
GEPE Geum peckii Pursh mountain avens NH (T)
GERA2 Geum radiatum Michx. Appalachian avens E NC (SC, E), TN (E)
GERI2 Geum rivale L. purple avens IN (E), WA (S)
GEROD Geum rossii (R. Br.) Ser. var. depressum (Greene) C.L. Hitchc. Ross' avens WA (S)
GETR Geum triflorum Pursh old man's whiskers MI (T), NY (T)
GEVE Geum vernum (Raf.) Torr. & A. Gray spring avens NY (E)
GEVI4 Geum virginianum L. cream avens NY (E)
GITEA2 Gilia tenuiflora Benth. ssp. arenaria (Benth.) A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant greater yellowthroat gilia E CA (T)
GITEH Gilia tenuiflora Benth. ssp. hoffmannii (Eastw.) A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant Hoffman's gilia E
GIST5 Gillenia stipulata (Muhl. ex Willd.) Baill. American ipecac
POST5 Porteranthus stipulatus (Muhl. ex Willd.) Britton MD (E, X)
GITR6 Gillenia trifoliata (L.) Moench Bowman's root MI (T)
GISP3 Githopsis specularioides Nutt. common bluecup WA (S)
GLCA2 Glandularia canadensis (L.) Nutt. rose mock vervain KY (T)
GLMA5 Glandularia maritima (Small) Small coastal mock vervain
VEMA3 Verbena maritima Small FL (E)
GLTA Glandularia tampensis (Nash) Small Tampa mock vervain
VETA Verbena tampensis Nash FL (E)
GLSU Glaucocarpum suffrutescens (Rollins) Rollins Uinta Basin waxfruit
SCSU2 Schoenocrambe suffrutescens (Rollins) S.L. Welsh & Chatterley E
GLMA Glaux maritima L. sea milkwort MD (E, X), MN (E), NJ (E), RI (H)
GLAQ Gleditsia aquatica Marshall water locust IN (E), KY (SC)
GLAC Glyceria acutiflora Torr. creeping mannagrass IN (E), KY (T), ME (E), MD (E), MI (PREX), NH (E), OH (E), TN (SC), VT (E)
GLAR Glyceria arkansana Fernald Arkansas mannagrass IL (E)
GLBO Glyceria borealis (Nash) Batchelder small floating mannagrass IN (E), NJ (E), OH (PRX), PA (T)
GLGR Glyceria grandis S. Watson American mannagrass IN (X), MD (E), NJ (E), TN (PX, E)
GLLA Glyceria laxa (Scribn.) Scribn. limp mannagrass TN (SC)
GLNU Glyceria nubigena W.A. Anderson Great Smoky Mountain mannagrass NC (T), TN (T)
GLOB Glyceria obtusa (Muhl.) Trin. Atlantic mannagrass PA (E)
GOEL Goetzea elegans Wydler mata buey E PR (E)
GOOB2 Goodyera oblongifolia Raf. western rattlesnake plantain AZ (SR), ME (E)
GOPU Goodyera pubescens (Willd.) R. Br. downy rattlesnake plantain FL (E), NY (EV)
GORE2 Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. lesser rattlesnake plantain AZ (SR), MD (E, X), MA (E), NY (EV), TN (SC)
GOREO2 Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. var. ophioides Fernald CT (SC)
GOTE Goodyera tesselata Lodd. checkered rattlesnake plantain MD (E, X), NJ (E), NY (EV), OH (PRX), PA (T)
GOHI Gossypium hirsutum L. upland cotton FL (E)
GOHI2 Gouania hillebrandii Oliv. ex Hillebr. hairyfruit chewstick E
GOME Gouania meyenii Steud. smoothfruit chewstick E
GOVI Gouania vitifolia A. Gray Oahu chewstick E
GOFL2 Govenia floridana P.M. Brown tropical govenia
GOUT Govenia utriculata auct. non (Sw.) Lindl. FL (E)
GRNI Grammitis nimbata (Jenman) Proctor West Indian dwarf polypody NC (E)
GRBA3 Graptopetalum bartramii Rose Patagonia Mountain leatherpetal AZ (SR)
GRRU Graptopetalum rusbyi (Greene) Rose San Francisco River leatherpetal AZ (SR)
GRAU Gratiola aurea Pursh golden hedgehyssop MI (T), PA (E)
GRFL2 Gratiola floridana Nutt. Florida hedgehyssop TN (E)
GRHE Gratiola heterosepala H. Mason & Bacig. Boggs Lake hedgehyssop CA (E), OR (T)
GRPI Gratiola pilosa Michx. shaggy hedgehyssop KY (T)
GRRA Gratiola ramosa Walter branched hedgehyssop MD (E, X)
GRVI Gratiola virginiana L. roundfruit hedgehyssop MI (T), RI (SC)
GRVI2 Gratiola viscidula Pennell Short's hedgehyssop KY (SC), MD (E)
GROL Grimmia olneyi Sull. Olney's dry rock moss TN (SC)
GRFR Grindelia fraxinopratensis Reveal & Beatley Ash Meadows gumweed T NV (FP)
GRCL Grusonia clavata (Engelm.) H. Rob. club cholla
OPCL Opuntia clavata Engelm. AZ (SR)
GRKU Grusonia kunzei (Rose) Pinkava devil's cholla
OPKU Opuntia kunzei Rose AZ (SR)
GRPA11 Grusonia parishii (Orcutt) Pinkava matted cholla
OPEM2 Opuntia emoryi auct. non Engelm. AZ (SR)
OPPA Opuntia parishii Orcutt AZ (SR), NV (CY)
GRPU3 Grusonia pulchella (Engelm.) H. Rob. sagebrush cholla
OPPU Opuntia pulchella Engelm. AZ (SR), NV (CY)
GUSA Guaiacum sanctum L. holywood FL (E)
GULA4 Guillenia lasiophylla (Hook. & Arn.) Greene California mustard
CAST14 Caulanthus stenocarpus Payson CA (E)
GUMO Guzmania monostachia (L.) Rusby ex Mez West Indian tufted airplant FL (E)
GYLA Gyminda latifolia (Sw.) Urb. West Indian false box FL (E)
GYAP Gymnocarpium appalachianum Pryer Appalachian oakfern NC (E), OH (PRX), PA (E)
GYDR Gymnocarpium dryopteris (L.) Newman western oakfern IL (E), IA (T), MD (E), NY (EV), OH (T), RI (T)
GYHE3 Gymnocarpium ×heterosporum W.H. Wagner (pro sp.) [appalachianum × robertianum] blackspore oakfern
GYHE Gymnocarpium heterosporum W.H. Wagner PA (X)
GYJE Gymnocarpium jessoense (Koidzumi) Koidzumi Asian oakfern MI (E)
GYRO Gymnocarpium robertianum (Hoffm.) Newman scented oakfern IL (E), MI (T)
GYDI Gymnocladus dioicus (L.) K. Koch Kentucky coffeetree NY (E)
GYLI Gymnoderma lineare (A. Evans) Yoshim. & Sharp gymnoderma lichen E GA (E), NC (T)
GYLA3 Gymnomitrion laceratum (Steph.) Horik. TN (T)
GYAM Gymnopogon ambiguus (Michx.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. bearded skeletongrass IN (X), KY (SC), OH (PRX), PA (X)
GYBR Gymnopogon brevifolius Trin. shortleaf skeletongrass KY (E), MD (E), NJ (E), TN (SC)
HADI6 Habenaria distans Griseb. hammock bog orchid FL (E)
HACI2 Hackelia cinerea (Piper) I.M. Johnst. gray stickseed WA (S)
HACR4 Hackelia cronquistii J.L. Gentry Cronquist's stickseed OR (T)
HADE Hackelia deflexa (Wahlenb.) Opiz nodding stickseed ME (E), OH (PRX)
