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Protected Plants for scientific name = Sphagnum
Jurisdiction = Federal and State
16 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with more information. Click on a place name in the reference list to view its T&E list, or click on the reference link to see published lists and learn more about each law. Protected plants that are synonyms retain their protected status, and are indented beneath the current PLANTS accepted name; common names are from PLANTS.

Kentucky Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission. 2000. Endangered, threatened, and special concern species (20 October 2002). Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission, Kentucky.
New Jersey Office of Natural Lands Management. 2001. Special plants of New Jersey (20 October 2002). Department of Environmental Protection and Energy, New Jersey.
North Carolina Plant Industry Division. 1998. List of North Carolina's endangered, threatened, and special concern plant species (20 October 2002). North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, North Carolina.
Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves. 2001. Rare native Ohio plants, 2000-2001 status list (20 October 2002). Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio.
Vermont Nongame and Natural Heritage Program. 1999. Vermont's rare and uncommon native plants (20 October 2002). Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife Nongame and Natural Heritage Program, Vermont.

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Federal Protected Status State Protected Status
SPQU Sphagnum quinquefarium (Lindb. ex Braithw.) Warnst. sphagnum KY (E), NJ (E)
SPFU70 Sphagnum fuscum (Schimp.) Klinggr. sphagnum NC (E)
SPAN11 Sphagnum angustifolium (C.E.O. Jensen ex Russow) C.E.O. Jensen sphagnum NJ (E)
SPAU70 Sphagnum austinii Sull. Austin's sphagnum NJ (E)
SPCE2 Sphagnum centrale C.E.O. Jensen sphagnum NJ (E)
SPCO14 Sphagnum contortum Schultz contorted sphagnum NJ (E)
SPMAF Sphagnum macrophyllum Brid. var. floridanum Austin Florida sphagnum NJ (E)
SPMAN2 Sphagnum majus (Russow) C.E.O. Jensen ssp. norvegicum Flatberg sphagnum
SPMAN Sphagnum majus (Russow) C.E.O. Jensen ssp. norvegica Flatberg sphagnum NJ (E)
SPPL70 Sphagnum platyphyllum (Lindb. ex Braithw.) Sull. ex Warnst. sphagnum NJ (E)
SPST9 Sphagnum strictum Sull. sphagnum NJ (E)
SPSU9 Sphagnum subsecundum Nees sphagnum NJ (E)
SPRI70 Sphagnum riparium Ã…ngstr. streamside sphagnum NJ (E), OH (E)
SPBA2 Sphagnum bartlettianum Warnst. Bartlett's sphagnum OH (E)
SPNI2 Sphagnum nitidum Warnst. sphagnum VT (E)
SPSU8 Sphagnum subfulvum Sjors NJ (E)
†CodeProtected Status


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