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Threatened & Endangered
About PLANTS Threatened & Endangered

Protected Plants for All Scientific Names
Jurisdiction = Federal and State
State Distribution = U.S. States (Ohio)
571 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with more information. Click on a place name in the reference list to view its T&E list, or click on the reference link to see published lists and learn more about each law. Protected plants that are synonyms retain their protected status, and are indented beneath the current PLANTS accepted name; common names are from PLANTS.

United States USFWS Endangered Species Program. 2014. All plants (January 2014). US Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington, DC.
Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves. 2001. Rare native Ohio plants, 2000-2001 status list (20 October 2002). Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Federal Protected Status State Protected Status
ACDE4 Acalypha deamii (Weath.) H.E. Ahles Deam's threeseed mercury
ACVID Acalypha virginica L. var. deamii Weath. OH (PRX)
ACPE Acer pensylvanicum L. striped maple OH (E)
ACNO2 Aconitum noveboracense A. Gray ex Coville northern blue monkshood T OH (E)
ACUN Aconitum uncinatum L. southern blue monkshood OH (E)
ACRU2 Actaea rubra (Aiton) Willd. red baneberry OH (T)
ADFU Adlumia fungosa (Aiton) Greene ex Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. allegheny vine OH (T)
AGAU3 Agalinis auriculata (Michx.) S.F. Blake earleaf false foxglove OH (E)
AGGA Agalinis gattingeri (Small) Small roundstem false foxglove OH (PRX)
AGPAB Agalinis paupercula (A. Gray) Britton var. borealis Pennell smallflower false foxglove
AGPUP Agalinis purpurea (L.) Pennell var. parviflora (Benth.) B. Boivin OH (E)
AGSK Agalinis skinneriana (Alph. Wood) Britton Skinner's false foxglove OH (E)
AGARA Ageratina aromatica (L.) Spach var. aromatica lesser snakeroot
EUAR7 Eupatorium aromaticum L. OH (T)
AGEL4 Agrostis elliottiana Schult. Elliott's bentgrass OH (PRX)
AMSA Amelanchier sanguinea (Pursh) DC. roundleaf serviceberry OH (E)
AMBR Ammophila breviligulata Fernald American beachgrass OH (T)
ANRUR Andreaea rupestris Hedw. var. rupestris andreaea moss OH (PRX)
ANPOG Andromeda polifolia L. var. glaucophylla (Link) DC. bog rosemary
ANGL Andromeda glaucophylla Link OH (PRX)
ANGLG2 Andropogon glomeratus (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. var. glomeratus bushy bluestem
ANVIA Andropogon virginicus L. var. abbreviatus (Hack.) Fernald & Grisc. OH (E)
ANOC2 Androsace occidentalis Pursh western rockjasmine OH (T)
ANCY Anemone cylindrica A. Gray candle anemone OH (T)
ANFI4 Anomobryum filiforme (Dicks.) Solms filiform anomobryum moss OH (PRX)
ANVI13 Antennaria virginica Stebbins shale barren pussytoes OH (T)
ARDI2 Arabis ×divaricarpa A. Nelson (pro sp.) [drummondii × holboellii] spreadingpod rockcress OH (E)
ARDR Arabis drummondii A. Gray Drummond's rockcress OH (E)
ARHIP Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. var. pycnocarpa (M. Hopkins) Rollins creamflower rockcress OH (E)
ARLY2 Arabis lyrata L. lyrate rockcress OH (T)
ARPA2 Arabis patens Sull. spreading rockcress OH (E)
ARHI2 Aralia hispida Vent. bristly sarsaparilla OH (E)
ARUV Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. kinnikinnick OH (PRX)
ARBU Arethusa bulbosa L. dragon's mouth OH (E)
ARLOG6 Aristida longespica Poir. var. geniculata (Raf.) Fernald slimspike threeawn
ARNE8 Aristida necopina Shinners OH (E)
ARCA12 Artemisia campestris L. field sagewort OH (T)
ASBR2 Asplenium bradleyi D.C. Eaton Bradley's spleenwort OH (T)
ASRE Asplenium resiliens Kunze blackstem spleenwort OH (PRX)
ASRU2 Asplenium ruta-muraria L. wallrue OH (T)
ASNE2 Astragalus neglectus (Torr. & A. Gray) Sheldon Cooper's milkvetch OH (E)
AUPEA Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf. var. ambigens (Fernald) Farw. fernleaf yellow false foxglove OH (E)
AUPEP Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf. var. pedicularia fernleaf yellow false foxglove OH (E)
BAAU Baptisia australis (L.) R. Br. blue wild indigo OH (E)
BEBU Besseya bullii (Eaton) Rydb. Bull's coraldrops OH (PRX)
BEPU4 Betula pumila L. bog birch OH (T)
BIBE2 Bidens beckii Torr. ex Spreng. Beck's water-marigold
MEBE2 Megalodonta beckii (Torr. ex Spreng.) Greene OH (PRX)
BOBI Botrychium biternatum (Sav.) Underw. sparselobe grapefern OH (T)
BOLA Botrychium lanceolatum (S.G. Gmel.) Angstr. lanceleaf grapefern OH (PRX)
BOMU Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmel.) Trevis. leathery grapefern OH (T)