HADEA Hackelia deflexa (Wahlenb.) Opiz var. americana (A. Gray) Fernald & I.M. Johnst. American stickseed NH (E), NY (E), VT (T)
HAAM2 Hackelia americana (A. Gray) Fernald IL (E)
HADID Hackelia diffusa (Lehm.) I.M. Johnst. var. diffusa spreading stickseed WA (S)
HAHID Hackelia hispida (A. Gray) I.M. Johnst. var. disjuncta R.L. Carr rough stickseed WA (S)
HAHIH Hackelia hispida (A. Gray) I.M. Johnst. var. hispida showy stickseed WA (S)
HAVE4 Hackelia venusta (Piper) H. St. John lesser showy stickseed E WA (E)
HAVI2 Hackelia virginiana (L.) I.M. Johnst. beggarslice NH (T)
HADE2 Halenia deflexa (Sm.) Griseb. American spurred gentian MA (E), NH (E), NY (E)
HACA3 Halesia carolina L. Carolina silverbell IL (E), OH (PRX)
HADI3 Halesia diptera Ellis two-wing silverbell AR (E)
HATE3 Halesia tetraptera Ellis mountain silverbell KY (T)
HAJO Halophila johnsonii Eiseman Johnson's seagrass T
HAHA4 Haplostachys haplostachya (A. Gray) H. St. John honohono E
HAFL3 Harperocallis flava McDaniel Harper's beauty E FL (E)
HAHY2 Harrimanella hypnoides (L.) Coville mossplant ME (T)
CAHY7 Cassiope hypnoides (L.) D. Don NH (T)
HAER4 Harrisia eriophora (N.E. Pfeiffer) Britton fragrant applecactus FL (E)
HAFR3 Harrisia fragrans Small ex Britton & Rose Caribbean applecactus
CEERF Cereus eriophorus N.E. Pfeiffer & Otto var. fragrans (Small ex Britton & Rose) L.D. Benson E
HAGR13 Harrisia gracilis (Mill.) Britton [excluded] FL (E)
HAPO2 Harrisia portoricensis Britton Puerto Rico applecactus T
HAFL4 Hartwrightia floridana A. Gray ex S. Watson Florida hartwrightia FL (T), GA (T)
HARO Hasteola robertiorum L.C. Anderson hammockherb FL (E)
HASU3 Hasteola suaveolens (L.) Pojark. false Indian plantain MD (E)
CASU Cacalia suaveolens L. CT (E), IA (T), MN (E), NY (E), RI (H)
SYSU Synosma suaveolens (L.) Raf. ex Britton TN (T)
HABRB Hastingsia bracteosa S. Watson var. bracteosa largeflower rushlily OR (T)
HEDI Hedeoma diffusa Greene spreading false pennyroyal AZ (SR)
HEHI Hedeoma hispida Pursh rough false pennyroyal KY (T), NY (T), OH (T)
HEPU Hedeoma pulegioides (L.) Pers. American false pennyroyal RI (SC)
HETO2 Hedeoma todsenii Irving Todsen's false pennyroyal E NM (E)
HECO13 Hedyotis cookiana (Cham. & Schltdl.) Steud. 'awiwi E
HECO14 Hedyotis coriacea Sm. kio'ele E
HEDE3 Hedyotis degeneri Fosberg Waianae Range starviolet E
HEMA8 Hedyotis mannii Fosberg pilo E
HEPA14 Hedyotis parvula (A. Gray) Fosberg rockface starviolet E
HESCR7 Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. ssp. remyi (Hillebr.) Fosberg kopa
HESCR3 Hedyotis schlechtendahliana Steud. var. remyi (Hillebr.) Fosberg E
HEST2 Hedyotis st.-johnii B.C. Stone & M.A. Lane Napali Beach starviolet E
HEAL Hedysarum alpinum L. alpine sweetvetch ME (SC), MI (E)
HEBR Helenium brevifolium (Nutt.) Alph. Wood shortleaf sneezeweed NC (E), TN (E)
HEVE Helenium vernale Walter savannah sneezeweed NC (E)
HEVI6 Helenium virginicum S.F. Blake Virginia sneezeweed T VA (E)
HEBI2 Helianthemum bicknellii Fernald hoary frostweed KY (T), MD (E), OH (T), PA (E), TN (PX, E), VT (T)
HECA3 Helianthemum canadense (L.) Michx. longbranch frostweed KY (E), TN (PX, E)
HEDU Helianthemum dumosum (E.P. Bicknell) Fernald bushy frostweed CT (SC), MA (SC), NY (T), RI (E)
HEGR2 Helianthemum greenei B.L. Rob. island rushrose T
HEPR Helianthemum propinquum E.P. Bicknell low frostweed CT (E), RI (SC), TN (SC)
HEAN2 Helianthus angustifolius L. swamp sunflower IL (T), NY (T), PA (X)
HECA14 Helianthus carnosus Small lakeside sunflower FL (E)
HEDI2 Helianthus divaricatus L. woodland sunflower RI (SC)
HEEG Helianthus eggertii Small Eggert's sunflower KY (T), TN (T)
HEGI Helianthus giganteus L. giant sunflower IL (E)
HEGL2 Helianthus glaucophyllus D.M. Sm. whiteleaf sunflower TN (T)
HELA2 Helianthus laevigatus Torr. & A. Gray smooth sunflower MD (E)
HEMI3 Helianthus microcephalus Torr. & A. Gray small woodland sunflower MD (E), MI (PREX)
HEMO2 Helianthus mollis Lam. ashy sunflower MI (T), OH (T)
HENIT Helianthus niveus (Benth.) Brandegee ssp. tephrodes (A. Gray) Heiser Algodones sunflower CA (E)
HEOC2 Helianthus occidentalis Riddell fewleaf sunflower MD (T)
HEPA2 Helianthus paradoxus Heiser paradox sunflower T NM (E), TX (T)
HESC3 Helianthus schweinitzii Torr. & A. Gray Schweinitz's sunflower E NC (E)
HESI Helianthus silphioides Nutt. rosinweed sunflower KY (E)
HEST Helianthus strumosus L. paleleaf woodland sunflower VT (T)
HEVE3 Helianthus ×verticillatus E.E. Watson (pro sp.) [angustifolius × grosseserratus] TN (E)
HEFR2 Heliotropium fruticosum L. Key West heliotrope FL (E)
HETE3 Heliotropium tenellum (Nutt.) Torr. pasture heliotrope IL (E), IN (T)
HEBU Helonias bullata L. swamppink T GA (T), MD (E), NJ (E), NC (SC, T), VA (E)
HENO2 Hepatica nobilis Schreb. hepatica FL (E)
HENOA Hepatica nobilis Schreb. var. acuta (Pursh) Steyerm. sharplobe hepatica ME (PX)
HEAC4 Hepatica acutiloba DC. CT (T)
HENOO Hepatica nobilis Schreb. var. obtusa (Pursh) Steyerm. roundlobe hepatica
HEAM8 Hepatica americana (DC.) Ker Gawl. RI (SC)
HEMA80 Heracleum maximum W. Bartram common cowparsnip TN (SC)
HELA4 Heracleum lanatum Michx. KY (E)
HETU2 Herzogiella turfacea (Lindb.) Z. Iwats. herzodiella moss KY (E)
HEUN2 Hesperocallis undulata A. Gray desert lily AZ (SR)
HEAB2 Hesperocyparis abramsiana (C.B. Wolf) Bartel Santa Cruz cypress
CUAB Cupressus abramsiana C.B. Wolf Santa Cruz cypress E CA (E)
HEAR22 Hesperocyparis arizonica (Greene) Bartel Arizona cypress
CUAR Cupressus arizonica Greene Arizona cypress NV (CY)
HEGO3 Hesperocyparis goveniana (Gordon) Bartel Gowen cypress
CUGOG Cupressus goveniana Gord. ssp. goveniana Gowen cypress T
