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Threatened & Endangered
About PLANTS Threatened & Endangered

Protected Plants for All Scientific Names
Category = Monocot
Growth Habit = Forb/herb
Jurisdiction = Federal and State
628 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with more information. Click on a place name in the reference list to view its T&E list, or click on the reference link to see published lists and learn more about each law. Protected plants that are synonyms retain their protected status, and are indented beneath the current PLANTS accepted name; common names are from PLANTS.

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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Federal Protected Status State Protected Status
ACAM Acorus americanus (Raf.) Raf. sweetflag PA (E)
AGAR8 Agave ×arizonica Gentry & J.Z. Weber (pro sp.) [chrysantha × toumeyana] Arizona century plant
AGAR3 Agave arizonica Gentry & J.Z. Weber E AZ (HS)
AGCH2 Agave chrysantha Peebles goldenflower century plant AZ (SR)
AGDE10 Agave delamateri W.C. Hodgson & L. Slauson Tonto Basin century plant AZ (HS)
AGDES Agave deserti Engelm. ssp. simplex Gentry desert agave AZ (SR)
AGMU Agave murpheyi F. Gibson Murphey's century plant AZ (HS)
AGPA3 Agave palmeri Engelm. Palmer's century plant AZ (SR)
AGPAP5 Agave parryi Engelm. ssp. parryi Parry's agave AZ (SR)
AGPAC Agave parryi Engelm. var. couesii (Engelm. ex Trel.) Kearney & Peebles AZ (SR)
AGPA5 Agave parviflora Torr. smallflower century plant AZ (HS, SR)
AGSCS2 Agave schottii Engelm. var. schottii Schott's century plant AZ (SR)
AGSCT Agave schottii Engelm. var. treleasei (Toumey) Kearney & Peebles Trelease's century plant AZ (HS, SR)
AGTOB Agave toumeyana Trel. ex Standl. var. bella Breitung Toumey's century plant AZ (SR)
AGTOT Agave toumeyana Trel. ex Standl. var. toumeyana Toumey's century plant AZ (SR)
AGUN2 Agave univittata Haw. McKelvey's century plant
AGMC Agave mckelveyana Gentry, nom. nud. AZ (SR)
AGUTK Agave utahensis Engelm. var. kaibabensis (McKelvey) Breitung Kaibab agave AZ (SR)
AGUTU Agave utahensis Engelm. var. utahensis Utah agave AZ (SR)
ALAU Aletris aurea Walter golden colicroot MD (E, X)
ALBR6 Aletris bracteata Northrop bracted colicroot FL (E)
ALFA2 Aletris farinosa L. white colicroot ME (PX), NY (T), PA (E), RI (SC)
ALTR7 Alisma triviale Pursh northern water plantain NJ (E)
ALPLA Alisma plantago-aquatica L. var. americanum Schult. PA (E)
ALAC4 Allium acuminatum Hook. tapertip onion AZ (SR)
ALATC Allium atrorubens S. Watson var. cristatum (S. Watson) McNeal darkred onion
ALNEC Allium nevadense S. Watson var. cristatum (S. Watson) Ownbey AZ (SR)
ALBI Allium bigelovii S. Watson Bigelow's onion AZ (SR)
ALBI2 Allium bisceptrum S. Watson twincrest onion AZ (SR)
ALBU2 Allium burdickii (Hanes) A.G. Jones narrowleaf wild leek NY (E), TN (CE, T)
ALCA2 Allium campanulatum S. Watson dusky onion WA (S)
ALCA3 Allium canadense L. meadow garlic ME (SC), NH (E), VT (T)
ALCE2 Allium cernuum Roth nodding onion IA (T), MN (T), NY (T)
ALCEN Allium cernuum Roth var. neomexicanum (Rydb.) J.F. Macbr. New Mexican nodding onion AZ (SR)
ALCEO Allium cernuum Roth var. obtusum Cockerell ex J.F. Macbr. nodding onion AZ (SR)
ALCO3 Allium constrictum (Ownbey & Mingrone) P. Peterson, Annable & Rieseberg Grand Coulee onion WA (S)
ALDI3 Allium dictuon H. St. John Blue Mountain onion WA (T)
ALGEG Allium geyeri S. Watson var. geyeri Geyer's onion AZ (SR)
ALGET Allium geyeri S. Watson var. tenerum M.E. Jones bulbil onion AZ (SR)
ALGL Allium glandulosum Link & Otto gland onion
ALRH Allium rhizomatum Woot. & Standl. AZ (SR)
ALGO Allium gooddingii Ownbey Goodding's onion AZ (HS), NM (E)
ALKU Allium kunthii G. Don Kunth's onion AZ (SR)
ALMA4 Allium macropetalum Rydb. largeflower onion AZ (SR)
ALMU6 Allium munzii (Ownbey ex Traub) McNeal Munz's onion E CA (T)
ALNE Allium nevadense S. Watson Nevada onion AZ (SR)
ALPA2 Allium parishii S. Watson Parish's onion AZ (SR)
ALPL4 Allium plummerae S. Watson Tanners Canyon onion AZ (SR)
ALSC Allium schoenoprasum L. wild chives MI (T)
ALSCS Allium schoenoprasum L. var. sibiricum (L.) Hartm. wild chives MN (T), NH (T)
ALSP2 Allium speculae Ownbey & Aase Little River Canyon onion GA (T)
ALST Allium stellatum Fraser ex Ker Gawl. autumn onion TN (E)
ALTR3 Allium tricoccum Aiton ramp ME (SC), RI (SC), TN (SC, CE)
ALYO Allium yosemitense Eastw. Yosemite onion CA (R)
AMRO Amerorchis rotundifolia (Banks ex Pursh) Hultén roundleaf orchid ME (T), MI (E), WI (T)
AMMU Amianthium muscitoxicum (Walter) A. Gray flypoison KY (T)
ANBR4 Androstephium breviflorum S. Watson pink funnel lily AZ (SR)
APHY Aplectrum hyemale (Muhl. ex Willd.) Torr. Adam and Eve CT (SC), MA (E), NJ (E), NY (E), PA (R), VT (T)
ARBU Arethusa bulbosa L. dragon's mouth CT (E), IN (X), MD (E, X), MA (T), NH (E), NY (T), NC (E), OH (E), PA (E), RI (E), VT (T)
ARDR3 Arisaema dracontium (L.) Schott green dragon MA (T), NH (E), NY (EV), VT (T)
BACO2 Basiphyllaea corallicola (Small) Ames Carter's orchid FL (E)
BECO5 Beloglottis costaricensis (Rchb. f.) Schltr. Costa Rican lady's tresses
SPCO6 Spiranthes costaricensis Rchb. f. FL (E)
BLPU Bletia purpurea (Lam.) DC. pinepink FL (T)
BLHU Bloomeria humilis Hoover dwarf goldenstar CA (R)
BRCA7 Brassia caudata (L.) Lindl. cricket orchid FL (E)
BRCOR2 Brodiaea coronaria (Salisb.) Engl. ssp. rosea (Greene) Niehaus Indian Valley brodiaea CA (E)
BRFI Brodiaea filifolia S. Watson threadleaf brodiaea T CA (E)
BRIN5 Brodiaea insignis (Jeps.) Niehaus Kaweah brodiaea CA (E)
BRPA2 Brodiaea pallida Hoover Chinese Camp brodiaea T CA (E)
BUPA2 Bulbophyllum pachyrachis (A. Rich.) Griseb. rat-tail orchid FL (E)
BUFL2 Burmannia flava Mart. Fahkahatchee bluethread FL (E)
CAPA Calla palustris L. water arum IL (E), IN (E), MD (E)
CAAM4 Calochortus ambiguus (M.E. Jones) Ownbey doubting mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CAAU8 Calochortus aureus S. Watson golden mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CACO41 Calochortus coxii M. Godfrey & F. Callahan Cox's mariposa lily OR (E)