BOSI Botrychium simplex E. Hitchc. little grapefern OH (E)
BUAM Buchnera americana L. American bluehearts OH (T)
BUMI6 Buxbaumia minakatae Okam. buxbaumia moss OH (E)
CAPOI Calamagrostis porteri A. Gray ssp. insperata (Swallen) C.W. Greene Porter's reedgrass OH (E)
CAPA52 Callitriche palustris L. vernal water-starwort
CAVE2 Callitriche verna L. OH (T)
CAFLG Calycanthus floridus L. var. glaucus (Willd.) Torr. & A. Gray eastern sweetshrub
CAFE5 Calycanthus fertilis Walter OH (PRX)
CARO2 Campanula rotundifolia L. bluebell bellflower OH (E)
CASA30 Campylostelium saxicola (F. Weber & D. Mohr) Bruch & Schimp. campylostelium moss OH (E)
CATE22 Canoparmelia texana (Tuck.) Elix & Hale Texan canoparmelia lichen OH (E)
CAPRP Cardamine pratensis L. var. pratensis cuckoo flower
CAPRP2 Cardamine pratensis L. var. palustris Wimm. & Grab. OH (E)
CAAL5 Carex albolutescens Schwein. greenwhite sedge OH (T)
CAAL8 Carex alopecoidea Tuck. foxtail sedge OH (E)
CAAR3 Carex arctata Boott ex Hook. drooping woodland sedge OH (E)
CABI3 Carex bicknellii Britton Bicknell's sedge OH (T)
CABR15 Carex brunnescens (Pers.) Poir. brownish sedge OH (T)
CABU5 Carex bushii Mack. Bush's sedge OH (E)
CACE2 Carex cephaloidea (Dewey) Dewey thinleaf sedge OH (E)
CACO14 Carex conoidea Schkuhr ex Willd. openfield sedge OH (T)
CACR8 Carex crus-corvi Shuttlw. ex Kunze ravenfoot sedge OH (T)
CADE6 Carex decomposita Muhl. cypressknee sedge OH (E)
CADE9 Carex deweyana Schwein. Dewey sedge OH (PRX)
CADI6 Carex disperma Dewey softleaf sedge OH (E)
CAEC Carex echinata Murray star sedge OH (E)
CAFO4 Carex formosa Dewey handsome sedge OH (PRX)
CAGA3 Carex garberi Fernald elk sedge OH (E)
CAHA7 Carex haydenii Dewey Hayden's sedge OH (PRX)
CAJU2 Carex juniperorum Catling, Reznicek & Crins juniper sedge OH (T)
CALI7 Carex limosa L. mud sedge OH (E)
CALO5 Carex longii Mack. Long's sedge OH (E)
CALO6 Carex louisianica L.H. Bailey Louisiana sedge OH (E)
CALU17 Carex lucorum Willd. ex Link Blue Ridge sedge OH (E)
CALU3 Carex lupuliformis Sartwell ex Dewey false hop sedge OH (T)
CAME12 Carex merritt-fernaldii Mack. Fernald's sedge OH (E)
CAME13 Carex mesochorea Mack. midland sedge OH (T)
CAOL3 Carex oligosperma Michx. fewseed sedge OH (T)
CAPA17 Carex pallescens L. pale sedge OH (T)
CAPE11 Carex peckii Howe Peck's sedge OH (PRX)
CAPR9 Carex projecta Mack. necklace sedge OH (T)
CAPS Carex pseudocyperus L. cypress-like sedge OH (E)
CAPU12 Carex purpurifera Mack. purple sedge OH (E)
CARE4 Carex retrorsa Schwein. knotsheath sedge OH (E)
CARI Carex richardsonii R. Br. Richardson's sedge OH (PRX)
CASI12 Carex siccata Dewey dryspike sedge OH (E)
CASP7 Carex sprengelii Dewey ex Spreng. Sprengel's sedge OH (T)
CAST17 Carex striatula Michx. lined sedge OH (E)
CAST9 Carex styloflexa Buckley bent sedge OH (PRX)
CATE5 Carex tenuiflora Wahlenb. sparseflower sedge OH (PRX)
CALA60 Catapyrenium lachneum (Ach.) R. Sant. earth lichen OH (E)
CEHE Ceanothus herbaceus Raf. Jersey tea OH (E)
CHSE4 Chamaesyce serpens (Kunth) Small matted sandmat
EUSE4 Euphorbia serpens Kunth OH (E)
CHANA2 Chamerion angustifolium (L.) Holub ssp. angustifolium fireweed
EPAN2 Epilobium angustifolium L. OH (E)
CHCA4 Chenopodium capitatum (L.) Asch. blite goosefoot OH (PRX)
CHLE4 Chenopodium leptophyllum (Moq.) Nutt. ex S. Watson narrowleaf goosefoot OH (PRX)
CHUM Chimaphila umbellata (L.) W. Bartram pipsissewa OH (T)
CHVI3 Chionanthus virginicus L. white fringetree OH (T)
CHVI5 Chrysogonum virginianum L. green and gold OH (T)
CILA2 Cinna latifolia (Trevis. ex Goepp.) Griseb. drooping woodreed OH (E)
CICA7 Cirsium carolinianum (Walter) Fernald & B.G. Schub. soft thistle OH (T)
CLOC2 Clematis occidentalis (Hornem.) DC. western blue virginsbower OH (PRX)
CLAR5 Clinopodium arkansanum (Nutt.) House limestone calamint
CAAR33 Calamintha arkansana (Nutt.) Shinners OH (T)
CLBO3 Clintonia borealis (Aiton) Raf. bluebead OH (E)
CLUM2 Clintonia umbellulata (Michx.) Morong white clintonia OH (T)
COBA8 Collema bachmanianum (Fink) Degel. Bachman's jelly lichen OH (E)
COCO25 Collema coccophorum Tuck. jelly lichen OH (E)
COCO26 Collema conglomeratum Hoffm. conglomerate jelly lichen OH (E)
COCR6 Collema crispum (Huds.) F.H. Wigg. jelly lichen OH (PRX)
COFU60 Collema fuscovirens (With.) J.R. Laundon jelly lichen OH (E)
COVE3 Collinsonia verticillata Baldw. stoneroot OH (E)
COPE80 Comptonia peregrina (L.) J.M. Coult. sweet fern OH (T)
CORA4 Conyza ramosissima Cronquist dwarf horseweed OH (T)
COTR18 Corallorhiza trifida Chatelain yellow coralroot
COTR3 Corallorrhiza trifida Chatelain, orth. var. OH (E)
COCA13 Cornus canadensis L. bunchberry dogwood OH (T)