HECO12 Hesperolinon congestum (A. Gray) Small Marin dwarf-flax T CA (T)
HEDI3 Hesperolinon didymocarpum H. Sharsm. Lake County dwarf-flax CA (E)
HEAR9 Hesperomannia arborescens A. Gray Lanai island-aster E
HEAR10 Hesperomannia arbuscula Hillebr. Maui island-aster E
HELY Hesperomannia lydgatei Forbes Kauai island-aster E
HECOC8 Hesperostipa comata (Trin. & Rupr.) Barkworth ssp. comata needle and thread
STCO4 Stipa comata Trin. & Rupr. IN (X)
HESP11 Hesperostipa spartea (Trin.) Barkworth porcupinegrass
STSP2 Stipa spartea Trin. OH (T)
HEWH Hesperoyucca whipplei (Torr.) Baker chaparral yucca
YUWHW Yucca whipplei Torr. var. whipplei AZ (SR)
HEDU2 Heteranthera dubia (Jacq.) MacMill. grassleaf mudplantain KY (SC), NH (E)
ZODU Zosterella dubia (Jacq.) Small ME (T)
HELI2 Heteranthera limosa (Sw.) Willd. blue mudplantain KY (SC), MN (T), TN (T)
HEMU5 Heteranthera multiflora (Griseb.) Horn bouquet mudplantain PA (E)
HERE Heteranthera reniformis Ruiz & Pav. kidneyleaf mudplantain CT (SC), IL (E), OH (E)
HESU3 Heterotheca subaxillaris (Lam.) Britton & Rusby camphorweed
HESUL Heterotheca subaxillaris (Lam.) Britton & Rusby var. latifolia (Buckley) Gandhi & R.D. Thomas KY (T)
HEVIV Heterotheca villosa (Pursh) Shinners var. villosa hairy false goldenaster
CHVI10 Chrysopsis villosa (Pursh) Nutt. ex DC. IN (T)
HEGRT Heuchera grossulariifolia Rydb. var. tenuifolia (Wheelock) C.L. Hitchc. gooseberryleaf alumroot WA (S)
HELO5 Heuchera longiflora Rydb. longflower alumroot OH (PRX)
HELOA Heuchera longiflora Rydb. var. aceroides (Rydb.) Rosend., Butters & Lakela TN (SC)
HEVI2 Heuchera villosa Michx. hairy alumroot MD (E, X), OH (T)
HENI2 Hexalectris nitida L.O. Williams Glass Mountain crested coralroot NM (E)
HESP3 Hexalectris spicata (Walter) Barnhart spiked crested coralroot AZ (SR), FL (E), IL (E), IN (R), MD (E, X), NM (E), OH (T)
HEWA Hexalectris warnockii Ames & Correll Texas crested coralroot AZ (HS)
HEAR6 Hexastylis arifolia (Michx.) Small littlebrownjug FL (T)
HECO19 Hexastylis contracta Blomquist mountain heartleaf KY (E), NC (E), TN (SC)
HEHE12 Hexastylis heterophylla (Ashe) Small variableleaf heartleaf KY (SC)
HENA3 Hexastylis naniflora Blomquist dwarfflower heartleaf T NC (T)
HESHH Hexastylis shuttleworthii (Britten & Baker f.) Small var. harperi Gaddy largeflower heartleaf GA (U)
HEVI3 Hexastylis virginica (L.) Small Virginia heartleaf MD (E), TN (SC)
HIDI Hibiscadelphus distans Bishop & D.R. Herbst Kauai hau kuahiwi E
HIGI Hibiscadelphus giffardianus Rock Kilauea hau kuahiwi E
HIHU Hibiscadelphus hualalaiensis Rock Hualalai hau kuahiwi E
HIWO Hibiscadelphus woodii D.H. Lorence & W.L. Wagner Wood's hau kuahiwi E
HIARI Hibiscus arnottianus A. Gray ssp. immaculatus (Roe) D.M. Bates white rosemallow E
HIBR Hibiscus brackenridgei A. Gray Brackenridge's rosemallow E
HICL Hibiscus clayi O. Deg. & I. Deg. red Kauai rosemallow E
HILA6 Hibiscus lasiocarpos Cav. rosemallow IN (E)
HIPO Hibiscus poeppigii (Spreng.) Garcke Poeppig's rosemallow FL (E)
HIWAH Hibiscus waimeae A. Heller ssp. hannerae (O. Deg. & I. Deg.) D.M. Bates white Kauai rosemallow E
HICA3 Hieracium canadense Michx. Canadian hawkweed OH (T)
HIGR5 Hieracium greenii Porter & Britton Maryland hawkweed
HITR5 Hieracium traillii Greene PA (E)
HIGR3 Hieracium gronovii L. queendevil ME (PX)
HIKA2 Hieracium kalmii L. Kalm's hawkweed NJ (E)
HILO2 Hieracium longipilum Torr. hairy hawkweed KY (T), OH (PRX), TN (SC)
HIRO4 Hieracium robinsonii (Zahn) Fernald Robinson's hawkweed ME (PX), NH (E)
HISC Hieracium scabrum Michx. rough hawkweed TN (T)
HIUM Hieracium umbellatum L. narrowleaf hawkweed NH (E)
HIVE Hieracium venosum L. rattlesnakeweed ME (E)
HIOD Hierochloe odorata (L.) P. Beauv. sweetgrass MD (E), NC (E), PA (E)
HIMA2 Hippomane mancinella L. manchineel FL (E)
HIVU2 Hippuris vulgaris L. common mare's-tail IN (X), ME (SC), NH (T), NY (E), VT (E)
HOTE Hoffmannseggia tenella Tharp & L.O. Williams slender rushpea E TX (E)
HOPE2 Holmgrenanthe petrophila (Coville & Morton) Elisens rocklady
MAPE Maurandya petrophila Coville & Morton CA (R)
HOMA Holocarpha macradenia (DC.) Greene Santa Cruz tarplant T CA (E)
HOSH Homaliadelphus sharpii (R.S. Williams) Sharp Sharp's homaliadelphus moss TN (E)
HOPE Honckenya peploides (L.) Ehrh. seaside sandplant CT (SC), MD (E, X)
HOPER2 Honckenya peploides (L.) Ehrh. ssp. robusta (Fernald) Hultén seaside sandplant NH (E)
HOPER4 Honckenya peploides (L.) Ehrh. var. robusta (Fernald) House RI (SC)
HOPU Hordeum pusillum Nutt. little barley PA (X)
HOIN Hottonia inflata Elliot American featherfoil CT (SC), IN (T), ME (T), MD (E), NJ (E), NY (T), OH (PRX), PA (X), RI (SC), TN (SC)
HOLO Houstonia longifolia Gaertn. longleaf summer bluet CT (E), ME (SC), MA (E)
HELO7 Hedyotis longifolia (Gaertn.) Hook. RI (H)
HOPUC Houstonia purpurea L. var. calycosa A. Gray Venus' pride NY (E)
HOPUM Houstonia purpurea L. var. montana (Small) Terrell Venus' pride NC (E)
HEPUM2 Hedyotis purpurea (L.) Torr. & A. Gray var. montana (Small) Fosberg E TN (E)
HOPUP3 Houstonia purpurea L. var. purpurea Venus' pride NY (E)
HOSE2 Houstonia serpyllifolia Michx. thymeleaf bluet KY (E)
HEMI15 Hedyotis michauxii Fosberg PA (X)
HOAQ Howellia aquatilis A. Gray water howellia T WA (T)
HUER Hudsonia ericoides L. pine barren goldenheather CT (E), NH (T), RI (SC)
HUMO Hudsonia montana Nutt. mountain goldenheather T NC (E)
HUTO Hudsonia tomentosa Nutt. woolly beachheather CT (T), IL (E), IN (T), IA (E), NH (T), OH (PRX), VT (E)
HUAP Huperzia appalachiana Beitel & Mickel Appalachian clubmoss ME (SC), MI (E), NY (T), TN (T)
HUDI Huperzia dichotoma (Jacq.) Trevis. hanging clubmoss