CADU Calochortus dunnii Purdy Dunn's mariposa lily CA (R)
CAFL Calochortus flexuosus S. Watson winding mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CAGU Calochortus gunnisonii S. Watson Gunnison's mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CAHO11 Calochortus howellii S. Watson Howell's mariposa lily OR (T)
CAIN18 Calochortus indecorus Ownbey & M. Peck Sexton Mountain mariposa lily OR (E)
CAKEK2 Calochortus kennedyi Porter var. kennedyi desert mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CAKEM Calochortus kennedyi Porter var. munzii Jeps. desert mariposa lily AZ (SR)
CALOL Calochortus longebarbatus S. Watson var. longebarbatus longbeard mariposa lily WA (S)
CAMAM Calochortus macrocarpus Douglas var. maculosus (A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr.) A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. Nez Perce mariposa lily WA (S)
CANI Calochortus nitidus Douglas broadfruit mariposa lily WA (T)
CAPE Calochortus persistens Ownbey Siskiyou mariposa lily CA (R)
CATI3 Calochortus tiburonensis A.J. Hill Tiburon mariposa lily T CA (T)
CAUM5 Calochortus umpquaensis N.A. Fredricks Umpqua mariposa lily OR (E)
CAMU10 Calopogon multiflorus Lindl. manyflower grasspink FL (E), NC (E)
CATU5 Calopogon tuberosus (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. tuberous grasspink IL (E), KY (E), MD (E), NY (EV), RI (SC)
CACO72 Calydorea coelestina (W. Bartram) Goldblatt & Henrich Bartram's ixia
SPCO5 Sphenostigma coelestinum (W. Bartram) R.C. Foster FL (E)
CABU Calypso bulbosa (L.) Oakes fairy slipper MI (T), NH (E), NY (E), VT (T), WI (T)
CABUA Calypso bulbosa (L.) Oakes var. americana (R. Br.) Luer fairy slipper AZ (SR)
CAAN2 Camassia angusta (Engelm. & A. Gray) Blank. prairie camas IL (E), IN (E)
CASC5 Camassia scilloides (Raf.) Cory Atlantic camas MI (T), NC (T), PA (E), WI (E)
CAFI10 Campylocentrum filiforme (Sw.) Cogn. ex Kuntze needleroot bentspur orchid
HAFI Harrisella filiformis (Sw.) Cogn. FL (T)
CAPA32 Campylocentrum pachyrrhizum (Rchb. f.) Rolfe leafless bentspur orchid FL (E)
CABE5 Catopsis berteroniana (Schult. & Schult. f.) Mez powdery strap airplant FL (E)
CAFL10 Catopsis floribunda L.B. Sm. Florida strap airplant FL (E)
CANU13 Catopsis nutans auct. non (Sw.) Griseb. FL (E)
CHLU Chamaelirium luteum (L.) A. Gray fairywand CT (E), IN (E), MA (E), NY (T)
CHPU2 Chlorogalum purpureum Brandegee purple amole T
CHPUR Chlorogalum purpureum Brandegee var. reductum Hoover Camatta Canyon amole CA (R)
CLDI Cleistes divaricata (L.) Ames rosebud orchid FL (T), MD (E), NJ (E)
CLBO3 Clintonia borealis (Aiton) Raf. bluebead IN (E), MD (T), OH (E), TN (SC)
CLUM2 Clintonia umbellulata (Michx.) Morong white clintonia NY (EV), OH (T)
COER Commelina erecta L. whitemouth dayflower IA (T), MI (PREX), NJ (E), PA (X)
COVI3 Commelina virginica L. Virginia dayflower PA (X)
COMA19 Convallaria majuscula Greene American lily-of-the-valley
COMO4 Convallaria montana Raf. KY (E)
COMA25 Corallorhiza maculata (Raf.) Raf. summer coralroot RI (SC)
COMA4 Corallorrhiza maculata (Raf.) Raf., orth. var. AZ (SR), IL (T), IA (T), KY (E), NY (EV), TN (T)
COOD7 Corallorhiza odontorhiza (Willd.) Poir. autumn coralroot FL (E)
COOD Corallorrhiza odontorhiza (Willd.) Poir., orth. var. ME (E), MA (SC), NH (E), NY (EV), RI (E), VT (T)
COST19 Corallorhiza striata Lindl. hooded coralroot
COST Corallorrhiza striata Lindl., orth. var. AZ (SR), NY (E)
COTR18 Corallorhiza trifida Chatelain yellow coralroot RI (SC)
COTR3 Corallorrhiza trifida Chatelain, orth. var. CT (T), MD (E), OH (E)
COTRV Corallorrhiza trifida Chatelain var. verna (Nutt.) Fernald, orth. var. IN (X)
COWI5 Corallorhiza wisteriana Conrad spring coralroot
COWI2 Corallorrhiza wisteriana Conrad, orth. var. AZ (SR), MD (E), PA (E)
CRMU3 Cranichis muscosa Sw. cypress-knee helmet orchid FL (E)
CRRI4 Cranichis ricartii Ackerman Puerto Rico helmet orchid E PR (E)
CRPA9 Croomia pauciflora (Nutt.) Torr. croomia FL (E), GA (T)
CYEL6 Cyclopogon elatus (Sw.) Schltr. tall ladies'-tresses
SPEL2 Spiranthes elata (Sw.) Rich. FL (E)
CYAC3 Cypripedium acaule Aiton moccasin flower GA (U), IL (E), NY (EV), TN (CE, E)
CYAR5 Cypripedium arietinum W.T. Aiton ram's head lady's slipper CT (SC), ME (E), MA (E), MN (T), NH (E), NY (T), VT (T), WI (T)
CYCA5 Cypripedium candidum Muhl. ex Willd. white lady's slipper IL (T), IN (R), KY (E), MD (E), MI (T), NJ (E), NY (E), OH (E), PA (X), WI (T)
CYFA Cypripedium fasciculatum Kellogg ex S. Watson clustered lady's slipper WA (S)
CYKE2 Cypripedium kentuckiense C.F. Reed Kentucky lady's slipper KY (SC), TN (E)
CYPA19 Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb. lesser yellow lady's slipper CT (SC), IL (E), KY (T), NH (E), NY (E), PA (E), WA (E)
CYPAM3 Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb. var. makasin (Farw.) Sheviak greater yellow lady's slipper MA (E), NY (EV)
CYPAP4 Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb. var. parviflorum lesser yellow lady's slipper
CYCAP Cypripedium calceolus L. var. parviflorum (Salisb.) Fernald GA (U), IN (R), OH (E), RI (E)
CYPAP3 Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb. var. pubescens (Willd.) Knight greater yellow lady's slipper NY (EV)
CYCAP2 Cypripedium calceolus L. var. pubescens (Willd.) Correll AZ (HS), GA (U), NM (E), RI (E)
CYPU10 Cypripedium pubescens Willd. NH (T), PA (V)
CYRE6 Cypripedium reginae Walter showy lady's slipper AR (E), CT (E), IL (E), IA (T), KY (H), ME (T), MD (E, X), MA (SC), NH (E), NJ (E), NY (EV), OH (T), PA (T), TN (E)
CYPU4 Cyrtopodium punctatum (L.) Lindl. cowhorn orchid FL (E)
DAVI6 Dactylorhiza viridis (L.) R.M. Bateman, A.M. Pridgeon & M.W. Chase longbract frog orchid
COVI6 Coeloglossum viride (L.) Hartm. AZ (SR), MD (E), NY (EV), OH (E)
COVIV Coeloglossum viride (L.) Hartm. var. virescens (Muhl. ex Willd.) Luer CT (SC), IN (T), KY (H), RI (T), TN (E)
DACA12 Damasonium californicum Torr. ex Benth. California damsonium WA (S)
DELI8 Dendrophylax lindenii (Lindl.) Benth. ex Rolfe palmpolly