COCO6 Corylus cornuta Marshall beaked hazelnut OH (PRX)
CRBR3 Crataegus brainerdii Sarg. Brainerd's hawthorn OH (PRX)
CRUN Crataegus uniflora Münchh. dwarf hawthorn OH (E)
CRGL2 Croton glandulosus L. vente conmigo OH (T)
CUCO2 Cuscuta compacta Juss. ex Choisy compact dodder OH (PRX)
CUCO3 Cuscuta coryli Engelm. hazel dodder OH (E)
CUGL3 Cuscuta glomerata Choisy rope dodder OH (T)
CUPE3 Cuscuta pentagona Engelm. fiveangled dodder OH (E)
CYVIB Cynoglossum virginianum L. var. boreale (Fernald) Cooperr. wild comfrey OH (PRX)
CYAC2 Cyperus acuminatus Torr. & Hook. ex Torr. tapertip flatsedge OH (E)
CYHO Cyperus houghtonii Torr. Houghton's flatsedge OH (PRX)
CYLA3 Cyperus lancastriensis Porter ex A. Gray manyflower flatsedge OH (E)
CYRE3 Cyperus refractus Engelm. ex Boeckeler reflexed flatsedge OH (E)
CYRE4 Cyperus retrofractus (L.) Torr. rough flatsedge
CYDI11 Cyperus dipsaciformis Fernald OH (E)
CYCA5 Cypripedium candidum Muhl. ex Willd. white lady's slipper OH (E)
CYPAP4 Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb. var. parviflorum lesser yellow lady's slipper
CYCAP Cypripedium calceolus L. var. parviflorum (Salisb.) Fernald OH (E)
CYRE6 Cypripedium reginae Walter showy lady's slipper OH (T)
CYFR2 Cystopteris fragilis (L.) Bernh. brittle bladderfern OH (PRX)
DAVI6 Dactylorhiza viridis (L.) R.M. Bateman, A.M. Pridgeon & M.W. Chase longbract frog orchid
COVI6 Coeloglossum viride (L.) Hartm. OH (E)
DAPU5 Dalea purpurea Vent. purple prairie clover OH (PRX)
DARE Dalibarda repens L. robin runaway OH (T)
DEPI Descurainia pinnata (Walter) Britton western tansymustard OH (T)
DEIL2 Desmodium illinoense A. Gray Illinois ticktrefoil OH (PRX)
DESE Desmodium sessilifolium (Torr.) Torr. & A. Gray sessileleaf ticktrefoil OH (E)
DIAB2 Dibaeis absoluta (Tuck.) Kalb & Gierl
BAAB2 Baeomyces absolutus Tuck. OH (E)
DIACL Dichanthelium acuminatum (Sw.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. lindheimeri (Nash) Gould & C.A. Clark Lindheimer panicgrass
PALI11 Panicum lindheimeri Nash OH (E)
DIBO Dichanthelium boreale (Nash) Freckmann northern panicgrass
PABI7 Panicum bicknellii Nash OH (T)
PABO8 Panicum boreale Nash OH (T)
PACA19 Panicum calliphyllum Ashe OH (PRX)
DIDID Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. dichotomum cypress panicgrass
PAYA2 Panicum yadkinense Ashe OH (E)
DILE2 Dichanthelium leibergii (Vasey) Freckmann Leiberg's panicum
PALE7 Panicum leibergii (Vasey) Scribn. OH (T)
DILI2 Dichanthelium linearifolium (Scribn. ex Nash) Gould slimleaf panicgrass
PAPE10 Panicum perlongum Nash OH (E)
DIME2 Dichanthelium meridionale (Ashe) Freckmann matting rosette grass
PAME7 Panicum meridionale Ashe OH (T)
DIOVA Dichanthelium ovale (Elliot) Gould & C.A. Clark var. addisonii (Nash) Gould & C.A. Clark Addison's rosette grass
PACO20 Panicum commonsianum Ashe OH (E)
DISP4 Dichanthelium spretum (Schult.) Freckmann Eaton's rosette grass
PASP9 Panicum spretum Schult. OH (E)
DIVIP Dichanthelium villosissimum (Nash) Freckmann var. praecocius (Hitchc. & Chase) Freckmann whitehair rosette grass
PAPR11 Panicum praecocius Hitchc. & Chase OH (E)
DIVIV Dichanthelium villosissimum (Nash) Freckmann var. villosissimum whitehair rosette grass
PAVI8 Panicum villosissimum Nash OH (PRX)
DIFI Digitaria filiformis (L.) Koeler slender crabgrass OH (PRX)
DICU4 Diphyscium cumberlandianum Harvill Cumberland diphyscium moss OH (E)
DRBR Draba brachycarpa Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray shortpod draba OH (E)
DRCU Draba cuneifolia Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray wedgeleaf draba OH (T)
DRRE2 Draba reptans (Lam.) Fernald Carolina draba OH (T)
DRIN3 Drosera intermedia Hayne spoonleaf sundew OH (E)
DRCE Dryopteris celsa (Wm. Palmer) Knowlt., Palmer & Pollard ex Small log fern OH (E)
DRCL Dryopteris clintoniana (D.C. Eaton) Dowell Clinton's woodfern OH (E)
ECBE2 Echinodorus berteroi (Spreng.) Fassett upright burhead
ECRO Echinodorus rostratus (Nutt.) Engelm. OH (E)
ELTR Elatine triandra Schkuhr threestamen waterwort OH (PRX)
ELEN Eleocharis engelmannii Steud. Engelmann's spikerush OH (E)
ELGE Eleocharis geniculata (L.) Roem. & Schult. Canada spikesedge
ELCA2 Eleocharis caribaea (Rottb.) S.F. Blake OH (E)
ELOL Eleocharis olivacea Torr. bright green spikerush OH (T)
ELOV Eleocharis ovata (Roth) Roem. & Schult. ovate spikerush OH (E)
ELPA5 Eleocharis parvula (Roem. & Schult.) Link ex Bluff, Nees & Schauer dwarf spikerush OH (E)
ELQU2 Eleocharis quinqueflora (Hartmann) O. Schwarz fewflower spikerush
ELPA6 Eleocharis pauciflora (Lightf.) Link OH (T)