LYDI2 Lycopodium dichotomum Jacq. FL (E)
HULU2 Huperzia lucidula (Michx.) Trevis. shining clubmoss NY (EV)
HUMA Huperzia mannii (Hillebr.) Kartesz & Gandhi Mann's clubmoss E
HUNU Huperzia nutans (Brack.) Rothm. nodding clubmoss
LYNU2 Lycopodium nutans Brack. E
HUPO2 Huperzia porophila (Lloyd & Underw.) Holub rock clubmoss MD (E, X), MN (T), PA (E)
LYPO Lycopodium porophilum Lloyd & Underw. IA (T)
HUSE Huperzia selago (L.) Bernh. ex Schrank & Mart. fir clubmoss ME (T), MA (E), NY (E), PA (X)
HUSES Huperzia selago (L.) Bernh. ex Schrank & Mart. var. selago fir clubmoss
LYSE Lycopodium selago L. CT (SC)
HYCO6 Hybanthus concolor (T.F. Forst.) Spreng. eastern greenviolet CT (SC), FL (E), IA (T), NJ (E)
HYAR Hydrangea arborescens L. wild hydrangea FL (E), NY (E)
HYCA Hydrastis canadensis L. goldenseal CT (E), GA (E), MD (T), MA (E), MI (T), MN (E), NJ (E), NY (T), NC (SC, E), PA (V), TN (SC, CE), VT (E)
HYAM Hydrocotyle americana L. American marshpennywort IN (E), KY (E), TN (E)
HYRA Hydrocotyle ranunculoides L. f. floating marshpennywort IL (E), NJ (E), NY (E)
HYUM Hydrocotyle umbellata L. manyflower marshpennywort CT (E), OH (E), PA (X)
HYVE2 Hydrocotyle verticillata Thunb. whorled marshpennywort CT (SC), MA (T), NY (E), RI (H)
HYOV Hydrolea ovata Nutt. ex Choisy ovate false fiddleleaf KY (E), TN (SC)
HYUN Hydrolea uniflora Raf. oneflower false fiddleleaf IL (E), KY (SC)
HYCA3 Hydrophyllum canadense L. bluntleaf waterleaf MA (E), NJ (E), VT (T)
HYMA Hydrophyllum macrophyllum Nutt. largeleaf waterleaf MD (T), PA (E)
HYVI Hydrophyllum virginianum L. eastern waterleaf CT (SC), KY (SC), NH (T), TN (T)
HYTE9 Hylotelephium telephioides (Michx.) H. Ohba Allegheny stonecrop
SETE Sedum telephioides Michx. IN (T), KY (T), NY (E), PA (R)
HYGO2 Hymenocallis godfreyi G. Lom. Sm. & M. Darst Godfrey's spiderlily FL (E)
HYHE2 Hymenocallis henryae Traub ex J.E. Laferriere Henry's spiderlily FL (E)
HYOCO Hymenocallis occidentalis (Leconte) Kunth var. occidentalis Northern spiderlily
HYCA9 Hymenocallis caroliniana (L.) Herb. Carolina spiderlily
HYCO5 Hymenocallis coronaria (J. Le Conte) Kunth GA (E)
HYTE5 Hymenoxys texana (J.M. Coult. & Rose) Cockerell prairiedawn E TX (E)
HYTR Hypelate trifoliata Sw. inkwood FL (E)
HYAD Hypericum adpressum Raf. ex W. Bartram creeping St. Johnswort CT (SC), IL (E), IN (E), KY (H), MD (E), MA (T), NJ (E), NY (E), PA (X), RI (T), TN (T)
HYAS80 Hypericum ascyron L. great St. Johnswort ME (PX), MA (E), VT (T)
HYPY Hypericum pyramidatum Aiton CT (T), IN (E), MD (E, X), NH (T)
HYBO2 Hypericum boreale (Britton) E.P. Bicknell northern St. Johnswort IA (E), OH (T)
HYCA7 Hypericum canadense L. lesser Canadian St. Johnswort OH (E)
HYCR3 Hypericum crux-andreae (L.) Crantz St. Peterswort KY (T)
HYST3 Hypericum stans (Michx. ex Willd.) P. Adams & N. Robson PA (X)
HYCU Hypericum cumulicola (Small) P. Adams highlands scrub St. Johnswort E FL (E)
HYDE Hypericum densiflorum Pursh bushy St. Johnswort NY (E), PA (T)
HYDE2 Hypericum denticulatum Walter coppery St. Johnswort IN (T), MD (E), NY (E), OH (E), PA (X)
HYDO Hypericum dolabriforme Vent. straggling St. Johnswort IN (R)
HYDR Hypericum drummondii (Grev. & Hook.) Torr. & A. Gray nits and lice MD (E, X), PA (X)
HYED Hypericum edisonianum (Small) P. Adams & N. Robson Arcadian St. Johnswort FL (E)
HYEL Hypericum ellipticum Hook. pale St. Johnswort OH (T), TN (E)
HYFR Hypericum frondosum Michx. cedarglade St. Johnswort IN (X)
HYGE Hypericum gentianoides (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. orangegrass IA (E)
HYGR3 Hypericum graveolens Buckley mountain St. Johnswort TN (E)
HYGY Hypericum gymnanthum Engelm. & A. Gray claspingleaf St. Johnswort IN (E), MD (E), OH (E), PA (X)
HYHYM Hypericum hypericoides (L.) Crantz ssp. multicaule (Michx. ex Willd.) N. Robson St. Andrew's cross MA (E), NY (E)
HYKA Hypericum kalmianum L. Kalm's St. Johnswort IL (E), OH (T)
HYLI4 Hypericum lissophloeus P. Adams smoothbark St. Johnswort FL (E)
HYMA2 Hypericum majus (A. Gray) Britton large St. Johnswort NJ (E), PA (T), WA (S)
HYMI Hypericum mitchellianum Rydb. Blue Ridge St. Johnswort TN (T)
HYNU Hypericum nudiflorum Michx. ex Willd. early St. Johnswort KY (H)
HYPR Hypericum prolificum L. shrubby St. Johnswort NJ (E), NY (T)
HYPS Hypericum pseudomaculatum Bush false spotted St. Johnswort KY (H)
HYSP2 Hypericum sphaerocarpum Michx. roundseed St. Johnswort MI (T), WI (T)
HYHI2 Hypoxis hirsuta (L.) Coville common goldstar ME (PX), NH (T)
ILAM2 Ilex amelanchier M.A. Curtis ex Chapm. sarvis holly FL (T)
ILCO2 Ilex collina Alexander longstalk holly NC (T), VA (E)
NECO6 Nemopanthus collinus (Alexander) R. Clark TN (SC)
ILCO3 Ilex cookii Britton & P. Wilson te E PR (E)
ILGL Ilex glabra (L.) A. Gray inkberry CT (T), ME (T), NY (EV), PA (X)
ILKR Ilex krugiana Loes. tawnyberry holly FL (T)
ILLA Ilex laevigata (Pursh) A. Gray smooth winterberry ME (SC), NY (EV)
ILMO Ilex montana Torr. & A. Gray ex A. Gray mountain holly MA (E), NJ (E), NY (EV)
ILOBO Ilex obcordata Sw. var. obcordata cuero de sapo
ILSI2 Ilex sintenisii (Urb.) Britton Sintenis' holly E PR (E)
ILOP Ilex opaca Aiton American holly NY (EV), PA (T)
ILVE Ilex verticillata (L.) A. Gray common winterberry AR (T), IA (E), NY (EV)
ILLO2 Iliamna longisepala (Torr.) Wiggins longsepal wild hollyhock WA (S)
ILRIR Iliamna rivularis (Douglas ex Hook.) Greene var. rivularis streambank wild hollyhock
ILCO4 Iliamna corei Sherff E VA (E)
ILRE Iliamna remota Greene IL (E), IN (E)
ILFL Illicium floridanum Ellis Florida anisetree GA (E)
ILPA Illicium parviflorum Michx. ex Vent. yellow anisetree FL (E)
IMPA Impatiens pallida Nutt. pale touch-me-not ME (SC)