POLI3 Polyrrhiza lindenii (Lindl.) Cogn. FL (E)
DICAP Dichelostemma capitatum (Benth.) Alph. Wood ssp. pauciflorum (Torr.) G. Keator bluedicks
DIPUP Dichelostemma pulchellum (Salisb.) A. Heller var. pauciflorum (Torr.) Hoover AZ (SR)
ECFL Echeandia flavescens (Schult. & Schult. f.) Cruden Torrey's craglily AZ (SR)
ECBE2 Echinodorus berteroi (Spreng.) Fassett upright burhead IN (X), KY (T)
ECRO Echinodorus rostratus (Nutt.) Engelm. OH (E), TN (SC)
ECCO3 Echinodorus cordifolius (L.) Griseb. creeping burhead IN (X), MD (E)
ECFL4 Echinodorus floridanus Haynes & Burkhalter Florida burhead FL (E)
ECTE2 Echinodorus tenellus (Mart. ex Schult. f.) Buchenau mudbabies IL (E), MI (E)
ECPA6 Echinodorus parvulus Engelm. IN (E), KY (E)
ECTEP Echinodorus tenellus (Mart. ex Schult. f.) Buchenau var. parvulus (Engelm.) Fassett CT (E)
ELNU2 Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) H. St. John western waterweed KY (T), TN (SC)
ELSC Elodea schweinitzii (Planch.) Caspary Schweinitz's waterweed PA (X)
ELCA18 Eltroplectris calcarata (Sw.) Garay & H.R. Sweet longclaw orchid FL (E)
ENTA Encyclia tampensis (Lindl.) Small Tampa butterfly orchid FL (CE)
EPAC Epidendrum acunae Dressler Acuna's star orchid FL (E)
EPAM3 Epidendrum amphistomum A. Rich. big-mouth star orchid
EPAN7 Epidendrum anceps auct. non Jacq. FL (E)
EPBO4 Epidendrum boricuarum Hágsater & Sánchez fleshy star orchid
EPDI Epidendrum difforme auct. non Jacq. FL (E)
EPMAM Epidendrum magnoliae Muhl. var. magnoliae green fly orchid
EPCO4 Epidendrum conopseum W.T. Aiton FL (CE), GA (U)
EPNO Epidendrum nocturnum Jacq. night scented orchid FL (E)
EPRI2 Epidendrum rigidum Jacq. stiff flower star orchid FL (E)
EPST2 Epidendrum strobiliferum Rchb. f. big cypress star orchid FL (E)
EPGI Epipactis gigantea Douglas ex Hook. stream orchid AZ (SR)
ERAL Eremocrinum albomarginatum (M.E. Jones) M.E. Jones lonely lily AZ (SR)
ERAQ2 Eriocaulon aquaticum (Hill) Druce sevenangle pipewort MD (E)
ERSE4 Eriocaulon septangulare With. IN (E), OH (E)
ERDE5 Eriocaulon decangulare L. tenangle pipewort PA (X), TN (E)
ERKO Eriocaulon koernickianum van Heurck & Müll. Arg. gulf pipewort AR (E)
ERLI3 Eriocaulon lineare Small narrow pipewort NC (E)
ERNI7 Eriocaulon nigrobracteatum Bridges & Orzell blackbract pipewort FL (E)
ERPA4 Eriocaulon parkeri B.L. Rob. estuary pipewort CT (T), ME (SC), MD (T), MA (E), PA (X)
ERAL9 Erythronium albidum Nutt. white fawnlily MD (T)
ERAM5 Erythronium americanum Ker Gawl. dogtooth violet IA (T)
EREL13 Erythronium elegans Hammond & K.L. Chambers Coast Range fawnlily OR (T)
ERME15 Erythronium mesochoreum Knerr midland fawnlily IL (T)
ERPR6 Erythronium propullans A. Gray Minnesota fawnlily E MN (E)
ERRE5 Erythronium revolutum Sm. mahogany fawnlily WA (S)
ERRO5 Erythronium rostratum W. Wolf yellow troutlily KY (SC), OH (E), TN (SC)
ERUM2 Erythronium umbilicatum Parks & Hardin dimpled troutlily FL (E)
FRAT Fritillaria atropurpurea Nutt. spotted fritillary AZ (SR)
FRCA5 Fritillaria camschatcensis (L.) Ker Gawl. Kamchatka fritillary WA (S)
FRGE Fritillaria gentneri Gilkey Gentner's fritillary E OR (E)
FRGR4 Fritillaria grayana Rchb. f. & Baker Gray's fritillary
FRRO Fritillaria roderickii Knight CA (E)
FRST Fritillaria striata Eastw. striped abobe lily CA (T)
GABI6 Galeandra bicarinata G.A. Romero & P.M. Brown hooded orchid
GABE2 Galeandra beyrichii auct. non Rchb. f. FL (E)
GASP5 Galearis spectabilis (L.) Raf. showy orchid ME (E), MI (T), NH (T), NY (EV), RI (E)
GOOB2 Goodyera oblongifolia Raf. western rattlesnake plantain AZ (SR), ME (E)
GOPU Goodyera pubescens (Willd.) R. Br. downy rattlesnake plantain FL (E), NY (EV)
GORE2 Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. lesser rattlesnake plantain AZ (SR), MD (E, X), MA (E), NY (EV), TN (SC)
GOREO2 Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. var. ophioides Fernald CT (SC)
GOTE Goodyera tesselata Lodd. checkered rattlesnake plantain MD (E, X), NJ (E), NY (EV), OH (PRX), PA (T)
GOFL2 Govenia floridana P.M. Brown tropical govenia
GOUT Govenia utriculata auct. non (Sw.) Lindl. FL (E)
GUMO Guzmania monostachia (L.) Rusby ex Mez West Indian tufted airplant FL (E)
HADI6 Habenaria distans Griseb. hammock bog orchid FL (E)
HAJO Halophila johnsonii Eiseman Johnson's seagrass T
HAFL3 Harperocallis flava McDaniel Harper's beauty E FL (E)
HABRB Hastingsia bracteosa S. Watson var. bracteosa largeflower rushlily OR (T)
HEBU Helonias bullata L. swamppink T GA (T), MD (E), NJ (E), NC (SC, T), VA (E)
HEUN2 Hesperocallis undulata A. Gray desert lily AZ (SR)
HEWH Hesperoyucca whipplei (Torr.) Baker chaparral yucca
YUWHW Yucca whipplei Torr. var. whipplei AZ (SR)
HEDU2 Heteranthera dubia (Jacq.) MacMill. grassleaf mudplantain KY (SC), NH (E)
ZODU Zosterella dubia (Jacq.) Small ME (T)
HELI2 Heteranthera limosa (Sw.) Willd. blue mudplantain KY (SC), MN (T), TN (T)
HEMU5 Heteranthera multiflora (Griseb.) Horn bouquet mudplantain PA (E)
HERE Heteranthera reniformis Ruiz & Pav. kidneyleaf mudplantain CT (SC), IL (E), OH (E)
HENI2 Hexalectris nitida L.O. Williams Glass Mountain crested coralroot NM (E)
HESP3 Hexalectris spicata (Walter) Barnhart spiked crested coralroot AZ (SR), FL (E), IL (E), IN (R), MD (E, X), NM (E), OH (T)
HEWA Hexalectris warnockii Ames & Correll Texas crested coralroot AZ (HS)
HYGO2 Hymenocallis godfreyi G. Lom. Sm. & M. Darst Godfrey's spiderlily FL (E)
HYOCO Hymenocallis occidentalis (Leconte) Kunth var. occidentalis Northern spiderlily
HYCA9 Hymenocallis caroliniana (L.) Herb. Carolina spiderlily
HYCO5 Hymenocallis coronaria (J. Le Conte) Kunth GA (E)
HYHI2 Hypoxis hirsuta (L.) Coville common goldstar ME (PX), NH (T)
IOUT Ionopsis utricularioides (Sw.) Lindl. delicate violet orchid FL (E)
IRBR2 Iris brevicaulis Raf. zigzag iris OH (E), TN (E)
IRCR Iris cristata Aiton dwarf crested iris MD (E), PA (E)
IRFU Iris fulva Ker Gawl. copper iris KY (E), TN (T)
IRLA Iris lacustris Nutt. dwarf lake iris T MI (T), WI (T)
IRPR Iris prismatica Pursh ex Ker Gawl. slender blue iris ME (T), MD (E), NH (T), NY (T), PA (E), TN (T)