ELWO Eleocharis wolfii (A. Gray) A. Gray ex Britton Wolf's spikerush OH (E)
ELTR7 Elymus trachycaulus (Link) Gould ex Shinners slender wheatgrass OH (T)
EPST Epilobium strictum Muhl. ex Spreng. downy willowherb OH (T)
EQVA Equisetum variegatum Schleich. ex F. Weber & D. Mohr variegated scouringrush OH (T)
ERAQ2 Eriocaulon aquaticum (Hill) Druce sevenangle pipewort
ERSE4 Eriocaulon septangulare With. OH (E)
ERGR8 Eriophorum gracile W.D.J. Koch slender cottongrass OH (PRX)
ERYU Eryngium yuccifolium Michx. button eryngo OH (T)
ERCAC Erysimum capitatum (Douglas ex Hook.) Greene var. capitatum sanddune wallflower
ERAR26 Erysimum arkansanum Nutt. OH (E)
ERRO5 Erythronium rostratum W. Wolf yellow troutlily OH (E)
EUAL2 Eupatorium album L. white thoroughwort OH (T)
EUHY Eupatorium hyssopifolium L. hyssopleaf thoroughwort OH (E)
EUPU4 Euphorbia purpurea (Raf.) Fernald Darlington's glade spurge OH (E)
EUSU7 Eurybia surculosa (Michx.) G.L. Nesom creeping aster
ASSU9 Aster surculosus Michx. OH (PRX)
EUGY Euthamia gymnospermoides Greene Texas goldentop
EURE9 Euthamia remota Greene OH (T)
FIHY Fissidens hyalinus Wilson & Hook. fissidens moss OH (E)
FRFL Froelichia floridana (Nutt.) Moq. plains snakecotton OH (E)
GAVO Galactia volubilis (L.) Britton downy milkpea OH (T)
GALA2 Galium labradoricum (Wiegand) Wiegand northern bog bedstraw OH (E)
GAPA3 Galium palustre L. common marsh bedstraw OH (E)
GAHI2 Gaultheria hispidula (L.) Muhl. ex Bigelow creeping snowberry OH (PRX)
GEAL4 Gentiana alba Muhl. ex Nutt. plain gentian OH (T)
GEPU5 Gentiana puberulenta J. Pringle downy gentian OH (E)
GESA Gentiana saponaria L. harvestbells OH (E)
GEVI5 Gentiana villosa L. striped gentian OH (E)
GEBI2 Geranium bicknellii Britton Bicknell's cranesbill OH (E)
GLAC Glyceria acutiflora Torr. creeping mannagrass OH (E)
GLBO Glyceria borealis (Nash) Batchelder small floating mannagrass OH (PRX)
GOTE Goodyera tesselata Lodd. checkered rattlesnake plantain OH (PRX)
GYAP Gymnocarpium appalachianum Pryer Appalachian oakfern OH (PRX)
GYDR Gymnocarpium dryopteris (L.) Newman western oakfern OH (T)
GYAM Gymnopogon ambiguus (Michx.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. bearded skeletongrass OH (PRX)
HADE Hackelia deflexa (Wahlenb.) Opiz nodding stickseed OH (PRX)
HACA3 Halesia carolina L. Carolina silverbell OH (PRX)
HEHI Hedeoma hispida Pursh rough false pennyroyal OH (T)
HEBI2 Helianthemum bicknellii Fernald hoary frostweed OH (T)
HEMO2 Helianthus mollis Lam. ashy sunflower OH (T)
HESP11 Hesperostipa spartea (Trin.) Barkworth porcupinegrass
STSP2 Stipa spartea Trin. OH (T)
HERE Heteranthera reniformis Ruiz & Pav. kidneyleaf mudplantain OH (E)
HELO5 Heuchera longiflora Rydb. longflower alumroot OH (PRX)
HEVI2 Heuchera villosa Michx. hairy alumroot OH (T)
HESP3 Hexalectris spicata (Walter) Barnhart spiked crested coralroot OH (T)
HICA3 Hieracium canadense Michx. Canadian hawkweed OH (T)
HILO2 Hieracium longipilum Torr. hairy hawkweed OH (PRX)
HOIN Hottonia inflata Elliot American featherfoil OH (PRX)
HUTO Hudsonia tomentosa Nutt. woolly beachheather OH (PRX)
HYUM Hydrocotyle umbellata L. manyflower marshpennywort OH (E)
HYBO2 Hypericum boreale (Britton) E.P. Bicknell northern St. Johnswort OH (T)
HYCA7 Hypericum canadense L. lesser Canadian St. Johnswort OH (E)
HYDE2 Hypericum denticulatum Walter coppery St. Johnswort OH (E)
HYEL Hypericum ellipticum Hook. pale St. Johnswort OH (T)
HYGY Hypericum gymnanthum Engelm. & A. Gray claspingleaf St. Johnswort OH (E)
HYKA Hypericum kalmianum L. Kalm's St. Johnswort OH (T)
IRBR2 Iris brevicaulis Raf. zigzag iris OH (E)
IRVE Iris verna L. dwarf violet iris OH (T)
ISEN Isoetes engelmannii A. Braun Appalachian quillwort OH (E)
ISTE5 Isoetes tenella Léman spiny-spore quillwort
ISEC Isoetes echinospora Durieu OH (PRX)
ISME2 Isotria medeoloides (Pursh) Raf. small whorled pogonia T OH (E)
JUDI Juncus dichotomus Elliot forked rush
JUPL2 Juncus platyphyllus (Wiegand) Fernald OH (E)
JUDI2 Juncus diffusissimus Buckley slimpod rush OH (E)
JUGR Juncus greenei Oakes & Tuck. Greene's rush OH (E)
JUIN2 Juncus interior Wiegand inland rush OH (E)
JUSE Juncus secundus P. Beauv. ex Poir. lopsided rush OH (T)
JUCO6 Juniperus communis L. common juniper OH (E)
KOMA Koeleria macrantha (Ledeb.) Schult. prairie Junegrass OH (E)
KRDA Krigia dandelion (L.) Nutt. potato dwarfdandelion OH (T)
KRVI Krigia virginica (L.) Willd. Virginia dwarfdandelion OH (T)
LAHI Lactuca hirsuta Muhl. ex Nutt. hairy lettuce OH (E)
LAJA Lathyrus japonicus Willd. beach pea OH (T)
LAOC2 Lathyrus ochroleucus Hook. cream pea OH (T)
LAVE Lathyrus venosus Muhl. ex Willd. veiny pea OH (E)