INMI Indigofera miniata Ortega coastal indigo
INMIL Indigofera miniata Ortega var. leptosepala (Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray) B.L. Turner AR (T)
INOX Indigofera oxycarpa Desv. Asian indigo
INKE Indigofera keyensis Small FL (E)
IOPI Iodanthus pinnatifidus (Michx.) Steud. purplerocket MN (E), PA (E)
IOLI2 Ionactis linariifolius (L.) Greene flaxleaf whitetop aster
ASLI2 Aster linariifolius L. IA (T)
IOUT Ionopsis utricularioides (Sw.) Lindl. delicate violet orchid FL (E)
IPMI Ipomoea microdactyla Griseb. calcareous morning-glory FL (E)
IPPA Ipomoea pandurata (L.) G. Mey. man of the earth MI (T), NY (E)
IPTE2 Ipomoea tenuissima Choisy rockland morning-glory FL (E)
IPSA2 Ipomopsis sancti-spiritus Wilken & Fletcher Holy Ghost ipomopsis E NM (E)
IRRH Iresine rhizomatosa Standl. Juda's bush IL (E), IN (R), MD (E)
IRBR2 Iris brevicaulis Raf. zigzag iris OH (E), TN (E)
IRCR Iris cristata Aiton dwarf crested iris MD (E), PA (E)
IRFU Iris fulva Ker Gawl. copper iris KY (E), TN (T)
IRLA Iris lacustris Nutt. dwarf lake iris T MI (T), WI (T)
IRPR Iris prismatica Pursh ex Ker Gawl. slender blue iris ME (T), MD (E), NH (T), NY (T), PA (E), TN (T)
IRVE Iris verna L. dwarf violet iris MD (E), OH (T), PA (E)
IRVI Iris virginica L. Virginia iris PA (E)
IRVIS Iris virginica L. var. shrevei (Small) E.S. Anderson Shreve's iris NY (E)
ISBY Ischaemum byrone (Trin.) Hitchc. Hilo murainagrass E
ISHO2 Isodendrion hosakae H. St. John cindercone isodendrion E
ISLA3 Isodendrion laurifolium A. Gray rockcliff isodendrion E
ISLO2 Isodendrion longifolium A. Gray longleaf isodendrion T
ISPY Isodendrion pyrifolium A. Gray wahine noho kula E
ISAC Isoetes acadiensis Kott Acadian quillwort ME (T), MA (E)
ISAP Isoetes appalachiana D.F. Brunton & D.M. Britton Appalachian quillwort FL (E)
ISBO2 Isoetes boomii N. Luebke Boom's quillwort FL (E)
ISBU Isoetes butleri Engelm. limestone quillwort IL (E), KY (E)
ISEN Isoetes engelmannii A. Braun Appalachian quillwort IN (E), MI (E), OH (E), RI (SC), VT (T)
ISHY Isoetes hyemalis D.F. Brunton evergreen quillwort FL (E)
ISLA Isoetes lacustris L. lake quillwort MA (E), NJ (E), NY (R), TN (E)
ISLO Isoetes louisianensis Thieret Louisiana quillwort E
ISMA Isoetes macrospora Durieu big-spore quillwort NH (T)
ISME Isoetes melanopoda Gay & Durieu ex Durieu blackfoot quillwort IN (E), IA (E), KY (E), MN (E), NJ (E), TN (E)
ISME3 Isoetes melanospora Engelm. blackspore quillwort E GA (E)
ISNU Isoetes nuttallii A. Braun ex Engelm. Nuttall's quillwort WA (S)
ISPI Isoetes piedmontana (N.E. Pfeiffer) C.F. Reed Peidmont quillwort NC (T)
ISPR Isoetes prototypus D.M. Britton spike quillwort ME (T)
ISRI Isoetes riparia Engelm. ex A. Braun shore quillwort ME (PX), NH (T), NY (E), RI (SC)
ISTE Isoetes tegetiformans Rury Merlin's grass E GA (E)
ISTE5 Isoetes tenella Léman spiny-spore quillwort
ISEC Isoetes echinospora Durieu OH (PRX), RI (SC)
ISTU Isoetes tuckermanii A. Braun Tuckerman's quillwort NJ (E)
ISME2 Isotria medeoloides (Pursh) Raf. small whorled pogonia T CT (E), GA (T), IL (E), ME (E), MD (E, X), MA (E), MI (E), MO (E), NH (E), NJ (E), NY (E), NC (E), OH (E), PA (E), RI (E), TN (E), VT (E), VA (E)
ISVE Isotria verticillata Raf. large whorled pogonia FL (E), IL (E), ME (PX), MI (T), NH (E), NY (EV), VT (T)
ITVI Itea virginica L. Virginia sweetspire IN (E), PA (X)
IVFR Iva frutescens L. Jesuit's bark ME (E)
IVFRO2 Iva frutescens L. ssp. oraria (Bartlett) R.C. Jacks. Jesuit's bark NH (T)
IVCA Ivesia callida (H.M. Hall) Rydb. Tahquitz mousetail CA (R)
IVKI Ivesia kingii S. Watson King's mousetail
IVKIE Ivesia kingii S. Watson var. eremica (Coville) Ertter T NV (FP)
IVRHR Ivesia rhypara Ertter & Reveal var. rhypara grimy mousetail OR (E)
JACU4 Jacquemontia curtissii Peter ex Small pineland clustervine FL (T)
JAHA Jacquemontia havanensis (Jacq.) Urb. Havana clustervine FL (E)
JAPE Jacquemontia pentanthos (Jacq.) G. Don skyblue clustervine FL (E)
JARE Jacquemontia reclinata House beach clustervine E FL (E)
JAKE Jacquinia keyensis Mez joewood FL (T)
JACO Jatropha costaricensis G.L. Webster & Poveda Costa Rican jatropha E
JEDI Jeffersonia diphylla (L.) Pers. twinleaf GA (E), IA (T), NJ (E), NY (T)
JUCI Juglans cinerea L. butternut KY (SC), NY (EV), TN (T)
JUJA Juglans jamaicensis C. DC. West Indian walnut E
JUAL4 Juncus alpinoarticulatus Chaix northern green rush ME (T)
JUALN Juncus alpinoarticulatus Chaix ssp. nodulosus (Wahlenb.) Hämet-Ahti northern green rush
JUAL Juncus alpinus auct. non Vill. IL (E), PA (T)
JUAM3 Juncus ambiguus Guss. seasice rush NY (E)
JUARL Juncus arcticus Willd. ssp. littoralis (Engelm.) Hultén mountain rush
JUBA Juncus balticus Willd. MD (E, X), PA (T)
JUBAL Juncus balticus Willd. var. littoralis Engelm. IN (R)
JUAR4 Juncus articulatus L. jointleaf rush IN (E), KY (SC)
JUBI Juncus biflorus Elliot bog rush PA (T)
JUMAB Juncus marginatus Rostk. var. biflorus (Elliot) Alph. Wood NY (E)
JUBR Juncus brachycarpus Engelm. whiteroot rush MI (T), NJ (E), NY (E), PA (E)
JUBR2 Juncus brachycephalus (Engelm.) Buchenau smallhead rush MD (E, X), PA (T), TN (SC)
JUCA2 Juncus caesariensis Coville New Jersey rush MD (E), NJ (E), NC (E)
JUCO4 Juncus coriaceus Mack. leathery rush NJ (E)
JUDE Juncus debilis A. Gray weak rush CT (SC), MA (E), NY (E), RI (T)
JUDI Juncus dichotomus Elliot forked rush PA (E)
JUPL2 Juncus platyphyllus (Wiegand) Fernald OH (E)
JUDI2 Juncus diffusissimus Buckley slimpod rush OH (E)
JUDU2 Juncus dudleyi Wiegand Dudley's rush ME (SC)
JUEL Juncus elliottii Chapm. Elliott's rush KY (H), NJ (E)
JUEN Juncus ensifolius Wikstr. swordleaf rush NY (E)