IRVE Iris verna L. dwarf violet iris MD (E), OH (T), PA (E)
IRVI Iris virginica L. Virginia iris PA (E)
IRVIS Iris virginica L. var. shrevei (Small) E.S. Anderson Shreve's iris NY (E)
ISME2 Isotria medeoloides (Pursh) Raf. small whorled pogonia T CT (E), GA (T), IL (E), ME (E), MD (E, X), MA (E), MI (E), MO (E), NH (E), NJ (E), NY (E), NC (E), OH (E), PA (E), RI (E), TN (E), VT (E), VA (E)
ISVE Isotria verticillata Raf. large whorled pogonia FL (E), IL (E), ME (PX), MI (T), NH (E), NY (EV), VT (T)
LACA5 Lachnanthes caroliana (Lam.) Dandy Carolina redroot CT (E), MD (E), MA (SC), NY (E), RI (T), TN (E)
LAAN Lachnocaulon anceps (Walter) Morong whitehead bogbutton TN (E)
LADI5 Lachnocaulon digynum Koern. pineland bogbutton FL (T)
LEMI6 Lemna minuta Kunth least duckweed
LEMI10 Lemna minima Phil., non Thuill. ex P. Beauv. IN (E)
LEOB2 Lemna obscura (Austin) Daubs little duckweed PA (X)
LEPE Lemna perpusilla Torr. minute duckweed IN (X), NJ (E), NY (E)
LETR Lemna trisulca L. star duckweed MD (E)
LEVA Lemna valdiviana Phil. valdivia duckweed IN (X), MI (PREX), NH (E), NJ (E), NY (E), PA (X)
LEEL2 Lepanthes eltoroensis Stimson Luquillo Mountain babyboot orchid E PR (E)
LEME Lepanthopsis melanantha (Rchb. f.) Ames tiny orchid FL (E)
LICA3 Lilium canadense L. Canada lily IN (R), NY (EV), RI (T), TN (T)
LICA4 Lilium catesbaei Walter pine lily FL (T)
LIGR2 Lilium grayi S. Watson Gray's lily NC (SC, T), TN (E)
LIIR Lilium iridollae Henry panhandle lily FL (E), NC (T)
LIMI Lilium michauxii Poir. Carolina lily FL (E)
LIMI9 Lilium michiganense Farw. Michigan lily NY (E), TN (T)
LIOC2 Lilium occidentale Purdy western lily E CA (E), OR (E)
LIPAP5 Lilium pardalinum Kellogg ssp. pitkinense (Beane & Vollmer) M.W. Skinner Pitkin Marsh lily E
LIPI Lilium pitkinense Beane & Vollmer CA (E)
LIPA2 Lilium parryi S. Watson lemon lily AZ (SR)
LIPH Lilium philadelphicum L. wood lily KY (T), MD (E, X), NM (E), NY (EV), OH (T), RI (SC), TN (E)
LIPHA Lilium philadelphicum L. var. andinum (Nutt.) Ker Gawl. wood lily NM (E)
LIUM2 Lilium umbellatum Pursh AZ (SR)
LISU Lilium superbum L. turk's-cap lily FL (E), KY (T), NH (E), NY (EV)
LISP2 Limnobium spongia (Bosc) Rich. ex Steud. American spongeplant KY (T), MD (E)
LIEL2 Liparis elata Lindl. pantropical widelip orchid
LINE2 Liparis nervosa auct. non (Thunb.) Lindl. FL (E)
LILI3 Liparis liliifolia (L.) Rich. ex Ker Gawl. brown widelip orchid CT (E), MA (T), NY (E), RI (E), VT (T)
LILO Liparis loeselii (L.) Rich. yellow widelip orchid AR (T), KY (T), NH (T), NY (EV), RI (T), TN (E), WA (E)
LIAU2 Listera auriculata Wiegand auricled twayblade ME (T), MN (E), NH (E), NY (E), VT (E), WI (E)
LIAU3 Listera australis Lindl. southern twayblade FL (T), KY (E), NY (E), PA (E), TN (E), VT (E)
LIBO4 Listera borealis Morong northern twayblade WA (S)
LICO5 Listera convallarioides (Sw.) Nutt. ex Elliot broadlipped twayblade AZ (SR), NH (T), NY (E), WI (T)
LICO6 Listera cordata (L.) R. Br. heartleaf twayblade MD (E, X), MA (E), NH (T), NJ (E), NY (EV), OH (PRX), PA (E), RI (H)
LISM Listera smallii Wiegand kidneyleaf twayblade KY (T), MD (E), NJ (E), PA (E), TN (SC)
LOAU Lophiola aurea Ker Gawl. goldencrest NC (E)
MALU Macradenia lutescens R. Br. longgland orchid FL (E)
MACA4 Maianthemum canadense Desf. Canada mayflower KY (T)
MACAI Maianthemum canadense Desf. var. interius Fernald NJ (E)
MARAA Maianthemum racemosum (L.) Link ssp. amplexicaule (Nutt.) LaFrankie feathery false lily of the valley AZ (SR)
MARAR Maianthemum racemosum (L.) Link ssp. racemosum feathery false lily of the valley AZ (SR)
MAST4 Maianthemum stellatum (L.) Link starry false lily of the valley AZ (SR), KY (E)
SMST Smilacina stellata (L.) Desf. MD (E), TN (E)
MATR4 Maianthemum trifolium (L.) Sloboda threeleaf false lily of the valley
SMTR Smilacina trifolia (L.) Desf. CT (E), NJ (E), OH (PRX), RI (T)
MABA6 Malaxis bayardii Fernald Bayard's adder's-mouth orchid MA (E), NJ (E), NY (E), PA (R)
MABR5 Malaxis brachypoda (A. Gray) Fernald white adder's-mouth orchid CT (E), PA (E), VT (T)
MAMOB2 Malaxis monophyllos (L.) Sw. ssp. brachypoda (A. Gray) Á. Löve & D. Löve ME (E), NY (EV)
MAMOB Malaxis monophyllos (L.) Sw. var. brachypoda (A. Gray) F. Morris & Eames MA (E), NH (E), NJ (E)
MACO4 Malaxis corymbosa (S. Watson) Kuntze Huachuca Mountain adder's-mouth orchid AZ (SR)
MAEH Malaxis ehrenbergii (Rchb. f.) Kuntze [excluded] Ehrenberg's adder's-mouth orchid AZ (SR)
MAPA4 Malaxis paludosa (L.) Sw. bog adder's-mouth orchid MN (E)
MASO8 Malaxis soulei L.O. Williams Chiricahua adder's-mouth orchid
MAMA13 Malaxis macrostachya auct. non (Lex.) Kuntze AZ (SR)
MATE2 Malaxis tenuis (S. Watson) Ames Arizona adder's-mouth orchid AZ (SR)
MAUN Malaxis unifolia Michx. green adder's-mouth orchid CT (E), FL (E), IN (E), NH (T), NY (EV), RI (E)
MAVI5 Manfreda virginica (L.) Salisb. ex Rose false aloe
AGVI6 Agave virginica L. OH (T)
MACR2 Maxillaria crassifolia (Lindl.) Rchb. f. hidden orchid FL (E)
MAPA22 Maxillaria parviflora (Poepp. & Endl.) Garay purple tiger orchid FL (E)
MEVI Medeola virginiana L. Indian cucumber FL (E), IL (E)
MELU3 Mesadenus lucayanus (Britton) Schltr. Florida Keys ladies'-tresses
SPPO3 Spiranthes polyantha auct. non Rchb. f. FL (E)
MIBI2 Milla biflora Cav. Mexican star AZ (SR)
NAFI2 Najas filifolia Haynes needleleaf waternymph FL (T)
NAGR Najas gracillima (A. Braun ex Engelm.) Magnus slender waternymph IN (E), KY (SC), ME (SC), MD (E, X), OH (E), PA (T)
NAGU Najas guadalupensis (Spreng.) Magnus southern waternymph CT (SC), ME (PX)
NAGUM2 Najas guadalupensis (Spreng.) Magnus ssp. muenscheri (R.T. Clausen) Haynes & C.B. Hellquist Muenscher's waternymph
NAGUM Najas guadalupensis (Spreng.) Magnus var. muenscheri (R.T. Clausen) Haynes NY (E)
NAGUO2 Najas guadalupensis (Spreng.) Magnus ssp. olivacea (Rosend. & Butters) Haynes & C.B. Hellquist Guadalupe waternymph
NAGUO Najas guadalupensis (Spreng.) Magnus var. olivacea (Rosend. & Butters) Haynes NY (E)
NAMA Najas marina L. spiny naiad NY (E), PA (E)
NAAM Narthecium americanum Ker Gawl. yellow asphodel NJ (E), NC (E)