LEUN Leavenworthia uniflora (Michx.) Britton Michaux's gladecress OH (T)
LEIN Lechea intermedia Leggett ex Britton largepod pinweed OH (T)
LEMI Lechea minor L. thymeleaf pinweed OH (T)
LEPU4 Lechea pulchella Raf. Leggett's pinweed OH (T)
LETE Lechea tenuifolia Michx. narrowleaf pinweed OH (T)
LEGR Ledum groenlandicum Oeder bog Labrador tea OH (E)
LELE2 Leersia lenticularis Michx. catchfly grass OH (E)
LICY Liatris cylindracea Michx. Ontario blazing star OH (T)
LICA16 Ligusticum canadense (L.) Britton Canadian licorice-root OH (PRX)
LIPH Lilium philadelphicum L. wood lily OH (T)
LIBO3 Linnaea borealis L. twinflower OH (PRX)
LIDR3 Lipocarpha drummondii (Nees) G. Tucker Drummond's halfchaff sedge OH (E)
LIMI12 Lipocarpha micrantha (Vahl) G. Tucker smallflower halfchaff sedge OH (T)
LICO6 Listera cordata (L.) R. Br. heartleaf twayblade OH (PRX)
LICA13 Lithospermum caroliniense (Walter ex J.F. Gmel.) MacMill. Carolina puccoon OH (T)
LOFL Lonicera flava Sims yellow honeysuckle OH (PRX)
LOOB Lonicera oblongifolia (Goldie) Hook. swamp fly honeysuckle OH (PRX)
LOVI Lonicera villosa (Michx.) Schult. mountain fly honeysuckle OH (PRX)
LUBU Luzula bulbosa (Alph. Wood) Smyth & Smyth bulbous woodrush OH (T)
LYMA7 Lycopodiella margueritiae J.G. Bruce, W.H. Wagner & Beitel Marguerite's clubmoss OH (E)
LYSU2 Lycopodiella subappressa J.G. Bruce, W.H. Wagner & Beitel northern bog clubmoss OH (E)
LYLI Lyonia ligustrina (L.) DC. maleberry OH (PRX)
MAMA2 Magnolia macrophylla Michx. bigleaf magnolia OH (E)
MATR4 Maianthemum trifolium (L.) Sloboda threeleaf false lily of the valley
SMTR Smilacina trifolia (L.) Desf. OH (PRX)
MAANA Malus angustifolia (Aiton) Michx. var. angustifolia southern crab apple
PYAN2 Pyrus angustifolia Aiton OH (PRX)
MAVI5 Manfreda virginica (L.) Salisb. ex Rose false aloe
AGVI6 Agave virginica L. OH (T)
MAOB2 Matelea obliqua (Jacq.) Woodson climbing milkvine OH (T)
MELI2 Melampyrum lineare Desr. narrowleaf cowwheat OH (T)
MENI Melica nitens (Scribn.) Nutt. ex Piper threeflower melicgrass OH (E)
METR3 Menyanthes trifoliata L. buckbean OH (T)
MIPA6 Minuartia patula (Michx.) Mattf. pitcher's stitchwort
ARPA27 Arenaria patula Michx. OH (E)
MOPU Monarda punctata L. spotted beebalm OH (E)
MOUN2 Moneses uniflora (L.) A. Gray single delight OH (E)
MOPE6 Morella pensylvanica (Mirb.) Kartesz northern bayberry
MYPE7 Myrica pensylvanica Mirb. OH (E)
MUCA2 Muhlenbergia capillaris (Lam.) Trin. hairawn muhly OH (PRX)
MUCU3 Muhlenbergia cuspidata (Torr. ex Hook.) Rydb. plains muhly OH (E)
MYHE2 Myriophyllum heterophyllum Michx. twoleaf watermilfoil OH (E)
MYSI Myriophyllum sibiricum Kom. shortspike watermilfoil OH (T)
MYVE3 Myriophyllum verticillatum L. whorl-leaf watermilfoil OH (E)
NAGR Najas gracillima (A. Braun ex Engelm.) Magnus slender waternymph OH (E)
NEAQ2 Neobeckia aquatica (Eaton) Greene lakecress
ARLA22 Armoracia lacustris (A. Gray) Al-Shehbaz & V.M. Bates OH (T)
NOBI2 Nothoscordum bivalve (L.) Britton crowpoison OH (T)
NULUV Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm. ssp. variegata (Durand) E.O. Beal varigated yellow pond-lily
NUVA2 Nuphar variegata Durand OH (E)
NUCA Nuttallanthus canadensis (L.) D.A. Sutton Canada toadflax
LICA6 Linaria canadensis (L.) Chaz. OH (E)
OCAC Oclemena acuminata (Michx.) Greene whorled wood aster
ASAC6 Aster acuminatus Michx. OH (PRX)
OECL3 Oenothera clelandii W. Dietr., P.H. Raven & W.L. Wagner Cleland's evening primrose OH (E)
OEOA Oenothera oakesiana (A. Gray) J.W. Robbins ex S. Watson & J.M. Coult. Oakes' evening primrose OH (T)
OEPA5 Oenothera parviflora L. northern evening primrose OH (T)
OLAL2 Oligoneuron album (Nutt.) G.L. Nesom prairie goldenrod
SOPT4 Solidago ptarmicoides (Nees) B. Boivin OH (PRX)
OPEN Ophioglossum engelmannii Prantl limestone adderstongue OH (E)
ORLU Orobanche ludoviciana Nutt. Louisiana broomrape OH (PRX)
ORSE Orthilia secunda (L.) House sidebells wintergreen OH (PRX)
ORAS Oryzopsis asperifolia Michx. roughleaf ricegrass OH (E)
OXMO Oxalis montana Raf. mountain woodsorrel OH (PRX)
PAPA20 Packera paupercula (Michx.) Á. Löve & D. Löve balsam groundsel
SEPA5 Senecio pauperculus Michx. OH (T)
PAPH Panicum philadelphicum Bernh. ex Trin. Philadelphia panicgrass OH (T)
PATU Panicum tuckermanii Fernald OH (E)
PARIP Panicum rigidulum Bosc ex Nees var. pubescens (Vasey) Lelong redtop panicgrass
PALO Panicum longifolium Torr. OH (PRX)
PAVE2 Panicum verrucosum Muhl. warty panicgrass OH (E)
PAMA20 Parmotrema madagascariaceum (Hue) Hale Madagascar parmotrema lichen OH (E)
PAIN6 Passiflora incarnata L. purple passionflower OH (T)