JUFI Juncus filiformis L. thread rush MA (E), PA (R)
JUFI2 Juncus filipendulus Buckley ringseed rush KY (T)
JUGR Juncus greenei Oakes & Tuck. Greene's rush OH (E), PA (X), VT (E)
JUGY Juncus gymnocarpus Coville Pennsylvania rush FL (E), PA (R), TN (SC)
JUHEH Juncus hemiendytus F.J. Herm. var. hemiendytus Herman's dwarf rush WA (S)
JUIN2 Juncus interior Wiegand inland rush OH (E)
JUKE Juncus kelloggii Engelm. Kellogg's dwarf rush WA (T)
JULO2 Juncus longii Fernald Long's rush MD (E)
JUME Juncus megacephalus M.A. Curtis bighead rush MD (E, X)
JUMI2 Juncus militaris Bigelow bayonet rush IN (X), MD (E, X), MI (T), PA (E), VT (E)
JUPE Juncus pelocarpus E. Mey. brownfruit rush IN (T), MD (E)
JUSC Juncus scirpoides Lam. needlepod rush IN (T), MI (T), NY (E), PA (E)
JUSE Juncus secundus P. Beauv. ex Poir. lopsided rush IN (E), ME (SC), NH (E), OH (T), VT (E)
JUST Juncus stygius L. moor rush ME (SC), MI (T), WI (E)
JUSTA Juncus stygius L. ssp. americanus (Buchenau) Hultén moor rush NY (E)
JUSU Juncus subcaudatus (Engelm.) Coville & S.F. Blake woodland rush NY (E)
JUSU2 Juncus subtilis E. Mey. greater creeping rush ME (T)
JUTI Juncus tiehmii Ertter Nevada rush WA (T)
JUTO Juncus torreyi Coville Torrey's rush ME (PX), MD (E), NJ (E), PA (E), VT (E)
JUTR2 Juncus trifidus L. highland rush MD (E), NY (T), TN (PX, E)
JUTRC Juncus trifidus L. ssp. carolinianus Hämet-Ahti NC (E)
JUVA Juncus vaseyi Engelm. Vasey's rush IL (E), ME (E), MI (T)
JUCA7 Juniperus californica Carrière California juniper NV (CY)
JUCO6 Juniperus communis L. common juniper IL (T), IN (R), MD (E, X), OH (E)
JUCOD Juniperus communis L. var. depressa Pursh common juniper KY (T)
JUGR7 Juniperus grandis R.P. Adams western juniper
JUOCA Juniperus occidentalis Hook. var. australis (Vasek) A.H. Holmgren & N.H. Holmgren western juniper NV (CY)
JUHO2 Juniperus horizontalis Moench creeping juniper IL (E), IA (T), NH (E), NY (E), VT (T)
JUOC Juniperus occidentalis Hook. western juniper
JUOCO Juniperus occidentalis Hook. var. occidentalis western juniper NV (CY)
JUOS Juniperus osteosperma (Torr.) Little Utah juniper NV (CY)
JUSC2 Juniperus scopulorum Sarg. Rocky Mountain juniper NV (CY)
JUAM Justicia americana (L.) Vahl American water-willow IA (E), MI (T)
JUCO8 Justicia cooleyi Monachino & Leonard Cooley's water-willow E FL (E)
JUCR Justicia crassifolia (Chapm.) Chapm. ex Small thickleaf water-willow FL (E)
JUOV Justicia ovata (Walter) Lindau looseflower water-willow IL (E)
KAAN Kalmia angustifolia L. sheep laurel NY (EV)
KACA2 Kalmia carolina Small Carolina laurel
KAANC Kalmia angustifolia L. var. carolina (Small) Fernald TN (PX, E)
KACU Kalmia cuneata Michx. whitewicky NC (SC, E)
KALA Kalmia latifolia L. mountain laurel FL (T), ME (SC), NY (EV)
KAPO Kalmia polifolia Wangenh. bog laurel NJ (E), NY (EV), RI (T)
KAKA Kanaloa kahoolawensis D.H. Lorence & K.R. Wood kanaloa E
KOVI2 Koanophyllon villosum (Sw.) R.M. King & H. Rob. Florida Keys thoroughwort
EUVI4 Eupatorium villosum Sw. FL (E)
KOMA Koeleria macrantha (Ledeb.) Schult. prairie Junegrass KY (E), OH (E)
KOCR Koeleria cristata auct. non Pers. p.p. PA (X)
KOCO2 Kokia cookei O. Deg. Molokai treecotton E
KODR Kokia drynarioides (Seem.) Lewt. Hawai'i treecotton E
KOKA Kokia kauaiensis (Rock) O. Deg. & Duvel Kauai treecotton E
KODE2 Kosteletzkya depressa (L.) O.J. Blanch., Fryxell & D.M. Bates white fenrose FL (E)
KRBI Krigia biflora (Walter) S.F. Blake twoflower dwarfdandelion CT (SC)
KRCA Krigia caespitosa (Raf.) K.L. Chambers weedy dwarfdandelion
KROP2 Krigia oppositifolia Raf. IN (T)
KRDA Krigia dandelion (L.) Nutt. potato dwarfdandelion MD (E), NJ (E), OH (T)
KRMO Krigia montana (Michx.) Nutt. mountain dwarfdandelion TN (T)
KROC Krigia occidentalis Nutt. western dwarfdandelion KY (E)
KRVI Krigia virginica (L.) Willd. Virginia dwarfdandelion IA (E), ME (PX), OH (T)
KUCO Kumlienia cooleyae (Vasey & Rose) Greene Cooley's false buttercup
RACO2 Ranunculus cooleyae Vasey & Rose WA (S)
KYPU Kyllinga pumila Michx. low spikesedge MD (E)
CYTE2 Cyperus tenuifolius (Steud.) Dandy NJ (E)
LACY Labordia cyrtandrae (Baill.) H. St. John Koolau Range labordia E
LALY2 Labordia lydgatei Forbes Wahiawa Mountain labordia E
LATIL Labordia tinifolia A. Gray var. lanaiensis Sherff Lanai labordia E
LATIW2 Labordia tinifolia A. Gray var. wahiawaensis H. St. John Wahiawa labordia E
LATR4 Labordia triflora Hillebr. three-flower labordia E
LACA5 Lachnanthes caroliana (Lam.) Dandy Carolina redroot CT (E), MD (E), MA (SC), NY (E), RI (T), TN (E)
LAAN Lachnocaulon anceps (Walter) Morong whitehead bogbutton TN (E)
LADI5 Lachnocaulon digynum Koern. pineland bogbutton FL (T)
LAFL Lactuca floridana (L.) Gaertn. woodland lettuce MI (T), NY (E)
LAHI Lactuca hirsuta Muhl. ex Nutt. hairy lettuce IL (T), MD (E, X), NY (E), OH (E), VT (T)
LALU Lactuca ludoviciana (Nutt.) Riddell biannual lettuce IN (X)
LATAP Lactuca tatarica (L.) C.A. Mey. var. pulchella (Pursh) Breitung blue lettuce
LAPU Lactuca pulchella (Pursh) DC. MI (T)
LACA8 Lantana canescens Kunth hammock shrubverbena FL (E)
LADE Lantana depressa Small depressed shrubverbena FL (E)
LALA Larix laricina (Du Roi) K. Koch tamarack IL (T), MD (E), RI (T)
LABU Lasthenia burkei (Greene) Greene Burke's baeria E CA (E)
LACO6 Lasthenia conjugens Greene Contra Costa goldfields E
LAHO2 Lathyrus holochlorus (Piper) C.L. Hitchc. thinleaf pea WA (T)
LAJA Lathyrus japonicus Willd. beach pea OH (T), PA (T)
LAJAM Lathyrus japonicus Willd. var. maritimus (L.) Kartesz & Gandhi beach pea
LAJAG Lathyrus japonicus Willd. var. glaber (Ser.) Fernald IL (E)
LAMA3 Lathyrus maritimus Bigelow VT (T)
LAMAG2 Lathyrus maritimus Bigelow var. glaber (Ser.) Eames IN (E)