NEFL Nemastylis floridana Small fallflowering pleatleaf FL (E)
NOBI2 Nothoscordum bivalve (L.) Britton crowpoison IN (R), OH (T)
NOTE2 Nothoscordum texanum M.E. Jones Texas false garlic AZ (SR)
ONFL Oncidium floridanum Ames Florida orchid FL (E)
ORAQ Orontium aquaticum L. goldenclub CT (SC), KY (T), MA (E), NY (T), PA (R), RI (E)
PEAD3 Pelexia adnata (Sw.) Spreng. hachuela
SPAD Spiranthes adnata (Sw.) Benth. ex Fawc. FL (E)
PEVI Peltandra virginica (L.) Schott green arrow arum IA (E)
PIYA Piperia yadonii R. Morgan & Ackerman Yadon's piperia E
PLAQ2 Platanthera aquilonis Sheviak northern green orchid NY (EV)
PLBL Platanthera blephariglottis (Willd.) Lindl. white fringed orchid CT (E), FL (T), MD (T), NY (EV), OH (E), RI (T)
PLCH3 Platanthera chorisiana (Cham.) Rchb. Chimissso's orchid WA (T)
PLCI2 Platanthera ciliaris (L.) Lindl. yellow fringed orchid CT (T), FL (T), IL (E), IN (E), MD (T), MI (T), NY (E), OH (T), PA (T), RI (E)
PLCL Platanthera clavellata (Michx.) Luer small green wood orchid FL (E), IL (E), IN (WL), NY (EV)
PLCR Platanthera cristata (Michx.) Lindl. crested yellow orchid FL (T), KY (T), MD (T), MA (E), NY (E), PA (X)
PLDI3 Platanthera dilatata (Pursh) Lindl. ex Beck scentbottle CT (SC), IN (E), MA (T), NY (EV), PA (E)
PLFL Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl. palegreen orchid AR (T), CT (SC), FL (T), IA (E), ME (SC), NY (EV), VT (T)
PLFLF Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl. var. flava palegreen orchid IL (E), IN (E), NJ (E), TN (SC)
PLFLH Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl. var. herbiola (R. Br.) Luer palegreen orchid IL (E), MA (T), MN (E), NH (T), RI (E), TN (T), WI (T)
PLGR6 Platanthera gracilis Lindl. lax-flowered green orchid
PLHYG Platanthera hyperborea (L.) Lindl. var. gracilis (Lindl.) Luer AZ (SR)
PLGR2 Platanthera grandiflora (Bigelow) Lindl. greater purple fringed orchid MD (T), NY (EV), OH (PRX), TN (E)
PLHO4 Platanthera holochila (Hillebr.) Kraenzlin Hawai'i bog orchid E
PLHO3 Platanthera hookeri (Torr. ex A. Gray) Lindl. Hooker's orchid CT (SC), IN (X), IA (T), NJ (E), NY (E), OH (PRX), PA (E), RI (H), VT (T)
PLHU2 Platanthera huronensis (Nutt.) Lindl. Huron green orchid NY (EV)
PLHY2 Platanthera hyperborea (L.) Lindl. northern green orchid
PLHYH2 Platanthera hyperborea (L.) Lindl. var. hyperborea AZ (SR)
PLIN5 Platanthera integra (Nutt.) A. Gray ex Beck yellow fringeless orchid FL (E), NJ (E), NC (T), TN (E)
PLIN6 Platanthera integrilabia (Correll) Luer white fringeless orchid GA (T), KY (T), NC (E), TN (E)
PLLA2 Platanthera lacera (Michx.) G. Don green fringed orchid NY (EV)
PLLE2 Platanthera leucophaea (Nutt.) Lindl. prairie white fringed orchid T IL (E), IN (X), IA (E), ME (E), MI (E), MO (E), NY (E), OH (T), PA (X), WI (E)
PLLI3 Platanthera limosa Lindl. Thurber's bog orchid AZ (SR)
PLMA9 Platanthera macrophylla (Goldie) P.M. Brown greater roundleaved orchid
PLORM Platanthera orbiculata (Pursh) Lindl. var. macrophylla (Goldie) Luer RI (T)
PLNI Platanthera nivea (Nutt.) Luer snowy orchid AR (E), FL (T), NJ (E), NC (T), TN (E)
PLOB Platanthera obtusata (Banks ex Pursh) Lindl. bluntleaved orchid NY (EV), WA (S)
PLOR4 Platanthera orbiculata (Pursh) Lindl. lesser roundleaved orchid CT (SC), IN (X), NJ (E), NY (EV), RI (T), TN (T)
PLPE Platanthera peramoena (A. Gray) A. Gray purple fringeless orchid AR (T), MD (T), NJ (E), PA (T)
PLPR4 Platanthera praeclara Sheviak & Bowles Great Plains white fringed orchid T IA (T), MN (E), MO (E), NE (T)
PLPS2 Platanthera psycodes (L.) Lindl. lesser purple fringed orchid IL (E), IN (R), IA (T), KY (E), MD (E, X), NY (EV), OH (E), RI (SC), TN (T)
PLSP2 Platanthera sparsiflora (S. Watson) Schltr. sparse-flowered bog orchid WA (S)
PLSPE Platanthera sparsiflora (S. Watson) Schltr. var. ensifolia (Rydb.) Luer sparse-flowered bog orchid AZ (SR)
PLSPS Platanthera sparsiflora (S. Watson) Schltr. var. sparsiflora sparse-flowered bog orchid AZ (SR)
PLST4 Platanthera stricta Lindl. slender bog orchid AZ (SR)
PLGE Pleurothallis gelida Lindl. flor de llanten FL (E)
POOP Pogonia ophioglossoides (L.) Ker Gawl. snakemouth orchid AR (T), FL (T), IL (E), KY (E), NY (EV), OH (T), TN (E)
POBIC Polygonatum biflorum (Walter) Elliot var. commutatum (Schult. & Schult. f.) Morong smooth Solomon's seal NH (E)
POBIM Polygonatum biflorum (Walter) Elliot var. melleum (Farw.) R. Ownbey smooth Solomon's seal MI (PREX)
POCO6 Polygonatum cobrense (Woot. & Standl.) R.R. Gates McKittrick's Solomon's seal AZ (SR)
POPU4 Polygonatum pubescens (Willd.) Pursh hairy Solomon's seal IL (E)
POCO27 Polystachya concreta (Jacq.) Garay & H.R. Sweet greater yellowspike orchid FL (E)
POCO14 Pontederia cordata L. pickerelweed KY (T)
POBR9 Ponthieva brittoniae Ames Britton's shadow witch FL (E)
PORA4 Ponthieva racemosa (Walter) C. Mohr hairy shadow witch TN (E)
POAL8 Potamogeton alpinus Balbis alpine pondweed NH (T), NJ (E), NY (T), PA (X)
POAM5 Potamogeton amplifolius Tuck. largeleaf pondweed MD (E, X), TN (T)
POBI9 Potamogeton bicupulatus Fernald snailseed pondweed IN (X), MI (T), MN (E)
POCL Potamogeton clystocarpus Fernald little aguja pondweed E TX (E)
POCO12 Potamogeton confervoides Rchb. Tuckerman's pondweed CT (SC), ME (SC), MA (T), NY (T), PA (T), RI (H), WI (T)
PODI Potamogeton diversifolius Raf. waterthread pondweed CT (SC), MA (E), MN (E), NY (E)
POEP2 Potamogeton epihydrus Raf. ribbonleaf pondweed IN (E), TN (SC)
POFL5 Potamogeton floridanus Small Florida pondweed FL (E)
POFO3 Potamogeton foliosus Raf. leafy pondweed MD (E), NH (E)
POFR3 Potamogeton friesii Rupr. Fries' pondweed CT (SC), IN (E), ME (E), MA (E), OH (E), PA (E)
POGR8 Potamogeton gramineus L. variableleaf pondweed IL (T), OH (E), PA (E)
POHI4 Potamogeton hillii Morong Hill's pondweed CT (E), MA (SC), MI (T), NY (T), OH (E), PA (E)
POIL Potamogeton illinoensis Morong Illinois pondweed KY (SC), NJ (E), PA (R)
POOA Potamogeton oakesianus J.W. Robbins Oakes' pondweed IN (E), PA (E)
POOB2 Potamogeton obtusifolius Mert. & W.D.J. Koch bluntleaf pondweed NJ (E), PA (E), WA (S)
POOG Potamogeton ogdenii Hellquist & Hilton Ogden's pondweed MA (E), NY (E)