PARA2 Patis racemosa (Sm.) Romasch., P.M. Peterson & R. J. Soreng blackseed ricegrass
ORRA2 Oryzopsis racemosa (Sm.) Ricker ex Hitchc. OH (T)
PIRA5 Piptatherum racemosum (Sm.) Barkworth blackseed ricegrass
PACA Paxistima canbyi A. Gray Canby's mountain-lover OH (E)
PECA8 Penstemon canescens (Britton) Britton eastern gray beardtongue OH (T)
PELA8 Penstemon laevigatus Aiton eastern smooth beardtongue OH (E)
PEPA7 Penstemon pallidus Small pale beardtongue OH (T)
PETU Penstemon tubiflorus Nutt. white wand beardtongue OH (PRX)
PEAM2 Perideridia americana (Nutt. ex DC.) Rchb. eastern yampah OH (PRX)
PHDU Phacelia dubia (L.) Trel. smallflower phacelia OH (PRX)
PHRA3 Phacelia ranunculacea (Nutt.) Constance oceanblue phacelia OH (E)
PHLA13 Phlox latifolia Michx. wideflower phlox OH (E)
PHCA9 Phyllanthus caroliniensis Walter Carolina leaf-flower OH (E)
PHVI5 Physalis virginiana Mill. Virginia groundcherry OH (E)
PIAV Piptochaetium avenaceum (L.) Parodi blackseed speargrass OH (PRX)
PIGRG Pityopsis graminifolia (Michx.) Nutt. var. graminifolia narrowleaf silkgrass
CHGR14 Chrysopsis graminifolia (Michx.) Elliot OH (E)
PLLA9 Plagiothecium latebricola Schimp. plagiothecium moss OH (E)
PLCO2 Plantago cordata Lam. heartleaf plantain OH (T)
PLPA2 Plantago patagonica Jacq. woolly plantain OH (E)
PLBL Platanthera blephariglottis (Willd.) Lindl. white fringed orchid OH (E)
PLCI2 Platanthera ciliaris (L.) Lindl. yellow fringed orchid OH (T)
PLGR2 Platanthera grandiflora (Bigelow) Lindl. greater purple fringed orchid OH (PRX)
PLHO3 Platanthera hookeri (Torr. ex A. Gray) Lindl. Hooker's orchid OH (PRX)
PLLE2 Platanthera leucophaea (Nutt.) Lindl. prairie white fringed orchid T OH (T)
PLPS2 Platanthera psycodes (L.) Lindl. lesser purple fringed orchid OH (E)
PLPOP Pleopeltis polypodioides (L.) Andrews & Windham ssp. polypodioides resurrection fern
POPO6 Polypodium polypodioides (L.) Watt OH (T)
PLCA7 Pluchea camphorata (L.) DC. camphor pluchea OH (E)
POPA Poa paludigena Fernald & Wiegand bog bluegrass OH (T)
POSA Poa saltuensis Fernald & Wiegand oldpasture bluegrass OH (E)
POWO Poa wolfii Scribn. Wolf's bluegrass OH (E)
POCE3 Podostemum ceratophyllum Michx. hornleaf riverweed OH (E)
POOP Pogonia ophioglossoides (L.) Ker Gawl. snakemouth orchid OH (T)
POCR Polygala cruciata L. drumheads OH (E)
POCU5 Polygala curtissii A. Gray Curtiss' milkwort OH (E)
POIN4 Polygala incarnata L. procession flower OH (T)
POPA5 Polygala paucifolia Willd. gaywings OH (E)
POPO Polygala polygama Walter racemed milkwort OH (T)
POCA8 Polygonum careyi Olney Carey's smartweed OH (PRX)
POCI Polygonum cilinode Michx. fringed black bindweed OH (E)
PORO Polygonum robustius (Small) Fernald stout smartweed OH (T)
POSE6 Polygonum setaceum Baldw. bog smartweed
POSEI Polygonum setaceum Baldw. var. interjectum Fernald OH (E)
POBA2 Populus balsamifera L. balsam poplar OH (E)
POFR3 Potamogeton friesii Rupr. Fries' pondweed OH (E)
POGR8 Potamogeton gramineus L. variableleaf pondweed OH (E)
POHI4 Potamogeton hillii Morong Hill's pondweed OH (E)
POPE7 Potamogeton perfoliatus L. claspingleaf pondweed OH (PRX)
POPR5 Potamogeton praelongus Wulfen whitestem pondweed OH (E)
POPU6 Potamogeton pulcher Tuck. spotted pondweed OH (T)
PORO2 Potamogeton robbinsii Oakes Robbins' pondweed OH (E)
POSP3 Potamogeton spirillus Tuck. spiral pondweed OH (PRX)
POST2 Potamogeton strictifolius Benn. narrowleaf pondweed OH (PRX)
POTE4 Potamogeton tennesseensis Fernald Tennessee pondweed OH (E)
POVA3 Potamogeton vaseyi J.W. Robbins Vasey's pondweed OH (PRX)
POAR7 Potentilla arguta Pursh tall cinquefoil OH (E)
POPA15 Potentilla paradoxa Nutt. Paradox cinquefoil OH (T)
PRAS Prenanthes aspera Michx. rough rattlesnakeroot OH (E)
PRCR Prenanthes crepidinea Michx. nodding rattlesnakeroot OH (T)
PRTR Prenanthes trifoliolata (Cass.) Fernald gall of the earth OH (E)
PRMA14 Prosartes maculata (Buckley) A. Gray yellow mandarin
DIMA2 Disporum maculatum (Buckley) Britton OH (T)
PRME Prunus mexicana S. Watson Mexican plum OH (PRX)
PRNI Prunus nigra Aiton Canadian plum OH (PRX)
PRPUP Prunus pumila L. var. pumila Great Lakes sandcherry OH (PRX)
PRSU3 Prunus susquehanae hort. ex Willd. Sesquehana sandcherry
PRPUC Prunus pumila L. var. cuneata (Raf.) L.H. Bailey OH (T)
PSVI4 Pseudognaphalium viscosum (Kunth) W.A. Weber winged cudweed
GNVI Gnaphalium viscosum Kunth OH (PRX)
PTAQP Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn var. pseudocaudatum (Clute) A. Heller western brackenfern OH (E)
PTDR2 Ptychomitrium drummondii (Wilson) Sull. Drummond's ptychomitrium moss OH (E)
PUPE Punctelia perreticulata (Rasanen) G. Wilh. & Ladd punctelia OH (E)