LAOC2 Lathyrus ochroleucus Hook. cream pea IL (T), IN (E), NJ (E), OH (T), PA (T)
LAPA4 Lathyrus palustris L. marsh pea KY (T), MD (E, X), PA (E), TN (SC), VT (T)
LATO Lathyrus torreyi A. Gray Torrey's pea WA (T)
LAVE Lathyrus venosus Muhl. ex Willd. veiny pea IN (T), KY (SC), NJ (E), NY (E), OH (E)
LACA4 Layia carnosa (Nutt.) Torr. & A. Gray beach tidytips E CA (E)
LEEXE Leavenworthia exigua Rollins var. exigua Tennessee gladecress GA (T), TN (SC)
LEEXL Leavenworthia exigua Rollins var. laciniata Rollins Tennessee gladecress KY (T)
LEEXL2 Leavenworthia exigua Rollins var. lutea Rollins Tennessee gladecress TN (PX, E)
LETO Leavenworthia torulosa A. Gray necklace gladecress KY (T)
LEUN Leavenworthia uniflora (Michx.) Britton Michaux's gladecress IN (E), OH (T)
LECE Lechea cernua Small nodding pinweed FL (T)
LEDI Lechea divaricata Shuttlw. ex Britton drysand pinweed FL (E)
LEIN Lechea intermedia Leggett ex Britton largepod pinweed IL (T), IA (T), OH (T)
LELA11 Lechea lakelae Wilbur Lakela's pinweed FL (E)
LEMI Lechea minor L. thymeleaf pinweed OH (T)
LEMU3 Lechea mucronata Raf. hairy pinweed VT (E)
LEVI Lechea villosa Elliot IA (T)
LEPU4 Lechea pulchella Raf. Leggett's pinweed MI (T), OH (T), TN (E)
LEPUM Lechea pulchella Raf. var. moniliformis (E.P. Bicknell) Seymour Leggett's pinweed MA (E), NY (E)
LERA Lechea racemulosa Michx. Illinois pinweed IN (E), NY (R)
LEST Lechea stricta Leggett ex Britton prairie pinweed IN (X)
LETE Lechea tenuifolia Michx. narrowleaf pinweed ME (PX), MD (E, X), MN (E), NH (E), NJ (E), NY (T), OH (T)
LEGR Ledum groenlandicum Oeder bog Labrador tea CT (T), OH (E), PA (R)
LEHE Leersia hexandra Sw. southern cutgrass MD (E)
LELE2 Leersia lenticularis Michx. catchfly grass MD (E), OH (E)
LEBU Leiophyllum buxifolium (Bergius) Elliot sandmyrtle KY (H), PA (X)
LEFL Leitneria floridana Chapm. corkwood FL (T)
LEBL Lejeunea blomquistii R.M. Schust. TN (SC)
LECA63 Lejeunea cardoti Steph. TN (SC)
LESH9 Lejeunea sharpii (R.M. Schust.) R.M. Schust. TN (E)
LEMI6 Lemna minuta Kunth least duckweed
LEMI10 Lemna minima Phil., non Thuill. ex P. Beauv. IN (E)
LEOB2 Lemna obscura (Austin) Daubs little duckweed PA (X)
LEPE Lemna perpusilla Torr. minute duckweed IN (X), NJ (E), NY (E)
LETR Lemna trisulca L. star duckweed MD (E)
LEVA Lemna valdiviana Phil. valdivia duckweed IN (X), MI (PREX), NH (E), NJ (E), NY (E), PA (X)
LELA42 Leochilus labiatus (Sw.) Kuntze [excluded] lipped orchid FL (E)
LEEL2 Lepanthes eltoroensis Stimson Luquillo Mountain babyboot orchid E PR (E)
LEME Lepanthopsis melanantha (Rchb. f.) Ames tiny orchid FL (E)
LEAR5 Lepidium arbuscula Hillebr. Waianae Range pepperwort E
LEBA Lepidium barnebyanum Reveal Barneby's pepperweed E
LEDA2 Lepidium davisii Rollins Davis' pepperweed OR (T)
LEOX Lepidium oxycarpum Torr. & A. Gray forked pepperweed WA (S)
LEBU2 Lepidospartum burgessii B.L. Turner Burgess' broomsage NM (E)
LEGR6 Leptocereus grantianus Britton sebucan E PR (E)
LEFUF Leptochloa fusca (L.) Kunth ssp. fascicularis (Lam.) N. Snow bearded sprangletop MA (T)
DIMA10 Diplachne maritima E.P. Bicknell CT (E), NY (E)
LEFAM Leptochloa fascicularis (Lam.) A. Gray var. maritima (E.P. Bicknell) Gleason RI (H)
LEPA3 Leptochloa panicoides (J. Presl) Hitchc. Amazon sprangletop IN (E)
LEEX4 Leptodontium excelsum (Sull.) E. Britton leptodontium moss TN (E)
LEAP4 Leptogium appalachense Nyl. Appalachian skin lichen MN (E)
LESH4 Leptohymenium sharpii (H.A. Crum & L.E. Anderson) W.R. Buck & H.A. Crum Sharp's leptohymenium moss TN (E)
LECU11 Leptoscyphus cuneifolius (Hook.) Mitt. TN (E)
LEBO9 Leptosiphon bolanderi (A. Gray) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson Bolander's linanthus
LIBO2 Linanthus bolanderi (A. Gray) Greene WA (S)
LESP Lepuropetalon spathulatum Elliot petiteplant FL (E)
LEAN Lespedeza angustifolia (Pursh) Elliot narrowleaf lespedeza NY (R), PA (E), TN (T)
LECA8 Lespedeza capitata Michx. roundhead lespedeza KY (SC)
LEHI2 Lespedeza hirta (L.) Hornem. hairy lespedeza ME (PX), VT (T)
LELE5 Lespedeza leptostachya Engelm. prairie lespedeza T IL (E), IA (T), MN (T), WI (E)
LENU Lespedeza ×nuttallii Darl. (pro sp.) [hirta × violacea] ME (PX)
LEPR Lespedeza procumbens Michx. trailing lespedeza MI (PREX), NH (E)
LERE2 Lespedeza repens (L.) W. Bartram creeping lespedeza CT (SC), NY (R)
LEST5 Lespedeza stuevei Nutt. tall lespedeza IN (X), KY (SC), NY (T), PA (X)
LEVI6 Lespedeza violacea (L.) Pers. violet lespedeza NY (R), VT (T)
LEVI7 Lespedeza virginica (L.) Britton slender lespedeza NH (T), WI (T)
LECO10 Lesquerella congesta Rollins Dudley Bluffs bladderpod T
LEDE3 Lesquerella densipila Rollins Duck River bladderpod TN (T)
LEFI2 Lesquerella filiformis Rollins limestoneglade bladderpod T MO (E)
LEGL2 Lesquerella globosa (Desv.) S. Watson globe bladderpod IN (E), KY (T), TN (E)
LEKIB Lesquerella kingii S. Watson ssp. bernardina (Munz) Munz King bladderpod E
LELE9 Lesquerella lescurii (A. Gray) S. Watson Lescur's bladderpod KY (SC)
LELU Lesquerella ludoviciana (Nutt.) S. Watson foothill bladderpod IL (E), MN (E), WI (T)
LELY Lesquerella lyrata Rollins lyreleaf bladderpod T
LEPA4 Lesquerella pallida (Torr. & A. Gray) S. Watson white bladderpod E TX (E)
LEPE3 Lesquerella perforata Rollins Spring Creek bladderpod E TN (E)
LERU4 Lesquerella rubicundula Rollins tum bladderpod
LETU Lesquerella tumulosa (Barneby) Reveal E
LEST8 Lesquerella stonensis Rollins Stone River bladderpod TN (E)
LETH3 Lesquerella thamnophila Rollins & Shaw Zapata bladderpod E TX (E)
LETU7 Lesquerella tuplashensis Rollins, K. Beck & F.E. Kaplow White Bluffs bladderpod WA (E)
LEGE Lessingia germanorum Cham. San Francisco lessingia E CA (E)