POPE7 Potamogeton perfoliatus L. claspingleaf pondweed OH (PRX)
POPR5 Potamogeton praelongus Wulfen whitestem pondweed IL (E), IN (E), NJ (E), OH (E), PA (E)
POPU6 Potamogeton pulcher Tuck. spotted pondweed IL (E), IN (E), KY (T), ME (T), MI (T), NY (T), OH (T), PA (E), WI (E)
POPU7 Potamogeton pusillus L. small pondweed IN (R)
POPUG4 Potamogeton pusillus L. ssp. gemmiparus (J.W. Robbins) Haynes & C.B. Hellquist small pondweed
POPUG Potamogeton pusillus L. var. gemmiparus J.W. Robbins CT (SC), NH (T), RI (SC)
PORI2 Potamogeton richardsonii (Benn.) Rydb. Richardson's pondweed IN (T), MD (E, X), PA (T)
PORO2 Potamogeton robbinsii Oakes Robbins' pondweed IL (E), IN (T), MD (E, X), NJ (E), OH (E), PA (R)
POSP3 Potamogeton spirillus Tuck. spiral pondweed OH (PRX)
POST2 Potamogeton strictifolius Benn. narrowleaf pondweed CT (SC), IL (E), IN (E), ME (PX), MA (E), NY (E), OH (PRX), PA (E)
POTE4 Potamogeton tennesseensis Fernald Tennessee pondweed OH (E), PA (E), TN (T)
POVA3 Potamogeton vaseyi J.W. Robbins Vasey's pondweed CT (SC), IN (E), ME (T), MA (E), MI (T), NH (T), OH (PRX), PA (E)
POZO Potamogeton zosteriformis Fernald flatstem pondweed MD (E), NH (T), NJ (E), PA (R)
PROL Prescotia oligantha (Sw.) Lindl. small Prescott orchid FL (E)
PRHOH Prosartes hookeri Torr. var. hookeri drops-of-gold
DIHO3 Disporum hookeri (Torr.) G. Nicholson MI (E)
PRMA14 Prosartes maculata (Buckley) A. Gray yellow mandarin
DIMA2 Disporum maculatum (Buckley) Britton KY (SC), MI (PREX), OH (T)
PRTR4 Prosartes trachycarpa S. Watson roughfruit fairybells
DITR2 Disporum trachycarpum (S. Watson) Benth. & Hook. f. AZ (SR), MI (T)
DITRS Disporum trachycarpum (S. Watson) Benth. & Hook. f. var. subglabrum E.H. Kelso AZ (SR)
PRBOE Prosthechea boothiana (Lindl.) W.E. Higgins var. erythronioides (Small) W.E. Higgins dollar orchid
ENBO Encyclia boothiana auct. non (Lindl.) Dressler FL (E)
PRCOC Prosthechea cochleata (L.) W.E. Higgins var. cochleata clamshell orchid
ENCO3 Encyclia cochleata (L.) Dressler FL (E)
PRPY Prosthechea pygmaea (Hook.) W.E. Higgins dwarf butterfly orchid
ENPY Encyclia pygmaea (Hook.) Dressler FL (E)
PTEC2 Pteroglossaspis ecristata (Fernald) Rolfe giant orchid NC (E)
EUEC Eulophia ecristata (Fernald) Ames FL (T)
RUMA5 Ruppia maritima L. widgeongrass MI (T)
SAAU2 Sagittaria australis (J.G. Sm.) Small longbeak arrowhead IN (R), NJ (E)
SABR8 Sagittaria brevirostra Mack. & Bush shortbeak arrowhead TN (T)
SACA21 Sagittaria calycina Engelm. hooded arrowhead ME (SC)
SACAS Sagittaria calycina Engelm. var. spongiosa Engelm. hooded arrowhead NY (T), PA (E)
SAMOS2 Sagittaria montevidensis Cham. & Schltdl. ssp. spongiosa (Engelm.) Bogin MA (E)
SACU Sagittaria cuneata Sheldon arumleaf arrowhead CT (SC), MA (T), NH (T), NJ (E), OH (T)
SAEN Sagittaria engelmanniana J.G. Sm. Engelmann's arrowhead MD (T)
SAFA5 Sagittaria fasciculata E.O. Beal bunched arrowhead E NC (E)
SAFI2 Sagittaria filiformis J.G. Sm. threadleaf arrowhead
SAST4 Sagittaria stagnorum Small PA (X)
SAGR Sagittaria graminea Michx. grassy arrowhead KY (T), OH (E), RI (SC), TN (T)
SALA2 Sagittaria latifolia Willd. broadleaf arrowhead
SALO11 Sagittaria longirostra (Micheli) J.G. Sm. IL (E)
SAMO Sagittaria montevidensis Cham. & Schltdl. giant arrowhead MI (T)
SAPL Sagittaria platyphylla (Engelm.) J.G. Sm. delta arrowhead KY (T), OH (PRX), TN (SC)
SARI Sagittaria rigida Pursh sessilefruit arrowhead KY (E), ME (T), MD (E), OH (T), TN (SC)
SASE9 Sagittaria secundifolia Kral Little River arrowhead T GA (T)
SASU Sagittaria subulata (L.) Buchenau awl-leaf arrowhead CT (SC), PA (R), RI (H)
SASUS Sagittaria subulata (L.) Buchenau var. subulata MA (E)
SATE2 Sagittaria teres S. Watson slender arrowhead MA (SC), NJ (E), NY (E), RI (E)
SCPA2 Scheuchzeria palustris L. rannoch-rush CT (E), MA (E), NJ (E), NY (R), OH (E), PA (E), RI (E)
SCPAA3 Scheuchzeria palustris L. ssp. americana (Fernald) Hultén rannoch-rush IN (E), VT (T)
SCAR8 Schiedeella arizonica P.M. Brown parasitic lady's tresses
SPPA4 Spiranthes parasitica auct. non A. Rich. & Galeotti AZ (SR)
SCCR Schoenolirion croceum (Michx.) Alph. Wood yellow sunnybell FL (E), TN (T)
SCWR3 Schoenolirion wrightii Sherman Texas sunnybell AR (T)
SIAL3 Sisyrinchium albidum Raf. white blue-eyed grass PA (X)
SIHA4 Sisyrinchium hastile E.P. Bicknell p.p. MI (PREX)
SIAT Sisyrinchium atlanticum E.P. Bicknell eastern blue-eyed grass IL (E), MI (T), OH (E), PA (E)
SIDI5 Sisyrinchium dichotomum E.P. Bicknell wishbone blue-eyed grass E NC (E)
SIFA2 Sisyrinchium farwellii E.P. Bicknell Farwell's blue-eyed grass MI (PREX)
SIFU2 Sisyrinchium fuscatum E.P. Bicknell coastal plain blue-eyed grass MD (E, X), MA (SC), RI (H)
SIAR2 Sisyrinchium arenicola E.P. Bicknell PA (X)
SIMO2 Sisyrinchium montanum Greene strict blue-eyed grass IL (E), IN (E), NJ (E), OH (E), WA (S)
SIMU3 Sisyrinchium mucronatum Michx. needletip blue-eyed grass ME (SC), MA (E), NY (E), OH (E)
SISA4 Sisyrinchium sarmentosum Suksd. ex Greene mountain blue-eyed grass WA (T)
SISE4 Sisyrinchium septentrionale E.P. Bicknell northern blue-eyed grass WA (S)
SMLA3 Smilax lasioneura Hook. Blue Ridge carrionflower
SMHEL2 Smilax herbacea L. var. lasioneura (Hook.) A. DC. OH (T)
SMPS Smilax pseudochina L. bamboo vine MD (T), NY (E), PA (X)
SMPU2 Smilax pulverulenta Michx. downy carrionflower NY (E)
SMHEP2 Smilax herbacea L. var. pulverulenta (Michx.) A. Gray OH (E)
SPAM Sparganium americanum Nutt. American bur-reed IL (E)
SPAN Sparganium androcladum (Engelm.) Morong branched bur-reed IN (T), PA (E), TN (E)
SPAN2 Sparganium angustifolium Michx. narrowleaf bur-reed NJ (E)
SPEM2 Sparganium emersum Rehmann European bur-reed
SPCH Sparganium chlorocarpum Rydb. IL (E), OH (E)
SPEU Sparganium eurycarpum Engelm. broadfruit bur-reed KY (E), NH (T)
SPFL Sparganium fluctuans (Engelm. ex Morong) B.L. Rob. floating bur-reed CT (E)
SPGL Sparganium glomeratum (Beurling ex Laest.) L. Neum. clustered bur-reed WI (T)
SPNA Sparganium natans L. small bur-reed MA (E), NY (T), VT (T)
SPMI Sparganium minimum Wallr. CT (SC), NJ (E), PA (X)