PYVEP Pycnanthemum verticillatum (Michx.) Pers. var. pilosum (Nutt.) Cooperr. whorled mountainmint OH (E)
PYCH Pyrola chlorantha Sw. greenflowered wintergreen OH (E)
QUFA Quercus falcata Michx. southern red oak OH (T)
RAFA60 Ramalina farinacea (L.) Ach. farinose cartilage lichen OH (PRX)
RAIN3 Ramalina intermedia (Delise ex Nyl.) Nyl. intermediate cartilage lichen OH (E)
RAPE7 Ramalina petrina Bowler & Rundel cartilage lichen OH (T)
RAPO60 Ramalina pollinaria (Westr.) Ach. cartilage lichen OH (E)
RAPU Ranunculus pusillus Poir. low spearwort OH (E)
RHCA4 Rhododendron calendulaceum (Michx.) Torr. flame azalea OH (E)
RHMA4 Rhododendron maximum L. great laurel OH (T)
RHPE4 Rhododendron periclymenoides (Michx.) Shinners pink azalea
RHNU3 Rhododendron nudiflorum (L.) Torr. OH (T)
RHARA Rhus aromatica Aiton var. arenaria (Greene) Fernald fragrant sumac OH (PRX)
RHGL2 Rhynchospora globularis (Chapm.) Small globe beaksedge OH (E)
RIGL Ribes glandulosum Grauer skunk currant OH (PRX)
RIMI Ribes missouriense Nutt. Missouri gooseberry OH (E)
RITR Ribes triste Pall. red currant OH (E)
ROAR3 Rosa arkansana Porter prairie rose OH (PRX)
ROBL Rosa blanda Aiton smooth rose OH (T)
RUSE Rubus setosus Bigelow setose blackberry OH (PRX)
RUTR Rubus trivialis Michx. southern dewberry OH (PRX)
SAAL21 Saccharum alopecuroides (L.) Nutt. silver plumegrass
SAAL9 Saccharum alopecuroidum (L.) Nutt., orth. var. OH (PRX)
SADE Sagina decumbens (Elliot) Torr. & A. Gray trailing pearlwort OH (PRX)
SACU Sagittaria cuneata Sheldon arumleaf arrowhead OH (T)
SAGR Sagittaria graminea Michx. grassy arrowhead OH (E)
SAPL Sagittaria platyphylla (Engelm.) J.G. Sm. delta arrowhead OH (PRX)
SARI Sagittaria rigida Pursh sessilefruit arrowhead OH (T)
SACA4 Salix candida Flueggé ex Willd. sageleaf willow OH (T)
SACA5 Salix caroliniana Michx. coastal plain willow OH (T)
SAPE2 Salix pedicellaris Pursh bog willow OH (E)
SAPE5 Salix petiolaris Sm. meadow willow OH (T)
SCPA2 Scheuchzeria palustris L. rannoch-rush OH (E)
SCPU Schizachne purpurascens (Torr.) Swallen false melic OH (E)
SCLI11 Schizachyrium littorale (Nash) E.P. Bicknell shore little bluestem
SCSCL Schizachyrium scoparium (Michx.) Nash var. littorale (Nash) Gould OH (E)
SCSM3 Schoenoplectiella smithii (A. Gray) Hayas. Smith's bulrush
SCSM2 Schoenoplectus smithii (A. Gray) Soják Smith's bulrush
SCSM Scirpus smithii A. Gray OH (E)
SCSU10 Schoenoplectus subterminalis (Torr.) Soják swaying bulrush
SCSU Scirpus subterminalis Torr. OH (E)
SCTO3 Schoenoplectus torreyi (Olney) Palla Torrey's bulrush
SCTO Scirpus torreyi Olney OH (PRX)
SCEX Scirpus expansus Fernald woodland bulrush OH (T)
SCOL2 Scleria oligantha Michx. littlehead nutrush OH (E)
SCPA5 Scleria pauciflora Muhl. ex Willd. fewflower nutrush OH (T)
SCSC70 Scorpidium scorpioides (Hedw.) Limpr. scorpidium moss OH (PRX)
SEEC Selaginella eclipes W.R. Buck hidden spikemoss OH (T)
SERU Selaginella rupestris (L.) Spring northern selaginella OH (PRX)
SELI5 Sericocarpus linifolius (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. narrowleaf whitetop aster
ASSO2 Aster solidagineus Michx. OH (T)
SICAP Silene caroliniana Walter ssp. pensylvanica (Michx.) R.T. Clausen Pennsylvania catchfly
SICAP2 Silene caroliniana Walter var. pensylvanica (Michx.) Fernald OH (T)
SICAW Silene caroliniana Walter ssp. wherryi (Small) R.T. Clausen Wherry's catchfly
SICAW2 Silene caroliniana Walter var. wherryi (Small) Fernald OH (E)
SINI Silene nivea (Nutt.) Muhl. ex Otth evening campion OH (T)
SILA3 Silphium laciniatum L. compassplant OH (E)
SIAT Sisyrinchium atlanticum E.P. Bicknell eastern blue-eyed grass OH (E)
SIMO2 Sisyrinchium montanum Greene strict blue-eyed grass OH (E)
SIMU3 Sisyrinchium mucronatum Michx. needletip blue-eyed grass OH (E)
SMLA3 Smilax lasioneura Hook. Blue Ridge carrionflower
SMHEL2 Smilax herbacea L. var. lasioneura (Hook.) A. DC. OH (T)
SMPU2 Smilax pulverulenta Michx. downy carrionflower
SMHEP2 Smilax herbacea L. var. pulverulenta (Michx.) A. Gray OH (E)
SOAR Solidago arguta Aiton Atlantic goldenrod OH (PRX)
SOOD Solidago odora Aiton anisescented goldenrod OH (T)
SOPU Solidago puberula Nutt. downy goldenrod OH (E)
SOSP4 Solidago sphacelata Raf. autumn goldenrod OH (E)
SOSQ Solidago squarrosa Nutt. stout goldenrod OH (T)
SODE3 Sorbus decora (Sarg.) C.K. Schneid. northern mountain ash OH (E)
SPEM2 Sparganium emersum Rehmann European bur-reed
SPCH Sparganium chlorocarpum Rydb. OH (E)
SPBA2 Sphagnum bartlettianum Warnst. Bartlett's sphagnum OH (E)
SPRI70 Sphagnum riparium Ångstr. streamside sphagnum OH (E)