LEMU Leucospora multifida (Michx.) Nutt. narrowleaf paleseed IA (E), NY (E)
LEMO5 Leucothrinax morrisii (H. Wendl.) C.Lewis & Zona Key thatch palm
THMO4 Thrinax morrisii H. Wendl. Key thatch palm FL (E)
LECO4 Lewisia congdonii (Rydb.) S. Clay Congdon's lewisia CA (R)
LEMO8 Leymus mollis (Trin.) Pilg. American dunegrass MA (E)
LICY Liatris cylindracea Michx. Ontario blazing star KY (T), NY (E), OH (T), TN (T)
LIGH Liatris gholsonii L.C. Anderson Gholson's blazing star FL (E)
LIHE2 Liatris helleri Porter Heller's blazing star T NC (SC, T)
LIOH Liatris ohlingerae (S.F. Blake) B.L. Rob. Florida blazing star E FL (E)
LIPR3 Liatris provincialis Godfrey Godfrey's blazing star FL (E)
LIPU Liatris punctata Hook. dotted blazing star MI (PREX)
LIPUP Liatris punctata Hook. var. punctata dotted blazing star
LIPUN Liatris punctata Hook. var. nebraskana Gaiser Nebraska blazing star WI (E)
LIPY Liatris pycnostachya Michx. prairie blazing star IN (T)
LISC2 Liatris scariosa (L.) Willd. devil's bite ME (T)
LISCN Liatris scariosa (L.) Willd. var. nieuwlandii (Lunell) E.G. Voss Nieuwland's blazing star IL (T)
LISCN2 Liatris scariosa (L.) Willd. var. novae-angliae Lunell New England blazing star CT (SC), MA (SC), NJ (E), RI (E)
LIBO6 Liatris borealis Nutt. NH (E), NY (T)
LISQ Liatris squarrosa (L.) Michx. scaly blazing star MD (E), MI (PREX)
LITU3 Liatris turgida Gaiser turgid blazing star MD (E, X)
LITR Licaria triandra (Sw.) Kosterm. pepperleaf sweetwood FL (E)
LICA16 Ligusticum canadense (L.) Britton Canadian licorice-root IN (E), MD (E, X), OH (PRX), PA (E)
LISC3 Ligusticum scoticum L. Scottish licorice-root CT (E), NY (E), RI (SC)
LICA31 Lilaeopsis carolinensis J.M. Coult. & Rose Carolina grasswort NC (T)
LICH Lilaeopsis chinensis (L.) Kuntze eastern grasswort CT (SC), ME (T), NH (T), NY (T), RI (H)
LIMA7 Lilaeopsis masonii Mathias & Constance mudflat quillplant CA (R)
LISCR Lilaeopsis schaffneriana (Schltdl.) J.M. Coult. & Rose var. recurva (A.W. Hill) Affolter Schaffner's grasswort E AZ (HS)
LICA3 Lilium canadense L. Canada lily IN (R), NY (EV), RI (T), TN (T)
LICA4 Lilium catesbaei Walter pine lily FL (T)
LIGR2 Lilium grayi S. Watson Gray's lily NC (SC, T), TN (E)
LIIR Lilium iridollae Henry panhandle lily FL (E), NC (T)
LIMI Lilium michauxii Poir. Carolina lily FL (E)
LIMI9 Lilium michiganense Farw. Michigan lily NY (E), TN (T)
LIOC2 Lilium occidentale Purdy western lily E CA (E), OR (E)
LIPAP5 Lilium pardalinum Kellogg ssp. pitkinense (Beane & Vollmer) M.W. Skinner Pitkin Marsh lily E
LIPI Lilium pitkinense Beane & Vollmer CA (E)
LIPA2 Lilium parryi S. Watson lemon lily AZ (SR)
LIPH Lilium philadelphicum L. wood lily KY (T), MD (E, X), NM (E), NY (EV), OH (T), RI (SC), TN (E)
LIPHA Lilium philadelphicum L. var. andinum (Nutt.) Ker Gawl. wood lily NM (E)
LIUM2 Lilium umbellatum Pursh AZ (SR)
LISU Lilium superbum L. turk's-cap lily FL (E), KY (T), NH (E), NY (EV)
LIBA2 Limnanthes bakeri J.T. Howell Baker's meadowfoam CA (R)
LIDOS2 Limnanthes douglasii R. Br. ssp. sulphurea (C.T. Mason) C.T. Mason Douglas' meadowfoam CA (E)
LIFLC2 Limnanthes floccosa Howell ssp. californica Arroyo California meadowfoam E CA (E)
LIGRP2 Limnanthes gracilis Howell ssp. parishii (Jeps.) R.M. Beauch. Parish's slender meadowfoam CA (E)
LIPU8 Limnanthes pumila Howell woolly meadowfoam
LIFLP2 Limnanthes floccosa Howell ssp. pumila (Howell) Arroyo woolly meadowfoam OR (T)
LIPUG Limnanthes pumila Howell ssp. grandiflora (Arroyo) S.C. Meyers & K.L. Chambers woolly meadowfoam
LIFLG Limnanthes floccosa Howell ssp. grandiflora Arroyo woolly meadowfoam E OR (E)
LIVI3 Limnanthes vinculans Ornduff Sebastopol meadowfoam E CA (E)
LISP2 Limnobium spongia (Bosc) Rich. ex Steud. American spongeplant KY (T), MD (E)
LICA17 Limonium carolinianum (Walter) Britton lavender thrift NY (EV)
LIAU6 Limosella australis R. Br. Welsh mudwort ME (SC), MD (E), NH (E), NY (R), PA (X)
LISU2 Limosella subulata Ives CT (SC), NJ (E), RI (SC)
LIBE3 Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume northern spicebush ME (SC)
LIME7 Lindera melissifolia (Walter) Blume southern spicebush E AR (E), FL (E), GA (E), MO (E), NC (E)
LISU8 Lindera subcoriacea B.E. Wofford bog spicebush FL (E), NC (E)
LIDUA Lindernia dubia (L.) Pennell var. anagallidea (Michx.) Cooperr. yellowseed false pimpernel ME (PX)
LIAN2 Lindernia anagallidea (Michx.) Pennell NH (E)
LIMO3 Lindernia monticola Muhl. ex Nutt. piedmont false pimpernel
LISA3 Lindernia saxicola M.A. Curtis GA (E)
LIBO3 Linnaea borealis L. twinflower IN (X), IA (T), MD (E, X), NJ (E), OH (PRX), PA (T), RI (H), TN (PX, E)
LIBOA Linnaea borealis L. ssp. americana (Forbes) Hultén ex R.T. Clausen twinflower
LIBOA2 Linnaea borealis L. var. americana (Forbes) Rehder CT (SC)
LIAR5 Linum arenicola (Small) Winkl. sand flax FL (E)
LICA14 Linum carteri Small Carter's flax FL (E)
LIFL Linum floridanum (Planch.) Trel. Florida yellow flax MD (E, X)
LIIN Linum intercursum E.P. Bicknell sandplain flax CT (SC), IN (E), MD (T), MA (SC), NJ (E), NY (T), PA (E), RI (E)
LIMA10 Linum macrocarpum C.M. Rogers Spring Hill flax FL (E)
LIMEM Linum medium (Planch.) Britton var. medium stiff yellow flax NY (E)
LIMET Linum medium (Planch.) Britton var. texanum (Planch.) Fernald stiff yellow flax MA (T), NY (T), RI (SC)
LIST Linum striatum Walter ridged yellow flax IN (T), NY (R)
LISU4 Linum sulcatum Riddell grooved flax CT (SC), IN (R), MD (E), NJ (E), NY (T), PA (E), RI (H)
LIVI Linum virginianum L. woodland flax MI (T)
LIWE Linum westii C.M. Rogers West's flax FL (E)
LIEL2 Liparis elata Lindl. pantropical widelip orchid
LINE2 Liparis ne