SPBR Spiranthes brevilabris Lindl. Texas lady's tresses FL (E)
SPCA6 Spiranthes casei Catling & Cruise Case's lady's tresses NH (E), NY (EV), PA (E)
SPCE Spiranthes cernua (L.) Rich. nodding lady's tresses NY (EV)
SPDE6 Spiranthes delitescens Sheviak reclusive lady's tresses E AZ (HS)
SPDI6 Spiranthes diluvialis Sheviak Ute lady's tresses T NE (T), NV (FP), WA (E)
SPLA4 Spiranthes lacera (Raf.) Raf. northern slender lady's tresses IA (T), NY (EV)
SPLAG Spiranthes lacera (Raf.) Raf. var. gracilis (Bigelow) Luer northern slender lady's tresses ME (PX)
SPLA3 Spiranthes laciniata (Small) Ames lacelip lady's tresses FL (T), NJ (E)
SPLO2 Spiranthes longilabris Lindl. giantspiral lady's tresses FL (T), NC (T)
SPLU2 Spiranthes lucida (H.H. Eaton) Ames shining lady's tresses IL (E), IN (R), IA (E), KY (T), ME (T), MD (E), NH (T), NY (EV), RI (H), TN (T)
SPMA5 Spiranthes magnicamporum Sheviak Great Plains lady's tresses GA (E), IN (E), KY (T), NM (E), PA (X)
SPOC Spiranthes ochroleuca (Rydb.) Rydb. yellow nodding lady's tresses IN (T), KY (SC), MD (E), NY (EV), TN (PX, E)
SPOD Spiranthes odorata (Nutt.) Lindl. marsh lady's tresses KY (E), MD (E, X), TN (E)
SPOV Spiranthes ovalis Lindl. October lady's tresses FL (E), IA (T), MI (T), PA (E)
SPPA5 Spiranthes parksii Correll Navasota lady's tresses E TX (E)
SPPO7 Spiranthes porrifolia Lindl. creamy lady's tresses WA (S)
SPRO Spiranthes romanzoffiana Cham. hooded lady's tresses AZ (SR), IL (E), IN (E), IA (T), MA (E), NY (EV), OH (T), PA (E)
SPTO5 Spiranthes torta (Thunb.) Garay & H.R. Sweet southern lady's tresses FL (E)
SPTU Spiranthes tuberosa Raf. little lady's tresses FL (T), NY (EV), PA (X), RI (E)
SPTUG Spiranthes tuberosa Raf. var. grayi (Ames) Fernald CT (SC)
SPVE Spiranthes vernalis Engelm. & A. Gray spring lady's tresses IL (E), IN (R), IA (T), MA (T), NH (E), NY (E), PA (E), RI (SC)
STGR2 Stenanthium gramineum (Ker Gawl.) Morong eastern featherbells FL (E), IL (E), IN (E), MD (T), OH (T)
STGRM Stenanthium gramineum (Ker Gawl.) Morong var. micranthum Fernald eastern featherbells KY (T)
STLA11 Stenorrhynchos lanceolatum (Aubl.) Rich. leafless beaked lady orchid FL (T)
STMI14 Stenorrhynchos michuacanum (Llave & Lex.) Schltr. Michuacan lady orchid
SPMI2 Spiranthes michuacana (Llave & Lex.) Hemsl. AZ (SR)
STAM2 Streptopus amplexifolius (L.) DC. claspleaf twistedstalk AZ (SR), NJ (E), PA (E), TN (T)
STAMA2 Streptopus amplexifolius (L.) DC. var. amplexifolius claspleaf twistedstalk
STAMA Streptopus amplexifolius (L.) DC. var. americanus Schult. & Schult. f. CT (T)
STLAL2 Streptopus lanceolatus (Aiton) Reveal var. lanceolatus twistedstalk
STROP2 Streptopus roseus Michx. var. perspectus Fassett KY (E)
STLAR Streptopus lanceolatus (Aiton) Reveal var. roseus (Michx.) Reveal twistedstalk
STRO4 Streptopus roseus Michx. IA (T), MD (T), NJ (E), OH (E), RI (T), TN (SC)
STFIA2 Stuckenia filiformis (Pers.) Börner ssp. alpina (Blytt) Haynes, D.H. Les & M. Kral fineleaf pondweed
POFIA Potamogeton filiformis Pers. var. alpinus (Blytt) Asch. & Graebn. NH (E), NY (E)
STFIA Stuckenia filiformis (Pers.) Böerner ssp. alpinus (Blytt) Haynes, D.H. Les & M. Kral, orth. var. ME (T)
STFIF Stuckenia filiformis (Pers.) Börner ssp. filiformis fineleaf pondweed
POFI2 Potamogeton filiformis Pers. OH (PRX), PA (X)
STFIO Stuckenia filiformis (Pers.) Börner ssp. occidentalis (J.W. Robbins) Haynes, D.H. Les & M. Kral western fineleaf pondweed ME (E)
POFIO Potamogeton filiformis Pers. var. occidentalis (J.W. Robbins) Morong NY (E)
STPE15 Stuckenia pectinata (L.) Börner sago pondweed
POPE6 Potamogeton pectinatus L. NH (T)
STVA8 Stuckenia vaginata (Turcz.) Holub sheathed pondweed
POVA2 Potamogeton vaginatus Turcz. WI (T)
SYFO Symplocarpus foetidus (L.) Salisb. ex Nutt. skunk cabbage TN (E)
THDE Thalia dealbata Fraser ex Roscoe powdery alligator-flag IL (E)
TIBA2 Tillandsia balbisiana Schult. & Schult. f. northern needleleaf FL (T)
TIFA Tillandsia fasciculata Sw. giant airplant FL (E)
TIFL2 Tillandsia flexuosa Sw. twisted airplant FL (T)
TIPR Tillandsia pruinosa Sw. fuzzywuzzy airplant FL (E)
TIRE Tillandsia recurvata (L.) L. small ballmoss GA (T)
TIUT Tillandsia utriculata L. spreading airplant FL (E)
TIVA2 Tillandsia variabilis Schltdl. leatherleaf airplant
TIVA Tillandsia valenzuelana A. Rich. FL (T)
TIDI Tipularia discolor (Pursh) Nutt. crippled cranefly FL (T), MA (E), MI (T), NY (E), PA (R)
TOPU Tofieldia pusilla (Michx.) Pers. Scotch false asphodel MI (T), MN (E)
TOBA2 Tolumnia bahamensis (Nash ex Britton & Millsp.) G.J. Braem variegated orchid
ONBA Oncidium bahamense Nash ex Britton & Millsp. FL (E)
TRBR Tradescantia bracteata Small longbract spiderwort IL (T), MI (PREX)
TROH Tradescantia ohiensis Raf. bluejacket PA (E)
TRGL5 Triantha glutinosa (Michx.) Baker sticky tofieldia
TOGL2 Tofieldia glutinosa (Michx.) Pers. IL (T), IN (R), NH (T), NY (E), OH (T), VT (T), WI (T)
TRRA6 Triantha racemosa (Walter) Small coastal false asphodel
TORA Tofieldia racemosa (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. MD (E, X), NJ (E), TN (E)
TRMA19 Trichocentrum maculatum (Aubl.) M.W. Chase Cape Sable orchid
ONLU Oncidium luridum auct. non Lindl. FL (E)
TRALP Trillium albidum J.D. Freeman ssp. parviflorum (Soukup) K.L. Chambers & S.C. Meyers smallflower wakerobin
TRPA11 Trillium parviflorum Soukup smallflower wakerobin WA (S)
TRCE Trillium cernuum L. whip-poor-will flower IL (E), NY (EV), OH (PRX)
TRCEM Trillium cernuum L. var. macranthum Eames & Wiegand IN (E)
TRDE3 Trillium decumbens Harbison trailing wakerobin TN (E)
TRDI5 Trillium discolor Wray ex Hook. mottled wakerobin NC (T)
TRER3 Trillium erectum L. red trillium IL (E), NY (EV), RI (T)
TRFL6 Trillium flexipes Raf. nodding wakerobin MD (E), NY (E)
TRGR4 Trillium grandiflorum (Michx.) Salisb. white trillium ME (E), NY (EV)
TRLA15 Trillium lancifolium Raf. lanceleaf wakerobin FL (E), TN (E)
TRNI2 Trillium nivale Riddell snow trillium KY (E), MD (E), MI (T), PA (R), WI (T)
TRPE7 Trillium persistens Duncan persistent wakerobin E GA (E)