SPOB Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn. prairie wedgescale OH (T)
SPALL Spiraea alba Du Roi var. latifolia (Aiton) Dippel white meadowsweet OH (PRX)
SPVI2 Spiraea virginiana Britton Virginia meadowsweet T OH (E)
SPRO Spiranthes romanzoffiana Cham. hooded lady's tresses OH (T)
SPHE Sporobolus heterolepis (A. Gray) A. Gray prairie dropseed OH (T)
STGR2 Stenanthium gramineum (Ker Gawl.) Morong eastern featherbells OH (T)
STBE2 Sticta beauvoisii Delise Beauvois' spotted felt lichen OH (E)
STLAR Streptopus lanceolatus (Aiton) Reveal var. roseus (Michx.) Reveal twistedstalk
STRO4 Streptopus roseus Michx. OH (E)
STFIF Stuckenia filiformis (Pers.) Börner ssp. filiformis fineleaf pondweed
POFI2 Potamogeton filiformis Pers. OH (PRX)
STAM4 Styrax americanus Lam. American snowbell OH (PRX)
STGR4 Styrax grandifolius Aiton bigleaf snowbell OH (PRX)
SYALA Symphoricarpos albus (L.) S.F. Blake var. albus common snowberry OH (PRX)
SYDRD Symphyotrichum drummondii (Lindl.) G.L. Nesom var. drummondii Drummond's aster
ASDR Aster drummondii Lindl. OH (T)
SYDUD2 Symphyotrichum dumosum (L.) G.L. Nesom var. dumosum rice button aster
ASDU Aster dumosus L. OH (T)
SYOB Symphyotrichum oblongifolium (Nutt.) G.L. Nesom aromatic aster
ASOB2 Aster oblongifolius Nutt. OH (T)
SYON2 Symphyotrichum ontarionis (Wiegand) G.L. Nesom bottomland aster
ASON Aster ontarionis Wiegand OH (E)
TEHE4 Tetraneuris herbacea Greene eastern fournerved daisy
HYHE4 Hymenoxys herbacea (Greene) Cusick T OH (E)
THAL8 Thuidium allenii Austin Allen's thuidium moss OH (PRX)
TONI70 Tomentypnum nitens (Hedw.) Loeske tomentypnum moss OH (E)
TOIN4 Tortella inclinata (R. Hedw.) Limpr. tortella moss OH (E)
TORY Toxicodendron rydbergii (Small ex Rydb.) Greene western poison ivy OH (E)
TRTU Triadenum tubulosum (Walter) Gleason lesser marsh St. Johnswort OH (T)
TRWA Triadenum walteri (J.G. Gmel.) Gleason greater marsh St. Johnswort OH (E)
TRGL5 Triantha glutinosa (Michx.) Baker sticky tofieldia
TOGL2 Tofieldia glutinosa (Michx.) Pers. OH (T)
TRBO Trichomanes boschianum Sturm Appalachian bristle fern OH (E)
TRSE5 Trichostema setaceum Houtt. narrowleaf bluecurls
TRDIL Trichostema dichotomum L. var. lineare (Walter) Pursh OH (E)
TRRE2 Trifolium reflexum L. buffalo clover OH (E)
TRST4 Trifolium stoloniferum Muhl. ex Eaton running buffalo clover E OH (E)
TRMA20 Triglochin maritima L. seaside arrowgrass
TRMA4 Triglochin maritimum L., orth. var. OH (T)
TRCE Trillium cernuum L. whip-poor-will flower OH (PRX)
TRUN Trillium undulatum Willd. painted trillium OH (E)
TRTR3 Triphora trianthophora (Sw.) Rydb. threebirds OH (T)
TRLA14 Trollius laxus Salisb. American globeflower OH (E)
ULTH Ulmus thomasii Sarg. rock elm OH (T)
URCH3 Urtica chamaedryoides Pursh heartleaf nettle OH (E)
UTCO Utricularia cornuta Michx. horned bladderwort OH (E)
UTGE Utricularia geminiscapa Benj. hiddenfruit bladderwort OH (E)
UTIN2 Utricularia intermedia Hayne flatleaf bladderwort OH (T)
VAMY Vaccinium myrtilloides Michx. velvetleaf huckleberry OH (T)
VAOX Vaccinium oxycoccos L. small cranberry OH (T)
VAEDC Valeriana edulis Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray var. ciliata (Torr. & A. Gray) Cronquist tobacco root
VACI Valeriana ciliata Torr. & A. Gray OH (E)
VAUL2 Valeriana uliginosa (Torr. & A. Gray) Rydb. mountain valerian OH (PRX)
VEVI5 Veratrum virginicum (L.) W.T. Aiton Virginia bunchflower
MEVI2 Melanthium virginicum L. OH (T)
VEWO3 Veratrum woodii J.W. Robbins ex Alph. Wood Wood's bunchflower OH (T)
VEOC Verbesina occidentalis (L.) Walter yellow crownbeard OH (E)
VEMI2 Vernonia missurica Raf. Missouri ironweed OH (E)
VENO Vernonia noveboracensis (L.) Michx. New York ironweed OH (PRX)
VIMO Viburnum molle Michx. softleaf arrowwood OH (E)
VIOPA2 Viburnum opulus L. var. americanum Aiton American cranberrybush OH (T)
VIMI3 Viola missouriensis Greene Missouri violet OH (E)
VINE Viola nephrophylla Greene northern bog violet OH (E)
VIPE Viola pedata L. birdfoot violet OH (T)
VIPE2 Viola pedatifida G. Don prairie violet OH (E)
VIPR4 Viola ×primulifolia L. (pro sp.) [lanceolata × macloskeyi] OH (E)
VITR4 Viola tripartita Elliot threepart violet OH (PRX)
VITRG Viola tripartita Elliot var. glaberrima (DC.) Harper OH (E)
VIWA Viola walteri House prostrate blue violet OH (E)
WOGL2 Wolffiella gladiata (Hegelm.) Hegelm. Florida mudmidget OH (T)
WOIL Woodsia ilvensis (L.) R. Br. rusty woodsia OH (PRX)
XYDI Xyris difformis Chapm. bog yelloweyed grass OH (E)
XYTO Xyris torta Sm. slender yelloweyed grass OH (E)
ZIAQ Zizania aquatica L. annual wildrice OH (T)
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