TRPU3 Trillium pusillum Michx. dwarf wakerobin NC (E)
TRPUO Trillium pusillum Michx. var. ozarkanum (Palmer & Steyerm.) Steyerm. Ozark wakerobin KY (E), TN (E)
TRPUP2 Trillium pusillum Michx. var. pusillum dwarf wakerobin KY (E), TN (E)
TRPUV Trillium pusillum Michx. var. virginianum Fernald Virginia wakerobin MD (T)
TRRE5 Trillium recurvatum Beck bloody butcher MI (T)
TRRE6 Trillium reliquum J.D. Freeman Confederate wakerobin E GA (E)
TRRU2 Trillium rugelii Rendle illscented wakerobin TN (E)
TRSE2 Trillium sessile L. toadshade MI (T), NY (E)
TRUN Trillium undulatum Willd. painted trillium KY (T), MI (E), NY (EV), OH (E)
TRVI4 Trillium viride Beck wood wakerobin IL (E), MI (PREX)
TRAM18 Triphora amazonica Schltr. broadleaf noddingcaps
TRLA17 Triphora latifolia Luer f. FL (E)
TRCR4 Triphora craigheadii Luer Craighead's noddingcaps FL (E)
TRTR3 Triphora trianthophora (Sw.) Rydb. threebirds CT (SC), FL (T), ME (T), MD (E, X), MA (E), MI (T), NH (T), NJ (E), NY (E), OH (T), PA (E), VT (T)
TRLE4 Triteleia lemmoniae (S. Watson) Greene Oak Creek triteleia AZ (SR)
TRPA9 Triteleiopsis palmeri (S. Watson) Hoover Palmer's Bajalily AZ (SR)
TRPO5 Tropidia polystachya (Sw.) Ames young palm orchid FL (E)
UVFL Uvularia floridana Chapm. Florida bellwort FL (E)
UVGR Uvularia grandiflora Sm. largeflower bellwort CT (E), NH (E)
UVPE Uvularia perfoliata L. perfoliate bellwort IN (E), NH (E)
UVPU2 Uvularia puberula Michx. mountain bellwort PA (R)
UVPUN2 Uvularia puberula Michx. var. nitida (Britton) Fernald NJ (E), NY (E)
VAAM3 Vallisneria americana Michx. American eelgrass KY (SC)
VABA Vanilla barbellata Rchb. f. wormvine orchid FL (E)
VADI2 Vanilla dilloniana Correll leafless vanilla FL (E)
VAME2 Vanilla mexicana Mill. Mexican vanilla FL (E)
VAPH Vanilla phaeantha Rchb. f. leafy vanilla FL (E)
VECA2 Veratrum californicum Durand California false hellebore AZ (SR)
VEHY Veratrum hybridum (Walter) J.H. Zimmerman ex Zomlefer slender bunchflower
MEHY3 Melanthium hybridum Walter CT (SC)
MELA4 Melanthium latifolium Desr. MD (E), TN (E)
VELA11 Veratrum latifolium (Desr.) Zomlefer slender bunchflower
VEIN Veratrum insolitum Jeps. Siskiyou false hellebore WA (S)
VEPA3 Veratrum parviflorum Michx. Appalachian bunchflower
MEPA2 Melanthium parviflorum (Michx.) S. Watson KY (E)
VEVI5 Veratrum virginicum (L.) W.T. Aiton Virginia bunchflower
MEVI2 Melanthium virginicum L. IL (T), IN (E), KY (E), NJ (E), NY (E), OH (T), TN (E)
VEWO3 Veratrum woodii J.W. Robbins ex Alph. Wood Wood's bunchflower FL (E), IL (T), IA (T), OH (T)
MEWO Melanthium woodii (J.W. Robbins ex Alph. Wood) Bodkin GA (R), KY (T), TN (E)
WOBR Wolffia brasiliensis Weddell Brazilian watermeal
WOPA Wolffia papulifera C.H. Thomp. MI (T)
WOCO Wolffia columbiana Karst. Columbian watermeal ME (T)
WOGL2 Wolffiella gladiata (Hegelm.) Hegelm. Florida mudmidget OH (T), PA (R)
WOFL Wolffiella floridana (Donn. Sm.) C.H. Thomp. IN (X), MD (E, X), NJ (E)
XEAS Xerophyllum asphodeloides (L.) Nutt. eastern turkeybeard GA (R), KY (H), TN (T)
XYAM Xyris ambigua Bey. ex Kunth coastal plain yelloweyed grass TN (E)
XYBA Xyris baldwiniana Schult. Baldwin's yelloweyed grass AR (T)
XYCA Xyris caroliniana Walter Carolina yelloweyed grass NJ (E)
XYDI Xyris difformis Chapm. bog yelloweyed grass IN (T), KY (E), OH (E)
XYFI Xyris fimbriata Elliot fringed yelloweyed grass MD (E), NJ (E), TN (E)
XYIS Xyris isoetifolia Kral quillwort yelloweyed grass FL (E)
XYLAI Xyris laxifolia Mart. var. iridifolia (Chapm.) Kral irisleaf yelloweyed grass TN (SC)
XYLO Xyris longisepala Kral Kral's yelloweyed grass FL (E)
XYMO Xyris montana Ries northern yelloweyed grass CT (E), NJ (E), PA (R), RI (T), VT (T)
XYSC Xyris scabrifolia Harper Harper's yelloweyed grass FL (T)
XYCH Xyris chapmanii Bridges & Orzell FL (E)
XYSM Xyris smalliana Nash Small's yelloweyed grass CT (E), ME (E), MD (E)
XYTE Xyris tennesseensis Kral Tennessee yelloweyed grass E GA (E), TN (E)
XYTO Xyris torta Sm. slender yelloweyed grass IA (E), MN (E), OH (E), PA (T)
YUANA2 Yucca angustissima Engelm. ex Trel. var. angustissima narrowleaf yucca AZ (SR)
YUANK Yucca angustissima Engelm. ex Trel. var. kanabensis (McKelvey) Reveal Kanab yucca AZ (SR)
YUBA Yucca baccata Torr. banana yucca
YUBAB Yucca baccata Torr. var. baccata AZ (SR, HR), NV (CY)
YUBAV Yucca baccata Torr. var. vespertina McKelvey AZ (SR), NV (CY)
YUBAI Yucca baileyi Woot. & Standl. var. intermedia (McKelvey) Reveal intermediate yucca AZ (SR)
YUGL2 Yucca gloriosa L. moundlily yucca FL (E)
YUHA Yucca harrimaniae Trel. Spanish bayonet AZ (SR)
YUHAH Yucca harrimaniae Trel. var. harrimaniae Spanish bayonet NV (CY)
YUSC2 Yucca schidigera Roezl ex Ortgies Mojave yucca AZ (SR, HR), NV (CY)
YUSC Yucca ×schottii Engelm. (pro sp.) [baccata × elata] Schott's yucca AZ (SR)
YUAR Yucca arizonica McKelvey AZ (SR)
YUTH2 Yucca thornberi McKelvey AZ (SR)
ZAPA Zannichellia palustris L. horned pondweed IN (E), ME (SC), NH (T)
ZEAT Zephyranthes atamasca (L.) Herb. Atamasco lily FL (T), MD (E)
ZELO Zephyranthes longifolia Hemsl. copper zephyrlily AZ (SR)
ZESI Zephyranthes simpsonii Chapm. redmargin zephyrlily FL (T)
ZETR Zephyranthes treatiae S. Watson zephyrlily
ZEATT Zephyranthes atamasca (L.) Herb. var. treatiae (S. Watson) Meerow Atamasco lily
ZIEL2 Zigadenus elegans Pursh mountain deathcamas AZ (SR)
ZIELG Zigadenus elegans Pursh ssp. glaucus (Nutt.) Hultén mountain deathcamas NY (T)
ZIELG2 Zigadenus elegans Pursh var. glaucus (Nutt.) Cronquist IN (R), PA (E)
ZIGL2 Zigadenus glaucus Nutt. IL (E), TN (E)
ZILE Zigadenus leimanthoides A. Gray pine barren deathcamas FL (E), NJ (E), TN (T)
ZIPA2 Zigadenus paniculatus (Nutt.) S. Watson foothill deathcamas AZ (SR)
ZIVI Zigadenus virescens (Kunth) J.F. Macbr. green deathcamas AZ (SR)
†CodeProtected Status
CECommercially Exploited
EVExploitably Vulnerable
FPFully Protected
HSHighly Safeguarded
PXPossibly Extirpated
PRXPresumed Extirpated
PREXProbably Extirpated
CYProtected as a Cactus, Yucca, or Christmas tree
SRSalvage restricted
SCSpecial Concern
WLWatch list


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